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All That Starts Well Ends Well Every successful concept and project in life requires a proper framework and planning. This relates to all processes, including education. Whenever we embark on any new plan or procedure, we need to make sure that we have all the plans drawn up. What is on offer, what are the resources that we have, what are the steps, which we need to take and what are the goals that we need to achieve are some elements that need to be looked upon. A similar set of constraints when applied to education in schools and colleges gives birth to curriculum. Here comes the importance of education sector in india who concentrate on building up a strong method of learning for better results. A curriculum is a set of courses, including their content, offered at a school or university. The curriculum often contains a detailed list of subjects and the elements of teaching them. Proper planning is involved in making curriculum because the small children have small retention and concentration capacity. They get bored very easily and may get exhausted soon. Hence, planning involves including activities that keep the preschoolers enthusiastic about learning and energized all throughout the day. A good curriculum is a perfect example of mixture of education and creativity. Children should be provided with new toys, games and activities for keeping them busy in new activities regularly. A smart approach is to alternate the available resources after small intervals. Some schools follow a freestyle play oriented approach. This lets the children busy in play-oriented activities only with no specific schedule. Child is left free to play and grasp understanding on his own but under the supervision of a trained professional. While, some other schools follow a planned day-to-day schedule, wherein, children are made to perform activities planned by the teacher on that day. Different children respond differently to these different approaches. And the major players in education sector follow the method which engages children more and entertain their learning process. At a higher stage of education, an unprecedented autonomy is provided to the students. The students can opt for a more focused curriculum, based on their choice of subjects. A student will graduate, post-graduate or attain a doctorate based on the choice of his subjects and the mode of his study, both or either one determined by him. The curriculum here is reduced to just a framework that is very flexible yet very important. The curriculum chosen by the student will go on to determine the shape of his career. A curriculum prepares an individual with the knowledge to be successful, confident and responsible citizens.

All That Starts Well Ends Well