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Pet Club News The Christmas Edition #010 15 December 2011 Max - and a very merry Christmas to you too!

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Dear Club Member

Welcome to the Christmas Edition - your present is below, but first: In the rest of this issue: 

Festive Holiday Opening Times - print off and keep handy - just in case;

Holidays.. dreaming of getting away? Make sure you have your pet's passport ready - new rules are introduced making it easier to obtain one - more below...;

Is your Puss in Pain? No, not a new panto, but details of how we can help arthritis;

Love chocolate - as global prices rise due to a shortage of cocoa we have solutions..;

And of course your Christmas present, but you've remembered that haven't you!?!

Christmas and New Year Opening Times Day / Date

Opening Hours

Friday 23rd December 2011


Saturday 24th December 2011


More! Watch out for reindeer!

Sunday 25th December 2011 Closed* Monday 26th December 2011 Tuesday 27th December 2011


Wednesday 28th December 2011


Thursday 29th December 2011


Friday 30th December 2011


Saturday 31st December 2011


Bank Holiday

Care with pets and fireworks

Sunday 1st January 2012


Happy New Year!

Monday 2nd January 2012


Bank Holiday

*If you have an emergency when we are closed...

Call the surgery on

01684 560940

Pet Trip Advisor ...

Reduced mobility, reduced activity, changes in grooming habits, changes in temperament? No, not you - your cat! The symptoms could be a sign that your cat is suffering from arthritis. If you think your cat is in pain please get in touch with us. See more at Free Treatment Offer

Have you discovered TripAdvisor? The travel feedback site for humans, click here

The pet passport rules they are a changing!

Your cat may well need an examination, but we will then give a week's treatment with a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug free.

From 1 January 2012 it will no longer be necessary to have a Rabies vaccination followed by a blood sample 3 weeks later to check that it has worked and then wait 6 months before you can bring your pet back into the country. Next year it will simply be a Rabies vaccination and a wait of 3 weeks - for more information see here. However, there are issues to consider before taking your pet abroad, as there are a number of diseases in Continental Europe that are not present here. Prevention is better than cure!

DANGER Cats and especially kittens and tinsel don't mix

So please discuss prevention with us before you go!

This Christmas be sure to read:

'Death by Chocolate'

Visit our web site for all the latest information and

Dark chocolate sales continue to increase as Brits follow the example of Mayan and other South American communities in enjoying the anti-oxidant filled cocoa derived product. BUT only 100g of dark chocolate can be lethal for a dog the size of a springer spaniel. So keep the high percentage of cocoa solid chocolate for yourselves and make sure your dog is protected. It would take 4kg of Roses/Quality Street or 1kg of milk chocolate to have the same effect - but don't risk the inevitable tummy upset...

prices for routine procedures. Or email:

Your Christmas Present from £5.00 This voucher entitles registered Club Members to £5 off consultations, vaccinations, or surgical procedures (sorry not flea treatment, wormers, or other medicaments) You can join White House Pet Club by using the link here. Just bring a paper copy of the voucher you will be sent to the surgery. Valid until 31 January 2012.

A £5 voucher for your friends* Do you have friends who would enjoy receiving White House Pet Club news? If so you can enrol them and they will receive a £5 voucher too, using the link here. Be sure to put their details in the first three or four lines and your names (first and last) in the 'Customer Number' line. [*Unfortunately this will not apply if they are already White House Pet Club Members]

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year White House Vets You can unsubscribe here at any time


The Christmas edition