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Pet Club News Edition #008 24 September 2011

Be prepared - don't get scared

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Dear Pet Club Member

Welcome to the Autumn Issue - Fireworks, a pet owner's nightmare? As the nights draw in you begin to feel the damp in the evening air and the smoke from gardners burning the autumn leaves. Remember when Bonfire night was 'just one night', bright lights, loud noises and baked potatoes and burnt sausages? Now it seems to last until after New Year and can prove to be a living nightmare for those of us unfortunate to have pets that are petrified of loud noises.

What to do? We've set out tips for:  

What to do on the night(s); Preventative measures/treatments - starting from two to six weeks ahead (that's now!) What to do on the night(s) 

Spectacular for some,

On the day of the event, feed your dog a good meal rich in carbohydrate and fat mid to late afternoon so he/she has a full stomach over the evening;

Move your dog to a blacked out room in the evening with some toys and preferably things for you to do as well, so she/he is not abandoned in the room. Blacking out the room removes the potential for additional problems with flashing lights. You can also provide a box (a cardboard box will do) or a cage to act as a 'safe haven' or 'den'.

Put some music on, preferably something with a lot of constant drum beats. It doesn't have to be loud as long there is a constant distracting beat to the music;

a nightmare for others

Ignore the noises yourself and try to engage your pet in some form of active game;

Ignore and fearful behaviour that occurs for no good reason;

Make sure your dog is in a safe and secure environment at all times so that he/she doesn't bolt or escape if a sudden noise occurs; Don't fuss or try to reassure your dog when she/he is scared as this rewards the behaviour and actually reinforces it.

Other measures. In an ideal world all our puppies and kittens would come from the breeder having been habituated to loud noises. Unfortunately this doesn't often happen. Owners can in the long term desensitise their cats and dogs.

Synthetic pheromones

Synthetic pheromones are available that mimic the calming effect of a mother on her offspring and these can be useful in firework phobia.

CDs are available that include a wide The pheromones come as sprays or can be plugged into an electricity range of noises. By gradually introducing socket and work like the air fresheners we are all familiar with. In early October, before the fireworks begin, start using the Adaptil (dog) or the sounds, initially at low volume but Feliway (cat) pheromones, which are completely safe. increasing with time, it is possible to produce a situation where loud bangs and the room(s) the dog/cat uses to relax and rest. If you use the plug whooshes no longer are perceived as a Treat in diffusers you may need more than one if the animal spends time in threat. several rooms. While desensitisation may be a long term The diffusers are designed to be left on all the time, do not switch the plug on and off, and stop using household sprays or air fresheners. There answer there is often a need for more is also an Adaptil dog collar. short term measures. Pheromones are chemicals produced by all mammals and released into the air. They pass messages to other individuals of the same species indicating fear, sexual attraction and other useful information to aid in social interaction.

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ZYLKENE is, like DAP, a natural product proven to help control stress in dogs. It contains a derivative of the bitch's milk protein, casein. The dose is one capsule daily. It is palatable and easy to give, either whole or mixed with the food. It comes in three sizes For pet ZYLKENE SOUND DESENSITISATION PROGRAMME Sound desensitisation has been shown to be very effective in changing the response of pets to fireworks, and other loud noises such as thunder and gunshots. This programme needs to be started 4-6 weeks before the scary sounds are likely to occur. It should not be used during the fireworks season.

collections and deliveries, drugs or petfood deliveries just call

The CD is easy to use, and comes with clear written and verbal instructions. It is supplied free of charge with Zylkene.

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Medication As a last resort, we can prescribe suitable medication for your cat or dog. Please contact us in good time, as you may need to discuss this with a vet, and your pet may need a health check first.

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