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Coupon Management Coupon management is the latest product from Plug’n Pay’s development team and it is targeted at helping you, our customer, create more sales with your eBusiness. Utilizing a simple code that you send out to existing customers, past customers or prospective customers, the coupon is your way to bring them back to your site or to it for the first time. You determine the offer you want to make and when the customer makes a purchase, they enter the code you have supplied and your special offer is redeemed right then and there. The Plug’n Pay system knows the discount you have programmed and will apply that when your customer hits the "submit" button. The result - an instant reward to your customers and increased loyalty to you. Features Shown in the screen shot below: •

Add Promo Offer: Allows you to easily add new coupon promotions.

Edit Coupon: Allows to you edit coupons after they are created.

Delete Coupon: Allows to you delete coupons after they were created.

Add Coupon: Easily create batched of coupons for a specific promotion.

Export Coupons: Download or view your list of available coupons.

Features Not Shown: • •

Edit Promo Offer: Allows you to easily edit & modify existing promotions. Delete Promo Offer: Allows you to easily remove promotions.

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