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Showcase of Medicinal Products & Specified Feed Additives DSM Nutritional Products

on feed additives, enzymes and veterinary products for the intensive

Swine dysentery, a highly

livestock sector.

contagious diarrhoeal

Veterinary Medicines

disease of growing and

Details of all medicines manufactured by Huvepharma can be found in

finishing pigs, is caused

the NOAH Medicinal Compendium or on-line at

by a build-up of pathogenic bacteria in the lower gastrointestinal tract, and is a huge financial cost to the pork industry. DSM Nutritional

Feed additives

Products provides both medicinal and non-medicinal solutions to

As well as a comprehensive portfolio of coccidiostats, where the

digestive disorders, leading to healthier, faster growing pigs.

balanced use of anticoccidial products in shuttle/rotation programmes

PigZin Premix PigZin Premix is the DSM branded Zinc Oxide PhEur., licensed as an in-feed medicine for the treatment and control of diarrhoea in young pigs of up to 10 weeks of age. Administering higher levels of zinc under veterinary control has been found to be effective in the control of digestive disorders in young pigs due to its modulating effect on gut micro flora. Feed medicated with PigZin Premix can be fed for up to 14 days and can only be used against an MFS prescription.

are a guarantee to maintaining a low infectious pressure in a safe and efficient manner without causing the development of resistance, Huvepharma also manufactures a range of complementary feedstuffs, probiotics and enzymes. Testament to Huvepharma’s ethos of innovation, the Huvematic® is a special developed machine which reconstitutes dry concentrated enzyme powder into liquid enzymes. The machine offers the opportunity to feed mills to produce tailor made liquid enzymes on demand at their production facility. It uses the special developed highly concentrated,


instant water-soluble enzyme powders to produce liquid enzymes.

VevoVitall is an ultra-pure source of food grade benzoic acid

The Huvematic ® together with the instant watersoluble enzyme

authorised as a zootechnical feed additive for piglets from weaning to

powders replace

slaughter. When added to pig diets

the IBC filled with

it reduces the incidence of bacteria,

liquid enzymes

yeast and moulds by acting as a

for flexibility in

preservative. It also moderates the

concentration and

microflora in the gastrointestinal tract

a more constant

resulting in more effective digestion

concentration of enzyme applied to the feed.

and reduced digestive disorders.

HUVEPHARMA NV, Uitbreidingstraat 80, B-2600 Berchem, Belgium

Inclusion of VevoVitall® in grower Lydia Parkin: 07825 599986

and finisher feed can be used as a


zootechincal additive or as an acidity regulator, where it is effective in reducing ammonia release from slurry, thus is an ideal product to help producers improve the economic and environmental sustainability of their business. DSM Nutrititional Products (UK) Ltd Tel: 01773 536500 E-mail:

Zoetis Alphamune G® The prebiotic feed additive Alphamune G® is being re-introduced by Zoetis to the market in the UK and Ireland following a period of unavailability. Alphamune G is a unique combination of two active ingredients: β-glucans and mannans for both enhancing the immune system in


birds and benefiting the intestinal micro flora.

Huvepharma is a fast-growing global pharmaceutical company with a

β-glucans are known to have a role in activating the body’s defence

focus on developing, manufacturing and marketing human and animal

mechanisms to combat invading pathogens and to provide a specific

health products.

immunity boost, while mannans are known to offer a competitive binding


Huvepharma are fermentation specialists and the portfolio focuses

Page 50 July/August 2015 Feed Compounder

site for certain bacteria which then move through the digestive tract

without colonizing the intestinal wall, enhancing the absorption and

suggest that feed

utilisation of nutrients.


Trial data have shown that significant improvements can be

with Alphamune G

seen in the FCR of broilers, while in turkeys the ability of Alphamune

may be effective

G to accelerate gut maturation may be a mechanism for a protective

in preventing the

effect. An enhanced gut development, accompanied by improvement

production losses

in bodyweight may also influence increases seen in production values

due to subclinical bacterial infections such as Escherichia coli in

in cold stress and transport stress challenge situations.

turkey poults.

These results illustrate the dramatic effects that stress and subclinical disease challenge can have on production values, and

Contact: Tony Grainger 07989 214712

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Showcase of Medicinal Products and Specified Feed Additives

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