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Connecting People to Workplaces “With New York being the most preferred city for immigrants, it presents an ever-increasing workforce base. New York recruiters, thus, are more in demand than ever before and with their bouquet of services, there is always an opportunity for the right person.”

What differentiates an exceptional staffing and recruitment specialist from other mediocre search agencies? The most important parameter is the agency’s ability to connect the right talent to an enterprise. True, business is evolving. It is as dynamic as the people who run it. Geographical mobility has become a pre-requisite for top-level CEOs, COOs and Directors. Even entry and mid-level executives are expected to be mobile, maybe not to the extent their senior counterparts are, but relocate to a different city or state, if needed, for the best interest of the company. This is where a talent search agency’s expertise is field-tested. New York is one of the most prominent cities in the world, and America’s finance center. New York recruiters, therefore, have their task cut out for them. But how many deliver is what is important? There are a plethora of headhunters in New York, each claiming to be the best. But do they have the required understanding to put the right man in the right place? Let us find out. A business entity goes through different stages of growth. A new start-up or an early stage venture’s needs are different from an established player’s, who has been around in the particular domain for, let’s say, thirty years. It would need energetic, enterprising and dedicated people, with risk taking abilities, to turn things around in its favor. Having said that, it doesn’t mean a large corporation or a public limited company wouldn’t need active employees. It is just that the roles are largely different. And reputed New York recruiters need to understand these nuances to help a company find exactly what it is looking for. A diversified company, with operations throughout the country, or even around the world, would need someone who understands its global economic position, its commitment to society, yet act in the best interests of the shareholders. It would seek a leader who has a proven track record of working in or heading similar organizations, someone who has the skill set as well as the experience to chair such a demanding position. That person will be responsible for motivating not only his team but also thousands of employees scattered all across the globe. New York recruiters who have made a name for themselves have been successful in acting as the perfect medium for connecting employers to prospective employees.

Successful headhunters in New York specialize in finding the right talent for multiple disciplines, across diverse domains. Apart from common areas like accounts, finance, marketing, engineering and HR, they are moving towards e-commerce, Web 3.0, green energy, wireless technology, telecommunications, biotechnology, digital advertising, clean tech and other emerging technologies. New York recruiters have understood the importance of serving a diverse client-base across sectors in order to succeed. This means good news for the jobseekers too. For someone who has opted to focus on a non-conventional stream, like digital and other new age media, need not feel he is at a loss of opportunities when compared to his brethren who have specialized in finance, for example. At the end of the day it all boils down to the commission these New York recruiters earn. Having said that, headhunters who have distinguished themselves from the others, care less about the financial gains, and more about finding the right person for the job. Hiring and recruiting consultants earn only when a candidate is successfully placed. But in order to give personalized attention, many agencies like to limit their searches to a manageable amount. Author Information Mrs. Harriet Becker is a senior New York recruiter with almost four decades of experience hiring people in some of the largest and well-known organizations in the world. She has authored several books on how to spot and nurture talent in global workplaces. Mrs. Becker, today, is one of the most sought after headhunters in New York.

Connecting People to Workplaces  

With New York being the most preferred city for immigrants, it presents an ever-increasing workforce base. New York recruiters, thus, are mo...

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