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Mobl – Open source Framework

Developed by: Developers of mobile websites and mobile applications

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Mobl is the new open source and free language specially designed for speeding up the building of mobile applications. Now you can build the mobile website applications on very faster pace for operating system like android, iOS, or other phones that supports HTML5 technologies. Using the modern HTML5 technology, the mobl provides you with: •

a brief language for building native web apps in the jiff

outstanding IDE support like code completion, type error reporting, and reference resolving

a fast saving and testing cycle with no extended compilations. Mobl IDE stores the modules whenever you maintain, ready for testing in mobile browser.

More about Mobl •

Compiler produces static HTML and JavaScript files, all set to be distributed to whichever web host as well as to be accumulated on device, for enabling the offline website applications

Descriptive brief DSL to define data models. The data is saved on device and no requirement of server back-end

Descriptive DSL (Domain Specific Language) to define the user interfaces

Easy access for present “native” JavaScript widgets and libraries

Scripting language structure just like JavaScript

Statically written language, allowing outstanding IDE support with as-you-type error detection, whereas reducing typing of other statically written languages requirements, using type inference

Mobl Features Platform-based •

All the applications are mainly offline-capable as they operate without the Internet connection

All the applications are running on the modern Webkit browsers like iOS, android, Safari, WebOS, and Chrome

It produces 100% client-sided HTML5-related mobile website applications

• •

Its compiler produces CSS, HTML5, or JavaScript mobile web-based applications No dependence on the server-based technology as mobl applications may communicate with PHP, Django, Ruby on Rails, and other server-based technology

Data Modeling •

No SQL required: mobl evidently handles all the database accesses, it accordingly creates database schema as well as manages the object perseverance

Queries are solved using statically restrained query language of mobl. No SQL queries are embedded into the strings

Store data within local databases for mobile devices

Language features •

Incorporates all the aspects of the mobile web-based application in single language including user interfaces, data modeling, styling, application logic, and web services

Statically-written language with the type inference, allowing static confirmation of the whole application as well as precise IDE features like code completion, reference resolving, and inline error reporting

Application Logic • •

Statically written scripting language having JavaScript-like syntax Synchronous coding styles accumulated to effective asynchronous JavaScript codes

User Interfaces •

Brief textual language to define the user interfaces

Excited programming in which the user interfaces are updated automatically to reflect the changes in the application state

Make reusable and customized control libraries

Use of jQuery or HTML, if required

Incorporated Development Environment •

Code completion



Inline error reporting

Reference resolving

Syntax highlighting

Web Service Access •

Approach web services through AJAX using consonant-looking interface

Define RESTful web-based services interface declaratively


Easily import the JSON data to the local database

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