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pepo news I would like to start by saying ‘I know summer is almost over’! There are many reasons this news letter is late, the main question I have is, ‘are we having summer yet’? Too much rain not enough sun!! To get away from the rain our family headed south to Tasmania for a couple of weeks over Christmas. It was a great escape, camping on the east coast with the kids made for adventure. The white sands and blue water harboured beautiful sea food, some of which was cooked up on the camp fire in true gourmet style by James. See this season’s recipe for some tips on how to cook up abalone, should you come by one next time you are snorkelling. We spent a day in the Hobart Botanic Gardens which inspired us with Peter Cundall’s incredibly abundant raised veggie gardens. There were perennial garden beds with mixed borders, planted and maintained by the Botanic Garden’s Volunteers. The garden created by horticulture students had simple solutions for green walls and a fantastic garden shed with a green roof covered in herbs which can be seen on our product page. On the final page we have featured the Mona (Museum of Old and New Art). This family excursion was a stand out. The construction and layout is subtle and bold at the same time. The gallery space and the ability to interact freely with the works made it a very enjoyable experience for everyone. We also managed a night at ‘Hawley House’ on the north coast which is renowned for its expansive garden, its delicious menu and a roof top bath; I will have to expand on that another day! Enjoy what’s left of Summer, see you soon in Autumn. Nicola Cameron - Director

in your garden this summer we will... • Carry out summer pruning to maintain dense growth and form through winter. It is also time to prune away any summer flowers that have finished. • Monitor irrigation needs and mulch to maintain soil moisture levels. • Feed your garden towards the end of summer and into Autum to replenish all the nutirents used up during the growing season and to prepare plants for Winter. Paul Johnston- Maintenance manager

help us help you by... • Let us know if you have an increase in garden pests. With all the rain we have seen an increase in leaf eating pests. This trend is likely to continue throughout March. Early identification of pests will reduce the amount of pesticides needed to contain them and minimise long term damage to your plants. • Let us know if you want to discuss the development and long term vision of your garden. One of our staff would be happy to spend time with you discussing any ideas or concerns you might have. Paul Johnston- Maintenance manager

product - green roof

1Garden Shed, Hobart Botanic gardens A team of student horticulturalists have brought this gardening shed to life in Hobart’s Botanic Gardens. A roof top can provide the perfect environment for an edible garden. Alternatively a more robust collection of plants can be used to give you a low maintenance greening of your roof. Introducing a living ecosystem above your shed or garage will require a restructuring of your roof. Give us a call if you want to talk about the possibilities of adding planting to one of your unused roof spaces. Simon Lloyd - Landscape Architect


Abalone Stir Fry 800g Abalone (3 or 4 shells) Sweet Soy (3 Tablespoon) Corn flour (200g) Spring onions (half bunch) Chinese Broccoli - 1 bunch Ginger, Garlic, Chilli Half Lemon Juiced

2 Teaspoon Palm Sugar Peanut Oil (750ml) Rice Noodles (500g) Fish Sauce 3 Tablespoon Lemon Zest Oyster Sauce (3 Tablespoon)

Method: 1.Run a knife around the inside of the ab shell and pop it out. You’ll notice a large intestinal tract, get rid of this and wash off the flesh. 2. Prepare the marinade; Grate a knob of ginger, a clove or two of garlic and dice a small chili, add the lemon zest and juice, palm sugar, fish sauce, and sweet soy. 3.Slice the meat as thinly as possible then put in a bowl to marinate for 30 minutes 4.Stir fry the spring onions and Chinese broccoli with a little grated ginger, then add your oyster sauce. Put the stir fried veggies to the side. 5.Pre-cook your rice noodles, then toss them into the pan or wok with a little oil, toss in some diced spring onions and a splash of sweet soy (ketsup manius). Add your stir fried veggies to the noodles and leave aside. 6.Spread the corn flour on a flat plate, then roll the marinated abalone in the flour and transfer to clean plate. Shallow fry coated abalone until golden in color. Plate up with noodles on the bottom and golden abalone scattered on top. James Perkin - Construction supervisor

2 Garden Shed, Hobart Botanic gardens


2 1. Corten walls of the MONA Gallery 2. Lounging on the roof top 3. View from the ‘Brett Whitley Room’


Hobart’s MONA Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art is located on the banks of the River Derwent in Hobart. MONA is a three-level, cliff-face museum on the Moorilla vineyard site, 12km north of Hobart.The building has three subterranean levels displaying David Walsh’s eclectic art collection. Over 35,000 cubic metres of rock were removed before the headland was ‘rebuilt’ with a combination of precast and insitu waffle forms and corten panelling. The building, designed by architects Fender Katsalidis and landscape architects OCULUS is an artwork in its own right. It is a space that keeps its identity and intimacy if it is at capacity or empty. The exterior spaces are enhanced by native planting which over time will allow the buildings to sit subtly in the landscape. The venue has multiple uses including bars, restaurants, outdoor concert venues and of course the gallery, and is a perfect example of a team of professionals colloborating to create a unique and functional space. Nicola Cameron - Director