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Investigator Skills Training 2 Day Course (Up to 12 delegates per course)



Workplace Investigator Skills Training 2day course (for up to 12 delegates)

Course Suitability


Pre Course Questionaire

This course is for managers, HR staff, Customer

Intermediate level of knowledge and self-awareness

Prior to training delivery we issue a Pre-Course

Service and E&D personnel who will may need

work, practical and interactive skills input and

Questionnaire to ensure that we fully understand the

to conduct fact finding and investigations about

coaching, small group work including, case studies,

skills / experience that your investigators have, the

conduct, grievances, complaints, performance and

role plays and discussion-based activities.

issues your investigators face and what they would

other sensitive issues at work. Intermediate level

like to achieve during the course. This also helps to

of knowledge input, practical skills work and some

raise delegates’ engagement in the course.

written practice in note-taking and drafting a report.

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Course Outcomes and Benefits People who attend this course will be able to: • Understand the FAIRER model of investigation and the role and skills of an investigator • Appreciate the importance of impartiality • Understand and manage the process of an effective investigation • Conduct case preparation and case planning • Consider of different types of evidence • Build their awareness of stakeholder management during the investigation process • Understand and be able to plan and use questioning techniques in an investigative interview • Build confidence in handling difficult situations and particular challenges to the investigation • Improve their ability to analyse and weight evidence in line with a clear and accurate Terms of Reference and Summary of Allegations • Understand and apply effective note taking • Complete a thorough and robust report • Consider possible outcomes following an investigation

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Agenda Day 1

Day 1



Planning and beginning an investigation

Investigative interviews

• Welcome, introduce self and outline programme objectives

Skill practice – based on a case study, delegates are asked to prepare their

• Ground Rules – open, honest, respect confidentiality

questions and interview structure

Overview and planning the process

o Interview and listening skills

• The FAIRER model of investigation

o Building and maintaining rapport

• Discussion of what is expected of an Investigator

o Listening and questioning techniques

• An effective investigation and process overview

• Skill practice – in groups, all individuals practice investigation interview skills

• Preparing for and planning an investigation

based on a respondent or complainant brief from a case study. This is followed

o Purpose of a Terms of Reference

by group facilitation and discussion and skills work around witness interviews.

o Planning interviews and questions o Communicating with your note-taker • Managing stakeholders – discussion of those involved and how the Investigator will work with them o Note-taker o Commissioning Manager and HR o Union Representative • Complainant, respondent and witness

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Day 2




Managing challenging moments o Challenging others‘ behaviours

• Access to phone support on related course issues from People Resolutions for three months after their training.

o Offering empathy not sympathy o Tackling strong emotions Evidence • Understanding different types of evidence – discussion and facilitation • Assessing evidence effectively Report-writing overview • Report structure – formatting your investigation findings

• Access to People Resolutions ongoing developmental materials and activities including best practice documentation and templates, white papers, webinars, our blog and growing online resource material.

• Range of findings/conclusions – bringing it all together • Possible outcomes following the investigation

Tel. 0845 600 8851


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People Resolutions Course Information-Investigator skills training 2 day  
People Resolutions Course Information-Investigator skills training 2 day  

People Resolutions Course Information on Investigator Skills Training 2 Day Course (Up to 12 delegates per course)