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OCTOBER 18, 2013

It’s Rodeo Time PAGE 1


Rachel Hearn shows off her equestrian skills p7 !





285 -142: House votes to end shutdown

Congressman Veasey votes to end Republican Shutdown and increase debt limit WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Marc Veasey (TX-33) released the following update on the House: Last night I joined my colleagues across the aisle and voted to end the Republican shutdown and pay the nation’s bills.  After 16 days, I’m very happy that the senseless Republican Shutdown has ended. We have passed a clean debt limit increase and a clean continuing resolution. The final vote count was 285-144, with almost two thirds of the Republican caucus voting to keep the government closed and default on our national debt. The Senate bipartisan compromise accomplishes three key goals for the American people: Reopens the government to provide vital services that millions of Americans rely on. Averts a catastrophic default that would risk the full faith and credit of the United States. The House and Senate can now appoint conferees to start the budget negotiations that Republicans have blocked for six months. Now, Congress can focus on creating jobs, spurring economic growth, and protecting middle-class families through action on a long-term budget and important pieces of legislation such as the Farm Bill, water and transportation bills, and Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Now we c a n g e t b a c k to t h e r e a l wo r k o f

representing the American people here in Washington. The Senate bipartisan compromise: Extends the continuing resolution through January 15; Suspends the debt limit through February 7, with congressional disapproval process; Requires certification by HHS that there is income verification for those applying for premium tax credits under the Affordable Care Act, a provision supported by the Administration; Requires separate action to appoint budget conferees, who wil l repor t to Congress by December 13. We cannot continue to govern by manufacturing crisis and taking government hostage.  This kind of wreckless governance hurts our country – including American families, children, seniors, our military, veterans, federal employees, and federal contractors.  It hurts our standing as a nation, putting our full faith and credit into doubt.  While Democrats made significant concessions to get this done, we’ve pushed forward with the understanding that our nation’s economy should never be held hostage for extreme political goals. Democrats were blocked fifteen times from offering a bipartisan clean CR to the floor for a vote. The American people made it clear that they want a responsible government. I hope that when we debate the federal budget again in January and an extension of the debt limit on Februar y that Democrats and Republicans can do so in the spirit of compromise. Bipartisanship should be the norm, not the last resort.

OCTOBER 18, 2013

Gifts for Moms and Single Side Up! present Parenting Paperless Conference for Single Parents In just over one week, Gifts for Moms and Single Side Up! will present Parenting Paperless; a conference geared specifically toward helping single parents learn how to utilize technology to help make their lives a bit easier. Single parents have many struggles. Stephanie Ward , founder of Gifts for Moms, has gathered speakers and vendors who will share information to help empower these moms and dads. Some of the valuable topics that will be covered include: ·  Healthy Cooking Demonstration · Get Your Family Law Questions Answered

· Health and Fitness for Single Parents · Success Tank for Single Parent Entrepreneurs · Apps to Help Your Life Run More Smoothly In addition to these speakers, the Office of the Attorney General, Child Protective Services, and Single Side Up! (practical support for single parents) will be present to answer questions for single parents. “It’s our goal to empower single parents,” says Ms. Ward.  “We want them to succeed by offering them the tools and information they need.” Parenting Paperless will take place on October 19, 2013 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, at Epoch at Chase Oaks Church, 201 Legacy Drive, Plano, Texas 75023.  Admission is FREE for single parents!  Please visit to register.

· How to Find a Job Using Social Media · De-Stress Your Finances

Former NFL Linebacker Bradie James announces partnership with University Health Conway and LSU Health, Shreveport Shreveport’s Feist-Weiller Cancer Center. Bradie James’ Foundation 56 is teaming up with the Partners in Wellness initiatives of both hospitals and announced the roll out of a mobile mammogram unit to serve women in the Twin Cities and 11 parishes neighboring Ouachita Parish at University Health Conway (formerly EA Conway) at 4856 Jackson Street in Monroe, LA.

– Monroe, LA native Bradie James returned to his hometown this week to announce a new partnership with his breast cancer foundation, University Health Conway, and LSU Health PAGE 2


It was in 2007, when James established the breast cancer foundation as a tribute to his late mother Etta James, who died from the disease in 2001. Foundation 56 is a breast cancer outreach program dedicated to providing access to quality services and resources for

breast cancer patients and survivors. For the past six years, the foundation has served hundreds of thousands of women in Louisiana and North Texas. Here in north and central Louisiana, since 2012, Partners in Wellness has performed 2,992 clinic screenings and 1,761 van screenings resulting in 36 breast cancer diagnoses for uninsured women in this region.

programs. James says if there had been the types of services offered by his foundation, his mother could still be alive. For more information about Foundation 56, visit

Foundation 56 supports mammogram screenings, diagnostic testing, wigs, prosthesis, support groups, transportation, and social therapy !





OCTOBER 18, 2013


Keynote Speaker: Chief David Brown Special Guest Speakers: Rev. Guy Earle Director of Counseling Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Melissa Reilly Director Parkland Hospital Victim Intervention Program









October 18, 2013

Message to the People...

There are plenty of Misters & Petes in our world

PV A&M Alumni 6

OCTOBER 18, 2013

Cheryl Smith

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete opened on October 11, 2013 and marks songstress Alicia Keys’ producing debut as an executive producer for this gripping tale of the realities of living in druginfested, crime-filled communities. Set in the Brooklyn projects, we’re introduced to Mister, a young African American teen, Mister, whose mother, played by Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson, has to fend for himself and his young charge, Pete, during an event-filled summer. Written by Michael Strawberry, this movie, which was directed by George Tillman, explores the ugly truth about devastation that drugs has wreaked on families and communities. Crime, hopelessness and despair abound as racial stereotypes are skillfully dealt with.

Coach Ken Carter 11

Mister’s mom, who babysits Pete for his prostitute mother, is stoned throughout the majority of the movie, leaving Mister to his own devices while also thrusting Pete off on him. The Inevitable Defeat, which also features heavyweight Jeffrey Wright as a homeless panhandler, Anthony Mackie as a drug dealing pimp and Jordin Sparks, who befriended Mister; leaves moviegoers wanting more. You’ll laugh with the two young endearing and very talented boys, but you’ll also be moved by their efforts to survive. You can’t help but root for them, even when they were breaking the law.

I MESSENGER Cheryl Smith, Publisher Established 2011 IMESSENGER is a tribute to Le Messager, founded by Cameroonian journalist Pius Njawe and The Messenger, an independent magazine, founded by labor activist A . Philip Randolph and economist Chandler Owen. IM ESSENGER is committed to informing, inspiring, enlightening and provoking thought in a forum that is international. Submissions for publication consideration may be submitted to PAGE 4


The reality of their issues can’t be ignored. There are so many Misters and Petes, whose parents are clueless about the harm that they have done to their children. The pain on a child’s face is unbearable to look at as the child watches his mother having sex, being beaten by her pimp or using drugs. With millions of children in the system because of the drug use of their parents, the future looks somewhat bleak for all. Many of those children do not have any hope. And, what happens when people are walking around without hope? They go out and take the hope of others. The Inevitable Defeat is a must-see movie that also has you hoping for a sequel. In the meantime, we need to do something about the men and women who have grown up in abusive, drug-infested environments. They are, for the most part, carrying around that baggage, which impacts their lives forever. The Misters and Petes, and Karens and Amina’s deserve our support, love and understanding and we need more mandatory programs for their parents!

Cheryl !





Dr. Bill Blair celebrates 92nd birthday at Lisa’s Cafe Photos: Miss Community

Friends, dignitaries and four generations of family members gathered at Lisa’s Soul Food Cafe in Oak Cliff to celebrate publisher and former Negro League Baseball player Bill Blair’s 92nd birthday.

OCTOBER 18, 2013

Reps. Veasey, Pastor call to settle lawsuit with US Airways and American Airlines Washington, D.C. –Representatives Marc Veasey (DTX) and Ed Pastor (D-AZ) and 66 of their Democratic colleagues sent a Rep. Marc Veasey letter to President Barack Obama calling on the Department of Justice (DOJ) to allow American Airlines and US Airways to move forward with a merger.

Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Washington, D.C., where it will continue to support and strengthen those communities as a major employer and active corporate citizen. “With more than 20,000 American Airlines employees in the DFW area alone, I have serious concerns about the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against US Airways and American Airlines which will put the jobs of these hard working Texans and In the letter, they voiced concerns thousands of other Americans at risk. about the legal challenge’s economic I believe this merger is good for our impact on the workers, the traveling local economy, good for consumers, public and the numerous good for competition and should be communities across the country that approved,” said Congressman Veasey would be negatively impacted by the (D-TX). DOJ’s legal challenge.     “I’m proud to show my support for The new American Airlines will be the merger of American Airlines and headquartered in Dallas-Fort Worth US Airways because it creates new and will maintain a significant economic opportunities for thousands corporate and operational presence in of workers in Arizona and more Phoenix. choices for travelers. I hope the administration will recognize the The merged airline is also expected to benefits of this combination and settle the lawsuit immediately,” said maintain its hubs in Charlotte, Congressman Pastor (D-AZ). Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Los

Dallas VA Medical Center Opens New Suite for Veterans with Polytrauma/ Traumatic Brain Injury What: With the grand opening of a new suite at Dallas VA Medical Center comes an enhanced system of care for North Texas Veterans with    Polytrauma. A ribbon cutting ceremony will take place to celebrate the grand opening and provide an inside look at what Polytrauma is and what services are available for Veterans. Polytrauma is multiple complex injuries that cause physical, cognitive, psychological, and social impairments and functional disabilities. Common injuries in blast-related polytrauma include open wounds, traumatic amputations, spinal injuries, eye conditions, musculoskeletal system disorders, psychiatric problems, and traumatic brain injury. VA North Texas Health Care System provides a full range of medical and support services using interdisciplinary team consisting of physicians, social workers, neuropsychologists, nurse case manager, PAGE 5


blind rehabilitation specialist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech language pathologist, recreational therapist, prosthetist, and other disciplines. Other services include neuro rehabilitation, cognitive rehabilitation, state-of-the-art prosthetics, visual rehabilitation, psychological services, physical and vocational rehabilitation, recreational therapy, and on-going case management. Services provide treatment and recovery for Veterans. When:   Monday, October 21, 2013 2:30 p.m. Where: Dallas VA Medical Center     4500 S. Lancaster Rd. Dallas, TX 75216 Why:  To raise awareness about the services available for Veterans with Polytrauma






OCTOBER 18, 2013

Will ‘Vehicles for Hire’ leave Southern Dallas? By Rev. Jerry Christian and Rev. S.C. Nash

Fr o m o u r vantage point as Southern D a l l a s pastors we often see a number of developing community t r e n d s b e f o r e Rev. Jerry Christian t h e y b e co m e common knowledge. The taxi versus limostyle black car “ride for h i r e ” competition has quietly simmered Rev. S.C. Nash into a very nasty fight. And our community may become the biggest loser. Right now taxicabs are an extension of public transportation. Taxis are regulated by city ordinance and taxis must pro vide 24-hour

service, seven days a week, to all areas of the city of Dallas. Right now the leading black car for hire service provider cherry picks and profiles its customers. To hire their vehicle a potential customer must have a credit card on file and agree to pay in advance when requesting service on his or her smart phone. Unlike taxis, black cars don’t accept cash. Ac c o r d i n g t o i t s a p p - b a s e d website, debit and prepaid credit cards are not accepted either. That means black car service is out of reach for a number of our members since debit and prepaid cards may be their only credit cards. Many have regular cell phones; not smart phones, which mean they can’t even order the leading “appbased” black car service. Unfortunately, people of color know a lot about profiling. From redlining loans to walking at your own risk in upscale neighborhoods, “profiling” to us conjures up ugly historical barriers. Our history is full of documented profiling; and profiling, whether done secretly or done in plain sight, has not been good for us. Simply stated, our community leadership must proactively monitor

what happens with the taxi versus black car tug-of-war. Then we must speak with a clear, strong and unified voice to our elected officials. This issue is important because a number of our worshippers and community residents use vehicles for h i r e ( p r i m a r i l y DA RT a n d i t s paratransit services) in their daily routine. If left to fight it out on their own terms, non-transit related commercial ‘vehicles for hire’ will soon leave or severely cut back service to Southern Dallas, an area where about 45 percent of Dallas’ population lives. Why are we sending a clarion call to those who represent us to do their duty in regulating balanced ‘for hire’ vehicle service? Because if we remain silent, “for hire” services: taxis and black cars; will redeploy their vehicles above Interstate 30, focusing on Uptown and DFW area airports. Right now if we were to grade taxi companies serving Southern Dallas, we would give taxis a ser vice to community grade of “C”. If we were to grade black cars for hire, we would give an “I” for “incomplete” because there simply are not enough black cars serving our community.

Black cars go to more affluent areas because that is where they believe the big tips and higher fares are. As an unregulated for hire service, they can continue to ignore our community without penalty. If the city does not force all service providers to play by the same regulated rules, finding a taxi in Southern Dallas may become as rare as finding a black car for hire. Dallas City Council can fix this. It is our prayer that Mayor Mike Rawlings and the entire Dallas City Council will continue to help Dallas ‘Grow South’ by providing uniform vehicle for hire service both North and South of Interstate 30. It matters to the two of us. It matters to our organizations. It matters to our members. And most of all, it matters to our already underserved Southern Dallas community. Let’s really grow south! Rev. Jerry Christian pastors Kirkwood CME Church and serves as president of African American Pastors Coalition. Rev. Stephen C. Nash pastors Mt. Tabor Baptist Ch u r c h a n d s e r v e s a s p re s i d e n t o f Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance of Greater Dallas and Vicinity.

JOHNSON: Affordable Care Act strengthens options for our Veterans By Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson

On October 1, 2013, the new Health Insurance Marketplace opened as part of the Affordable Care Act implementation. While the Affordable Care Act is designed to provide quality and affordable health insurance to people, the Veterans Affairs health care program remain viable options for those who qualify for those benefits. The VA health care program, the Civilian Health and Medical program (CHAMPVA), and the Spina Bifida health care program all meet the minimum essential covera ge requirement under the new health care law. With VA Health Care programs, there is still no enrollment fee, monthly premium, or deductibles. Many veterans will still have no out-ofp o c ke t c o s t s a n d c a n s t i l l u s e Medicare, TRICARE, or private insurance under the VA’s program. Those who remain uninsured, including veterans, starting in 2014 will have to pay either a flat fee or a percentage of their taxable income depending on which amount is higher. PAGE 6


From the Congresswoman by Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson Since a number of my constituents are veterans, it is important that they are aware of al l of their health insurance options. Nationally, 1.3 million non-elderly veterans do not have health insurance which means one in every ten of those veterans is uninsured. I fully encoura ge our veterans to seek the care that they deser ve and to fully utilize their earned health care benefits. Also at play is the option of Medicaid as health insurance coverage. Many of these uninsured veterans also q u a l i f y f o r Me d i c a i d . T h o u g h Medicaid expansion in Texas would inevitably help low-income veterans and civilians, VA health care benefits a n d t h e n e w Ma r ke t p l a c e s a r e certainly an important piece of our nation’s health care coverage puzzle

The Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, has already positively impacted many of my own constituents. In my district, 10,100 young adults now have health insurance through their parents’ health p l a n . Mo r e t h a n 4 , 0 0 0 s e n i o r s received discounts on prescription dr ugs wor th approximatel y $5.6 million. More than 124,000 people – including 26,000 children and 54,000 women – now have access to free preventive ser vices through their health insurance coverage. About 48,000 children cannot be denied health insurance based on a preexisting condition. With the recent implementation of the Marketplaces, up to 204,000 uninsured people in my district will have access to coverage. !

Veterans may also choose to enroll in Marketplace options provided by the Affordable Care Act that could lower the cost of their health insurance. Uninsured spouses of veterans who do not have access to VA b e n e f i t s c a n a l s o e n te r t h e Marketplace to access quality health insurance with eligibility for financial assistance. It is my hope that veterans take advantage of the myriad of options available through the Affordable Care Act and the VA. Ensuring that our veterans have access to various services such as routine and preventive care, dental care, vision care, and emergency services is very important to me. I will work tirelessly to make sure that my co n s t i t u e n t s a r e a w a r e o f t h e i r options. For more information about the Marketplace, go to or call 1-800-318-2596. For more information about VA health care benefits, go to or call 1-877-222-8387. Congresswoman Johnson is the most senior Congressional Democrat in Texas and the Ranking Member on the Committee on Science, Space, & Technology





PVU Alumni Athletic Scholarship & Stadium Gala

friends were in attendance. Attendees were treated to champagne, pictures on the "Royal," dinner, a speaker, dinner and a live band, "Vinjac." 

OCTOBER 18, 2013




The Dallas PVU Alumni held its 18th Annual Athletic Scholarship & Stadium Gala on Friday, October 4th. The event was held at the Marriott City Center Hotel in downtown Dallas.  More than 350 alumni and



The Scholarship Gala originated in 1996, the brainchild of Mrs. Opal Johnson Smith, a 1954 graduate

and General Chair Emeritus. In 2001 Kimberley Runnels, second generation PVite and '93 graduate took over as Gala General Chair.  The Gala was formed to supply PVAMU athletes with scholarships to return our alma mater to athletic prominence.  In the last 3 years the majority of funds have been donate to the PVAM Foundation for completion of our Sports Complex including a 16,000 seat stadium.  In its 18-year history the Gala has garnered over $600,000 for the interest of PVAMU. 4


5 PHOTOS: #1 Dallas PV Alumni Pres. Billy Davis Jr. '92 #2 Gala Chair, Kimberley Runnels '93 #3 K Club Members (those donating $250-2K) #4 "Royal Carpet' photo #5 Award Winner Roderick Shavers PV Alumnus





OCTOBER 18, 2013

Cowboys of Color National Finals Rodeo continues legacy at Mesquite Arena

Today the legendary Cleo Hearn is a walking history lesson, sharing the rich tradition of Cowboys of Color. Mr. Hearn sat down recently to talk about his living dream, The Cowboys of Color Rodeo. A member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association since 1959, he began producing rodeos in 1971. In 1995, he changed the name from the Texas Black Rodeo to Cowboys of Color Rodeo to be inclusive of other cultures. He said the rodeo was designed to "educate while it entertains," and highlights diverse cultural contributions that many history books fail to mention. Mr. Hearn, who has the distinction of being the first African American to portray the Marlboro Man in advertising for the then-popular cigarette brand. Right now he’s gearing up for the 13th Annual Cowboys of Color National Finals Rodeo on Saturday, October 26, 2013. The Cowboys of Color Rodeo is also a training ground for the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA) and features over 200 culturally diverse cowboys and cowgirls of all colors competing for cash prizes. The Legacy continues with outstanding athletes and cultural entertainment at the largest multicultural rodeo in the country. PAGE 8


The doors open at 6:30 p.m. for tasty Texas BBQ and the Rodeo action starts at 7:30 p.m. in the climate controlled Mesquite Arena just 12 miles east of downtown Dallas and 2 miles

audiences participation for the Cupid Shuffle. Over 200 African American, Hispanic, and Native American cowboys and cowgirls compete for cash prizes in traditional

south of Town East Mall in Mesquite, Texas. Vendors will offer art, books, jewelry, Western wear, and more. While CUPID will make a satellite appearance for some “Kickin’ in the Dirt” with

rodeo events: wild bull riding, wild ranch bronc riding, steer wrestling, calf roping, and ladies barrel racing. Ladies Barrel Racer Rachel Hearn will be a part of the action. Granddaughter of Mr. Hearn, she !

has been barrel racing since she was eight years old. She grew up around the rodeo business, following in her father Eldon’s footsteps by participating in the arena, while her mother Lisa works in the Rodeo office. Today as a college freshman she is a member of the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association and continues the family tradition of competing in rodeos. When she is not galloping around the barrels on her favorite horse she spends her time taking in the latest fashions, especially hair styles. She hopes to work in the beauty industry after she graduates. Texas Buffalo Soldiers, Escaramuzas (Spanish Ladies Side Saddle Team), Circle L5 Drill Team, Mexican Charros, and Pony Express Relays will bring history to life between the rodeo events. “This year we will be bringing back the crowd favorite Pony Express Relays where teams compete by passing the baton to the next rider...think track relay but on horseback,” said Mr. Hearn. Tickets are $60 for VIP Club Seats (includes food and beverage in the Club); $35 for Box Seats; $20 or $12 Grandstand Reserve. Pre-sell and Group Tickets are available by calling 972.285.8777 or visiting Sponsors include Crown Royal, North Central Ford, Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, Lone Star Ag Credit, The Urology Institute, Air Products, The Law Offices of John R. Salazar, and Wild West Diversity. Media sponsors are: The Greensheet, KNON 89.3, North Dallas Gazette, Old School 94.5FM, The Beat 97.9, The Dallas Weekly, and Perry Broadcasting. !




OCTOBER 18, 2013

Baisden adopts a high school class of 28 young men to spark One Dream One Team mentoring agenda Orlando, FL - When renowned radio personality Michael Baisden posted "A real man takes care of his kids no matter what the relationship is with the mother of the child," on his Facebook page, he never anticipated the over nine million views or one million plus likes and comments he received as feedback! The overwhelming response prompted him into immediate action. A diehard advocate for mentoring since 2010 with his "One Million Mentors National Campaign to Save Our Kids" 72-city tour,  Baisden has now launched a new initiative, the "One Dream One Team" Mentoring Initiative."  His specific goal is to help recruit African American male mentors for the 12,000 African American boys on the Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) waiting lists for a one-on-one mentor match.  A known social activist since his organizing of the 2007 Jena Six March and his work with the 2012 Trayvon Martin Rally, Baisden has always demonstrated a strong show of commitment via his actions. True to this trait, he has adopted a classroom of 28 boys at



Evans High School in Orlando, Florida to spearhead the "One Dream One Team" momentum. Baisden takes time out of his busy work schedule for a mentoring session with the students weekly. In addition, the New York Times best-selling author and motivational speaker is hosting a special "One Dream One Team" Think Tank event in Orlando on October 26 at the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters. The gathering is an orchestrated effort to strategize a plan for recruiting additional qualified male mentors. The boys on the national "waiting-to-be-matched" list average 14 years in age and the goal is to have mentors for all 12,000 within a year.    "This is an urgent matter and an urgent call," cites Baisden. "Too often we are quick to criticize the behavior of our young men but are slow to step up to correct them or show them a better example. You have to see a man to be a man, the question is, what are we showing them? These young men need us desperately. It only takes one hour of your time each week to

positively impact and change some young man's life. We can't afford to say no and we cannot ignore this issue. Their lives and yes, their futures are depending on it!" Outside of his career as a radio personality, Michael Baisden has always mobilized around the issue of mentoring. His foundation was founded in 2005 as a non-profit organization that was formed to promote mentoring with a dedication to education, literacy and advancement in local communities. The foundation has donated half of the nearly one million dollars raised to mentoring


organizations in over 70 cities nationwide with a goal to inspire caring adults to become responsible mentors. With that success "One Dream One Team" takes his personal mission even further. Big Brothers Big Sisters acknowledged Baisden as one of its celebrity ambassadors in 2012 and presented him with The Michael Baisden Inspiration Award.  The Baisden Inspiration award is now an annual honor given to individuals demonstrating consistent generosity and dedication to support the nationwide mentoring organization's African American mentoring programs. As a bestselling author, Baisden has always been an advocate of books and reading. His foundation has already purchased the first two books for his adopted classroom of young boys to read, "The MisEducation of the Negro" by Carter G. Woodson and "The Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys" by Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu.   Baisden shares a passionate testimony as to how books changed his life. "In 10 short years, I went from driving trains in Chicago to becoming a four time best selling author, television talk show host and a nationally syndicated radio personality. Dreams do come true," he reveals, "and that dream for me began when I opened a book. Books change lives and I'm living proof! I look forward to instilling these young men with dreams and I'm looking for 12,000 Black men to join me and do the same." !




OCTOBER 18, 2013

9 Propositions on the November 5, 2013 Ballot Everybody agrees that knowledge is power. To keep you informed, I am providing you with information about the upcoming propositions including arguments both "for" and "against" proposed changes to our state constitution.  Because various parts of our lives and Texas will be affected, I encourage you to review this information before casting your vote.  Also, you are welcome to contact my District Office at 214-941-3895 or my Capitol Office at 512-463-0598, for additional information. Proposition No. 1 Ballot Text: The constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to provide for an exemption from ad valorem taxation of all or part of the market value of the residence homestead of the surviving spouse of a member of the armed services of the United States who is killed in action.   Summary: The proposed amendment will provide a property tax exemption for all or part of the home for a military widow whose spouse was killed in action. To qualify for the property tax exemption, the military widow cannot remarry after the death of their U.S. military spouse. Also, the military widow can keep the property tax exemption on a new house, but the exemption is limited to the previously exempted amount so long as the widow remains unmarried. This proposed amendment will apply for all tax years beginning on and after January 1, 2014, if approved by voters.   Supporters Say: Military widows are deserving of financial relief after their loss, and this exemption will provide real financial assistance.   Opponents Say: Local governments may need to raise property taxes to offset the loss created by the exemption, and it may encourage outof-state military windows to move to Texas. Proposition No. 2 Ballot Text: The constitutional amendment eliminating an obsolete requirement for a State Medical Education Board and a State Medical Education Fund, neither of which is operational.   Summary: The proposed amendment will remove the constitutional language that authorizes the State Medical Education Board (SMEB) and PAGE 10


the State Medical Education Fund (SMEF). The SMEB and the SMEF were ineffective in their purpose of getting doctors to work in rural areas of Texas. Thereby, the functions of the SMEB and SMEF were transferred to another agency over 20 years ago. Supporters Say: This removal would reduce our constitution and shrink state government by ending an obsolete governmental agency.   Opponents Say: No opposition was raised during the entire legislative process. Proposition No. 3 Ballot Text:  The constitutional amendment to authorize a political subdivision of this state to extend the number of days that aircraft parts that are exempt from ad valorem taxation due to their location in this state for a temporary period may be located in this state for purposes of qualifying for the tax exemption.   Summary: The proposed amendment will allow municipalities, counties, or school districts to increase the time for tax exemption status for aircraft parts that are temporarily held by Texas businesses with the sole purpose of assembly, storage, manufacturing, or other processing before being transported out of Texas. However, the date cannot last longer than the 730th day after the date the person acquired or imported the aircraft parts in Texas. This proposed amendment will apply for all tax years beginning on and after January 1, 2014, if approved by voters.   Supporters Say: This local governmental option could promote economic development because it is common for aircraft parts to remain in warehouses for a long time due to their nature.   Opponents Say: Issues on uniformity in taxation exist since other industries may seek a similar exemption. Because the costs to the state and local government are unpredictable, some reluctance existed for individuals.   Proposition No. 4 Ballot Text: The constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to provide for an exemption from ad valorem taxation of part of the market value of the residence homestead of a partially disabled veteran or the surviving spouse of a partially disabled veteran if the residence homestead was

donated to the disabled veteran by a charitable organization. Summary: The proposed amendment will provide a partial property tax exemption for a disabled veteran's home when the home was donated by a charitable organization. The exemption would be equal to the percentage of the veteran's disability. Also, current unmarried, military widows can receive the exemption if their military spouse met certain qualifications before their death. Further, the proposed amendment does not affect other exemptions where the veteran qualifies.   Supporters Say: Since a donated home can be a financial burden and service injuries may limit employment, deserving veterans can remain in their donated homes with this amendment.   Opponents Say:  Issues on uniformity in taxation exist since it singles out a specific group for an exemption. Also, local governments' property tax bases could diminish with passage. Proposition No. 5 Ballot Text: The constitutional amendment to authorize the making of a reverse mortgage loan for the purchase of homestead property and to amend lender disclosures and other requirements in connection with a reverse mortgage loan.   Summary: The proposed amendment will permit advances under a reverse mortgage for a home purchase when the buyer will occupy the home as their primary residence for a certain time after the mortgage closes. Additionally, a borrower must complete financial counseling before the reverse mortgage closes, and the lenders must provide detailed, written notices to a borrower that must be signed by all parties.   Supporters Say: Older Texans could buy a new house in one transaction using equity from their current home toward paying for the new home while requiring important safeguards.   Opponents Say:  Home equity lending may leave senior Texans with greater debt than equity in their homes, which could make senior Texans more vulnerable to future financial difficulties. Proposition No. 6

Ballot Text: The constitutional amendment providing for the creation of the State Water Implementation Fund for Texas and the State Water Implementation Revenue Fund for Texas to assist in the financing of priority projects in the state water plan to ensure the availability of adequate water resources.   Summary: The proposed amendment will create the State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT) and the State Water Implementation Revenue Fund for Texas (SWIRFT) as special funds to be controlled by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) for carrying out the state water plan. Further, the amendment allows the legislature to authorize the TWDB to:  1) enter into bond enhancement agreements, 2) to finance water projects by direct loans, and 3) to issue bonds and enter into related credit agreements.  Finally, the amendment authorizes the transfer or deposit of state revenue into either the SWIFT or SWIRFT without actually making a transfer or deposit itself.  However, if the amendment is approved, $2 billion from the Economic Stabilization Fund which is commonly known as the Rainy Day Fund would be transferred to SWIFT, as provided by H.B. 1025 of the 83rd Regular Legislative Session.  Additionally, the proposed amendment's supporting law, H.B. 4, which was passed during the 83rd Regular Legislative Session contains more detailed information about the operation of the two water funds-SWIFT and SWIRFT.   Supporters Say: An adequate water supply is vital to Texans and Texas. So a proper funding program for water infrastructure is a necessary and proper use of the Rainy Day Fund.   Opponents Say: Using the Rainy Day Fund may leave Texas unable to respond to future emergencies. New funds are unnecessary since similar funds already exist for water development. Proposition No. 7 Ballot Text: The constitutional amendment authorizing a home rule municipality to provide in its charter the procedure to fill a vacancy on its governing body for which the unexpired term is 12 months or less.

See NOVEMBER BALLOT, next page !






I am reminded of something I learned the hard way early in my walk. One of the biggest mistakes we make is to believe in all things holy and dismiss unholy things as accidents, bad luck, poor decision making or even just happenstance. As they say, the biggest single trick of the devil is to get you to think he doesn’t exist; out of sight, out of mind. The reality of this should become more and more obvious to us as we unsuccessfully try to navigate the nuances of life’s ups and downs. I mean life is tough enough just trying to live as Christ would have you to without the challenges to your virtue and the temptations of sin. If you do so without an understanding of Satan, then you probably also think maybe you’ve done something that merits the hell going on in your life and, given time, you probably think you can figure it all out. I mean eating is good but gluttony is a sin. The bible I read says nothing in excess, everything in moderation. Marital sex is blessed. All else is adultery. Gossip is a perversion of healthy conversation and will eventually destroy the gossiper as well as the gossiped. We do live in a world of contradictions don’t we, or do we? If you choose to intellectualize God’s Word, then you can rationalize just about anything, any act or deed you are compelled to do. Rationalization would have you believe, it was, shall we say, necessary. One of the last things we factor into our decision making is the hand Satan may have had in it. That fact only surfaces as you are forced to suffer the consequences of your actions and ask yourself, ‘now why did I do that?’ The consideration of God however, usually gets side stepped as one conveniently rationalizes knowing the right decision and consciously making the wrong one. My point is God can and PAGE 11

does often become a focal point of your afterthoughts. The devil’s influence evaporates like a dream you can’t remember in the morning. He becomes a non reason for what seemingly are circumstances beyond your control. The call of the world then becomes more powerful than any drug, thanks to the devil’s trick of nonexistence. Now upon serious investigation into the raw Word of God, confusion and mystery are clarified by truth. Much like learning how a magician cut a body in two, or how a movie uses special effects, we learn about tricks and optical illusions that can have you believing the impossible just occurred right before your very eyes. There is no mystery regarding the Word of God. You cannot intellectualize the truth. It is what it is. “I tell you the truth. Whoever hears my word and believes in Him who sent me, has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life. I tell you the truth, a time is coming and has now come when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God and those who hear will live.” John 5:24-25. Now that’s pretty simple to understand unless you think your addiction, your vulnerability, your misguided obsessions are just part of life, a part you have no control over. I would rather do my best to respond as Christ did. “Away with you, Satan, for it is written, Worship the Lord your God and serve him only. The devil left him, and suddenly angels came and waited on Him.” Matthew 4:10-11. That requires recognition that sometimes what the world offers you is an optical illusion that with a little faith, becomes no more than a parlor trick for children’s imagination. Boy the Satan is pretty good. But I’d rather see the Master at work. Pay attention and you will. Pay attention and angels with come and wait on you too. May God bless and keep you always.


Single Mom Chronicles

OCTOBER 18, 2013

Dear Benefit of the Doubt

The answer to your question is “Absolutely Not!” Based on what you are saying it does appear that your husband is avoiding the By Tonya English question. Also, you refer to him as an accused rapist. I believe the correct term is convicted sex offender. There is a big difference. It is Dear SMC: important that you understand what happens I am a single mom with 5 children. Three when he comes home to you. He will have to years ago I married a man that is incarcerated. be registered as a sex offender. His picture will He has been in jail on two different rape appear on websites for sex offenders in the area charges and one of the accusers is a minor. My where you and your children live. Depending husband is a very good looking man, so when I on what state you live in, you will not be able to asked him did he actually rape those people he reside within 500-2000 feet of a school. Your asked me if he looked like he needed to rape neighbors will resent him being around and somebody to have sex. That was a couple of your landlord could ask you to vacate the years before we got married and at the time premises. I know that we would like to believe that sounded like a good answer. But now that that most people who are incarcerated we are getting close to him being paroled out to shouldn’t be, but the reality is that a large me and my kids, I’m really not sure that I trust percentage of them should. I applaud you for an accused rapist around my kids. I really considering the welfare of your children. Now wanted to believe in him but he still hasn’t you have to decide how to make decisions that answered the question and to me that makes will not only keep you all safe but give you him look guilty. Is it wrong for me to doubt peace of mind. him now? Send your letters to Benefit of the Doubt

Tonya English is an entrepreneur, writer, motivational speaker and the founder of Single Mom Chronicles.

November Ballot, continued from previous page Summary: The proposed amendment will authorize a municipality to provide the method including appointments to fill a vacancy on its governing body when the unexpired term is 12 months or less. However, the method must be specified in the municipality's charter or a charter amendment.   Supporters Say: The prevention of burdensome and costly special elections to fill a short-term vacancy better serves the community while preserving democratic accountability.   Opponents Say: Voting and elections are essential governmental functions that ensure democratic accountability. Corruption may occur by permitting appointments for vacant offices.

Opponents Say: By removing the restrictions on the property tax rate, Hidalgo County property owners may experience an increase in property taxes which could be as high as $0.75 for every $100 property valuation.

Proposition No. 9 Ballot Text: The constitutional amendment relating to expanding the types of sanctions that may be assessed against a judge or justice following a formal proceeding instituted by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct. Summary: The proposed amendment will expand the punishments available to the State Commission on Judicial Conduct for judges after a formal proceeding into judicial misconduct. The new punishments include an order of public admonition, warning, reprimand, or requirement that the judge or justice obtain additional training or education. Proposition No. 8 The proposed amendment will only apply to Ballot Text: The constitutional amendment proceedings occurring on or after January 1, repealing Section 7, Article IX, Texas 2014, if approved by voters. Constitution, which relates to the creation of a   hospital district in Hidalgo County. Supporters Say: By allowing the commission to   use its full range of disciplinary actions, the Summary: The proposed amendment will repeal commission's ability to discipline judges and the constitutional provision that authorizes the deter judicial misconduct would be enhanced. creation of a hospital district in Hidalgo County and limits the property tax rate to support the   Opponents Say: The expansion of the hospital district to $0.10 for every $100 commission's authority may diminish the property valuation.  However if approved, public's confidence in the judiciary and unfairly the amendment does not prevent Hidalgo County or an area within Hidalgo County from harm individual judges due to meritless claims.  Also, the commission may need more resources creating a hospital district. since formal proceedings may increase if the   amendment passes. Supporters Say: By removing the low property tax rate, Hidalgo County could create a Presented by State Representative Yvonne Davis sustainable hospital district that provides Texas House of Representatives affordable healthcare to the county. District 111    



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Annual Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce Banquet features Coach Ken Carter as the speaker

Parkland resumes CEO search

Ken Carter

DBCC Chair Matt Houston, National Association of Black Journalists President Bob Butler and Businessman Wil Murphy

Photos: Becky Lewis

Sen. Royce West shares a light moment

Guests with DISD Board Trustee Carla Ranger

American Airlines

DBCC President Wilton Munniings

Immediate Past Dallas County Community College District Chancellor Wright Lassiter

Judicial candidate Andrea Martin with her son

OCTOBER 18, 2013

— Parkland Health and Hospital System’s Board of Managers has announced that it has resumed the search for a permanent CEO. The health system suspended the search in March pending successful completion of its Systems Improvement Agreement with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). “At the time we suspended our CEO search, the Board knew we had a good turnaround team in place to steer Parkland through the impending CMS survey,” said Board Chair Debbie Branson. “That survey was crucial to the entire healthcare community in North Texas and it required our full attention. Now that we have successfully completed the Systems Improvement Agreement and are working to ensure sustainability of recent improvements to the system, the time is right to turn our attention back to the CEO search.” Parkland’s Board will continue working through its executive search firm, Korn/Ferry International, and reaching out directly to key leaders in the industry. The Board’s goal is to identify a candidate who can sustain and eventually surpass the recent improvements made throughout the system. “This decision will affect the health and well-being of Dallas County residents for years to come so it is important that we get it right,” Branson said. “While we are more intent on getting the right candidate than setting specific timelines, I want to assure Dallas County residents that we are focused on getting this done as soon as possible. We recognize that it is time for Parkland to have a permanent leader in place.” Parkland is historically one of the U.S.’s premiere public health systems and, as such, it is home to several widely recognized services such as a Level 1 Trauma Unit and the second largest civilian Burn Unit in the nation. Parkland trains roughly 50 percent of doctors working in the greater Dallas area.

Color Me Rad 5K announces First Dallas Race – Dallas-area runners are gearing up for color, and a whole lot of radness, as they take on Color Me Rad 5K on October 26, 2013. As white-clad participants run around Myers Park they’ll be bombarded with color that tiedyes their t-shirts at the same time it brightens their outlook on life. In this untimed event, the focus is purely on fun, and the fitness is an added bonus. After PAGE 12


completing the 3.1mile course, runners will declare themselves rad as they toss their own bags of color into the air; creating a display so colorful it makes the Fourth of July jealous. “Like your fifth birthday party, we want this event to be memorable, fun, and colorful,” said race organizer Scott Crandall. “This is all about fun, and unlike your birthday party, there are no scary clowns here,

just lots of color.” The color is FDA approved colored cornstarch, and almost 5,000 lbs. of it is used for each race. Inspired by the Holi Festival of India, Color Me Rad is in its second year of turning runners into color revelers. This is the first year Color Me Rad comes to Boise. Last year more than 200,000 runners were turned rad in 36 cities across the U.S. and Canada. “We love to get people involved in fitness who may not come out to your typical 5K,” Crandall said. A portion of the proceeds of the race goes to Special Olympics Texas. !

“We have worked with great charities across the country, and there is nothing more rad than knowing all of this colorful mayhem is also for a good cause,” Crandall said. Waves of 1,000 people will take off every five minutes beginning at 9:20 a.m. on Saturday, October 26, 2013. Participants of all ages are welcome to run or walk. Registration is available at In 2013 Color Me Rad™ will hold races across the US and Canada in more than 100 cities. For more information and to see additional race locations, visit !




2013 HBCU Homecoming Dates Alabama A&M University Mississippi Valley State University 10/05/2013 1:00 PM (Huntsville, AL) Alabama State University Stillman College 11/28/2013 1:00 PM (Montgomery, AL) Albany State University Morehouse College 10/19/2013 2:00 PM (Albany, GA) Alcorn State University Warner University 10/05/2013 2:00 PM (Lorman, MS) Benedict College Clark Atlanta University 10/19/2013 2:00 PM (Columbia, SC) Bethune Cookman University South Carolina State University 10/26/2013 4:00 PM (Daytona Beach, FL) Bowie State University Chowan University 10/12/2013 1:00 PM (Bowie, MD) Central State University Miles College 10/12/2013 TBA (Wilberforce, OH) Cheyney University of Pennsylvania Millersville University 10/19/2013 1:00 PM (Cheyney, PA) Clark Atlanta University Albany State University 10/26/2013 2:00 PM (Atlanta, GA) Concordia College v Ave Maria University 10/05/2013 12:00 PM (Selma, AL) Delaware State University Norfolk State University 10/12/2013 2:00 PM (Dover, DE) Elizabeth City State University Lincoln University -Pennsylvania 10/19/2013 1:30 PM (Elizabeth City, NC) Fayetteville State University Saint Augustines College 10/26/2013 2:00 PM (Fayetteville, NC) Florida A&M University Howard University 10/19/2013 2:00 PM (Tallahassee, FL) Florida Memorial University College of the Bahamas 02/08/2014 6:30 PM Florida Memorial University Fort Valley State University Concordia College 10/26/2013 2:00 PM (Fort Valley, GA) PAGE 13


Grambling State University Mississippi Valley State University 11/02/2013 2:00 PM (Grambling, LA)

OCTOBER 18, 2013

Prairie View A&M University Mississippi Valley State University 10/19/2013 2:00 PM (Prairie View, TX)

I Messenger News Subscribe today

Hampton University North Carolina A&T State University 10/12/2013 2:00 PM (Hampton, VA)

Saint Augustines College Livingstone College 10/12/2013 2:00 PM (Raleigh, NC)

Howard University Morgan State University 10/26/2013 1:00 PM (Washington, DC)

Savannah State University North Carolina Central University 10/26/2013 2:00 PM (Savannah, GA)

Jackson State University Grambling State University 10/19/2013 2:00 PM (Jackson, MS)


Johnson C. Smith University Shaw University 10/26/2013 1:00 PM (Charlotte, NC)

South Carolina State University Florida A&M University 11/09/2013 1:30 PM (Orangeburg, SC)

Kentucky State University Fort Valley State University 10/12/2013 1:30 PM (Frankfort, KY)

Southern University and A&M College Alcorn State University 10/26/2013 5:30 PM (Baton Rouge, LA)

Lane College Central State University 10/19/2013 2:00 PM

Stillman College Benedict College 10/12/2013 6:00 PM (Tuscaloosa, AL)

214-941-0110 Shaw University Livingstone College

(Jackson, TN)

1:00 PM (Durham, NC)

Langston University Texas College 10/19/2013 2:00 PM (Langston, OK)

Tennessee State University Eastern Illinois University 10/26/2013 TBA (Nashville, TN)

Lincoln University -Missouri Emporia State University 10/05/2013 2:00 PM (Jefferson City, MO)

Texas College Bacone College 10/26/2013 2:00 PM Bulldog Stadium (Chapel Hill, TX)

Lincoln University -Pennsylvania Virginia State University 10/26/2013 2:00 PM (Lincoln University, PA)

Texas Southern University Alcorn State University 10/19/2013 2:00 PM (Houston, TX)

Livingstone College Fayetteville State University 11/02/2013 1:30 PM (Salisbury, NC)

Tuskegee University v 11/02/2013 TBA

Central State University (Tuskegee, AL)


Miles College Kentucky State University 10/19/2013 4:00 PM (Fairfield, AL)

Mississippi Valley State University University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff 10/26/2013 1:00 PM (Itta Bena, MS) Morehouse College Benedict College 10/26/2013 2:00 PM (Atlanta, GA)

Morgan State University v Florida A&M University 10/05/2013 1:00 PM (Baltimore, MD) Norfolk State University v Florida A&M University 11/02/2013 2:00 PM (Norfolk, VA) North Carolina A&T State University Virginia University of Lynchburg 11/02/2013 1:00 PM (Greensboro, NC) North Carolina Central University Morgan State University 10/19/2013 2:00 PM (Durham, NC)

University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Southern University and A&M College 10/19/2013 2:30 PM (Pine Bluff, AR) Virginia State University Bowie State University 10/19/2013 2:00 PM (Ettrick, VA)

Virginia Union University Chowan University 10/19/2013 1:00 PM (Richmond, VA) Virginia University of Lynchburg Livingstone College 11/09/2013 1:00 PM (Lynchburg, VA) West Virginia State University Urbana University 10/05/2013 1:30 PM (Institute, WV) Winston-Salem State University Johnson C. Smith University 10/12/2013 1:30 PM (Winston-Salem, NC) - See more at: homecoming/#sthash.Iz68UQ7F.dpuf !









OCTOBER 18, 2013




OCTOBER 18, 2013

In Loving Memory Alex Pete Puente January 13, 1990 ² October 5, 2008

Fashion for a New Day ϮϬϭϯ>ƵŶĐŚĞŽŶΘ^ƚLJůĞ^ŚŽǁ

The Alex Puente Foundation


4th Annual Memorial Golf Tournament

Proceeds benefit -­ The Alex Puente Memorial Scholarship

Saturday, November 2nd


Tangle Ridge Golf Club, Grand Prairie TX -­

Honorary Master of Ceremonies



If We Can’t Find The Music You Need... Nobody Can!

ϯϳϯϱŽƵŶƚƌLJůƵďŝƌĐůĞ &ŽƌƚtŽƌƚŚ͕dyϳϲϭϬϳ      ϭϬ͗ϯϬŚĂŵƉĂŐŶĞZĞĐĞƉƟŽŶΘZĂŋĞ   ϭϮ͗ϬϬ>ƵŶĐŚĞŽŶΘ^ƚLJůĞ^ŚŽǁ  

Registration/Sign-­In: 11:00am -­ 1:00pm ‡‡Tee-­off: 1:00pm ‡‡Cost: $85 )RXU0DQ6FUDPEOH‡%HVW%DOO)RUPDW This includes 18-­holes of golf, riding cart, range balls and Hooters catering Awards Dinner

* Longest Putt * Longest Drive * Closest to the Pin RQ3DU·V +ROH-­in-­One Contest 0XOOLJDQ·V ($10 each) * Raffle Tickets (5 tickets for $20) * Silent Auction Trophies 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place team finishes Registration forms at in the EVENTS section or call (972) 375-­6396


MEET & PLAY with Legendary & Super Bowl Champion Everson Walls

DŝŶŐtĂŶŐ HOOTERS Girls 1:00pm-­6:00pm


E M Moton Companies Enterprise

Hole #17 Hole in One Contest ² Sponsored by Golf Galaxy -­ $500 gift card


Family Health Center ² South Grand Prairie, will sponsor the 18th hole, Dr. Beadle, Dr. Santone and Dr. Sims, family practice physicians at Methodist as well as the first   aid station

DJ Service - All CD’s - $15.00 New Releases Open Mon. thru Sat. 3415 Stonewall St. Greenville, Texas








HOOTERS Calendar  Girls  11:30am-­3:30pm  

Pay tribute to your loved one! Call





amille Bradfield

Get out of debt! Invest in your future! Stop living paycheck to paycheck









In our library My Cat Won't Bark: Insightful Advice To Change How We Look For The Right Partner Chicago, IL,– When we choose a mate we often think this could be 'the one' until our world turns upside down after the relationship turns toxic. What most of us are guilty of ignoring are the red flags that pop up; instead we plow ahead - trying to make the relationship what we want it to be rather than what it really is. My Cat Won't Bark! (A Relationship Epiphany) by Kevin Darné helps us to strip away illusions we may have conjured up, remove unrealistic expectations, and see things as they really are.

OCTOBER 18, 2013

Says Darné, "When we see things in black and white we gain insight and when we see things in gray it causes us to delay.” Filled with many humorous anecdotes, many of which we can identify with, the author recounts his own story with such wit and insightful advice that readers feel he is addressing them personally.

This unique book acts as a gentle guide to encourage us to make our choice of mates with complete awareness and realistic expectations, and offers the self-empowering techniques to do it. After all, there are only two ways to experience joy and peace of mind in relationships - we either get what we want or we learn to be happy with what we have. Thankfully, Darné offers advice for both paths. In his words, "It's your life – take the wheel!”

My Cat Won't Bark! debunks many commonly held beliefs about communication, relationship work, and the assumption that it's natural for long-term relationships to become unromantic. We tend to abide by the overly-used, horrible advice: Follow your heart. However, Darné suggests that we: "Never separate your mind from your heart when making relationship decisions. The purpose of the mind is to protect the heart.” This makes perfect sense yet how many of us actually practice this! Seasoned with pearls of wisdom and experience, Darné's book dispels myths and delivers the all-important

message we tend to forget; life is a personal journey and our lives are the result of decisions and choices we have made along the way.

Kevin Darné is no stranger to the dating scene; he is president & CEO of Conation Enterprises - a company that helps people facilitate change from within. He is also a Chicago Dating Advice Examiner for, providing advice and guidance in the tricky world of dating. For more information on Kevin or his company, visit: http://

Get out of debt! Invest in your future! Stop living paycheck to paycheck

Robert Hallback Jr. Owner / Operator

813-967-0178 813-754-6148 Fax 813-704-5550

408 West Renfro St, Ste 105 Plant City, FL   33563






amille A guy who hits a woman

Business Hours Available 24/7

can be called lots of things.


“Man” is not one of them. !





Ask Gwendolyn Baines

OCTOBER 18, 2013

spends precious time drilling me to talk like New Yorkers. Gwendolyn, what can I do to stop this madness, or should I even be concerned? Louise Dear Louise:

Ignore taunts of ignorant people Dear Gwendolyn: Each summer my mother sends me to visit my relatives on the West Coast. My mother also has a brother who lives in New York. Therefore, Mom sends me to visit my uncle there as well. This is the problem: My cousins in the west constantly make fun of my Southern accent. I hate going there, and my mother insists that I ignore their laughter. I try to explain to her that I feel they are no better than me. I may talk Southern, but I talk correct. Their English is poor-poor-poor. Even when I visit my uncle in New York, he

You can’t stop the madness and yes, you shouldn’t even be concerned. I know your relatives are small-minded, ignorant thinking people. I say so because that is how small-minded people think. Knowledge is not too much to the forefront with them. Let me tell you this: I recently had a visitor who commented on the notice that the newscasters did not have a Southern accent. I will tell you as I told her: “An accent does not verify one’s personality or character. An individual can sound like an upright person and actually be a serial killer. Think about it. An accent does not validate who you are but only indicates you came from someplace else.” (copyright © 2011 by Gwendolyn L. Baines) Gwendolyn Baines is a nationally renown author and lecturer, who in the last few years has added "syndicated advice columnist" to her lengthy credentials list. With her nationally syndicated advice column, she is now exposed to 15 million readers per week. The "Ask Gwendolyn Baines" advice column is distributed by the National Newspaper Publishers' Association (NNPA)-Washington, D.C.

Exhibition showcases Women of Prairie View A&M University Charlotte, NC - On 18 October 2013, the latest installation of internationally acclaimed traveling exhibition WOMEN OF A NEW TRIBE will open at the Art Gallery in the John B. Coleman Library on the campus of Prairie View A&M University.  The exhibition which is a photographic study of the physical and spiritual beauty of black women has traveled widely around the country and twice to Europe since premiering in Charlotte, NC in June 2004.   The exhibition will open during Homecoming Weekend on 18 October 2013.  Opening receptions will take place Friday 18 October from 12:00 to 4:00 PM and Saturday 19 October from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The Prairie View edition of the exhibition will run through 30 November 2013.  In August of this year, photographer Jerry Taliaferro traveled to the campuses of the exhibitions is unique in that all the images are of university to produce the images of over eighty women with ties to the hosting community.   subjects for the exhibit.  The subjects include While the exhibit has been hosted by a students, faculty, staff, alumnae, and friends of number of colleges and universities,  Prairie the university.  This particular edition of the



View A&M University is the first HBCU (Historically Black College and Universities) to bring the WOMEN OF A NEW TRIBE exhibit to its campus.







Kids + Vegetables = Fun? Yes! New "Veggie Village" Kids' and Arts Area Sets the Stage at the 4th Annual Texas Veggie Fair   Getting kids to eat their vegetables just might get easier after visiting the new "Veggie Village" kids' and arts area at the 4th Annual Texas Veggie Fair in Dallas.  Centered on plant-based cuisine, healthy green living, and animal welfare, the family and dog-friendly event is Sunday, October 20 from 11 – 6 p.m. at Reverchon Park.   The largest event of its kind in

the Dallas Fort Worth area attracting more than 5,000 last year, the Texas Veggie Fair is again expected to attract a record crowd of vegans, vegetarians, the veggie-curious + eco conscious, animal lovers and others interested in education and exposure to all things veggie. This year, organizers have added the "Veggie Village," a place for kids of all ages to learn and play. A $10 "Veggie Village" passport opens up a world of activities, crafts and learning experiences that teach children about the food they eat, the trash they make and ways to make our earth better for all.    According to event founder and blogger James Scott, "The Texas Veggie Fair has loads of great food and activities that children would like but we felt it was important to develop a special area just for them where they can have fun and learn how veggies aren't just something to push around the plate, PAGE 18


OCTOBER 18, 2013

Breast cancer awareness

but a fun and healthy addition to their life. 'Veggie Village' offers lots of entertaining and educational options tailored just for kids including yoga, a recycling station, and art projects. It's Women may be more confused now about teaching kids to make good than ever before about when to begin choices and live holistically for a having annual screening mammograms healthier, happier life." due to conflicting recommendations from national organizations, Parkland Health & Hospital System providers fear. And The Gathering Garden area of the that confusion may be contributing to "Veggie Village" will feature story time late-stage diagnosis of breast cancers and (12, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 p.m.) and kids' yoga even to preventable deaths from the (12:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30 and 4:30 p.m.).  disease. Activities also include games, bounce As part of National Breast Cancer houses and face painting as well as the Awareness Month, Parkland has scheduled a special event to arm women opportunity to learn about recycling at the Recycle Revolution Station and with facts about breast cancer, dispel myths, and provide potentially lifehow to help shelter dogs.  Arts and saving screening mammograms. crafts areas include such projects Parkland and Susan G. Komen Dallas using household items as coffee filter County have teamed up to offer “Come flowers, aluminum foil sculptures and Together for the Cure” from 8 a.m. to ocean-in-a-bottle creations.  1:30 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 26 at Light of   the World Church, 7408 S. Hampton For the under 2-years-old crowd, Road, Dallas, 75232. Women are invited there is a special "Lil Veggie Garden" to register early for the no-cost event where they can receive mammogram designed with toddlers in mind screenings, take part in four educational complete with activities set on foam flooring in a picket fence enclosure.  workshops and enjoy a luncheon featuring keynote speaker Deanna   Dewberry, NBC 5 reporter who is a breast cancer survivor, and KRNB radio personality Lynne Haze serving as mistress of ceremonies. Two Parkland physicians will also speak – Rachel D. Wooldridge, MD and Aeisha K. S. Rivers, MD, Department of Surgery. “Women in the U.S. today have a 1 in 8 chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer,” stated Phil Evans, MD, Parkland’s Interim Medical Director, Breast Imaging and Radiology. “However, there have been fierce debates in the medical community about when women should get mammograms.”

In 2009 the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) said that most women should not start getting regular mammograms until they are 50, triggering a major controversy. The American Cancer Society and many physicians disagreed. “We know that mammograms before age 50 help save lives,” explained Dr. Evans. The new study by Harvard Medical School published in the Journal of Cancer on Sept. 10 reported that 71 percent of breast cancer deaths occur in women who are not screened regularly and 50 percent of that group is under 49. “What is amazing about the study is the finding that over one-third of cancer deaths in unscreened women occurred in those under age 50," said Dr. Evans, adding that the study validates the strong recommendation that Parkland has consistently made to women of average risk for breast cancer to start getting mammograms at age 40 and continue annually thereafter. “The study confirms that early screening is essential, because breast cancer found early can be treated much better than when found late. In addition, younger women frequently have a more aggressive form of the disease, making it even more important to diagnose and treat them sooner rather than later,” said Dr. Evans. “It’s vital that we educate women about breast cancer and the importance of early detection,” added Vickie Henry, Parkland Community Development Specialist who is spearheading the “Come Together for the Cure” event.

Just outside the "Veggie Village," there are special kids' food demos in the demo tent with Nyse Collins at 12:30 p.m. and Najat Kaanache at 3:30 p.m. Throughout the day, fair goers can also enjoy performances by Circus Freaks, a band of versatile variety vaudevillians who mix improvisational theater, musical mayhem and big top talent. The main stage also features a full music performance schedule headlined by Grammy-Award winner Erykah Badu.  Other attractions include more than 100 vegan food and product vendors, a local beer garden, and speakers from across the country.  DATE:  Sunday, October 20, 2013 TIME:  11 a.m. - 6 p.m. LOCATION:  Reverchon Park, 3505 Maple Ave., Dallas, TX 75219 ADMISSION:  FREE, donations encouraged at entrance !





Mark your calendar V. Mike McKay from Houston Texas will be the workshop clinician on October 28th-30th starting @ 7pm nightly. Registration fee is $25. Concord Church 6808 Pastor Bailey Dr. Dallas, TX 75237

support the 2013 C.C. Russeau Black and Gold Scholarship Gala. For more info, email: Parenting Paperless will take place on October 19, 2013 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, at Epoch at Chase Oaks Church, 201 Legacy Drive, Plano, Texas 75023.

The J.L. Turner Legal Association Foundation's 61st Anniversary Scholarship & Awards Gala will take place beginning at 6:00 p.m. at the Sheraton Hotel Dallas, 400 N. Olive Street, Dallas, TX 75201.

October 19

Grab your tent and sleeping bags for a night under the stars with family and friends. Although you're only minutes from home, you'll feel miles away. Enjoy a night hike, games, s'mores, a campfire, and an outdoor movie. Dinner and breakfast provided! The event runs Saturday, October 19, 3 p.m. to Sunday, October 20, 8 a.m. at Audubon Park. $30 per family of 4 and $5 for each additional person over the age of 2 with a maximum of 8 people per tent. Pre-registration required by October 16. For more information, please contact Audubon Recreation Center, 972-205-3991 or 2013 C.C. Russeau Scholarship Black and Gold Gala @ 7 PM @ the Sheraton Hotel 400 N. Olive Street Dallas, TX. Tickets are $75.00 per person or $750 per table. (This is a Black Tie event) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and the Alpha Merit Group (501c3) are honored to recognize four women who are giants in our community. Those honorees are:

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, State Representative Helen Giddings, State Representative Yvonne Davis, and Attorney DeMetris Sampson. Please save the date for and


Monday OPEN LINE w Cheryl Smith And author, radio host, tv host and activist, MICHAEL BAISDEN


contact KEYimage Media at 469-215-7650 or

October 23

October 21

Matinee 3:00 pm ~ Main Show 7:00 pm It gives me great pleasure to introduce the one – the only – “RITCH MANN” Location: Irving Arts Center, Dupree Theater Advanced: Matinee $15, Main Show $20 Day of Performance: Matinee $20, Main Show $25 Irving Arts Center, 3333 N. MacArthur Blvd., Irving. Box Office 972-252–ARTS (2787) or

AN EVENING WITH STEPHEN PRIDE, BROTHER OF COUNTRY MUSIC GREAT CHARLIE PRIDE @ 7:00PM Irving Arts Center, 3333 N. MacArthur Blvd. Irving, TX Contact Box Office 972-252-2787 or visit Dallas VA Medical Center Ribbon Cutting 2:30 pm 4500 S. Lancaster Rd. Dallas, TX 75216 To raise awareness about the services available for Veterans with Polytrauma

October 22 TeCo Theatrical Productions will close its 2013 speakers series with an intimate conversation with acclaimed actor, playwright, and Broadway legend Eugene Lee. Now in its second year, the series was designed to support the creative community and educate a larger constituency in appreciating the arts through quarterly events at the Bishop Arts Theatre. To celebrate the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Programs Pro Bono Week, the Dallas Bar Pro Bono Activities Committee and Texas Community Building with Attorney Resources (Texas C-BAR) are teaming up to provide a free small business legal clinic in Dallas, at the Belo Mansion, on Tuesday, October 22, 2013, from 4:00 - 5:30 p.m.

Drs. Renny and Marina McLean host The International Glory Summit (IGS), a powerful, spiritual event that will be held Oct. 23 – 26, 2013, at Trinity Christian Church International in Irving, Texas. The theme is “Encountering the Supernatural.” Featured speakers include the hosts, Drs. Renny and Marina McLean, and special guests, Dr. Sheldon John, Dr. Veronica Cochran, and Dr. Phillip Chang. Intercession will be led by apostolic couple Al and Billie Deck. Affordable Care Act LuncheonBalch Springs Chamber of Commerce Featuring: Ahmad Goree-Small Business Administration Vivian Fullerlove-VLF Media & Promotions Krihstin Zink-HerbaLife 11:30AM-12:30PM Civic Center|12400 Elam Road|Balch Springs TX 75180

October 25 Methodist Charlton Medical Center and the Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce are partnering to hold a golf tournament that will benefit both the Methodist Charlton Heart and Vascular Institute and Cedar Hill Chamber programs. The 2013 CardioShack Open will be 11 a.m. and lunch at 11:30. A shotgun start at 1 p.m. will be followed by the 19th Hole Reception and Silent Auction at 6 p.m. Fees are $150 for an individual golfer and $600 for a team of four The Golf Club of Dallas is located at 2200 W. Red Bird Lane, Dallas, TX 75232. For more information, contact the Cedar Hill Chamber office at 972-291-7817. Community Assistance Expo on Friday October 25th from 10 A.M. until 1 P.M. at the JFS Women’s Center in Desoto. On that day there will be free mammograms from Parkland hospital, free STD/STI testing from Dallas County Health and Human Services as well as a bilingual insurance representative to explain the new Affordable Health Care Act DFW/FAMU Rattler Roundup Caribbean Grill 3068 Forest Lane Dallas TX, 75234 Time: 5:00pm - 9:00 pm Donations: $5.

Google+ Platform Training - Beginner Level (Two Part Series) Oct 22nd and 29th, powered by The Foundry Group 5:30PM to 7:30PM 5307 East Mockingbird Lane 5th Floor, Dallas 75206 Limited to 10 participants Regular price $250 per person -Limited Time offer $225 Be Trained by Experience All KEYimage Media Google+ training is conducted by Scot Duke, Director of Operations/Instruction Google+ first adaptor - Google Verified - Directly Supported by Google Manager of over 10 Google+ business pages - Co-Founder of Dallas Plussers Network DPN Business Social - Oct 23rd Business Networking Scot Duke Available for Google+ Questions Admission: $10 Donation to Cub Scout Pack 862 for US Troop Care Packages For more information about the most qualified Google+ Training Programs in Dallas or the Dallas Plussers Network,





Oct 26 COWBOYS OF COLOR RODEO Mesquite Arena Call 214-869-4867 for tickets The Carter High School Basketball Booster Club is hosting its 1st Annual Carter Legends Alumni Basketball Tournament , October 26-27, at Carter HS Gym The Carter HS Alumni Basketball Tournament is annual gathering of past basketball players from Carter. Garland Neighborhood Summit: Loving Your City 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Where: The Hyatt Place-Garland 5101 N. President George Bush Turnpike Theme: Rethink Community


Donna P. Charles


Call in to 646-200-0459 PAGE 19


OCTOBER 18, 2013


5/20/1958 - 3/23/2012 Elusive Lady #22 Spring 1978 Beta Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., FAMU !




OCTOBER 18, 2013

COMMUNITY CALENDAR EGE EGUN FE WA in corporation with THE THIRD EYE request your presence at the 18th Annual Tribute to our African Ancestors 4pm-7pm Freedman Cemetery 2700 Lemmon Avenue and North Central Expressway Dallas, Texas

Color Me Rad 5K at Myers Park Parkland and Susan G. Komen Dallas County have teamed up to offer “Come Together for the Cure� from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 26 at Light of the World Church, 7408 S. Hampton Road, Dallas, 75232. Women are invited to register early for the no-cost event where they can receive mammogram screenings, take part in four educational workshops and enjoy a luncheon featuring keynote speaker Deanna Dewberry, NBC 5 reporter who is a breast cancer survivor, and KRNB radio personality Lynne Haze as the emcee 4th annual Healthy Harvest Fun Walk /5K Run & Diabetes Expo at Juanita Craft Recreation Center

Oct 29

Lead & Succeed 2013 Rudy Giuliani, Steve Forbes, Rick Belluzzo, Les Brown, Captain Mark Kelly, Keith Craft, Kendra Todd, Larry King, Tony Romo, Tom Hopkins Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie

month for the Tom Joyner Foundation and this will be a fundraiser November 9-14 Beauty Industry Champions Cruise & Educational Summit 2013!

November 14 The North Texas American Diabetes Association Sixth annual World Diabetes Day Luncheon to be held, at Lone Star Park at Grand Prairie, 1000 Lone Star Parkway, Grand Prairie, Texas. Paul Quinn College Homecoming Activities Dr. Weldon J. Walton Awards Banquet (Thursday, November 14 @ 7p.m.) PQC honoring the one and only Dr. Weldon J. Walton Homecoming Convocation, November 15 @ 11:00 a.m. (PQC) Jessie Barbee Alumni Luncheon, November 15 @12:30 p.m. (PQC) Paul Quinn College National Alumni Meeting, November 15 @ 2:00 p.m. (PQC) Happy Hour @ the Omni Hotel (Downtown), November 15 @ 5:00 p.m. Life Member Reception @ the Omni Hotel (Downtown), November 15 @ 7:00 p.m. Paul Quinn College vs. Jarvis Christian College & Tailgating (PQC) November 16 - All Day Alumni Old School Mixer (Coaches Corner) November 16 @ 9:00 p.m. Alumni Worship Service (Smith Chapel AME Church) November 17 @ 10:00 a.m.

HCDFW has been selected as the chapter to host the NAHJ regional conference. It will be held on December 6-7 at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas.

December 5 27th Annual Peacemaker Awards Dinner Dallas Peace Center's 27th Annual Peacemaker Awards Dinner Give Peace A Chance Please submit your nominations by Friday, October 11 for the following categories: Peacemaker of the Year Organization of the Year Media Person of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award Awards are presented annually to individuals and organizations in the DFW Metroplex whose work best exemplify the Mission of the Dallas Peace Center: To Promote a just and peaceful world through constructive action in reconciliation, education, dialogue and advocacy. Submit nominations to or mail to: Dallas Peace Center, 9120 Ferguson Rd., Dallas, TX 75228 Nominations should include: Name of nominee Contact phone number of nominee Description of nominee's work for peace Your contact name and phone number For More Information: 214-660-7676

November 22

December 23

November 2 MOVING FORWARD AFTER SEXUAL ASSAULT Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Education Center 11a.m.-2p.m. November 7 The Press Club of Dallas and Dallas Bar Association invite you to attend POWER OF THE PRESS: Freedom, Ethics & Responsibility in Today's New World, a rousing panel discussion on the growing controversy on accuracy, accountability and the changes in how news reporting takes place. Admission is free and includes a reception with appetizers and cash bar. 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (CST) Belo Mansion 2101 Ross Avenue, Dallas, 75201

November 8 Meet the 18th President of Alcorn State University at the African American Museum. Alcorn is the school of the PAGE 20


Dr. Marvin Sapp, whom music critics have called "...A phenomenon in Gospel music," will be the headliner of a very special evening of song and worship. The event is billed as "An Evening of Thanksgiving fundraiser Concert." It will take place on Friday, November 22nd --- at Friendship West Baptist Church in Dallas, 2020 W. Wheatland Rd.

Nov 23

Join CAAPCO's Young Professionals Division, Counter Culture, and The Men of Nehemiah Ministry as we distribute Thanksgiving food basket to needy families in southern Dallas. 8:00 a.m. The Men of Nehemiah Ministry 2010 Grand Avenue Dallas, TX 75215 For more info or to sign up as a volunteer, e-mail

KENNY G will be performing at the Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House in the Dallas Arts District at 8 p.m.

Send in your calendar items at least two weeks in advance of your event.

The 2014 African American Educators Hall of Fame Program will be held Saturday, April 12, 12:00 Noon., Hilton Garden Inn, 800 N. Main Street, Duncanville, Texas. An induction ceremony will be conducted to honor educators and others who have made significant contributions to the African American Education experience in Dallas County. Dinner will be served. Tickets are $50 each !





OCTOBER 18, 2013

For more information, Deborah Long Chambers, Certified Aromatherapist CEO, Designs for Living Comfortably

Something Natural with Deborah Long Chambers HOUSTON – The University of Houston has created an interdisciplinary minor in energy and sustainability designed for students who are pursuing a wide range of majors but want to understand the key issues in the world of energy. The new minor is part of UH’s strategic

DLC Aromatherapy 972.501.9470  

Affordable Natural     Healing  Products     l  


a % N 100


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blog talkradio  

Aromatherapy That  Works!   Support Black -owned bookstores

Support the Black Press

Texas MetroNews


JOURNAL Send your books for review to: Cheryl Smith, 320 S. R.L. Thornton Freeway, Suite 220, Dallas, TX 75203 PAGE 21







OCTOBER 18, 2013


Tune in to Cheryl’s World on Blog Talk Radio, or call 646-200-0459 to hear informative, entertaining, enlightening and thoughtprovoking commentary and news with veteran journalist Cheryl Smith on Sundays at 8a.m. and open lines with Cheryl on Mondays at 6p.m., Felicia Shepherd on Tuesdays at 6p.m., Love A Natural Me with Yvette and Amy on Wednesdays at 6p.m., Young Generation Talk with Dareia Tolbert, Dr. Buckey and Lady D on Thursdays at 6p.m., and See you at the Movies - with Jamille Bradfield on Fridays at 6p.m.

Speak out against domestic violence!








OCTOBER 18, 2013

Girls Inc. of Tarrant County

Amy Rasor - Director of Development for Girls Inc. of Tarrant County, Honorable Judith Wells - Judge of the 325th District and Girls Inc. of Tarrant County Board of Directors, Judy Vredenburgh - National Girls Inc. CEO, Mia Hall - Principal of Young Women’s Leadership Academy and Girls Inc. of Tarrant County Board and Jennifer Limas - Girls Inc. of Tarrant County CEO Photo - Veronica Vela

Girls Inc. of Tarrant County hosted its conference for approximately 120 Girls Inc. affiliates from Regions I and II October 9 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 11 at the Hilton in Downtown Fort Worth. The conference began with a breakfast that included honoring the Aguirre Family from Northside Fort Worth. The family has two daughters, Alex and Melissa, that have each received Girls Inc. Scholarships. Alex received $15,000 in 2012 and Melissa received $20,000 in 2013. The family is thankful for the impact that Girls Inc. has had on their family. Thanks to JCPenney and the jcp cares program for partnering with<RXU([SRVXUH Girls Inc. to provide the :KLOH:H+DYH scholarship for Melissa. <RXU$XGLHQFH¡V










By Cheryl Smith - Texas Metro News

Recycle this newspaper when finished reading



City of Dallas Sanitation Dept.

April 30-May 6, 2009


INSIDE Speaking of People Ron Price elected to national organization post

Light rail, Trinity River road highly scrutinized in South Dallas By Patrice J. Holmes


Page 2

Toll Road are brought to the area. Some construction has begun with the demolition of homes to follow later this year. At a meeting held by the three institutions, a focus group of sorts dished ideas and findings on the surveys that have told the story of the residents of South Dallas. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We are measuring conditions that may vary from street to street,â&#x20AC;? said Dr.

oversee the The Field Research Team which underwent 80 hours of

YVETTE BROOKS Your Curlfriend!

training in administering the anonymous surveys. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Over three to four years there are changes in conditions and we want to know how it affects the area.â&#x20AC;?


Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson


Grade: A Page 4


Timothy Bray, director of the Institute of Urban Policy Research. He helps


â&#x20AC;&#x153;I am deeply impressed with the progress that President Barack Obama has made during the first 100 days of his administration. Already we are seeing evidence of the administrationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s plan to dig our country out of recession and develop long-term, sustainable prosperity. President Obama has made two trips abroad, proving to us and to the world that he intends to repair our frayed alliances and restore our international leadership. Finally, the Obama administrationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s code of ethics has brought much-needed transparency and accountability to the White House. President Obama is delivering on the change that he promised.â&#x20AC;?


Mavericks surpasses Spurs in playoffs


Available at newstands in Garland, Plano, Balch Springs, Seagoville, Rowlett, Mesquite, Richardson, East and North Dallas

Page 9

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison


Grade: C â&#x20AC;&#x153;In just 100 days, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve seen an alarming acceleration of policies that will take America down the wrong track. The administration has proposed trillions of dollars in new spending, which will result in higher taxes on Americans, while sharply raising our indebtedness to foreign creditors. On the national security front, I am very concerned about the Presidentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s intention to close Guantanamo without a workable plan to relocate detainees. It is my sincere hope that, moving forward, the administration will adopt the productive, responsible approach to our nationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s challenges that Americans deserve.â&#x20AC;? (The office of John Cornyn of Texas was contacted but did See 100 DAYS, page 19



Remebering Joe Hudson Jr. Page 1 0

The Dallas Weekly

years celebrates 56 Black of serving the Community

Evaluating President Obamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s First 100 Days Political analysts, both mainstream and Black news media and intellectuals around the country have given their grade evaluation on President Barack Obamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first 100 days in office, marked on April 30. Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s how several people from the local front graded the new president.

!"#$% &

Gonzala Gomez and Juan Aguirre were honored at the opening of the conference. Photo - Connie Winkle.

Studies by the University of Texas at Dallas Institute of Urban Policy, United Way and Texas A&M are taking place now to assess the quality of life in the South Dallas community before billion dollar projects involving the new DART Light Rail and the Trinity

National Why Democracy hangs in the balance


'"$()"*#+,"(-------. /%0012+#3-/45"264$--------------------------------7 8+9"(#35" :; <=/>-<%0"*%0+2?(--------------------------------------:@-----------------------------

Volume No. 56 Issue No. 18

The Long and Winding Road

FAMU Rattlers victorious

Page 13

No. 1 serving the African American Community

In having the conversation about building within South Dallas, many issues arise with respect to GWENDOLYNand JONES education business in Ask The Advocate See ROAD, page 19

PROPOSITIONS 1 AND 2 Why YES means no and NO means yes Dallas is abuzz at the election issues before them on May 9 when citizens are asked to vote on the controverDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;LYTE sial & EBONY Convention Music Happenings Center Hotel that is being backed by Mayor Leppert. But what does voting â&#x20AC;&#x153;noâ&#x20AC;? and voting â&#x20AC;&#x153;yesâ&#x20AC;? mean? It is important to remember that the propositions are to amend the Dallas City Charter which, among other things, gives the MISSpower RAY to acquire city the Going Deep in Roots property fortheany public purpose. The propositions are worded to prohibit the city from acting on these before stated powers. Therefore, if a citizen would like the city to maintain those powers, they are to vote NO and vice versa. See VOTE, page 38

VALDER BEEBE That Celebrity Interview

9:4/+ 308-+ .+ L1/-2/0.3+ /.;F-/+ 5.2+ 21/+ 0DD->0./-3C+ 0>-2/06C+ .+ L;->./1;B+ 0/+ 04+ 16/-2+ ,.;>+ /1+ L102/+ 1:/+ /,-+ E05/0D+16+4-W:.3+.44.:3/+1;+>1D-4/05+.K:4-@++(,-;-H4+ 21+ K0F+ 3-//-;+ /.//11->+ 12+ /,-0;+ 61;-,-.>+ 1;+ .+ 5-;/.02+ 3118B+4D-33+1;+,.0;>1+/,./+J033+.3-;/+C1:+/,./+/,-+L-;412+ C1:+.;-+311802F+./+04+/,-+4:;E0E1;+16+J,./+D.2C+,.E-+ FDOOHGWKHPRVWKRUULÂż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amecka Grate Frazier 4--+ M:4/+ .21/,-;+ K-.:/06:3+ J1D.2+ J,1+ 04+ 02+ 31E-+ J0/,+ ,-;+ 306-B+ ,-;+ 6.D03C+ .2>+ 30E02F@+ A4@+';./-H4+.//.58-;B+VD.2:-3+A166-;/B+PYB+J,1+.5*




See Sexual Assault, page 18Curry looks at the George

%&'($)*+",+K-4/*4-3302F+.:/,1;+J0/,+ 2-.;3C+/J1+D033012+K1184+02+L;02/@+ &1J+ 02+ ,04+ /-2/,+ C-.;+ 12+ /,-+ .0;B+ 7.04>-2+ J.2/4+ ,04+ ;.>01+ 6.D03C+ /1+ 821J+,-+>0>+-E-;C/,02F+02+,04+L1J* HU WR FRQWLQXH KLV 0LFKDHO %DLV* GHQ 6KRZ ZLWKRXW LQWHUUXSWLRQ :H UHDOUHDG\SODQQLQJWRUHWXUQWR /,-+.0;+.4+4112+.4+L1440K3-+02+.+J.C+ WKDWZLOOJLYHWKH 0LFKDHO%DLVGHQ 6KRZ  D PRUH GLUHFW UHODWLRQVKLS ZLWKRXUDIÂżOLDWHVDQGPRVWLPSRU* WDQWO\ RXU OLVWHQHUV FLWHV 3DPHOD VW:DB+,04+K:402-44+D.2.F-;@ 7.04>-2+ K-F.2+ ,04+ 5.;--;+ .4+ .2+

See Baisden, page 6

future with President Obama

Page 15

X-Men Origins: WOLVERINE Movie Tidbits Pg. 12

How to brand you Page 16


APRIL 19, 2013


THE BISHOPâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S DAUGHTER Page 10 Volume No. 55 Issue No. 44

See Martin, page 11



Obama wins election and makes ...




Nation elects first African

Page 6

9@AIJ@G?CF@I!!!!!!!!!!!!!KLM American president , as Barack wins handidly INSIDE PAGES: -DHHN>C?O!-BE@>PBA!!1 Lifestyle



Is gospel music dying? Management blamed for issues

Page 8

Food for thought Congresswoman addresses




Prevent heart attacks Heart disease remains high on list of illnesses Page 15

all the Find out on Marvelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lowdown mutants st PG. 12 weirde




Michael Baisden Oak Cliff Chamber Page 12


How to avoid the Swine flu




Martin named NABJ Â Journalist of the Year



Choose either or


!"#$%&'()&**+**+(,-+&./012* .3+"44150./012+16+73.58+91:;2.304/4+ /:.33C+ >./->+ ,-;+ <&"79=+ ,.4+ .221:25->+ /,./+ ?1* 2-0F,K1;B+ J.4+ 3.2>+ #@+ A.;/02B+ 2./012.33C+ 4C2>0* 5.:F,/+ K-61;-+ 5./->+ 513:D204/B+ /-3-E04012+ ,14/B+ ,-+ J.4+ .K3-+ /1+ .2>+;.>01+.2>+/-3-E04012+51DD-2* ;.L-+,-;B+K:/+/,-+ /./1;B+ 04+ /1+ ;-5-0E-+ /,-+ 1;F.20G.* Recycle this .44.:3/+ J.4+ 41+ /012H4+91:;2.304/+16+/,-+I-.;+.J.;>@+ newspaper K;:/.3+ /,./+ /,-+ when %/+ 04+ 12-+ 16+ &"79H4+ D14/+ 51E-/* 45.;4+3-6/+K-,02>+ finished ->+ ,121;4+ 5-3-K;./02F+ /,-+ .551D* reading 51:3>+ ,.E-+ 512* L304,D-2/4+16+K3.58+M1:;2.304/4+.2>+ /02:->+/1+.44.:3/+ City of Dallas/,14-+ J,1+ 4:LL1;/+ K3.584+ 02+ /,-+ Sanitation Dept. ,-;B+ 06+ 21/+ 61;+ .+ D->0.@+A.;/02+J.4+4-3-5/->+61;+/,-+ No. 1 serving the African American Community 31E02F+ 6.D03CB+ .J.;>+KC+&"79H4+71.;>+16+N0;-5* November 6 - 12, 2008 5,:;5,B+ 51D* /1;4@ D:20/C+ .2>+ ,-;+ 6.0/,@ ' J - 2 > 1 3 C 2+ Debra Mars 912-4+ J.4+ .4* The election is over 4.:3/->+ KC+ ,-;+ 4/-L*6./,-;@+ + #,-+ .48->+ ,-;4-36+ /,-+ TXHVWLRQV WKDW PDQ\ YLFWLPV DVN :K\we GLG WKLV now canSHU* begin 412+.5/+/,04+J.C+/1J.;>+D-\+"D+%+;-4L1240K3-\++N0>+%+ Election night coverage on >1+41D-/,02F+/1+5.:4-+/,04\++N0>+DC+5.;-/.8-;4+821J+ KKDA focuses on issues DERXWWKLVDQGLIVRZK\GLGQ WWKH\GRVRPHWKLQJWR 4/1L+0/\ #,-B+308-+41+D.2C+1/,-;+C1:2F+E05/0D4B+J.4+21/+K-* Roland S. Martin 30-E->+**+J,05,+5.:4->+51240>-;.K3-+/;.:D.+.4+/,-+E05* /0D+04+/J05-+E05/0D0G->@++ ">D0//->3C+41D-+OE05/0D4S+,.E-+30->B+L;1>:502F+.2* O%+ .D+ -21;D1:43C+ /,.286:3+ .2>+ 1/,-;+3-E-3+16+E05/0D4+02+/,-+J;12F6:33C+.55:4->B+K:/+ ,:DK3->+/,./+&"79+,.4+K-4/1J->+ /,-;-+ .;-+ 1/,-;+ 3-E-34B+ 308-+ /,./+ E05/0D+ J,1+ ;-D.024+ /,04+.D.G02F+,121;+12+D-+61;+DC+ 403-2/+ 61;+ J,./-E-;+ ;-.412+ .2>+ /,-+ 6.D03C+ .2>+ 31E->+ J1;8+ .4+ .+ 6-.;3-44+ E105-+ 02+ .>E1* 12-4+ 16+ /,-+ .61;-D-2/012->+ J,1+ 16/-2/0D-4+ >12H/+ 5./02F+ /,-+ 5;0/05.3+ 044:-4+ 6.502F+ Page 5 821J+J,./+/1+4.C+1;+>1@ E1/-;4+ 02+ /,-+ PQRP+ -3-5/012B+ K:/+ &1J+J,1+04+/,-+E05/0D\+ -4L-50.33C+.4+/,-C+;-3./-+/1+"6;05.2+ %/+ 51:3>+ K-+ .+ 2-JK1;2+ K.KC@+ + )6+ 51:;4-+ C1:+ /,028+ "D-;05.24BS+ 4.0>+ A.;/02@+ O%+ ,1L-+ /,./+/,04+51:3>2H/+K-+/,-+5.4-@+]261;/:2./-3C+/,-;-+.;-+ Obamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s win may /,04+,121;+4-;E-4+.4+.+3-4412+/1+.2C+ 41+ D.2C+ 5.4-4+ 16+ E-;CB+ E-;C+ C1:2F+ K.K0-4+ K-02F+ .4* C1:2F+ 1;+ E-/-;.2+ M1:;2.304/+ /,./+ face limitations

Michael Baisden leaves airwaves -Skip Murphy moves to slot + &./012.33C+ 4C2>05./->+ ;.>01+ L-;412.30/C+ A05,.-3+ 7.04>-2+ .2* 21:25->+.+,0./:4B+6;1D+,04+;.>01+12+ ,04+ T.5-K118+ L.F-@+ 7.04>-2B+ J,1+ 51DD.2>4+.+>.03C+.:>0-25-+16+1E-;+ 4-E-2+ D033012+ 304/-2-;4B+ 4.0>+ ,-+ 04+ :2.K3-+/1+>045:44+/,-+L.;/05:3.;4+K:/+ 51253:>->+ /,./+ .+ >-.3+ 51:3>+ 21/+ K-+ D.>-+12+D:/:.33C+.F;--.K3-+/-;D4@+ ?-51F20G->+.4+12-+16+/,-+D14/+02* Ă&#x20AC;XHQWLDOPHQLQUDGLRKLV0LFKDHO %DLVGHQ6KRZLVRQHRIWKHWRSUDW* ->+ .6/-;2112+ >;0E-+ ;.>01+ L;1F;.D4+ ,-.;>+02+/,-+/1L+:;K.2+D.;8-/4@++ $-+ 04+ .341+ .+ (U+ /.38+ VKRZ KRVW ÂżOPPDNHU DQG !"#$

NO 2 ISSUE 32 APRIL 19 2013




Say NO to any ASSAULT

New Voices


Welcome Home Ambassador Ron Kirk!


Single Mom Chronicles p.12


Digital Illustration: Joseph Shelby






Joyce Ann Brown lost Nine Years, Five Months and 24 Days of her life !






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Executive Reception at Del Friscoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Jennifer Limas, Courtney Johnson, Betty Millican. photo- Executive Reception at Del Friscoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Gerald Hastie, Stacia Newton Cheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Nita White, Amy Rasor. Photo-Stacia Newton PAGE 23 Â





DALLAS, TX 75203




OCTOBER 18, 2013

“We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the vitriolic words and actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of the good people.” . Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Come on PEOPLE! Don’t you CARE?



POLICE have not apprehended Pookie the serial rapist. Aren’t you concerned? Do you care? I A guy who hits a woman We know he has attacked members of can be called lots of things. is not one of them. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority,“Man”Inc. and there is a $5,000 reward offered by Crime Stoppers. If you have ANY information, PLEASE call Crime Stoppers

877.373.8477 3.23.13 Join the rally,

Join Mayor Mike Rawlings for The Ten Thousand Man Rally Against Domestic Abuse at 10am on March 23rd at Dallas City Hall. (DART exit at Convention Center Station.) It’s time for the men of Dallas to say, enough is enough.

39946_MOROCH_MAA_NP_Ad_BW.indd 1

2/28/13 1:41 PM

Also, if you want extra protection, check out Street Safe at

DON’T BE SILENT Join I Messenger in the call for justice. Turn Pookie in today! PAGE 24





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