People Matters PM April 2022

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Letters of the month

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Diversity does not automatically translate into inclusion

It's sobering to see the impact of the pandemic as shown in global numbers of women affected. Indeed equality is about more than simple headcount. The efforts of individual companies are just a drop in the ocean. To advance DEI along the supply chain is a huge undertaking but something that can surely make great differences in the future, and the more leaders and companies that take this seriously the better. - RISHI QADIM

March 2022 issue

From implementing programmes to creating systemic change

So beautifully said, taking care of a diverse workforce is not just about making up the numbers but about recognising the uniqueness of individuals and supporting them, and having this as a company-wide movement instead of just some department by department programmes. - SUNITA SHARMA

Good performance is about clear objectives, not appearances

The point about the hiring profile is very important. Today we must rethink our hiring to search for certain soft skills and character traits that help people function in our new world of work. Hard skills can be trained quickly and easily with the tools available. Soft skills such as the ability to work with autonomy and take ownership of a task are much more difficult and time consuming to instil. - pREETIKA PAL


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