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MOTHER OF THE BRIDE How your mom and mother-in-law can help out (without taking control)

be plenty of last-minute issues due to the very nature a big event, so you want to plan to avoid as much A successful event takes months as possible. of careful planning and organizing. Take time to organize your When you’re talking about an thoughts and think about specific event like a wedding, the amount tasks you can assign your mom and of careful planning and organizing MIL.Ask your groom or a trusted grows exponentially, along with the non-family member to help you emotional investment. make a list of important things you It takes time to plan the wedding would be willing to let each lady of your dreams, no matter how big take the lead on.Approach them or small, and time is a hot commod- individually with your list, and ask if ity most brides can’t seem to attain. they feel up to the challenge. Thankfully, Mom and MIL (motherDiscuss the list and make any in-law) are more than willing to changes.Then end the conversahelp. Unfortunately, each brings her tion with something like this:“I am own thoughts, feelings, and opinions available if you have questions, but I along for the ride. feel confident you understand what When determined, expressive I want and are more than capable women work together, it is possible of handling these tasks.Thank you to keep everyone’s stress level to a so much for being so willing to help minimum.A clear plan with specific make our special day perfect for us.” guidelines and instructions is the key. The purpose of this final stateIt may feel like added work on the ment is to affirm your trust in these front end, but as a bride you cannot ladies and relay encouragement that afford to be bogged down with you want them to be a part of the last-minute meltdowns.There will planning — all while impressing that Chelsea Bell

Photo by Amy Hall Photography

Above: Chelsea Hill Bell on her wedding day on Dec. 12, 2013.

it is you and your fiancé’s special day and that you are the lead, go-to person when it comes to decision making. The wedding may only last for one day, but your relationship with these women will continue for years. Maintaining honesty and respect now will help secure a lifetime of harmony. • Spring 2014



HIGH-TECH WEDDINGS Videos, photos and announcements are just a few creative options today Chelsea Bell

We are in the age of technology, and today’s couples are certainly keeping up with the times. Hopeful boyfriends around the country are creating tear-jerking proposal videos that not only get the girl, but a million YouTube hits as well. Tech-savvy brides are blasting out virtual wedding announcements. Family and friends are crossing state lines and even oceans in a matter of seconds by using tablets and laptops to attend the big event. Although it can be hard for a true southern belle to give up elegant tissue paper and embossed monograms, paperless invitations are becoming less faux pas and more mainstream. Some think online save-the-dates are tacky and too untraditional. But, techchic brides aren’t just writing a memo-style email.A creative video complete with clips from the engagement shoot and special message from the bride and groom is personal and intimate.The unique style will have guests buzzing with excitement for what mysteries await them on the big day.This video can be goofy, serious, or a mix of both. Save-the-dates offer the perfect setting for couples to show their personality and set the tone for the wedding theme. Behind the scenes, brides use technology to stay on track during the wedding frenzy.Apps like “Cozi” allow brides to set reminders for appointments, as well as automatically notify others, such as bridesmaids or a forgetful groom. Apps “Feedly” and “” help brides organize their ideas and search for inspiration. For the bride who prefers to avoid hand cramps and send


messages qwerty style,“Gracious Eloise” converts your handwriting into a font. Dislike your own handwriting? Choose from hundreds of pre-loaded styles — no one will ever know. MOHs (Maids of Honor) are using private Facebook groups to discuss bridal shower and bachelorette party plans. It’s also an easy way to post when and where information for bridesmaids. The bridal party can also use group chat applications to discuss important details together in between everyone’s busy schedules. Communication is most important when it comes to the bridal party, and with all the communication mediums available in 2014, there is no excuse for not being able to relay and receive information. Couples can even use technology to deliver wedding favors. Instead of the classic matchbook, print a website with access code on the back of a seating card or in a small envelope that allows guests to download their gift at home. It could be a Starbucks gift card, an iTunes download, or even a downloadable book. Guests will appreciate the practicality and uniqueness of this modern parting gift. After the wedding, sites like Viemo and Youtube allow couples to share their wedding story online. And wedding videos don’t just consist of a camera stuck in one spot on a tripod focused on the altar the entire time. Brides are spending a pretty penny for multiple cameramen and cinematic magic.Today’s wedding videos are more worthy of an amateur short-film competition. Most brides choose to mix and match standard wedding traditions with modern technological touches. The best thing about throwing a wedding in 2014 is the mantra that it is your wedding. Bride and Groom alone get to make the final decisions, despite what parents and grandparents might think. In the end, family and friends will just be happy to celebrate this special day with you, no matter what crazy non-traditional features you indulge.

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GULF COAST WEDDINGS & EVENTS SINCE 1988 (0,&/54$0. t  t  t  (6-' #3&&;& 1,8: t (6-' #3&&;&


Cook Images©


Broiled Seafood Platter with Market Fish, Shrimp and Scallops, courtesy of The Grand Marlin.



It’s about making an impression Phillip Makselan

Catering is an important part of the wedding experience for both the wedding party and their guests.While you definitely need to be aware of your guests’ dietary allergies and restrictions, it’s paramount not to lose sight of what you want, because it is ultimately your day. For Megan Chapman,Tiger Point Golf and Country Club Director of Sales and Marketing, it’s necessary to know that the client,“not only got the food they wanted, but that they got food that they loved.” While catering may seem like a quick decision, it should be treated with just as much planning as the wedding dress, because it will no doubt leave either a good or bad taste in the mouths of you and your guests. “Brides seem to be adding a lot more of their individual personalities to their reception,’’ says The Grand Marlin Banquet Coordinator Lisa Jacobi.“They are designing their event around what they want and moving away from the norm and what is ‘expected’.” 8

7 QUESTIONS FOR FINDING THE RIGHT VENUE • Is the space large enough to accommodate your number of guests? If outside, is there enough space for coverings to be set up? • Are there additional costs at the facility? • When will the caterer be able to enter the space? • Will other parties be at the facility? • Can items be set up the day before the event? • How do rates differ from weekdays to weekends? • Is there a dance floor, and if not, is there space to set one up?

Cherry BBQ Short Rib, courtesy of Tiger Point Golf and Country Club. • Spring 2014


Above: Strawberry, Peach, Blackberry Salad, courtesy of Tiger Point Golf and Country Club.


Above: Tuna Poke, courtesy of The Grand Marlin.

• Sample many dishes before making a decision. • Make the caterer aware of any dietary restrictions or allergies. • Choose items that you and your groom enjoy. • If you’ll be arriving late to the reception due to photos after the ceremony, have a plan in place for guests to be satiated. • Match the menu with the time of day, typically lighter foods in the afternoon and heavier foods in the evening. When it comes to catering trends, just like fashion, there are certain items that are always in vogue, while others fall by the wayside. Jacobi notes that while allergies are always a concern, catering to dietary restrictions such as vegan, gluten-free, low fat, low carb, etc., are becoming more prevalent.

7 TRENDS IN CATERING • Menus that include local flavors that tell a story. • Regional foods (fresh Gulf seafood or a specific world location). • Buffet style and heavy hors d’oeurves. • Carving stations. • Open bars (whether they’re limited to beer, wine or include mixed drinks). • Themed stations (oysters, Above: Blackberry Bread Pudding, mashed potatoes, barbecue, grits, courtesy of Tiger Point Golf and etc.). Country Club. • A more casual feel, sometimes minus the wedding cake, with pies being substituted. Tips and trends courtesy of The Grand Marlin, Kent’s Special Events and Tiger Point Golf and Country Club.

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Setting the

SCENE Liesel Schmidt

Weddings are a celebration, a time to fete the future and welcome a new beginning.As the wedded bliss unfolds, there are reflections of each couple as unique to them as the stories they share — from tipple to table and everything in between. “Our first date — and the first time we met — was at Starbucks,” says Kimberly (Davis) Linsky.“We enjoyed great conversation over our coffee, and I knew from that first date that he was ‘The One’.” True love brewed, and Kim married Pete on May 20, 2012, on Pensacola Beach. The couple’s shared love for coffee was an integral part of their wedding, and guests at the reception at 5Eleven savored sips and raised a mug to toast the newlyweds.“We had a coffee bar set up with different coffees, sugars, chocolate stirrers, and sprinkling flavors,” Kim recalls. “We wanted our wedding to be about us and our relationship, so one main idea came to mind: coffee,” says Kim.“Coffee beans were added to some vases on our tables with flowers, and burlap runners were laid on top of nice linens to look like vintage coffee bags. Instead of table numbers, we designated the tables with coffee drinks that you might find in a coffee shop, like caramel macchiato. Even the card and gift table was an old vin-



Top left:

Linsky card gift table. Above: Linsky table numbers. Left: Linsky seat assignment. Far left: Pete and Kim Linsky. Photos by Tiffany Coker of Avant Images

tage coffee carafe.Vintage crates were used to display decor. Fern curls were put in bouquets and boutonnieres to add that coffee bean color. And even our chairs were chosen for their color and vintage-glam coffee house feel.” Kim credits Megan K. Events with the easy flow and uniqueness of her special day: “All the little details made our day so special and personal.” • Spring 2014

When Élan Sa Lelna Pace became Mrs. Patrick James Travis, she did it in such a way that was very fitting to her name — Élan. Walking down the white sands toward her intended at their Perdido Beach wedding on Sept. 1, 2012, the stylish bride showed off her sparkling personality in more ways than one:“Since I went barefoot on the beach, I wore foot jewelry so that they Above: Patrick and his could catch the sunlight and sparkle.” groomsmen wore The bride wasn’t the only one doing customized Converse some fancy footwork — Patrick and his Chuck Taylors. Right: Foot brush for guests. groomsmen wore customized Converse Photos by Michael Newman Photography Chuck Taylors, a true stand-out against Above: Patrick and Élan Travis. their pristine white background. With their beachside venue in mind, Patrick and Élan welcomed their guests in comfort with wedding programs printed on paper petals assembled into a fan — proving function can be funky and keep guests cool.A basket of paintbrushes and small, color-coordinated towels and was provided, offering friends and family the perfect way to get the sand off their feet before Above: Bride’s feet they headed to the reception at Palafox Wharf Waterfront. on behalf of each guest to the American Cancer They dance into their new life together and remembering loved ones with wedding Society and Lupus Foundation of America in honor favors that showed off their generous spirit. of loved ones that had passed,” Elan says, referring to elegantly printed cards informing guests of their “We couldn’t decide on a favor that represented us well. So after searching and special contribution that she hand embellished with searching, we decided to make a donation pretty ribbons and charms.

Above: Program fan from Travis wedding. Left: Travis wedding favors.

Setting the tone of a wedding can be as easy as setting the table — you just need a little vision. Decide what tone you want to set, what kind of story you want to share, and you can create a wedding that will have your guests with sweet memories about more than just the cake.

Planning and Coordination Call or email me for a free consultation Toni Toma 850-733-9045 PJ-0000352312

Serving Northwest Florida’s Gulf Coast


Brighton silver and blue gemstone necklace, $48, at Lee Tracy.

London blue topaz and diamond pendant, $2,800, at Elebash’s.



Beaded bracelets, $24 each, at Envie.

T. Marie, semi-precious teardrop earrings, $68, at Envie.

Mad Jewels rock earrings, $69, at Envie.

Phillip Makselan

Brighton teardrop gemstone earrings, $62, at Lee Tracy.

Sapphire and diamond ring, $3,995, at Elebash’s. Brighton, silver and blue gemstone bracelet, $56, at Lee Tracy. 12


Gabeirl & Co. .23cw diamond pendant, $815, at Bere’ Jewelers.

Leather and fresh water pearl earrings, $125, necklace, $325, single bracelet, $225, and double bracelet, $275, at Rock Hard Designs. Catherine Popesco blue gemstone bracelet, $48, at Lee Tracy.

Catherine Popesco gemstone earrings, $48, at Lee Tracy. Hanky Panky panties, $20, at Envie.

Shopping List

Susannah Elle earrings, $68, at Envie.

Sapphire and diamond ring, $3,495, at Elebash’s.

Bere’ Jewelers 4421 Bayou Blvd. Pensacola 850-477-6818 209 Gulf Breeze Pkwy. Gulf Breeze 850-934-2688

Elebash’s 36 Palafox Place Pensacola 850-432-5136

Sapphire and diamond tennis bracelet, $6,460, at Elebash's.

Susannah Elle bracelet, $60, at Envie.

Envie Boutique 400 Quietwater Beach Road Unit #8 Pensacola Beach 850-934-7050 www.pensacolabeach

Lee Tracy Pensacola 701 E. Gregory St. Pensacola 850-912-8639

Pandora bracelet, $65 with charms starting at $25, at Bere’ Jewelers.

Spring 2014 •

Rock Hard Designs 16 North Palafox St Pensacola 850-438-5119


15 ways to add personality to your


Liesel Schmidt

Weddings are the perfect time to show your creativity and uniqueness as two lives are joined to become one. It’s all about you — so make the most of it, and let your personalities shine through. 1. DON’T TAKE SIDES • When Amanda Pattullo took her march down the aisle at Old Christ Church in downtown Pensacola to become Mrs. Jordan Failing, their unique personalities played a huge part in every aspect of the special day, even with regard to the seating of their guests. “Have them choose a seat, rather than a side, during the ceremony,” she suggests. It offers a symbolic gesture of the blending of two lives. 2. STEAL A LINE • If you and your intended have a favorite song, poem, book, or movie, make it part of the service by quoting special words. Guests to Brooke Newby’s wedding to Wesley Barnes on Sep. 21, 2013, dabbed tears from their eyes as these words from Nicholas Sparks’ “The Notebook’’ were recited:“‘I love you. I am who I am because of you.You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I’ve ever had; and no matter what happens to us in the future, every day we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours.” 3. SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS • “We chose navy blue and lime green,” Amanda says.“The bridesmaids wore green shoes with their navy dresses — it showed our fun side.” Even the groomsmen dipped their toes in the crayon box:“We gave them socks to match their personalities.They were fun for us to pick, and the guys all loved them.” 4. SHOW SOME DAZZLE • “Jewelry can say a lot about the bride’s personality,” says Amanda, who wore a string of pearls given to her grandmother by her grandfather on their own special day. 14

Photo by Patsy Brown Photography

Above: Jordan and Amanda Failing’s wedding party.

Photo by Barrett McClean Photography

Above: Brooke blindfolds Wesley Barnes.

Photo by Jessi Field Photography (JFP)

Above: Paige Livermore’s wedding dress.

Photo by Patsy Brown Photography

Above: Amanda Pattullo Failing wore a string of pearls given to her grandmother by her grandfather on their own special day.

5. DRESS TO IMPRESS • Bride Paige Livermore was a stunner when she wed Thomas Yarborough in her 1920s-inspired wedding dress, which she personally designed and had custom made by Ruthy’s Custom Creations and Alterations. “I bought every single inch of fabric, down to the antique mother-

of-pearl buttons,” she says.“I’m a plus-size girl, so it was hard for me to go to a retail shop and actually find a dress that fit right,” Paige says. Not only did the ready-made options not fit Paige’s body, they didn’t fit her theme:“I really didn’t care for anything. I wanted to have a very traditional, vintage look.” 6. GET CERTIFIED • “We didn’t want a typical sign-in guest book,” says Paige. Instead, guests played a role in making things official, signing off as witnesses to the Nov. 24, 2013, ceremony at Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel. The Amish-style wedding certificate now hangs framed at the couple’s home.”

7. SNEEK A PEEK AND SNAP A PIC • Bucking tradition can be a good thing and give you one-of-a-kind photos.And exchanging pre-ceremony affection can calm a case of the jitters. “We did a non-traditional firstlook photo,” Brooke says.“I’d always dreamed of my husband seeing me in my dress for the first time as I walked down the aisle. But I also wanted to see Wes before the ceremony just to say,‘I love you’ before I walked down the aisle.” Brooke and Wes broke out the blindfold, and the bride maintained her big reveal until she walked down the aisle at Old Christ Church. 8. TOAST TO YOUR FUTURE • We had a champagne tower of 100 glasses stacked up,” says Paige, whose posh, cocktail party-style reception at 5Eleven reflected the couple’s desire for a true black-tie event so typical of the roaring 1920s. “When Thomas and I poured champagne over the tower, it cascaded down into the glasses.” It was a truly notable moment for guests, who watched from their perches in the lushly appointed lounge area, which replaced the typical table and chairs seating so common to receptions. • “Have a signature drink at your cocktail hour and reception,” Jordan says.“You can even have a bride’s drink and a groom’s drink.

Photo by Melissa Wilson Photography (MWP)

Above: Livermore champagne tower. • Spring 2014

“It’s something personal that your guests can try and that you particularly enjoy,â€? says Paige. 9. A TASTE OF YOUR PERSONALITY – LITERALLY â€˘â€œMy husband is a huge University of New Mexico fan, so I had to have a football helmet groom’s cake,â€? says Amanda, who eschewed convention in favor of a blending of cupcakes and two layers of wedding cake, made by the skilled hands of baker Angela Gray at MommaBakesCakes. When dinner rolled around, the couple served up southern comfort, for the reception at 5Eleven: Boneless fried chicken, a fun mac-andcheese bar, biscuits, salad, and fresh veggies, catered by Appetite4Life. “Your wedding cake is a pretty obvious option to show your own taste — but think about your groom’s cake, as well,â€? says Jordan (Millender) Jones, whose transition from Ms. to Mrs. was celebrated in style at WaterSound Beach Club on June 2, 2013. “If you attended the same college, love the same sports team, or share the same hobby, incorporate that into your cake.Your guests will love seeing a fun cake that can mean something to both of you,â€? she suggests. New husband Collin’s cake was a quirky, sweet representation of his alma mater’s hallowed halls from Cakes by Tanis.And make things just a bit more fun by having the guests participate in the cake cutting:“Sing your school song; throw up your hand sign; or do your cheer.Your guests will always remember this fun moment of your reception.â€? 10. ROLL CAMERA • When Jordan married Collin, they kept reception guests entertained with fun flashbacks:“Playing a slideshow of childhood memories is a wonderful idea for your rehearsal dinner or wedding reception. If you

12.THINK OUTSIDE THE (CAKE) BOX • When reception time rolled around, Brooke and Wesley’s guests weren’t forking up cake as they celebrated at the stately Lee House Bed and Breakfast. Instead, the happy couple decided to put the cake table to new use with sweets of a different kind:“We chose to have a candy bar,â€? says Brooke. “We wanted to share our favorite treats with our family and friends and incorporate a Scrabble theme because Wes loves the game.â€? Photos by Meg Baisden Photography 13. PLAY THE NAME GAME Above: Millender’s groom cake. • “Having the fun new last name Below: Collin and Jordan Millender. of Jones, I chose Frank Sinatra’s ‘Have You Met Miss Jones?’ as the last song played at the reception,â€? says Jordan. Guests were sent home with a fun favor, as well: “We ordered personalized bottles of Jones Soda and printed a personal note on the label.â€? 14. PUT A CORK IN IT • “My step-brother, Ryan, surprised us with ice wine he had made and bottled for our wedding,â€? Brooke says. Having special sips is a great way to let guests continue the celebration at a later date, and they’ll know anyone who’s handy with remember your perfect day with a video editing software, set up sepahappy toast.“Ryan and his girlfriend rate bride and groom interviews hand-painted the bottles as favors with random questions about each to our guests.â€? other. Not only will it be fun for 15. GET SENT OFF IN STYLE your guests to watch the answers • “We saved money on some of the questions, but you’ll get to see what your new spouse said.â€? 11. SHOW SOME HISTORY • “Set up a table of family wedding photos at the reception,â€? Jordan says.“Go as far back as possible — you can wow your guest with your family history.â€? The fun, sentimental gesture will strike just the right note with your family members and take them on a trip down memory lane. “They’ll love gazing at the photos of Photo by Barrett McClean Photography all of the past special big days.’’ Above: Barnes ice wine favors.

things so that we could splurge on a car service,â€? says Paige, who rode off with her new husband in a RollsRoyce from Celepretty Limo. • “The getaway is such an exciting and fantastic finale for the wedding,â€? Jordan says.“Make it fun — stay classic with rice, or get playful with bubbles, sparklers, balloons or sky lanterns. Choose something that highlights your personality.Your guests will love the special touch.â€? No getaway is complete without the wheels:“Choose something funny and casual like a golf cart, a funkyhippy Volkswagen Beetle, or something more elegant and classic, like a limousine or Rolls Royce.â€? • After Lindsay Pieler vowed to love and cherish Chris Fowler on Oct. 5, 2013, the newlyweds left Presbyterian Church of Pensacola to get the party rolling. Guests to their intimate, picturesque waterfront reception at Palafox Wharf were in for a treat at the end of the night, when the pair made their getaway in an oh-somemorable way. “One of the last details we decided on was how we were going to leave the reception,â€? says Lindsay.“We considered the usuals — limo, trolley, vintage car — but nothing was really catching my interest.â€? A little more legwork, and they had their solution — a pedicab. “Everyone lined up outside of the building when it was time for us to leave, and they blew bubbles as we made our way to the pedicab.The driver was nicely dressed, and the white pedicab had a ‘Just Married’ sign hanging on the back,â€? she says, describing their unconventional mode of travel, booked with Gulf Coast Pedicabs. After our quick goodbyes and a few snapped pictures, we rode off into the night for a romantic ride around downtown Pensacola, and then were dropped off at our final destination. It was such a fun and unique way to end our perfect night.

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)#" ' + " )#' , " '!   $$(,,( " *#' !% 


Spring 2014 •

 %  !!        &    #  $   


Dress by Killer Designer. Dress by Killer Designer. Makeup by Fantastic Artist. Makeup by Fantastic Artist. Legs by Interventional Radiology. Legs by Interventional Radiology.

There’s Still Time to Erase Varicose Veins. WeStill offerTime a procedure with noVaricose surgery, noVeins. downtime There’s to Erase

and no hospital stay. It’s all done as an outpatient procedure We offer a procedure surgery, downtime in less than twowith hoursnowith newno laser technology. and no hospital stay. It’s all done as an outpatient procedure Andtwo besthours of all,with yournew insurance may cover it. in less than laser technology. 434-5750 for more information. And best Call of all, your insurance may cover it. Call 434-5750 for more information.

Dr. Amit G. Gupta Dr. Henry C. Lusane, Jr. Dr. Edwin Rivera Cindy K. Saiter, ARNP Joseph Young, PA 1717 North E St, Suite 300, Pensacola, FL 850.434.5750 Dr. Amit G. Gupta Dr. Henry C. Lusane, Jr. Dr. Edwin Rivera Cindy K. Saiter, ARNP Joseph Young, PA PJ-0000352059


1717 North E St, Suite 300, Pensacola, FL 850.434.5750

Dress by Killer Designer. Dress by Killer Designer. Makeup by Fantastic Artist. Makeup by Fantastic Artist. Legs by Interventional Radiology. Legs by Interventional Radiology.

There’s Still Time to Erase Varicose Veins. WeStill offerTime a procedure with noVaricose surgery, noVeins. downtime There’s to Erase

and no hospital stay. It’s all done as an outpatient procedure We offer a procedure surgery, downtime in less than twowith hoursnowith newno laser technology. and no hospital stay. It’s all done as an outpatient procedure Andtwo besthours of all,with yournew insurance may cover it. in less than laser technology. 434-5750 for more information. And best Call of all, your insurance may cover it. Call 434-5750 for more information.

Dr. Amit G. Gupta Dr. Henry C. Lusane, Jr. Dr. Edwin Rivera Cindy K. Saiter, ARNP Joseph Young, PA 1717 North E St, Suite 300, Pensacola, FL 850.434.5750 Dr. Amit G. Gupta Dr. Henry C. Lusane, Jr. Dr. Edwin Rivera Cindy K. Saiter, ARNP Joseph Young, PA PJ-0000352059


1717 North E St, Suite 300, Pensacola, FL 850.434.5750

Maggie Sottero Sydney mermaid-shape dress with beaded appliques, $1,049. This dress is ideal for a traditional bride and comes with a corset back, giving you a perfect shape. Jewelry set, $70, and Marionat veil $190, all at The Bridal Suite.




Your wedding revolves around the perfect dress Pam Childs

So, you’re engaged. Apart from setting a date, your first task should be to find the wedding dress of your dreams. And rightly so. It’s an important purchase. PHOTOS BY BEN TWINGLEY/ A18 • Spring 2014


Everything about your wedding revolves around “the dress.” The theme, décor, flowers, linens, color scheme — even your hairstyle and makeup, are all tied to the dress. You can begin narrowing your choices by browsing magazines and bridal websites for inspiration. It’s an emotional purchase. The right wedding dress has been known to move a bride and her family members to tears. It really is a Cinderella kind of moment for a bride. So, try on as many dresses as it takes to find the gown that absolutely dazzles you the first time you put it on, and see your image in the mirror. It’s out there, and your heart will tell you when you’ve found it.

• Bridal Suite 1340 E. Nine Mile Road, Pensacola 850-494-9989 •


But, of course, choose your gown carefully, take into account your body type and personal style. What looks good on a model in a magazine may not be the right style for your body type. Research what gown styles look best on your body, or choose a consultant you can trust to give you sound styling advice. To determine your best style, some wedding consultants suggest that you start by trying on a traditional style wedding dress. From there, work your way out to other styles. There are plenty of wedding dress styles from which to choose: Ball gown, A-line or princess, empire, sheath and mermaid silhouettes. A bride should also consider the dress length, bodice, neckline, sleeve length and train.


Be open-minded when trying on different dress styles. Consultants have seen it all, so when they ask you to consider a style out of your comfort zone, value their judgment. They have years of experience at dressing various body types and want nothing more than to please you. Consultants say it’s best to limit the number of people you bring to give their opinions about the dresses you model. Often, well-meaning friends don’t understand your personal style need, nor do they consider your budget.

HAIR AND MAKEUP Casablanca dress, tulle over silky satin with beadwork and embroidery and sleek satin sash, $1,350. Marionat veil, $220, and Marionat necklace set, $70, all at The Bridal Suite.

• Brittany Bagby, makeup artist with Bloom Medical Spa, 913 Gulf Breeze Pkwy., Harbortown, Suite 15, Gulf Breeze, 850-934-4815. • Caitlin DeGarmo, stylist with Bloom Medical Spa, 913 Gulf Breeze Pkwy., Harbortown, Suite 15, Gulf Breeze, 850-934-4815. A19


The average price tag for a wedding dress this year is $1,053. If your gown has embroidery, intricate beadwork, or add-ons, you will pay more. Plan on paying another $180 to $250 if your dress needs altering. Remember, it’s better to buy a gown in a larger size than a smaller one, because your seamstress has more options for the alterations. For your fittings, wear your wedding-day shoes and lingerie to ensure the proper fit and length of your gown. Ultimately, the details of the dress and the complexity of the alterations will determine the final cost, but altering a dress is still more affordable than buying a custom-made gown. Gown alterations should be completed six to eight weeks before the wedding.


• Photography: Ben Twingley/ • Fashion styling: Pam Childs/ • Fashion and photo shoot assistance: Cindy Hall/, Tracee Neese/, and Brittany Bagby and Caitlin DeGarmo.

ABOUT THE MODEL • Desiree White, 25, and her husband, Cody, who is in the Navy, just married last December. They live in Beulah. Desiree is a 2006 Tate High School graduate and works independently for Advocare and Mary Kay Cosmetics. She enjoys shopping, baking, decorating cakes and loves arts and crafts. A20

Maggie Sottero Jessica dress with sequin-embellished, corded-lace appliqués on tulle over vogue satin, $1,198. DS Bridal hair piece, $150, Sassy bracelet, $25, and Marionat belt $190, all at The Bridal Suite. photos by ben twingley/ • Spring 2014

ABOUT THE LOCATION • Crowne Plaza Pensacola Grand Hotel, 200 E. Gregory St., 850-4333336, Special thanks to Jan Chapman at the Crowne Plaza. The rich heritage of the 15-story Crowne Plaza Pensacola Grand dates back to 1912. Located in downtown Pensacola on the site of the historic L&N railroad passenger depot, the hotel beautifully blends old and new. Its main entrance lobby is the fully restored 1912 L&N Passenger Depot, furnished with period antiques.The Depot houses the lobby, lounges, shops and meeting rooms.The 1912 Restaurant is also in the hotel.The Crowne Plaza is a versatile meeting place and conference center, too.The Plaza’s Grand Ballroom seats 500 people. The hotel is a recipient of the Torchbearer’s Award, a prestigious award that recognizes hotels within the InterContinental Hotels Group, and their excellence in hotel operaAbove: Casablanca dress, with beaded lace bodice flowing out into tions, including quality and customer organza and lace over a satin skirt, $1,305. Marionat veil, $310, and satisfaction. pearl necklace with rhinestone brooch, all at The Bridal Suite. Alexia dress, $195, and Sassy pearl necklace, $40, all at The Bridal Suite.

The Dressy Group lace dress, $235, and JL Johnson necklace, $120, all at The Bridal Suite.


• Flower bouquet provided by Celebrations the Florist, 717 N. 12th Ave., Pensacola, 850-433-2022, www.celebrationstheflorist. com. Celebrations the Florist, is a locally owned family business located at the foot of the historic 12th Avenue District in Pensacola. The shop offers fresh flowers, silk arrangements and wreaths, and has a gift shop and greenhouse to provide quality flowers, live plants, custom wreaths, holiday and home decor items and gifts.

7 NEW TRENDS FOR THIS YEAR There are six eye-catching runway trends for this year’s wedding gowns and one rather unexpected twist in wedding attire:


Wedding dresses from Carolina Herrera to Marchesa have shorter hemlines, from wedding dress minis to tea-length — a rather obvious way to show off your fabulous shoes.


Feathered, embellished or embroidered cover-ups and jackets are a trendy accessory or adornment for your gown — and a beautiful way to warm up on a cool wedding day.


Bodices, trains and classic wedding dresses finished in luxe feathers provide glamorous details to gowns this year, turning them into party dresses.


Wedding gowns saturated in shades of bold pinks to light pinks are in. Designers say pink is the new white for Fall 2014 weddings.


Flowers aren’t just for bouquets and flower arrangements anymore. For the fall, rosettes and floral details are being sewn right onto gowns.


Full or three-quarter length lacecovered sleeves make these gowns look regal. Designers brought the Duchess’s wedding look to the runway for 2014. They are perfect for a church ceremony.


If you really want to make a statement with your wedding fashion, choose this year’s surprising trend, the wedding jumpsuit. The untraditional look is popular with women getting married a second time and destination brides. A21

Left: Some brides opt for shorter veils to complement their dress and style, courtesy of The Bridal Suite.

To veil or not to

VEIL Phillip Makselan

The bridal veil has been a staple during weddings for hundreds if not thousands of years. Ancient Greeks and Romans wore veils as protection from evil spirits, which evolved into being seen as a symbol of purity during Medieval Europe and has survived to be the mark of tradition in today’s society, according to “Trends have come and gone over the last few years, but veils remain pretty much the same. Timeless and romantic,” says Renee Miller, owner of Renee’s Bridal. No matter if you’re on the fence about including or excluding a veil on your special day, Renee advises brides to choose their dress first, then determine whether to include the veil. More often than not they say yes to a veil, she says. If you’ve decided to forgo the traditional white gown, Leigh Green of The Bridal Suite says, “some companies are now offering diamond white and champagne to blend with any dress.” A few area brides were kind enough to share their veil experiences. “I feel like the veil makes you feel and look more like a ‘bride’,” says Ruthie Murray, who was married in September 2012.

Photos By Phillip Makselan/Bella Bride/

Left: A cathedral veil drapes past the dress, courtesy of Renee’s Bridal.

Ruthie chose a short veil with rhinestones along the edge of it, but not one that covered her face. “I definitely chose my veil after my dress so that they would complement each other, but I always knew I wanted to wear a veil.’’ Rochell E. James-Lewis remarried her husband in January 2014. While she had a veil on the first occasion, she chose to forgo the veil this time and opted for feathers with rhinestones. “Our second wedding, I picked no veil because I wanted something different, and I was going for a European style,” Rochell says. “There was no deeper meaning either time. I went by my personal style for that moment and how I wanted to feel on those special days.” Tina Morrison Carey wore a traditional Japanese kimono for her wedding in February 2007. She did not have a veil, however, she did change into traditional wedding dress for the reception and chose not to wear a veil.

Our representatives are here to help you make the right decisions.

*Account opening subject to approval. Rates and terms based on credit score. Visit for details. Equal Housing Lender. Federally insured by NCUA. 22 • Spring 2014 PJ-0000352359

“If I were to get married all over again, it would depend on the dress and setting but I doubt I would have a veil,� says Tina. April Pace Busby, who married in August 2001, also was going for the ‘‘bride’’ look. “I chose a veil because I felt it was classical ‘bride’ look. I was a traditionalist,� April says. She kept it simple and elegant with a “fingertiplength veil with tiny pearls scattered throughout.’’ “I probably would not choose a veil today ... maybe it’s because I am older,� April says. Christian Jacob De Jesus, married in 2007, chose a veil for “purely aesthetic� reasons and says that her dress did not determine her veil, but it was just what she liked. Brenda Taylor Mader, who was wed in June 1990, knew exactly what she wanted. “I wore a veil. I couldn’t find one I liked. I had a very specific idea in mind , so, I described it at the bridal store, and they designed it,’’ Brenda says.“It was a very ornate crown with a huge sunburst of tulle that looked like, well, a giant sunburst. My dress was very dramatic, so the veil

needed to be, too. I would probably do the same thing today, but add lights. I think I remain a bit of a drama queen.� For Christine Hearn, who was married in July 2011,“A wedding is all about tradition.’’ “My dad unveiled me to my groom,’’ Christine says.“In my head, it was this silly-silent moment between my husband and I that implied,‘This is likely the best I’ll ever look. Last chance to run, if you don’t think you can stare at this mug for the rest if your days’.� If she were doing it today, Christine says, she might choose a birdcage veil, rather than the long veil she originally wore. Amy Hagensick Thomas, wed in October 2006, wore a veil, but not a blusher over her face. “It was pretty, and I thought traditional. I’d wear the whole ensemble again,� says Amy.

Above: Veil details should complement the wedding dress, courtesy of The Bridal Suite.

Above: One of many veil lengths at Renee’s Bridal.

VEIL TRENDS • Vintage lace. • Sheer tulle. • Cathedral Style. • Birdcage, old-Hollywood style. • Fingertip length.

Above: A birdcage veil at Renee’s Bridal.

Above: A birdcage veil at The Bridal Suite.

Photos By Phillip Makselan/Bella Bride/



From a small intimate gathering, tenting our Party Plaza for a large event or anything in between, we are ready to help with all of your needs. r $BUFSJOH r *O)PVTF %+ r 4VHHFTUJPOT GPS #BOET r 'MPXFST





Make those dreams come true with the best..


130 East Government St. 4&7*--&26"35&3$0. r 


BRIDALWISDOM Advice on weathering wedding mishaps Allison McCrory

While bumps occur along the way in wedding planning and execution, these former brides have advice for how to avoid them, if at all possible. If mishaps do occur, here is insight into how to ride the waves of unplanned nuptial events and maintain a calm demeanor — ensuring your big day is the best it can be.


May 7, 2011, at Pine Forest United Methodist Church, with a reception following at Nature Trail Lodge. Lautier’s best advice for brides-tobe is to remember to drink in the planning process — relishing each moment:“As stressful as it can seem, take the time to really enjoy the wedding planning process. Make it as fun as possible. Revel in the excitement and anticipation of your big day. In later years, you will look back and realize those memories you made with your fiance, bridesmaids, friends and family during planning were some of the best and most sentimental times spent together.”

Most every bride has more than a full load during the wedding planning process, when errands are crammed into lunch breaks and evenings. Heather Walpole was no different, when she Photo by David & Jess Wedding Photography made plans to marry Above: Heather Jason Lautier on Walpole Lautier.

PJ-0000352125 24

“I was engaged for less than two months when my husband received immediate “My wedding was special orders to deploy to Iraq for a year,’’ simply because we managed she says.“He was told he had a to make it happen,” Miriah few short weeks before he had Wells Brown says of her wed- to report, unlike the usual several ding to husband Jeff. months’ notice.”


Photos by Amy Hall Photography

Above and left: Miriah Wells Brown on her two wedding days.“On our actual wedding day — I didn’t have time to get a dress — I bought a bridesmaid dress from a used store.Then, a year later, we had a big reception after he returned, and I wore an actual wedding dress.”

So the couple sprung into action. “We knew we wanted to marry before he left.We found out on a Thursday and married the next Friday, eight days later,” says Brown, who has always been an expert organizer. • Spring 2014

“I originally was fine with a court gathering, since I never thought a wedding was possible,’’ Brown says. “Yet, somehow, a wedding came together. Our church offered us use of the venue for free.A wedding coordinator happened to be at the church that Friday and helped.A wonderful piano player was lingering in the lobby as we were preparing and offered to sit in and play the wedding march ... it was amazing how it all played out,” Brown says.


2Œn -nÏ|n[Ý -˜A[n |¨Ï ö¨æÏ 0·n[A˜ Aö ôÝŒ ݌n

nÓÝ 9nôÓ ¨£ ݌n nA[Œz

Photo by Amy Hall Photography

Above: Karla Humphrey.

to your favorite music; have a glass About 10 minutes before Karla of wine; laugh. Pictures don’t lie, so Humphrey was to walk down the make sure you are ready for the baraisle to marry her husband, Jordan, rage of people taking pictures. Keep in October 2011, at Olive Baptist your makeup artist on-board for the Church, her bridesmaids were tying her corset.When she heard the word day, and have fun.” “uh-oh” — not the word brides want DON’T COMBINE A to hear on their wedding day — she WEDDING AND A SHOWER pleaded with them to tell her what What could be more memorable went wrong, only to get in rethan marrysponse “.... um, nothing.We got it.” ing your love The wedding went on as outdoors at planned. the Pensacola “I didn’t know until after the wedLighthouse? ding that my dear friend Tiffany How about sewed me into my dress. She also a burst of cut me out so I could change into unexpected my departing outfit, which for me cold water? was jeans and an Alabama Crim“Make sure son Tide sweatshirt,” remembers your venue Humphrey, who will be forever Photo by Molly Rockwell turns off the thankful for her friend’s skills with a Above: Jennifer and sprinklers,” needle and thread. emphasizes Jeremiah Duke. ENSURE A GENUINE SMILE Jennifer Duke. When Tiffany Richardson married “They went off during our reception Matthew McQueen, she wanted the and sprayed my uncle in the face. joy of the occasion to shine through They wet me from head to toe, and in the photographs she would treait was chilly that night. But we still sure for years and flow to the friends made the best of it.” and family who would gather to As is the flip side of all wedding celebrate her and her new husband. mishaps, however, Duke and her “Make sure that you enjoy yourself husband, Jeremiah, will have an enter— whatever you need to make taining story when the conversation yourself feel like a million bucks for turns to nuptials. your big day, make sure you have it,” PLATES FOR THE FAMILY she recommends.“Focus on the goal Pixie Daigle and Michael Millar of being radiant and welcoming to wed at St.Ann’s Catholic Church in everyone celebrating with you. Listen Bellview in 1982. Last spring, their daughter Amelia married at a Sullivan Island, S.C., church, with a reception following at a nearby plantation.The wedding was picture-perfect, but Millar has one regret. “The caterer usually makes a point of fixing a plate of food for the bride and groom.We should have had them make a plate for the bride and groom’s parents, so you at least get to taste what you have spent a fortune on,” Millar suggests.“You’re too busy greeting everyone there to get your own food. If it hadn’t been Photo Special to Bella Bride for leftovers the next day, I wouldn’t have tasted anything.” Above: Tiffany McQueen.

¨Ï -Ϗ[£ƒ I óA˜AQ˜Ýöb

¨£ÝA[Ýa /Œ¨£eA n˜ÝÓb A£ÄænÝ !A£AƒnÏ (850) 293-2237 |

üü .ænÝôAÝnÏ nA[Œ ˜óe½ 0æÝn ¯Ø



ôôô½Œnž£ƒôAöӏӘA£eƒÏ˜˜½[¨ž A25

Say, sing or dance with love Liesel Schmidt

Whether you’re customizing your vows, penning poems, or spinning some special songs, don’t forget to use your words.You’ll remind each other what made you fall in love in the first place — and send your guests head over heels. After Brittany Cochrell vowed her eternal love to Forrest Paul Mitchell on July 6, 2013, the new Mr. and Mrs. celebrated in a southern vintagethemed reception at the Pensacola Country Club. Friends and family were sent home with specially mixed CDs of the couple’s favorite love songs. “The CDs were a soundtrack of our relationship,” says Brittany. “Paul chose songs that marked special moments and memories of our relationship. For example, we wanted to convey our determination and passion to always be there for each other, regardless of what happens in our relationship, so we chose ‘I Won’t Give Up’ by Jason Mraz,” she

Photo by Amanda Suanne Photography

Above: Mitchell’s friends and family were sent home with specially mixed CDs of the couple’s favorite love songs.

says.“‘Turning Home’ by David Nail is an accurate representation of our love and personalities coming from a small town in Arkansas.We can really relate to all of the imagery in the song. It’s a reminder of all the fun memories.” Nikki Hovanec and Todd Rice exchanged vows in the backyard of their Gulf Breeze home, reciting

Pamper Yourself With

Our Special Bella Package:




Photo by Brandie

Above: Todd and Nikki Rice with Dr. Michael DeMaria, who worked his magic on the flute and served as officiant.

words woven together from three different types of ceremonies that they felt reflected their journey as a couple. “Todd and I aren’t very religious, so we didn’t want to say the traditional vows,” says Nikki.“Each one had something that represented us, and we added some special things in to make it perfect.”

Heritage played a huge factor, as well, and they incorporated a Native American ceremony. Guests to the Oct. 12, 2013, nuptials were treated to the soothing sounds of music by Grammy-nominated Dr. Michael DeMaria, who worked his magic on the flute and served as officiant, continuing the ancestral theme of the couple’s Native American roots.

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3924 Creighton Rd • Pensacola, FL 32504 850-475-7030 • Email 26

PJ-0000352265 • Spring 2014

Spring 2014 •

l photo


Katie Collier’s vows to Colton Plumley were the perfect blend of tradition and personality.At their 2012 wedding at Olive Baptist in Pensacola, every note during their service was a reflection of the lovebirds. “We thought very long and hard about the songs played and performed during our wedding because we wanted our ceremony to be focused first on God, then on ourselves,� Katie says.“We had a close friend sing ‘How Great Thou Art’ during the seating of the parents and the grandparents. The wedding party entered to ‘A Hundred More Years’ by Francesca Battistelli. ...We dated for four years before getting married, and we saved ourselves for marriage — so this song felt like it was written just for us,� she says. The couple exchanged words Photos by Amy Hall Photography gave a peek into the Top: Katie and Colton before the wedding ceremony. Above: Plumley’s wedding party danced heartbeat of their relationship:“For years, to the YMCA song. Colton would sing the chorus to the song ‘Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright’ whenever I was stressed — Jamaican accent and all.When we read our vows to each other during our ceremony, we had both included that. It was really neat to see how special it was to both of us — and it definitely made us laugh during the ceremony.� The reception at Lighthouse Point on NAS kicked off with a sampling of some sentimental and dance tunes: “Our first dance was to ‘Feels Like Home.’ I’ve always loved this song, and it was true that marrying my best friend of more than five years really did feel like ‘Home.’ Cheesy, I know.� There was another memorable dance in the mix, as well. “I come from a divorced family, and I lived with my mom and saw my dad every other weekend. I love my dad to death, but my momma is my best friend, so I wanted a special dance with her to get the chance to say thank you and to give us that moment together. We danced to ‘Wind Beneath my Wings’ because her encouragement and support is truly the reason I have been able to succeed in life. It really turned out to be a big hugging cry-fest on the dance floor, but it was special to us.�

phillip davi

es photogra

aislinn kate photography



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Once upon a time, Jack (Dakota) Bodree and Kayla Danielle Rawson met while dining with friends.That was five years ago, and Kayla took quick notice of Jack. “I said to myself, he’s kind of cute.” Their eyes might have met, but it was not the time, and that was as far is it went. They both had been in long relationships and were not interested in a new one. Photo by Patsy Brown Photography Dakota, was away at college in MissisKayla and Dakota Rawson. sippi, and Kayla was a nursing student. “I just knew my plate would be too full. thought.” Kayla had to get accustomed to stinky socks, dirty boxers, smelly workout After a fun few months of hanging out and getting to know each other, our love and baseball clothes, toilet seat left up, gadgets laying around, dirty dishes left in story ended as we both reunited with the sink, and a list that could go on. our exes,” Kayla said. “I do owe Dakota credit ... he is clean Two years later, they were both single and always willing to help me. Dakota likes again and re-connected. to say I am a little on the OCD side, but “This is where our love story really began.A year and half later, Dakota pro- I think I am completely normal. Oh, and posed to me on Nov. 20, 2012, then the have I mentioned the laundry? Whoever said clothes are dirty after wearing them wedding planning began. Nov. 23, 2013, I married the best father and friend any for an hour? And boy, am I tired of hearing, daughter and wife could have,” Kayla said. ‘What is mine is yours, and what is yours is mine’ ... the whole sharing thing is for However, when reality meets fantasy, the birds,” Kayla said. it’s not always easy.They agree that the There is a positive side in the first few hardest thing to adjust to after marriage months of marriage. It comes down to is “living together.’’ each other:“I would say the easiest thing “For me, moving into my own house to get used to is knowing that for the rest was the first time I have ever lived on my own. Dakota, on the other hand, has of your life, you will be going to bed and waking up next to your companion and lived on his own for six years.Therebest friend,” Kayla said. fore, he had it ALL figured out ... so he


Voted BEST Deli • Voted BEST Independent Market Voted Runner Up for: Best Gourmet/Specialty Food • Best Caterer Best Place to by Produce • Best Wedding Caterer Apple Market’s Chefs and Staff have the experience and expertise to provide you and your guests with excellent service and a quality, affordable menu; customized to your liking. Our onsite catering staff can provide: Set up, limited service, cake cutting, clean up and more! We offer a wide variety of menu options; including but not limited to: Full buffet meals, heavy hor’dervers, carving station, special displays and stations, cold platters, salads and desserts. Our Catering Coordinator can help you create your menu and answer any Questions you may have. Call the catering line to make your appointment. To view menu options and pricing go to our website at

“THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN” 1021 Scenic Hwy. Pensacola, FL 32503 Website: Store Phone Line: (850)-433-4381 Catering phone Line: (850)-361-4602 PJ-0000352802

Holly Renaud Herrera married the man of her dreams, Luis Herrera, Dec. 21, 2013, at First Baptist Church of Pensacola. Holly and Luis had been away at college, living in separate states for five months, and Holly returned to Pensacola only one week before the wedding.They were ‘‘beyond ecstatic’’ to be together again. However, one important person could not be at the wedding. “The biggest reason that our wedding Photos by Diane Allen was special, besides the fact that I am now Above: A golden urn in memory of married to a wonderful man, pertains to Holly’s “Darling Daddy,’’ David Leroy my father David Leroy Renaud. Daddy died of leukemia in 2008, and the months Renaud. Bouquet is by Uletha Jones. Below: Holly’s Scottish grandfather, in leading up to the wedding were very painful for me since I knew that he would his kilt, walked her down the aisle. not be able to walk me down the aisle or give me away to Luis,’’ Holly says. ‘‘My mother and grandfather knew that I was grieving, so they worked together to try to make the walk down the aisle seem as though Daddy were right there with me. My mother purchased a small, golden urn in the shape of a heart, put some of Daddy’s ashes in it, and engraved the front with his name and the words ‘Darling Daddy.’ My Scottish grandfather wore his traditional kilt and walked me down the aisle, holding the urn.When the minister asked who would be giving me away, he responded,‘Her mother, her grandfather, and her father, who is with her in spirit’. Having my father be physically present at my wedding, not simply watching from Heaven, made me feel as though he were standing right there beside me, holding my hand.That memory will stay with me forever.’’


A special tribute to ‘Darling Daddy’ • Spring 2014

WEDDING VENUES prices fit your budget. 13.Ask prospective venues if they offer on-site special-event coordinators and Want a venue with a view? From even notaries who can marry you. historic hot spots to scenic shorelines, 14. Find out if the location books mulrave-worthy reception sites span the tiple events at the same time or whether you be sharing space.This is definitely Pensacola Bay Area. something you need to know in advance. CHOOSING A WEDDING

Sloane Stephens Cox


1. Start by determining the level of formality of your wedding. Beach weddings tend to be more casual than church weddings. 2. Decide the time of year.Will the grass be brown or will the azaleas be blooming? When will the sun set, and what will the temperature be? You may not want to have your wedding in peak season on the beach because of the large crowds and parking.Also, temperatures tend to soar in late summer, so August might not be the best time, especially if many elderly people and children will be attending. 3.Think about what’s more important to you.The food, the band, alcohol, the clothing? Your wedding location might not be conducive to these. For example, some locations have restrictions on caterers. Or if you have always dreamed of wearing a long, formal veil, a poolside or beachside bash might not be ideal.With elaborate decorations, you need to ask the church about rules regarding these. 4.Will the venue help you set up before the wedding and clean up afterward? If you have an outdoor wedding, you will need to hire someone to do that if you’re not doing it yourself. 5. How many can the venue accommodate? There may be seating for 50, but room for twice that number of standing guests. Is there enough parking? 6. Decide if you want to have the ceremony and the reception at the same place. If separate, consider having the two nearby each other for travel ease. 7. If you’re considering an outdoor wedding, make sure your guests can hear over the crashing waves.A sound system may be necessary. 8. If you’re exchanging vows outdoors, think about ways to keep your guests comfortable. Do they have enough shade and water if it’s hot? Fans and bug spray might be necessary. Do you have a way to keep the food fresh and the drinks cold? 9. Some venues may seem less expensive at first glance, but before you book them, find out whether they provide table linens, chairs, a dance floor, speakers and other items you will need.You may have to rent those at an extra cost. 10. Don’t forget to ask the vendor about a back-up plan for bad weather. If a lightning storm interrupts your reception, will there be a covered area where guests can go? And what’s the cancellation policy if a hurricane heads this way? 11.Ask how much you need to put down for a deposit. 12. Some venues will allow you to bring in your own caterer and bartender, while others require that you order food and alcohol from them. Be sure to sample the venue’s food to make sure food and drink Spring 2014 •


HISTORIC DOWNTOWN PENSACOLA • Seville Quarter, 130 E. Government St. Seville’s facilities have seven rooms and two courtyards with a New Orleans flair. Can accommodate 35 to 1,000 guests.A Seville bus can transport wedding guests from hotel to and from the facility.An antique fire truck and a Ford Packard also can transport the bride and groom. Details: 850-434-6211, • Pensacola Museum of Art, 407 S. Jefferson St. Originally the City Jail, the Spanish Revival building was constructed in 1906.Three large open galleries on the second floor and two galleries downstairs are available for use. For a seated dinner, it can accommodate up to 150 people, and for a standing event, 200. Site is equipped with a PA system for music. DJs and acoustic bands are allowed. Brides and grooms bring in their own caterers, and a small kitchen is available for food preparation.Twenty-four tables and 200 chairs are included in rental price.Active-duty military discount available. Details: 850432-6247, • Pensacola Cultural Center, 400 Jefferson St.This historic brick building off Ferdinand Plaza features three rooms available for wedding-related events and can hold 50 to 200 guests. Rooms adjoin for larger accommodations. Clients can choose their own vendors, including caterers.Tables and chairs with setup and breakdown are provided for free, and linens can be rented. Details: Mary Henriques, managing director, 850-434-0257, index.html. • Old Christ Church, 120 Church St.A beacon of historic preservation, the church is one of the oldest surviving church buildings in Florida and has served as an Episcopal Church, public library and museum.Victorian interior features Norman Gothic arches,Venetian windows, and early stained-glass artistry.The cost is $600 plus tax for 4 hours, and a certificate of liability insurance is required. Ceremonies are typically scheduled at 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays and at 5:30 p.m. on weekdays. Details: Casey Campbell, special events coordinator, University of West Florida Historic Trust, 850-595-5985, ext. 107. • Museum of Commerce, 201 E. Zaragoza St. Inside this brick turn-of-thecentury warehouse is a reconstructed 1890s-era streetscape, with quaint shops and a trolley.A collection of horse-drawn buggies is also part of this nostalgic recreation of yesteryear’s commerce.The cost is $1,000 plus tax for 8 hours, and a certificate of liability insurance is required. Tables and chairs are included for as many as 200 people. CONTINUED ON PAGE 30


PJ-0000352268 0352268




The museum is available after 3 p.m. on weekdays, Saturday afternoons and at any time on Sundays. Details: Casey Campbell, 850-595-5985, ext. 107. • Barkley House, 410 S. Florida Blanca St. One of the oldest masonry houses in Florida and the last remaining early 19th-century example of a High House in Pensacola, the Barkley House was built by George Barkley in 1825 from bricks salvaged from Pensacola’s British fortifications.The wrap-around porch overlooks the expansive lawn and Pensacola Bay.The cost is $1,000 plus tax for 8 hours, and a certificate of liability insurance is required.Tables and chairs are included for as many as 200 people.The house is available after 3 p.m. on weekdays and any time on weekends. Details: Casey Campbell, 850-595-5985, ext. 107. • Fountain Park. This picturesque park, located just below Seville Square, overlooks Pensacola Bay. Cost is $100 plus tax for as many as 100 people, $250 plus tax for up to 200 people, and $500 for large events.A certificate of liability insurance is required. Renters must provide equipment such as tents, tables and chairs.The park is rented for an entire day. Details: Casey Campbell, 850-5955985, ext. 107. • Seville Square. Nearly 2 acres bordered by Government, Zaragossa, Alcaniz and Adams streets, Seville Square was the location of a 1752 Spanish outpost.The park is filled with magnolia trees and features a gazebo with electricity panels.An application for a special event in Seville Square must be made at least 10 days prior to the event.The date

must be reserved, and be sure to discuss user fees, a clean-up deposit and insurance requirements.Application form is available at departments/neighborhood-services/ special-events. For information about having an event at this and other Pensacola city parks, contact Special Events: 850-436-5675,, or neighborhood-services/special-events. • The Palafox House, 196 N. Palafox St.Adorned with chandeliers, original brick walls and windows overlooking downtown Pensacola, the Palafox House is a 4,000-square-foot event space in a historic building.The venue can accommodate more than 125 seated guests or more than 200 standing guests. A smaller adjacent room features a built-in bar and reception area.Across the street is Martin Luther King Plaza, a site for tented events. People booking The Palafox House have the option of using caterers from The Great Southern Restaurant Group — The Fish House or Jackson’s Steakhouse — or they can bring in their own approved, licensed/ insured caterer. Details: 850-433-9450, PENSACOLA • The Pensacola Lighthouse. 2081 Radford Blvd., Naval Air Station Pensacola.This majestic icon is the perfect backdrop for your special day. Consider an intimate ceremony at the top of the tower overlooking the beautiful Gulf Coast or rent the lighthouse grounds with beach access that accommodates up to 150 guests. Brides and grooms

Photo by Hara Gabrielle/Documented Photography

Above: Lindsay and Chris Fowler.

can chose from a list of seven caterers. Details: 850-393-1561. • The Angus, 1101 Scenic Highway. The Angus’ rustic landscape includes a scenic fireplace and an airy, yet intimate, courtyard for elegance with a casual feel. This venue can accommodate weddings up to 180 guests in Terrace Room.The chef will customize the meal to fit taste and budget.The room comes with tables, chairs, linens and set-up. Details: 850-432-0539, www.anguspensacola. com. • University of West Florida Conference Center Ballroom and Commons Auditorium, 1100 University Parkway, University Commons, Building 22.The venue features three rooms with partitions that allow for multiple configurations. Ballroom accommodates 175 reception guests and 500 ceremony guests.Auditorium

can hold up to 140 reception guests and 400 ceremony guests.Table linens and catering services are provided by the university’s In Any Event Catering. Can provide technical equipment for wedding slideshows, a professional sound system, a parquet dance floor, and housing for guests of summer weddings. Outdoor areas are available for ceremonies.A couple can get married on the greens and have the reception in the ballroom. Details: 850-474-2095. • Scenic Hills Country Club, 8891 Burning Tree Road, Pensacola. For couples wanting a golf course as the setting for weddings or wedding-related events, Scenic Hills Country Club can provide ceremony and reception sites. The Scenic Hills clubhouse is designed to have an intimate feel, and it is located in North Pensacola. It holds up to 350 guests. Details: 850-476-0380. • The Hilton Garden Inn, 1144 Airport Blvd. Hilton Garden Inn Pensacola Airport/Medical Center offers gourmet meals, service, custom décor and floral arrangements. Its accommodations include more than 4,000 square feet of conference and banquet facilities. On-site catering offers brunch, lunch and dinner options and themed buffets. Go to www.pensacolaairportmedicalcenter. to view catering menus and a tool to help you determine what size reception room is right for you.The Hilton Family of Hotels offers a wedding-planning website called Guestiquette, which provides information, including tips on etiquette and on booking hotels.To view Guestiquette, go to www.hiltonfamily. com/guestiquette. Details: 850-479-8900.

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Events at Historic Pensacola Village

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To advertise, call 850-469-8297. 30 PJ-0000352224

Barkley House & Gardens Museum of Commerce Old Christ Church Fountain Park 850.595.5985 • Spring 2014

HISTORIC MILTON • Simply Southern, 5165 Canal St., Milton. Home and garden accessories and wedding venue in historic Milton. The garden setting can accommodate weddings, showers and other events with as many as 50 guests. Details: 850626-8215. GULF BREEZE • Tiger Point Golf Club, 1255 Country Club Road.This venue overlooks not only a golf course but also the Intercoastal Waterway and Pensacola Beach.The clubhouse can serve up to 200. Details: 850-932-1333 and www.


Wedding-reception sites with on-site wedding coordinators/planners include: • Seville Quarter, 130 East Government St., 850-434-6211. • The Angus, 1101 Scenic Highway, 850-432-0539, www.anguspensacola. com. • Scenic Hills Country Club, 8891 Burning Tree Road. 850-476-0380. • Tiger Point Golf Club, 1255 Country Club Road 850-932-1333


Rain isn’t the only thing to plan for. Don’t forget to find out if you need a permit from the city parks department or local government.Also, ask about rules, including sound ordinances and clean up. • Pensacola Beach wedding guidelines

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Above: Michael and Maria Ducker. 1. No permit is required to exchange vows anywhere along the 8-mile Pensacola Beach, the Santa Rosa Island Authority asks that you notify them as to where and when the wedding will be held. 2. No area of beach can be reserved for an event because the beach is public. 3.Tents larger than 10-foot-by-12-foot require a permit ($25) from the SRIA, Escambia County and sometimes the Department of Environmental Protection. 4. Glass containers, generators and open flames are not allowed, but tiki torches are allowed.You are also allowed to set up chairs, art and flowers on the beach, but they must be removed when event is over. 5. Permission from the SRIA is required for weddings on the Portofino Boardwalk at Quietwater Beach and on the Pavilion at Casino Beach.This event application is $50. More money may be

required if you need electricity. 6.A large-gathering application ($25) must be approved by the SRIA if you plan to hold an event for 35 people or more at any rental residence on Pensacola Beach. 7. Dogs are not allowed on the public beach, but dogs are allowed at the dog parks during park hours. 8. During the busy summer months (especially June and July), the SRIA suggests brides and grooms consider getting married at Park East or Park West, as opposed to the crowded Casino Beach area. Park East and Park West have bathrooms and more parking. Details: 850-932-2257 or www.sria-fla. com. • Big Lagoon State Park guidelines At Big Lagoon State Park, the Governor’s Pavilion is an open-air wooden pavilion overlooking woodlands and the Intercoastal Waterway. On the pavilion, there is a fireplace and a large barbecue, and the pavilion is covered with picnic tables.The pavilion holds 250 people.The wooden open-air amphitheater is located on the Intercoastal Waterway and consists of a stage and raised platform seating for 275 people.There is only one picnic table on it.There are no kitchen facilities, and no alcohol or fireworks are allowed in either facility. Both rent for $161.25 for the day (8 a.m. until sunset), and reservations can be made up to 11 months in advance.To stay after sunset, a fee of $25 per hour until 10 p.m. is charged.The cost per vehicle to enter the park is $6, a fee not included in the rental cost.The facilities have water,

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• Kent’s Special Events is a fullservice party rental and sales company that offers a large selection of tents, tables, chairs, linens, chair covers, lighting, wedding accessories, dinnerware and serving pieces. It’s located at 2975 Gulf Breeze Pkwy. Details: 850-932-3505,

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Cake Gallery 732 West Garden Street Pensacola, FL 32502


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power and bathrooms. Details: 850-4921595 or • Opal Beach and Johnson Beach National Parks guidelines A special use permit is required for weddings in the national seashore, and events must be held in designated recreation areas. Permits should be sought at least 30 days before the event, and requests may be denied during particularly busy days (such as Fourth of July or Memorial Day). Park entrance fees apply to every vehicle associated with the event.Alcohol is allowed, but no open flames are allowed under any of the pavilions.The park closes at sunset, with no events scheduled beyond this time. Decorations, music and equipment must be approved by permit. Opal Beach has two clusters available for rent, and each cluster contains 4 pavilions and one restroom facility.The cost to rent each cluster is $30 for the day. Each pavilion seats about 50 people.There is no electricity at Opal Beach, but generators can be approved by permit. Johnson Beach does have power available at the pavilions. Pavilions can be reserved at www. Details: 850-934-2605 or

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