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Recruiting Erasmus

Pablo Martín González

Director of SEPIE, Erasmus+ National Agency in the fields of Education and Training in Spain 74

Erasmus+: 30 years of success The original programme began in 1987 as an exchange programme offering university students the opportunity to learn and enrich their lives by studying abroad. The programme’s scope and importance have increased over the last 30 years. It now encompasses all educational sectors and it has extended beyond Europe to include practically all countries worldwide. There is general agreement that international mobility from the Erasmus Programme, now called Erasmus+, is one of the most tangible achievements of European integration. Jorge Semprún pointed this out when he stated that the best initiative the European Union had implemented over its 60 years of existence was the Erasmus Programme, for its contribution to creating an awareness of European citizenship. Manuel Marín endorsed this by stating “Erasmus is an example of what good Europe means”. Since its launch in 2014, Erasmus+ has allowed two million people from all educational sectors to benefit from its opportunities for study periods, internships or voluntary opportunities, acquiring experience abroad. Over the last 30 years a total of five million people have been enriched thanks to Erasmus+, opening their minds and facilitating opportunities to all of them.

Employment Magazine 2016-2017  

Recruiting Erasmus is a digital talent attraction programme which brings together partner companies and international college students, thro...

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