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and onboarding structure. Multiple touchpoints are built in between the new employee and talent acquisition team, managers and other relevant stakeholders. All of this together helps us deliver a positive recruitment and probation experience. These touchpoints also serve as a feedback mechanism and provide assurance to new employees that their views are important and will be considered.”

than monitor or update their tools to be effective. Our goal is to invest in tools in line with Adobe’s fundamental approach – creative and effective in-market engagement. We have tools that help us understand our employees personally, and our policies evolve keeping in mind the collective requirements. The focus has always been on high-quality engagements.”

As a tech company, we make virtual recruiting seamless

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Savita Hortikar, Head of Recruitment, India at Thoughtworks, outlined a hiring strategy that focuses on enabling candidates: “We have a candidate-centric selection process and the guiding principle is that we have to make candidates feel valued during the time they spend with us, irrespective of the outcome. Our Talent Ops team is the interface between the recruiters, the interviewers and the candidates. “Recruiters are trained

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Candidates have access to senior leaders of the organisation

the candidate experience. We do not have candidates jump through hoops to get hired, but we want to make sure we are vetting for skill, competency, drive and grit. “Our talent acquisition charter is putting the human in human resources. We have invested in making touchpoints seamless for the recruiters as well as the candidates. From sourcing, analytics, diversity, executive, alumni/boomerangs, and marketing, we have a one-stop-shop that allows us to stay engaged with our candidates throughout each stage of their journey.”


Mino Thomas, Director, Head of Talent Acquisition & Staffing at Adobe, said that investing in technology is a major factor: “We are hyper-focused on hiring for our engineering and technology teams that help create best-in-class products and bring them to market. Around a third of Adobe employees have joined us over the last couple of years. Since 2020, all recruitment activities from interview to onboarding were performed in a virtual environment. Adobe India, for one, has been relentless in its efforts in making virtual employee experiences seamless. “Today, the need is to constantly improve recruitment tools and platforms to suit digital-first employees. This means that organisations need to do more

to give feedback to candidates after every stage of the selection process and to help candidates prepare for the interview. Candidates have access to senior leaders of the organisation so that they can make an informed decision about joining the company. We also run regular in-touch programmes for candidates who have received an offer from Thoughtworks.”