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This is, I think, very much, a world full of people and modern organizations that have become disconnected for many reasons.

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PeopleNology knowledge and PeopleTopia skills puts everything into perspective and shows you what to do. This disconnection has created a tremendously real life business opportunity for business owners and those that consult with them to help solve many problems. In our swift progression as a human species we went from running away from the beasts of the earth to standing in line at the banks, from human-beings hunting our food with spears to hunting and pecking on computer keyboards. We have only a very few centuries of culture building, thinly layered over millions of years of biological evolution, our inner core instinctive reactions have not yet caught up with the outer reality of our world today. PeopleNology teaches you about all the instinctive human mind programming that's inside you.


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Some portion of your business plan is always in danger. Your life and business, far from perfect and can certainly be improved, quickly and affordably by learning PeopleNology and applying and triggering the knowledge with the use of PeopleTopia techniques. Making little profit, sluggish sales, people leaving, quality problems, production rates on the roller coaster is not the conducive condition of a great company. Being able to persuade and influence another human being has moved well beyond the “feels right” management approach. We’re going to unlock your creative natural mind and show you the slash and gash programming of the human-being. If you want to get out of the “Me Too Business Club” and learn about the “two for one” punch of PeopleNology and PeopleTopia, you’re in the right place. Document Control Number A-658190 Gregory Bodenhamer Reserved 2007

PeopleTopia is the bag of techniques that removes the fear and anxiety of your people to allow your company to innovate better products, offer competitive services and capture the ancient upwardthrusting energy of all your people no matter their title or authority. We’re talking Extreme Business Energy. You can take quick action inside any business , increase people productivity, reduce employee turnover rates by learning and using PeopleNology and PeopleTopia. You can help us spread the knowledge to your friends and family, business associates can enjoy our free publications or you can start your own free enterprise with our help.

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Social Engineering Your Business

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