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Novartis to cut thousands of jobs as part of a restructuring

Apple announces $50 Mn Supplier Employee Development Fund

Tech giant Apple has announced a $50 Mn Supplier Employee Development Fund that will expand access to learning opportunities and skills development. This fund includes new and expanded partnerships with leading rights advocates, universities, and nonprofits to drive Apple’s ongoing work to empower supplier employees and drive improvements in knowledge of and respect for workplace rights across industries.

Research by found that hybrid working can save employees on average £328 a month on train travel and accompanying expenses, and up to £128 per month if they commute by car, with longdistance commuters saving substantially more. Businesses are also responding to calls for better work-life balance for employees in light of the great resignation.

Compensation & Benefits

The study further revealed that the already inflated tech recruitment market is creating new recruiting challenges due to increased opportunities and salaries. The annual Hiring Trends Report 2022 revealed that while 56% of recruiters believe that there is a shortage of skilled and experienced candidates, 49% are facing the challenge of inflated salary expectations because of the inflated talent market.

Hybrid working saves businesses an average of £8,100 per employee: Study

IndiGo hikes pilot’s salary by 8% in view of steady flight operations

40% of MNCs are offering 30-50% hikes to overcome hiring challenges: Report

A survey conducted by Scaler found that 72% of the recruiters witness increasing offer declines and no-shows in this competitive landscape. It states that 88% of recruiters face increased challenges in hiring and retaining skilled employees across sectors.

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Employee Management

Compensation & Benefits

Aviation bigwig IndiGo has made a compensation announcement by unveiling that their pilots’ salaries have been increased by 8% in light of the continuous steady flight operations. As per the new government update, full regular international flight services have resumed in India after the COVID-19 outbreak on March 27th.

With the launch of the Supplier Employee Development Fund, Apple is significantly expanding the scope of these offerings, with new educational resources for people in its supply chain — and the surrounding communities — to develop the skills necessary for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

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Swiss pharmaceuticals company Novartis announced that it will cut thousands of jobs globally as part of a global restructuring. More than 100 jobs might be lost at Novartis' Swiss plants in Rotkreuz and Basel, according to a report. The company said last week that it would integrate its pharmaceuticals and oncology units into two medicines units.

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