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Annual Report 2015 Annual Report 2015


Chairs Statement People Matters had another year of change during 2014-2015. Things have turned out really well but it was hard to know what to do. The Teens and Twenties project finished which meant that more staff you knew left us. During the summer and autumn in 2014 we had to think hard about what to do next. The board of directors that you appointed at the last AGM had to meet loads of times with Tina. They were all involved in looking for new ideas and ways to find money so we could afford to carry on. I know Tina spent a lot of time writing down ideas and getting in touch with different people who might be able to help. Some of this worked and other things didn’t. We were really pleased to start delivering Active Matters with a new grant from Health Amaze CIC. We also had to make sure we carried on looking after our staff as well as we could. We are very pleased that good things happened during the year too. We had a fantastic summer barbeque and Christmas party. We carried on doing lots of classes at Barkston House and other places in Leeds. More new people started doing things with People Matters for the first time. At least one person comes to the end of their time as a director each year. Sometimes they get to do another 3 years. At this AGM the director saying goodbye to the board is Paul. Paul is a member and has said that he will enjoy carrying on doing activities with us. Alan one of our advisers can’t carry on helping the board either because he is really busy at work. Thank you to both, their work has been really important to us. We have looked round the people who are members of People Matters because we needed a new volunteer to be a director. Jonathan uses the People Matters community support service. We haven’t had a director from this service before. It would be good to have a director from a different part of People Matters. We are also looking for a new adviser to replace Alan. We want someone who is an expert on marketing or developing new business to help us get started with more new things. Tina tells me that she needs this sort of help. I have really enjoyed my first year as chair of People Matters. There are lots of things going on now. Finally, I would like to thank Tina, Sally, Elissa, Lucy and the rest of the team for their hard work. Thank you too to the other directors for what they have done this year. Most importantly, I would like to thank you as the members and people who use People Matters for your patience and support during this year of positive change. The future is looking much better.

Charles Ward, Chair 2

Chief Executives Report Well, what a year 2014-2015 turned out to be. The board of directors asked me to work on lots of different things. We were so busy. Some of the things we did needed finishing off as funding stopped. This meant we had to find new things to do as well. Here is some of the news. • We worked really hard to put in reports to the Big Lottery about Teens and Twenties at the end of the grant. It was fantastic looking at the stories from across the 5 years. • We wrote new applications for grants to the People’s Health Trust and the Big Lottery. Our Active Matters project got started in January. • We need to say thank you to the staff again. New people arrived like Elissa who has been managing the outreach service. There are new support workers and tutors too who have been working hard. • We started to work with Leeds City Council Children’s Services for the first time Other jobs we have done that the directors asked for. • Let you know about news. We carried on with telling you what is happening on Facebook & sending out messages on twitter too. We put the minutes of directors meetings on the website now as well. • Make sure you have more chances to tell us what you think. We started new steering groups for the Thursday night group and Active Matters. People on courses got the chance to give us ideas and tell us how things were going too. • Make it easier for you to find out useful information from us. We put lots more on our website. You can find on the People Matters website things like how to; apply to adult social services for support make a complaint or give someone who works with you a compliment keep safe with us understand what we think about everyone being treated equally find out where you can get financial advice if you need it We know we have lots to do still on making sure that we tell you things in ways you can read. The latest new thing is our members guide. • Keep in touch with people with the young people from Teens and Twenties. We organised newsletters, reunions and produced our ‘Teens and Twenties Story’ booklet with members.


• Work with other people and organisations. We did lots, by taking part in Learning Disability Week being involved in Tenfold and the Learning Disability Partnership Board doing courses with partners, we worked with Wilf Ward Family Trust and then found other new partners too • Improve how we worked with you. We started to develop new guidelines for staff to help them work well with you There is always a lot more to do. The directors keep me busy. This year they want us to; • Design a big plan for what People Matters is going to do for the next three years • Make People Matters stronger and grow so it can offer more support and opportunities for members • Start working on something new to help find new members and support people with learning disabilities to get jobs or volunteer if they want to. • Have more volunteers and make sure they have good opportunities to contribute and stay with us So this year is another busy year. Do look out for more news and tell more people about what we do. Tina Turnbull, Chief Executive

About us Our registered address: 68a Barkston House, Domestic Street light Ind Est, Leeds, LS11 9RT Our Directors over the period: Robert Rae, Paul Jackson, Becky Farren (retired Jan 2015) Charles Ward (appointed Jan 2015) Rowena Herbert (appointed Jan 2015) Susan Moreland (appointed Jan 2015) Our Company Secretary: Tina Turnbull, Our Bank: Co-operative Bank, PO Box 250 Delf House, Skelmersdale WN8 6WT Our Insurers during the period: Zurich Insurance, Zurich House, Stanhope Road, Portsmouth, PO1 1DU Our Accountants: Rothwell and Co


Our aim is to Create opportunities for people with learning and other disabilities to be more independent and enjoy life in the same ways, and in the same places, as anybody else.

Our values are that we Put you first Work together We collaborate to build our teams, communities, friendships and how we engage with you.

We are flexible and inclusive, everything about our people and each other matters to us.

Have integrity

Are determined to see potential thrive

You can trust us to be honest, treat you equally, respectfully and with empathy.

Our commitment means we stay with you and take pride in your success.

Are enterprising We solve problems, adapt to your needs and take care with your money.


Our priorities 1. Members are supported to achieve things that help them to be independent 

We do this through both the adult learning courses and supporting people in groups and 1 to 1 to be out in the community or at home

2. New and growing services deliver what members need 

Putting in applications for new projects and working with the council means that we started doing new things like Active Matters and more people now get their 1 to 1 support from us

3. Staff and volunteers are skilled and supportive 

Sally and Elissa have worked hard to make sure that the people who support you do much more training, are supervised and that reviews happen more often

4. Quality is really important to us 

We have spent a lot of time making sure that staff have a lot more guidance to refer to if they need it. Thinking about how the team works and making changes so we can do things better has also been important during the year


What happened in 2015 Spring – We delivered lots of community leaning classes and our Spring prospectus advertised 15 different courses. The partners we worked with were Wilf Ward Family Family Trust, Hamara and ENE Homes.

Summer – Our 5 year Teens and Twenties project finished during the summer. Everyone was disappointed the project had come to an end. The reports we wrote, sent in to the Big Lottery and shared made us look at the difference the project made. There were some great stories.

Autumn – Elissa our support manager arrived at People Matters. After Elissa arrived she spent time getting to know members and staff in the service. There was a lot to do to make sure that everything worked well. We also spent a lot of time looking for new funds so we could do things with members.

Winter – We got a new grant to start our Active Matters project. Groups of members decide what they want to do and they focus on improving their well-being. Our Christmas Party was held at Moortown Rugby Club.


Community Learning 14 – 15 was another big year for community learning with the introduction of new tutors and new subjects. For the first time IT courses were introduced to the programme. Other new courses included Sign Language, Managing Emotions, First Aid and the very popular Exploring Animals. Learners have been busy making Christmas lunch pies, writing newsletters, producing work for exhibitions, taking photographs at a fashion show and meeting Ian a 2.5m long Royal Python. We have worked with new partners this year, Paperworks, Slate, Hamara, Men in Sheds, Oblong Woodhouse Community Centre, ENE Homes and Morley Exotic Animal Rescue. Over 150 learners enrolled on courses creating even more opportunities.

97% of learners said they would recommend their course to someone else 89% of learners said they felt more confident after completing a course 98% of learners rated courses as good or excellent 99% achievement rate (learners reaching their course outcomes)


Active Matters Our new project funded by the People’s Health Lottery got off to a fantastic start with all groups full. We even had a waiting list. Members were able to work with Amy to create a varied and very active programme. Activities included games in the park, dance, yoga, smoothie making, massage, visits to the gym and sensory room.

The groups got to share their wellbeing message with local communities when they performed at and took part in the fashion show this was hosted by the Get Me Better Champions and Leep 1 during Learning Disability Week. They also ran a stand at the Hunslet Gala challenging visitors to a fitness test.

One member has even returned as a volunteer to share her new knowledge and skills with other members.

“I like head massage and would do it more”


“I am more fit, energetic and I don’t get out of breath”

“I made new friends”

“The tutor is simply the best”


Social Groups The Thursday adults group met regularly all year with nearly 20 members. Staff working with the group changed with Adam and Lucy both handing over to new people. 8 people have moved on from Teens to join this group. 3 members of the group built their confidence and have now moved on and found work. Most people in the group have also taken at least one course in our community learning. Some now have the confidence and skills to meet up separately or travel together. Our Teens and Twenties groups enjoyed meeting until the end of the project and were sorry when sessions stopped. Some people got involved in telling the Teens and Twenties Story. We did several reports. One was for professionals and people completed a survey or had interviews with someone from Sheffield Hallam University. In another people worked with Tom to do a graphic book which everyone told us they liked. We went to a big exhibition in Sheffield to share our story with lots of people from across the North of England.

Did you know that in the Teens Project: • 92 young people have been involved across the five years • 6 young volunteers and 2 assistant support workers with disabilities supported other members in the last year of the project • Members and parents scored the project at 4 out of 5 for the difference it made for friendships, positive behaviours, taking account of others & confidence • One previous member of the project said that it had helped him to have the confidence to leave home and get a place of his own • Another person said they moved from being a member, volunteer, and became a member of staff and now have a full time job in another organisation


Support in the community 2014 - 2015 was an exciting year for support in the community Elissa arrived in Sept 2014 to manage the service and spent time getting to know all the members and the staff working in the service. The service has grown steadily in the last year; • The Sept 2014 figure for number of hours delivered in the month was 501 • Sept 2015 total for the month was 780 hours! • In the last year we have said goodbye to 4 of the people we were supporting but introduced 10 new members. So now we are supporting 21 people in and around Leeds We were successful in getting on the Leeds City Council Childrens Services framework for ‘Independent Support Workers’ in January 2015 and have been supporting 3 young people on the service since then. Our focus is supporting young people in high school. This is so they can become more independent as they get closer to being an adult. We have introduced more regular person centred reviews for our members if they receive 1 to1 support. These are chaired by an independent person. This was so people could be supported have the confidence to speak out about any changes they need or want. More people are being referred to us who are on the autistic spectrum too. Feedback about our support workers and the difference they make:


People Matters 2014/15 Income and Expenditure


Unrestricted £82,301

Restricted £18,540

Total £100,841

We spent £35, 031 less than we earned this year. We were all really careful so we could build our bank balance up again after we spent too much in the last two years. We can’t spend this all this money however we want though. ‘Restricted funds’ is money from grants. This is where we have to follow the rules of the funder. We can only spend this type of money on what they say like from Health Amaze CIC for Active Matters. Unrestricted funds are money from contracts. We are free to spend any extra on our social purpose like helping the Thursday night group to carry on. (No money can be just given to any person or external group though. This is in the People Matters rules in our ‘memorandum & articles of association’). It is very important that we have a good balance at the bank to help our cashflow. This means we can pay our costs like staff wages, insurance, rent, telephone and electricity each month before our income arrives. Sometimes we have to wait a long time for money to arrive. We have also been saving because we want to plan something new in 2016/17 and have to save up. You can find more information on how we spend our money in our full financial accounts. These have been checked by an independent accountant. They are available to any member or their family/main carer.

68A Barkston House, Domestic Street, Light Industrial Estate, LS11 9RT tel: 0113 2346896 People Matters (Leeds) CIC is a community Interest Company and a Company limited by guarantee. Reg. No. 4437728 www.peoplemattersleeds.co.uk

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Artwork by Lucy Baulk People Matters Business Admin Apprentice

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Profile for People Matters (Leeds) CIC

Annual report 2015  

This report is all about what People Matters has done in the year 2014 - 2015.

Annual report 2015  

This report is all about what People Matters has done in the year 2014 - 2015.