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DAN RUDE Principal JVH, Jewett, Kaslo Homelinks

Meet the Staff at our Family of Schools 2017/18 JV Humphries

VICTORIA MCALLISTER Vice Principal Case Manager

MELEANA TERLINGEN Teacher, Counsellor Grade 8, Explorations, Graduation Transitions



Teacher Grades K & 1

Teacher Grades 2 & 3

KARE CATHRO Learning Support Teacher

SARAH KEENAN Homelinks Teacher

KELLEY GRUNERUD Teacher Grades 3, 4, 5

NANCY PATIENCE Teacher Grades 5 & 6





Primary & Learning Support Teacher

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2nd Floor, 404 Front Street, Kaslo 250-353-2028 250-353-2028

Welcome back JVH students, teachers and crew! Supporting you in health, power and great creativity all the way through the year that is ahead of you. - It's not the same without you! 404 Front St, Kaslo 250-353-9667

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Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. Malcolm Forbes, in Forbes Magazine

417 Front St, Kaslo 250-353-2282

Teacher Grade 7

Yack & Whack

Hair Salon Ask more, Guess less – and have a successful year! Front St, Kaslo 250-353-8814

RIELLE OSWALD Teacher: Social Studies, Health & Career Education, Explorations, French, Music

STEVE ANDERSON Teacher: Explorations, Math, Social Studies, Physical Education

GRACE BROADFOOT Secondary Teacher

IAN EINER Teacher: Math, Science, Explorations

MARLENE THIESSEN Lakeside, Youth Care Worker

ALASTAIR MCKAY Secondary Teacher, Librarian, Aboriginal Education Coordinator,

Jewett School

Lakeside Learning

SHAEN PATIENCE Lakeside, Explorations Teacher

JILL HOLLAND Teacher: English, Humanities, Explorations



Support Staff


VAL SMITH Education Assistant, Custodian

RENA BENS Education Assistant

SARAH BURNS Education Assistant

CLAIRE DICKEN Education Assistant

ANITA EARLY Education Assistant

ELIZA FRY Education Assistant

LIZ INGLES Education Assistant

KIM LAYBOURNE Education Assistant

ANNICK TROBAK Education Assistant



BOB REIMER Custodian

KENDAL COOPER Operations & Maintenance



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Here's to aear! y successful 250-353-2331 411 Front Street, Kaslo


Bistro & Beanery Corner of 4th & Front St


Ka s l o Kaya k i n g &

Adventure Centre 344 Front Street 250-353-1925

Nothing will ever look better on you than a good education. WORK HARD & STAY IN SCHOOL

Affordable Luxury 400 Front St, Kaslo 250-353-9688

Principal’s Message

Thank you to all who join in partnership with us at JVH, Jewett and Kaslo Homelinks to support the learning of our children and youth – and welcome to all of our new families and staff! Over the summer, Ms McAllister, Ms Leathwood, and I were able to interview and hire for eight teaching positions across our two schools. All of our successful candidates have expressed a strong understanding of, and interest in, working in our context as dynamic rural schools with strong community connections and relationships. Our staff had the opportunity to get together for two days of professional development at the end of summer and as I looked around the tables at our team, I felt truly fortunate to be doing this work with this group.

One of the best aspects of my work is listening to the collective wisdom and experience from many, diverse voices and trying to help build this into a positive and welcoming learning environment for all. Please continue to connect with me and give feedback and ideas that are important to you. Feel free to email me at or call the school at 250.353.2227 to book some time. In the meantime, please visit our Facebook pages at and www. for weekly updates on the many happenings in our schools!

Dan Rude

2017-2018 School Calendar

Dates for JVH (please see monthly Jewett newsletter for any Jewett dates that do not align with these)

Sept 5 Sept 2 2

Opening day from 8:45-11:45 am Pro D Day (district day) - no school for students Oct 9 Thanksgiving Day - school closed Oct 17, 18, 19 Early dismissal days (1 hour early) – informal reports with families Oct 20             Pro D Day (provincial day) - no school for students Nov 9              Secondary semester term 1 ends Nov 9 Remembrance Day ceremony Nov 10 Pro Day – no school for students Nov 11            Remembrance Day - school closed Nov 13 Remembrance Day statutory holiday Nov 20            Secondary report cards issued Nov 27  Elementary term 1 ends Dec 7     Elementary reports issued Dec 20            Elementary winter celebration Dec 21            Last day of classes before winter holiday Jan 8               School re-opens Jan 22-26        Graduation numeracy assessment Jan 26             Secondary semester 1 term 2 ends Feb 7               Secondary report cards issued Feb 9               Pro-D Day (school based ) no school for students

Feb 12             Family Day - school closed Mar 1    Elementary term 2 ends Mar 9              Non-Instructional Day – New Curriculum Planning – no school for students Mar 15  Elementary report cards go home Mar 15 Last day of classes before spring & Easter break Apr 3 School re-opens Apr 16  Pro D Day (district) - no school for students Apr 18 Early dismissal day (1 hour early) – informal reports with families Apr 14                        Apr 20 Secondary semester 2 term 3 ends May 2 Secondary report cards issued May 21 Victoria Day - school closed May 28 School planning day - no school for students June 21 Secondary last day of regular classes June 22-28 Graduation numeracy assessment June 22-27 Secondary exams and work completion June 23 Grade 12 graduation events June 28 Elementary & Secondary reports issued, awards ceremonies June 28 Last day of elementary classes (1/2 day) 

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