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Straus' Future Includes Increased Service Locally }} Announcing the Creation of the Pepperdine/Straus American Inn of Court for Dispute Resolution In January 2017 a charter was granted to an organizing committee led by Tom Stipanowich for a new American Inn of Court, the Pepperdine/Straus American Inn of Court for Dispute Resolution. The Inn is modeled on and affiliated with the American Inns of Court, associating more than 30,000 lawyers, judges, professors, and other legal professionals nationally from all levels and backgrounds who share a passion for excellence, civility, professionalism, and ethics. The origins of the Inns of Court date to discussions in the late 1970s among the United States members of the Anglo-American Exchange of Lawyers and Judges, including chief justice of the United States Warren E. Burger and judge J. Clifford Wallace of the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. The first American Inn of Court was founded on February 2, 1980, and today there are more than 400 American Inns chartered in 48 states, Washington, DC; Guam; and Tokyo, Japan. Continuing the tradition of mentoring students and young professionals, the Pepperdine/Straus Inn will offer the highest caliber dispute resolution professional education programs and provide MCLE credit, with lunch and dinner program meetings beginning in February 2018. Membership will be by invitation and will be limited to 80 members in the first year in categories defined by practitioner experience levels including: Master (11+ years), Barrister (6-10 years),

Associate (0-5 years), Student, and Honorary. Social gatherings providing exceptional networking opportunities are planned for November 2017 and June 2018 at various venues, including the Santa Monica Jonathan Club. The Executive Committee of the Inn on July 10, 2017 elected officers and has adopted the following mission statement: The mission of the Pepperdine/Straus American Inn of Court for Dispute Resolution is to foster excellence in professionalism, ethics, civility, and legal and other professional skills relating to dispute resolution and conflict management. Pursuant to this mission, the Inn will establish a diverse and inclusive society of judges, lawyers, dispute resolution professionals, educators, students and others and provide significant educational experiences that will improve and enhance the abilities of all who play a role in dispute resolution processes, be it as advocates, neutral adjudicators or facilitators, or others. The activities of the Inn will focus on mentoring and emphasize the importance of civility and professional ethics. The Pepperdine/Straus Inn is one of only two Inns nationally that specialize in dispute resolution (DR) and is the only DR-focused Inn affiliated with a law school DR program. Membership invitations will be issued beginning in September 2017.

}} Robinson Equips Military in Environmental Clean-up Programs Peter Robinson regularly teaches negotiation skills for representatives of all branches of the US military who lead environmental clean-up projects. The US Navy is the primary sponsor of a workshop to teach negotiation skills to managers of environmental clean-up efforts. Strong negotiation abilities are necessary because these managers need to gain the support of or permits from a cross section of stakeholders, including the EPA, state and local regulators like departments of fish and game, neighborhood groups near the base, environmental clean-up consultants and contractors, and base commanders with finite clean-up budgets. The navy has inventoried sites on all its bases that do not meet modern environmental standards and has made a long-term commitment to bring its facilities into compliance with modern standards. The success of the workshop is reflected in the requests from the other branches of the military to either have their people attend a navy session or to have the workshop offered on one of their bases.


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