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A3 Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Hallothanksmas!

My favorite holiday is Halloween. Dressing up, picking a different person to be every year, ghosts, zombies, goblins, potions, spells, horror movies ... love it all. Well, maybe not the spiders. Everything else though — AMAZING! And while I’m waiting for October to come around again, there are more than a few overzealous Christmas people who are already counting down to Christmas and playing Christmas music. Which, makes me cringe every time it happens before the next big holiday on the calendar. No, I’m not talking about Black Friday. The more I think of Thanksgiving, the more I think of tradition. When I was a kid, we all used to meet up at grandma’s house (it was grandpa’s house, too, but we never said grandma and grandpa’s house). And by “we all,” I mean everyone. My family, which includes my mom and dad, and little sister and baby brother; my dad’s brother and his family, six-ish, depending on the year; my grandma’s brother’s family, which included three generations, and another six people; and everyone else who showed up. My grandma


have documented economic condition factors or land value determinations, had 610 land adjustments on the roll with 264 of those adjustments with invalid or no reason, did not have land value maps and the current year assessment did not include new construction and, “Whereas, the City presented a corrective action plan that indicated they would correct the deficiencies noted in the review for the 2016 roll and, “Whereas, the follow up review conducted in June 2016 indicated that the City simply removed all 610 land adjustments without applying theoretically supported valuation techniques which may have caused significant valuation problems and, “Whereas, the City was provided notice of a recommendation to assume jurisdiction and provided 21 days to provide a response for consideration by the State Tax Commission and that response indicated a lack of understanding of the significant problems associated with the removal of the land adjustments and, “Whereas, Michigan Compiled Law 211.10f(1) provides that “If a local assessing district does not have an assessment roll that has been certified by a qualified certified assessing officer, or if a certified assessor or a board of review for a local tax collecting unit is not in substantial compliance with the provisions of this act, the state tax commission shall assume jurisdiction over the assessment roll and provide for the preparation of a certified roll. The commission may order the county tax or equalization department to prepare the roll; may provide for the use of state employees to prepare the roll; or may

Something Extra By MELISSA KOWALCZYK News & Advertising Designer

wouldn’t have turned anyone away. She always said ‘the more the merrier,’ otherwise we would have leftovers for a week — and sometimes we did anyway. My aunt Dawn would bring a pistachio gelatin dessert, my grandma Bertha would bring Instant Surprise, my aunt Connie would bring something amazing, my aunt Bev would bring a wonderfully-tasting, lowfat dessert (they are few and far between, but it can happen). All this, would be on top of the typical Thanksgiving-feast kind of

order the local assessing unit to contract with a commercial appraisal firm to conduct an appraisal of the property in the assessing unit under the supervision of the county tax or equalization department and the commission. The costs of an appraisal and the preparation of the roll by the county tax or equalization department or by the commission shall be paid by the local assessing district as provided by section 10d (Michigan Compiled Law 211.10d). The commission shall consider the quality of the tax maps and appraisal records required by section 10e (Michigan Compiled Law 211.10e) as part of its investigation of the facts before ordering the local assessing unit to contract for an appraisal. “NOW THEREFORE, in the best interest of equitable property tax administration, the State Tax Commission hereby assumes jurisdiction of the 2016 ad valorem assessment roll of City of Menominee, Menominee County. “Further, the Commission orders that an outside party be hired by the State Tax Commission to fix the issues associated with the 2016 assessment roll, by providing proper land values for all real property parcels in the City, reviewing the ECF determinations to ensure they are proper and to provide this information to the City for the proper development of the 2017 assessment roll. “Further, the Commission orders that a bill shall be sent to City of Menominee, Menominee County covering the time and expenses incurred by the State Tax Commission for implementation of this order.” Menominee City Attorney/Interim Manager Rob Jamo said Tuesday he read the proposed order online in the morning and sent a copy of it to all city

foods, and all the baked goods I helped my grandma make the night before. I want you to keep in mind everyone in my family who was of an auntly age was my aunt, it didn’t matter how we were related. This tradition went on for years, and then my family moved, with my grandma and grandpa following us shortly after. We moved to Porterfield from Mokena, Ill. My grandma grew up in Marinette, so it made sense. Thanksgiving finally rolled around, and a new tradition began. We just didn’t make as many pies or have quite as many desserts. Then it morphed into us bringing some of the holiday necessities like apple squares, and a smoked turkey to snack on at a lodge in the Dells. It was around the half-way mark for the family up north and the Illinois family. Did I mention it was always at an indoor waterpark? My cousins and I, ranging from elementary to high school ages, used to spend a lot of time at the park and the arcade inside the lodge. Then it changed again. My grandma, our matriarch, passed away and I thought things would never be the same. They aren’t, but that’s OK. Instead of one person

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council members. He wrote to the council members, “The State Tax Commission will assume jurisdiction of the City of Menominee’s 2016 tax roll, and hire an outside party to correct the roll, according to the draft order I located on the Commission’s website this morning. I have attached a copy of the order and a copy of the Commission’s agenda for the November 29, 2016 meeting at which time the action will be formally taken. I will provide you with additional information as it becomes available.” Jamo said there was nothing the city could do at this point but wait for the decision of the State Tax Commission next week, but said he was not sure when the state would officially notify the city of its decision. Monday, Bastien, who was hired Nov. 2 as the full-time city assessor, told council members that she was unable to do the work to bring the 2015 and 2016 tax rolls in line because of the time it would take and recommended the city hire an outside company to complete the task. Now, the city will likely be required to pay for an outside firm, but will not get to choose who that would be, Jamo said Tuesday. Jamo said he stands by his recommendation to council to hire Bastien, “Since we need somebody locally to be the contact person; someone with the required expertise of an assessor to interface with the State Tax Commission.” Jamo, who will be handing over the manager duties Monday to Anthony Graff, said he doesn’t see the need for a special council meeting to discuss the tax issue. “There’s nothing we can do” until the State Tax Commission makes its decision, he said.

OVERTIME: alone, and even families that would have had an increase in overtime earnings would have a net gain. While CBO estimated that the new rules would extend overtime eligibility to an additional 3.9 million workers, it found that only about 900,000 of those employees currently work enough hours to actually receive overtime pay, or 0.6 percent of the U.S. workforce. And those workers would make only an extra $650 a year, the CBO found. Research conducted for NRF by Oxford Economics found that the new overtime regulations would force employers to limit hours or cut base pay in order to make up for added payroll costs, leaving most workers with no increase in take-home pay despite added administrative costs. A separate survey found that the majority of retail managers and assistant managers the regulations are supposed to help oppose the plan, citing losses in schedule flexibility, benefits and professional development


them COBRA, but we cannot give them insurance for the following year. This is a continual thing. We have to track and track and track them,” said DuPont. The third year, if someone falls within the guidelines, the county can offer them insurance and again, if they don’t fall within the guidelines, they are offered COBRA. “That’s how it works,” DuPont said. Commissioner John Nelson said “the county has a high cap of 25 hours and no one has come to the board to ask for more than 25 hours.” “Someone screwed up, and the responsibility does not fall on the board. This is an expenditure we shouldn’t have to make unless we were aware of it in the beginning,” he said. “Someone did not follow very simple and very clear directions and it costs us money. Come to the board ... so we could

Nation Thanksgiving in space: turkey, green beans & football By MARCIA DUNN AP Aerospace Writer

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — Turkey and football will be the main Thanksgiving headliners up on the International Space Station. NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough, the station’s commander, is serving as Thanksgiving chef for the six-person crew. He showed off the specialties he’ll be preparing in a video this week. “It’s going to be a little bit different for us up here in space,” he said, “but I’m going to try to make it as

much like home as we can.” On Thursday — a regular workday for the crew — Kimbrough will warm up pouches of sliced smoked turkey, candied yams, and cherry and blueberry cobbler. He’ll also add water to the bags of freeze-dried cornbread dressing, green beans and mushrooms and mashed potatoes. “You can’t have a Thanksgiving meal without green beans,” he noted. Mission Control promises to beam up some live football games — “to complete the experience,” Kimbrough

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s Our Don’t Misatinees M y a d Holi riday! Today & F


(1:10), 4:00, 6:50 & 9:40


NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough of this world” cornbread dressing. It’s straight from Johnson Space Center’s food lab, “no freeze-drying required.”

The Presents Today’s

(1:45), 4:30, 7:00 & 9:45


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Happy Thanksgiving!

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“You can’t have a Thanksgiving meal without green beans.”


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said. It will be the second Thanksgiving in space for Kimbrough, who’s one month into a four-month mission, and the third for American Peggy Whitson, who arrived at the orbiting lab Saturday for a six-month stay. One Frenchman and three Russians round off the crew. Kimbrough said he and the others will share what they’re thankful for this Thanksgiving. No 1 on the list, he said, is being safe in space. NASA, meanwhile, is sharing its recipe for “out

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preparing everything on their own, my sister brother and I begrudgingly take care of the apple squares. I think they tasted better when someone else made them, but that might be in my head. My dad bakes the night before, but doesn’t make seven pies. My mom makes all the stuff, and I try to be a sous chef, and help her the best I can. I’m not the best cook with a recipe, but I can do what you tell me. My sister and her husband come over for the meal and there is a lot of chatter and laughter. Usually “the kids” (age 27 to 34) talk about technology, gaming on top of the teasing, trolling and joking around. We’re back to having leftovers for a week. Thank you, Pinterest for giving us recipes for what to do with all of that food. The thing is, although my situation has changed all around me throughout my life, the best part of Thanksgiving is the people who you surround yourself with. Oh, and the food. The food is always good, too. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is doing it as they have for 20 years and the people doing something different.

opportunities that would come with switching from salaried to hourly positions. The lawsuit brought by NRF and more than 50 business organizations argues that both the $47,476 annual minimum salary for workers to be exempt from overtime set by the new overtime rules – more than double the current level – and the automatic increase in that amount every three years exceed the Labor Department’s statutory authority under the Fair Labor Standards Act and are in violation of the intent of Congress. NRF is the world’s largest retail trade association, representing discount and department stores, home goods and specialty stores, Main Street merchants, grocers, wholesalers, chain restaurants and Internet retailers from the United States and more than 45 countries. Retail is the nation’s largest private sector employer, supporting one in four U.S. jobs – 42 million working Americans. Contributing $2.6 trillion to annual GDP, retail is a daily barometer for the nation’s economy.

made decision, not tell us after the fact.” The cost to the county on this issue is $4,800. Nelson said, “That’s a $5,000 bill because someone did not come to us. That’s a managerial problem and lack of manager problem.” Commissioner Larry Schei said he agrees with Nelson. “Evidently there wasn’t a clear direction ... for the future we should avoid this by making it very clear what the procedure is,” he said. It was mentioned that DuPont is new to her position and she didn’t know, but then it was also noted she was not responsible for this. Nelson still wanted to know how and why this occurred and who was responsible. Schei said it was “water over the dam.” He said the board is not in a position to reprimand someone. “Looking at the future, it was a mistake made and

“That’s a $5,000 bill because someone did not come to us. That’s a managerial problem and lack of manager problem.” Commissioner John Nelson let’s look at how we can’t have it happen again,” said Schei. After the board started to voicing their concerns, Chairman Charlie Meintz said the issue could be addressed at this person’s department budget meeting. “When that department asks for money, we can address it then,” he said. 

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