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ROAD TO ROAD TO CO COMMUNISM S HARD LEFT AHEAD This is an adult presentation developed for the education of the patriotic American that wants to understand the current upheaval and communist insurgency inside the United States of America fostered by the fundamental change of the U.S.A. U S A federal government. government The total transformation of the United States of America is taking place at this very moment. If you honor your heritage, freedom and liberty, TAKE NOTICE of important information.

The Map For Actions To  Transform America Into A 

Communist Collective Socialist Marxists Leninist Maoist Nation

WARNING The transformation Th t f ti off the th traditional t diti l Federal F d l U.S. US Government and the current upheaval in America has been designed and is premeditated and deliberate. This is your WARNING, this production, lecture, seminar is for mature viewers only as adult subject matter contained.

There is a Map To American   Communism that is being followed: Within our free society, society guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America, citizens of the United States are guaranteed undeniable constitutional rights and d civil i il liberties. lib ti These Constitutional rights, once removed, will be the downfall of your individual rights and liberty. There are many possessions that you enjoy and share with your family and friends. You must understand the one possession that you have of greatest value is your i di id l freedom individual f d and d liberty. lib t

Your Are Being Misdirected By The  New Party  New Party Communist Party Communist Party Your possession of freedom of choice, choice freedom of speech, freedom of press and the absolute liberty to be or become anything wonderful in the world is being t k away. In taken I fact, f t its it almost l t gone now. There is a Communist Party in the United States of America and many now work within the U.S. Federal Government and agencies. These fraudulent agents of change are altering history, damaging and distorting the founding principles of the U it d States United St t off America A i and d they’re th ’ coming i after ft your rights, liberties and freedoms.

Your Are Being Misdirected By The  Barack Hussein Obama Administration As you study and gain knowledge of Barack Obama you will become shaken, outraged and appalled by what type of person has become president of the United States of A America, i important i t t to t note, t with ith a greatt deal d l off immoral i l help from thousands of dishonorable people and tens of million of mostly honest voters that wanted to improve America. Most people are traumatized when they learn the truth about a little boy named Barry Soetoro that changed his name to Barack Hussein Obama and became the most dishonest, deceitful, fraudulent and untruthful person to every hold h ld the th mostt powerful f l office ffi in i the th entire ti world. ld

Communism Takes Away Everything  and Leaves You With Nothing  and  Leaves You With Nothing  Communism is a social structure in which classes are abolished and property is commonly controlled, as well as a political philosophy and social movement that advocates d t and d aims i to t create t such h a society. i t Barack Obama accepts as true that the darkness of communism is the only way acceptable to govern the millions of Americans. Barack Hussein Obama believes in being your ruler, not your president. president His dark premise or foundation idea is a presupposition that all white people are evil and that the salvation of America can only be brought about by collective ll ti d li deliverance f from th pastt off slavery, the l f free enterprise and world‐wide American imperlism.

Communism Socialism Collectivism  Marxism Leninism Maoism There are many ways to portray the president. president Most people get lost in all the definitions of the malicious, criminal and immoral present day government. Th There i a reall revolution is l ti in i America A i today. t d Y don’t You d ’t feel f l it or really see it because the full results will not be obvious or visible to you before its too late. The revolution requires that everything seems to be the same while at the same time everything becomes very different right below the surface. surface Imagine some criminal tiptoeing behind you in the dark and suddenly you hear a fait sound. Its too late. W ’ going We’re i to t expose to t you the th criminal i i l enterprises t i that are taking place today within the government.

Become The Student Quickly Become The Teacher Today The author is not going to tiptoe. tiptoe The representation of facts are based on sincere and straightforward research concerning Barack Hussein Obama and his direct path to t t l transformation total t f ti off America A i to t the th Un‐constitutional, U tit ti l Communist, Socialist, Collective, Marxist, Leninist, Maoist federal government with considerable powerful help from other elected members. They were elected. Keep in mind, you have every right protected by the Constitution to educate, educate lecture, lecture instruct, instruct coach and train other people about these important findings. We would suggest that you become the teacher on the block that h l protect helps t t and d defend d f d the th Constitution C tit ti off the th United U it d States of America. Do it today.

American Political Affairs & Views Beliefs Principles Opinions The current administration has been elected or chosen by the American voting public. To be nominated and chosen by voters is a great honor. The current administration has t k a very unique taken i window i d off opportunity t it to t cause a dramatic and staged revolution in America. This powerful revolution will involve you and your children. It has nothing to do with the black and white topic of race. It has nothing to do with the modification of banking or health care. care This insurgency has everything to do about taking power from you and having a few people hold all the power of the United States. There is a current uprising i i in i your nation. ti Th There will ill be b riots i t in i the th streets t t and great civil unrest in a matter of months. Learn this.

Save This To Your Computer Email Quickly To Your Trusted Friends Save this document to your computer and create a CD disk for safe keeping. The internet is being washed clean and the truth brushed away never to be seen again. Y Your hi t history i being is b i deleted. d l t d Your Y lib ti are being liberties b i erased. Your freedom, independence is being rubbed out minute by minute now. Others have tried to caution and warn you. You have to start warning others, protecting your family and property this very minute is advised. advised These is a sound behind you in the dark.

By Any Other Name Barack Obama is a Communist What is a communist? Communism ‐ a form of socialism that abolishes private ownership. A militant, activist, working class party or person that unites workers, students, t d t professionals f i l and d farmers f f from various i backgrounds in a fighting organization. What is a fighting organization? It means if they do not get what they want they are very willing to fight you, have physical violence taken upon you to seize what they want. There plan is to replace capitalism with communism. They consider that your ability to learn a skill, apply that skill kill inside i id an open free f market, k t free f enterprise t i system t i is corrupt and not fair. We should all be poor.

By Any Other Name Barack Obama is a Revolutionist Barack Obama is a man that believes in revolution. revolution He is a person with a questionable background in many areas of interests that points clearly to his revolutionary upbringing b i i and d teachings. t hi H is He i nott a man to t be b feared f d but a man to be watched. He prowls and lies in wait to take advantage of every opportunity to corrupt the United States into his image. He is the person you see loiter on the streets of America waiting to cause harm, havoc and disorder. disorder In fact, fact his employment prior to his present day position was that of a community organizer. His daily plan was to cause mayhem, chaos and confusion t shake to h k down d l l governments, local t local l l business b i owners, fearful residents to gain some advantage.

To Know A Mans Education How Did He Become A Communist? Obama gained his supposed education by hook and crook or so we must guess. Occidental College in Los Angeles is a liberal arts college. Occidental has recently gained greater t attention tt ti through th h President P id t Barack B k Obama, Ob who h attended the college for two years from 1979‐81 before transferring to Columbia University. President Obama has told many stories about his college days at Oxy but some cannot be verified by others that attended the school at the exact same time. time It seems that the Obama corrupt upbringing came to some use at Oxy. The old adage of fake it till you make k it goes a long l way explaining l i i the th do’s d ’ and d don’ts d ’t off his short stay at Occidental College.

To Know A Man Learn About His Life Learn About His Life‐‐ Long Friends During the late 1960s, 1960s a strong anti anti‐war war sentiment made its presence felt at Occidental. Oxy had the perfect back‐ drop for the communist Obama. The students’ activism was characteristic h t i ti off a rise i off liberalism lib li across campus. In I 1969, the school opened its first two co‐ed dormitories, and two more followed a year later. On May 6, 1970, the faculty voted to suspend classes in the wake of the Kent State shootings and America’s invasion of Cambodia. Subsequently Oxy students wrote 7,000 Subsequently, 7 000 letters to Washington D.C., protesting U.S. involvement in the war in Southeast Asia. The school, the students, the activism was perfect f t for f Obama. Ob H could He ld be b a black bl k liberal lib l but b t not the old fashioned kind you might know about.

Your Grandfathers Liberalism Died A Long Time Ago  Classic American Liberalism or your grandfathers democratic liberalism was committed to the ideal of limited government and liberty of individuals including f d freedom off religion, li i speech, h press, assembly, bl and d free f markets. Obama doesn’t believe in Classic American Liberalism and neither does his friends. Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, David Axelrod, Rham Emanuel, Joe Biden and thousands of others don’t believe in your grandfathers America These people believe in Social Liberalism which America. includes a menace called Social Justice. Social Justice goes against everything our founding fathers wanted to guarantee t the th American A i Citi Citizen and d your country t is i now in grave jeopardy if this menace is not removed.

Your Life Is In Jeopardy There Is A Threat The Social Justice Liberal Progressive Communists come in all sizes and colors and believes that every man, woman and child should have social justice. Social Justice i nott found is f d within ithi religion li i or the th U.S. U S Constitution C tit ti it’s it’ a man‐made debacle and not quickly understood. The main menu of Social Justice is Property Redistribution, Income Redistribution, Progressive Taxation, Equality of Opportunity, Total Redistribution of Wealth and many other revolting and disgusting designs, designs plans and schemes of the Obama administration. Social Justice just like Medical Marijuana is being corrupted by altering and shifting hifti your focus. f Th conversation The ti is i nott about b t simply i l justice or marijuana. Its now about Social Justice and Medical Marijuana.

Turn Off Main Street Media Co‐‐ Conspirators Co

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The people that you see on your local (main (main‐stream) stream) media are no longer providing exposure or traditional reporting. Their treatment of Obama and his colleagues are one primary i reason for f their th i success. Main stream media in print and television has been co‐opted to hold their own position of power and authority. Media power and influence has been fully directed to sway public opinion in favor of Obama. National broadcast media is now a propaganda vehicle or a bureau of misinformation to deliver half truths to the American people. Massive Media Empires are now fi hti it outt live fighting li in i front f t off the th public. bli CHAPTER Go To Chapter Two 


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