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Minds on the margin are not marginal minds Surpassing expectations Of People by Learning from them

anil k gupta IIMA, NIF, honey bee network,

monitoring context changes the content

Let us recognise potential of knowledge richeconomically poor people

Innovations are easy Method



Old Application New

Old Material/instruments


A Lesson for learners A change not monitored is a change not desired (g, 1984)

Honey Bee Network founded in 1987-1988

A nameless, faceless innovator comes into contact with the Network and gets an identity.

Building upon four capitals for sustaining innovations Intellectual capital Social capital Trust, reciprocity and third part sanctions External regulation

Intellectual property ( that part of ic from the commercial applications of which, one can exclude others for a given period of time)

Natural capital ( commoditization of resources, stored, sold, exchanged, controlled)

Ethical Capital ( internal regulations) Source: Gupta, 2001


Patamda, Puruliya –bankura



Technology is like words, institutions are like

grammar and culture is like

thesaurus Three pillars of sustainability

A public innovation for public use: Jharkhand

Service at your door step: Sheikh Jahangir, Jalgaon, Maharshtra

Scooter mounted flour mill

Scooterbased washing machine

Fortune at the Top of Ethical and Innovation Pyramid

learning from common people: Saidullah, champaran, Bihar

Blending love, learning and loving

love learning


Solutions for the poor and the rich, by the poor: but this is not Jugaad,

Non stick clay pan: Rs 60 /= Mansukh Bhai Prajapati, Surendra Nagar, Gujarat

Mansukhbhai : Mitticool Product Range

Automated Circular Kiln that Mansukhbhai made specially for the baking tawas and diyas

Just 70 Euro

Low Cost Wind mill Stronger, durable version, 900 euro, saves diesel worth 700 Mehtar Hussain and Mushtaq Ahmad, Assam euro in one season of salt making Over 35 units installed in salt farming regions of Gujarat to improve livelihood of poor salt farmers

Innovation by Mehtar Husain and his brother Mushtaq Ahmed from Assam to Gujarat Several African countries have shown interest to get this technology

GOLDEN TRIANGLE OF CREATIVITY Innovations and traditional knowledge



Mind to market: the case of herbavate

Herbvate: a skin ointment • It is based on the knowledge of seven innovators from six districts Sabarkanth, Panchmahal, Dang, Mahsana, Patan and Bhavnagar of Gujarat. Herbavate exhibits remarkable properties against eczema and variety of inflammatory and infectious skin conditions. Communities: The innovators of Herbavate: 1. Amratbhai Shankarbhai Rawal, Mehsana Gujarat. 2. Kunjubhai Kakadiyabhai Bhoya, Dang Gujarat 3. Pujabhai Dabhi, Sabarkantha, Gujarat 4. Karshanbhai Parmar, Sabarkantha Gujarat 5. Laxmanbhai Pagi, Panchmahal, Gujarat 6. Lilabhai Rawal, Patan Gujarat 7. Lakhabhai Becharbhai Khatana, Bhavnagar Gujarat

g2G grassroots to global Global GIAN – Building Global Value Chain for augmentation of Green Grassroots Innovations

Sales made 1.

Coconut tree climber- USA (Florida, Massachussets, California, Hawaii etc.) Australia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Mexico, West Indies


Pomegranate deseeder-Turkey, USA


Garlic peeling machine-Pakistan


Arecanut husker- Singapore


Milking machine-Phillipines, Uganda, Ethiopia


Resin grading machine-Peru


Cassava peeling machine-kenya


Herbal growth promoters-Ghana

Product enquiries: Sl no.




Coconut/palm tree climbing device

USA, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Australia, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Iran, West Indies


Entech oil expeller

USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Phillipines, Canada, Kenya, Colombia, S. Africa, Switzerland, Poland, Indonesia, Belgium


Garlic peeling machine

Slovenia, USA, Turkey, Peru, Singapore, Iran , Venezuela, Pakistan


Pomegranate deseeding machine

USA, Australia, Turkey, Venezuela, Hongkong, Israel, Netherlands, Thailand, UAE, Iran, United Kingdom


Cassava peeling machine

Congo, USA, Benin, Nigeria, Kenya, UAE, Uganda


Aaruni tilting cart



Coconut defibring machine



Coconut dehusker

Mexico, New Zealand, USA, Philippines, Bangladesh


Lemon cutting machine

S. Africa


Milking machine

Bangladesh, Uganda, Ecuador


Palm leaf mat weaving machine



Rain Gun (Chandraprabha)



Tea making machine



Tile making machine

Bangladesh, Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, Zambia


Trench digging machine



Zero head water turbine



Arecanut dehusking machine


The President of India honours grassroots innovators, launches National Innovation Clubs and hosts an innovation exhibition at the President’s house; NIF becomes an Institute of Department of Science and Technology

Initiative to Institutionalisation

The former President awards children innovators every year at the Award function by NIF at IIMA


Initiative to Institutionalisation



Why do we not have a database of teachers in government schools who have achieved all the goals of quality education without any extrinsic reward or motivation?

Why have we not included any lesson based on innovations by common people in the textbooks for schools and colleges?

Why is there no social innovation fund to invest in educational innovations by teachers?

Why do we not have an open access multi-media, multi language database of open source content for our children?

Educational Innovation

National Innovation Clubs: • Search: Celebrating the decade of innovation by mapping the creativity and innovations in the hinterland • Spread: Disseminating/Cross-pollinating innovations across spaces, social segments and sectors • Sense or Benchmark: Identifying the roots of persistent problems and the mindsets that trigger their continued tolerance in society and solve problem, add value and develop product/service • Celebrate: Recognising achievers in different social segments

Name of Product

Sristi Rakshak


Shri Banidan Mavjibhai Gadhvi

Shri Arkhiben Mithabhai Vanakar Shri Ranabhai Gigabhai Kamaliya Shri Rajanikant Keshabhai Patel Shri Ahemadbhai Daudbhai Kadiwala Shri Gemalsingh Rana Shri Karshanbhai Manajibhai Chaudhary

Name of Product Sristi Krushak Innovator Shri Popatbhai Rupabhai Jambucha Shri Dhirubhai Bhemabhai Nayak Shri Salvi Swetha Reddy Shri Naranbhai Samjibhai Solanki

Name of the Product Sristi Mosq Hit Innovator Community Knowledge Composition Nagod (Vitex negundo ) Camphora (Cinnamomum camphora ) Bavchi (Posrelia Carylifolia ) Cream base

Neutraceutical cookies

Some Lessons • Lesson one: Problem is not innovation, but lack of attention to the emerging ideas. • Lesson two: Scaling up is important but long tail of innovation is even more important • Lesson three: Benchmarking the need and delivery gaps

• Lesson four: Investing in risky ideas when they are still hazy is the key to entrepreneurial future

Learning platforms: from concrete to abstract

• 1. • 2. • 3. • 4. •

Artefactual - as a replication of solution level Analogically - metaphor to inspire Heuristically - as a model or principle gestalt - configurational level

Gupta, 2012, Own complilation

Some leaves from the lives of public adm innovators

Karnataka Sakala Services Act 2011

Sakala means “in time” - Name, Logo, Slogan were proposed by Citizens. SAKALA – No More Delays…We Deliver on Time

Most sought after services Department

SERVICE most sought (cumulative)



All types of Caste & Income Certificate



Learning Licence



Issue of Birth, Still Birth and Death Certificates



Modification in Existing Ration Card



Receipt and Disposal of Petitions


Commercial Tax

Issue of form C Declaration


Call Centre

• A bridge b/w citizens & Government (8 am to 6 pm all working days) • Single no. for the State - 080- 4455 4455.

About 98 per cent request were serviced with in time

• Over 3 CRORES calls received so far.

• So far 865 Sakala & 1750 Non Sakala complaints received .

Polycentric Learning from multiple sources, levels, and channels:

Learning from multiple sources, levels, and channels:

Future sources of learning, creativity and innovation would not be restricted to formal boundaries of organisations.

Creating networks:

No one organization is likely to possess sufficient information or knowledge to enable it to achieve its goals

Emerging Models of innovations • New models of innovations: a)Building upon what disadvantaged people are rich in: inability to live with problems unsolved –overcoming inertia b) Empathetic innovations: samvedana se srijansheelta, kho kho model of innovation ( innovation relay ) c) Going beyond long tail, long nose of innovations to turbulent innovations

Models of innovations: d) Inverted model of innovations: children invent, engineers fabricate, and companies commercialize e) Pooling of distributed ideas for innovation and experimentation : uncommon from common f) distributed mind management:, transcending the limits of frugality

g) Moving blackboards: learning from unexpected quarters

Curiosity is thy nature, indifference is ours????????? How can we scout innovative ideas from kids , tech students, informal sector and professional individuals?

Nisha Chaube NOIDA Bag with folding seat

Arnab from, West Bengal

Arnab, west bengal

Mohammed Usman Hanif Patel, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, class two • recently a new initiative, (a portal by SRISTI ( pooling 104,000 engineering projects by 350k students from over 500 institutions) etc., engaging with youth in the one of the youngest country •

Shanu sharma: vardan, iitk

raghunath p Lohar

Image, Speech Recognition and Speech Synthesis for deaf and dumb to talk to normal people

Saurabh Saket and Rahul Ranjan , Bhutta College of Engineering & Technology, Ludhiana

Has any big company given you fridge that also gives you hot water, keeps food warm and consumes less electricity

Lpg gas based refrigerator Chintan, mayank, biren Mehsana

Hot water from fridge Dhruv Mehsana

Exhaust pipe cools drivers cabin `

GOLDEN TRIANGLE OF CREATIVITY Innovations and traditional knowledge



Take away Finally, innovations are imperative, inclusion is inevitable and inertia is intolerable Seeds of impatience will thrive in the soil of sustainable experimentation we need Circular economy, social and ethical capital and entrepreneurial mindset Begin with past perfect to build credibility rather than future indefinite Grassroots innovation can transform, policy transformation can energize and open innovation models can connect

Agenda for action: • Educational innovation: recognizing innovative teachers, open source content for children, linking students with msme and informal sector • Social innovation fund, culture of and in creativity, redesigning District Innovation Fund, • Spending an hour a week with achievers of your department, learning and sharing

• Inclusive Innovation Fund needs to be set up for investing in young start ups • Every organization can harness creativity and innovation from with-in, but more importantly from outside—crowd sourcing

• Each person can be an innovator, unlock the locks we have put in place ourselves • Distributed knowledge is a reality: why not reciprocate idea givers better

Creativity counts Knowledge matters Innovations transform

Incentives inspire ( not just individual, but also collective, not just material, but also non-material) the Honey Bee Network is yours ! For rewarding indigenous creativity and innovation,,

Reflexiones sobre Innovación Tecnología y Generación de Empresas  
Reflexiones sobre Innovación Tecnología y Generación de Empresas  

Exposición del PhD. Anil Kumar Gupta, Professor of Indian Institute of Management, respecto al tema “Reflexiones sobre Innovación, Tecnologí...