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PEO Companies Help Businesses Manage Payroll Tasks PEO companies help businesses manage payroll tasks efficiently. The PEO company ensures all aspects of payroll administration from paycheck distribution and Direct Deposit to comprehensive tax filing and all responsibilities in between are taken care of. Payroll services are only a part of the PEO services offered by a PEO company, the others including employee benefit services, recruitment and selection, comprehensive legal compliance, immigration compliance, and more. Extensive Payroll Services on Offer Payroll services offered by a PEO generally include: •

Paychecks and stubs

Direct deposit to bank accounts

Payroll delivery

Payroll checks drawn on the PEO account

Section 125 pre-tax administration

Payroll deductions, garnishments and levies

Flexible spending accounts

Federal and State payroll tax deposits and returns

FICA, FIT & SIT tax withholdings

Customized job cost accounting and cost allocation reports

FICA, FUTA, SUTA quarterly reports

New hire reporting

Federal payroll summaries


Wage/hour law compliance

Paid leave program management

Vacation & sick time accruals

Department summary

PEO companies help businesses manage payroll tasks through these comprehensive services that cover almost every element of payroll administration so that there is no stone left unturned in ensuring smooth paycheck distribution that is vital in order to keep your employees working for you. Incorrect tax filings could result in hefty fines and legal penalties, and this chore is taken care of too with the PEO company’s comprehensive payroll services. PEO Services – Offering a Feel-Good Experience PEO services also comprise other elements of HR management that could ensure an efficient workforce overall that would contribute massively to increase your productivity, earnings and bring about a positive feeling overall. The PEO company gets in touch with your organization, understands your specific requirements and offers services that are truly in line with the needs of your business. That makes the PEO service just right for you, whether you are a large, medium-sized or small organization because the PEO services can be adapted in many ways to suit the needs of individual client companies. When you get in touch with a PEO company, you’ll know that it has many experts working for it who can bring success to your firm. They bring the best of their professional experience to work for the benefit of your organization. Improved Productivity at Lesser Costs Thanks to the PEO Company If you wish to improve your productivity without the inevitable rise in costs, the only option is to enlist PEO services. The PEO company will get in touch with you and present its packages. You can go for secure payroll services or outsource other aspects of HR management too, including employee benefits administration. Kruse PEO 4608 S. Garnett, Suite 400 Tulsa, OK 74146 Toll Free: (800) 258-1036

PEO Companies Help Businesses Manage Payroll Tasks  
PEO Companies Help Businesses Manage Payroll Tasks  

Kruse PEO is a payroll services provider that takes care of all responsibilities involved in payroll processing. With comprehensive payroll...