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Case Study: Investigation Racial Discrimination Investigation (UK Call Centre) Two Asian women complained that their line manager had discriminated against them on racial grounds in not giving them desirable work in the office and in promoting only white colleagues. The employer had also received an ET1 through their lawyer. It was agreed as important that the investigation team should consist of a white man and an Asian woman, both experienced in racial discrimination. Their report demonstrated that the respondent line manager might have been a better communicator, but that he had not discriminated against the complainants. He had made management decisions in line with company policy and could justify his actions fully. No other evidence from others in the department supported the complaint. The organisation was able to resist the subsequent legal challenge successfully at a tribunal. The full report was made available and was considered by the tribunal to be professional, thorough and impartial.

Please note that the names and organisations of the parties involved have been omitted for confidentiality purposes.

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People Resolutions Case Study- racial discrimination investigation  

People Resolutions case study of racial discrimination in a UK call centre

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