People Matters Magazine May 2022: A New Take on Employee Empowerment

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vant data and analytics. People analytics, supported by relevant technology, is not a nice to do, but a must-do for companies to nurture business success. And your HR professionals are best equipped to help you on that journey, and they are extremely aware of this and are ready to support you in that journey.

HR professionals are gifted crisis managers

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HR deserves every bit of respect, recognition and more for how they stood as the pillar during those critical moments exceptionally well and can devise people strategies to align with the business requirements and employees' aspirations. This is a capability I see increasing rapidly among the HR fraternity. So please take note; your HR folks have the innate ability to comprehend the financial realities and blend them with people realities. Not an easy skill!

HR professionals know their tech and their data analytics TRUTH

Another myth is that HR professionals are not tech-savvy and cannot interpret data. This is so not true. I have witnessed a large majority of HR colleagues that not only understand technology but can also articulate its benefits and interpret the implications supported by rele60

| may 2022

The last couple of years has proven to us what this function could do to adapt quickly and respond to the incredible crisis that pandemic imposed on us overnight in many places. I have seen my own HR teams leading several employee care initiatives, putting people first, and operating in extreme situations. Our HR teams' ability to think fast and connect with people offering instant solutions, small and big, was instrumental in coping with the unsurmountable challenges that the COVID19 pandemic posed to our organisations. They deserve every bit of respect, recognition and more for how they stood as the pillar during those critical moments. Good HR enables the organisation to maneuver the changing work patterns while establishing the dignity and equity of all humans in the workplace. Thereby truly preparing ourselves for "making the future work for all." Do not crave for that seat – just do your job well, and the seat always belonged to you! Good companies know it well.