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People In Aid is clearly highly respected and a phrase we repeatedly hear is that People In Aid ‘punches above its weight’. Our work to date indicates that People In Aid successfully guides and influences the sector. It is also highly regarded for the dissemination and discussion of best practice. People In Aid is A 2011 impact summary

In 2011 we commissioned a report to assess the impact we are having on the humanitarian and development sector around the world. Amongst others, the following are some of the independent consultants’ conclusions from the report:

Key findings: General Impact

Value for Money

People In Aid is seen as a unique organisation and people interviewed reported that there is no other organisation playing such a role within the global humanitarian and development sector. Highly respected for its services and work with partners, People In Aid’s use of technology has enabled a greater impact than its size might suppose.

Without doubt membership of People In Aid is considered a cost-effective way to access valuable people management information that can help organisations and their managers save time and work more effectively. From the perspective of donors, People In Aid’s recent success in being awarded a Programme Partnership Agreement (PPA) from DFID is certainly confirmation that the organisation is seen as being value for money to the wider sector.

Support Services Organisations which have utilised People In Aid’s individually tailored support services reported without exception that these have had a beneficial impact on the organisation. Furthermore, the large portfolio of other support services People In Aid provides has made a considerable contribution to it’s mission.

Impact on smaller NGOs Those typically with a small or indeed no formal Human Resource function find the resources, guidance, knowledge transfer and networking which People In Aid facilitates of great use.

Thought Leadership People In Aid were seen as being at the forefront of thought leadership and advocacy and debate within the sector. The latter was cited as influencing organisations within the sector to re-examine their policies and procedures.

Crowe Clark Whitehill LLP’s full report entitled ‘Assessing People In Aid’s Impact’ (2011) is available to view online at

For the past decade People In Aid has been at the forefront of improving good practice within the humanitarian and development sector in relation to HR and people management. This flyer shows the demonstrable impact we have in five key areas of our work. Quotes are taken from previous Members’ Surveys, event evaluations, conversations, emails as well as from wider humanitarian and development sources.

Supported by the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Office – ECHO

Code of Good Practice The People In Aid Code of Good Practice is an internationally recognised quality standard and management tool that helps humanitarian aid and development agencies enhance the quality of their human resources management. Certification against the seven principles of the Code of Good Practice is regularly cited as having a significant impact within organisations. Aside from the impact on HR policies and practices, what NGOs have described as “the grit and rigour of the certification process” is itself a benefit. Local NGOs have commented that certification helped them gain “recognition by Partners as a credible organisation addressing it’s HR needs”. One international NGO recently noted that “[The People In Aid Code] helped us to design our HR strategy because it covers all the points you have to think about. “The People In Aid team guided and supported us throughout the [certification] process and we have seen a number of significant changes including but not limited to improved staff morale, donor confidence and support to the organisation; better understanding of staff job obligations and enhanced teamwork, staff recognition and motivation initiatives, development of policies and procedures and assuring employees at all levels that [ ] is committed to continuous program improvement and reduction in recruitment costs.” “The People In Aid Code is an invaluable tool, process and benchmark to any organisation as it facilitates the auditing of acceptable HR practices and from this helps guide HR action plans for the future.”


Resources In the last year humanitarian and development professionals, as well as academics and others, from 147 countries downloaded hundreds of our resources and tools, ranging from organisational policies and research reports to comprehensive handbooks, the majority of which are free. 90% say our materials are relevant, practical and high quality and our thought leadership is often praised; “People In Aid is at the forefront of identifying issues and its staff are able capable and trained to deal with them”. “The definitive source of trends and opinions in the sector”. “People In Aid have ideal tools and processes, already tested in various countries and cultures, which we have used and benefitted from. Thesupport they have provided to us both in Nairobi and from London has been of immeasurable help to “My copies of ‘Understanding HR in the Humanitarian Sector’ and ‘Enhancing Quality in HR Management in the Humanitarian Sector’ have been faithfully referred to since their purchase and although they are looking a bit dog-eared by now, they are still a hugely helpful and useful resource for HR professionals in the humanitarian sector.”


Events People In Aid workshops and conferences were held in 17 countries in the last year. Feedback collected emphasise the usefulness and relevance of these events for those attending, with responses to the question ‘this event has been of significant use to me and my organisation’ consistently above 90%. Events such as Successful Distance Management have used new technologies to allow people from countries such as Somalia, Afghanistan, Hungary and Nepal to join an interactive group. “Energising and exciting to be part of the conference community for 3 days – very glad this exists and is a regular event! I’ve found ideas and solutions for some questions I am facing at work, practical ideas to take back to my organisation, and a lot more questions to spark discussion “Great learning event, and very interesting to see such nuance but also common issues across a wide range of organisations.”


Networks 91% of respondents to a recent evaluation of www. said that the network had helped them in their work. 86% agreed that it was a useful information exchange tool for the sector and 77% that it was useful for networking within the sector. The interactive platform has over 1300 users and hosts various forums, wikis and a shared calendar. One participant commented that belonging to People In Aid Interactive had “Improved [their organisation’s] overall HR situation”. Networking opportunities at our events are unique: 100% of participants at our Kenya workshops rated the networking as very positive. 84% agreed or strongly agreed that ‘People In Aid provide an effective networking and knowledge sharing opportunities within the sector’. “Networking at conferences and access to expert speakers has enabled my agency to draw on pro bono expertise from other organisations from time to time which enables us to meet our aim to build a sustainable organisation and to continue to develop our own capacity.” We also host a series of Networking meetings around the world which pull together specialists in key areas affecting the sector (eg rewards, staffcare) and are free for members to join. “Networks and Events from my own experience have proven to be topical, relevant and well facilitated. These events have helped us with future plans and assist in guiding the sector. Despite the fact that some of the NGOs present may be true competitors – you have managed to achieve an environment


Support We offer a wide range of support services to both members and non-members in the form of bespoke work, workshops, conferences, resources and networking. In the results from the 2010 Members’ Survey, when provided with the statement; In the 2010 Members’ Survey 84% of full members agreed or strongly agreed that People In Aid helped them to improve and build capacity in HR management. In the last year our experience, network and credibility has brought us paid-for work from INGO federations, the UN, donors and individual organisations: “The arrival and timing of People In Aid was right and there continues to be a big need for this type of advice and support” “During several stages of it’s work, the programme managers drew on the expert consultancy of People In Aid, an experienced organisation in the area of human resources and people management in the humanitarian sector. People In Aid have several years of experience […],.and were consulted in order to ensure consistency and coherence”


Our growth in members is indicative of our impact and relevance: from 16 in 2001 to around 180 today, representing over ÂŁ15 billion spent every year on combatting poverty and sustaining livelihoods worldwide. “Almost every programme evaluation in recent years mentions the quality of field personnel and HR management as factors impacting the effectiveness and efficiency of programmes. Therefore it is an area which needs investment.â€?

We simply could not deliver the results we are known for without the support of government donors, corporate partners and trusts and foundations. We need your support to continue to provide high levels of quality and wide access to our work that directly impacts thousands of vulnerable people each year through our partners and members. If you want to begin to make a difference in aid effectiveness and improve the delivery of humanitarian and development programmes, please contact Lisa Smith, Head of Fundraising at or + 44 (0) 20 3137 3598 to learn more how you can become involved.

Front cover image credits: Kodiak and girl in Kalimantan, Layton Thompson, Mission Aviation Fellowship UK Mother and sick child in Kenya, Richard Hanson, Mission Aviation Fellowship UK Girl, Sierra Leone Red Cross Society People In Aid is a registered UK charity no: 1078768, and a limited company no: 3772652.

2011 Impact Summary  

In 2011 we commissioned a report to assess the impact we are having on the humanitarian and development sector around the world. Amongst oth...

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