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Your Partner in Philanthropy Fall 2012

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PSF Springs into Action during Wildfire to Assist Associates and Community By Margaret Sabin

Penrose-St. Francis Health Services President and CEO

2012 Board of Trustees Ben Faricy – Board Chair Ed Gleason – Vice Chair Gayle Beshears Paul Faricy Scott Hoelting, CPA Diane LeBlanc Jan McCauley Mary Lou Murphy Margaret Sabin Cari Shaffer Jenny Thatcher Gary Whitlock Helen Zinn

Mission: We extend the healing ministry of Christ through the philanthropic support of Penrose-St. Francis Health Services.

2222 N. Nevada Avenue Colorado Springs, CO 80907 (719) 776-7760

Colorado’s most devastating wildfire directly impacted nearly 400 Centura Health associates and physicians, with several losing their homes or experiencing damage to them. Throughout the disaster response, I could not have been more proud to be associated with Penrose-St. Francis! Our folks sprang into action when we received the call for assistance from Mount St. Francis, which faced a mandatory evacuation notice as the Waldo Canyon Fire roared over the mountain. Within a couple of hours, we relocated about 30 nursing home patients to the 10th floor of Penrose Hospital and 32 sisters at Penrose Community Hospital (PCH). Additionally, we made PCH available for any associates displaced from the fire. Our Hospital Incident Command Center staff prepared contingency plans and monitored the situation around the clock. Some of the ways Penrose-St. Francis and Centura Health took care of our associates as well as the community include: • The Catholic Health Initiatives Colorado Foundation established the Colorado Wildfire Assistance fund to help associates affected by wildfires. • Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counselors provided individual, family and group counseling sessions, and our Spiritual Care chaplains provided grief counseling to associates and their families. They also made themselves available for prayer requests. • We authorized the use of up to three days of bereavement leave (in lieu of Paid Time Off) for associates impacted by the fire. • We authorized the use of up to two weeks of additional time off for those associates whose home has been classified as either a total loss or as having visible damage that makes the home uninhabitable. We put a process in place to allow associates to donate a specified number of hours from their PTO bank through our Foundation to help fire-impacted associates. • We created a home hosting/sharing program that connected associates who wished to host fire-displaced associates who needed a place to stay. (continued on page 2)

PSF Springs into Action during Wildfire (cont.) • We’re supporting associates who wish to aid in direct wildfire relief efforts by making available two days of paid volunteer time. In fact, our “Angels of Penrose” volunteer group formed teams and partnered with the Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Relief and are assisting with clean-up efforts. A “first” for Penrose-St. Francis, we employed social media tactics to communicate with the community throughout the disaster. Using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, we alerted more than 742,000 people to air quality concerns, helped city officials spread evacuation notices, and provided a digital platform for our community to thank firefighters and volunteers. We’ve been ingrained into this community for 125 years, and our response during this disaster clearly demonstrates our commitment to our associates as well as the community in which we live, work and play. Thank you for your continued support; we simply could not perform our mission without it!

Farewell and Best Wishes September 22nd is the evening of Soirée, our signature fundraising event, and it will also be my last day with Penrose-St. Francis Health Foundation. I leave you to retire with my husband, Charlie, to the beautiful mountains and tall pines of Piños Altos in southwest New Mexico. I was raised in Albuquerque and lived there for 31 years. Charlie was raised in New Orleans, but lived for several years in Silver City, New Mexico, so it is a place we both call Home. It has been a privilege and a joy to work with the entire Penrose-St. Francis team. Together we have overcome many challenges and achieved great things. As I’ve always said, “People don’t give to Penrose-St. Francis because we have needs – they give to us because we meet needs.” I am particularly pleased that in the time I have been here, over $17 million has been distributed to Penrose-St. Francis to meet the healthcare needs of those in our community, and in southern Colorado and beyond. I give special thanks to the Trustees of our Foundation and Hospital boards, PSF senior leadership and associates, and the Foundation team for their personal support, commitment to excellence, genuine caring, and selfless service to others.

Diane LeBlanc, CFRE Foundation President

My time at Penrose-St. Francis is the culmination of over 25 years in philanthropy, and my decision to retire from this career is indeed bittersweet. The mission of Penrose-St. Francis holds a special place in my heart, as do the incredible donors, volunteers, physicians and staff who extend this healing ministry every day. I am honored to have been part of providing facilities, technology and services that will continue to save lives and improve quality of life. And I am grateful to have had an enriching career that enabled me to know some of the finest people in the world. I would say that “It doesn’t get any better than this”, and perhaps it doesn’t on the professional front – but I am looking forward to spending more time with the love of my life and our family. I will also continue my service as a Navy Reserve officer for a few more years, so total retirement isn’t here yet! Thank you all for making my time at Penrose-St. Francis so enriching. I will treasure the friendships, inspiration, camaraderie and memories. I know Penrose-St. Francis Health Services will continue as an invaluable resource to this community and state. As we say in the Navy, I wish you “Fair Winds and Following Seas”. May God bless each of you richly. 2

Penrose ED “Transformation” Unveiled

Penrose-St. Francis has long provided comprehensive, round-the-clock emergency care. The Emergency Department at Penrose Hospital is the oldest in the city, and serves about 45,000 patients each year.

In July 2011, an extensive expansion project began, costing over $4 million. This increased the ED to 31 exam rooms, reconfigured rooms into more efficient “pods”, and incorporated a covered entry and greeting station. This will improve patient access, decrease waiting times, and streamline processes for ED staff as they provide superior patient care. Through the combined efforts of Penrose-St. Francis Health Services and Penrose-St. Francis Health Foundation, project funds were raised and construction completed this summer. On July 18th, hospital and foundation trustees, staff and supporters celebrated this milestone. Guests admired the transformed Emergency Department, named in honor of Foundation friend and ED volunteer extraordinaire Thelma Morici and her late husband Peter. As Diane LeBlanc, Foundation President, said, “It is rare that you find an individual who gives so generously and completely of her expertise and time, her resources, and of herself.” Our sincere thanks to Thelma and other Foundation donors who helped make this possible.

Associate Campaign a Great Success!

The Penrose-St. Francis Associate Campaign debuted in 1982 in order to help build the Ambulatory Care Center at Penrose Hospital. It has been an annual tradition ever since. The 2012 Associate Campaign kicked off April 19th, marking its 30th year of support to Penrose-St. Francis. The campaign theme “Lend a Hand… Touch a Life” acknowledges the profound impact our employees make through their giving. For seven weeks, 130 staff volunteers worked tirelessly to meet the ambitious $320,000 fundraising goal.

The campaign concluded June 6th and the goal was exceeded, raising a remarkable $323,000. With 971 employee contributors, this speaks volumes about our staff’s generosity. Both our total raised and our participation rate of 38% greatly exceeds the national average for other hospitals our size. The Associate Campaign is the only source of funding for the Sisters of St. Francis Associate Assistance Fund. This past year, over 500 Penrose-St. Francis employees received support. Payments were made directly to rental property and mortgage companies, utility companies, etc. to help those in unforeseen financial crisis. Beyond assisting their co-workers, associates also supported our patients. Financial assistance can be invaluable in bridging the gap between hospital and home for patients in severe financial crisis. Covering expenses ranging from durable medical equipment to home modifications like wheel chair ramps, the Sisters of Charity Patient Assistance Fund helps give our patients a soft landing once they leave the hospital. Last year, 111 patients benefitted from financial assistance through our foundation. The overwhelming support of the Associate Campaign takes us back 125 years to the very start of Penrose-St. Francis. Like the Catholic sisters who went door-to-door to raise money for our first hospital, the spirit of these founding women survives and flourishes in the success of the Associate Campaign today. 3

Heroes Among Us

Most of us would agree that what we need first and foremost from our doctor and nurse is the ability to understand and address our ailments. Yet, as any patient or family member can tell you, the hospital experience is often defined by the care that extends beyond our physiology. Being a patient can be unnerving. Even the most routine visits to the very best hospitals come with some apprehension and concern. The heroes of the hospital are those who juggle the immense responsibility of caring for the patient’s medical needs with the compassion and understanding that addresses their human needs. Penrose-St. Francis Health Foundation gives patients and families the opportunity to recognize these incredible caregivers through our Halos for Heroes program.

Halos for Heroes nominations not only acknowledge exceptional care, but make a profound difference for future patients. Most nominations include a donation to the Sisters of Charity Patient Assistance Program. These funds are used to assist Penrose-St. Francis patients as they transition from the hospital to their “new normal” lives. For patients in financial crisis, this assistance can make the difference between the road to recovery and readmission. Last year, 147 Penrose-St. Francis care givers were honored as Heroes, donating over $20,000 to support patients in need. Although many nominations are accompanied only by a simple “thank you”, some provide stories that offer a glimpse of the depth by which our caregivers have touched their lives. Here is a sampling of our hero stories:

HERO: Colleen Eisman, RN – Penrose Critical Care Unit “I am convinced that when you are facing your time of deepest need, that time when it seems as if nothing is right with this world, that is when a nurse is actually an angel in disguise. Colleen Eisman is one such angel. There are truly no words to express what a blessing Colleen was to us, and we are forever grateful for this sweet angel who graced us with her presence for those few precious hours. You will never be forgotten.”

HERO: Stephanie Christian, RN – SFMC 5 North Surgical Floor “Stephanie has been beyond kind and compassionate. She treated me as more than a set of numbers. She asked me questions about my whole health, connected my story to hers. She made me feel like my health issues were not my fault. I have had a lot of nurses over the past ten years and Stephanie was truly the best - a true angel of mercy.”

HERO: Dr. Matthew Blum – Thoracic Surgeon “Dr. Blum kept me informed on my progress daily. I cannot say enough about Doctor Blum’s professionalism, integrity and compassion. He is a credit to your hospital. He is my hero.”

We celebrate the great work of all of our Halos for Heroes recipients. We thank them not only for the care they provide to our patients, but for the benefit they secure for future patients. It is reassuring to know that should you need care, Penrose-St. Francis has heroes standing by. 4

Welcome Newest Family Members These bundles of joy were recently born at St. Francis Medical Center. Lyla Joan Kennedy September 9, 2011

Brynn Noelle Herfendal January 15, 2012

Zachary Guy Lindsay February 13, 2012

Mollie Ann Soles March 1, 2012

Declan Cooper Ockert December 2, 2011

Jack Rogelio Rodriguez January 15, 2012

Caleb Patrick Dilley February 14, 2012

Simon Maize Olguin March 4, 2012

Jamison William-Lee Hale December 28, 2011

Brooklyn Rose Newton January 17, 2012

Preston Anthony Krska February 14, 2012

Benjamin Michael Knauf March 5, 2012

Robert Ashkii Scherff January 1, 2012

Cody Ryan Krc January 19, 2012

Cooper Ross Roberts February 15, 2012

Grant William Smith March 5, 2012

Timothy Cuyler Hamblin January 3, 2012

Finley Harper McGurk January 19, 2012

Ginna Grace Duguid February 16, 2012

McKinley Willard Mitchell March 7, 2012

Lucas Allen Nugent January 3, 2012

Zackary Weiland January 20, 2012

Dylan Vaughn Anderson February 18, 2012

Evan Elise Harden March 8, 2012

Makenzie Smalley January 5, 2012

Stephanie Michelle Ortega January 21, 2012

Jaxon Ambrose Cleek February 21, 2012

Isaac Daryle Bogenrief March 11, 2012

Eli Alexander Eljuri January 6, 2012

Landon Nicolas Lehman January 22, 2012

Josiah Hwan Pil Kim February 21, 2012

Malia Kalei Robinson March 13, 2012

Juliana Kay Pualani Andrade January 7, 2012

Brynley Marie Buchanan January 24, 2012

Frankie Claire Gentzler February 22, 2012

Mitchell Dean Smelser March 13, 2012

Lillian Elaine Crossett Tova January 7, 2012

Luke Aaron Madson February 1, 2012

Maren Elizabeth Blevins February 26, 2012

Ayden Jermaine Cowley March 19, 2012

Aspen Joelle Overly January 8, 2012

Anabeyya Ruiz February 1, 2012

Lucas Alexander Petrie February 26, 2012

Christian Sands January 8, 2012

Alexander Layne Phillips February 2, 2012

Jonah Rafe Harvey February 29, 2012

Bryant Ripkin Bowman January 11, 2012

Sophia Elaine Wellborn February 7, 2012

Hailey Jean Graf January 11, 2012

Brandon Connor Andrea February 9, 2012

Sophie Marie Hintgen January 11, 2012

Haley Jade Hamill February 9, 2012

James Ryan Cook, Jr. January 12, 2012

Kingston V. Chin February 11, 2012

Noah Michaels January 12, 2012

Chase Douglas Vaughan February 12, 2012

Bella Dawn Villars January 13, 2012

Noah Robert Arnold February 13, 2012 5

Welcome Newest Family Members These bundles of joy were recently born at St. Francis Medical Center.


Nissi Joy Djonbalaj March 19, 2012

Selene Abigail Drew Banks April 14, 2012

Allyandra Iris Hennessey May 12, 2012

Jayla Kordova Kravig June 2, 2012

Liam Joseph Griffin March 19, 2012

Dally Rees April 16, 2012

Berlin Dellilah Bribach May 15, 2012

Ava Lynn Smalley June 3, 2012

Ella Zoe Ann Claire Flanders March 21, 2012

Robert Llewellyn German April 18, 2012

Aaliyah Lynn Schmitz May 15, 2012

Sophie Raylynn Collard June 5, 2012

Blake Podczervinski March 21, 2012

Zoey Marie Hardy April 18, 2012

Anthony Robert Meyer, Jr. May 16, 2012

Brendan Michael Arthur June 12, 2012

Jenna Rae Carpenter March 22, 2012

Reagan Marie Tornabene April 18, 2012

Braylin Alexis Diss May 18, 2012

Camille Marie Gump June 15, 2012

Kiana Lanay McPherson March 30, 2012

Aria Marie Gooley April 19, 2012

Logan Eric Watson May 23, 2012

Ava Renae Flanagan June 18, 2012

Aria Waggoner March 31, 2012

Carter Emil Gianino April 20, 2012

Carmelo Angelo-Ernesto Garcia May 24, 2012

Oliver Michael Taylor June 20, 2012

Lucy Shannon Sanders April 4, 2012

Beckett James Miller April 21, 2012

Daniel David Vicente May 24, 2012

Bristol Anne McDowell June 26, 2012

Aubrey Lynn Chittenden April 5, 2012

Zoe Michelle Chlebus April 22, 2012

Ryan Wesley Moore May 26, 2012

Sarah Emma Beaver Belich June 27, 2012

Spencer Hocking April 5, 2012

Aubrey Reese Parker April 22, 2012

Rylee Jean Lewis May 30, 2012

Rolando Jaimes June 27, 2012

Caio Josiah Bernardoni April 7, 2012

Liam Eloy Touchet April 22, 2012

Kaylynn Paige Munn May 30, 2012

Katherine Anneliese McKeever April 9, 2012

Trista Riley Wright April 25, 2012

Mira Marguerite Torrey April 10, 2012

Miles A. Isable April 26, 2012

Zubran Kurt S. Esclamado April 13, 2012

Hunter Charles Chisholm April 30, 2012

Bellamy Jean Gioia April 13, 2012

Selinda Marie Stevens April 30, 2012

William Wyatt Hotze, IV April 13, 2012

Emma Marie Stevenson April 30, 2012

Maclovio Elias Ruiz, Jr. April 13, 2012

Audrey Rose Marsteller May 11, 2012

Izaya Antwone Sears April 13, 2012

Connor Jay Tedrow May 11, 2012

Celebrating Cripple Creek In April 2011, Penrose-St. Francis opened its newest Urgent Care Clinic on the west side of Cripple Creek. The Clinic is open weekdays to care for minor illnesses and injuries, employment and sports physicals, outpatient lab and x-ray, and next-day pharmacy services. Congratulations to Penrose Urgent Care at Cripple Creek on their 1st Anniversary! Partnering with the City of Cripple Creek, the clinic truly fills a gap for this geographically isolated community, 26 miles from the nearest hospital. The Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mining Company will generously match up to $75,000 in funds raised by our Foundation during the first three years of operations. To date, over $30,000 has been raised toward this goal, and we sincerely thank Myron Stratton Home Grants Program, Black Hills Energy and a private foundation donor for their financial support. You help us to provide much-needed services to Cripple Creek and the surrounding area.

Black Hills Energy supports Cripple Creek

The Secret in your Retirement Plan Jim Brozo, CFRE, CSPG

website: You have put together your will. A trusted family member or friend has agreed to act as your personal representative. They know where all your important documents are located. You have been proactive and responsible - a relaxing sigh of relief is deserved. However, the other day you heard about the income taxes due on your retirement plan. Your Individual Retirement Account (IRA), Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA), Keogh Plan or 403(b) Plan is treating you well and will help your spouse also. It is natural to think that your retirement plan would be as good for your children as it has been for you. That is where the secret lies. There are income taxes due on the above retirement plans. Let’s take a look at an example to see where the risk is. If you have an IRA worth $250,000 and you give it to your children in your estate plan, this is what will most likely happen. Your estate will pay income taxes of around $75,000, reducing your generous bequest to your children to about $175,000. Your children may take the payments from your IRA over time, however, they will probably want to use your generosity immediately to pay down their mortgage or pay for college expenses for your grandkids. If they use the IRA immediately, they would have to pay additional income taxes on that $175,000. With an estimated $49,000 more in taxes, your children would only see about $126,000 of your original $250,000 IRA. This scenario is probably one you would like to avoid. Consider involving Penrose-St. Francis Health Foundation to help your family avoid these income taxes and provide more for your children and grandchildren over time. The technique has a long name but is a very simple concept. Through a testamentary Charitable Remainder Unitrust, that same $250,000 IRA could provide your beneficiaries with nearly $300,000 over the next twenty years, versus only $126,000 as illustrated above. For more information on this and other planned giving options, please complete this form, clip and drop in the mail to: Jim Brozo, Vice President Penrose-St. Francis Health Foundation 2222 N. Nevada Avenue Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Name: _____________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________________________________ Email: ______________________________________________________________


2222 N. Nevada Avenue Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Please Join Us...

Join Penrose-St. Francis Health Foundation for “Soirée 2012: A Night in History” at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, as we celebrate 125 years of Penrose-St. Francis Health Services. This year’s gala pays tribute to the sisters’ legacy of compassion, recognizes the historic achievements of our organization and supports our mission to care for all those who seek healing through Penrose-St. Francis. Enjoy splendid hors d’oeuvres, celebrate with champagne, visit with friends, explore the museum and experience the elegance and grandeur of Colorado Springs at the turn of the century.

Saturday, September 22 - 6:30 p.m.

Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum 215 South Tejon Street

Attire is black tie, period dress optional. Tickets may be purchased for $125 each or $250/couple by visiting or by calling the Foundation at 719-776-7760.

We look forward to seeing you 125 years ago! Help Us Be Environmentally Friendly

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