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Pepper Gallery “Serendipity� Show

Private View 13th June 2012 6pm-10.30pm Sales Catalogue

Bruce Little Beatrice Ridley Charlie Mackesy Katie James Odile Kidd Rowena Diggle William Savage Richard Snowden

Daggett Gallery, 225 Kensington Church Street, W8 7LX RSVP

“6 Dot Horses”, Alicia Rothman, Oil on Panel, 8x10 inches, £1500

Alicia Rothman is a talented up and coming New York artist whom Pepper Gallery is delighted to represent in the UK. Her work already forming part of the White House’s collection in the USA, her launch in the UK in May 2012 started with great promise as her work “City” was accepted by the Royal Academy for its famous Summer Exhibition, selling within minutes of the first opening show. Her unique use of oil painting and print techniques enable her to create wonderfully textured works with a sense of suspended reality, almost ethereal.

“Zebras”, Alicia Rothman, Oil on Panel, 9x15 inches, £2000

“5 Dot Horses”, Alicia Rothman, Mixed Media on Panel, 8x10 inches, £1500

“Marco Polo”, Beatrice Ridley, Oil on Canvas, 100x100cm, £3200 Beatrice Ridley is rapidly making a name for herself as an up and coming British artist at the same time as a forging a new career as a gallerist running Pepper Gallery. Inspired by the natural world in all its forms, and the brilliant design and symmetry of many species across the continents, she seeks to capture the force and essence of this natural world, focusing on the magic of the detail that often goes unnoticed, frequently using esoteric angles, enabling a wholly different view of her subjects. Ridley’s paintings are photorealistic, and show both skill and sensitivity. “It’s beautiful, what you find in the natural world,” she says. “I never cease to be amazed.” Beatrice Ridley was recruited by Arthur Ackermann Gallery in her first year as an artist, and has now totalled more than 10 exhibitions in less than 3 years. She has been featured in a number of recent press interviews (Red Magazine, Echo Times) and her paintings are increasingly sought by collectors around the world.

“Sweet Murmur”, Beatrice Ridley, Mixed Media, 3 Panels of 40x100cm, £3200

“Floating Gold”, Beatrice Ridley, Mixed Media, 100x100cm, £3200

“The Bathroom”, William Savage, Mixed media, 36x42 inches, £2600

William Savage, a figurative artist trained at the Camberwell College of Arts, has a magical style, building his chosen scenes with a series of layers of light and texture, resulting in pieces full of complexity and colour. His collages start from sketches or photographic source material - usually of interiors, and he then designs a composition in a way that creates space, use perspective and a variety of light effects with the aim of creating an impression and feeling for (rather than literal rendering of) the subject. His pieces have the unusual and rare effect of revealing new and interesting details long after their first discovery. William has had a number of successful UK exhibitions.

“Four Weddings”, William Savage, Mixed media, 36x42 inches, £2600

“Kissing Gateâ€?, Richard Snowden, Acrylic on canvas, 62cm x 62cm, ÂŁ795

A self-taught artist, Richard runs a farm by day and paints by night in his converted barn studio. His free eclectic style gives life to his love of colour and observation of the world around him, although, fascinatingly, he is colour blind. He often discusses his latest paintings with Claire, his partner, for example his painting of green and blue chickens, only for his Claire to inform him they are not green and blue at all, but blaring red, pink and orange. His vibrant work is a brilliant demonstration of a natural talent unconstrained by formal training. Richard works in oil, watercolour, crayon, ink and mixed media and covers a whole range of subjects from dramatic landscapes, domestic animals, to provocative portraits. He has painted and exhibited all over the world, his collection of strong and vibrant works increasingly sought for private collections in the UK and around the world. His work has recently been featured in Galleries Magazine and Country Life, and a documentary is currently in production about his work.

“St Boswell Street”, Richard Snowden, Acrylic on canvas, 112cm x 112cm, £2500

”Clucking June”, Richard Snowden, Mixed Media, 90cm x 70cm, £995

“Andalucían Oranges”, Katie James, Oil on Board, 25 x 30cm, £595

Katie James has successfully combined her career as a Publicity Director in book publishing and that of a talented painter, working in oil, acrylics and watercolour. Working directly from life, Katie has developed a confident painterly style, achieving the likeness of her subjects with a mixture of bold strokes and ones of delicate sensitivity. Her work encompasses a wide spectrum of subjects from still lifes to her travels around the world. Katie originally trained at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts and Central St Martins School of Art and Design. Her natural ability, combined with more recent training with Paul Gildea in traditional painting techniques, has resulted in a number of highly successful London exhibitions.

“Almond Trees I, Los Gasquez”, Katie James, Oil on Board, 35 x 60cm, £635

“Chair”, Katie James, Oil on Board, £490

“Plums in Tite Street”, Katie James, Oil on Board, 35 x 40cm, £595

“Still Life at Los Gázquez”, Katie James, Oil on Board, 38 x 35cm, £525

“Almond Trees II, Los Gázquez”, Katie James, Oil on Paper, 35 x 26cm, £590

“Majestic” (Kudu Bust), Bruce Little, Bronze, Edition of 8, 130x50x95cm, £11,750

Bruce Little sculpts to capture the spirit of the wild African creatures he has observed and guarded for most of his life. Born at the foot of the majestic Drakensberg mountains in South Africa, Bruce developed an early passion for the African wilderness. Self taught, instinctual, he sculpts by feel to produce an impression of the animal’s character, rather than an anatomically perfect replica. The resulting bronzes are produced in limited editions which have already gained international recognition. Bruce’s work has been sold to collectors on all five continents. The Gallery in Cork Street in London played host to Bruce’s first international exhibition in March 2004, followed by others in 2006, 2008 and 2011. Although his exhibitions have been focused on the UK and South Africa, he is expanding to other countries including the USA in early 2012. Bruce has received numerous commissions ranging from the smallest of creatures to Africa’s giants.

“Elephant Bust”, Bruce Little, Bronze, Edition of 12, 50x40x40cm, £3750

“Rhino Bust”, Bruce Little, Bronze, Edition of 12, 50x40x40cm, £3750

“Still life with Figs”, Rowena Diggle, Oil on Canvas, 51x41cm, £775

Rowena Diggle’s formation as an artist has evolved through an ongoing contemplation of the beauty of the visual world around her. She seeks to bring a fragment of her perception of its wonder into her work. Her paintings show a great sensitivity to colour and texture and are underlined by strong draughtsmanship. She gives careful consideration to the composition in her work. Her work is grounded in her respect for tradition, both in the methods and materials she uses. Her work draws inspiration from the Scottish colourist tradition and The Edinburgh School of 20th century artists.

“Carpet seller, Asilah”, Rowena Diggle, Oil on Canvas, 43x31cm, £675

“Still life with Apples”, Rowena Diggle, Oil on Canvas, 60x65cm, £875

“Jazz Joy”, Charlie Mackesy, Watercolour, 76x60cm, £5,500

Charlie Mackesy is a leading British artist whose exceptional talent keeps him in constant demand. He is currently painting a seminal triptych in St Pauls’ church in Hammersmith as well as working on a number of concurrent international exhibitions. Countless authors have commissioned him to illustrate their books, many of which have sold in their millions worldwide. He has also recently been approached to show his work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. In his own words: “ is precious and…sometimes art can give a small glimpse of these moments seen, and unseen. I think GK Chesterton put it better-- 'At the back of our brains is a blaze of astonishment at our own existence. The object of the artistic and spiritual life is to dig for this sunrise of wonder’”.

Beatrice Ridley Telephone: +44 (0)7917233103

Pepper Gallery Serendipity Exhibition 11-17 June  

Private View 13th June

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