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The conflict coach (3 day course)



The Conflict Coach Up to 8 delegates – to allow intensive skill coaching

Course Suitability


Pre-Course Work

The course contains advanced skills and self-

The trainer will create an environment in which

Pre-course work includes a current skills level

awareness work and is suitable for people who have

people feel valued, participate in and contribute

assessment; a reflective questionnaire about

experience of working with people in conflict, want

to the learning. All training is designed to fit with

previous coaching experiences; reading The ABC

to build their skills and achieve better outcomes.

contextualised and tailored content. We use active

Guide to Conflict Resolution at Work; and completing

It is designed to help people apply the RESPECT

experiential learning and challenge participants to

a few questions about experience and context to

conflict coaching model in one on one situations, to

develop new ways of working. Our trainers have

ensure that we fully understand the issues delegates

help people prevent escaltion of conflict early and

over 20 years of experience in mediation and conflict

face and what they would like to achieve during

effectively. Suitable for middle and senior managers,

management and present real life case studies and

the course. This also helps to raise delegates’

team leaders, HR specialists, union reps, facilitators,

snapshots of experience. They will invite regular

engagement in the course.

customer complaints handlers and diversity and

and challenging Q&A and will demonstrate coaching

inclusion staff who have responsibility for other

skills. Visual material is often used to stimulate

people. It is also useful for consultants, mediators,

learning and enable different learning styles. We

counsellors or facilitators who want a model for

will inspire you to learn, change and develop positive

working one on one and coaching people involved in

behaviours around conflict.

workplace conflict.

Tel. 0845 600 8851



Course Outcomes and Benefits We work in partnership with you to identify the required learning objectives for each course. Typically this includes a scoping conversation with the necessary stakeholders. People who attend this course will be able to:


• Understand and utilise the RESPECT conflict coaching model on a range of work place conflicts • Incorporate other coaching and, facilitation techniques into the RESPECT model • Understand and reflect on their own approach to conflict, where it needs building and improving • Understand and apply a range of models of conflict resolution • Encourage managers, colleagues and staff to take a more proactive approach to conflict and difficult conversations • Understand how and why conflict works and take a positive approach to resolution • Bring insight to conflict situations • Build rapport and set boundaries around coaching • Explore issues and, feelings and identify patterns of behaviour which contribute to conflict • Develop motivational and developmental feedback skills • Create a structured interaction aimed at behavioural improvement

ALL PARTICIPANTS WILL GET: • Access to phone support on related course issues from People Resolutions for 3 months after their training. • Access to People Resolutions on-going developmental materials and activities including best practice documentation and templates; white papers; webinars; our blog and growing online resource material.

• Assist parties in applying creative conflict management skills at work • Contribute to cutting the cost of conflict at work • Assist people in conflicts to re-engage with their work and their colleagues.

Tel. 0845 600 8851


Course Outline CONTENTS WILL INCLUDE: The Coach

Understanding Conflict

Practice – coaching the coaches

Where are you coming from?

Normalising conflict.

How does conflict affect you?

Why does conflict happen?

Participants will get the opportunity to work on role plays and case studies of real-life situations to demonstrate that they can apply the RESPECT model of conflict coaching.

What roles do you take and why?

What influences people’s behaviour in conflict. Overview of some influential models of how and why conflict happens – unmet needs theory; social identity; different ways of contributing to teams; Karpman triangle.

Situations may include: • A manager who is reluctant to intervene in conflict and frequently escalates any difficult conversations to the next level • Someone who is a ‘frequent complainant’ • A senior manager who is an excellent technician but has limited interpersonal skills and is frequently involved in conflicts • Someone who has strong ideas and is disruptive in a team • An extremely unassertive person who often gets into situations s/he cannot handle.

Tel. 0845 600 8851






Rapport build – establishing trust and empathy, sign posting and setting boundaries


Explore – open questioning, reflection, building narrative, identifying what is important


Show understanding- reflection, empathy, developing a safe environment, preparing for change


Problem solve – take a balanced view – SOS - Self Others and the Situation – future focusing, finding a point of entry, exploring needs and interests, encourage creative thinking – the three Cs – Constructive, Creative, Collaborative


Empower people to make behavioural change – developmental and motivational feedback, break through techniques, improving conflict management and prevention strategies – nudging, using role plays, snap shots, mapping, conflict re-sculpting, barrier rehearsing and overcoming


Close – pull together goals, solutions, behavioural change plans


Transfer skills to the work domain – enabling sustainable change.

Resolving Disputes Through Mediation Different approaches to coaching. Core ingredients of effective coaching. The RESPECT model - a balanced, proactive, interactive model

Tel. 0845 600 8851


Why People Resolutions? Highlight Benefits All of our programmes: • Contain immediately usable skills and strategies to alter thinking, raise awareness and change behaviour • Contain unique People Resolutions content • Are customised to your organisation’s policies, processes and cultural context - see later for more information • Come with free telephone support • Can be blended with pre and post-course learning material (including e-learning) to maximise the effectiveness of each programme - see later for more information • Can be delivered anywhere in the UK • Have a dedicated Project Manager to support you • Include course evaluations and recommendations • Can be supported by expert mentoring for specific cases and ongoing - see later for more information • Sit alongside our ‘Resolution Hub’ – An expansive collection of free, downloadable resources, including white papers, blog posts, webinars, skills tips, scripts for effective conflict management, conflict resolution Q&A and much more. • Conclude with a Resolution Readiness Review - an informal workshop (face-to-face or online) with key organisational stakeholders to help plan and implement a constructive, creative and collaborative approach to conflict resolution at work. The review will help you get the most out of conflict resolution, mediation and investigation strategies.

Tel. 0845 600 8851



Why People Resolutions? Experienced Trainers

Expert Mentoring and Ongoing support

Our programmes are run by professional trainers who:

Additionally, People Resolutions experts can provide:

• Have conducted relevant training for many years

• Expert mentoring during individual cases e.g. mediation, investigation, etc.

• Are excellent facilitators as well as technical experts

• Online or face-to-face refreshers, continuing practice sessions or an

• Are members of appropriate professional bodies with relevant qualifications

ongoing support package

• Bring a wealth of practical experience and insight into the training room to bring materials to life and engage delegates

Contact us about the costs for these support services.

• Combine knowledge with practical, organisation-specific application through case studies, role plays, interactive discussion and scenarios.

Customised Learning Material

Blended Learning and E-Learning

We will work with you to design a bespoke learning event, taking into account aspects

People Resolutions will work with you to create the maximum learning

such as organisational culture, issues and behaviours relevant to your organisation’s

opportunity by using a blended learning approach. We already have some

environment, policies and procedures. Our training delivery is backed up with tried

online material which we can weave into courses, and we can create content to

and tested investigation processes, materials and standards. All casework material

be used within your own e-learning framework and provide tailored webinars,

and content is customised to your needs.

video tips, scripts and investigation guides. People Resolutions also has links with specialist e-learning partners to assist us in producing practical knowledge or skills-based e-learning materials.

Tel. 0845 600 8851

People Resolutions Course Information-The conflict coach  

People Resolutions Course Information on 'The conflict coach' (3 day course)

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