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Case Study: Mediation Different Perspectives (Fire Service) One senior fire officer raised a formal complaint about another withholding essential supplies. During a recent call-out to an emergency, a missing hose connection limited the team to half the usual water supply just when a family needed as much time as possible to escape their blazing home. The HR Manager was aware of a growing tension between the two men and took the opportunity to suggest that he delayed an investigation so that they could opt for a voluntary mediation. They each had very different perspectives of an earlier disagreement and matters had escalated out of hand, now affecting the safety of others. In the course of only 3 to 4 hours, and in complete confidence, an independent mediator was able to prepare both parties separately and then help them work together on finding a constructive solution. They were able to share their frustrations and reassure the HR Manager of a return to previous levels of teamwork. The complaint was dropped and safety improved immediately.

Please note that the names and organisations of the parties involved have been omitted for confidentiality purposes.

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People Resolutions Case Study- Mediation different perspectives  

People Resolutions case study of a mediation of different perspectives for the fire service

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