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Penrhyn Castle Wild in the Woods Club Booking Form 25-26-27 October 2011 Name of child:

Date of birth:

Address: Postcode:

Tel no:

Name of parent/legal guardian:

Emergency no:

Email: Does your child have any allergies, special needs or medical requirements we need to be aware of? Please tell us:

Name of child’s doctor : Date of last anti-tetanus injection:

Tel no:


Thanks for the support from BIG Lottery funding, the Wild in the Woods Club is offered free of charge however a refundable deposit of a £20 cheque payable to National Trust is required to reserve your child’s place. Whilst we aim to provide our learning experiences bilingually, choice may sometimes be restricted due to our reliance on volunteers. Should you request delivery of the club in the Welsh language, we will do our utmost to provide this for you, although it can not be guaranteed.

Please tick this box if you are happy for photographs to be taken of your child participating in Wild in the Woods Club activity to be used in publicity and publications by National Trust or by responsible partner organisations.

Parents please read I would like my children to take part in the above Wild in the Woods Club provision. I understand that whilst the leaders will take all reasonable care of my children, they cannot necessarily be held responsible for any loss or damage to property or injury suffered. I agree to the Wild in the Woods Club provision in seeking any necessary emergency advice or treatment. Only prescribed medicine can be brought to the Wild in the Woods Club provision. For the safety of all children any medicine or inhalers brought by children must be handed to the Wild in the Woods Club Staff.



Wild in the Woods Club booking forms will be returned to parents if they are incomplete or incorrect. No booking will be made for incomplete forms. All the dates for the Wild in the Woods Club will be available to view on our website only. No paper copies of booking forms, timetables and newsletters will be mailed out to parents, parents without computer access must send a SAE to Wild in the Woods Project, National Trust, Penrhyn Castle, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 4HN to request a paper copy. I have been made aware and understand that any carer, who suspects that a child in his/her care may have been abused or neglected, has a duty to report this to the appropriate authorities. (Continued on page 2)

Please return your completed form to: WiW, Penrhyn Castle, National Trust, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 4HN or fax: 01248-371281

Cancellation policy. This project has been funded with the kind support of BIG Lottery funding. The Club is offered for FREE, however a ÂŁ20 refundable deposit is required. This is to avoid failure of children to attend. A week cancellation is required except for exceptional circumstances, which must be put in writing by email to or post to Wild in the Woods Project, Penrhyn Castle, National Trust, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 4HN. These will be considered at the discretion of the Wild in the

Woods project team. In the unlikely event that adequate staffing levels cannot be met, offers of places may have to be withdrawn. This would only apply once the standby staff in the Learning team had been fully utilised. If your child is in need of additional support during the Wild in the Woods Club; to ensure that he/she is offered quality and continuity of care, it is your responsibility to ensure such care is provided. A fortnight notice of such requirements is needed to allow full carer briefing on the activities taking place. Children who are in need of additional support can only book on site if the Wild in the Woods team feels we can offer that child quality of care and have the necessary support systems in place.

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october playscheme  

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