People Matters PM April 2022

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Opportunities to provide support when it is most needed are lost because the team members simply aren’t aware of what that individual is going through employee experiences in our organisations, we need to win the hearts as well as the minds. Ultimately, it is our frequent daily interactions with each other that cumulatively create the employee experience. In my own experience, employees want, even need, four things:

1. Clarity

Over 60% of those who leave any organisation cite some issue with their manager. They often say things like, “I never really knew what was expected of me” or “I never received any feedback on how well or badly I was doing.” Lack of clarity leads to uncertainty. Uncer-

tainty can lead to anxiety. And anxiety damages the employee experience … let alone the critically damaging impact it has on motivation, productivity, and creativity.

Employee Experience

struggling to recruit. Many of their former employees will not even consider returning. Others who have never worked for the airlines are paying attention to how those former staff apparently were treated. Numerous studies have shown that around two-thirds of potential recruits pay attention to the recruiting organisation’s DEI reputation alone before even considering applying. That’s just one aspect of the employee experience. Each and every potential recruit is now taking control of their own career, and they are each unique in their aspirations, their needs, and their wants. So, our challenge is to create working environments that can cater not merely for the average or norm but for the full range of those hopes and expectations. Only then will employees have truly positive experiences. Of course, most organisations already have a percentage of employees with extremely positive experiences – studies have suggested an average of around 12%. But, clearly, the prevailing culture and working environment has not worked for the other 88%. This is a sizeable challenge and there is no simple solution. Policies and procedures are essential tools for any organisation. But, those alone will never address human needs. If we are to have great

2. Assurance

Most employees are realistic. They know that their managers cannot assure them of ongoing employment, salary increases, or promotions. But, what they can and do expect is transparency, honesty, and support from their managers. They want the assurance that their manager is doing everything they can to build and sustain a successApril 2022 |