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An aging father trying to find his way in the dark. A leader being forced to examine what he's done, or not done. A daughter who speaks the truth, regardless of the consequences. A friend who perseveres even when he is shunned. A son whose need for recognition drives him to unthinkable actions. The people in King Lear are closer to us than their crowns and gowns may suggest at a glance. In a way they are icons of the fundamental struggles of light and dark in all of us, and for every era over the past 400 years including (and maybe especially) ours, the play has been been a mirror of the times, and for the tension between self and “selfless.” My friend, the late Dennis Kay, in his book Shakespeare, contrasted Lear’s stark and graceless reign with the peace and prosperity of the time in which the play was written. He theorized that Lear may have been Shakespeare’s way of reminding us that there are two sides of the coin. Life can be kind or unforgiving, societies can be whole or fractured, governments can unify or destroy — all depending certainly on chance, but also perhaps more on choice than we are prepared to admit, or even comprehend. Here in 2010 — in this portal of history-making politics, with many choices to be made about values, economics, leadership, and with a need for harmony, or at least humanity, to prevail — King Lear again gives us a lens through which we can, if not see clearly, at least look more closely.

FROM THE DRAMATURG Elizabeth Pool When William Shakespeare put pen to paper in 1605 (or 1606, we don’t know for sure) to write King Lear, the story of the aging monarch was already familiar to his audience. You could almost say that for Shakespeare’s audience the story was timeless. From the nobles to the groundlings, most knew of the mythological story of a king named Lear and his plan to divide his kingdom according to which of his three daughters loves him the most. A king referred to as Ler, Leir, or Lyr can be found in British and Irish mythology. And the core King Lear story appears in Historia Regum Britanniae, Mirrors for Magistrates, and Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland, all written prior to 1605. The sub-plot involving the Duke of Gloucester echoes the story in The Countess of Pembroke’s Arcadia written in 1590. The theme of succession was timely and much on the minds of Shakespeare’s audience. King Lear was initially performed on December 26, 1606 before the court of King James I. In 1603 Queen Elizabeth I died after ruling for 45 years. As her death was approaching, her aides worked in secret to ensure a smooth transition of power. As she had no heirs, she appointed James I as her successor. Even though the monarch represented in King Lear ruled many years before Shakespeare’s contemporaries, themes in the play would have resonated as timely. So what happened to King Lear after it premiered in 1606? It is recognized today, with Hamlet, Othello, and Macbeth as one of Shakespeare’s great tragedies. Between 1606 and 2010 did it continue to be performed as a great, tragic work, resonating with audiences as a timeless work of art? It did not. In 1681 Nahum Tate, an Irish poet and lyricist, rewrote Shakespeare’s King Lear, giving it a happy ending. In Tate’s 4


version Cordelia doesn’t die, Lear and Kent go off into the woods together, there is no Fool, and there is no King of France. For almost 150 years, Tate’s version of King Lear was the most widely performed version of the play. From 1810 to 1820 the play was banned from the stage in England for fear that audiences would note a parallel between Lear and the madness of King George III. For the audiences of 1810, the story was apparently not timeless, but too immediately relevant. It was not until the 1830s that Shakespeare’s King Lear came back to the stage, restored to its original text. Through the early 20th century Hamlet was considered Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy. That is until the gruesomeness and violence of World War II. In a world that suddenly included the fallout of nuclear war, the tragedy of King Lear became instantly relevant. The play about a King driven to madness by existential despair, even though he lived and ruled thousands of years before, became incredibly timely. What makes King Lear significant and pertinent to us today, is directly connected to what makes it timeless.

KING LEAR: A SYNOPSIS The aging King Lear gathers his daughters to divide his kingdom. He asks each to express how much they love him in order to determine which portion of land they will receive. Goneril and Regan both speak eloquently about their love for their father. The youngest child, Cordelia, claims to love her father in accordance with her bond as his daughter. Enraged, the King divides the kingdom between the two eldest and their respective husbands, leaving Cordelia with nothing. When the Earl of Kent tries to intercede, Lear banishes him. Cordelia leaves with the King of France, who honors his offer of marriage despite the fact that she is now dowerless. Edmund, the bastard son of the Earl of Gloucester plots against his brother Edgar, the favored and legitimate son of Gloucester. The King is an unwelcome guest with both Goneril, and her husband the Duke of Albany, and Regan, and her husband the Duke of Cornwall. Kent, who is serving the King in disguise is put in the stocks by Cornwall for his rudeness. The two sisters join forces against their father, denying him his 100 knights and insisting he live under their care. In a fit of rage he sets out into the stormy night. After ordering Gloucester, the king’s loyal aide, to leave Lear to the elements, the daughters shut up the doors to the castle. Continuing with his plot, Edmund forces Edgar to flee and cuts himself to make it look as if Edgar injured him. Edgar is now an outcast and to further disguise himself he assumes the persona of a Tom of Bedlam, a lunatic beggar. Gloucester tells Edmund that he has received a letter indicating that French forces have landed and the King will be revenged. He asks Edmund to keep his confidence and he goes to attend the King on the heath. On the heath the King has met Edgar, disguised as Poor Tom. Lear is captivated by Poor Tom’s ramblings. The King holds a mock trial of Goneril and Regan. Gloucester tells Kent that he has arranged for the King to be transported to Dover, where he should be safe under French protection. Edmund betrays his father by showing Cornwall the letter. Gloucester is brought before Goneril, Regan, and Cornwall and questioned about the letter and events at Dover. Cornwall gouges out Gloucester’s eyes. Cornwall is wounded by a servant attempting to defend Gloucester. Cornwall and Regan order Gloucester, 6

now blinded, to be thrown out of the castle. Edgar, still in disguise as Poor Tom, meets his blind father and leads him to the cliffs of Dover. Albany is appalled by Goneril’s treatment of Lear and Gloucester. Word arrives that the Duke of Cornwall has died from his injuries. Edgar as Poor Tom leads Gloucester to flat land, but tells him it is the cliffs of Dover. Gloucester leaps, but falls to the ground uninjured. Oswald arrives and spying Gloucester decides to kill him to gain favor with Regan. Edgar defends his father and kills Oswald. As he dies he instructs Edgar to read the letter he carries from Goneril to Edmund, professing her love and her wish that Edmund should kill Albany. In the French camp at Dover, Lear and Cordelia are reunited. In the British camp at Dover, Regan questions Edmund about his relationship with Goneril. Albany and Goneril arrive and Albany notes that France has invaded England. As they are departing to go over war strategies, Edgar enters and gives Goneril’s letter to Albany asking him to read it and sound the trumpet when the battle is over. France is defeated. Albany accuses Edmund of capital treason and confronts Goneril about her part in the plot. A trumpet is sounded and Edgar appears. He and Edmund fight and Edmund is fatally wounded. Goneril flees the scene. Edmund confesses his wrong and Edgar expresses forgiveness. Edgar tells Albany of Kent’s loyal service to Lear. Kent arrives and moments later the bodies of Regan and Goneril are brought in. Goneril poisoned Regan and then killed herself. Edmund confesses that he and Goneril conspired to have the Captain kill Cordelia and Lear. In great despair, Lear enters carrying the dead body of Cordelia. Despairing, he dies. Edgar, Kent, and Albany are left to bear the dead bodies out and look to the future.

ABOUT THE PLAYWRIGHT William Shakespeare William Shakespeare was born in April of 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, England to John Shakespeare, a successful glove maker and Mary Arden, the daughter of a wealthy landowner. It is believed, although not documented, that Shakespeare attended a local grammar school which would have included intensive study of Latin and the classics. In 1582 Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway, when he was 18 and she was 26 and they had three children: Susanna, born in 1583, and twins Hamnet and Judith, born in 1585. The years from 1585 to 1592 are known as Shakespeare’s “lost years,” as there is no record of his whereabouts or actions during this time. By 1592 his plays were appearing on the London stage. Shakespeare worked as an actor and writer with The Lord Chamberlin’s Men, an acting company under the protection of Queen Elizabeth I and in 1599 he became part owner of the famous Globe Theatre. King Lear, written in 1605-1606 and first performed on December 26, 1606, is considered one of Shakespeare’s great tragedies (with Hamlet, Othello, and Macbeth.) Shakespeare retired to Stratford in 1610 and died on April 23, 1616. He was survived by Anne and his two daughters, Susanna and Judith. Shakespeare is buried in the chancel of Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon. Shakespeare’s extant works consist of 38 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems and several other poems. His plays have been translated into every major living language and are performed more often than those of any other playwright. 7

THE CAST Abigail Adams Artistic Director

Grace E. Grillet Managing Director Main Stage March 3 – 28, 2010

By William Shakespeare Directed by Steve Umberger Production Manager CHARLES T. BRASTOW* Set Designer Costume Designer JAMES F. PYNE, JR. MARLA J. JURGLANIS Lighting Designer Sound Designer DENNIS PARICHY FRED STORY Assistant Lighting Designer Fight Director GREGORY SCOTT MILLER SAMANTHA BELLOMO Text Coach Dramaturg ELIZABETH WEBSTER DUKE* ELIZABETH POOL Production Stage Manager AUDREY M. BROWN* THEATRE ARTISANS Technical Director Scene Shop Foreman JOSEPH FRANZ DYLAN JAMISON Scenic Painter Scenic Carpenter WILL SCRIBNER JEFFERSON HAYNES Master Electrician Assistant Master Electrician GREGORY SCOTT MILLER MATTHEW BERTUCCI Costume Shop Manager Cutter/Draper MARLA J. JURGLANIS ABBIE WYSOR Wardrobe Properties Master BRIDGET ANNE BRENNAN ELIZABETH STUMP Stage Management Interns MICHAEL CHITTENDEN MARY PIZZULLO *Member, Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers. This People’s Light & Theatre Company production is part of Shakespeare for a New Generation, a national initiative sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts in cooperation with Arts Midwest.

Graham Smith* Stephen Novelli* Peter DeLaurier* Christopher Patrick Mullen* Kevin Bergen* Michael Stewart Allen* Lenny Haas* Mark Lazar* Ahren Potratz* Luigi Sottile Andrew Kane Joseph Michael O’Brien David Blatt Mary Elizabeth Scallen* Susan McKey* Kim Carson* Claire Inie-Richards

Lear Gloucester Kent Edgar Edmund Albany Cornwall Fool Oswald France/Ensemble Burgundy/Ensemble Ensemble Ensemble Goneril Regan Cordelia Gentlewoman to Goneril

TIME Past and Present PLACE Lear’s Kingdom

There will be one 15-minute intermission.

Special thanks to Deborah Curren-Aquino.

*Member, Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers. People’s Light operates under an agreement between the League of Resident Theatres and Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States. People’s Light is a member of the Theatre Communications Group, The League of Resident Theatres, American Arts Alliance, Theatre Trustees of America, The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, The Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership and the Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia. People’s Light is an equal opportunity employer. The People’s Light & Theatre Company proudly participates in the Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theatre, a program of the Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia.


The Chester County Choral Society Gary P. Garletts, Artistic Director presents

This Shining Night Saturday, May 8, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. at the Church of the Good Samaritan 212 W. Lancaster Ave., Paoli, PA The World Premiere of Valerie Showers Cresenz’s “Mass of Peace”. A Centennial Celebration of Works Composed by West Chester Native Samuel Barber. First and Secord Place Student Winners of CCCS’s Excellence in Vocal Performance Competition.

Tickets: $15 regular, $12 seniors and $5 students (5-18). For further information visit website-

IN APPRECIATION The National Endowment for the Arts in cooperation with Arts Midwest presents Shakespeare for a New Generation. The People’s Light & Theatre Company is one of 37 professional theater companies selected to participate in Shakespeare for a New Generation, bringing the finest productions of Shakespeare to thousands of middle and high school students in communities across the United States. This is the seventh year of Shakespeare in American Communities, the largest tour of Shakespeare in American history. The National Endowment for the Arts believes a great nation deserves great arts. Shakespeare for a New Generation exemplifies the Arts Endowment’s commitment to artistic excellence, arts education, and public outreach to all Americans. People’s Light & Theatre Company receives state arts funding support through a grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. 610-516-1130 Unwired Appeal is a full-service mobile marketing and wireless technology firm specializing in interactive text-messaging solutions, enterprise messaging platforms, and SMS marketing campaigns. ■

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Save the Date for People’s Light’s 35th Anniversary Gala! A tribute to the 35 years that make up the history of People’s Light as well as a celebration of the company today and on into the future.

April 16, 2010

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To register to attend the event and for more details please visit 10


PROFILES Michael Stewart Allen

HISTORIC GENERAL WARREN INNE — Restaurant & Country Inn — Old Lancaster Hwy., Malvern, PA. 610-296-3637. Lunch, MonFri; dinner, Mon-Sat. An 18th Century country inn featuring American-Continental cuisine with table-side prepared specialties at dinner. The inn also has private dining rooms, and features outdoor dining and a “four seasons” patio cocktail reception space. “Smart casual” dress. Their new “Warren Tavern Bar” is perfect for light pre-theatre dining. Enjoy the finest in award-winning cuisine surrounded by candlelight, attentive service and old-world charm. There are 8 guest suites — located two minutes from People’s Light. All major cards. McKENZIE BREW HOUSE — Restaurant & Brewery, 240 Lancaster Ave., Malvern, PA. 610-296-2222. Lunch, dinner, happy hour, late night and Sunday brunch. Serving upscale cuisine and hand crafted brews in spacious, comfortable atmosphere. Great menu and drink specials available throughout the week, including Sunday’s $19.95 Steak Out. A variety of menu options available for group events. Enjoy entertainment

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daily and outdoor seating during warm weather. Located two minutes from People’s Light. All major cards.

Albany Michael Stewart Allen is delighted to be back at People’s Light. Credits include (Off-Broadway): Moby Dick Rehearsed, The Tempest, Two Gentlemen of Verona and Love, Shakespeare (The Acting Company), and the title role in Don Carlos (Prospect Theatre). Recent credits include: Hamlet (Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey), King Lear, Much Ado About Nothing (North Carolina Shakespeare Festival) and Doubt at The Hippodrome. He has performed at many theaters, including The Folger Theater in Washington D.C., Arkansas Repertory, The Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, The North Carolina Shakespeare Festival, Play Makers Repertory, Contemporary American Theater, 12 Miles West, and The Shakespeare Theater of NJ. Film and television: Law & Order: SVU and Cold Mountain.

Kevin Bergen Edmund Kevin Bergen has appeared in over twenty People’s Light productions, including A Tale of Two Cities, The Persians, The Glass Menagerie, and Twelfth Night. Kevin was nominated for a Barrymore Award for Outstanding Featured Actor in a Play for his portrayal of Harry Brown in Man from Nebraska. Other Philadelphia region credits include: The Wilma Theater, Arden Theatre Company, Bristol Riverside Theatre, and InterAct Theatre Company. Kevin has acted at numerous other regional theatres, including American Repertory Theatre, Commonwealth Shakespeare, The Studio Theatre (D.C.), and the North Carolina Shakespeare Festival.

David Blatt Ensemble David is very proud to be making 12

his People’s Light debut. He was most recently seen in New City Stage’s Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love. Other recent roles include Selwyn Piper in Murder by the Book (Maples Rep), Herr Schultz in Cabaret (TU/PMT), Judge Brack in Hedda Gabler (TU), Drum Major in Woyzeck (EgoPo) and Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet (DelShakes). This summer look for him in the title role of The Delaware Shakespeare Festival’s production of Macbeth. David earned his B.A. from U.C. Berkeley, and last year his M.F.A. from Temple University. Thanks to Elizabeth and Steve.

Kim Carson Cordelia Kim Carson is thrilled to be back at People’s Light! Previous PLTC credits are Cinderella, Six Characters in Search of an Author, Anne of Green Gables, and The Crucible. Other credits include Arden Theatre Co., Walnut Street, Philadelphia Theatre Co., Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, New Jersey Rep., Engeman Theatre, and Azuka Theatre Co., where she received a Barrymore award for her role in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Many thanks to Mom and Dad. Much love to Matt.

Peter DeLaurier Kent Recently at PLTC: The Patriarch in Nathan the Wise, Defarge in A Tale of Two Cities, The Persians, Sherlock Holmes & The Case of the Jersey Lily and the Director in Six Characters in Search of an Author (Barrymore Nomination). An Artistic Associate at PLTC, he has been with the Theatre since 1981. Other PLTC productions: Hard Times, Galileo, Abundance, Holes, In the Blood, Sister Carrie and the international tour of Kabuki Achilles. Nominated for the 13

Michael Stewart Allen

Kevin Bergen

David Blatt

Kim Carson

Peter DeLaurier


Lenny Haas

Claire Inie-Richards

Outstanding Actor Barrymore Award for PLTC’s Man from Nebraska, he won for Underneath the Lintel at the Lantern (where he directed Sizwe Bansi is Dead last season). He played Matthew Cuthbert at PLTC in his recently published stage adaptation of Anne of Green Gables (nominated for the Barrymore for Outstanding New Play). He has directed at PLTC and at theatres around the country, serving as Artistic Director of New Stage Theatre in Jackson, MS. With his wife, PLTC actress Ceal Phelan, and other friends, he co-founded The Delaware Theatre Company in 1978.

Lenny Haas Andrew Kane

Mark Lazar

Susan McKey

Cornwall Lenny was last seen at PLTC in Sherlock Holmes & The Case of the Jersey Lily. A member of the Resident Ensemble of Artists since 1988, he has performed in over 30 productions. Favorites include The Foreigner, Born Yesterday, The Importance of Being Earnest, Sister Carrie and The Fantasticks, for which he won a Barrymore Award. He has also appeared in two independent films: cellar and Lebanon, both directed by Ben Hickernell. Love to my family and my beautiful new bride, Mary Lee.

Claire Inie-Richards Gentlewoman to Goneril Claire is happy to be back on the Main Stage and with such a terrific cast! Last season she appeared as Primrose Dufee in Eggs and Rachel Stein in End Days. She is wrapping up her senior year at the Center for Performing and Fine Arts in West Chester, and her fourth year as a cyber-schooler. In addition, Claire serves as an apprentice at PLTC, which includes projects in the office and work as a Production Assistant. Love to Abbey

Andrew Kane Burgundy/Ensemble Andrew is glad to be back at 14

People’s Light after playing Bubba in Snow White and Tom Cat in last season’s Cinderella. A graduate of DeSales University, previous Shakespeare credits include Othello, The Taming of the Shrew, Twelfth Night, and Antony and Cleopatra with the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival and Hamlet with the Lantern Theater Company. Next up: Hotspur in Henry IV Part 1 at the Lantern. Love to Julia.

Mark Lazar Fool Mark is thrilled to be reunited with this wonderful group of colleagues. Mr. Lazar is a company member celebrating his twelfth year with PLTC. And in addition to spending the last six holiday seasons in a dress for our annual Panto, he includes Twelfth Night, The Foreigner, The Crucible, The Miser, Born Yesterday, The Little Foxes, Camping with Henry and Tom, and Hearts, among some of his recent favorites here. And of course, Dr. Watson in Sherlock Holmes & The Case of the Jersey Lily, directed by Steve Umberger. While a ten-year Resident Company Member of The North Carolina Shakespeare Festival, Mark spent many offseasons at The Charlotte Repertory Theatre and includes productions there with Mr. Umberger as some of his favorites: Speed of Darkness, Prelude to a Kiss, Boca!, Mrs. Warren’s Profession, and the CRT/Charlotte Symphony co-production The Tempest. Up next at People’s Light: The Secret of Sherlock Holmes.

Susan McKey Regan Susan has called People’s Light her artistic home since 1988 and is honored to join this remarkable cast. She has been in all six holiday Pantos and last summer thoroughly

PROFILES enjoyed playing Sylvia Stein in End Days. Susan is thrilled to work with director Steve Umberger again, having had so much fun as Lillie Langtry in 2008’s Sherlock Holmes & The Case of the Jersey Lily. Susan is a Barrymore award winner, mother of Griffen (10) and Ella (7), and an irrepressible Cape Codder.

Christopher Patrick Mullen

and Tom, Measure for Measure and Glengarry Glen Ross. A member of the resident company since 1974, he now serves as an Artistic Associate.

Joseph Michael O’Brien Ensemble Joe is grateful for the opportunity to perform here at People’s Light again. Joe was last seen as Wally in Montgomery Theater’s production of I Love My Wife. Prior to that he was David in 11th Hour Theatre Company’s concert of Austentatious. All the best to a terrific and amazingly talented cast and crew. Much love and thanks to Mom, SR, OB, and Ang.

Edgar A DeSales graduate and a People’s Light artist since 1989, Chris’ recent PLTC credits include: Snow White, Getting Near to Baby, Splittin’ the Raft, Twelfth Night, and The Crucible. Other credits include: When You Comin’ Back Red Ryder (Retro Productions); Candide, Assassins, and The Stinky Cheese Man (Arden Theatre Company); King Lear, Dracula: The Journal of Jonathan Harker, The Mystery of Irma Vep, and As You Like It (Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival); Around the World in 80 Days (Syracuse Stage); Hamlet, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Orlando Shakespeare Theatre); and The Pavilion (Chester Theatre Company). Television credits include appearances on Law & Order. Chris is a member of Quinnopolis NY and Retro Productions.

Oswald Ahren Potratz is delighted to be joining the cast of King Lear. Previous credits for PLTC include Theophilus North, Jason and the Golden Fleece, 30Fest, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He has worked regionally for the McCarter, The Wilma, The Lantern Theatre, Enchantment Theatre, Interact, and New Freedom Repertory Theatre. After Lear Ahren will embark on a U.S. and Canadian Symphony tour of Scheherazade and The Fire Bird and then will return to Philadelphia for Survive! with Swim Pony Theater Company in June 2010. Ahren would like to thank his family and friends, and Ms. Bormann for their continued support. Love to Karen.

Stephen Novelli

Mary Elizabeth Scallen

Gloucester Stephen most recently played Saladin in Nathan the Wise. Last season he appeared at People’s Light as Dr. Manette in A Tale of Two Cities and Darius in The Persians. Other recent roles include The Father in Eurydice at The Wilma Theater, and The Father in Six Characters in Search of an Author at PLTC. He has directed Tuesdays with Morrie, Camping with Henry

Christopher Patrick Mullen

Stephen Novelli

Ahren Potratz

Goneril MB has been a company member since 1991 and has most recently appeared in A Tale of Two Cities, The Persians and Getting Near to Baby. She just played Winnie in Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days with the Lantern Theatre downtown. She’s also worked with the Arden, PlayPenn, Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival, the North Carolina Shakespeare Festival, Weston Theatre 15

Joseph Michael O’Brien

Ahren Potratz

Mary Elizabeth Scallen


Graham Smith

(VT) and Gretna Theatre (PA). She teaches acting at Penn and consults for FAIMER, an international medical education foundation, on communications skills and interactive teaching. Love to TShot.

Graham Smith

Luigi Sottile

Lear Graham Smith (B.A. Davidson College, M.F.A. Hilberry Classic Theatre) has been a PLTC company member since 1999. Work at PLTC includes Buks/Author in Valley Song, the singing Hedge Hog in More Grimm Tales, Tobias in A Delicate Balance, Danforth in The Crucible, Henry Ford in Camping with Henry and Tom, Argan in The Miser, Toby in Twelfth Night, and more recently Dinko Tasovich in The Day of the Picnic and Lay Brother in Nathan the Wise. Other recent work includes Salter in A Number with the NC Stage Company and Gonzalo in The Tempest at Actors’ Theatre of Louisville. He has appeared in over 180 plays, 40 of which were works of Shakespeare. He first worked with Steve Umberger in 1979 and has been married to Audrey Brown since 1991. He began his career in 1961 touring the U.S. with his father’s familyvaudeville-magic show, Saucy Sorcery, a one-man show with others.

Luigi Sottile France/Ensemble This is Luigi’s third production with People’s Light! He was seen previously as the Templar in Nathan the Wise and Smith in Snow White. Other roles include Father Welsh in The Lonesome West, Horace in The School for Wives, Cassio in Othello, Lush in The Hothouse, and Khlestakov in The Government Inspector (Lantern Theatre); Antipholus of Syracuse in Comedy of Errors (Shakespeare in Clark Park), and Handsome in Whiskey Neat (Azuka Theatre). He will be in the U.S. premier of Vaclav 16

Havel’s Leaving at The Wilma this spring. Thank you so much to everyone at People’s Light for making this season a memorable one!

Samantha Bellomo Fight Director Sam has been the Fight/Movement Choreographer on several shows at PLTC, including the last five holiday Pantos, and was the Assistant Director on Snow White, The Day of the Picnic, Cinderella, Getting Near to Baby, and Theophilus North. She is also the Artistic and Education Liaison at People’s Light. Past choreography credits include: Arden Theatre Company, Delaware Theatre Company, Lantern Theatre, and Act II Playhouse. She has received three Barrymore nominations for Outstanding Choreography/ Movement.

Charles T. Brastow Production Manager/Sound Designer Chaz’s first encounter with People’s Light was as an intern during the summer of 1984. He joined the company full-time in 1987 during former Production Manager Ken Marini’s tenure. Since then he has stage managed over 80 productions and designed sound for over 120. Last year he created the sounds for Cinderella and A Tale of Two Cities. In addition to his work for PLTC, he has designed for the Arden Theatre, Philadelphia Shakespeare Company, Cheltenham Center for the Performing Arts, PlayPenn, Delaware Theatre Company, Arena Stage, and Primary Stages. He has also worked for Nickelodeon (Double Dare, Think Fast, and Finder’s Keepers), Carnival Cruise Lines, Greg Thompson Productions, Miller-Reich Productions, Zap Productions, MLR Theatrical, and Scenery First. Chaz also has an M.A. in History.

PROFILES Audrey M. Brown

Gregory Scott Miller

Stage Manager Audrey is happy to be back at People’s Light. She also works with Riverside Theatre, Florida Rep., North Carolina Shakespeare Festival, Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, Charlotte Rep., and Charlotte Symphony Orchestra. She was the American Equity SM for the Royal Shakespeare Company for Davidson College residencies and has worked with The Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, D.C. & Dallas Theatre Center. A member of AEA since 1991, Audrey lives in Charlotte with 2 golden retrievers and her husband, Graham Smith.

Assistant Lighting Designer Greg’s lighting designs at People’s Light include Absence, The Glass Menagerie, Tuesdays with Morrie, The Foreigner, Pretty Fire, and all the pieces in 30Fest. He has designed lighting for our Theatre School’s Adult Ensemble productions of The Dining Room, The Laramie Project and Our Country’s Good, as well as an assortment of other Theatre School and Summerstage projects here, at the Yellow Springs Cultural Center, and at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Greg has been PLTC’s master electrician for most of this century.

Elizabeth Webster Duke Text Coach Seen mostly onstage at People’s Light, Liz is excited to be working behind the scenes on this production. She holds an M.F.A. from the Academy for Classical Acting at the Shakespeare Theatre, and teaches at Swarthmore College, George Washington University and Temple University. As a member of the Resident Ensemble of Artists, she has performed in nearly forty productions at People’s Light, most recently as Sister James in Doubt. Liz has performed with The Kennedy Center, Ford’s Theatre, The Wilma Theatre, The Walnut Street Theatre, InterAct Theatre Company, The Bay Theatre, Taffety Punk Theatre Company, and the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival. She is a three-time finalist for Philadelphia’s F. Otto Haas Emerging Theatre Artist Award.

Dennis Parichy Lighting Designer Dennis’s numerous designs at People’s Light include Nathan the Wise, Eggs, The Day of the Picnic, Six Characters in Search of an Author, Theophilus North, The Giver, String of Pearls, and In the Blood. He has worked in regional theatre, Off-Broadway, and Broadway for over thirty years. Broadway credits include Talley’s Folly, Burn This, and As Is. Recent designs include The Light in the Piazza and Is He Dead? for the Pioneer Theatre in Salt Lake City and Emma for The Cincinnati Playhouse. He has just published Illuminating the Play, The Artistry of Lighting Design and teaches at Purchase College.

Elizabeth Pool Dramaturg Elizabeth is the Resident Dramaturg at People’s Light. Favorite productions here include Snow White, Cinderella, The Persians, Young Lady from Rwanda, The Glass Menagerie, Treasure Island, Six Characters in Search of an Author, Theophilus North, Splittin’ the Raft, Something You Did, Fabulation, and The Crucible. She has also worked with 1812 Productions, Act II, PlayPenn and Villanova Theatre. She is on the Literary Committee for the Philadelphia Young Playwrights, the Steering Committee for the Philadelphia New Play Initiative, an evaluator for the PlayPenn Festival, and is the Philadelphia Regional Vice President of

Marla J. Jurglanis Costume Designer Resident Costume Designer for the past 16 years and manager of our Costume Shop, Marla’s recent designs include Nathan the Wise, Doubt: A Parable, Eggs, A Tale of Two Cities, The Day of the Picnic, The Persians, Sherlock Holmes & The Case of the Jersey Lily, and Six Characters in Search of an Author. She has designed costumes for over 70 PLTC productions. Marla’s designs have also been seen at the Delaware Theatre Company, The Arden Theatre Company, Philadelphia Theatre Company, AMTF, Virginia Stage Company, Alliance Theatre Company and George Street Playhouse. 17



Steve Umberger

the Literary Managers & Dramaturgs of the Americas.

Director Steve Umberger directed the 2008 premiere of Sherlock Holmes & The Case of the Jersey Lily for People’s Light. Favorite credits include Wit, Proof, Falsettos, Cabaret, Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Three Hotels, A Delicate Balance, The Substance of Fire, The Road to Mecca, and The Tempest for theatres including Riverside Theatre, Barter Theatre, Florida Studio Theatre, The North Carolina Shakespeare Festival, and Charlotte Repertory Theatre. As Founding Artistic Director of Charlotte Rep (LORT), his work included developing a playbill for a diverse audience of 5,000 subscribers; a theatre/symphony collaboration on three of Shakespeare’s plays; and regional premieres such as Death and the Maiden, The Exact Center of the Universe, Proof, and Angels in America. He has worked with new plays at many theatres including the Rep‘s annual new play festival. Among the premieres he’s developed/directed are The Guy Upstairs by Mark Eisman, Boca by Christopher Kyle, Lunch at the Piccadilly by Clyde Edgerton and Mike Craver, The Deer and the Antelope Play by Mark Dunn (published by Dramatists), and three plays by Wendy Hammond, including The Ghostman. Last fall for NCSF, he directed his seventh production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (and the fourth in an ongoing project with Cirque du Soleil colleague Karl Baumann). He is a member of Actors’ Equity and The Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, and is very happy to be returning to People’s Light.

James F. Pyne, Jr. Set Designer Jim is Director of Design at People’s Light. In his 32 seasons with PLTC, he has created sets and/or lights for over 210 productions, including most recently Snow White, A Tale of Two Cities, Cinderella, The Persians, The Glass Menagerie, Treasure Island, and Theophilus North. Jim has received 11 Barrymore nominations for Outstanding Scenic and Lighting Design, winning for Outstanding Scenic Design in 1996 for The Life of Galileo and in 2002 for The Merchant of Venice. He has also designed scenery for the Arden, Villanova University, Act II Playhouse, the Children’s Theatre Company of Minneapolis and the Enchantment Theatre Company.

Fred Story Sound Designer Fred Story has been writing music professionally for over 25 years. As founder and President of Concentrix Music and Sound Design in Charlotte, NC, he also leads a talented staff of composers, sound designers and audio engineers. Among his many theatrical credits are Charlotte Repertory Theatre’s production of Tony Kushner’s Angels in America, Theatre Charlotte’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the world premiere of The Ghostman by Wendy Hammond. Fred has worked with Director Steve Umberger frequently, and is delighted to be working with People’s Light & Theatre for the first time.

Abigail Adams

Grace E. Grillet

Abigail Adams

Grace E. Grillet

Artistic Director Ms. Adams is Artistic Director of The People’s Light & Theatre Company. During her 33-year association with the Theatre, she has directed more than sixty plays, including Nathan the Wise, The Day of the Picnic, Getting Near to Baby, Theophilus North, Twelfth Night, Something You Did, Fabulation, The Member of the Wedding, The O’Connor Girls, Sleeping Beauty: A Comic Panto in the British Style, The Miser, String of Pearls, Arthur’s Stone, Merlin’s Fire, In the Blood, Playhouse Creatures, Book of Days, The Road to Mecca, Sally’s Gone, She Left Her Name, More Grimm Tales, Heartbreak House, A Perfect Ganesh, Arabian Nights, My Mother Said I Never Should, Misalliance, Three Hotels, Peter Pan, The Last Good Moment of Lily Baker, and Taken in Marriage. Ms. Adams has directed readings and workshops of new plays for Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey, Circle Rep, New York Stage and Film, and the Public Theatre. Abbey served for ten years on the faculty of Swarthmore College and has also taught at New York University, Bryn Mawr College, Carnegie Mellon University, and The Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario. She has served on a variety of national boards and panels and is an active advocate for arts education. She holds an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Ursinus College.

Managing Director Grace E. Grillet has served as Managing Director of The People’s Light & Theatre Company since March 1997 and her responsibilities include oversight and management of finance, facilities and day-to-day operations, fundraising and institutional development, marketing/public relations, and audience development. Grillet’s tenure with the Company began in 1990 as Director of Development, a post she held for seven years. Prior to joining People’s Light, Grillet was Administrative Director for the Philadelphia Festival Theatre for New Plays from 1983-1990 and began her career in Student Activities at the University of Pennsylvania. She serves on the board of the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance as past chair and is a board member of the Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia. She also serves as a mentor in the Philadelphia Cultural Management Intitiative program. She has participated in the following professional development opportunities: The Legacy Program of the Philadelphia Cultural Management Initiative, National Arts Strategies Executive Program for Non-Profit Leaders at Stanford University, NAS Leadership in a Changing Environment, Target/TCG Expanding the Manager’s Repertoire, and Leadership Inc.

ValleyDel Publications, Inc. is proud to bring you this playbill. Cert no. SGS-COC-003775

For advertising rates, sizes & schedules please call 610-918-9300 or 18




L. Frederick Sutherland, President Kenneth B. Mumma, Vice President Brian D. Doerner, Treasurer Hal Real, Secretary Abigail Adams Sally S. Bullard Anne Congdon LaRossa Carole Haas Gravagno Leonard Haas Thomas P. Hogan Arnold W. Johnsen Zane David Memeger David D. Mooberry Elizabeth Pool Steven J. Reiss Jayson Sutton Karin B. Takiff Penelope P. Watkins Carol Aichele, ex-officio

Abigail Adams Kevin Bergen David Bradley Charles Brastow Alda Cortese Russell Davis Peter DeLaurier Mark Del Guzzo Lee Devin Elizabeth Webster Duke Melanye Finister Leonard Haas David Ingram Marla Jurglanis Mark Lazar Louis Lippa Ken Marini Rosemarie McKelvey Susan McKey Kate McSorley Paul Meshejian Christopher Patrick Mullen Stephen Novelli Dennis Parichy Kathryn Petersen Ceal Phelan Elizabeth Pool Ahren Potratz James F. Pyne, Jr. Marcia Saunders Mary Elizabeth Scallen Cathy Simpson Graham Smith Tom Teti Saige Thompson Julianna Zinkel

HONORARY BOARD OF TRUSTEES Kenneth D. Hill, Chair Evelyn Andrews Earl M. Baker William C. Buck William F. Drake, Jr. Josephine Klein Paul J. Levine Anne U. Martin Margarett F. McKeel Sam S. McKeel Betty U. Musser Benjamin R. Neilson William D. Ravdin Marilyn Steinbright Danny S. Fruchter, Founding Producing Director

STAFF Artistic Director ABIGAIL ADAMS* Managing Director GRACE E. GRILLET


Director of Design JAMES F. PYNE, JR.* Literary Manager ALDA CORTESE* Playwright in Residence LOUIS LIPPA* Resident Costume Designer MARLA J. JURGLANIS* Co-Founder/Guest Director KEN MARINI* Senior Dramaturg LEE DEVIN* Resident Dramaturg ELIZABETH POOL* Artistic & Education Liaison SAMANTHA BELLOMO Artistic Associates PETER DELAURIER* STEPHEN NOVELLI* KATHRYN PETERSEN* MARY ELIZABETH SCALLEN* Artistic Intern CLAIRE INIE-RICHARDS


Director of Education NANCY SHAW Education Coordinator SARA WAXMAN Resident Teaching Artist MELANYE FINISTER* Dramaturgy/Education Intern AMY LIPMAN New Voices Van Driver RICHARD HILL JOSEPH B. STRATTON



Go to and click on the homepage link to sign up for our e-club. We’ll send you a host of insider’s tips, including invitations to special events, discounts on shows and classes, and even interviews with Artistic staff.

Director of Marketing & Communications CHRISTINE BARBUSH KOZSUCH Director of Audience Services AMY WILSON Marketing Manager ABBY SUCHTING Subscriptions Manager/ Marketing Assistant ANDREA SHIVES Marketing Intern ALYSSA DYTKO Sales Director ADRIA CHARLES Box Office Manager ELIZABETH GARDNER Assistant Box Office Manager CHRISTOPHER ROGERS


People’s Light devotes 22% of the Theatre’s Annual Budget to Project Discovery, our collection of Arts Education Programs. Project Discovery offers many exciting ways for you as a member of the community to create something that didn’t exist before, and to discover something new about yourself in the process. These programs take place at People’s Light, in schools and universities, and with community groups throughout the Philadelphia region.


Director of Development JANE P. MOSS Director of Corporate Relations and Special Events SARAH SELVAGGIO Campaign Director RICHARD QUINN Development Coordinator JENNIFER MULLEN Information Systems Manager/ Development Assistant ALICE L. BARTMER Development Assistant MEGAN LEA Development Volunteer MARYANN GAVIN


Production Manager CHARLES T. BRASTOW* Technical Director JOE FRANZ Scenic Shop Foreman DYLAN JAMISON Scenic Carpenter JEFFERSON HAYNES Scenic Painter WILL SCRIBNER Properties Master ELIZABETH STUMP Master Electrician GREG MILLER Assistant Master Electrician MATTHEW BERTUCCI Production Stage Manager KATE McSORLEY* Stage Management Interns MIKE CHITTENDEN MARY PIZZULLO Accommodations Manager/ Production Stage Manager PATRICIA G. SABATO Sound Operator MICHAEL HAHN Costume Shop Manager MARLA J. JURGLANIS* Cutter/Draper ABBIE WYSOR Wardrobe Supervisor BRIDGET ANNE BRENNAN Costume Staff ERIN McKEMEY BARBARA NATALE MEGAN WHITE-MARLEY Farmhouse Catering FARMHOUSE BISTRO, INC. Farmhouse Management SHANE MAGEE


Cleaning and Maintenance MIKE KEEGAN Landscaping BEAUTY N’ DESIGN

* Member of Resident Ensemble



PROJECT DISCOVERY PROGRAMS Project Discovery High School A free student matinee program for over 10,000 students from 21 area schools each year. Professional Development for Teachers In-service workshops for classroom teachers. School and Community Residencies Theatre-making projects throughout the region The New Voices Ensemble An ongoing collaboration among students from nearby communities, including Chester and Coatesville, and the Theatre’s artistic company. The Family Discovery Series Compelling plays for family audiences. Theatre School and Summerstage Year-round classes for adults and youth. PROJECT DISCOVERY HIGH SCHOOLS Avon Grove High School Bishop Shanahan High School Center for Arts and Technology – Pickering Campus Coatesville Area Senior High School Coatesville Area 9th and 10th Grade Center Conestoga Senior High School Downingtown East High School Downingtown West High School Great Valley High School Hatboro Horsham Senior High School B. Reed Henderson High School Interboro High School Kennett Square High School Norristown Area High School Octorara Area High School Owen J. Roberts High School Oxford Area High School Phoenixville Area High School Bayard Rustin High School Unionville High School West Chester East High School


Now in our 35th season, the People’s Light & Theatre Company is a nonprofit, professional theatre founded in 1974 by Danny Fruchter, Meg Fruchter, Ken Marini, and Dick Keeler. These artists were committed to making theatre rooted in service to the community with artists who lived in the community. Today, this founding principle remains central to People’s Light through our mission and programming. Our mission is to make plays drawn from many sources to entertain, inspire and engage our community. We hope that these plays and programs bring people together and provide opportunities for reflection, discovery and celebration. We extend our mission through arts education programs that excite curiosity about and deepen understanding of the world around us. Our artistic ensemble engages in significant community collaboration and continues to make connections with new audiences through our nationally recognized arts education program, Project Discovery. This program serves 30,000 young people each year through in-school residencies, student matinees that bring students from 20 high schools to the theatre twice each year for free, special projects tailored to specific youth communities, and a year-round Theatre School for both young people and adults. We house guest artists in a restored 18th-century farmhouse that includes a banquet room that can be rented for special events, as well as a bistro, Places! Total community served is nearly 85,000 annually. Our $5 million annual budget employs 70 full and permanent part-time artists and staff members and almost 200 additional guest artists. People’s Light has always made its home in Chester County. In 1979 the Theatre moved to our current seven-acre site in Malvern, which includes two black box theatres with 375 and 180 seats, respectively. We produce seven to nine plays per season, mixing world premieres, contemporary plays, and fresh approaches to classic texts for our 6-Play Series and Family Discovery Series. The Theatre continues to be recognized nationally for commissioning new plays; of the 338 productions we have mounted over the course of our 35-year history, 122 were world/regional premieres, over one-third of our production output. Recent commissions that have received world-premiere performances at People’s Light were Y York’s adaptation of Jerry Spinelli’s Eggs, Russell Davis’ The Day of the Picnic, the adaptation and translation of Luigi Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author by company member Louis Lippa; Playwright Russell Davis’ adaptation of Crispin: The Cross of Lead by Avi; and Y York’s adaptation of Getting Near to Baby by Audrey Couloumbis, which was just remounted at Childsplay in Tempe, Arizona and is soon to be produced at Seattle Children’s Theatre. Notable past productions include Lou Lippa’s two-part, six-hour adaptation of Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie, Karen Sunde’s Achilles: A Kabuki Play (both world premieres), and The Gospel at Colonus by Bob Telson and Lee Breuer. American premieres include: Edward Kemp’s translation of Gotthold Lessing’s Nathan the Wise, David Hare’s adaptation of Brecht’s The Life of Galileo, Grimm Tales, Beauty and the Beast, and More Grimm Tales from London’s Young Vic. Our productions have toured as close to home as Philadelphia (Holes at the Kimmel Center in 2005) and as far away as Mexico, Budapest, and Cyprus. People’s Light has been the recipient of major grants from many national and local foundations and corporations, including The National Endowment for the Arts; AT&T:OnStage; NEA Shakespeare for a New Generation; The Open Society Institute; The Shubert Foundation; The Surdna Foundation; TCG New Generations and The Lila Wallace Reader’s Digest Fund; The Fund for New American Plays; Target Corporation; The Pew Charitable Trusts; The Philadelphia Foundation, The William Penn Foundation; The Connelly Foundation; The ARAMARK Charitable Fund at the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program; Sunoco, Inc.; The Independence Foundation; ING; and PECO, an Exelon Company (see more listings under annual fund at the back of this program). Nationally, People’s Light holds a reputation for excellence and innovation. In the five-county Philadelphia region, People’s Light is valued as a cultural center that responds to its community.



39 Conestoga Road Malvern, PA 19355 Box Office Hours Noon – 6pm daily 610.644.3500

SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED IN OUR THEATERS. IN CASE OF FIRE - Walk in a calm & orderly manner to the nearest exit. DO NOT RUN. FIRST AID - For first aid assistance, please contact the House Manager or nearest usher. LATECOMERS - People’s Light respectfully reminds you that in order not to disturb patrons already seated, latecomers will be seated in the nearest available seats at an appropriate pause in the performance. Patrons may then move to their original seats at intermission. CAMERAS, TAPE RECORDERS, CELLULAR PHONES, PAGERS are strictly prohibited in the theater. Please ensure that your wristwatch alarm does not sound during a performance. Patrons expecting urgent messages are requested to leave their name & seat location with the House Manager when being seated. SPECIAL SERVICES - Our theaters are fully accessible to the physically disabled and include wheelchair seating. Please notify the box office in advance. Handicapped parking is available near the entrance to the buildings. Our theater offers assisted listening devices in both spaces. Please see the Box Office to request a device. FACILITY RENTALS - The Farmhouse and theaters at People’s Light are available for weddings, meetings or to make any of your events special. Contact Shane Magee at 610.647.8060. VOLUNTEERS - There’s always a need for ushers. Contact us at 610.647.1900. A GREAT GIFT IDEA!! If you’re confused about what to get for that wedding, anniversary, birthday or special gift — consider a subscription to The People’s Light & Theatre Co. Contact Andrea Shives at 610.647.1900 x113.

The Theatre School at People’s Light offers numerous classes each year, providing the community an opportunity to collaborate with company artists in exploring the theatre-making process. FOR ADULTS (Ages 18 & Up) Designed for students of all ages and backgrounds— from those exploring acting for the first time to those who have some experience and want to build their skills. FOR YOUTH (Grades 2-12) Classes offer young people a supportive and noncompetitive environment in which to explore theatremaking. Core Classes are divided by age group and focus on developing the basic tools of the actor — body, voice and imagination. Intensive Classes are designed for students who have taken previous classes and are ready for more advanced work. Classes focus on deepening acting skills through improvisation, ensemble technique, coaching in voice and movement, and scene work.


Fall Session: Sept. 26 – Nov. 21, 2009 Winter Session: Jan. 23 – March 13, 2010 Spring Session: April 10 – May 22, 2010 Our classes are great for beginners and advanced students, and serve students age 7 and up.

SUMM ERSTA GE 2010 Program Dates:

2nd and 3rd Grade: June 21 – July 2 Youth (Grades 4 - 8): July 5 – July 30 Teen (Grades 9 - 12): July 19 – August 13 For more information on our Winter/Spring Theatre School or Summerstage programs visit us online at To request a brochure contact Sara Waxman at 610.647.1900 ext 116.




Woodlynde School

The Spotlight Society is comprised of individuals who support People's Light with gifts of $1,000 or more. We are deeply grateful to everyone listed below for their generosity toward and their belief in People's Light and its future. Spotlight Society members enjoy a number of exclusive benefits that provide rich behind-the-scenes experiences of the Theatre and its programs. If you are interested in learning more about The Spotlight Society, contact Jane Moss at 610-647-1900, ext.102. To make an online donation, go to Elizabeth Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Benoliel Nancy and Richard Bevan ACTORS Mr. and Mrs. Roland K. Larry and Pat Brotzge DeDe and Tony Brown Bullard II Ms. Valerie G. Brown * Mr. and Mrs. William Mr. and Mrs. J. Mahlon F. Drake Jr. Buck Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Michael and Emme Daley Farrell John and Marie Duffy Mr. and Mrs. Zane D. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Eichler Memeger Ritson and Julie Ferguson Hal Real and Anne Mr. and Mrs. Perry C. Sheppard Gresh Grace E. Grillet PLAYWRIGHTS Ann Sullivan and Alice Mr. William G. Gross IV and Ms. Janice Clarke L. Bartmer Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mr. and Mrs. David D. Hill Bishop Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. Jordan Libson Mr. William D. Ravdin * Rita and Keith Kaplan Lewis B. Kinter and Terry Barbara Robinson PRODUCERS Timberlake-Kinter Anonymous (2) DIRECTORS Mr. and Mrs. Allan F. Gladys M. Black Anonymous (2) Klien Brian D. Doerner Esq The Krone Foundation Mr. Thomas Hogan and Abigail Adams and Lee Devin Jeff Lewis and Mary Ms. Victoria Silbey Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Ann Rossi Josephine Klein Anderson Ms. Ruth Hauptfuhrer Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Janet and Jim Averill Lott R. Neilson



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Anonymous (1) Mr. and Mrs. William C. Buck Mrs. Anne Congdon LaRossa and Dr. Donato LaRossa Mrs. Carole Haas Gravagno and Mr. Emilio Gravagno Mr. Leonard Haas Mr. William Kronenberg III Mr. and Mrs. Sam S. McKeel FM and Dave Mooberry Ken and Moira Mumma Betty U. Musser Mr. and Mrs. L. Frederick Sutherland Hon. and Mrs. Tom Watkins

Betsy and Jack Ryan Mrs. Richard O. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Ludington Katherine and William McNabb * Robin and Jonathan Moll Mr. and Mrs. John E. Nash Chip and Nancy Roach Gregory Rowe and Ken Hamm * Capt. and Mrs. George G. Ryon Betsy Schumacker Mrs. Nicholas Sclufer Dr. and Mrs. John E. Spellman Joan and William Walkup Family Fund, a fund of the Chester County Community Foundation Deborah Holt Weil Andrew Youman and Ellen Quinn Jean and Charles Zeien Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Zulli *


Within its pages each month readers discover the wealth of cultural offerings ting Celebra County and leisure-time events... the exceptional Chester shopping and world-class dining... the fascinating people and unique places that make living in Chester County, on the Main Line, and in northern Delaware such a singular experience.

*Includes matching gift List complete as of December 30, 2009 NOTE: If you are a current donor and do not see your name listed above or would like to be acknowledged differently, please call Alice Bartmer at 610-647-1900, ext. 120.

Call 610-918-9300 for more information, or visit 24


MEMBERS AND DONORS We are deeply grateful to the following individuals for their generous financial support of People’s Light. Benefactors, Patrons and Friends enjoy a number of wonderful benefits, including discounts on classes and programs and invitations to our Annual Members’ Reception. If you would like to learn more about the benefits available to you as a donor, please contact Jennifer Mullen at 610-647-1900, ext. 115 or To make an online donation, go to

BENEFACTORS Anonymous (5) Anonymous * Bethany Asplundh Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Bachman Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Bennett Robert and Elaine Bielski Dottie and Paul Borchardt Ms. Rebecca H. Bradbeer Ms. Jennifer Bragg Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Donley Paul and Rebecca Eckert Emilio Emini and Janet Skidmore Matthew and Lori Espe Morton and Georgia Feingold Mr. Robert E. Forest Karin Takiff and John Franck Mr. Charles W. Gibley Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Randy J. Heiser Toby Hoden and Nancy Ameen L. Stockton Illoway and Eleanor Morris Illoway The Max and Bella Black Foundation/David B. Kay Sally and Paul Levine Sally and Eric Loken Barbara Lombardo Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Mapes Renata J. Maslowski The William Lyster May Foundation Gwynne G. McDevitt Jay and Sue Meloy Constance Ferris Meyer Paul Nemeth and Jean Flood Ann C. Northy Bill and Bobbie Potsic Joyce and Tony Ring James M. Savage Ms. Mary Ellen Snyder Julie and Robert Spahr Leslie and Robert Starr Glenn Stroud Joy Windle Mrs. Lindley M. Winston Dr. and Mrs. William L. Ziglar

PATRONS Anonymous (7) Anonymous, Harry G.Tutek, Esq., Donor Advisor Peg Allen Mr. and Mrs. John D. Anderson Nancy B. Andress The Annunziato Family Dr. Rosemary Watt and Mr. Charles L. Arnao * Mr. Francis T. Ashton John Barr and Shirley Bateman Leslie and Jonathan Bass Tom and Carol Beam Mr. and Mrs. James M. Boyce

David and Tara Bramwell Susan and Stephen Brown Mr. and Mrs. James M. Buck III Hans and Wendy Buitendijk Mrs. Cynthia M. Bullaughey Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cairns Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Carnahan Michael and Clairellen Catalano-Johnson * Craig Cigas Dr. and Mrs. William D. Claypool Barbara R. Cobb Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Connor Ms. Eileen M. Cunniffe Mr. and Mrs. David E. Cupp Lawrence Davidson and Janet Amighi Mrs. Thomas G. Davis Charlotte and Vincent deGregoris Jeffrey and Nancy Dore * Charles and Ann Dremann Mr. and Mrs. Bradley J. Dyer Dick and Nancy Eales Susan J. Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Michael England Mr. and Mrs. Reese M. Ewing Robert and Susan Fahey Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Falker David and Linda Fazzini Paul and Jill Fielding Anthony and Laura Fiorenza Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fitzgerald Terry and Frank Foster A. David and Lani Frank Anne and Howard Fussell Issy and John Gallen Ms. Cynthia P. Gilham Joe and Kathy Gloyd Dr. and Mrs. Herbert I. Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Bayard M. Graf Sally and George R. Graham Jr. The Bruce and Adele Greenfield Foundation Norman and Joan Hagerman Dr. and Mrs. James A. Hallock Julie Hankin Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Hauptfuhrer Bob and Irene Haver Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P. Heller The Hockenbury Family Frances Hoekstra Kate and Jorg Holzle Harold and Gerry Hurff Ann Ingram Melanye D. Finister and David Ingram Audrey Isdaner Mary Alice and Ian C. James Ms. Precious U. Jefferson Thomas Johantgen and Leslie Roy Mr. and Mrs. Arnold W. Johnsen

Mr. and Mrs. Henry K. Justi James and Bonita Kehler Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keith Edwin and Caroline Kemmerer Mr. and Mrs. Turrey A. Kepler Nancy Kimmons and John Senior Deb Kratzer Peg and Michael Kramer Dr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Krauser Dr. Linda Kurtz Mrs. Keith Ladd Catherine A. Lamb Mrs. W. Mifflin Large Mrs. Vivian Lasko and Mr. Oscar Lasko David and Candy Laubach Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence G. Lawton Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lichtstein Friends of Bob and Stella Bates The Lorah Family Mr. and Mrs. James W. Mackie Diana and Robert Madden Marion L. Mann Ellis Manning Lisa and A.B. Maynard Mr. and Mrs. James E. McGraw Stacy Stone and Stephen McMillan Ms. Marian McMullan Mr. and Mrs. Jack Merrylees Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Mesaros Margee and Steve Michaels Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Miller Mr. Robert Mills and Ms. Martha Kelly Judith A. Milne Ms. Joyce Monigal Ms. Donna L. Morgan Georgette M. Most Jim and Janet Murphy Douglas Myers and Kim Brosnan-Myers Carol Napierkowski and Angelo Gadaleto Mr. and Mrs. John P. Niggeman Jr. Dave and Susan Norris Bryan and Stephanie Oscarson Nicholas and Edwina Patruno Mr. and Mrs. James P. Patton Mr. and Mrs. David Peltz Nancy Shaw and Evan Radcliffe Lynn and Ken Radeloff Mr. and Mrs. James F. Rampe Betty and Al Reading Debra Kratzer and Joseph Reiley Dr. Cynthia M. Robinson and Dr. David B. Robinson Russell and Nancy Robinson Patricia Rosenbaum Diane and Jeffrey Rotwitt Richard and Jacqueline Sabat Nicole Sakowitz James and Jenny Santangelo


Bette and Ralph Saul Karen and Gus Sauter Dr. Frederic L. Sax Ms. Sara P. Scattergood Dr. and Mrs. Peter D. Schindler Margo and Samuel Schleman Dr. and Mrs. John S. Schmader Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sealy Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer Sellers Mr. and Mrs. William H. Seybold Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Shafer Drs. Hal Shanis, Dr. Julie Stone and Chelsea Shanis Susan and Bruce Shapiro Kathleen Brady Shea Mr. and Mrs. Alex Sheves Elizabeth Siewert Dr. and Mrs. William H. Simon Maryann and Jim Smart A. Roy Smith Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Smith Serita Spadoni Mrs. Laura Spalart David Springer and Pam Rootenberg Mark and trina Steinke Mr. and Mrs. Clifford M. Story III Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Stretton Jr. Larry and Donna Suglia Mr. and Mrs. Jayson Sutton Gail K. Taylor Philip and Jamie Tegtmeier Marlyce and Doralyn Tillatson Richard Torpey and Elise Fialkowski Ms. Richard L. Troxell II Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Tunnell Ms. Inger Wallin Mr. and Mrs. Edward Warda Don and Nancy Weaver Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Hanni Weinstock Dr. Mark and Mrs. Wendy Wiegand Paul and Joyce Wik Audrey and Peter Wilding Mr. and Mrs. James D. Wilson Penelope P. Wilson Debra Woodruff-Capper MinturnT. Wright John and Kirsten Yasneski Dr. David Zlotowski and Ronda Werbock Brian and Diane Zwaan

FRIENDS Anonymous (34) Dr. and Mrs. Paul Actor * Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Adams Mr. and Mrs. William Ahola Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Allen Jr. James and Judy Allison Mr. and Mrs. Alan Amenta

Mrs. Charles S. Amidon In Memory of Henry Cody Margaret P. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. William C. Andrews Mrs. Danell G. Andrichak Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Anewalt Stacy Antoniadis Mr. and Mrs. A. Joseph Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. John Atkins Ted Babiy and Anne Marie Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Bacchi Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Baer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Baker Dr. Donald Bakove and Ms. Margaret McLaughlin Mohan Bala and Faye Blazar Mrs. Marion Ballantine Mary Fran and Don Ballard Mr. and Mrs. Richard Banyai Mr. and Mrs. Allen G. Barry III Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Bates Mr. and Mrs. Louis Battagliese Jr. The Baxter Family Jane N. Beatty Margaret Beauchesne Dr. and Mrs. Mark E. Beaugard Mr. and Mrs. Robert Becker Mr. Gary W. Becknell In honor of Milton Bedrick Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Bemis Bill B. Benton and Margaret Perryman Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Benton Mrs. Ragnhild Bergquist Nancy J. Bergsten Mr. and Mrs. Carl Berkman Mr. and Mrs. James Bernstein Lisa Betters Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Bierl Ms. Melinda Black Ms. Evelyn Blackman Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Blatstein Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Blaum Mr. Finbar Blehen Ms. Deni Boekell Mrs. Dorothy L. Boeshore Scott and Alison Bond Mr. and Mrs. William Bones Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Bosch Jerry and Joan Bourgeault Wes and Annette Bowers David and Margaret Bradley Susan Brastow Patricia L. Braucht Mary Brauman Chuck and Shannon Breuer Mr. Henry H. Briggs Jean Brindidi Mr. and Mrs. Richard Briscoe Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brodman Ron and Suzy Brody Dr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Brooks Jen and Neil Bryant Mr. and Mrs. John Bryck Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Burch Jr. Patrick and Patricia Burke Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Burks Ann and Tim Burnell The Burtch Family Chris and Jonathan Butcher McBee Butcher Mr. and Mrs. John Butterworth Mrs. Susan S. Callahan Dr. and Mrs. Ira S. Cantor

Margaret and Andrew Cappelli Bob and Sally Carroll Dr. Madeline Cartwright Mr. Peter Casey David and Lynn Cashell Sarah L. Caspar George and Jean Chamberlain Debra L. Charlesworth John and Janice Chesney Ms. Ann McGill and Mr. Dennis Chien Mr. George Cipperly Mr. and Mrs. John H. Clapham Mrs. Darlene M. Clapp David Clark and Leeanne Gelletly Cecily G. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Alton Cleveland Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Clifford Judith Clifford Mr. and Mrs. Isaac H. Clothier IV Ann Watson and Peter Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Comitta Mr. and Mrs. Hartley S. Connett Dr. and Mrs. Dimitri Contostavlos Kelly Conway Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cooke Ms. Lori Corbett Mr. Michael W. Cothren Wendy and Leonard CottonOrlando Ms. Carol A. Coyne Michael Crenshaw Mr. Gary Crowe and Ms. MariePierre Jdanoff Jim and Pat Lockhart Culbertson * Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Cullen Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cuthbert Mr. Joseph I. Daily Jr. Joan DePaul D’Aleo Michael and Susan Damiano Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Davis Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Davis Ms. Virginia M. Dean Bob and Karen DeFriest Mrs. Shirley A. Deist Jacques and Nancy DeLaurier Carolyn and Charles DeLone Sophia and Rebecca Demopolos Mrs. Sharon A. Dennison Mr. and Mrs. Richard DeVirgilio Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dichter Charlene and Douglas Dick Marcia Dickerson Mrs. Stefania and Dr. David DiGiallorenzo Daniel and Eleanor Dileo Ms. Patricia D. D’Innocenzo Charles and Patricia DiPuppo David and Barb DiSanto Richard and Marilyn Dixon Sheila Bell and Thomas Dodds Dr. William A. Doerner Lenora Dolan Barbara and James Dolente Jane, Graeme and Kate Donovan Beverly M. Dotter Evelyn and Jim Dougherty Robert and Valerie Downing Spencer B. Downing Barb and Rick Draper Mr. and Mrs. James R. Drumwright The Romberger Family Mr. and Mrs. Paul Eberts Mark J. Ehlers Hedy Margolies-Elefritz Mr. and Mrs. David Elesh

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Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hess Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hiergesell Mr. and Mrs. Arthur T. Hill Ms. Kathryn A. Himsworth Mark and Karen Hite Diane and James Hodgkiss Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hollinger Mr. and Mrs. George Holmes III Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Holmes John Holt and Susan Trainor Holt Kate and Jorg Holzle Christine and Matthew Hopson Mr. and Mrs. Orville Horwitz Thomas and Lucretia Howe Mr. Leon Hrebien Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Huey Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Humphreys Virginia Husband Lyn and Joe Hyduke Karen and Francis Iacobucci Jennifer and Scott Isdaner Mr. Howard Jackson Ms. Kathleen Jackson Gabriele and Thomas Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Jacquette Mr. and Mrs. Steven Janney Dr. and Mrs. Steven R. Jefferies Alfred and Anita Johnson Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Johnson Mary Jonas Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Jones Mr. Peter K. Kafer Col. and Mrs. Donald G. Kane Mr. and Mrs. Doug Kargher Everett and Ann Keech Mrs. Caroline R. Kemmerer Mr. and Mrs. John Kemmerer Tom Kolessar and Cheryl KeniaKolessar Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kentner Mrs. Thomas G. Keyes Mara Gorman and Matthew Kinservik Bobbi Kisebach Mr. Don Kligerman Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kling Mr. and Mrs. Peter N. Klose Dr. and Mrs. R. Karl Knight Ms. Patricia Kosek * Walt and Mary Alice Kottmeyer Larry and Barbara Kricka Mr. John Kronenberg Deborah and David Krych Mr. and Mrs. Michael Labriola Sr. Ms. Kathleen Landells Sue P. Lapin Sue and Walt Lapinsky Janice and Steven LaPorte Mr. and Mrs. David P. Largey Rudi and Hattie Laveran The Layton Family Mr. and Mrs. Marc Lederman Susan and David Lee Mr. and Dr. James Lee Mr. and Mrs. David Lenowitz * Donald Leonard The David Levine Family Mr. and Mrs. Saul Levit Mrs. Betty C. Lewis Mrs. Lloyd W. Lewis Ms. Terri A. Lewis Jim and Claudette Leyden Mr. and Mrs. Larry Light Ms. Zohra Lomri Samuel B. Long

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List of Benefactors and Patrons complete as of December 15, 2009 List of Friends complete as of August 30, 2009 *indicates matching gift Note: If you are a current donor and do not see your name listed above or would like to be acknowledged differently, please call Alice Bartmer at 610-647-1900, ext. 120.


SPECIAL EVENTS We are deeply grateful to the following individuals, corporations, fellow non-profits, and other good friends for generously participating in People’s Light’s special events during the 2009-2010 season. If you would like to learn more about our annual 35th Anniversary Gala and Live Auction, London trip or People’s Light Classic, please contact Sarah Selvaggio at 610-647-1900, ext. 119 or 1812 Productions ACE INA The ACE Club Ace USA The Addis Group Ronald and Toby Agulnick Bill and Liz Andersen Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Annas Aqua Arden Theatre Company Mrs. Robert Atchinson Dr. Nancy C. Atchison Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Austen Azuka Theatre Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Baker Megan and Ted Baker The Bakery House Carolyn Barr Ann Sullivan and Alice L. Bartmer Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Bates Steven G. Bazil and Gale Rippel Beauty ‘n Design Lou Beccaria Mr. and Mrs. John V. Bellomo Benari Jewelers Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Bielby Mr. and Mrs. David Bishop Ms. Gladys M. Black Ms. Leslie Bock Wes and Annette Bowers Ms. Rebecca H. Bradbeer Carol L. Johnson and Harold Bram Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Brastow Bristol Riverside Theatre Larry and Pat Brotzge DeDe and Tony Brown Mrs. Carl V. Buck, Jr Mr. and Mrs. Carl V. Buck III Mr. and Mrs. William C. Buck Ms. Linda Buckalew Campli Photography Stephanie Capaccio Carrabba’s Italian Grill Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chalfin The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia Checkpoint Systems Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa Cissy and William Claypool Mrs. Anne Congdon LaRossa and Dr. Don LaRossa Mr. Sean Connell Jef Coon and Hattie Weselyk Nannette and Gerry Croce Ms. Eileen M. Cunniffe Russell Davis Ms. Kim Day Delaware Theatre Company Dr. and Mrs. William Dellevigne

Desmond Hotel and Conference Center Abigail Adams and Lee Devin Brian D. Doerner Esq. Ms. Julia Doyle Bill Drake Martha A. Drobnak Mr. and Mrs. Ron Dunham Mr. and Mrs. Robert Duvernois Mr. W. Richard Eagan Eric and Susan Eichler Englund’s Apparel for Men Priscilla Estes Mr. and Mrs. John E. Farrell Theresa and Terence Farrell Ritson and Julie Ferguson Linda and Scott Folk Ms. Mary Foote Karin Takiff and John Franck Jane and Peter Gaffer Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Gavin General Warren Inne James and Joan Goshow Ms. Crystal L. Gould Mrs. Carole Haas Gravagno and Mr. Emilio Gravagno Mr. Francis R. Grebe Mrs. W. Perry Gresh Grace E. Grillet Ms. Erica Griste Helen M. Gruver Gullifty’s Mr. and Mrs. John C. Haas Mr. Leonard C. Haas Sean and Jane Hagerty Dr. and Mrs. James A. Hallock Mr. and Mrs. William Hamm Mr. Chris Harrris Charles W. Head Jr. and John A. Faggotti Historic Kennett Square Mr. Thomas Hogan and Ms. Victoria Silbey Mr. and Mrs. John K. Holloran Ms. Tessa Davis Hooper Melanye D. Finister and David Ingram ING InterAct Theatre Company James A. Michener Art Museum Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Jilk Jr. Thomas Johantgen and Leslie Roy Mr. and Mrs. Arnold W. Johnsen Mr. and Mrs. Francois Jouin Ms. Barbara D. Kaplan Rita and Keith Kaplan Ms. Constance Karakelian Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keegan Mrs. Caroline R. Kemmerer Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Kennedy Ms. Michelle Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Ketterman Mr. and Mrs. Owen M. Killian Ms. Karen Kircher Jon and Jill Kirchner

Mr. Robert Kirkpatrick Bobbi Kisebach, Therapeutic Massage Mr. and Mrs. Walter Klausmann Josephine Klein Sharon Kotzen Ms. Margaret Kruza Mrs. Madeline H. Lamb Lantern Theatre Company Ms. Linda Larson Ms. Natalie Levkovich Lisa Linder Ms. Laura Liotta Susan L. McKey Ms. Lynn Lorine Ms. Ruth Hauptfuhrer Lott Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Ludington Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lynch Bob and Deb Madonna Mr. Shane Magee Main Line Optical Margaret Kuo’s Mandarin Restaurant Marsh USA Inc. Mr. Jim Mazzarelli Kira McCarron Bill and Katie McNabb Sandra McNair McKenzie Brew House Wesley and Harriet Memeger Mr. and Mrs. Zane D. Memeger Meridian Bank Robert and Catherine Mesaros Mr. and Mrs. Larry Meyers FM and Dave Mooberry Mostardi Nursery Ken and Moira Mumma Betty U. Musser New Century Bank Nancy A. Newcomb Nihill & Riedley Mr. and Mrs. Robert Norkus Jano Cohen and Jeremy Nowak Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Oliver Mr. and Mrs. James J. O’Neill Opera Company of Philadelphia Orchestra 2001 The Painted Bride Art Center Pennsylvania Ballet Pennsylvania Horticultural Society PepsiCo. Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe Mr. and Mrs. John Pinto Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Pitcairn PNC Bank Ms. Elizabeth F. Pool Mr. Ahren N. Potratz Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Potratz PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP The Print Center Mr. and Mrs. William Prior Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Pyle


Richard Quinn and Karen Kruza Mr. and Mrs. Richard Quinn Nancy Shaw and Evan Radcliffe Mrs. Bridget Rahr Mr. William D. Ravdin Hal Real and Anne Sheppard Steven and Christine Reiss Mr. and Mrs. Camilo Rincon Barbara Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Vic Rondeau Paul Rosefeldt Ms. Katherine Rosier Ms. Linda Roth Mr. and Mrs. David Roy Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Sabato Salon Antoine Mr. Kurt Scheivert Mr. Bryan Schendlinger Mr. and Mrs. Mark Scheuer Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Schultz Mrs. Sherry Schwartz Sandra Taccone and Wendy Scott Sedgwicks CMS Ann J. Seybert Vanessa and Robert Sieger Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum Dr. and Mrs. John E. Spellman Ms. Kathleen Spence Staybridge Suites Malvern Dr. and Mrs. R. John Stedman Mr. Eugene Steger Mrs. Carla Narducci Mr. and Mrs. Timotjy J. Summy Mr. and Mrs. L. Frederick Sutherland Target Stores Melinda Taylor Theatre Exile Mr. and Mrs. Alexis Thielens Brother Alan Thomas A Touch of Heaven Massage Therapy Mr. Wayne Toughill Mrs. Grace Turnbull University of Pennsylvania Museum VistaPartners Jim and Donna Wagner Walnut Street Theatre Company Mr. and Mrs. Greg Walters Hon. and Mrs. Tom Watkins Ms. Phyllis E. Wax The Wealth Advocate Investment Group Don and Nancy Weaver Deborah Holt Weil Heidi L. Wells Mr. John Welsh Mrs. Lizanne Wentz Jeffrey and Jennifer Westphal Wharton Esherick Museum Whitford Country Club Whole Foods

WHYY Mr. and Ms. David J. Wierz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Williams Willis

Dennis and Claudia Willson The Wilma Theater Amy Wilson Mr. and Mrs. James D. Wilson

Penelope P. Wilson Betty and Merle Winters Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Woosnam

List complete as of December 30, 2009

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CORPORATIONS, FOUNDATIONS AND GOVERNMENT AGENCIES People’s Light gratefully acknowledges the many corporations, foundations and government agencies that support the Theatre’s work. If you are interested in learning more about how institutional support impacts People’s Light and its programs, as well as the benefits associated with sponsoring our productions, family series and educational programs, please contact Jane Moss at 610-647-1900, ext. 102.

$25,000 and Above ACE INA ARAMARK Charitable Fund at the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program The Hamilton Family Foundation Helen D. Groome Beatty Trust, a BNY Mellon Mid-Adlantic Charitable Trust The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation The Marshall-Reynolds Foundation Pennsylvania Council on the Arts The Pew Center for Arts and Heritage through Philadelphia Cultural Management Initiative

The Pew Charitable Trusts The Philadelphia Foundation The Shubert Foundation Inc. TARGET Stores The William Penn Foundation

$10,000 - $24,000 The Boeing Company Connelly Foundation Independence Foundation National Endowment for the Arts New Century Bank PECO Pennsylvania Clinical Schools PNC Bank

$5,000 - $9,999 Anonymous Centocor

ON STAGE February-March 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Wooten Yves Delorme Bryn Mawr Ms. Denise Zembryki Zenith Insurance Company

Chester County Conference & Visitors Bureau Claneil Foundation First Priority Bank ING ING Foundation McLean Contributionship Meridian Bank Rosenlund Family Foundation The Elsie Lee Garthwaite Memorial Foundation

$2,500 - $4,999 DNB First Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Memorial Fund Johnson Matthey Inc. Mellon Financial Corporation The Pennsylvania Humanities Council

Penn Liberty Bank Siemens Sunoco, Inc. US Airways Education Foundation

$1,000 - $2,499 Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc. The Barra Foundation The Charlotte Cushman Foundation Quaker Chemical Foundation Wawa West Pharmaceutical Services

$500 - $999 Arkema Inc. Foundtion Merck Partnership for Giving Temple-Inland Foundation

List complete as of December 30, 2009

Second Saturday Super Heroes Who Are Super!* Plays and Players 10/10/2009 - 6/1/2010 800.595.4849 High School Musical* New Candlelight Theatre 1/15/2010 - 2/27/2010 302.475.2313 The Eclectic Society Walnut Street Theatre 1/19/2010 - 3/7/2010 215.574.3550 x4 Respect – A Musical Journey of Women* Society Hill Playhouse & Act II Playhouse 1/27/2010-4/18/2010 215.923.0210 Noises Off Bridge Players Theatre Company 1/29/2010 - 2/21/2010 856.303.7620 Medea* Villanova Theatre 2/2/2010 - 2/14/2010 610.519.7474 Augusta* Montgomery Theater 2/4/2010-2/27/2010 215.723.9984

MATCHING GIFTS People’s Light would like to express gratitude to the following corporations and foundations for providing their staff with the opportunity to maximize their support for People’s Light by participating in their matching gift program. Arkema Inc. Foundation The Boeing Company GE Fund GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

Glenmede Corporation ING Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies

Merck Partnership for Giving The Pew Charitable Trusts PNC Bank Sunoco, Inc.

List complete as of December 30, 2009

Vanguard Foundation

A Soldier’s Play* The Stagecrafters 2/5/2010 - 2/21/2010 215.247.9913 The Emperor’s New Clothes* The Media Theatre 2/6/2010 - 2/20/2010 610.891.0100

The Philly Fan* Act II Playhouse 2/9/2010 - 2/21/2010 215.654.0200

The Plays the Thing ActorsNET 2/26/2010 - 3/14/2010 215.295.3694

The Misanthrope Arcadia University Theatre 2/11/2010 - 2/21/2010 215.572.2112

Wars of the Roses* Collingswood Shakespeare Company 2/26/2010 - 3/21/2010 609.221.2991

Belmont Avenue Social Club* South Camden Theatre Company 2/12/2010 - 2/28/2010 866.811.4111

The Frog Prince Storybook Musical Theatre 3/1/2010-3/14/2010 215.659.8550

Mort* University of the Arts 2/18/2010 - 2/28/2010 215.717.6499 Last Of the Red Hot Lovers Chapel Street Players 2/19/2010 - 3/6/2010 302.368.2248 Capriccio* Academy of Vocal Arts 2/20/2010 - 3/2/2010 215.735.1685 x10

King Lear* People’s Light & Theatre Company 3/3/2010-3/28/2010 610.644.3500 RENT* Temple Theaters 3/3/2010-4/11/2010 215.204.1122 Arsenic and Old Lace* Ritz Theatre Company 3/4/2010-4/3/2010 856.858.5230

5th Annual Philly Rocks Your Playlist* The Countess 11th Hour Theatre Company Old Academy Players 2/22/2010 3/5/2010-3/21/2010 267.987.9865 215.843.1109 Romeo and Juliet* Family Theatre Series* Arden Theatre Company B. Someday Productions 2/25/2010 - 4/4/2010 3/6/2010 215.922.1122 215.427.9255 Les Blancs Charlotte’s Web* Players Club of Swarthmore Hedgerow Theatre 2/26/2010 - 2/27/2010 3/6/2010-4/10/2010 610.328.4271 610.565.4211

For a complete list of shows playing this month and all year, please visit WWW.THEATREALLIANCE.ORG

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By William Shakespeare

March 3 – March 28, 2010

KING LEAR Program  

Lear's decision to divide his kingdom among his three daughters ignites a firestorm of greed, betrayal, and murder. Displaced as King, cast...

KING LEAR Program  

Lear's decision to divide his kingdom among his three daughters ignites a firestorm of greed, betrayal, and murder. Displaced as King, cast...