Penmanship Guidebook

Page 10

• Does your hand feel relaxed while you are writing? • Are you gripping and squeezing the pen while you are writing? • Is your pen resting deep in the web of your hand or correctly pinned against the long bone of the index finger by the thumb? • Is your thumb too close to the tip of the pen? Wrist and palm face down to the paper allowing the fingers to tense and release rhythmically.

• Is your middle finger under the pen barrel allowing you to flick strokes upwards to the right? • Is your middle finger sitting on top of the pen beside the index finger causing downward pressure and a squeezing action? • Is your thumb wrapped over the top of the index finger thereby dominating the action of the fine muscles in the fingertips? • Are you able to extend and compress your fingers while writing? • If you are left-handed, do you know to start words with your fingers compressed and extend them as you write words? • Can you tense and release the fingers easily pushing down with the index finger flicking up with the middle finger?

Wrist is rotated up anti-clockwise. Tension in the wrist results in a squeezing action in the hand restricting finger movements.

Page 8

• Are your down-strokes parallel? Do you have a preferred size and slope of writing?