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Europe & Beyond 12 artists in clay


Peppercanister Gallery

Europe & Beyond 12 artists in clay 5 – 27 September 2014

Peppercanister Gallery at The Coach House Gallery, Dublin Castle

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Peppercanister Gallery


Opening Thursday 4th September 6 – 8pm The exhibition will be formally opened by Eoin McGonigal S.C. Chairman of IMMA. Europe & Beyond is a rare chance to catch 12 world class international artists who work primarily in the medium of clay. Ceramic sculptors from Ireland, Britain, mainland Europe & Japan will come together in Dublin this September 2014 in an exciting exhibition at the new Coach House Gallery in Dublin Castle, right in the heart of Dublin City. Both highly accomplished and critically acclaimed worldwide, these artists are leading exponents in the field of ceramic sculpture; each with their own unique and personal poetic expression. The art of ceramics is one of our most ancient art forms, and this exhibition will present 12 of its Modern Masters to an Irish audience, many for the first time. Between them these innovative artists have won numerous prestigious awards, and their work can be found in many of the world’s finest Museums and Collections. The exhibition coincides with the 46th General Assembly of the International Academy of Ceramics, which will also be held in Dublin Castle from the 8th – 12th September 2014. The IAC convenes in a different city every year and will draw hundreds of ceramic experts and enthusiasts from around the world to Dublin for 5 days. Curated by Bryan Murphy, Peppercanister Gallery Dublin.

Yasuo Hayashi Three Dimensions in The Dark Night Born in Kyoto, Japan, he studied painting at Kyoto Arts College. After serving in the Naval Airforce, he learned pottery from his father. He became interested in avant-garde ceramics and helped set up Shiko-Kai, a new ceramic group in 1947 with whom he exhibited for the next 10 years. In 1957 he left the group and exhibited his sculptural ceramics independently. Between 1962 and 1977 he was a member of Sodeisha, another ceramic group that emerged from post war Japan. He became Professor of the Arts Craft department at Osaka University in 1972. He has travelled extensively, and is considered amoung the world’s elite of ceramicists devoted to sculpture.


Peppercanister Gallery


Peppercanister Gallery

Deirdre McLoughlin Noo 2014 After graduating from Trinity College Dublin, McLoughlin studied in Amsterdam before moving to Japan to work amongst the influential avant-garde Sodeisha artist group in Kyoto. Based in Amsterdam since 1988, she works in a solitary city- centre studio, producing outstanding work which has gained a world wide reputation. Uniquely, she was recently awarded for the second time the Europe Westerwald prize for Ceramic. “I know a work has come to an end when an inner logic reveals itself. The work in an instance feels right. I sense something true.�

Stephen Dixon Carl von Ossietzky 2013 In 2009, Professor Stephen Dixon had the honour of being the first ceramist in residence at the V&A Museum in London. Carl von Ossietzky is one of a series of 3 large portrait heads, The Restoration Series. The series focused on three iconic Nobel Peace Prize winners, his own political heroes. The three Nobel Laureates are linked by the fact that they were unable to receive their awards due to incarceration as prisoners of conscience in their own countries. Carl von Ossietzky (awarded 1935) perished in a Nazi concentration camp in 1938. Aung San Suu Kyi (awarded 1991) has since been released and collected her award in 2012. Liu Xiaobo (awarded 2010) is currently serving an 11year prison sentence in China.


Peppercanister Gallery


Peppercanister Gallery

Nicholas Rena Division (pair) Nicholas Rena is renowned for making vessels of quite extraordinary beauty and presence. His bold poetic forms have a striking simplicity and potency. Ideas of ritual, the human body and features of architectural space all find a logical unity within his vessel forms, exploring the ancient archetypes in a way that make the simplest of shapes appear unexpected and resonant. The interplay between line, edge, interior and exterior has become more complex and pushed Rena into the forefront of a new generation of artists exploring fresh possibilities with the language of abstraction.

Wouter Dam Light Blue Sculpture 2014 Born in Utrecht Holland, Wouter Dam is fascinated by the space his ceramic objects occupy. Employing a strict use of colour, his works are in a sense deconstructed classical vase and bowl shapes, assembled out of pieces made on the potters wheel. Each piece is unique and shapes slowly evolve over time. The creation of the pieces are first based on intuition from the raw elements themselves and then influenced by previous works and natural shapes like maritime creatures, plant seeds and floral buds. His work can be found in Museums worldwide including the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.


Peppercanister Gallery


Peppercanister Gallery

Ken Eastman Miles To Go 2013 Ken Eastman studied at Edinburgh College of Art and at the Royal College of Art. He has won many prestigious awards in the field of the ceramic arts, including the Premio Faenza, Italy in 1995, the Gold Medal at the World Ceramic Exposition 2001 Korea and the ‘President De la Generalitat Valencia’ at the 5th Biennale International De Ceramica, Manises, Spain. In 1998-99 he was awarded the Arts Foundation Fellowship in Ceramics. His work is held in numerous public collections in Japan, the USA, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands and the UK.

Bernard Dejonghe Une Sculpture Gres Emaille Noir 2013 Bernard Dejonghe has been travelling for many years through the deserts of Mauritania, Algeria, Egypt, Chad, Sudan, and Niger. He has spent time looking for traces of primitive life such as cave drawings and the influence of these trips can be seen in his work as he captures the magic of minerals from the earth, their supposed inertness contrasting with the idea of ​​constant motion in the universe. Akin to Land Art, Dejonghe’s Black Enamelled Sandstone Sculpture can be seen to resemble an African Delta from an aerial viewpoint with all its rich majestic splendour.


Peppercanister Gallery


Peppercanister Gallery

Babs Haenen Desert Blues 2014 Haenen first trained as a dancer and her colorful, organic vessels express a dynamic inner choreography. Her porcelain sculptures refer to Chinese mountains and the ancient tradition of Scholars’ Rocks (or Gongshi), representing mythological and famous mountains in China. They may be appreciated simply for their dramatic form, their wondrous colors, or the feelings they evoke from the viewer. Some Chinese literati and Taoist monks wanted to bring these mountains into their studios for meditation and contemplation while they wrote or painted, so smaller stones with the same qualities were found and initially received as gifts. They gained great favor among the literati and the Imperial court and have remained popular for over 1,000 years.

Gordon Baldwin To Catch A Cloud Perhaps I (left) Klee Cloud Vessel II 2009 (right) Gordon Baldwin initially trained at the Central School of Art and Design London, and his career as a ceramicist spans a period of more than fifty years. His distinctive works combine sculptural form with abstract painterly marks. He has described his approach as ‘a non search for beauty’, finding most satisfaction in ‘forms which have a certain awkward resonance’, a more challenging purity and strength. In recognition of his influential career and achievements he was awarded the OBE in 1992 and received an honorary doctorate from the Royal College of Art in 2000. His work is represented in numerous public collections worldwide.


Peppercanister Gallery


Peppercanister Gallery

Bodil Manz Fruit Plate 2014 Bodil Manz is one of the most highly regarded ceramicists working in Denmark today and she continues to develop the translucent porcelain cylinders for which she has become well known. She is fascinated endlessly by experimenting with ideas concerning space within decoration. Inspired by modernist architecture and painters such as Mondrian and Malevich, she often uses blocks of primary colour with fine black lines to create a dynamic interplay between the inside and outside of the piece. Recently she has begun to use a more complex profile or elevation and this is taking her work in a new direction as in Fruit Plate 2014.

Alexander Lichtveld Enclosure Grey 2014 Enclosure White 2014 Lichtveld has lifted ceramics from its traditional role, employing a solid, massive, geometric style, that leaves the ‘pottery-culture’ of traditional ceramics far behind. “You can look at my sculptures in the same way as you look at a Japanese Zen garden: a man-made setting that represents nature. Everything has been been placed in a way that appears accidental and self-evident, as in nature. I have always been fascinated by the knowledge that all of this has been created and everything has been thought out carefully even though it appears natural, in a way that you will never come across in nature. You are looking at something that is actually something else. That’s when it really gets exciting.”


Peppercanister Gallery


Peppercanister Gallery

Sonja Landweer Relationships 2001 Landweer studied at the Amsterdam School of Industrial Design, following which she was apprenticed to Zaalberg Pottery in 1952-53. In 1965 she was invited to Ireland to set up a ceramic studio at Kilkenny Design Workshop. She tutored in various art colleges in Ireland and UK between 1972 and 1996. Landweer is renowned internationally for her jewellery, bronze and ceramic work and is based in Co. Kilkenny. A major retrospective of her ceramics and jewellery was held at VISUAL, Carlow in 2011.

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Europe & Beyond - 12 artists in clay  

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