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PeopleNology The 

S ecrets Secrets of

Survival Y Young Women  W and their Mothers Guide & Guide  &  Workbook


Nollijy Franklin University Research Institute  Arts – Sciences – Evolution Gregory Bodenhamer Ph.D. 2008 Powerful Humanistic Development

Secrets of Survival All this contained in one new science entitled Virtues of Leadership and Love PeopleNology Gregory Bodenhamer Ph.D.  Sally Sandborn Nelson Ph.D. Ri h d A th S d Ph D Richard Arthur Sanders Ph.D. 

PeopleNology Nollijy University Research 2008

Abstinence is a voluntary restraint from indulging a desire or appetite for certain bodily activities that are widely experienced as giving pleasure. Most frequently, the term refers to abstention from sexual intercourse, alcohol, food, religious prohibitions or practical considerations. id ti

You will receive  a body.  You may  not like it or you  may love it, but  it will be yours  forever.

Research into the Pleasant Life or the "life of enjoyment" examines how people optimally experience, forecast and savor the positive feelings p g and emotions that are part of normal and healthy living living, relationships relationships, hobbies, interests, entertainment.

PeopleNology Survial Secrets for Women