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How to be an Effective Note Taker 1 Day Course (up to 12 delegates)



How to be an Effective Note Taker Course suitability


Pre-Course Questionaire

The standard of an investigation report absolutely

Our one day programme raises awareness of the

Prior to training delivery we issue a pre-course

depends on the quality of notes taken in interviews

importance of the note taking role and develops the

questionnaire to ensure that we fully understand the

- given that they form the record signed by the

knowledge and skills required to be an efficient and

skills / experience that your investigators have, the

interviewee used by the investigator to weigh

effective note-taker. The skills learned are highly

issues your investigators face and what they would

evidence, reference in the report and produce

transferable; they can be applied to minute taking at

like to achieve during the course. This also helps to

conclusions. This course is for personnel who need

any other business meeting.

raise delegates’ engagement in the course.

to create accurate records of investigative interviews about conduct, grievances, complaints, performance and other sensitive issues at work. Excellent level of listening /writing skills required.

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Course Outcomes and Benefits We work in partnership with you to identify the required learning objectives for each course. Typically this includes a scoping meeting with the necessary stakeholders. Our standard learning objectives include:


• Understanding constructive resolution and its importance


• Knowing the context of impartial investigations • The role of investigators and note takers • Recognising the skills required of note takers • Learning how to stay neutral and non-judgemental; writing what you hear; knowing the boundaries and limits of the investigation • Developing the format and structure of your notes

As part of this training, you will receive a Note Taker Toolkit which includes a pre-formatted Record of Interview template, good and poor note taking examples and note taking top tips for pre, during and post interview.

• Recognising the importance of confidentially and data protection

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Course Design and Outline Course Design

Course Outline

We will work with you to design a bespoke learning event,

• What constitutes an effective investigation?

taking into account aspects such as organisational culture,

• Outline of key features of investigation planning, interviews and evidence gathering and analysis

issues and behaviours relevant to your environment,

• The importance of accurate notes – the impact of ineffective notes on fact-finding and evidence gathering

policies and procedures. We create excellent, practical

• Listening pitfalls and how to avoid them

relevant content based on effective models of working

• Capturing essentials

which enables effective learning. We also encourage

• Working with the investigator to maximise the opportunity to take effective notes

exchange of best practice and existing knowledge.

• Practical activities – identifying the correct format – spotting formatting errors • A bad set o f notes • Listening and note-taking activity • Focus and attention • Writing up and finalising notes

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Why People Resolutions? Highlight Benefits All of our programmes: • Contain immediately usable skills and strategies to alter thinking, raise awareness and change behaviour • Contain unique People Resolutions content • Are customised to your organisation’s policies, processes and cultural context - see later for more information • Come with free telephone support • Can be blended with pre and post-course learning material (including e-learning) to maximise the effectiveness of each programme - see later for more information • Can be delivered anywhere in the UK • Have a dedicated Project Manager to support you • Include course evaluations and recommendations • Can be supported by expert mentoring for specific cases and ongoing - see later for more information • Sit alongside our ‘Resolution Hub’ – An expansive collection of free, downloadable resources, including white papers, blog posts, webinars, skills tips, scripts for effective conflict management, conflict resolution Q&A and much more. • Conclude with a Resolution Readiness Review - an informal workshop (face-to-face or online) with key organisational stakeholders to help plan and implement a constructive, creative and collaborative approach to conflict resolution at work. The review will help you get the most out of conflict resolution, mediation and investigation strategies.

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Why People Resolutions? Experienced Trainers

Expert Mentoring and Ongoing support

Our programmes are run by professional trainers who:

Additionally, People Resolutions experts can provide:

• Have conducted relevant training for many years

• Expert mentoring during individual cases e.g. mediation, investigation, etc.

• Are excellent facilitators as well as technical experts

• Online or face-to-face refreshers, continuing practice sessions or an

• Are members of appropriate professional bodies with relevant qualifications

ongoing support package

• Bring a wealth of practical experience and insight into the training room to bring materials to life and engage delegates

Contact us about the costs for these support services.

• Combine knowledge with practical, organisation-specific application through case studies, role plays, interactive discussion and scenarios.

Customised Learning Material

Blended Learning and E-Learning

We will work with you to design a bespoke learning event, taking into account aspects

People Resolutions will work with you to create the maximum learning

such as organisational culture, issues and behaviours relevant to your organisation’s

opportunity by using a blended learning approach. We already have some

environment, policies and procedures. Our training delivery is backed up with tried

online material which we can weave into courses, and we can create content to

and tested investigation processes, materials and standards. All casework material

be used within your own e-learning framework and provide tailored webinars,

and content is customised to your needs.

video tips, scripts and investigation guides. People Resolutions also has links with specialist e-learning partners to assist us in producing practical knowledge or skills-based e-learning materials.

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If you would like to recieve further information or details of pricing, please get in touch.

0845 600 8851 @Peopleres

People Resolutions Course Information-How to be an effective note taker  

People Resolutions Course Information on How to be an Effective Note Taker 1 Day Course (up to 12 delegates)

People Resolutions Course Information-How to be an effective note taker  

People Resolutions Course Information on How to be an Effective Note Taker 1 Day Course (up to 12 delegates)