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Every minute you deny yourself the right to go pee, 14 million of your intellectual and social brain cells shrivel and die…and at the moment….. im gonna guesstamate that im killing about 420 billion every class period.. OH SPEAKING OF PERIOD… that little voice inside my head that told me I was forgetting something this morning was without a doubt right, and that very mistake of not listening deeper into the voice that was screaming-TAMPONS, has cost me my social ability. I can guarantee that bi the end of this very day, I will have no more social abilities and will become, forever a vegetable…preferably a carrot because they semi-remotely look like themselves when they finally die off. it seems as though every time my little friend Menstrual Cycle pops up I pile up the resentment with my already existing resentment towards men and their lucky little boobless, equipped with a penis THAT has nothing beside piss and jerk off juice comes out of, bodies. … f**k them. I have to pee.