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pepo news Welcome to our 2010 Summer newsletter. We have had an exciting year and have worked in many beautiful gardens so thank you all for your support. In 2011 we plan to continue our focus on developing gardens that are beautiful, functional, sustainable and of course have the edible element that we at Pepo love. We are constantly reviewing the design process so all aspects of our designs are innovative, carefully considered and unique. Some of our most successful gardens over the past ten years have incorporated sculptors, artists and crafts people into the design process, this has evolved into a key element of our design intent. We will push this collaborative approach within all our designs in the New Year. Many of you have made suggestions of people we can work with which is great, please feel free to keep the suggestions coming in. On the edible front we were lucky enough to be involved in the revamp of the Sydney iconic restaurant the Bayswater Brasserie. The Bayswater is now known as Smiths on Bayswater and is owned by Kingsley Smith. Kingsley’s vision for the restaurant/wine bar was to feature a courtyard that endorsed his concept ‘From Paddock to Plate’. We were thrilled to be invited to design the courtyard/atrium area, see our feature article on the back page. Our interest in school gardens continues, with involvement in the South Coogee Public School’s playground. They have completed their school hall and we have re developed the ‘paddock’ area and cleared out the cricket nets so they can be used in the New Year. We will be working with the school to develop a design for the grounds which we will be very exciting. We will be introducing some new team members next year. We will be in touch to arrange your maintenance program for 2011 and take this opportunity to introduce our new team members to you. Have a wonderful break over Christmas, thanks again for your support over the year. Nicola Cameron - Director

in your garden this summer we will... • Be taking care of all those passionfruit vines. January is the favourite month for the passionfuit, we will install more wires to accomodate for all the extra growth this season. If you’re one of our edible plant loving clients we will be giving you’re passionfruit a long slow soak, follwed by a fruit friendly fertilser. • Re-pot any plants that have dry soil. Driedout potting mix becomes water-repellent. To effictively get moisture into the soil and plant, we may need to re-pot some plants. Dominic Russell - Maintenance manager

help us help you by... • Let us know if you would like some colour over summer. There are plenty of flowering annuals that love the summer sun and will stay flowering right through the warm months. • Now that the warmth has set in, Leaf miners and fruit flies may have been attacking your eggplants, tomatoes and or citrus trees. If this is a problem for you, let us know, we have a range of non toxic bio sprays that we will apply to help rid your plants of these pests. Carolyn Armstrong - Garden design and maintenance


1Sky Planter Boskke “Defying gravity, our unique upside-down planter encourages abundant greenery at home and at work, without sacrificing floor space” Boskke. Pepo tested out this unconvential idea in the redesign of the Bayswater Brasserie this month. The upside down plants were a success with a selection of herbs and tomatoes growing inside the restaraunt. We now have basil hanging from the ceiling in the Pepo office. Simon Lloyd - Landscape Architect


Prawn & Mango Salad Home grown lettuce (1 big bunch) Corriander (1 big bunch) Mint (1 big bunch) 2 fresh Mangoes (cubed) 1 kilo Australian Green Prawns (peeled & deveined) Method: Peel your prawns first, then cook ‘em on a hot BBQ plate, let them rest/cool for 10 minutes, then assemble your salad. Dressing: Mash these together in a mortar & pestle; 2 coriander roots, a couple of pieces of galangal, 2 birdseye chillies, 1 garlic clove, 1 long red chilli (seeds removed), 60 ml lemon juice, 30 gm palm sugar and 30 ml fish sauce. Transfer this fragrant mixture into an old jam jar, add a few good lugs of olive oil, put the lid back on and shake … Pour over salad when ready. James Perkin - Construction supervisor

2 Sky Planter Boskke


1 1. A range of edibles growing upside down 2. A Jacaranda anchors itself in the outdoor dining room 3. The idea of a green wall came to life with roof guttering and micro-herbs


SMITH’S ON BAYSWATER The Bayswater Brasserie was dubbed one of Sydney’s first iconic “foodie” destinations in the 80’s. The past two decades saw the ‘Bayswater’ develop a strong reputation as a top cocktail bar in Sydney. Thirty years later it has been re-invented as ‘Smiths on Bayswater’ with the emphasis back on local fresh food. Pepo were asked to collaborate with Alice Kerrison Interior Designs to give the restaraunt a freah ‘paddock to plate’ feel . The result is a unique collection of edible plants growing in all directions. Eating here you can see and smell the food before it reaches your plate. Nicola Cameron - Director