People Matters Magazine May 2022: A New Take on Employee Empowerment

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of an employee's time at your company. It’s about the value, the connection, feedback, and it is a part of each critical moment across the employee value chain. So, employee experience must be treated as the number one priority. Anything that HR does should be experience led, and at Nagarro, we try to take this one notch up by making it CARING led. This is a unique distinction that we create with a high touch personalised experience for everyone in the organisation. Technology is important here, because having a top-notch digital experience in this remote environment goes a long way in letting you connect with your colleagues, and we need to create bonding even more than what we used to do in the past.

What are your views on the relationship between employee experience and business performance? With the power shift that is happening today, one must also respond to the shifting priorities of talent. Employees want a workplace that values them, engages with them to connect, collaborate, and celebrate. That is why a more personalised EX is a key differentiator in the job market. People need a feeling of belongingness in the workplace, a culture that is engaging, caring, and values their inputs. 52

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Gone are the days when the companies used to retain the top talent just by promising promotions and compensation. Those are not effective in the current market anymore. You must have ways to stand out, and I believe experience is one of the most important factors that would help people make that decision. Companies are now realising that it is what shapes the ultimate success of an organisation. What is that one thing that could make you stand out and differentiate your organisation? It’s your culture and

tions are leveraged through technology for attracting and retaining talent, fostering workplace culture, enhancing productivity, and much more. And technology is for sure important because it enables the culture in an organisation, among many other things. For example, Nagarro currently has more than 15,000 employees across the world. What will it take for us to bind them together in our company culture? It is going to be technology. So, anything that you want to do has to be tech enabled. Any

Employees want a workplace that values them, engages with them to connect, collaborate, and celebrate the employee experience. A good EX will result in a happy workforce that treats its customers right, employees who feel good and stay motivated. I would say, a workplace or an organisation that emphasises the happiness of employees before everything else will see a positive impact on business results.

Organisations often think that employee experience is a strategy equal to a tech strategy. YWhat is your take on that? Digital experience plays a huge role in today’s distributed world, where connec-

experience that you want to create will be through a platform. For any benefit that you roll out, you must invest time and energy in getting feedback from people. Digital experience plays a huge role in shaping the culture. I would even say that technology is going to be the backbone of the culture that we are creating in this hybrid, distributed global organisation. The use of more cutting-edge technology and experience data will open more avenues to digitally reimagine the company culture, creating connections, enabling knowledge sharing in structured and