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2-Hour Elephant Cushion

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You will need: • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Some striped fabric and some polka dot fabric An elephant template A ruler Pencil/chalk A pair of scissors Some white cotton Embroidery Thread (Green) Some pins Hand sewing needle Embroidery needle Yellow felt Stuffing A variety of buttons Some beads (optional)



1. Cut out two pieces of striped fabric (25cm x25cm) and a small piece of polka dot fabric roughly the same size.



3. Make sure you trace the outline clearly, go over it if you need to. It must have a clean outline for cutting.


2. Using a light box, trace the outline of the elephant onto one of the striped fabric pieces with a pencil or chalk. Elephant template can be found here.

4. Cut the elephant out carefully with a pair of fabric scissors. This will give you a frame in the shape of the elephant.

5. To make the applique, place the left-over elephant shape over the polka dot fabric. Trace 1cm away from the edge of the shape all around.

                                    6. Cut out the applique.

                                7. Position the applique piece under the striped fabric elephant frame.

8. Pin carefully all around the edge of the applique to secure it under the frame.

9. Using some white thread and a hand sewing needle, tack around the pinned edge. Remove pins.


    11.Here we have an elephant applique!

10.Follow the tacking, zigzag stitch around the edge.

                                  12.Arrange buttons to your liking; sew them on. Use a chalk to draw the stems.

13.Using green embroidery thread and a needle, follow the chalk line, embroider the stems using a back stitch.



14.Use a chain stitch to make the leaves.

15.Finished! We’ve got some pretty flowers here. Tips: using interesting buttons and a variety of colours will make more effective flowers.

  16.Cut out a bird shape from a piece of yellow felt. Pin the bird in place.

17.Using white thread and a needle, blanket stitch the bird on.

                                19.With right sides together, pin and sew cushion front to cushion back, leave a 5cm opening for turning and stuffing later.

18.Bird’s done! We are almost there!

  20.Turn cushion to the right side. Cushion cover complete!

21.Insert stuffing through the opening. Do not over fill the cushion. Use your fingers to squeeze the cushion while filling; this will help the stuffing to spread evenly inside the cushion.

22.Slip stitch the opening to finish the cushion.


          This cushion sits nicely on my chair next to the crochet rabbit. It will also make a great present for your dearest friends and family!

2 hour elephant cushion tutorial  

A quick and easy cushion to make. Tutorial includes images detailing the entire making process such as simple applique technique and embroid...

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