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Winter 2014


hanksgiving and Christmas holy days are always accompanied by various rituals and traditions common and unique to each family. Every year here at the Seminary one of the highlights of our community banquet is Christmas around the world. We delight to hear the unique ways people of every culture remember and celebrate the incarnation – God’s gift of His Son to us, with us, for us, in us!

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2013 Graduation

Tradition is important. It should be biblical, personal and cultural. When I think of our Pentecostal tradition, I have never seen it as limited to one or two centuries. No, we claim the whole Bible (not just Acts!) and the whole of the Christian tradition (from which we draw selectively). Everyone has a tradition and traditions. There is no such thing as a neutral or history-less faith. We learn from those who have gone ahead of us and have passed on treasures. Take the watch words “Wesleyan”, “Holiness”, and “Pentecostal”. Are these historical or theological descriptors? And, of course, the answer is yes. Our Wesleyan heritage includes personal and social holiness, concern for justice and mercy, and the overriding emphasis on sanctification as the love of God reigning in our hearts by faith. Holiness describes the awesome majestic and loving nearness of the God who alone is holy. All other gods are idols. This God is righteous, loving and powerful toward us. He directs, motivates and empowers us to follow Christ. As Pentecostals we live to participate in the life and mission of God. For us, there is no choice between deciding to repent, following Christ in discipleship and sharing in His mission. It is all one choice. Each Christmas give the gift of tradition. The Christian tradition. The Wesleyan Holiness Pentecostal tradition. Pass it on in prayer, love, giving, Word, and witness. We love you. See you in the New Year, if Jesus tarries!


Building Steps and Stoops AS TOLD BY WAYNE FLORA


ollowing my graduation from high school, I was confident I was called into pastoral ministry so I took the first step on that path by enrolling at Lee College (University). Lee was my compass, and I did not yet know where my journey would take me. Upon completion of my undergraduate education with a major in biblicalhistorical studies and a minor in New Testament Greek, I realized the next logical step in my ministry formation was to go literally “across the street” to the Church of God School of Theology (now Pentecostal Theological Seminary) and enroll in the M.Div. program. I focused on pastoral care and counseling classes where I was mentored by faculty members that helped carve my path toward missional ministry. The Seminary refined my character and my conviction about the importance of personal and ministerial integrity.

that time there were four families consisting of eighteen individuals, most of which are still with us and deeply devoted to the life and ministry of the church. We celebrated our 25th Anniversary this year with over 350 in attendance. Our church motto has been “A Growing Church of Caring People” and our mission statement is “Exalting God, Equipping Believers, and Embracing the World.” University Church walks out that faith expression. We have built churches and supported missionaries in Trinidad, China, Kenya, Romania, Indonesia, and Israel. We presently support five missionaries, including a local Hispanic mission in our community. We have adopted a nearby neighborhood and built steps and stoops for families, as well as a new playground, with recreational equipment, fencing, and picnic tables. Every year we adopt foster children and pro-

My heart never stopped being drawn to pastoral ministry and on October 9, 1988, the University Church of God was birthed in Greenville, North Carolina. At

vide them Christmas in addition to supporting the Carolina Pregnancy Center, Samaritan’s Purse, and Gideon’s International. Our local Mission Board just partnered

with a nearby Christian Church to provide “backpack” foods, school supplies, and essentials for school children whose families cannot provide these for them. Everything I know and understand about pastoral ministry and caring for the needs of the community and people around the world has been drawn from my days of formation and practical ministry at PTS. I have been privileged to serve in state leadership in Eastern North Carolina on the Ministerial Development Board since 1992, have been the MIP Coordinator for the last 14 years, am our state’s first Church Planting Consultation Team Chairman, and am serving my 3rd term on our State Council. I now have the privilege to “give back” as Adjunct Professor for Lee University teaching theology and pastoral ministry. Lee University is giving me a unique opportunity to mentor and be part of the formation of students around the world. I am proud to have my heritage, my education, and my spiritual formation shaped by the Wesleyan Pentecostal Holiness ministerial training I have received. I am pleased that I can now point other aspiring ministers to this substantive theological and ministerial training!


Thank You for your support!

We have now gone to this… and YOU helped make it happen!

McKinley Joins the PTS Staff

The PTS campus welcomes Shaun McKinley as director of recruitment and communications. Dr. Land commented about Mr. McKinley joining the Seminary by saying, “We are excited about Shaun joining our staff. You can see from his education and experience that he will be a valued asset to the Seminary. His qualifications for this position are impressive, and his outstanding personality and dedication to God and our Pentecostal faith make him a good fit for us. We look forward to working with Shaun as he brings a standard of excellence to the Seminary. It is not by accident that Shaun has excelled everywhere he has been; I see a special anointing upon his life. We believe God has sent him to work with us at the Seminary.” McKinley brings to the institution a background in communications,


marketing, church relations, and recruitment. He most recently served as director of enrollment services of the Division of Adult Learning at Lee University, directing the school’s recruitment and admissions efforts for distance learners. Prior to serving at Lee University, McKinley served at the Church of God of Prophecy International Offices as liaison to the General Overseer, as well as director of global communications. His career has also included positions as marketing and development director for Partnership for Families, Children, and Adults in Chattanooga and as associate pastor at the Peerless Road Church in Cleveland, TN. “I am honored and humbled to have been selected to lead the recruitment and communication efforts for the Seminary into the future,” said McKinley. “The Seminary is having a significant impact around the world for God’s Kingdom and I believe this is an exciting time in its history. I look forward to sharing its story as well as increasing our

connectivity to prospective and current students, alumni, and friends.” McKinley holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Montana State University. He will earn a Master of Business Administration degree with emphasis in marketing from Bryan College in January 2014. During his undergraduate years, he received the DECA National Marketing Student of the Year Award, served a marketing internship with Congressman Denny Rehberg from Montana, and received a Marketing Internship Award of Excellence from General Motors. The Pentecostal Theological Seminary, which formally began classes September 1, 1975, is located in Cleveland, Tennessee. The Seminary offers ministerial certificate programs, six master’s level degrees, and a doctoral program. Recently, the Seminary launched fully online degree programs, the Center for Spiritual Leadership and Lifelong Learning, the Center for Global Education and Mission, and the Center for Latino Studies.

Elizabeth Grace Buckner F.. J. Ma F M y Ex E ce cellllllen ence en ce ce i Pre in reac achi ac hinng hi ng Awa ward rdd

W Wilmer Estra adaCarrasqu uillo Internatioonal na Studen ent Leaddership er Award Pent Pe P nteecostal Mi nt Ministry Award

Derrick Allen Harmon Pentecostal Ministry Award P


special thanks to our alumni who represented PTS at 2013 camp meetings around the country.

Daniel D. Tomberlin - South Georgia Robert W. Barnes - Alabama Jeffrey R. McAffee - Arizona Larry R. Massey - Mississippi Toby S. Morgan - New Mexico Daniel J. Vassell - Ontario, CANADA Dennis J. Whitter - Minnesota John F. Corcoran - Ohio Stephen D. Hobbs - Kentucky Shea Hughes - Texas Rob Miskowski - Louisiana Ray E. Hurt - West Virginia William C. “Bill” Coble - Western North Carolina Bobby J. Sutherland - Virginia J. Randolph “Randy” Turpin, Jr. - Maine Matthew Propes - Missouri Shawn and Lanette Hitt – Michigan Lorinda Roberts – Indiana If you would like to serve the Seminary in this role at local camp meetings, prayer conferences, denominational events, and ministers’ meetings, contact Joy at 423.478.7731.

David Ray Johnson D American Bible Society Biblicall Studies Aw ward

Christopher Thomas Kaskel Amer Am eric er ican ic an Bib ible le S ci So ciet e y Bi et Bibl blic bl ical ic a al Teac Te eac achi hing hi ng Awa ng w rd r

Paula Ann Lett Counnse Co s liling ngg Awa ward rrdd

Catherine H. Payne Caaree Miinnis nisstr t ie iess Aw Award ard ar Pentec Pent Pe nnttec ecos oosstal taal Mi M ni nist stry ry Awar Aw ardd

Gerald E. McGinnis Alum Al um umnu mnu nuss of of thhee Yeaar

View their bios at


EMMANUEL COLLEGE HONORS DR. CHERYL JOHNS Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, GA recently honored Dr. Cheryl Johns by presenting her the G. Earl Beatty Servant Leadership Award. Emmanuel is Dr. Johns’ alma mater. Dr. Johns said, “To be honored by your family of origin is an amazing experience!” This prestigious lifetime achievement award honors a career marked by outstanding servant leadership on campus, in the local church and in the community. Dr. Johns joined the faculty of PTS in 1985 and is Professor of Discipleship and Christian Formation. While being integrally involved with PTS and also serving the Bradley/Cleveland community through the ministry of the Bradley Initiative for Church and Community, she has served as co-pastor of the New Covenant Church of God, a church she and her husband, Jackie, planted in 1989.

Johns; Michael S. Stewart, President; Tracy Reynolds, Dean of the School of Christian Ministries

LEE ROY MARTIN EDITS AGAIN A Future for Holiness: Pentecostal Explorations is an attempt to stimulate conversation regarding fresh Pentecostal approaches to the theology of holiness. Twenty Pentecostal scholars identify both opportunities and challenges for the future of holiness in Pentecostalism from the perspectives of the various academic disciplines. They explore the implications of holiness for Pentecostal theology, peacemaking, justice, global concerns, ethics, postk modernity, social responsibility, ecclesial structures, ministerial practices, Christian formation, intercultural engagements, immigration, civil society, political systems, personal relationships, youth work, economics, leadership, and more. Contributors include Lee Roy Martin, Narelle Melton, Robert C. Crosby, Jacqueline Grey, Faith


McGhee, Dan Morrison, Scott A. Ellington, Chris E.W. Green, Monte Lee Rice, Daniela C. Augustine, Patrick Oden, Daniel Castelo, Johnathan E. Alvarado, Antipas L. Harris, Wilfredo Estrada Adorno, Terry Johns, Stephen Parker, Joshua Ziefle, Marcia C Clarke, and Rickie D. Moore. Availa on Amazon. able S Spirit-Filled Preaching In The 21st C Century opens with Church of God G General Overseer, Dr. Mark L. Will liams declaring, “The preacher’s t task is daunting.” To help preachers m meet the challenge, fifteen Penteco co costal ministers explore principles and p pr rac acti tice cess off dynamic ce d practices preaching. Practical guideline line li nes include incl in ncl clud ude ho ude ud h o to prepare and preach expository lines how sermons, plan a sermon series, preach to diverse cultures, preach for pastoral care, give an effective altar call, and preach with integrity. The book was published by and is available through Pathway Bookstore.


services spread throughout the year. During the spring semester the school’s annual Minister’s Week During this academic year the facwill feature presentations of early drafts of each chapulty is combining efforts to write a ter of the book. Drs. Johns and Han are hopeful the book on the spiritual disciplines. book will be published in time for release during the The working title of the project is General Assembly in July of 2014. K Knowing God in the Ordinary P Practices of the Christian Life. GREEN AND HAN CO-EDIT D Drs. Sang-Ehil Han and Jackie J are directing the project and Drs. Chris Green and Sang-Ehil Johns serving as editors of the final text. Han are co-editing a volume on Thiis eff ffortt is i the th outgrowth of the faculty’s ongoing Wesleyan-Pentecostal soteriology Th revision of the core curriculum of the Seminary’s that explores the salvation God has master’s level degree programs. Approxiw worked for us in Christ mately eight years ago the faculty revised the through the lens of the learning outcomes of these degrees around Five-Fold Gospel. Contrithree “meta practices” of Pentecostal minbutions will be made by istry: worship, community, and witness. In prominent scholars: Ken this process it was concluded that all stuA t on salvation; l ti Archer will write the chapter dents at the Seminary should be instructed Sang-Ehil Han a chapter on sanctification; in the practice of the spiritual disciplines in Daniel Castelo a chapter on Spirit baptism; preparation for Spirit-filled ministry. Thus Chris Green the chapter on healing, and the purpose of this faculty project is to proDaniela Augustine the chapter on eschavide an introductory text and guidebook for the prac- tology. Various scholars, including Frank Macchia, tice of the spiritual disciplines as viewed through the Professor of Theology at Vanguard University; and lens of Wesleyan-Pentecostal spirituality. The book is Jason Vickers, President of Wesleyan Theological Sobeing designed to serve as a practical guidebook that ciety and Associate Professor at United Theological can be used by small groups in local churches. It is Seminary, will write responses to these contributions. believed that this will be the first text written on the President Steve Land will offer the conclusion. These subject from a Wesleyan-Pentecostal perspective. papers will be presented at the first CPT (Centre This is a year-long project. Faculty members are ad- for Pentecostal Theology) Conference in September dressing the various practices during selected chapel 2014. More information will be forthcoming. RICHIE PARTICIPATED IN THE WORLD DAY OF PRAYER AND ACTION FOR CHILDREN On April 30 – May 4, 2013, Dr. Tony Richie participated in the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children council meeting in Coimbatore, India. The focus of the meeting was overcoming violence against children. Dr. Richie has served on the DPAC Executive Council since 2011. During the meeting, Richie reminded the audience that violence against children is a global problem

and compassionate aid requires cooperation among all people of good will. Richie also participated in various presentations and panels which included leaders and representatives from local and national governments and a variety of religious organizations. The World Day of Prayer and Action for Children W connects people and organizations in a network that protects children. w


70’S Dwai Dw ain ai n Py Pyea eatt ea ttt (‘7 76) 6) has as wor orkkeed aass in ntter teerrnaati tion ion onall cooorrdi din din naatto or fo or for or Sc Scho hool ol of M Miin niist sttry r y/M ry /Min inis nis istteeri rial al Dev eveelll-evel op pme ment nt for or th hee Chu hurch rrcch off Go od d sin inccee 200 002. 2. 2. Mich Mi M chae ch aell Wo ae Woot oten ot en (‘7 ‘79) 79) 9 con on-ttiinu nues es to pa past stor tor Garrd deen Sa S nc ncttu uar a y CO ar COG G in n Roc ockk Hi H ll l , SC SC,, wh w her eree he has min inis iste is tere te red d s nc si ncee Ju Jun une ne 1994. 994. 99 4 80’S Ioan Ceuta (‘89) ministers as the General Superintendent for Assemblies of God Romania and President of the Romanian Bible University.

Ben Mc Ben Be McGl Glla am mer eryy (‘ (‘84 84)) has has se serv rved d as a Mi M ss ssiio ions Rep ions epresentative for Ch hur urch ch of God Worlld Mi Missions since 2002 20 02.. 02 M. Lane Morris (’87) ha M h s re rece cent ntlly been named the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Student Affairs at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee in 1992, M.Div. from PTS in 1987, and his B.S. from Lee University in 1981. He has been employed since 1992 at UT as a faculty member, professor, and in several leadership positions.

My prayer is that God will continue to bless PTS and its ministry outreach to the world. —Lloyd Frazier

Don Munn (‘85) is lead pastor fo or Restoration Church of God in Allpharetta, GA where he has led thee church through a major relocation and four building programs. He is a member of the speakingg te in team am for Gre reat at Tur urna naro round (Bru (B ruce ce Wil ilki kins nson on Min i istr inis i ttrie i s)) ies) and has spoken at conferences, min minis istter’s r’s meet me etin i gs g , and has taught several pasto tors rs’’ co conf nffer nfer eren encen ces in Ho Hond ndur uras as and Ecu cuad ador or.

M rgaret Hen Ma e ryy (‘8 ‘88) 8) is wo workkin ingg as act ctiv ivit iv i ie it iess diirecreecc torr att the Wei to ein nsteein Adu nste d lt Day Car aree Ce Cent nter nt err in DunDu unn wood wood wo odyy, y, GA. Th Thee cen ente terr pr te p ovvid ides es ser er vi vice cess to sen ce enio nio iors r rs in the in h metr ettro ro Atllanta an nta t are rea. a Mar a. argie giie ha hass co comp m le mp lete ted te d na na-tiional onal cer on e tiifi fica caati tion ion n for act ctiv tiv ivvit ity it ty di dire recct re ctor orss fr f om m the Nation ti nal al Cer e ti tifi ficca fi cati cati tion ion n Cou unc ncill of Ac ncil Acti tivi ti v tyy Pro ofess fess fe ssio iona io nals na lss. Sh he wa wass ggiivveen th he op ppo po ort rrttun u itty to to do so s me me con o su ult ltin ingg in in a longon ngg--teerm rm car a e fa faciili lity tyy in M Maari ari rieettta t , GA G . Sh Shee an and and Ph hill (‘9 99) 9) atten tten tt nd R Reesstttor o attio or ion Ch ion C ur urch ch h of Go God wher wh her ee th heyy co-te o-te oteac ach an ac n adu dult dul lt Sun unda daay Sc day Scho ooll cla lass ss.. ss

R C. Hugh Nel R. elso son n (’8 ’89) 9) is se serv rvin ingg as sen enio iorr pa past stor or of Ch Chur urch ch of Go God d of East Fl Flat atbu bush sh in Br Broo ookl oo klyn kl yn,, NY yn NY,, as district ovver erse seer se er,, as NY CO er COG G stat st atee ex exec ecut utiv ivee co coun unci un cill me ci memb mber mb er,, er as NY ch chap apla lain incy cy coo oord rdin inat ator or,, and an d as NY mi mini nist stry ry of ca care re coo oorrdinator. He is als di lso Brroo o kdale Un Uniiversit vers ityy Hospit i al trustee and board membeer fo forr JC JCAP AP. H min He i isters as pastoral covering for “S “Set the Capt ves Free” Outreach Center in Baltimore, MD. ti

Lloyd E. Frazierr (‘86) continues to do short-term mission work, after serving with Church of God World Missions in Guatemala, Panama and Haiti for over 37 years.


Lane La ne Lav aven ende en derr (‘87) de ‘8 87) 7 is sseerv rvin ingg ass Sen in enio ior Pa io Past s or of st the th he L Liigh ghth tth h hou o see Chu ou hurc hurc rch ch off God od in Pl Plai ainfi ai n eld l , CT. CT. CT

Darrell Rose (’80) reminisces that he was among the very first students at the Church of God Graduate School when classes were held at the Monument Building on Ocoee St. He began his studies after a tour in the Philippines as the Director of the Clarkview Servicemen’s Center in Angeles City, 50 miles north of Manila. He now pastors the Oak Grove Church of God, Ooltewah, TN, and serves as Founder and President of Nationwatch International Ministries, Cleveland, TN. 90’S Mickey Jett (’90) completed two more degrees after graduation, a Master of Science in Counseling from Columbus State University in 2002 and a D. Min. from Erskine Theological Seminary in 2010. Neil Lawrence (’91), along with his wife, Jennifer, and son, Joshua, continue in ministry as missionaries to Zambia. Their team, Eagles’ Wings Gospel Ministry, recently held its 166th gospel meeting in Eldoret where over 100 people were saved. Eagles’ Wings was helping a pastor and graduate of Discipleship College start a mission church. Neil and Jennifer share, “An amazing thing happened on Sunday morning following the Saturday gospel meeting. Five people testified that they were saved at their homes while listening to us preach. They hadn’t even come to the meeting! The church is already starting to grow.”

Lionel Thomas (‘91) has pastored the Byblos Full Gospel Church of God in Crossmoore, Chatsworth, Durban, South Africa from 1997 to present. Butch Varner (‘94) recently published Life Changing Leadership on Amazon Kindle. Varner shares, “It is a quick reference guide to leadership that is transformative. Anyone can lead, teach, direct, and parent, however truly exceptional leaders lead in a manner that is transformative.” This guide and system aspires to enhance individual leadership on four relational tiers: with self; with subordinates, peers, and superiors; with spouses; and with children.


D David Bennett (’07) is the director of Academic Services for the School of Adult and Graduate Studies at Bryan College, Dayton TN.

This has been a life-changing experience for me here at the Seminary. —Linda Avila


2010’S Don Brock (‘01) is founder D and chairman of Synergy Ministries, Inc. You can find out more about Synergy Ministries at www. Vanessa Dimoulas (’03) works as an advanced registered nurse practitioner at the Cleveland Clinic. She completed her doctorate in nursing practice at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA. She is involved in medial missions and looks forward to using her education and expertise in future trips. Sarah Levine (‘00) continues to work at Peniel Drug/ Alcohol Treatment Center as the admissions supervisor. B Benson (’99, DMin ‘04) and nCathy (’08) Vaughan are enjjoying perfect Fall weather e er r re in Kniebis, Germany where th h they are beginning their 15th y iiyear at European Theologive ve cal Seminary. Classes have ad d started and they recently had he he the opportunity to attend the r rGerman Minister’s Conferr rence, where Benson led worship. Dennis Whitter (’09) pastors Life Church in Bloomington, MN. Chris Wilson (’01) continues in ministry as an Army chaplain.

My experience at PTS has been transformational. —Catherine Payne


Marvin Amos (‘13) is a case manager/therapist at Smoky Mountain Children’s Home, Sevierville, TN. Melvin Colón (’13) serves as associate pastor of care at the Park West Church of God, and as pastor of the Spanish ministry of Park West Church of God.

PTS has given me the opportunity to gain skills in ministry and helped to clarify my personal vision of ministry. —Milton Gordon Milton Gordon (D.Min. ’13) co-pastors the Waverly Church of God of Prophecy with his wife, Karen, in Waverly, TN.

Clive McBean (‘13) pastors the Newark Praise Temple Church of God in Newark, NJ.

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Seminary Graduate Integrally Involved in Bible21


inistry by PTS alumni takes many forms. Zdenĕk Sýkora (MDiv, 2009) substantially contributed to Bible21 which is a contemporary translation of the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek Scriptures into the modern-day Czech language. Avoiding literalism on the one hand and a free paraphrase on the other, it strives to communicate clearly, yet faithfully both the meaning and the literary style of biblical writings. A team of Evangelical and Pentecostal translators and linguists led by Alexandr Flek worked on this version for 15 years. Since 2009 when it was first published, Bible21 has become widely popular among Czech churches and the general public. For the past 400 years, there have only been two Czech translations of the Bible available. In 2009, three new translations were published: • “Bible21”: a translation in the common Czech language. • “Czech Study Version”: a literal, word-for-word translation • The Czech version of the “Jerusalem Bible”: a Catholic Bible translated from French Upon its release in 2009, Bible21 became the bestseller of the Czech book market. Zdenĕk worked on the New Testament with textual criticism comparison and proposal of many changes in translation. Bible 21 has received acclaim from both the religious and secular worlds. Jiří Unger, President of the European Evangelical Alliance commented, “The 21st Century Translation makes daily Bible reading a refreshing experience for a wide range of

Christians including myself. It is also a convenient missional translation, accessible in its form, yet uncompromising in its content.” Bible21 has had unprecedented media attention in the Czech Republic throughout the past couple of years. In what some call the “most atheist nation on earth”, both national and local media started to talk positively about the Bible like never before. Zdenĕk shares, “It gave me great pleasure to be able to work on this project that has had an eternal impact upon my country. I could not have been effective in my role if I had not been the beneficiary of outstanding instruction at PTS.” His wife Basia Sýkorová, also, graduated from the seminary in 2007 with a Master of Arts in Counseling. Upon graduation, Zdenĕk and Basia returned to Prague to minister, and they have recently moved to Poland where they continue to minister in their community and local church. Basia counsels while Zdenĕk teaches and preaches. Zdenĕk is working on his doctoral degree. They have a son, Daniel.


Cary, Rayburn, Ward, Burell, and Kay Inducted Into the Gallery of Pentecost


ore than twenty years ago, Pentecostal Theological Seminary developed a program to raise scholarship funds to assist students with tuition to ease the financial burden of ministerial training. The Gallery of Pentecost honors ministers and laity while at the same time providing a focal point for the raising of scholarship funds. The family and friends of each person who is inducted into the Gallery of Pentecost donate to create a scholarship endowment (Hall of Prophets – $25,000, Ministerial Hall of Honor - $10,000, Laity Hall of the Faithful - $10,000). We earn interest from the endowment funds and that interest is directly assigned to student scholarships. Nearly every student enrolled at PTS benefits from this program. Most students could not attend the Seminary if it were not for these endowments.


• Is reserved for nominated candidates who have reached the age of 65 and have contributed a major portion of his or her life to full time and significant ministry in the Church of God.

Bob and Jeanette Cary were inducted into the Hall of Prophets in the Cross Memorial Chapel on October 31, 2013. The scholarship fund in their name was initiated by their family and friends to honor their fifty plus years of pastoral and missions ministry in the Church of God. The Carys are so deeply loved that attendees came from churches in Florida where they had pastored so they could have the opportunity to express their appreciation and honor. They continue to serve as Missionary Evangelists for Church of God World Missions. Dr. Tim Hill, Director of COGWM, said, “Bob and Jeanette are the epitome of men and women with missionary callings. Their labor on the field and subsequently in fund-raising has kept missionaries at their task and has been a blessing to multiplied thousands.”

Billy J. Rayburn was inducted into the Hall of the Prophets on the PTS campus May 30, 2013. This induction was initiated by Rayburn’s family, in honor of his 80th birthday. Stepson Tony Lane said of Rayburn, “His love for people groups, particularly the Romanian community, represented in the United States, has embraced and propelled many in ministry in the Church of God. This endowment will permit others to follow in his footsteps and legacy as we continue to enlarge our borders in the harvest.”

Dr. Horace S. Ward was inducted into the Hall of the Prophets at his home in Yukon, OK, September 10, 2013, by Bishop Charles Fischer, on behalf of President Land and the Seminary Board of Directors.

This scholarship was initiated by graduates of West Coast Christian College. Brother Fischer is a long-time friend of the Wards and a former student of WCCC where Brother Ward was President. He is the administrative bishop of the California/Nevada Church of God

State Office as well as a member of the Seminary Board. Bishop Fischer said of Ward, “The influence of Dr. Horace S. Ward continues to be seen all around the world in the lives and ministries of the students he impacted.”

• Is reserved for laypersons whose service to Jesus Christ and the Church of God has been meritorious.

Dr. Arvel Burell was inducted into the Hall of Faithful during Commencement exercises on June 1, 2013. Dr. Burell received this honor for 13 years of meritorious service on the Pentecostal Theological Seminary Board of Directors. “The Church of God denomination has been an integral part of my life... I have a heart and mind filled with many treasured memories of my life-long involvement in dedicated, committed and faithful service to God and to my church. For more than 90 years, God has given me a full and rewarding life. My God, my family, my friends, my church and my business successes are more than any one man can expect... I have been highly favored and highly blessed. I am most grateful,” said Burell.

In a private ceremony with the Seminary board members and administration, W. Nathan Kay was inducted into the Hall of the Faithful on May 31, 2013. The endowment was initiated by his wife of more than 52 years, Mrs. Emma Joyce Kay. Nathan Kay’s merits include fifty years of faithful service to the Church of God, including twelve years as clerk at South Metro Ministries, Sharpsburg, GA, serving through the years as choir leader, Sunday school teacher, and spiritual mentor. He also helped establish the Forest Park Church of God. His heart was called to support missionaries in the field as well as his home church. For more information regarding the establishment of a Hall of the Prophets, Ministerial Hall of Honor, or Laity Hall of the

Faithful endowment at PTS, ple leaase a se contact Joy Terpstra att (4 (423 23)) 478-7731 or e-mail jtter erp pstrra@ The Semi mina nary na ryy is proud to he help lp p preserv rvee th thes esse wonderrfu ul st stor oriies an nd me memo mo ori ries ess of the con ontr t ibuttio ion n of lives to th he Ch Chur hur urch ch and min inis istr tryy. PTS PT S al also so has a lon ongg trrad adit itio it io on of rec ecei eivi ei ving vi ng hon onor or and mem morial ri al gif al ifts ts. ts s. Thes ese ma ese mayy be in ho ono norr or mem emor oryy off a fam or amil ilyy memb il memb me berr orr a fri r en end. d. Th Theesee gif ifts ts are pla lace c d ce in n a nam med end ndow o me ow ment nt fun und d if so desi de sign si ign gnat ated at ed d. If the here re is no n des esig sig igna na-na tion ti ion on of a pa part part rrtic tiic icul cul ular u arr end ndow o me owme ow m nt, nt, nt w dep we posit ositt alll mon os onet ettar aryy me memo mo-mo rial ri all and hon ono or gif or ifts fts ts in th he ge gene neera rall Pent Pe ntec nt eccos ecos osta taal Th Theo eolo eo logi lo gica gi call Se ca Semi mina mi nary na ry Endo En dowm do wmen wm e t. en

Bobb Cary, B C Ishmael Charles, Jeanette Cary


2013 Memorial and Honor Gifts January 1 - October 31, 2013

In memoriam Clarence J. Abbott Chair of Biblical Studies Dr. & Mrs. Fred Abbott Dr. Donna F. Mills W.W. Ball Scholarship Dr. William A. Ball Sandra Bishop Dr. & Mrs. Rickie D. Moore Ora Belle Buxton Rev. & Mrs. Ken Davis Mrs. Lora M. Langford C. W. & Myrtle Collins Scholarship Mr. & Mrs. Darrell W. Collins, Sr. James A. Cross Scholarship Mr. Norman J. Cross Lewis A. Daughenbaugh Scholarship Pennsylvania Church of God State Office Martha Douglas Rev. & Mrs. Ken Davis Robert E. Fisher Chair of Spiritual Renewal Mrs. Mary Fisher Clifford Huff Rev. & Mrs. Ken Davis James & Ernestine Johns Scholarship Drs. Jackie & Cheryl Johns W. Nathan Kay Scholarship Rev. & Mrs. Ken Davis Mrs. Lora M. Langford Jack & Mary Land Scholarship Dr. and Mrs. Steve Land Mrs. Lora M. Langford Ms. Charline Swetzig Daniel & Flara Livingston Scholarship Mrs. Anna Davis Rev. & Mrs. Ken Davis Mr. & Mrs. Larry Evans Maggie Nolie O’Quinn Scholarship Mrs. Linda T. Brown Roberto Amparo Rivera Scholarship Ms. Gladys García Arlie C. Starn Mr. Paul V. Starn Mack P. Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Dan R. Bateman Mr. Michael G. Breaux


Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Chaney Mr. & Mrs. James Paul McTyre Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Bill Saunders Mrs. Norman Simmons Stewart-Long Scholarship Ch, Lt. Col. & Mrs. Paul C. Stewart (Ret) Rene’ Triplett-Pyeatt Scholarship Dr. & Mrs. Bennie S. Triplett Arthur and Ruby Turner Scholarship Rev. & Mrs. Ken Davis Mr. David E. Turner

In honor Antonio Bonilla Scholarship East Central Spanish Church of God State Office Arvel Burell Scholarship Mr. & Mrs. Herbert C. Buie Mr. & Mrs. William A. Burell Dr. & Mrs. Paul L. Walker Mr. & Mrs. Dan Cole Mr. & Mrs. John Cowart Rev. & Mrs. Ken Davis Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hamilton, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Dale Hughes Mr. & Mrs. James M. Rogers Mr. & Mrs. J. Hosea Smith Mr. Stan Whitmire Dr. & Mrs. Bennie S. Triplett Mr. & Mrs. James Westberry, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. H. W. Youngblood Bob & Jeanette Cary Scholarship Alpha Agape Ministries, Inc., Waymon W. Thomas, Jr. Alton Church of God Rev. Lucille Barfield Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Bishop Ms. Ruby W. Browning Mr. & Mrs. Ernest H. Cary Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Cary, Jr. Ms. Glenda M. Cary Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cary Mrs. Virginia Cary Mr. Edmond Cupp Miss Justine Cupp Rev. & Mrs. Ken Davis Deeper Life Christian Ministries Rev. Wayne DeHart Rev. Eugene Rickey Dill Mr. & Mrs. Vernon P. Ferrell Rev. & Mrs. Timothy Futch

Grand Bay Church of God Ms. Jean B. Hancock Mr. & Mrs. Douglas J. Haney Mr. & Mrs. Jearel G. Helton Rev. & Mrs. Dewey Huffstutler Jefferson Avenue Church of God Rev. Gregory A. Tomlinson Japan Church of God Rev. Kazumoto Yatsuzuka Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Justice Rev. Charles David King Mr. & Mrs. Noah L. King Mr. Lloyd G. Koester Ms. Betty R. Lanier Rev. & Mrs. C. L. Leonard Mr. & Mrs. Leonard T. Cochran Mrs. Virginia P. Lilley Mr. & Mrs. George W. Madden Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Marquette Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Ray Maxberry Mr. & Mrs. George Edgar McLean Mrs. Yvonne Mohammed Rev. & Mrs. Max M. Morris Rev. David Munguia Zelada Dr. & Mrs. Gene D. Rice Ridge Community Church of God Rev. Steven Dwight Thompson Rev. & Mrs. Julian B. Robinson Revs. Ray H. & Kathy Sanders Mr. & Mrs. Herman Shaw Dr. & Mrs. Bill F. Sheeks Rev. & Mrs. Randall L. Smith Rev. & Mrs. Kirby H. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. George C. Warren Winchester Church of God Drs. Darrell W. & Pauline Waller Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Winters World Outreach Worship Center Rev. Russell Evenson J. Frank & Kohatha Culpepper Scholarship Ms. Sandra J. Jones R. Hollis Gause Scholarship Dr. & Mrs. Sang-ehil Han Rev. Richard J. Hicks Christine Harris Scholarship Bay Harbour Church of God Rev. Rickey Harris Daniel L. & Nell C. Hughes Scholarship Mr. & Mrs. D. L. Hughes Steven Jack Land’s birthday Mrs. Lora M. Langford Dr. & Mrs. Lee Roy Martin Dr. & Mrs. Oliver McMahan

Memorial and honor gifts have been made by donors to the Seminary in honor of, or in memory of friends and loved ones. At times, these gifts are designated to endowed funds that are named in honor or in memory of the individual(s) to celebrate a special occasion or initiate a scholarship fund. Gifts may also be made in memory of friends and loved ones in lieu of flowers. Allann Ma Alla Math thur uraa Sc Schhola holaarsshi ho hp S ut So uthh Me Metrtrtroo Mi Mini nist ni stririr es es Billyy J. Ray Bill a burn Sc S ho hola lars la rsshi hp Mrr. Au Aurre rel A. A Ant ntim im miee M . & Mr Mr M s. Bruuce c E. Aa Aaro ronn Rev. Re v Larry J. An v. Ande ders rson on Rev. & Mrss. Da Re Rev. Davi vidd H. Bea e ttty M . & Mrs. Sha Mr hawn w Begley Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Bell Bethhany Romanian Church of Godd Rev. Simon Avram Bethel Romanian Rev. Johnn Tip ipei Mr. & Mr Mr Mrs. Bill Be Begl gley, Jr. Mr. & Mr Mr Mrs. Youdisteer Bi Bind ndaa Rev. Constantitinn Lu Lupa panc ncu Mr. & Mr Mrss. Aur urel el Buia Revv. & Mrs. Ioan J. Buia Revv. Lemuel Buia Mr. & Mrrs. s Chad Cagle Mrs. Deb e bi b e Cagle Mr. & Mr Mrs. Justin Cagle Emanuel Peentecostal Romanian Church of God Rev. Lazzar Gog Churchh of God, Inc. Chur urcch of God Romanian Territorial Office Dr. Flor Dr orinel T. Cimpean Mr. & Mrs. Teofil ciobanasiu Reev. & Mrs. James E. Cossey Rev. & Mrs. John Crank Re Ken & Debbie Davis Rev. Paul Moldovan Rev. & Mrs. Moisa Dihel Discover Your Mission, Inc. Ms. Martha R. Dismukes Ekklesia Bible Institute Rev Florin Cimpean Rev. Cim impe pean an E im Chr El hris istitian Churchh Rev ev.. & Mr Mrs. Ovidiu G. Piscue Elim El im Rom omanian Church of Godd Rev ev.. Gh Gheorgghe Strim mbu Rev. Gav Rev. Re avririll Fa Faze zeca cass Mr.. & Mr Mr Mrs. s. Dar arre renn Fo re Fost ster st er M . & Mr Mr Mrs. s. Mar arce cell D. Gaf ce afen encu en cu Gene Ge nesi ne s s Ro si Roma mani ma nian ni a Mis an issi sion si on Revv. Fl Flor o inn Cim or mpe p an R v. Re v & Mrss. Da Dani niel ni ell Gre r cu cu R v. Re v Ron o al aldd A. A. Harrm maan Rev. Re v. & Mrs v. rs.. Wa Wayn ynee W. yn W. Hei eilil R v. Re v & Mrs r . Kenn Kenn Ke nnet etth L. L. Hililll Rev. Re v. F. Sa v. Sanf nfor nf ordd Ho or Hopk pkin pk inss in Inte In tern te rnat rn atio at atio iona ona nall Fe F llllow owsh ow ship sh ip Chu hurc rchh of God rc Rev ev.. D. D Nie ieim ieim m Revv. Re v. Rod odne neyy Je ne Jeffffffor ords or ds Rev. Re v. & Mrs rs.. Ja Jame mess D. me D. Jen enki kins ki nnss Mrs. Mr Mrs. s Dor o otthy Jen enni ning ni ngss Ro ng Robbe bersson bers

Mr. & Mrs. L. Ma M rv rvin in Joh ohns nson onn Joliet Church of God Rev. Douglas M. Golden Mrs. Evelyn Knight Mr. & Mr Mr Mrs. Joshua K. Lane Mss. Me Meaagan Lane Rev. & Mrs. Tonyy lane Mr. & Mr Mr Mrs. s. Cliliffffor ordd R. Log ogan Marranatha Romanian Church of God Ma o Rev. Moses Gaode Rev. Stephan Jacobs Matasar Muntean Soups Mr. George Muntean North Cleveland Church of God Rev. Mitch Maloney Mr. & Mrs. Garry F. Parnell Philadelphia Romanian Rev. Ion Borcea Rev. & Mrs. Claudius C. Pratt Dr. & Mrs. M. Dwain Pyeatt Rev. & Mrs. Billy Joe Rayburn Rev. Brian K. Rayburn Rev. & Mrs. Hurbert Leon Rayburn Mr. & Mrs. Roger Riddle Rev. & Mrs. Julian B. Robinson Romanian Bethel Church of Godd Rev. Ioan Muresan Revs. Ray H. & Kathy San ande ders de rs South Cleveland Churrchh of Go Godd Rev. Chris Mooddy Rev. & Mrs. Donald Lee Sto t va vallll Mr. Herbert E. Swaffffoord ord Rev. Ion Gleorge Borlo lova v n Rev. & Mrs. Larry J. Timme meerm rman ann Dr. & Mrs. Bennie S. S Tripllettt Mr. & Mrs. Ellis L. Tu Tucker Westmore Churc Church rchh of Godd Rev e . Kelvin E. Pa P ge Mr. & Mrs. Richaard O. Wh Mr Whititee Mr. & Mr Mrss. Har a old Wo Wood odss Ms. Shel elly ly D. Ziegler Marshall E. Roberson’s birth thda dayy D . & Mr Dr Mrs. s Dal alee Hu Hugh ghes es Mrs. Mr s. Dor orot othy hy Jen enni ninngs Ro Robe b rson on Mr.. & Mrs. Bill Winters Mr Asbury Sellers Schoola lars rshi hp Revv. Ced Re edririck ick Alb lbur uryy ur Ms. Ma Ms M riilynn El E izabeth Alford All Beeac a on Aveenu nuee Ch C urrch of Good Rev. Re v. Aug ugus uste te Geo e rges ess Boonnap apar arte ar te R v. Rob Re ober ertt E. Bro er rook o inns ok Caapi Capi pito toll Ch to C ur urch ch of Go G d Mss. Do M D roth rooth t y Cr Craw wfo ford rd Car armi rmi mich c ae ch aell Elm El m St Stre reet re et Chu hurc r h of God rc M . and Mr annd Mr Mrs. s. Sam a ue uell Be Beltltltre r Esp re spiririitos ittos o an a too

Rev. Re v. anndd Mrs rs. Cl Cleev evei evei eion on Fer ergu guso gu son, so n, Sr.r Rev. Re v and Mrs. Alph v. phon onso so Flu luel elliling ng Rev. Ernest Fo Re Ford rd, Jr. Mr. and Mrrs. Cal alvi vin D. Frank nklilinn Rev. Jos ose Ra Ram mon Guzm zmann Revv. andd Mrs. Keenn Re nnet ethh L. Hill Mr. Leon G. Inm nman Rev. Huber ertt Joones Mr. an andd Mr Mrss. Jim L. McGahee Mrs. s. Sardis Cruz Perez Rev. Rudolph Planter Reverend D. L. Poitier Rev. & Mrs. Clarence Reynolds Rev. Joseph Fritz Simon Rev. Mary Evelyn Sims Rev. Theophilus Stuart Rev. Susie C. Torrence Wallace & Dorothy Sibley Scholarship Rev. James Boston Rev. Rosa E. Casco Revs. Kenneth L. & Janice Hill CPT Marlene Lucas Paul C. Stewart Scho hola larsshi hip Rev. Mac ackk P. Ste tewa wart,t Jr. Paul & Carmeelilita ta Wal alke ker Chai Ch airr fo ai forr Prrea each chin ch ingg & Pa in Past stor oral a Caree Mr.. Jo Mr John hn T. Cl Clow ower ow er,, IIIIII er Mr.. & Mr Mr Mrs. s. Jam ames es A. Co Cost stie st ie Ms.. A. Ms A B. De Deet es et Mr. & Mrs. Mr Mr. Mrs. Cha Mr harlrlrles es M. Dy es Dyke kess ke Mr.. & Mr Mr Mrs. s P. He s. Hegg g er gg Mrs. Mr s Pegggy LeF s. e ev evre re L gu Lo guee La L w Fi F rm r M . & Mr Mr M s. s Joh ohnn Fr Franci Fran annci c s Ma Mans n eelll ns Moun Mo unnt Paara rann Chhur urch ch of Go God – No God Nortrtrthh Rev. Re ev. v. Mar ark rk L. L. Wal alke kerr Mr.. & Mrrs. Law Mr a renc reencce B. Owe wens ns, ns s, Jr Jr.. Mr.. & Mr Mr M s. s. Lin Rog oger erss er Dr.. & Mrrs. Dr s Johhn W W.. Ros osss M . Reene Ms neee B. Rux Selb Se lby lb by Bi Bibl ble Gr ble bl Grou Grou oupp Ms.. Rhhan Ms a daa S. Sm Smititithh Mr.. & Mrs. Mr Mrs. Mr s. C. A. A Stu tuar artt ar Hora race ce S. Wa Ward rd,, Jr J . Sc Scho hola ho lars la rshi rs hip hip hi Caliliifo Ca forn rnniaa-Nev -N Nev evad adda Ch ada C urrch ch of Good St Stat atee Of O fificccee Cha h rlrles ess & Alilice ce Fis isch cher ch err Mr. & Mr Mr. Mr M s. s. Way aynne ne Eas asth tham th am M . & Mr Mr Mrs. s. Ave v ryy Finnge ger Mss. De M Deni n see L. Ke ni Ketc etc t ha ham Mrs. Lor Mr ora M. ora M. Laanngf gfor forrd D . & Mr Dr Mrs. s. Dav a idd Roe oebu ebu buck ck ck Mss. Da M Darlrlrlyn ynne Sw Swen wen enso enso s n T ac Tr acy, y Joy y, oylililita taa, Ka Kariris, riis, s, Kat ath the heririne heri ine n & Mat atth thia hiaas Terrp Te rpsttra rpst


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The Seminary Story is the print magazine of the Pentecostal Theological Seminary.

Seminary Story Winter '13-'14  

The Seminary Story is the print magazine of the Pentecostal Theological Seminary.