People Matters Magazine May 2022: A New Take on Employee Empowerment

Page 37

The 3 Cs: Key organisational shifts to thrive in the new normal and successfully navigate the power shift to employees COVID-19 has shifted the power dynamics, finally placing the worker in the driver’s seat of their career, replacing the traditional ways of working which had remained unchallenged till now



work still SOP driven? Do the world of work has mainemployees actually need to tained its old rhythm and ince the 9-to-5 workday sit together physically and routine. Be it a manual came into being in the work synchronously? Do we 1900s - mainly to suit the worker or a modern-day always need to be co-located assembly line manufacturing knowledge employee, the and operating within the 9 – approach to handling a set-ups - not only has it culti5 workday? These and more person’s work schedule and vated deep and strong roots, such questions started occuin fact every other aspect but also given a clear upper pupying people’s minds. around work has remained hand to the corporates. A When workers en masse more or less unchanged. typical day of a worker When the worldwide were forced to move to was clearly designed by the COVID-19 pandemic hit remote work, which was the employer, be it the number us, it started triggering first time ever for the majorof working hours or the shift ity, they suddenly experitimings or even break sched- unconventional thoughts enced a work day where they and reflections that chalules. What needs to be done, lenge the fundamentals of had a flexibility to plan their how it needs to be done, day towards meeting job and when it needs to be done and corporate working in many ways. Questions like Is the other important commitwhere it needs to be done was heavily regimented. Now that times have Workers now have more power than changed and we have ever in deciding and designing their ushered in the services econcareers and can choose to work with omy which involves a high corporations that offer the desired degree of individual work, creativity and innovation, value proposition may 2022 |


By Ratna Joshi and Gaurav Jhala