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MONDAY, MAY 12, 2008



ATTENTION INVESTORS “I Will Show You How to Make Money, Even When Others Are Losing Their Shirts” Dr. Bart DiLiddo, VectorVest Founder Please Note: The only reason to buy or sell any stock is to make money. But you need the right kind of analysis BEFORE you make a move. Nobody analyzes stocks like VectorVest. Not Merrill Lynch. Not Wachovia. Not even Goldman Sachs. Now get “SPOT-ON” analysis for any stock with just 3-computer clicks.

Some plain talk about a simple way to quickly and easily analyze stocks for profit potential before you buy or sell. Dear Investor, YES! It's amazing but true. Now you can become a fearless investor making 20%, 40%, 60% up to 90% profits or more a year ... All you need is access to a new analysis research tool that gives you clear "BUY", "SELL" or "HOLD" signals based on nothing more than scientific, mathematical formulas. No hunch. No opinion. No guesswork. There are really only two ways to jump in or out of the market. The first way is based on HUNCH or INTUITION. This could include rumor, or a recommendation from a stockbroker or a taxi driver. You could lose your shirt this way.

We have created what we feel is the very best stock market analysis software program you could ever hope to find. And it's one that allows you to invest with confidence. And it allows you to sleep well at night. “In the 3 years I’ve been investing before I subscribed to VectorVest, I lost about 30% to 50% per year. I was not a happy camper. However, in the 4 months I have subscribed to VectorVest, my portfolio has gone up 78%. Thank you so much for your invaluable information about the stock market, stocks, and all the different ways to buy low and sell high. I'll be a customer for life, I can tell you that.” -W.B., Kissimmee, FL

The better way is to do "analysis". The question is, how do you "analyze?" How do you become a "fearless" investor?

No matter what kind of investor you are... a long term investor, a day trader, a blue chip investor, a stock shorter, an aggressive player, a prudent investor, or someone who wants to Let's face it. There are mountains of data ride the wave of the stock market ups and available. Value data. Safety data. Timing downs, options, ETF's... you name it... you'll data. You could analyze interest rates, inflabe thrilled to know that the VectorVest Stock tion rates, growth trends, dividend reports, volume of trading activity, bull market hopes, Analysis system is the hot, up-to-date, investment information that makes you a "fearless" bear market fears... it could drive you nuts investor. Even if you've never bought stocks and take you literally years to digest it all. before. Or, you could visit the VectorVest link below and let us do the analysis for you. Every day we digest tons of new information and give you the daily BUY signals, SELL signals, or HOLD signals you need to make superior profits in the stock market. With just 2 or 3 mouse clicks you can see exactly what is going on with a stock, with the sector and the market as a whole. And the good news: We've never been on the wrong side of a major market move in the last 20 years.

Here's how it works: If you take all the relevant stock market information and boil it down to what you need to know... to profitably invest in today's chaotic up and down market... it all falls into 3 major categories. First, you must ask, is this stock a good VALUE? If the company is sitting on a ton of cash and just got awarded some hefty, profitable contracts and is managed like a fine Swiss Watch, then the VALUE of a stock is worth considering. If the company's profits are in the tank but the stock price is still moving up, this too should be considered.


Second, is this stock a SAFE investment compared to AAA corporate bonds? Most everyone agrees that Triple "A" bonds are the safest way you can go. So, when doing your analysis about a stock... how does it stack up in safety? We have devised a mathematical formula to reveal its relative safety and intrinsic safety in relation to bonds.


And finally, does this stock have good TIMING? We've discovered that timing is its own monster. You can have a good stock, with good earnings, paying a good dividend, and good relative safety... and it can still have lousy timing. Or... You can also have a lousy company stock with good timing and still come out the winner. With that thought in mind, we created a "killer" mathematical timing model that lets' you win the timing side of investing.


With these thoughts in mind, we created a mathematical model that rates every stock in our database to show you its VALUE... SAFETY and TIMING ratings. We call these three ratings RV, RS and RT. (Relative Value, Relative Safety and Relative Timing.) The ratings go from 0 to 2. If the RV, RS or RT is above 1, that is a good sign. If it's below 1, that is a bad sign. A stock with a RV rating is say, a 1.77. That is an excellent sign. Then, you check to see that it's RS rating of 0.34. Right away you know this is not a SAFE stock. But it might have a timing rating of 1.55. That's a good sign. When you add up the combination, you might get a "VST" (Value, Safety, Timing) rating of 1.45... which is very good. Keep reading. You'll get clear BUY, SELL or HOLD signals on over 15,500 stocks. Allow us to brag here for just a moment: Nobody, but nobody analyzes stocks like VectorVest. And all this daily analysis is not in vain. We've made tons of money for ourselves and our subscribers. See the testimonials nearby.

Make Profits 99.46% Of The Time! Listen-- If you pick any of top-20 VST recommended stocks using our program and hold them for a year or more, you'll make money. And you'll do it without the typical hand-wringing other investors might feel. Prove it to yourself. Use our BACK TESTING TOOL and see that you would have made an easy 18% gains each year or more going back 10-years. That is an amazing claim considering the decade of chaos many investors have faced.

Turn $100,000 into $2.18 Million--We even have a strategy built-in that allows you to make money in UP or DOWN markets. Using our strategies you make money when stocks go up or down. PROOF: Starting in 1998, USING THIS METHOD, starting with just $100,000 it would have grown to $2.18 Million by 2007. That's an amazing profit in 9 years. Bull market? No Problem!


Here's Proof: (Actual Calls--You could enjoy profits like this when you use VectorVest to spot good VALUE, good SAFETY and good TIMING.) • Precision Castparts (PCP) - Up 123% in just 12 months. • Synchronoss Technologies (SNCR) - Up 297% in 15 months. • Potash Corp. (POT) - Up 174% in just 12 months. • Genco Shipping (GNK) - Up 186% in 13 months. • Omniture Inc (OMTR) - Up 190% in 9 months. • DryShips Inc (DRYS) - Up 451% in only 13 months. • Deckers Outdoor Corp. (DECK) - Up 131% in 12 months. • CF Industries (CF) - Up 241% in 12 months.

How To Wake Up The Stock-Picking Genius Inside You.

Bear market? No Problem! We love them both. You owe yourself, your family and your financial future to stop what you're doing and check this out for yourself RISK-FREE. This investment analysis tool quickly gives you the kind of investing leverage others could only dream about. It's a way to safely and confidently move in and out of the market.

Here's what you must do. Call the number below or log onto our web site: 1-888-658-7638 This could be the smartest financial step you've ever taken. We'll give you the "keys to the shop". Access to the COMPLETE analysis, DAILY! We hold nothing back... for 5long weeks. (Plus you get an Introductory Bonus Package With 6 FREE gifts.) The cost to you? Just $9.95. That's all. You could find that much in the couch cushions. But we're inviting you to find HUGE profits in the mar-

It's common to get a stock recommendation from a well-meaning friend, a colleague or a broker. But unless they've done tons of Here’s what you could have done with THIS Analysis! homework on the TREND START DATE END DATE START $$ END stock's value, safety Short 06/12/1998 10/23/1998 $100,000 $105,677 and timing, you owe 10/23/1998 01/22/1999 $105,677 $130,493 it to yourself and your Long 01/22/1999 04/23/1999 $130,493 $138,521 family to ignore their Short Long 04/23/1999 07/30/1999 $138,521 $134,526 advice and take a few Short 07/30/1999 11/19/1999 $134,526 $129,193 minutes to see how Long 11/19/1999 04/07/2000 $129,193 $219,073 that stock ranks with VectorVest's RV, RS Short 04/07/2000 07/14/2000 $219,073 $273,252 and RT. ALSO-- The Long 07/14/2000 07/28/2000 $273,252 $234,494 VectorVest system al- Short 07/28/2000 09/01/2000 $234,494 $204,082 lows you to BACK Long 09/01/2000 09/15/2000 $204,082 $195,733 TEST your ideas and Short 09/15/2000 01/19/2001 $195,733 $233,721 investment strategies. Long 01/19/2001 02/23/2001 $233,721 $245,874 You can set the VecShort 02/23/2001 05/04/2001 $245,874 $286,928 torVest controls to Long 05/04/2001 07/06/2001 $286,928 $316,579 sort, rank and screen Short 07/06/2001 11/16/2001 $316,579 $346,182 your favorite stocks, Long 11/16/2001 02/08/2002 $346,182 $366,898 industries or sectors. Short 02/08/2002 03/08/2002 $366,898 $352,186 You'll get clear signals when you should Long 03/08/2002 05/10/2002 $352,186 $359,045 buy or sell. And Short 05/10/2002 05/17/2002 $359,045 $326,025 HOLD signals when Long 05/17/2002 05/31/2002 $326,025 $313,871 it's best to do nothing. Short 05/31/2002 11/08/2002 $313,871 $407,388 You can even take ad- Long 11/08/2002 01/24/2003 $407,388 $462,158 vantage of over 200 Short 01/24/2003 04/17/2003 $462,158 $460,684 built-in strategies 04/17/2003 04/30/2004 $460,684 $774,125 we've created for you. Long Each of these strategies will find and rank all the stocks that fit into a specific category. You can BACK TEST the strategy to see exactly how much money you would have made following that strategy. Once you prove to yourself that you've got a winning idea, you can invest with confidence--Fearlessly.

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“I just wanted to let you know that since using VectorVest, my portfolio is up 45% in about the last 45 days! I can’t even believe it. i just do what you tell me to do it’s that easy.” —J.M., Riverside, CA “I made three purchases during my trial membership period that more than paid for the annual membership fee.” —E.L. Jr. Fairbault, NM “I’ve only had VectorVest 2 months, but it has already improved my profit by 50%. One of the first stocks that VectorVest helped me pick is Owens Illinois (OI). I bought call options that are now up 300% in 2 months. I am very impressed with every aspect of VectorVest. I have had to change the way I do things a little, but it has all been for the better. I have better picks and spend less time doing it. “ —G.K., Hayward, CA “I am currently using your trial to VectorVest. Your VST indicator is so powerful. It is giving me very attractive returns in a matter of days using the top VST stocks for my option trading. Many organizations teach how to trade stocks and options costing thousands of dollars, however, none of those has the ability to show anyone how to select stocks. That is the name of the game.” —G.T. Houston, TX “I have made $3.5 million shorting stocks; most were chosen on VectorVest. I followed your advice and it paid off. I have done considerable better than my friends and associates.” —D.J.M., Detroit Lakes, MN. “I’ve tried nearly every software program in the business… AIQ, Telescan, Super Charts, you name it. VectorVest Online is absolutely the best. I don’t use or need anything else.” —E.J.C. Naples, FL “VectorVest prevents me from buying overvalued stocks. It is amazing how many of those are hyped by other analysts. I have passed on many stocks, which were recommended by other analysts, but don’t pass VectorVest muster and I missed out only on big losses.” —G.B., San Luis Obispo CA

Your Free Bonus Gifts • You get the VectorVest OnLine CD Rom. • You get the Instructional Tutorials. • You get the ONLINE USER'S GUIDE. • You get my book STOCKS, STRATGIES COMMON SENSE. • You get HOW TO SHORT STOCKS WITH CONFIDENCEAND MAKE BIG MONEY IN BEAR MARKETS. • You get HOW TO USE OPTIONS TO SUPER-CHARGE PROFITS. • And you get the Subscriber's hotline phone number to ask any questions you might have. Most people never use it because VectorVest is so easy to use. All this, plus 5 weeks of FREE ACCESS to VectorVest for just $9.95. And even that is GUARANTEED. If, after giving VectorVest a try, you're not totally thrilled with the money you make from the signals you get, no problem, we'll refund your trial subscription fee. And you get to keep everything in the WELCOME PACKAGE. We have built our business on happy customers who subscriber to our services year after year. We feel sure that if you check it out for yourself, you'll see how easy it is to use and how much profit you can make. Invest with confidence. Be a "fearless investor" by knowing everything you need to know about a stock’s value, safety and timing. You have nothing to lose and a lifetime of profits and safety to gain. Thank you, in advance for giving us the opportunity to serve you. Sincerely Yours For Fearless Investing Dr. Bart DiLiddo, Ph. D. Creator of VectorVest. P.S. Nobody analyzes stocks like VectorVest. Our analysis give you clear BUY, SELL or HOLD signals for outstanding profits. 1-888-658-7638

ket with an analysis tool that has a 20-year proven track record of profits. ©2007 VectorVest, Inc. * Past performance is not a guarantee of future profits.


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