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When You Pray

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2011 1. Jhaneal Hector 2. Angelica Edie 3. Tonya Jackson 4. Malkia Garnes 5. Briyanna Sloss 6. Bianca Mcfarlane 7. Keneil Landells 8. Nemoya Ramcharan 9. Jaques Pierre 10. Owesha Henry 11. Lauren Kidd 12. Breanna Watson 13. Briana Williams 14. Christopher Malcolm (WPB) 15. Samuel Lewis (WPB) 16. Andre Jeffery 17. Da-Neil Christopher 18. Valbert Bailey 19. Dilique Anderson

Graduation Banquet Saturday, June 18 at 7:00pm Venue: Newport Beach Resort Adults: $50.00 Tickets on sale in the Lobby Please join us in a time of celebration with our

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PRAYER IS SURRENDER We love Lincoln because he lost himself in the cause of freedom - so he finds himself as the Great Emancipator. All life comes to one conclusion: We lose the ―I-that-is‖ in order to find the ―I-that-ought-to-be.‖ This is done by a once-andand-for-all surrender, but it is also done as a continual process. The continual process is prayer. Prayer is fundamentally and essentially self-surrender. I once asked Kagawa, the great Japanese Christian, what was the first thing in prayer, and he answered, ―Surrender.‖ He was right. But the idea of surrender cuts across the usual idea of prayer as a method of obtaining from God your wishes. That idea is self assertion. This is self- surrender. Then is prayer passive submission? A denial of the will to live? Is it the will to die? Far from it. Prayer is a will to die on the level of a defeated, empty, ineffective, short circuited life, and a will to live on the level of a victorious, full, effective, and cosmic- connected life. It is self- renunciation in order to find self-realization. Your petty self is renounced in order that your potential self might be realized. Prayer is the wire surrendering to the dynamo, the flower surrendering to the sun, the child surrendering to education, the patient surrendering to the surgeon, the part surrendering to the whole- prayer is surrendering to Life. A branch not surrendered to the vine, but cut off and on its own, is not free; it is dead. A person who doesn’t pray isn’t free; he is futile. He is a blind man who won’t surrender his blindness to the surgeon in order to see. He is free- to remain blind.

O God, my Father, forgive me that I fear to surrender my will to thy saving will. I am afraid - of life. Help me, as I begin this adventure of prayer, that it may be no side- line activity. May it become me ,that I may become thee. For I must have thy life to live. In Jesus name. Amen Gracious father, I thank thee that power, power, power is open to me if I but take it. Help me to empty my hands of trifling toys that I may take, take, take the things Thou art offering merelease, power, victory. Why should I do myself and others this wrong?—weak when I might be strong, a victim when I might be a VICTOR! Amen. Gracious Father, I come to Thee to learn to receive. In Thy presence I let down all the bars of my being and let Thee into every fiber, every brain cell, and every cranny of my being. As the blood courses through my body, cleansing and healing and restoring and empowering, so Thou art going through me-body, and soul-cleansing, healing, restoring, empowering. I thank Thee. Amen. Gracious Christ, teach me to pray. For if I fall down here, I fall down everywhere- anemia spreads through my whole being. Give me the mind to pray, the love to pray, the will to pray. Let prayer be the aroma of every act, the atmosphere of every thought, my native air. In thy name. Amen

SUNDAY First Fruits Prayer Christian Education Morning Worship Evening Prayer Evening Worship

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TUESDAY Early Morning Prayer Fasting and Prayer EVENING PRAYER

June 8 Pentab Academy Graduation

06:45 am 10:00 am 06:00pm


06:45 am 10:00 am 07:00 pm

June 13 Beautification Night Out


06:45 am 06:00pm

June 18 Summit & Graduation Banquet

FRIDAY Early Morning Prayer Communion & Prayer

06:45 am 09:00 pm

June 19 Father’s Day

09:00 am

June 22-26 Focus on Jesus Summit 2011



June 6 -1 0 Fasting and Prayer

June 1 0 Communion


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Pentecostal Tabernacle June 5 Bulletin  
Pentecostal Tabernacle June 5 Bulletin  

Pentecostal Tabernacle June 5 Bulletin