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Buyer: Reese Cattle Company

2020 Overall Reserve Champion Steer Kallie Gerdung Buyer: Terrafirma Resources

2020 Rocky North Club Grand Champion Steer Kobe Carpen Buyer: McCaw’s Drilling & Blasting

2020 Rocky North Club Reserve Champion Steer Mathew Duffin Buyer: Sims & Associates Insurance

Rocky 4-H Beef Online Steer Sale

2020 Overall Grand Champion Steer Katelyn Willsie

Who We are… The Rocky South

The Rocky north

4-H Beef Club

4-H multi Club

has been operating for 45 years!! It is a beef only Club so members specialize in many different beef projects! This year there are 16 4-H Members that have Market Project Steers that will be auctioned off, On- Line, in Innisfail on May 27th. 2021. As well, the Club consists of many Yearling Heifer Projects, Cow/Calf Projects, Whole Herds and they even have 10 Cleaver Kids (kids aged 6-9yrs with baby calves)! The Members not only learn how to produce a finished steer for their buyers, but also, how to raise the cows that produce those steers. These very same members are also well versed in Public Speaking, and have spent many many hours volunteering in the Community! They are the Future Of Agricultural, and are very strong up and coming Leaders in our Community!

began operating in 1977. For 44 years our members have been learning and growing thru the 4-H program. When the club started it was solely a beef club with members participating in both the market beef projects and beef breeding projects. In more recent years the club has progressed to a multi club, offering our members a variety of different projects each year. At the heart of the club we are still a livestock based club where we currently offer beef projects (both market and breeding still) and we now have added sheep, goat and pig projects to our livestock project list. We also run a K9 project each year. Some non livestock based projects that we have offered in the past and present include: scrapbooking, crafts, foods/baking, archery, welding and small engines. This year we have 24 members including 4 cleaver kids. Our members are well versed in the 4-H motto of Learn to do by Doing, and will be strong leaders of the future.

2020-21 Club Leadership Team:

2020-21 Club Leadership Team:

President—Jayden Warren

President—Allie Pals

Vice President—Kyra Hills

Vice President—Ryder Leitch

General Leader—Jody Somers

General Leader—Penny Pals

Project Leaders—Sandra Gerdung

Assistant Leader—Lisa Duffin

Owen Stewart

Project Leaders—Amy Leitch

Greg Somers

Kelly Burke

Chanda Katona

Nikki Hemsworth

Rylan Katona

Rene Mason

Nola Hills Vanessa Lobley

Message from the Show & Sale Committee Welcome to the 2021 version of the Rocky 4-H Beef Sale . As we continue thru these unprecedented times, we will be putting to good use once again , the skills the leaders and members learnt last year. We have again partnered up with Innisfail Auction Mart and to provide an online sale format. This year we have 33 market beef 4-H projects on offer for sale . We look forward to hearing from you if you have any question in regards to the online bidding format or our buyer’s options. We want to take this time to thank our past and present supporters. Last year during some difficult economic times the support that was given to our 4-H members and program was strong and amazing. Our community never ceases to amaze us. Our members would not have the wonderful opportunities they get thru the 4-H program without the support of each and every buyer, bidder, sponsor, volunteer and supporter. We look forward to continuing to work with you. The members will once again be using virtual platforms to share and market their project animals this year. Please follow us on our Facebook page: Rocky 4-H Beef Online Steer Sale 2020-2021 SALES COMMITTEE EXECUTIVE Chairman Greg Somers 403-418-5806

Vice-Chairman Lisa Duffin 403-846-7641

Secretary Chanda Katona 403-845-8811

Treasurer Joyce Willsie 403-877-1496

South Club Leader Jody Somers 403-846-6822

North Club Leader Penny Pals 403-429-0388

SALE DAY INFORMATION Sale Contacts Rocky 4-H Beef Clubs Jody Somers


Penny Pals


Lisa Duffin


Joyce Willsie


Chanda Katona 403-845-8811

On-Site bidder information contacts Greg Somers 403-418-5806 Cody Haney (Transcon) 403-559-8809 Sales Staff Innisfail Auction Mart 403-227-3166

Buyer’s Options Your business/organization can support the members by purchasing a market steer at the sale. If you are unsure of what you can do with your steer, here are a few options: 1. The 4-H clubs are ready to provide the transportation of the steers to the destination of your choice, at no extra cost.

2. For your convenience, the Rocky 4-H Beef Show and Sale Committee has multiple spots booked at the local abattoirs for slaughter and processing and will provide delivery of the steer to the processor. 3. There will also be a buy-back program available for your purchased steer. The steer will be sent to the next local live auction sale. Please check auction reports for potential pricing. The buyback value will be the difference between the live auction sale price and the 4-H sale price. (ie) If the 4-H sale price is $3/lb on a 1200lbs animal cost is $3600. If sale price at local live auction is $2.50/lb then buy back purchaser will receive $3000 with auction sale, brand inspection and fees deducted from live auction sale price. 4. You could also donate it to the local food bank.

*************************** Sale Terms and Conditions 1. Terms are cash, e-Transfer or cheque, payable once invoice is received. Credit card or debit can be used in person at Innisfail Auction Mart with a 4% service fee added. 2. Steers sell FOB from Innisfail Auction Mart. Steers transfer ownership from seller to buyer once sold is announced by the auctioneer. 3. Announcements made by the auctioneer on sale day take precedence over any printed material. 4. Members and/or committee will make every effort to deliver steers to buyers preferred location after sale. 5. Steer’s insurance transfers to buyer for 30 days after the auctioneer announces SOLD.

Online Viewing and Bidding Information Nicki Ross



Oct 24 Wt: 578lbs

Ben Duffin

Oct 24 Wt: 684lbs

Sailor is a red angus Simmental cross. I got him at 578 pounds he was pretty easy to halter break. At weigh in he was one of the best behaved steers I seen there. Then I was keeping track of how much chop he was getting and then it got turned into free choice so I couldn't keep track. And he was kind of a pain to catch for a while, so I had separated him from all the others and it calmed him right down. I'm very excited for mini show and how and sale.

Howdy folks, my name is Ben Duffin, this is my 7th year in 4-H and here I have my steer Stewie or “stew meat” which is the nickname I gave him but he’d probably go good in a stew!! Stewie is a Black Angus with a slight touch of Simmental which he got from his father. Stewie enjoys standing around, eating, sleeping and running off when I pull out the halter. Some of my hobbies include skiing, snowmobiling, hunting, dirtbiking, and driving my truck and tractors. I’d like to thank Bouwman Plumbing for purchasing last years steer, Darcy. Hope to hear from y’all at the sale!

Levi Pals

Jayden Collinson

Oct 24 Wt: 654lbs

Hi my name is Levi Pals, I am 10 years old. I have been in 4-H for 5 years. I like to play sports and hockey is my favourite. My steer’s name is Hemi and he is a Simmental cross, he likes to get pet on his back. Hemi also like to lay in the straw and loves to eat hay. Hemi was born March 27, 2020. He is the best steer I have had so far. Thanks to the buyers and supporters.

Oct 24 Wt: 688lbs

Hey! My name is Jayden Collison and this is my first year in Rocky South 4-H beef club, my steers name this year is Buddy. He is a Simmental X and he has been great! He is very gentle and is very easy to work with, he’s the best steer to learn on. Buddy came from my families own heard, I picked him in the fall and I’m very happy with what I chose. I can’t wait to see what the years to come look like and I hope to see you all there at the show and sale.


Oct 24 Wt: 796lbs

Wesley Pals

Oct 24 Wt: 706lbs

Hi my name is Korbin Katona. It’s my 3rd year as a full member. This year I have a full herd!! My steers name is Frank, he is a Simmental Shorthorn cross. He is a great steer, he is coming along great. I’m having a great year so far. I’m hoping to help out you get members with their projects, at our Show and Sale. Hope you see you there.

Hi my name is Wesley Pals and this is my 6th year in 4-H. I am in the Rocky North 4-H Multi Club and I do beef and small engines projects. My steer named Hades is a Simmental cross. He is growing well, but is a handful to train for sure. My 4-H money is going to go to my college savings, I want to be a heavy duty ag mechanic. I might use some of the money for parts to fix up my 1994 Chevy 1500. I thank all of the show and sale sponsors and buyers for their support.

Derrick Stewart

Mathew Duffin

Oct 24 Wt: 716lbs

This is my steer Hank, and I'm Derrick Stewart. I am a sixth year, intermediate member . My steer is a Red Angus/Simmental cross. Even though the sale might be online this year, I am still excited to show off my projects. Other than 4-H, I love to go fishing, be outside and play guitar. Recently I got a new one and I play it in most of my free time. Thanks to The Buyers of past years and to all the supporters..

Oct 24 Wt: 586lbs

Hello there, my name is Mathew Duffin and this is my steer Joey and this is my 5th year in 4-H. Joey is a Speckle Park cross Black Angus. He is not the biggest steer but I am sure he will taste good. Some of his favorite things to do is eat, sleep, lick me and get scratched. And some of my favorite things to do are ski, snowmobile, dirt bike, hunt and target shoot. I’d like to thank my buyer from last year Sims and Associates and invite all perspective buyers to the sale.


Oct 24 Wt: 622lbs

Kyra Hills

Oct 24 Wt: 934lbs

Hello, my name is Rexton I am 12. What I like to do is dirt bike snowmobiling, building and fixing stuff. This is my fifth year in 4H, I have Beef, Small Engine and Craft/Cooking projects in the Rocky North 4-H Multi Club this year. My market steers name is Smoky Dan he is a Red Simmental. I call him Dan or Smoky for short. Dan is very stubborn, kind of friendly and loves to kick. I have had better steers in years before.

Hey! My name is Kyra Hills and this is my steer Herb. This is my 6th year in 4-H and I am the Vice President of the South Club. I am 16 and I'm in grade 11 at West Central High School. My steer this year is from my 3 year old 4-H cow, Fern, and he is a fulblood Simmental. For the most part, Herb has been good to work with but has earned the name “Turkey'' for his silly attitude. In October, Herb weighed 934 pounds and I cant wait to see his progress at Show and Sale. We are all excited to see what show and sale brings this year and I hope to see you there:)

Jayden Warren

Hanna Hooey

Oct 24 Wt: 766lbs

Hi my name is Jayden Warren I have been in 4-H for 8 years and I am the president of the Rocky South 4-H Beef Club. I am 14 years old in grade 8. I go to Caroline school and am not in any school sports, but I love to play basketball! This is my steer Hugo he is a home grown Simmental cross that is being fed home grown rolled barley and pellets, so if you are looking for a medium size finished steer Hugo is the steer that will put that perfect steak on your plate!

Oct 24 Wt: 742lbs

Hello! My name is Hanna Hooey, this is my 7th year in Rocky South 4-H Beef Club and this is my project steer, Rebel. Rebel is a Simmental X and has been a fabulous project for me this year. We got off to a rough start halter breaking but have gotten so much better with work. Rebel was picked out of our family herd this fall and I am happy with the outcome so far. I hope to see you all at our show and sale, thank you for supporting 4-H.


Oct 24 Wt: 850lbs

Emma Collinson

Oct 24 Wt: 672lbs

Hello past and future buyers, my name is Levi Gerdung and this year I will be selling my 2020-2021 4-H market beef project, Jiminy Cricket or J-C for short. He is a Red Limousin Angus cross, and he had a weight of 850 pounds at weigh-in on October 24, 2020 and a weight of 1260 pounds at Mini Show on March 21. 2021 (the same day as my birthday). Now let me tell you some things about me, I have been in the Rocky South 4-H Beef Club as a member for 6 years and I am a 3 year Intermediate. My hobbies are camping, fishing, skiing, and tubing (on a lake being pulled behind a boat). I hope to see/hear you at our 2020-2021 4-H show and sale.

Hi, my name is Emma Collison, I'm 16 years old and this is my first year in 4-H. My steer's name is Sterl, he's a home raised Simmental cross with a lot of personality. Working with him this year has been a fun learning experience and I'm really looking forward to having the chance to show him off at this year's show.

Reo Leitch

Dennis Stewart

Oct 24 Wt: 640lbs

My name is Reo Leitch, this is my 3rd year in the Rocky North 4-H Multi Club. My steer Shanikwa is a Simmental Angus X, that is the offspring of my 2-year-old cow project (Rosilina). Shanikwa is filling out very nicely and will be a visual masterpiece by show date. So, buyers if you could be so kind and support our sale, it would be greatly appreciated.

Oct 24 Wt: 634lbs

My name is Dennis Stewart this is my 9th year in 4-Hand this year my steers name Jay. My steer likes to stick his head through panels and stand in the feed dish. Outside of 4-H I am starting my own herd of cattle and hoping to get a start in farming more on my own.

MARKET STEERS Ireland Somers

Oct 24 Wt: 624lbs

Katelyn Willsie

Oct 24 Wt: N/A

My name is Ireland Somers. I am 14 yrs old, and in grade 8. This is my 8th year in 4-H altogether, and I am planning to keep on going! I am the Treasurer of my 4-H Club, the President of the Rocky Mountain House District, as well as the District Rep. and the Regional Rep. Right by my side here is my 4-H Steer Viper, aka, Sneaky Snake! He is a purebred Simmental, born and raised right here in our farm. And he is really packing on the pounds so he will taste delicious! I would like to thank Sims and Associates for purchasing my steer last year!! Also, thanks to all our buyers and sponsors for investing in out future!

Howdy! It’s Katelyn Willsie here back again for my 11th year in the Rocky South 4-H Beef Club. I am currently a first year University student taking a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry through the University of Alberta; due to my courses all being online, I decided to stay at home and join 4-H for another year. My steer this year is a homegrown tan Charolais Cross with hair curlier than a sheep; I decided to name him Bashful as he is quite shy. Bashful is a replacement steer and a little behind on feed as my original calf Henry bloated in late November. Thank you for supporting 4-H!

Karmyn Mason

Irelynn Godlonton

Oct 24 Wt: 666lbs

Hi, my name is Karmyn, I’m 11 and in grade 5. My mom is home schooling me this year. I love running and drawing but most of all I love animals. This is my second year in 4-H. My steers name is Hubert. He’s a Gelbvieh Angus. He’s growing really well probably because he loves to eat, I work with him a lot. Hubert is pretty calm and likes attention. I really like sitting on him and keep asking for a saddle but Mom says no.

Oct 24 Wt: 554lbs

Hi, my name is Irelynn and this is my second year in 4-H with the Rocky North club. This is my steer, Ernie. Ernie has been a great calf and fun to work with. It’s been an interesting year in 4-H and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to show you all my calf. I would like to send out a thank you to my last years buyer, Buffalo Inspection Services and to everyone who has supported 4-H.

MARKET STEERS Tayte Godlonton

Oct 24 Wt: 618lbs

Kalvin Danielson

Oct 24 Wt: 900lbs

Hi Folks, My name is Tayte and this is my fourth year in 4-H with the Rocky North Club. This year my calf, who I call Chubbs, has been really great to work with. He is a nice friendly black angus steer. I would also like to send out a thank you to my last years buyer, Modern Electric and a thank you to everyone who supports 4-H and who has helped make this years sale possible, it’s greatly appreciated.

Hello, my name is Kalvin Danielson, I am 16 years old and this is my second beef steer named Walter. He is Simmental/angus home raised steer, out of a Stout bros.bull. I am very happy with the way Walter is coming along and can’t wait for the show and sale this year.

Clayton Somers

Haleigh Mason

Oct 24 Wt: 652lbs

My name is Clayton Somers, and I am 11 yrs old! This is my 3rd 4-H steer! Maserati is a really well-behaved steer!!He leads very well and eats a lot! Maserati is my best steer! He is a Simmental. I am saving my 4-H money to become a carpenter! Thank you to all of our buyers and sponsors, your support is greatly appreciated! Thanks to my buyer from last year, John Willsie!

Oct 24 Wt: 720lbs

Hey! My name is Haleigh, I’m ten years old. This year I am home schooled and in grade 5. I enjoy skating and riding horses out west. Hector is my 4-H steer. He is a Gelbvieh Angus. Hector loves to eat hay and alfalfa with his grain. This is my second year in 4-H and I love it. I spend a lot of time brushing and leading my steer around. I take him out of his pen and lead him around my back yard and he does really well but doesn’t like lilac bushes and sometimes gets a little rowdy.

MARKET STEERS Grady Kleinschroth Skoven

Oct 24 Wt: 628lbs

Chase Burke

Oct 24 Wt: 766lbs

Hello everyone. My name is Grady Kleinschroth Skoven. This is my first year in 4-H. My steers name is Hunter he is a Simmental angus cross. Hunter is a home raised steer. I have lived on a farm since I was born. I hope to learn to take better care of my steer and the many skills that 4-H can provide. I will also be raising pheasants this year as an extra project. I hope you all in joy the sale this year.

Hello previous buyers and sellers. My name is Tobey and this guy standing next to me is Chase. We are part of the Rocky North 4-H Multi Club. Chase has been a part of 4-H for 8 years now. We would like to invite you to watch our online sale happening May 27, 2021.

Kallie Gerdung

Ryder Leitch

Oct 24 Wt: 782lbs

Howdy, my name is Kallie Gerdung and my 4-H Steer is named Marshmallow after his tan colouring. He is an Angus/Simmental Cross. At Weigh-in he weighed 804 lbs and at Mini Show he weighed 1150 lbs. Marshmallow is really fluffy, he loves to get scratched on his neck and loves to come see me when I give him grain. I like 4-H because I like training, leading and washing my steer. I also like how I get to do garbage clean up, see all my friends and have a 4-H project. We even participate in public speaking and judging animals. I love to draw, paint and other crafts. I look forward to our Show and Sale. Hope to see you there.

Oct 24 Wt: 658lbs

Hello, my name is Ryder Leitch, and this is my steer Hyde. I’ve been in 4-H for 6 years and am looking forward to another exciting sale day. Hyde is a Simmental Angus cross and is my first homegrown steer out of one of my 4-H cows. Along with my steer I’m also doing a swine project, which I am looking forward to. I’d like to thank all the previous and future supporters of 4-H that made our year a success.


Oct 24 Wt: 534lbs

Hello there! I am Mattie. This will be my 7th year in 4-H. This handsome guy is named Rip. I got his name off the show Yellowstone. He is a homegrown Angus Simmental cross. I would like to thank all of our current and past supporters and we all really appreciate all y'all have done for us. Be sure to check out this year’s sale online May 27th.

Charli-Brynn Katona

Oct 24 Wt: 708lbs

Hello my name is Charli-Brynn and this is my first year as a full 4-H member. My steers name is Harvey. He is a Simmental Angus cross, he is a homegrown steer. I picked him because when he was little he would come up to me in the field and I could pet him. I am excited to show him this year at Show and Sale Day, and I look forward to seeing you there!!

Timory Nicolay

Oct 24 Wt: 722lbs

Hello, my name is Timory Nicolay and this is my first year in Beef 4-H. I bought my steer from my grandpa. He is a Simmental/Angus cross, and I named him Fred. The first time we weighed him he was 722 lbs. He loves to eat his food; we feed him twice a day. He's pretty easy to lead around and he does not mind a good brush. He also really likes to be scratched all over too. He is super-friendly and nice to have around. I bet he will be the best 4-H steer I will ever have.

Allie Pals

Oct 24 Wt: 634lbs

Hi my name is Allie Pals and this is my steer Hugo. Hugo is a Simmental Angus cross born and raised on my families ranch/farm just outside of Caroline. He was born a little late in the year April 21st to be exact so he’s a little on the smaller side of things but that doesn’t mean he won’t make great beef to feed you and your family. Me on the other hand I’ve been in 4-H for 11 years and love being apart of the agriculture industry. That’s all for now I hope to see you guys on sale day. Also want to say thank you to all our supporters who make this day possible for us!!

MARKET STEERS Rayne Danielson

Oct 24 Wt: 868lbs

Hi my names Rayne Danielson and this is my first year in 4-H. My steers name is Henry, he is a Simmental, angus, pinzgauer cross and is home raised from my own cow. I am very happy with the way he has grown all year and very excited to hopefully show him this year.

To the Daines Family and Innisfail Auction Mart for the sponsorship of the 2020 Grand Champion belt buckle

2020 THANK YOUS Cash Donor Giant Truck & Car Wash

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Hello, I am Kalvin Danielson and this is my second year of 4-H and this is my heifer named Brandy. She is a Simmental/angus cross and she is sired by STBS Big River bull. She is a home raised calf out of one of our own cows. She doesn’t have much colour but she makes up for it in her body build, and I can’t wait to see her first calf next year.

Hello my name is Charli-Brynn and this is my first year as a full member. My heifer name is Indigo she is a purebred Shorthorn. I bought her in December, and I led her right onto the trailer to bring her home!! I hope to have her for a cow calf pair next year. She is coming along great!! I’m so excited to show her at our Show and Sale and I look forward to seeing your there!!

Hello there, I’m Chase and I would like for you to meet Hollywood my heifer project this year. She is a purebred Simmental. This past year has been a crazy one for all of us and that’s why I want to say thank you for purchasing last years calves and sponsoring 4-H.

My name is Rayne Danielson and I am 16 years old. Ruby is my first heifer, who has been an absolute gem. I’ve had almost no problems with her throughout the 4-H year. I even dressed her up for Halloween! She is a home raised heifer from my families herd and I am very excited to see how she progresses throughout the years.

Hi! This is Ireland Somers and my heifer Candy Cane! Isn’t she just adorable? Anyway, she is a Sim/Char. She is a nice and calm heifer, so I am really looking forward to showing her! Although she seems a bit challenging to keep clean! She will make an excellent mother next year.


Overall Grand Champion (Katelyn Willsie) - Tom & Marlene Machan Overall Reserve Champion (Kallie Gerdung) - Rocky Chamber of Commerce Rocky North Grand Champion (Kobe Carpen) - Ross Godkin Memorial— Bunch Projects Rocky North Reserve Champion (Mathew Duffin) - Gus & Marg Valstar Rocky South Grand Champion (Katelyn Willsie) - Brian Evans Memorial Rocky South Reserve Champion (Kallie Gerdung) - LeRoy & Diane Willsie Rocky North Best Home Grown Steer (Mathew Duffin) - Joyce & Gerald Willsie Rocky South Best Home Grown Steer (Katelyn Willsie) - Sever Farms




Ireland here again! This is my 2 year old cow Tigerlily and her adorable calf, Louis, short for Louis Vuitton. Tigerlily is a registered Simmental and is a bit of a handful, she always was and still is. My Dad says she takes after me, but he is just joking, I think......



Hello, I am Kalvin Danielson, this is my second year in 4-H. I am 16 years old and this is my 2 year old cow and calf pair Brenda and Jenson, Brenda is a home raised Simmental/Hereford cross cow, and her first calf named Jenson and he is a Simmental/Hereford cross out of a Stout bros. bull. I am really impressed with the way these two are turning out this year.





Hi my name is Korbin Katona. I’m 12 years old. This year I have a whole herd for the first time ever!! My heifer this year her name is Hannah and she is a Full Blood Simmental. She is a great heifer, I bought her from Virginia Ranch. I’m hoping to place good in our show this year. I’m really hoping to have some great competition this year. I’m hoping to help everyone with there projects this year. For my 2 year old cow calf pair, my cows name is Speckles and her calf is a heifer and her name is Chloe. She is so nice. I’m so excited to show them, because of COVID I have never showed her before. I have put so much time with her she looks so good. My 3 year old cow’s name is Faith , this year she had a bull calf his name is Joe. I only got to show her as a heifer not as a cow calf pair. I’m really excited to have a show this year, I hope to see you at the show day!!




I am Derrick Stewart and this is my heifer Honour. She is black Angus with an attitude. She is a beautiful heifer and a part of my full herd if everything goes right. My two year old cow Ivory, with her calf Junior. Both are black Angus/Simmental cross. Hopefully you can see them at the sale in May.





Hi my name is Jayden Warren this is my 8th year in 4-H. I am the president of the Rocky South 4-H Beef Club and this is my whole herd project, starting with my full blood heifer Virginia Hellen 031H I purchased her from Virginia ranch. She is a very deep and soggy heifer that I hope will build many females to build up my cow herd. My two year old cow calf pair Reba and her calf Jack. Reba is a heifer I showed as a calf because her dam was an old 4-H cow. So with proven genetics I kept her to show and am very happy with the bull calf she has at side! Lastly is my three year old cow calf pair Fiona and her calf John. I purchased this cow as a yearling heifer and am very happy with the way she has matured last year she raised the very first bull calf I have ever sold and I am very happy to say that she is stamping her calves out, as you can tell when you look at the calf she has at side!




Luke Gerdung

Hi, my name is Luke Gerdung!! This is my 3rd and last year as a 4-H Cleaver kid in the Rocky South 4-H Beef Club. This year my steer is a Charolais/ Angus Cross. I bought his mom “Fire” as my first Cleaver Calf 3 years ago and this year she gave me “Smokey”. I will be using Smokey as my 4-H Steer next year too. He is Awesome!!!! The best part of 4-H is the new friends and working with my calf. The worst is public speaking and washing poop off of the steers. Hope to see you at the Show and Sale!!

Addisyn Katona

Dear friends, my name is Addisyn Katona. I’m 8 years old, this is my 3rd year as a cleaver and my last one as a cleaver. I’m ready for a great Show Day this year. My calf is a boy, his name is Buddy. Buddy is a Shorthorn. In my spare time I like to dance, ride my horses, camping and fishing. But my favourite is playing with my dogs and working with my 4-H calf.

Rygaard Leitch

JacK Lobley

Thomas Lobley

Graeson Mason

Hi, my name is Rygaard, I am a Cleaver with the Rocky North 4-H Multi Club. This is what I will talk about today I love our baby Goats, they are called kids. I like growing up on a farm because it is FUN! I have a Pack Goat Project this year.

Hi everyone, my name is Thomas Lobley and I am 9 years old. This is my second year as a Cleaver Kid in the Rocky South 4-H Beef Club. I enjoy spending my days outside on the farm when I am not at school. I love to build things, dirt biking, all of the farm animals and everything about tractors. I can’t wait to have my own steer at the Show and Sale next year. I hope to see everyone at this year’s Show and Sale, it’s going to be great!

Hi, my name is Jack Lobley. I am 6 years old and this is my first year as a Cleaver Kid with the Rocky South 4-H Beef Club. My favorite things are spring time when all the baby animals come, dirt biking, playing games on the computer, playing outside with my big brother and baking with my grandma. I can’t wait to attend this year’s Show and Sale and learn from all of the older members.

Hey my name is Graeson. I’m 8 years old and this is my 1st year as a clever kid. I have a small beef project this year. His name is Jenkins and he is a purebred Gelbvieh. He doesn’t like to be touched but I think when he can start having grain he will come around.


Casey Nutting

Summer Nutting

Annesly Ogilvie

Hi I’m Layne, I’m 7 years old, and this is my 4-H project Hunter. He is a 1 month old angus cross steer. This is my first year and I am a cleaver kid. I have learned how to build a rope halter and am learning how to show my animals properly. I am excited to show him this year and looking forward to many more years in 4-H.

Hi my name is Summer Nutting and I am 6. This is my first year in 4-H. My Cleaver calf is named Joe. He is a black calf. I like riding my horse named Jazz. She used to by my Grandma’s. Thank you for coming to the sale.

Walker Ogilvie Hello my name is Walker Ogilvie, I am 8 years old and this is my first year in 4-H as a cleaver kid. My calf this years name is Jigger and he is a bull calf. I have really enjoyed working with him and learning new things. When I’m not helping on the ranch you can find me dirt biking, riding my horse, playing hockey or doing anything outside!

Hi my name is Casey Nutting and I am 8 years old. One of my favourite things to do is riding my horse with my dad, especially if we have to chase cows. This is my second year being a 4-H Cleaver. Thank you for coming to the sale.

Hi, my name is Annesly Ogilvie I am 6 years old and joined 4-H this year for the first time. My heifer calf’s name is Dottie. She is all black! I was hoping she would have white on her face like her mom Spot. I have loved every minute of 4-H so far and can’t wait to learn more. I’m a real farm girl and enjoy ranching, riding my horse, dirt biking and doing anything that gets me outside with my family.

Kendra Wedman

Hi everybody! My name is Kendra Wedman and this is my sister's steer Turkey. He has many names like Herb...Turkey...pig pig and Herbster. He is so nice and I cuddle with him and my goats all the time. My cleaver calf is named Joey and he is soooooo cute! He follows me around like a dog and escapes from his pen to come get a bottle when he's hungry. I’m excited to show him this year and I hope to see you all there!

Buyers support is essential for the success of our sale year after year. In these times of economic hardships we want to extent our most sincere gratitude to all the buyers that supported our sale in 2020. THANK YOU!!

2020 Rocky 4-H Beef Sale Buyers List Reese Cattle Company

Gene Henneigh Trucking

Atomic NDT Ltd

John Willsie

Benalto Ag Services Ltd

McCaw’s Drilling & Blasting

Bunch Projects

Melvin Klassen

BW Bouwmans Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

Modern Electric

Cal McRae

Pioneer Veterinary Services

Clearwater Oilfield Services

Rocky 4-H Beef Sales Committee

Orran Cunningham

Clearwater Veterinary Centre Rocky Funeral Home Darren Graham Rocky Sobeys (2) Donn Mason

Shane Muyers Trucking

Eckville ATB

Sims & Associates Insurance (3)

Edwards Garage

Terrafirma Resources

Foothills Tank Rentals Ltd

VJV Auction Co Ltd

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