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Pet Club News Edition #006 16 June 2011

Man's best friend is a .... cat!

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Dear Registered Club Member

Welcome to June Issue - £1,500 was the sum raised at Doggy Fun Day! More below... Also in this edition:    

Local cats getting poisoned ... CSI Malvern investigates... Free Dental Check in June see below Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit ... This month's voucher - Don't miss the chance of a 50% discount!

The Doggy Fun Day on Sunday 1st May 2011 raised £1,500 for the Cinnamon Trust! Thanks all!

Pictured above, Judge Carl Attwood _____________ All the £1,500 proceeds went to Becky Matthews with her lab, Oakley, who won the prize for the best trick - removing Becky's hat from her head! To see more photos of the event click here

The Cinnamon Trust see their web site here

Crime Scene Investigation, Malvern looks into poisoning...

Free Dental Check Up in June

A spate of cat poisonings have occured in a area of Malvern, previously renown for its peace and tranquillity... Vet CSI has identified the cause: Anti-freeze....

Make an appointment with the surgery for your cat, dog or rabbit to have a free teeth check with the nurse during June, quote 'Club Offer' when booking on 01684 560940

Strangely enough cats are attracted to and enjoy drinking anti-freeze but it is lethal. So please watch out if you or your neighbours are draining your radiator and ensure the fluid is kept in a proper container and disposed of correctly. Any anti-freeze spillage or overflow must be immediately diluted with water and washed away.

Penalty 30 years in jail, more here

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit!

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

Rabbits are prone to fly strike at this time of year, so keep them in clean, dry conditions. You can also apply Rearguard, available from the surgery, which repels flies for about 8 weeks.

Exercise, Exercise That's it - an eminently simple message! Well OK, after all the comments in the press lately about rabbits being kept in poor conditions why not download a copy of the Caring for Rabbits leaflet free by clicking on the image to the right...

June Voucher - Cat Flea Control Half Price This voucher for ‘Registered Member’ entitles you to a single Program injection for your cat which gives flea control for 6 months for half price (reduced to £19.20 until 30 June 2011) Simply cut out and bring this voucher to the surgery before the end of June

01684 560940 With kind regards White House Vets You can unsubscribe here at any time

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