People Matters Magazine May 2022: A New Take on Employee Empowerment

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Why employees' happiness must be a top priority An organisation that emphasises the happiness of their employees before everything else will see a positive impact on business results. Shruti Tandon, Director of People Enablement at Nagarro, tells us why By Rakhee Sharma C OVER


sional with more than 15 years of diverse experience, Shruti's skillset covers HR Business Partnering, Human Resource Management, Culture Building, Performance Management, Talent Management, Talent Development, organisation Development, Change Management, Talent Assessment, Diversity and Inclusion, communications, and International HR. She began her career as a specialist in OD, culture building and subsequently gained experience as a generalist and a Strategic HR partner. Currently, she is responsible for leading interventions in the area of Career, Culture, Capability and Change.

There is no standard definition of the term employee experience; it has different meanings to different audiences. What does it mean to Nagarro and you? I agree that the way employee experience is interpreted across industries is very different. It is unique to the context. But if you were to ask me for a simple definition, employee experience is everything. I read somewhere that the word “experience” encompasses anything and everything that filters through consciousness. This is beautifully written and has stayed with me. Experience is very contextual. It encompasses each interaction in each day may 2022 |


he concept of employee experience has changed since the pandemic and the emergence of a completely remote working environment. As experience became more important, the tables were turned, and employees' needs became a driver of how businesses function. Among the learnings of recent times, we saw that employees nowadays seek the meaning of their existence within a company and investigate the significance of their contribution to it. Furthermore, employees tend to leave organisations when they lack the freedom to explore. People Matters interviewed Shruti Tandon, Director – People Enablement, Nagarro, about this shift and what it means going forward. A HR profes-