Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival's 2022 Season Program

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Every Brilliant Thing A Chorus Line The River Bride Much Ado About Nothing August Wilson’s Fences Little Red Shakespeare for Kids



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ON THE MAIN STAGE A Chorus Line . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 August Wilson’s Fences . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Shakespeare For Kids . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 ON THE SCHUBERT THEATRE STAGE Little Red . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Every Brilliant Thing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Much Ado About Nothing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Young Company Shakespeare Project . . . . . . . . . . The River Bride . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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ON THE GREEN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 FESTIVAL SPONSORS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 PSF BOARD OF DIRECTORS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 PSF STAFF . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 FROM THE PRESIDENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 VOLUNTEER GUILD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 PSF EDUCATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 FESTIVAL DONORS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 ARTIST AND COMPANY BIOGRAPHIES . . . . . . . . . . 54 PROGRAM ADVERTISERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 SPECIAL THANKS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57

4907 Rte 309 Center Valley 610-797-2525

Program Editor: Tina Louise Slak Program Design: J. Maria Dalmasso Editorial Assistants: Mikayla D. Moore, Anelise Rodriguez PATRON NOTES

Electronic devices: Cameras and recording devices are prohibited during performances. Set cell phones and pagers to silent mode, and deactivate watch alarms. For the consideration of the actors and patrons, please refrain from texting during the performance.



Safety: For the most up to date information of PSF safety guidelines, please see our website.

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Children at the Theatre: Children of all ages are invited to Little Red and Shakespeare for Kids. In consideration of those attending other PSF performances, children under the age of six may not attend. Accessibility: The Labuda Center for the Performing Arts is accessible. Special seating is available for our patrons using wheelchairs or requiring other assistance. Please inform the box office of your needs when ordering tickets. PSF is happy to offer a listening enhancement system for the hearing impaired. If you desire a headset, please inquire at the Will Call table. Visit the PSF website for more information on accessible performances.


December 7th & 8th - 2pm Miller Symphony Hall Land Of The Sweets Party Professional Guest Artists

Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival (PSF) operates under an agreement between the League of Resident Theatres and Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States. PSF is a constituent of Theatre Communications Group (TCG), the national organization for the American theatre. PSF is a member of the Shakespeare Theatre Association, Lehigh Valley Arts Council, and Discover Lehigh Valley.

Jennifer Haltzman Tracy

PSF is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization supported by private and public funding. This Festival receives state arts funding support through a grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. The County of Lehigh also supports PSF.

& Trinette Singleton, Artistic Directors


For Tickets, Call 610-432-6715 or Go to

Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival 2755 Station Avenue, Center Valley, PA 18034 • Phone: 610.282.WILL (9455) Fax: 610.282.2084

Auditions for dancers 7 and older held in September


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2022 Sponsors Thank you to our Sponsors Season Sponsors

Kathleen Kund Nolan & Timothy E. Nolan Associate Season Sponsors Douglas Dykhouse

Linda Lapos & Paul Wirth

The Szarko Family

Sponsors Amaranth Foundation

Lee & Dolly Butz

Steve & Jane Auvil

Brenda & John McGlade

Drs. Paul & June Schlueter

Darbin & Deborah Skeans

Valerie Moritz Smith

Keith & Stefanie Wexler Festival Host

Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival is the Official Shakespeare Festival of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


2022-2023 Season

Tickets and Information 610.282.3192 • Subscriptions & Group Sales available now.

Single Tickets on sale July 26, 2022

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ack in the fall of 2003, I was invited to accept this position but was reluctant. I eventually said yes because I knew the work of this organization mattered, to this community, to this university, and to the theatre industry. I said yes because I wanted to do what I could to be sure there would be one more rather than one less Shakespeare theatre in the world. As I now prepare at the end of this season to return happily to the faculty job that brought me to DeSales originally, that responsibility now shifts to Casey Gallagher and Dennis Razze, who have held it with me all these years, to the new artistic leader, to our Board, our staff, and to you.

I urge you to consider PSF not as a permanent fixture, a given, but as a magnificent flying machine, transcendent but vulnerable, which requires support so that it may continue to fly, to soar above a common bound, as Shakespeare says. We have soared together, all of us, from Cyrano de Bergerac, to The Winter’s Tale, to South Pacific, to Les Misérables, to Pericles, Evita, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Ragtime, Richard II and we aim to soar this summer again. For these last 19 years, thank you. Thank you for making room for a man who dreamed audaciously of making world class theatre here in Center Valley. The thing about great organizations, organizations started with a great idea and then developed from there, is that every now and then one has the opportunity to participate in doing great things with it. I’ve had the chance in this position to do things I can be proud of for the rest of my life. And I will be. But we can all do that. You can do that, by supporting PSF.

“I urge you to consider PSF not as a permanent fixture, a given, but as a magnificent flying machine, transcendent but vulnerable, which requires support so that it may continue to fly, to soar above a common bound, as Shakespeare says.” We have a foothold in our majestic vision. In 2015, I leaned over to our founder Fr. Jerry Schubert in his wheelchair, just months before he passed. It was at intermission and I asked him, “Fr. Jerry, what do you think of our production of Les Misérables?” He said, “we… have… arrived….” He was right, as usual, yet there is more to be done, much more, especially in a rapidly changing world. At 31 years old, PSF is younger than most of us, and we all know that in most cases, life is just getting started at 31. PSF is just getting started. Where it goes will be up to the people involved. It will not happen automatically. When we ran our endowment campaign a few years back, we shared that PSF depends on caring people taking meaningful action. You’re doing it right now, here, today. And whether you want to get your inspiration from Shakespeare, or August Wilson, or Yoda, I hope you will care deeply enough and take ever more meaningful action to continue to strengthen this great organization and to move it forward, so that it may continue its quest to create ever more inspiring theatre, to soar above a common bound, to keep creating work which, as a Board member said to me once, is the stuff that makes life worth living, and as one patron said, elevates my family’s expectation of what life can be. Fr. Schubert had that twinkle in his eye 50 years ago, and we, this team, have been working together on it for the last 19 years to carry it forward. So please, carry it forward. And again, thank you.

Patrick Mulcahy Producing Artistic Director


Celebrates the 31st Season of

and 19 Seasons of Brilliance under the Leadership of PATRICK MULCAHY


PSF Board of Directors JUDITH A. HARRIS, ESQ. LL.M President & Chair, Executive Committee • Allentown, PA

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am delighted to welcome you to the 31st Season of the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival.

STEFANIE B. WEXLER Co-Vice President • Allentown, PA

Nineteen Seasons ago, Patrick Mulcahy assumed leadership of PSF as its Producing Artistic Director in its honored commitment to “enrich, inspire, energize, and entertain the widest possible audience” through its array of both “classical and contemporary plays” with work of the William Shakespeare, the greatest playwright of the English language, at its core, surrounded by performances of the works of other master dramatists and creators of musicals.

PATRICK J. WITMER Co-Vice President • Allentown, PA KERRY A. WROBEL Secretary • Bethlehem, PA JAMES A. BARTHOLOMEW, ESQ. Allentown, PA PHOENIX BEST New York City, NY KRISTINE B. BURFEIND Emmaus, PA Chair, Institutional Advancement & Fundraising Committee H. LLOYD CARBAUGH Allentown, PA AMY MILLER COHEN, Ph.D. Bethlehem, PA LONA M. FARR, Ph.D., ACFRE Bethlehem, PA Co-Chair, Audit Committee CASEY WM. GALLAGHER PSF Managing Director Whitehall, PA LINDA LAPOS, M.D. Allentown, PA THOMAS LUBBEN, Ed.D. Northampton, PA THE HONORABLE ANNA-KRISTIE M. MARKS Allentown, PA JOAN MILLER MORAN Allentown, PA JUDITH MORRISON Allentown, PA PATRICK MULCAHY PSF Producing Artistic Director, Macungie, PA


The Seasons that followed Patrick’s arrival at the helm of PSF have distinguished themselves in their supreme quality, beauty, and transformative artistry. Each one of those Seasons, incorporating talents ranging from celebrated veterans of all facets of acting and theatre production to young student interns, has also highlighted the core values of education and relationships embodied by the Festival and each person who works at PSF. Thanks to the focus and determination of PSF’s strong leadership, committed and talented directors, designers, managers, staff, and artists; the tremendous support of Father Greenfield and DeSales University; as well as You--the most loyal of sponsors, donors, and patrons, PSF has weathered the challenges of a pandemic the likes of which most of us have never before witnessed. These extraordinary combined efforts produced an excellent 2021 Summer Season despite the continued challenges posed and the unprecedented, periodic strategic reassessments demanded by Covid. We extend special thanks to Managing Director Casey Gallagher for his vigilance and stewardship during these times.

ILIA ISORELÝS PAULINO Los Angeles, CA BARRY PELL Chair, Committee on Directors Bethlehem, PA DENNIS RAZZE PSF Associate Artistic Director, Coopersburg, PA DAVID B. ROTHROCK Allentown, PA

We have much for which to be grateful as we embark on this 31st Season. In true fashion, the PSF Season deftly explores various human themes and truths, opening with Every Brilliant Thing and the timeless musical A Chorus Line, directed by our esteemed Associate Artistic Director Dennis Razze. Shakespeare’s spirited comedy Much Ado About Nothing, flanked by August Wilson’s incomparable Fences, staged reading The River Bride, children’s shows Little Red and Shakespeare for Kids, and special performance by a returning PSF favorite Dan Domenech.

MARTHA HUTSON SAXTON, Ph.D. Allentown, PA RONALD E. SHEPPARD Allentown, PA Co-Chair, Audit Committee IAN SMITH, Ph.D. Easton, PA ROBERT J. SNYDER, CPA Allentown, PA DEBORAH W. SUNDLOF, DO Hellertown, PA KAREN DOYLE WALTON, Ed.D. Center Valley, PA JAMES K. WU, M.D. Allentown, PA

LEE A. BUTZ Honorary Director Allentown, PA


As Patrick Mulcahy concludes his final Season at PSF as its Producing Artistic Director and returns to his full-time role as a distinguished Professor in the DeSales University Theatre Department, we celebrate Patrick’s unique and remarkable tenure as an visionary, artist, director, educator, and actor leading the Festival’s attainment of the world-class excellence over these many years. Patrick’s extensive contributions to the very structure and culture of PSF are readily observable in all aspects of production at PSF. His artistry and professionalism forms the very core of excellence for which the Festival is celebrated regionally and recognized nationally. For Patrick’s nearly twenty years of effort in building the Festival of founder Father Jerry Schubert’s dreams, we are immensely grateful. And we look forward to our continued, treasured friendship and conversations with this dynamo, Patrick Mulcahy, as our paths cross with him on the DeSales University Campus in the future.

JUDITH A. HARRIS, ESQ. LL.M President & Chair, Executive Committee 9


Marnie Schulenburg

198 4 - 2 0 2 2 DSU & PSF alum E mmy nominee L oving mother , daughter , sister , D ear , kind , caring friend

F ierce


warrior for good 10

PSF Staff PRODUCING ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Patrick Mulcahy Associate Artistic Director Dennis Razze ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Associate Producer

Carpenter Intern Run Crew Intern

Jim Helsinger

Director of Marketing & Public Relations Marketing Associate Marketing Intern Digital Intern

Bill Hoblin

Business Manager Administrative-Management Intern

Karen Spano Amelia Mannino Anelise Rodriguez

Box Office Manager Kyle Schumaker Associate Box Office Manager Catherine Ritter Box Office Associate Whitney Madill Box Office Interns Meaghan Elise Rossi, Mary Joyce Storm, Esperansa Marie Vidal Company Manager Associate Company Manager Assistant Company Manager House Manager Assistant House Managers

PRODUCTION STAFF Director of Production Assistant Production Manager

Wardrobe Supervisor Wardrobe Interns Dressers – A Chorus Line

Rebecca Callan Grace M. Weir, Sofia Perez Sarah Beth Ananda Keator Azaria Rubio Gabrielle McCabe Jack Wallace, Dani Robinson Bailey Gavin Matthew Palacios, Moriah Wilt Alex Magallanes, Meaghan Elise Rossi, Jack Wallace, Devon Young

Wig and Makeup Artists Wig and Makeup Dresser Head Electrician Assistant Head Electrician Staff Electrician Electrics Interns Lighting Programmer – A Chorus Line Followspots – A Chorus Line

Janine Grando Megan Dean Courtney Zwally Sheri Miltenberger Regina Ashley, Giovanni M. Marini

Casting-Management Intern, 2021-22 Academic Year Work-Study Student, 2021-22 Academic Year

Anja Thomas Jade Keaton

Costume Shop Manager First Hands Craftsperson Cutter/Draper Stitcher/Wardrobe Costume Shop Manager Intern Costume Shop Interns

Tina Louise Slak J. Maria Dalmasso Mikayla D. Moore Finley Stein

Director of Development

Education Director

Managing Director Casey William Gallagher

Josie LaTorres RJ Cappuccio

Sound Supervisor Assistant Sound Supervisor Sound Engineer Sound Interns

Joshua Rose Cecilia Fields

Braxton Cooper, Emily Kohn Allison Mae Blades David Bruns Ben Free Dylan Carter Orion Huff, Fiona Wilson Josh Nathanson Megan Cano, Blake Grimsley, RJ Cappuccio David M. Greenberg Harper Justus Samantha Hopewell Nick Herrera, Marie E. Raymond

Props Supervisor Props Artisan Props Carpenter

Production Stage Managers Main Stage – A Chorus Line Randy Lawson* Main Stage – August Wilson’s Fences To Be Announced Schubert Theatre – Every Brilliant Thing George Hamrah* Schubert Theatre – The River Bride To Be Announced Schubert Theatre – Much Ado About Nothing Rafi Levavy* Assistant Stage Manager – A Chorus Line Ashani Smith* Assistant Stage Manager – Much Ado About Nothing Jynelly Rosario* Assistant Stage Manager – Chiara H. Johnson Every Brilliant Thing, August Wilson’s Fences, The River Bride Stage Manager – Alex Magallanes Little Red, Young Company Shakespeare Project Stage Management Interns Michèle Carter-Cram, Eileen Deisemann, Darlyn Gonzalez Technical Director Garrett Weeda Assistant Technical Director Maya Bowers Scene Shop Supervisor Bryce Emde Deck Chief Emmy Winter Lead Carpenter Garrett L. Loper Carpenters Anastasia Golovina, Blake Grimsley, Heather Mello, Devon Young

Scenic Charge Artist Scenic Artist Assistant Director – A Chorus Line Assistant Director – Much Ado About Nothing Resident Assistant Lighting Designer – full season Assistant Costume Designers – A Chorus Line

Natalie Ervolino Cloe Zwilling PJ Moran Alyssa Thompson CJ Warsh James Stabp To Be Announced Josh Morales Grace Lee, Matthew Solomon

Distinguished Artist & Consultant Christopher V. Edwards EDI Liasons Akeem Davis, Natalie Ervolino, Gabrielle Moseley, Anelise Rodriguez Official Photographer for Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival — Lee A. Butz. Production photos on page 10 by Lee A. Butz.

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Stage Actors and Stage Managers in the United States. Names in bold indicate department heads


Notes from the President of DeSales University Dear PSF Friends,

between the father and son as one of conflicting world views and a creative, life-giving tension for the youth to understand, in humility, what he perceives as a lack of gentleness or rigidity in his dad. Navigating the challenges of any relationship is difficult, whether it is across generations, expectations, or roles of power. Seeing the very human and often fragile personalities strive to be more loving, forgiving, and understanding, while not always succeeding, we may be able to discover a window into where we could grow or develop ourselves.

Thank you for joining us today. We are delighted you are with us. Whether attending your first performance with the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival or returning as a season-ticket holder, you undoubtedly have an appreciation for high quality performing arts and its power in our culture and larger society. And, we at DeSales University are exceedingly proud of the place that PSF holds in the Lehigh Valley and the regional and national arts scene.

Art can transform us. Indeed, our mission at DeSales, grounded in the Catholic, Salesian tradition, seeks to provide “transformative learning” for our students. The Festival extends this ambitious mission to you and all of our friends in the PSF community. Letting a work of art prompt a change in attitude or contribute to a new perspective advances today’s experience well beyond entertainment. Of course, we hope you are entertained by this production, but we hope for more: May you see the impact of strong artists, both seasoned and new in their craft, staging the best of humanity in its search for meaning, identity, compassion, and hope.

I begin my greeting here today with words of esteem, gratitude, and acclaim for Patrick Mulcahy, whose 19 years as Producing Artistic Director ends with the planning of this season. As I write this note, the search committee is hard at work to hire his successor. Yet, the University and the arts community thank Patrick for his adroit leadership of the Festival and wise stewardship of its legacy. We are confident that PSF’s future is fortified to continue its characteristic impact and inspiration to stir, move, and stretch audiences’ imaginations and hearts to conceive new ideas and forge deeper relationships that can heal and refresh.

Your mere presence here at this in-person, indoor production is a sign of hope. Mindful of our neighbors in Ukraine and Yemen and those whose lives were tragically impacted by the pandemic, what we share in this moment of art is a transformative power that we pray is endless.

This season promises rich, spirited artistry. Our two marquee features, A Chorus Line and August Wilson’s Fences, along with Every Brilliant Thing, Much Ado About Nothing, and The River Bride, draw us into both the depths and limitlessness of the human spirit. Here, we are invited to question, to dream, to reflect, and to give thanks for the singular sensations of our lives: talent, potential, family, work ethic, neighborhood, and justice—just to name a few.

Enjoy the show.

Sincerely, JJG

Rev. James J. Greenfield, OSFS ‘84 President

These productions intersect well with the larger mission of DeSales University. Gentleness and humility stand atop our core values. To examine just one dimension of one production—Fences, we engage the relationship 12

2022 Guild Board & Volunteers Dating to the Festival’s inception in 1992, the PSF Guild is the volunteer organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the Festival through a wide variety of activities. Please note: The list reflects current volunteers as of May 25, 2022. If you are interested in joining, please email volunteer@ for more information.

Volunteer Guild Board H. Lloyd Carbaugh, President Dick Ditterline, Vice President Ellie Hentschel, Secretary Valerie Ryder Membership Committee Chair Richard Baldock Joe Colosi Sue Ditterline Patricia Fried Jason Grear Annette Heffelfinger Sheri Miltenberger Cynthia Workman Paul Zambo Rosemary Zambo Guild Volunteers Lisa Allen Jennifer Ashley Regina Ashley Dawn Atherholt Karen Bader Chuck Ballard Vi Ballard Elizabeth Benke Gregory Binder Michael Boytin Robert Brady Ed Burger Joan Burger Evelyn Carfagno Cathy Chadwick Cathy Cipriano Abigail Clark Gwyn Clark Matthew Clark Bunetta Coates Maddox Coffin Dottie Crago Ally Davies Ashlee Davies Deb Davies Barbara Deffley John Desko Joann Dewan

Sally Doocey Allison Druckenmiller Karl Druckenmiller Dorothy Duran John Duran Don Elliott Kelsey Elliott Lois Esser Stephen Esser Erin Fagan Jerri Fasching Janet Felix Chris Forsthoefel Ray Forsthoefel Mary Freund Mark Fried Susan Gable Jerel Gade Frances Gagliardi Anna Gilgoff Diane Gilroy Mary Clare Gosse Jane Grosset Angela Hagenbuch Bette Harlow Gary Harlow Reg Hartung Harry Heffelfinger Fred Heller Michele Heller Linda Henry David Hess Linda Hess Patricia Hess Mary Hill Nancy Holler Takeshi Horochi Sandra Horvath Jean Hyclak Elizabeth Iobst Kitty Jones Judi Jurczak Mara (Jean) Keen James Keim Marie Keim Tom Kelly Cathy Kistler Larry Kistler Linda Kistler Kerstin Klepzig Annette Knibbs Mauro Lanzisera

Jeanne LeFevre Nancy Lloyd Denise Long Jim Long Susan Long Nancy Lynn Fran Maiatico Ellie Mair Constance Malick Gabrielle Malick Teresa Manion Mary Martocci Suzanne McCartney Barbara McDonald Joshua Miller Joy Miller Marianne Miller Robert Miller Diane Moeser Lynne Moller Judy Nygard Daniel Oplinger Dennis Oplinger Mark Pesavento Nik Peterson Lori Proctor Thomas Reading Robert Reppert Dee Rhoads Anne Ritter Arlene Robbins Kathy Rohmann Patricia Romig Joan Roy Hailey Ryder Michele Ryder Peter Rygiel Doraine Salmon Ryan Salmon Liam Sandapen-Jackson Sheila Sandapen-Jackson Linda Sandt Ann Savkova Alan Schmeltzle Carol Schmeltzle Emily Schneider Randy Schneider Pauline Sexton Marirose Shafnisky Susan Smith Dave Smola Peggy Smola


Annikka Stangil Joan Stone Anne Swett Dominic Tejera Chris Torchia Maria Tran Marie Tweed Hans Wagner Cindy Walsh Janet Warren Susan Weaver Susan Weida Stefanie Wexler Everett Wick Nancy Wilkin Robert Wilkin Randi Woolf Robin Woolf Bob Yost Marie Yost Sue Youtz Gery Zengion Sandra Zengion Frans Zetterberg Pamela Zetterberg Carl Zvanut

VOLUNTEER AT PSF Guild Members are Entitled to Great Benefits:

After volunteering for two shows, a guild member receives a special voucher to see a performance of their choice for FREE. Invitations to special events such as the Bard’s Birthday Party, the Welcome Picnic (meet the artistic company), and the Guild Thank You Dinner. Plus, the joy of helping create a “Shakespearience” in the Lehigh Valley! If you are interested in volunteering for our 2022 season, please email



7:30 PM

“Domenech shows his impressive range of his powerful, smooth, and resonant voice and his command of a variety of musical genres, including Broadway show tunes, rock-and-roll, jazz, and the blues.” –DC Metro Theater Arts Dan Domenech returns for an evening of music and stories spanning his 20-year career in entertainment. $46 A+/$42 A


We’re proud to champion bold and innovative work by unparalleled artists. Thank you, theatre makers, for bringing their ideas to life. @concordshows 15

70th Season 2022-2023

Calidore String Quartet

September 9 • Friday at 7:30 pm

Wister String Quartet and Friends October 16 • Sunday at 3:00 pm

Arianna String Quartet

November 11 • Friday at 7:30 pm

Aeoulis String Quartet plus Friend March 12 • Sunday at 3:00 pm

Adaskin Trio and Friends

March 26 • Sunday at 3:00 pm


May 7 • Sunday at 3:00 pm

Bohemian Trio

June 25 • Sunday at 3:00 pm

Visit for more information on these outstanding musicians, subscriptions and ticket prices, and to keep up to date with our schedule.

Lifetime Achievement Winner

“Free Checking for Life” How a hometown bank saves local families from Big Bank fees and so-so service. ”

“A rewarding account -

— Valley Review




enhance your psf experience Dining options range from casual to fine dining


Dinner Menus & Dates

Chef-curated dinners featuring speakers sharing insight and background. Attend a performance the same day as the meal, or come to another performance and dine on a different day. Held on campus in the University Center, dinners are $42 and include full bar.

PICNIC BASKETS FOR ONE OR TWO Prefer something more casual? Enjoy a picnic basket on the green with an elegant twist. Varietal baskets include house-made sandwiches, fruit salad, pasta salad, miniature desserts, and bottles of water. $13.99/$21.99. Advance purchase required. BYOB. Plan in advance and reserve your dinners and baskets at

SPECIALTY DINNERS DIRECTOR’S DINNER: A Chorus Line Thursday, June 30, 5pm SAVORING SHAKESPEARE: Much Ado About Nothing Sunday, July 31, 5pm

TWILIGHT ON THE TERRACE Advance purchase and reservations required. Week 1: June 16–18 Pan Seared Apricot Dijon Pork Tenderloin, Wild Mushroom & Truffle Risotto, Sauteed Green Beans Vegetarian Option: Roasted Vegetable Lasagna w/ Fresh Basil Vodka Sauce

Week 2: June 24–25 Steak Au Poivre (Carved Strip Steak), Spring Vegetable Bundle, Rosemary Au Gratin Potatoes Vegetarian Option: Roasted Vegetable Quiche

Week 3: July 7–9 Chicken Oscar, Sundried Tomato & Rosemary Risotto, Asparagus Bundle Vegetarian Option: Wild Mushroom Ravioli w/ Marsala Cream Sauce

TWILIGHT ON THE TERRACE Enjoy a sit-down dining experience in the comfort of the shade on PSF’s tented terrace. With different menus throughout the summer, a three-course dinner is available for your enjoyment on select Thursday through Saturday evenings with seatings from 2 hours to 45 minutes before curtain. $27.99-$31.99.

Week 4: July 21–23 Carved Prime Rib w/ Au Jus, Roasted Vegetables w/ Caraway, Smoked Gouda & Scallion Mashed Potatoes, Popovers Vegetarian Option: Baked Ratatouille Vegetable Napoleon

Week 5: July 28–30 Hickory Scented Filet Mignon w/ Au Poivre Sauce, Scallion Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Vegetables Vegetarian Option: Eggplant Rollatini

Week 6: August 4–6 Pan Seared Apricot Dijon Pork Tenderloin, Wild Mushroom & Truffle Risotto Sauteed Green Beans Vegetarian Option: Roasted Vegetable Lasagna w/ Fresh Basil Vodka Sauce 19


Sponsors & Festival Donors Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival truly appreciates the generous gifts of its sponsors, donors, and endowment contributors. Together, we create a magnificent cultural resource, the Official Shakespeare Festival of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The following list reflects contributions received as of May 20, 2022. To learn more, please call 610.282.WILL, or visit ($5,000 and up) The Air Products Foundation Alvin H. Butz, Inc Amaranth Foundation Steve & Jane Auvil Mary Bongiorno B. Braun Medical Inc. Breslin Architects Lee & Dolly Butz Dr. Amy Miller Cohen County of Lehigh Office of Community and Economic Development Paul & Patricia Domalakes Donald B. & Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation Douglas J. Dykhouse Elder Family Foundation Embassy Bank for the Lehigh Valley Fitzpatrick Lentz & Bubba, P.C. Judith A. Harris, Esq. & Dr. Jack Mydlo Harry C. Trexler Trust Jeff Hunter Charitable Trust Julius & Katheryn Hommer Foundation Jo-Ann & Chuck Kelly Linda Lapos & Paul L. Wirth Alan & Judy Morrison Kathleen Kund Nolan & Timothy Nolan Yvonne Payne & Edward Spitzer Orlando Diefenderfer, Inc. Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Peoples Security Bank & Trust David B. & Patrina Rothrock Shakespeare in American Communities: National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with Arts Midwest Ronald & Sharron Sheppard The Shubert Foundation Deborah & Darbin Skeans Valerie M. Smith Carol Szarko Trammell Crow Company UGI Utilities, Inc US Small Business Administration Keith & Stefanie Wexler Anonymous (4)

($2,500 to $4,999) Allen Organ Company American Bank Terri & Jim Bartholomew Kristine & William Burfeind Campbell, Rappold & Yurasits LLP H. Lloyd Carbaugh Donald Dupont Erwin J. & Gertrude K. Neusch Fund of the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation Joe Folger & Marilyn McDonald Wayne & Barbara Hinman Martha Hutson-Saxton Ruth & Charles Marcon Norris McLaughlin, P.A. David W. Miller & Casey W. Gallagher Dr. & Mrs. Edward Mullin, Jr. Kayson & Corinne Nyi Dr. James & Penny Pantano Barry Pell & Paul Mackerer Dennis & Lisa Razze John & Karen Stanley Mr. & Dr. Johan & Deborah Sundlof Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Tachovsky Uline, Inc. Patrick & Susan P. Witmer Kerry & Anastasia Wrobel Dr. James & Jeanne Wu ($1,000 to $2,499) Valerie & Richard Vincent & Elizabeth Adone George & Judith Arangio Barbra Barker & Jeff Schlamb Anthony & Evelyn Carfagno The Charles Versaggi Futures Fund of the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation Crayola Bruce & Laura Donaghy Jill & Al Douglass Dr. & Mr. Lona M. Farr and David V. Voellinger Drew K. Frommelt Robert & Susan Gadomski Kathleen Gallagher Judith Guise Patrick Houghton & Elizabeth Schaub


Priscilla Howard Mrs. Ruth Keblish Neal & Debbie Koplin Kuritzky Family Thomas & Carole Lubben Hon. Anna-Kristie M. Marks Marilyn & Blake Marles Susan Henry Martin & James Martin Tony & Mary Martocci Brenda & John McGlade Jojo & Tony Muir Rev. Kevin Nadolski, OSFS, Ph.D. Jerry & Lynn Noll Ilia Isorelýs Paulino The Ray & Donna Holton Charitable Fund of the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation Robert & Catherine J. Rienzo Bill Roberts & Mary Gedney Rene Rodriguez & Nancy Bleam Douglas J. Smillie Robert & Susan Snyder Dr. John & Anita Stevens Dr. Karen Doyle Walton & Joseph Walton William T. Harris III & Susan B. Kollett Harris Charitable Trust ($500 to $999) Betty Abrams Carlos & Laura Almeida Robert & Marilyn Blumenstein Jim & Maggie Bova W. Douglas & Peggy Brown Daniel & Marcia Carchedi Bob & Sylvia Cichocki Joan B. Cole Jon & Stuart Dubbs Eleanor & Robert Conti Barnet & Lisa Fraenkel Shellie Fizer Rev. Dr. Harry & Annette Heffelfinger Matthew Henry Marcella & Thomas K. Hersh Barry & Shirley Isett Joseph & Judith Kaminski Karen & Chuck Kuczynski Michael G. Lewis


beach FASTER 22



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1W & T eek S Cam he F um m and ps be ashio er A run gin J n A rt C thro u ugh ne 20 cade amp my s Aug , 202 us 2 t 19 , 20




510 Linden Street Allentown, PA 18101 610.433.0032

W W W. B A U M S C H O O L . O R G

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PSF LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We acknowledge with respect the people of the Lenni Lenape, the Indigenous Peoples on whose ancestral lands Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival now stands. We honor them and their many contributions to the world around us, including the original philosophy and practice of environmental stewardship. WHAT IS A LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT? Indigenous Land Acknowledgements are a noted opportunity to provide agency to our Indigenous brothers and sisters. “When we talk about land, land is part of who we are. It’s a mixture of our blood, our past, our current, and our future. We carry our ancestors in us, and they’re around us. As you all do.” Mary Lyons (Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe) Resources for learning more about land acknowledgements and the Lenape include:


Memorials & Tributes In Memory of Mary Lou Boyer Judy & Paul Petrick

In Honor of Patrick Mulcahy Kristine & William Burfeind Joan & Charles Daniels Paul & Patricia Domalakes Thomas Feerick Patrick Houghton & Elizabeth Schaub Ruth Keblish Jo-Ann & Chuck Kelly Laura & Thomas Merkel Joan Miller Moran Edward & Patricia Mullin Josephine Pagan Francis & Cathleen Pfeiffer Audrey Gardner Racines Betty Jo Richards Charles & Andrea Roney

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In Honor of Brenda & John McGlade Carlos & Laura Almeida Kathy & Gregg Moore

In Memory of Michael Tylo Diane Kissinger James & Blair McFadden In Memory of Lucille Zarin Carole Maisel 27

Accessibility The Box Office will gladly accommodate your request for a wheelchair or companion seat, space for a service animal, large print program or a headset for the assisted listening system. PSF’s accessibility offerings also include Audio Described, Open Captioned, and American Sign Language interpreted performances.

AUDIO DESCRIBED (AD) These performances benefit patrons who are blind or have low vision by providing spoken narration about the visual content of a play.

Every Brilliant Thing

Saturday, June 18, 2:00pm

A Chorus Line

Wednesday, July 6, 7:30pm

Much Ado About Nothing

Saturday, August 6, 2:00pm

August Wilson’s Fences

Saturday, July 30, 7:30pm

OPEN CAPTIONS (OC) These performances benefit patrons of the deaf and hard of hearing communities. Not unlike subtitles on a screen, OC is a live text display of the words and sounds in the performance.

A Chorus Line

Wednesday, July 6, 7:30pm

August Wilson’s Fences

Saturday, July 30, 7:30pm

AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE (ASL) These performances benefit patrons of the deaf and hard of hearing communities for those who are deaf and communicate with American Sign Language (ASL) as their primary means of communication. ASL interpreted performances feature interpreters placed inside the theatre who translate what the actors are saying and expressing to the audience.

Much Ado About Nothing

Saturday, August 6, 2:00pm

*American Sign Language interpreted, Audio Described, and Relaxed Performance

dates for children’s productions can be found on page 34


On the Green Larry Lipkis, Music Director

Musicians Lute/Guitar: John Arnold, Tom Gillespie, Matthew Kuplack, Kellen Pisani, William Thatcher Flute/Violin/Cello: Okezue Bell, Emma Derby, Thomas Gilchrist, Alison Gillespie, Andrew Hutchinson, Elizabeth Hutchinson, Anee Reiser, Matilda Snyder, Nat Wertz

Production Sponsor

Season Sponsors Kathleen Kund Nolan & Timothy E. Nolan

Associate Season Sponsors

Douglas Dykhouse Linda Lapos & Paul Wirth The Szarko Family June

7 to August 7

3435 Winchester Rd., Suite 305, Allentown PA 18104


Shakespeare for Kids by Er i n Sh effi el d

… YEAR THIS PEARE’S KES SHA CH ADO ING MU NOTH bularies! T U ABO ng voca r!" a s stro kesfe l i Bu d hts "Sha illiness! g s i F es urag ds Enco or ki fun f f o r hou One


Matt Pfeiffer


Megan Castellane, Taylor Congdon, Michael Covel, Gabe Moses

Stage Manager


Eileen Deisemann

Andrew Kane

Production Sponsors Brenda & John McGlade

Season Sponsors Kathleen Kund Nolan & Timothy E. Nolan

Associate Season Sponsors

Douglas Dykhouse Linda Lapos & Paul Wirth The Szarko Family

July 28 to August 6

Children’s Accessible Performances RELAXED PERFORMANCES: COME RELAX WITH US Engage with live theatre in an inclusive hush-free setting at a Relaxed Performance—a sensory-friendly show which creates a judgement-free and inclusive environment for patrons with a wide range of sensory and communication differences, including individuals on the autism spectrum, young children, and people of all abilities and ages who would benefit from a relaxed experience. For pricing and more information contact Little Red

Friday, June 24, 10:00am

Shakespeare for Kids

Wednesday, August 3, 2:00pm

ALSO THIS SUMMER: AUDIO DESCRIBED (AD) Little Red Saturday, July 23, 10:00am

AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETED (ASL) Little Red Saturday, July 23, 10:00am


Producing Artistic Director Patrick Mulcahy Associate Artistic Director Dennis Razze

Managing Director Casey William Gallagher


Little Red BY A NDR E W K A NE

Director Matt Pfeiffer Scenic Designer Paige Hathaway

Costume Designer Oona Natesan

Lighting Designer Steve TenEyck

Sound Designer Harper Justus

Production Stage Manager Alex Magallanes

CAST Gretel Hansel Pig 1 Jacob Wolf Rapunzel/Pig 3 Narrator Wilhelmina Georgina Fox Red Pig 2

Production Sponsors Steve & Jane Auvil Production Co-Sponsors Darbin & Deborah Skeans Associate Season Sponsors Douglas Dykhouse Linda Lapos & Paul Wirth The Szarko Family

Sydney Abbott Kayman Brown Courtney Bulger Patrick Byrnes Johnny Drumgoole Alaina Hurley Iyanu Joshuasville Josie LaTorres Nicole Lawrie Katie McGlone Gabrielle Moseley Christian Tuffy


The Great Forest, Once Upon a Time

Season Sponsors Kathleen Kund Nolan & Timothy E. Nolan

Originally produced by the Montgomery Theater, commissioned by Jessica Bedford, directed by Kim Carson, and produced by Tom Quinn.

June 3 to August 6 31

Celebrating 25 years of Zoellner Arts Center

Save the Date October 1, 2022

New York Philharmonic Orchestra The

Jaap von Zweden, Music Director




Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival’s 2022 WillPower Tour, Julius Caesar, and 2022 Main Stage production of Much Ado About Nothing are part of Shakespeare in American Communities, a program of the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with Arts Midwest.

The National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with Arts Midwest presents Shakespeare in American Communities. Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival is one of 40 professional theatre companies selected to participate in bringing the finest productions of Shakespeare to middle-and high-school students in communities across the United States. This is the 19th year of this national program, the largest tour of Shakespeare in American history.

2022–2023 SEASON

The 125th Anniversary Season of The Bach Choir of Bethlehem finds us entering a new era in our history: • We welcome our new Artistic Director

& Conductor

• We complete Bach’s Christmas

Oratorio and Handel’s Messiah this season

• We are inspired by the young

voices in our Family Concert

• We celebrate The Bel Canto

Youth Chorus’ 30th anniversary

We invite you to join us and to honor our history, and celebrate musical milestones in this very special season.


Content Advisory Every Brilliant Thing speaks openly about depression, mental illness, and suicide. If you or someone you know is in crisis or thinking about self-harm or suicide, there is help available. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1.800.273.TALK [8255]. More resources are also available online at Mental health resources will be available in the lobby and volunteers from NAMI PA, Lehigh Valley, and representatives from PSF, will be available before, during and following each performance in the event you need assistance while attending the production.

NAMI Lehigh Valley

National Alliance on Mental Illness Thank you to the volunteers at NAMI, Lehigh Valley for supporting our patrons. NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) envisions a world where all people affected by mental illness live healthy, fulfilling lives supported by a community that cares. The mission of the organization is to provide advocacy, education, support and public awareness so that all individuals and families affected by mental illness can build better lives.

A cold nose and soft warm fur are the perfect prescription for a smile

Thank You to LV Therapy Dogs and their owners for joining us, and supporting our patrons, “On the Green” prior to the Thursday, June 16 performance of Every Brilliant Thing.


Producing Artistic Director Patrick Mulcahy Associate Artistic Director Dennis Razze


Managing Director Casey William Gallagher

Every Brilliant Thing B Y DU N CAN M ACMI LLA N, with JO N N Y D O N A HOE Director Anne Hering Sound Designer David Greenberg

Production Stage Manager George Hamrah*

Production Sponsor Keith & Stefanie Wexler Associate Season Sponsors Douglas Dkyhouse Linda Lapos & Paul Wirth The Szarko Family

Assistant Stage Manager Chiara H. Johnson

CAST Narrator

Suzanne O’Donnell* Understudy: Whitney Morse

Every Brilliant Thing will be presented without an intermission.

Season Sponsors Kathleen Kund Nolan & Timothy E. Nolan

Setting: Here and Now

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Stage Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

June 7 to June 19 Every Brilliant Thing was first produced by Paines Plough and Pentabus Theatre, on 28 June 2013 at Ludlow Fringe Festival. The play had its North American premiere at Barrow Street Theatre, New York, on 6 December 2014, where it was presented by Barrow Street Theatre and Jean Doumanian Productions. Every Brilliant Thing is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York 35

Producing Artistic Director Patrick Mulcahy Associate Artistic Director Dennis Razze

Managing Director Casey William Gallagher


A Chorus Line Conceived and Originally Directed and Choreographed by Michael Bennett Book by James Kirkwood & Nicholas Dante Music by Marvin Hamlisch • Lyrics by Edward Kleban Co Choreographed by Bob Avian Director

Choreographer/Associate director

Dennis Razze

Luis Villabon

Music Director/Conductor Andy Peterson Scenic Gateway Set Rentals

Assistant Music Director Christopher Ertelt

Costume Designer Michael McDonald

Production Stage Manager Randy Lawson*

Associate Choreographer David Grindrod

Lighting Designer Richard Latta

Assistant Stage Manager Ashani Smith*

Sound Designer David M. Greenberg

New York Casting by Stephanie Klapper Casting Stephanie Klapper, CSA/Lacey Davies

A Chorus Line will be presented without an intermission.

June 22 to July 10 *Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Stage Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

Original Broadway production produced by the New York Shakespeare Festival, Joseph Papp, Producer, in association with Plum Productions, Inc. 36

A Chorus Line Sponsors Production Sponsor

Production Co-Sponsors

Orchestra Co-Sponsors

Associate Season Sponsors Douglas Dykhouse Linda Lapos & Paul Wirth The Szarko Family

Season Sponsors Kathleen Kund Nolan & Timothy E. Nolan

A Legendary Broadway Musical by Dennis Razze It’s hard to believe that A Chorus Line was first produced in 1975 and ran for an astonishing 6,137 performances at the Shubert Theatre. It’s hard to believe because in many ways it seems so fresh and vital today. Thousands of talented young people still flock to New York each year with the hope of landing a role on Broadway. During the past few years of the pandemic, large group auditions like the one we witness in A Chorus Line have not been common, and have been replaced by self-taped auditions, Zoom auditions, and small group dance calls. Most likely the large group dance auditions of the kind we see in A Chorus Line will return as conditions improve. Still, the excitement of seeing these two dozen hopeful performers literally put themselves “on the line” to win a part in a Broadway musical speaks to any person who aspires to succeed and be part of something that is bigger than themselves. The genesis of A Chorus Line is the stuff of Broadway legend—and like most legends there are different accounts of the origin of the work and what transpired. The origin of the idea for A Chorus Line and who contributed what to the final script spawned multiple lawsuits. Suffice it to say that the show was born from late night sessions from midnight to sunrise during which a group of dancers were asked questions and told stories about their lives. These accounts were recorded on audio tape, and it was these recordings that formed the basis of the stories told by the dancers in the musical. Some of the stories in the show are almost verbatim from the actual accounts that were recorded. The show was birthed at The Public Theatre under the auspices of the New York Shakespeare Festival produced by the indomitable Joseph Papp, and the profits from A Chorus Line supported the artistic work of The Public Theatre for several decades. Director-choreographer Michael Bennett was the genius behind the creation of the musical and he— along with co-choreographer Bob Avian—brilliantly staged the show to the incredible score by Marvin Hamlisch, with lyrics by Ed Kleban. Bennett was one of musical theatre’s great “director-choreographers” (the title given to those artists who both directed and choreographed a musical). Director-choreographers are an elite group and include such artists as Jerome Robbins, Bob Fosse, Gower Champion, Graciela Daniele, Tommy Tune, and Susan Stroman. Dennis Razze Associate Artistic Director

Currently, A Chorus Line is garnering a resurgence of new productions being performed world-wide. I believe A Chorus Line speaks with a fresh voice to us today because it continues to be so challenging to have live performances during the pandemic and in this transition to a post-pandemic world. Continued on page 41



A Chorus Line CAST Kristine Butch Cassie Tom Val Bebe Roy Judy Sheila Zach Vicki Bobby Mark Tricia Connie Greg Patrick Diana Paul Larry Mike Frank Lois Al Maggie Don Richie

Lauren Emily Alagna Jaylen Axel Sissy Bell* Josiah Behrens Kathryn Brunner* Bianca Bulgarelli Josh Curran Julia Feeley Madison Finney* James Harkness* Morgan Harrison* Thomas Henke Patrick Higgins Marlena López Hilderley* Musa Hitomi* Matthew Aaron Liotine* Justin Lopez Milan Magaña* Eddie Martin Morales* Brandon Moreno Andrew Ruggieri Nick Schrier Lilianna Solum* Clint Maddox Thompson Emma Vielbig Paul Watt-Morse Shaun-Avery Williams*

Understudies: Al: Josh Curran ; Bebe: Lilianna Solum*; Bobby: Josiah Behrens, Nick Schrier; Don: Josh Curran, Nick Schrier; Cassie: Morgan Harrison*, Lilianna Solum*; Connie: Marlena Lopez Hilderley*; Diana: Marlena Lopez Hilderley*; Bianca Bulgarelli; Greg: Josh Curran; Judy: Morgan Harrison*; Kristine: Julia Feeley, Morgan Harrison*; Larry: Nick Schrier; Maggie: Lilianna Solum*, Marlena Lopez Hilderley*; Mark: Josiah Behrens, Nick Schrier; Mike: Clint Maddox Thompson, Josh Curran; Paul: Jaylen Axel, Justin Lopez, Brandon Moreno; Richie: Jaylen Axel, Brandon Moreno; Sheila: Julia Feeley, Lilianna Solum*; Val: Morgan Harrison*, Marlena Lopez Hilderley*; Zach: Thomas Henke, Matthew Liotine* Swings: Megan Castellane, Derek Elliott Jr., Isabella Lucano, Tommy Stacherski Dance Captain: Matthew Aaron Liotine* *Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Stage Actors and Stage Managers in the United States. 39

A Chorus Line MUSICAL NUMBERS Opening: “I Hope I Get It”.............................................................................................................................................................COMPANY

“I Can Do That”...........................................................................................................................................................................................MIKE “...And...”......................................................................................................................................................RICHIE, VAL, JUDY & COMPANY “At The Ballet”.........................................................................................................................................................SHEILA, BEBE & MAGGIE “Sing”......................................................................................................................................................................KRISTINE, AL & COMPANY Montage, Part 1: “Hello Twelve”...................................................................................................................MARK, CONNIE & COMPANY Montage, Part 2: “Nothing”.................................................................................................................................................................... DIANA Montage, Part 3: “Mother”..................................................................................................................COMPANY EXCEPT LARRY & ZACH Montage, Part 4........................................................................................................................................JUDY, GREG, RICHIE & COMPANY

“Dance: Ten; Looks: Three”.........................................................................................................................................................................VAL “The Music And The Mirror”................................................................................................................................................................CASSIE


Tap Dance...........................................................................................................................................................................................COMPANY

“What I Did For Love”................................................................................................................................................... DIANA & COMPANY



Continued from page 42 In a world where close personal contact might literally risk putting your life on the line, the desire to perform – especially for a singer and a dancer – achieves new resonance as we confront our fears and weigh the risks. True performers are accustomed to risk, and the sheer joy and the lyric “what I did for love” makes it all worth it and is what makes them feel truly alive. In a larger context, all of us need purpose in our lives and all of us aspire to achieve goals, and like those Broadway hopefuls we can truly relate when they sing “I hope I get it!” and “I really need this job.” One of the themes of this show is how these individual dancers must lose their individual identities when they become an anonymous part of the chorus line. On the surface that loss might seem dehumanizing and even sad. However, their sacrifice produces a sum that is greater than its parts and is evidence of what human beings can accomplish when they work together toward achieving something. Perhaps a more relatable example is what we experience when we watch star athletes—who each have their special talents and egos—work together and become a team. We know they are all individually talented but seeing them work together and win is a thing of beauty. A Chorus Line celebrates those moments when human beings achieve something working together and in doing so, they achieve victory, both personally and as a team. PSF had hoped to produce A Chorus Line in 2020, but that season was sadly curtailed by the pandemic. Now in 2022, PSF is finally getting to realize the dream of producing this musical masterpiece. A few of the cast members were

originally cast in 2020, but most of the cast for 2022 are new. The biggest change is our choreographer. For 2022, Luis Villabon will recreate the iconic Bennett choreography—something he certainly knows in minute detail as he has had a long personal and professional relationship with A Chorus Line. I could not be more thrilled to be working with Luis on our production and in the process of our collaboration I am learning so much about the show, its history and its traditions, as well as the myriad details that make it unique among the pantheon of musical theatre. Luis has a long relationship with the show, having played the role of Paul in 13 different national and international tours, performing that role in nearly 2,000 performances. He has coached Antonio Banderas, who played the role of Zach in a production of A Chorus Line in Málaga, Spain. This was one of several times when Luis was the associate choreographer with Baayork Lee, who played the original Connie on Broadway. Baayork is one of the greatest living authorities on the show, having learned the choreography directly from Michael Bennett. Luis has such incredible vitality and energy, which you witness each time he demonstrates a signature Bennett dance move. He is incessantly busy—before the PSF production, Luis will be choreographing A Chorus Line at the Laguna Playhouse in California this spring. I am also thrilled to be working with Richard Latta, who will design the lighting for PSF’s production of A Chorus Line. I became acquainted with Richard after seeing a terrific

production of Ragtime at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Maine, where he is the resident lighting designer. We are very fortunate that his schedule there was perfectly timed such that we could hire him to design A Chorus Line this summer here at PSF. The lighting of the original production of A Chorus Line was designed by Tharon Musser. Her lighting of A Chorus Line has been hailed as one of the great theatrical design achievements of modern musical theatre. Notably, it was the first musical to be controlled by computer, which allowed for complex cueing and split-second transitions. Another newcomer to PSF is musical director and conductor Andy Peterson. Andy hails from “down under” and has worked on Broadway on Tootsie as well as being a noted composer of Razorhurst and Stalker: The Musical. He was also the co-creator on the hit musical audio series The World to Come, for which he wrote more than 50 original songs. Luis and I are very excited to have Andy on our team. Finally, Luis, Patrick Mulcahy, and I—after many months of casting—have assembled an amazing cast for PSF’s production of this groundbreaking show. Among the cast are many Broadway performers, as well as veterans of regional theatres and national tours, several of whom have previously performed in the show. I am happy to introduce the incredibly talented people you will see perform here at PSF this summer!

ORCHESTRA Conductor /Music Director Reeds

Bass Drums Orchestra Contractor

Anthony Gairo, Mary Jean Purdy, Gregory Hulse, Indranath Chattopadhyay Trumpets Andrew Connors, Jeffrey Wohlbach, Gregory Seifert Trombones Michael Brown, Mitchell Hourt, Daniel Nuenschwander, Ernest Lightfoot Keyboards

Andy Peterson Tynan Hooker-Haring Kevin Karchner Donald Hughes

Christopher Ertelt, Chad Levitt



Producing Artistic Director Patrick Mulcahy Associate Artistic Director Dennis Razze

Managing Director Casey William Gallagher


Much Ado About Nothing B Y WI L L I A M S H A K E S PE A R E Director Matt Pfeiffer Scenic Designer Paige Hathaway

Costume Designer LeVonne Lindsay

Sound Designer David M. Greenberg

Original Music, Arrangements, and Music Direction Alex Bechtel

Production Stage Manager Rafi Levavy*

Choreographer Erin Sheffield

Assistant Stage Manager Jynelly Rosario*

Production Sponsor

Production Co-Sponsor Valerie Moritz Smith

Associate Season Sponsors Douglas Dykhouse Linda Lapos & Paul Wirth The Szarko Family

Season Sponsors Kathleen Kund Nolan & Timothy E. Nolan This production is part of Shakespeare in American Communities, a program of the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with Arts Midwest.

Lighting Designer Steve TenEyck

July 13 to August 7 43

SYNOPSIS When Prince Don Pedro, Benedick and Claudio return from war, Leonato, the mayor of Messina, welcomes them to stay for a while and to celebrate their victory with dinner and dancing. Benedick and Beatrice exchange barbs, while Hero and Claudio are quietly love-struck. Don Pedro offers to woo Hero in Claudio’s name at the celebration. Meanwhile, Don John, the Prince’s bastard brother who hates Claudioin order to cause trouble- tells him that Don Pedro woos Hero for himself. The misunderstanding is soon cleared up and the engagement of Hero and Claudio is greeted with joy by all. Don Pedro, in the spirit of love, concocts a plan to make Benedick and Beatrice fall in love. The friends all agree to have one group mislead Benedick and another group mislead Beatrice. Both plots work and the wrangling pair are smitten. Eleanor Holdridge Meanwhile, Don John continues to scheme against Claudio’s marriage by deceiving him and Don Pedro about Hero’s virtue through a trick. Later, the village watchpersons overhear Don John’s group boast about the success of the deception. The watchpersons apprehend them, but Dogberry, the incompetent constable, fails to inform Leonato of the plot in time. Claudio denounces Hero at the wedding to great consternation, and leaves abruptly with Don Pedro, while Leonato, to diffuse the tension and buy time, announces Hero has died. Beatrice is furious at Claudio for this dishonor to Hero’s reputation and exacts a promise from Benedick to challenge Claudio to a duel. After Don John’s plot is revealed, Claudio, believing he has killed Hero by his conduct, laments at her grave and agrees to marry Leonato’s “niece.” The next morning, Claudio discovers that he is to marry Hero who is, indeed, not dead; the duels forgotten, and finally, Beatrice and Benedick agree to marry as well. Don John is arrested and all dance in celebration.

Pre-Show Prologues

Become a Shakespearean Scholar in 30 Minutes or Less You don’t need to be a Shakespearean scholar to enjoy an evening at PSF. Join us for insights into the play in an informal setting. These Prologues are free, led by members of the PSF artistic staff, start about 45 minutes before every Shakespeare play, and are designed to introduce you - the audience - to the play you are about to see. Prologues are sponsored by Drs. Paul and June Schlueter.


Any audience member interested in learning

WHO: more about Shakespeare and his work

precede every performance of a WHAT: Prologues Shakespeare play

WHEN: 45 minutes prior to curtain same theatre where the play will WHERE: Inbethe performed

HOW: Informal and free

Much Ado About Nothing CAST Watch 1 & 2 Watch 2 Margaret Don John Hero Balthazar/Musician Benedick Conrad Borachio Verges Leonato Sexton Messseger Dogberry Claudio Beatrice Don Pedro Ursula

Sydney Abbott Kayman Brown Taysha Marie Canales* Sean Close* Taylor Congdon Michael Covel Akeem Davis* Johnny Drumgoole Maboud Ebrahimzadeh* Zoe Fox Eric Hissom* Alaina Hurley Iyanu Joshuasville Anthony Lawton* Gabe Moses Brett Ashley Robinson* Lindsay Smiling* Mary Tuomanen*

Understudies: Balthazar: Christian Tuffy; Beatrice: Courtney Bulger; Benedick: Iyanu Joshuasville; Borachio: Patrick Byrnes; Claudio: Patrick Byrnes; Conrad: Katie McGlone; Dogberry: Kayman Brown; Don John: Christian Tuffy; Don Pedro: Johnny Drumgoole; Hero: Gabrielle Moseley; Leonato: Johnny Drumgoole; Margaret: Josie LaTorres; Messenger: Patrick Byrnes; Sexton: Nicole Lawrie; Ursula: Alaina Hurley; Verges: Sydney Abbott; Watch 1 & 2: Nicole Lawrie

There will be one 15-minute intermission *Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Stage Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.



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Thoughts on Fences from Director Ryan Quinn In the spring of 2005, I had the privilege of being in the rehearsal room as August Wilson brought the final chapter of his ten-play cycle (Radio Golf) for its world premiere at Yale Rep. As an understudy, I ran lines with the great Anthony Chisholm, received guidance from director Timothy Douglas, and most importantly, sat only a few feet away from the playwright himself, absorbing his transforming language flowing from the company of actors. Mr. Wilson sat with quiet majesty, carefully listening, ready each new day with fresh pages. At inception, the poetry felt divine to me, but he was still in process, and the words were changed and rearranged throughout previews. Each day the story came more into focus, and although he was the “greatest living playwright,” he was still at work, in concert with this company, listening and refining. When I am a bit overwhelmed by the daunting task of bringing one of the greatest plays in the English language to PSF, I try to heed August Wilson’s advice to himself, “to be empowered by the ‘chair,’ and sit in the seat of theatre-makers that have come before.”

Ryan Quinn Director, Fences

So I imagine what the room would have been like in the early days, in Fences development, before Broadway, before Tony Awards, and before the label of America’s Greatest Living Playwright. The days of developing a new play. Our work this summer then, like that of Radio Golf, is the act of listening and refining.

So, as I sit and listen to Fences in 2022, and hear voices from the chairs that have come before, I hear Oscar Wilde saying, “Children begin by loving their parents; after a time, hey judge them; rarely, if ever, do they forgive them.” But then there’s Mr. Wilson’s rebuttal in Fences’ epigraph. He writes, “When the sins of our fathers visit us, we do not have to play host. We can banish them with forgiveness; As God, in His Largeness and Laws.” Fences lives in the powerful faith in the possibility of forgiveness. However, it often feels like an impossible task. The trauma of the father’s sin is a charismatic adversary whose lessons can become the malignant lifeblood of identity, woven into marriage vows, the bonds of parents and children, and siblings’ duty. It can become the fabric of a family. But how glorious is it then when we can reclaim our identity by trumpeting out sin with forgiveness?

Fences lives in the powerful faith in the possibility of forgiveness.

Fences intended to arrive at PSF in 2020. So much in the world has changed since then. The pause has given time to reflect and move forward with renewed grace. I have been thinking about the role of theatre and “the chair” a lot—the playwright’s chair, the director’s chair, the actor’s chair. But what I keep coming back to is the audience’s chair. The chair to sit and watch and listen to a play together. The chair to bear witness in the age-old tradition that brings us back to the DNA of what it means to be human. Communion in the simple truths of love, honor, duty, and betrayal. The chair that allows us to see ourselves reflected in the nobility of a black garbage man and find the grace to forgive and be forgiven. Fences is our American King Lear, and as a young understudy in 2005, it was not lost on me that I was in the room with Shakespeare. So, it now feels fitting that I help bring Fences to the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, to have audiences that have communed with Hamlet, and Cleopatra, do so with Troy and Rose, and maybe sit in the chair that allows us all to listen and refine our own story.


Producing Artistic Director Patrick Mulcahy Associate Artistic Director Dennis Razze

Managing Director Casey William Gallagher


August Wilson’s FENCES B Y AU G U S T W I LS O N Director Ryan Quinn Scenic Designer Baron E. Pugh

Costume Designer Kendra L. Johnson

Lighting Designer Aja M. Jackson

Sound Designer Larry D. Fowler, Jr. Assistant Stage Manager Chiara H. Johnson

Production Stage Manager To Be Announced

Production Co-Sponsors

Production Sponsor Amaranth Foundation

Associate Season Sponsors Douglas Dykhouse Linda Lapos & Paul Wirth The Szarko Family

Actor Sponsors Lee & Dolly Butz

August Wilson’s Fences is presented by special arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.

Season Sponsors Kathleen Kund Nolan & Timothy E. Nolan July 27 to August 7 49

“GIVE ME SOME MUSIC. MUSIC, MOODY FOOD...” ...along with NPR News, local public affairs and more from Lehigh Vally Public Radio! Learn more about the Bard, his work and the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival with Shakespearean Insights, produced in partnership with PSF and WDIY. Listen Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:04 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:29 p.m. on WDIY 88.1 FM, at and on the WDIY app.


Many Choices, Real Voices. 50

August Wilson’s FENCES CAST (in order of appearance) Troy Maxson Jim Bono, Troy’s Friend Rose, Troy’s Wife Lyons, Troy’s oldest son by a previous marriage Gabriel, Troy’s brother Cory, Troy and Rose’s son Raynell, Troy’s daughter

Tony Todd* To Be Announced Ella Joyce* Brandon Edward Burton* Brian D. Coats* Tyler Fauntleroy* Ilan Annum

Understudies: Corey: Iyanu Joshuasville; Lyons: Kayman Brown; Raynell: Kayce Rhylee-Cherise Rawls SETTING Pittsburgh, 1957.

There will be one 15-minute intermission

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Stage Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.



Producing Artistic Director Patrick Mulcahy Associate Artistic Director Dennis Razze

Managing Director Casey William Gallagher


the taming of the shew B Y WI L L I A M S H A K E S PE A R E

Director Kathryn MacMillian

Stage Manager

The Young Company Shakespeare Project exemplifies PSF’s mission of education, providing live Shakespeare performance opportunities for the student actors who make up the Festival’s Young Company. With a focus on language and character, students inhabit some of Shakespeare’s greatest roles as they continue the work of their studies in a professional environment.

Alex Magallanes


Associate Season Sponsors

Douglas Dykhouse Linda Lapos & Paul Wirth The Szarko Family

Season Sponsors Kathleen Kund Nolan & Timothy E. Nolan

Gremia Bianca Hortensia Biondello/Haberdasher Christiano Petruchia Curtis/Pedant Vincentia/Tailor Baptista Lucentia Tranio Grumio/Widow

July 28 & July 30 52

Sydney Abbott Kayman Brown Courtney Bulger Patrick Byrnes Johnny Drumgoole Alaina Hurley Iyanu Joshuasville Josie LaTorres Nicole Lawrie Katie McGlone Gabrielle Moseley Christian Tuffy

Producing Artistic Director Patrick Mulcahy Associate Artistic Director Dennis Razze

Managing Director Casey William Gallagher


The River Bride B Y M AR I S E LA T R E V I Ñ O O RTA Director KJ Sanchez

Production Stage Manager To Be Announced


Associate Season Sponsor

(in order of appearance) belmira helena

Señor Costa

Linda Lapos & Paul Wirth Kathleen Kund Nolan & Timothy E. Nolan The Szarko Family

Season Sponsor Kathleen Kund Nolan & Timothy E. Nolan The River Bride is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.

Setting: In a small Brazilian village along the Amazon River

Time: Once Upon a Time

Assistant Stage Manager Chiara H. Johnson


Moises señora costa

Allie Vazquez To Be Announced Orlando Arriaga* Eddie Cruz Jr.* Hugo Carbajal* Shelia Tapia*

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Stage Actors and Stage Managers in the United States. Understudies: Belmira & Helena: Josie LaTorres The River Bride was developed in residency with AlterTheater Ensemble, San Rafael, California . World premiere produced by Oregon Shakespeare Festival Artistic Director Bill Rauch Executive Director Cynthia Rider


July 1 to July 3 53

Artist and Company Biographies SYDNEY ABBOTT (Young Company; Gretel, Little Red; Watch 1 & u/s Verges, Much Ado; Gremia, YC Shrew) she/her is a rising senior at DeSales University majoring in Musical Theatre and is very excited to make her PSF debut! DeSales: The Trojan Women (Chorus), Pride and Prejudice (u/s Lady Catherine, performed), Our Town (Townsperson), The Sound of Music (Mother Abbess). Sydney would like to thank the Young Company and PSF for this amazing opportunity and her family for all the support. LAUREN EMILY ALAGNA (Kristine, Chorus Line) is overwhelmed with gratitude to be making her PSF debut, revisiting one of her favorite shows! Favorite regional credits include Evita (Fulton Theatre), A Chorus Line and Spamalot (Palace Theatre), Catch Me If You Can (ABT), An American in Paris (ABT), and Crazy for You (Post Playhouse). Many thanks to the entire cast and crew of A Chorus Line, and to her family, friends, and Daniel for their constant love and support. ILAN ANNUM (Raynell, Fences) is extremely excited to be joining the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival. Ilan resides in Allentown with her family while attending elementary school in the Parkland School District. She’s a student at the Civic Theatre of Allentown. Her most recent roles were Caroling Urchin and Street Urchin in Civic Theatre’s, A Christmas Carol. She was a lead voice actor as Hazel in The Quarantine Plays by the Merry Beggars. Ilan takes voice and trumpet lessons. She’s an avid reader and entrepreneur of a custom pillow business. Ilan would like to thank her family and friends for their love and support. She is also profoundly grateful to director Ryan Quinn for this valuable experience. ORLANDO ARRIAGA* (Señor Costa, River Bride) Off-Broadway: Don Pedro De La Cebolla (Symphony Space). Off-Off-Broadway: Balsero (Treehouse Theater), The Algonquin (Treehouse Theater), The Maltese Walter (Open Tent Theater). Regional: 72 miles to go… (Alley Theatre), Romeo y Juliet (Cal Shakes), American Mariachi (TheatreSquared), Quixote Nuevo (Hartford Stage

Company, Huntington Theatre Company, Alley Theatre), El Chuco Town Forever (Alley Theatre), Fade (Kitchen Theatre Company), The Little Foxes (A.D. Players at the George), Jesus Hopped the ‘A’ Train (4th Wall Theatre), The House of the Spirits (Main Street Theater), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Miller Outdoor Theatre). Film: A Question of Selves, Dream to Build a Kiss On. Television: Follow Your Arrow (Kacey Musgraves music video), Crimes to Riches (VH1). Education BA Theatre Arts, Lamar University. Web: JAYLEN AXEL (Butch & u/s Paul & Richie, Chorus Line) is a multi-hyphenate artist from Sunnyside, Houston, Texas. As a recent graduate from NYU Tisch Drama, Jaylen is excited to be embarking upon his professional career at PSF! Jaylen can be seen in VOX Film’s pilot Away From Home as Jafari and in short film City of Dreamz as Angel. He intends to amplify the voices of queer black artists like himself one stage at a time. Jaylen thanks his grandmother Karen Williams and mother Tiffany Hughes for the endless sacrifices they have made for him to be where he is today. This is only the beginning. ALEX BECHTEL (Original Music, Arrangements, and Music Direction, Much Ado) is a composer, actor, sound designer, writer, director, and multi-instrumentalist. PSF: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Twelfth Night, As You Like It, Henry V, The Taming of the Shrew, and The Two Gentlemen of Verona; all collaborations with Matt Pfeiffer. Barrymore Awards: Outstanding Original Music, Leading Actor in a Musical, and Music Direction. Bechtel is the composer of The Appointment, The West, Philadelphia Nocturne, Cheer Up Dostoevsky, and Penelope. Listen to his music on Spotify and Apple Music, at JOSIAH BEHRENS IV (Tom, & u/s Mark and Bobby, Chorus Line) is thrilled to be returning to PSF for his second summer! Recent credits: A Waning Gibbous Moon (OffBroadway) and Crazy for You (PSF). Josiah is so excited to finally get to bring this show to life on the PSF stage. BA: DeSales University. He would love to thank Dennis, Luis, and the entire company; his family and friends, Nicandro, and God. I would not be here without you! @josiahiv1 54

SISSY BELL* (Cassie, Chorus Line) is thrilled and honored to be making her PSF debut in this dream role! Broadway: Anastasia (OBC) and Tootsie (OBC). Off-Broadway: Trip of Love. Other favorites: Rock of Ages (Regina, NCL), Elf the Musical (National Tour), Chicago (NSMT), A Chorus Line (Engeman Theater), the 73rd Annual Tony Awards and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Many thanks to this incredible team for giving me this “chance to dance.” And endless love to my fiancé, my family, MSA and my teachers for the unwavering support. It’s great to be back on stage! MICHAEL BENNETT (Conceived and Originally Directed and Choreographed, Chorus Line) (1943–1987) was an American musical theatre director, writer, choreographer, and dancer. He won seven Tony Awards for his choreography and direction of Broadway shows and was nominated for an additional eleven. Bennett’s choreography credits include Henry, Sweet Henry; Promises, Promises; Coco; and Company. He directed and choreographed Follies, Seesaw and Ballroom, among several others. In 1976, he won the Tony Award for Best Direction of a Musical and the Tony Award for Best Choreography for A Chorus Line. Under the aegis of producer Joseph Papp, Bennett created A Chorus Line based on a workshop process which he pioneered. In 1982, Bennett directed and, with Michael Peters, co-choreographed Dreamgirls, winner of six Tony Awards, including Best Choreography. KAYMAN BROWN (Young Company; Hansel, Little Red; Watch 2 & u/s Dogberry, Much Ado; u/s Lyons, Fences; Bianca, YC Shrew) he/him is a rising junior at DeSales University. PSF: Charlotte’s Web, Love’s Labour’s Lost, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Kayman is honored to be Abbreviations Every Brilliant Thing: Every Brilliant Thing Chorus Line: A Chorus Line Fences: Fences Much Ado: Much Ado About Thing River Bride: The River Bride Little Red: Little Red S4K: Shakespeare for Kids YC Shrew: Young Company's The Taming of the Shrew *indicates member of Actors’ Equity u/s = understudy

back for his second year at PSF and thanks PSF for the opportunity. Break legs, cast! KATHRYN BRUNNER* (Val, Chorus Line) is thrilled to be returning to the stage postpandemic! Favorite theatre credits: Elle Woods in Legally Blonde (Walnut Street, Riverside Theatre), Sophie in Mamma Mia (Pioneer Theatre), Ariel in Footloose (Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre), and Mary Phagan in Parade (Arden Theatre). Recent TV: Awkwafina is Nora From Queens. When she’s not performing, Kat can be found studying for her Master’s degree in Nutrition Education and teaching fitness classes for obé fitness! Love to TPG, Mama, Matt, Blake, and Lacy. As always, for Dad. BIANCA BULGARELLI (Bebe, & u/s Diana, Chorus Line) is honored to be joining PSF this season. She is originally from Los Angeles and graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BFA in Musical Theatre and BA in History (Class of 2020). Recent credits: Carousel (Riverside Theatre), Pride and Prejudice (Oklahoma Shakespeare), Grease (Lyric Theatre), and The Christmas Show (OKC Philharmonic). She is currently based in New York City. Bianca would like to thank each member of the audience for coming out to support live theatre! IG: @biancelli COURTNEY ELIZABETH BULGER (Young Company; Pig #1, Little Red; u/s Beatrice, Much Ado; Hortensia, YC Shrew) she/her is a recent DeSales graduate with a BA in Musical Theatre. DeSales: Alice in Wonderland (March Hare), Pride and Prejudice (Jane Bennet), A Christmas Carol (Belle), and Dramaturg for Our Town and The Sound of Music. She is excited to make her professional debut with PSF as a member of the Young Company. Courtney thanks her support system and her family for their constant love and support. BRANDON EDWARD BURTON* (Lyons, Fences) is excited and humbled to spend another season at PSF! Regional: The Folks at Home (Baltimore Center Stage), Merry Wives (Public Theater). Yale Drama: Othello (Othello), Henry VI pt. 3 (York, George, Bona), Marty and the Hands That Could (Mike Money). Yale Rep: A Raisin in the Sun (Bobo). A native of Saint Louis, and a graduate of Yale School of Drama, he resides in New York, and has collaborated with fine and new media art-

ists: Bassera Khan, Farai Malianga, Dominic Chambers, Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, and Shakespeare & Co. At Yale: Artistic Director of The Yale Cabaret (2019-2020 Season) and recipient of the Herschel Williams Prize for outstanding acting ability. Brandon wants to thank his parents, Ken and Patricia, his sister, Nichole, and Hidetaka Miyazaki PATRICK BYRNES (Young Company; Jacob, Little Red; u/s Claudio, Borachio, & Messenger, Much Ado; Biondello/Haberdasher, YC Shrew) is a rising senior at DeSales, dual majoring in Musical Theatre and Marketing. DeSales: Tartuffe (Valere), Pride and Prejudice (Charles Bingley), A Christmas Carol (Bob Cratchit), The Sound of Music (Ensemble), Working: A Musical (u/s Dad), and Miracle on 34th Street: A Live Radio Play (u/s Singer/Dancer). Patrick thanks the entire Young Company and PSF community for such an amazing opportunity. REBECCA CALLAN (Costume Shop Manager) is the Costume Shop Manager at DeSales University and PSF. Previously, she was the Costume Designer and Costume Shop Supervisor at the College of Wooster in Ohio and the Costume Shop Director and Costume Designer at Cedar Crest College. She has worked for the Kalamazoo Civic Theatre, Imagination Costume Las Vegas, the Santa Fe Opera, and Utah Shakespeare Festival. Rebecca holds an MFA in Theatre—Costume Technology from the University of Houston. TAYSHA MARIE CANALES* (Margaret, Much Ado) is a Philadelphia-based actor and teaching artist. Regional: Fat Ham (2021 filmed World Premiere), Dance Nation, There, Dionysus Was Such A Nice Man, Romeo and Juliet, Passage, Passing Strange, Blood Wedding, When the Rain Stops Falling, An Octoroon, The Hard Problem (Wilma Theater), A Streetcar Named Desire, NO CHILD… (2021 filmed production), A Midsummer Night’s Dream, La Bête, The Jungle Book, Wayside Stories From Wayside School (Arden Theatre), Shakespeare In Love, All My Sons, A Single Shard (People’s Light). Taysha is the 2018 F. Otto Haas Emerging Philadelphia Theater Artist recipient. She is a founding member of the Wilma Theater’s resident acting company, the Hot House. BFA in Acting from Arcadia University. 55

HUGO CARBAJAL* (Moises, River Bride) has been a theatre artist for over 20 years as an actor, director, and teacher. Hugo has played with companies such as Cal Shakes, Hartford Stage, Huntington Theatre, The Alley, SF Mime Troupe, Shotgun Players, Cuttingball Theatre, TeatroVision, Bay Area Children's Theatre, and LA Playground among others. Currently a professor of drama at Los Medanos College and CSU Channel Islands. Look for him on TV shows like SWAT, Bosch, Good Girls, Brooklyn Nine Nine, and more. @hugoecarbajal Web: hugocarbajal. com MEGAN CASTELLANE (Swing/Off-Stage Cover, Chorus Line; Showbot, S4K) she/her is a rising senior at DeSales University and is excited to be returning to PSF for her second summer! PSF: Charlotte’s Web (Charlotte), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (u/s Hippolyta/Titania), and Young Company’s Love’s Labour’s Lost (Rosaline). DeSales: The Trojan Women (Helen of Troy), Chainz/Broken (Diane Larkin), and The Sound of Music (Sister Margaretta). She would like to thank her mom and dad for their continuous support and love, this one’s for you! SEAN CLOSE* (Don John, Much Ado) he/him is thrilled to be making his PSF debut! Regional: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Lysander/ Flute at Arden Theatre), This is the Week that Is (News Anchor/ Ensemble at 1812 Productions), TJ Loves Sally 4 Ever (TJ at Theatre Horizon), One Man, Two Guvnors (Francis Henshall at Quintessence Theatre), The Hound of the Baskervilles (Sir Henry at Delaware Theatre Company), and many others. TV/Film: 21 Bridges, Dispatches From Elsewhere. Much love to Jessica, Gideon & Marius. BRIAN D. COATS* (Gabriel, Fences) has New York credits that include Broadway (MTC/ U.S. Tour) Jitney, On the Levee (Lincoln Center Theater/LCT3), La Ruta (Working Theater), Pan Asian Rep. Theatre, Ensemble Studio Theatre, The Bacchae, The First Noel (Classical Theatre of Harlem), The Merry Wives of Windsor and The Two Gentlemen of Verona (The Public Theater) among others. Regional/Touring credits: Mark Taper Forum, Old Globe, Arena Stage, Seattle Rep, Pittsburgh Public, Huntington Theatre, Cincinnati Playhouse, Two River Theater,

Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Geva Theatre Center and others. Television credits: Queens, FBI: Most Wanted, Luke Cage, Boardwalk Empire, Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, JAG, Blue Bloods, and The Sopranos. Mr. Coats is a graduate of the University of North Carolina’s School of the Arts. TAYLOR CONGDON (Hero, Much Ado; Self, S4K) is happy to be back! PSF: Portia in the 2022 WillPower Tour Julius Caesar, Hero in the 2021 Virtual Willpower program Much Ado About Nothing; Private Lives, Robin Hood, Antony & Cleopatra. Other regional: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Arden Theatre), Folktales (People’s Light), Long Day’s Journey Into Night (Bridge Street Theatre), Turning (Centenary Stage), Curious Incident… (Arts Center of Coastal Carolina). Film: The Hail Mary (2022). Taylor dedicates her performance to all of the DeSales students. She remembers looking up to the ‘summer season actors’ as a student, thinking “how could I ever get there?” Trust your training—look for opportunities. You’ll surprise yourself sometimes. taylorcongdon. com MICHAEL COVEL (Balthazar, Musician, Much Ado; Self, S4K) is an actor, musician, and teaching artist from Montgomery County, PA and is very excited to be returning to PSF. PSF: The Troll (The Ice Princess), Innkeeper/Ensemble (The Three Musketeers), First Lord/

Musician (As You Like It), and u/s Watson (Hound of the Baskervilles). Other Regional: People’s Light, Walnut Street, Arden Theatre, Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble, Act II Playhouse, Montgomery Theater, Heartwood Regional Theater, and Revival Productions. Michael sends all the love to his family, friends, and amazing wife Carly for their constant love and support. Training: DeSales University, BA in Theatre. EDDIE CRUZ JR.* (Duarte, River Bride) is overjoyed to be making his debut at the PSF! Upcoming: Twelfth Night, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Cape Cod Shakespeare Festival in Chatham). Regional: Quixote Nuevo (Hartford Stage), Sweat, As You Like It (Capital Classics Theatre), You Can’t Take It With You (Monomoy Theatre). Readings: Simona’s Search (Hartford Stage), El Borracho (TheaterWorks), Moonlighters (HartBeat Ensemble). Film: The Changed (2021). Commercial: “State I’m In” Tourism Campaign (CTVisit). Education: BFA Acting, The Hartt School (Jesus Hopped the ‘A’ Train, Life of Galileo). I owe a tremendous thank you to KJ Sánchez for this opportunity. Rest easy, Maestro. Love always to Mom, Dad, Leo and Tito. IG: @eddiecruzjr | eddiecruzjr.

JOSH CURRAN (Roy, & u/s Don, Mike, Greg & Al, Chorus Line) began dancing only 5 years ago while studying at the University of New Hampshire. He has worked as a Principal Dancer for Northeastern Ballet Theatre under Artistic Director Edra Toth. He moved to New York in the Fall of 2021 and has since performed principal roles with the American Swiss Ballet and the Metropolitan Ballet. He recently finished starring in Fire Island The Musical, directed and choreographed by Fred C.L. Mann III, and is grateful to his wife for all of her compassion and support. J. MARIA DALMASSO (Marketing Associate) she/ her is thrilled to be celebrating the magic of her first season with PSF! She holds a M.A in Arts Administration from Indiana University’s O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, a B.A. in Communications & Theatre Arts from St. Andrews University, and a certificate in Digital Media for Print & Web from Moore College of Art & Design. She has over 10 years of experience including: Portland Stage, Chautauqua Theater, Teatro ZinZanni Seattle, Weston Theater, Williamstown Theatre Festival, & Bloomington Creative Glass Center. Proud member of Team Marina. NICHOLAS DANTE (Book, Chorus Line) (1941–1991) was an American dancer and writer, best known for having co-written the book of A Chorus Line. Born Conrado

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Morales in New York City, Dante began his career as a dancer and performer, appearing on Broadway in Applause, Ambassador and Smith, among others. In 1974, Michael Bennett invited Dante to participate in interview sessions with Broadway dancers who, almost anonymously, serve as a backdrop behind star performers. Those sessions provided ample material for a Broadway musical. Collaborating with Bennett and James Kirkwood Jr., Dante created A Chorus Line, which earned him the 1976 Tony Award and Drama Desk Award for Best Book of a Musical and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. The character of Paul, a gay Puerto Rican dancer whose early career consisted of working in a drag show, was based primarily on Dante. Sammy Williams, who originated the role, won the 1976 Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical. Dante later assumed the role himself. In 1991, at age 49, Dante died in New York City from AIDS-related complications. AKEEM DAVIS* (Benedick, Much Ado) from Miami, FL, is a graduate of The Florida State University. PSF: Henry V (2016), Longaville (Love’s Labor’s Lost, 2016), Duke Orsino (Twelfth Night, 2018), Demetrius (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2021). Regional: Philadelphia Theatre Company, Choir Boy; Arden Theatre, A Doll’s House, Gem of the Ocean, A Streetcar Named Desire; Woolly Mammoth Theatre, The Arsonists; Folger Theatre,District Merchants, King John; Theatre Horizon, Lobby Hero, In The Blood; InterAct Theatre, The Danger-

ous House of Pretty M’bane, Marcus/Emma; Theatre Exile, Buzzer; Simpatico Theatre, The Brothers Size. A Helen Hayes nominated and Barrymore Award winning actor, as well as recipient of the 2015 F. Otto Haas Award for Emerging Philadelphia Theatre Artist, Akeem is a proud man of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. EILEEN DEISEMANN (Stage Manager, S4K) she/her is a recent graduate of DeSales University with a B.A. in Theatre. At DeSales, she was the Stage Manager for The Trojan Women, Company Manager for Alice in Wonderland and ASM for As You Like It, Tartuffe, and The Glass Menagerie. She additionally performed in The Sound of Music (Nun/Party Dancer), Pride and Prejudice (Miss Bingley), and As You Like It (Lord 1/Musician). She is also set to be part of Dorney Park’s Grand Carnivale once again in their Festival of Color Parade. Eileen would like to thank her friends and family for their continuous support as she begins her professional career. DAN DOMENECH (Dan Domenech in Concert) is an American singer, director and actor best known for his portrayal of Jason Dean in Heathers: The Musical, Drew in the Broadway musical Rock of Ages and a recurring guest appearance on Glee. Domenech has also appeared in the pre-Broadway runs of Wonderland, Sister Act, national/ international tours of RENT and Rock of

Ages and worked as associate choreographer for film and TV projects like Tropic Thunder, Step Brothers, Fame, The Academy Awards and Emmys. He made his directorial debut summer of 2017 with the beta test of the revamped Heathers: The Musical before being mounted in its sold out run at The Other Palace Theatre in London (Dir: Andy Fickman). He currently sings with symphonies around the country and tours with Broadway’s Rock of Ages Band. JOHNNY DRUMGOOLE (Young Company; Wolf, Little Red; Conrad, u/s Don Pedro, & Leonato, Much Ado; Katherine, YC Shrew) he/him is a rising senior Musical Theatre major at DeSales. DeSales: A Christmas Carol (Ebenezer Scrooge), Pride and Prejudice (George Wickham), The Sound of Music (Hans Zeller), Miracle on 34th Street: A Live Radio Play, Spoon River Anthology, and Working. He has also appeared in the DeSales Film Festival and last summer had the pleasure of acting in The Hail Mary, a film starring and directed by Daniel Roebuck. He would like to thank everyone for supporting the arts! MABOUD EBRAHIMZADEH* (Borachio, Much Ado) Regional: McCarter Theatre: Disgraced, and Murder on the Orient Express; Milwaukee Rep: Disgraced; Theatre Exile: The Invisible Hand (Barrymore Award for Outstanding Lead Actor); Hartford Stage: Murder on the Orient Express; Round

Special Thanks Act 1 Box Office Workstudies Mary Bongiorno Kenny Bretz Penny Caciolo, The Inside Scoop H. Lloyd Carbaugh Computer Aid, Inc. Staff at DSU Melissa Cooper, Michelle Vangelo and the staff of the Candlewood Suites in Bethlehem Page Daniel Megan Diehl DSU Facilities DSU Housekeeping Staff DSU Police DSU Sodexo Staff

DSU Telecommunications Deanne Fenstermacher Ron Grassi Jim Helsinger, Suzanne O’Donnell, & family Melissa Egan Kerr Steven Manry Rev. James J. Greenfield, OSFS Gregory Hernandez Jerry Joyce Ron Kahn and the staff of Top Hat Formalwear Keenan-Nagle Advertising Michael Latham and the staff of DSU Auxiliary-Conference Services


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House Theatre: Curious Incident…, Oslo, Small Mouth Sounds, The Book of Will, Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo; Arena Stage: The Price; Kennedy Center: Mockingbird; Folger Theatre: Henry IV part 1, King John, Timon of Athens, Julius Caesar; Studio Theatre: Water by the Spoonful, Edgar & Annabel; Baltimore Center Stage: The Container; Gulfshore Playhouse: The Liar; Olney Theatre: Oil, The Invisible Hand; Theater J: Nathan the Wise, Tale of the Allergist’s Wife, Boged; Forum Theatre: The Pillowman, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Bobrauschenbergamerica, Scorched; Taffety Punk: Henry VI part 1, Henry VI part 2, Henry IV part 3, Richard III, Love’s Labour’s Lost, Pericles; People’s Light: Shakespeare in Love, A Christmas Carol. Film/TV: Jessica Jones, Imperium, Sally Pacholok, Homebound.| @mindthechasm DEREK ELLIOTT JR. (Swing/Off-Stage Cover, Chorus Line) is a recent graduate of DeSales University where he double majored in Musical Theatre and Dance. Derek has been seen in Pippin (Ensemble/Swing), Our Town (Man in Auditorium, Baseball Player, u/s George), a dancer in Cloven Kingdom presented by the DeSales Dance Ensemble Concert, and most recently The Sound of Music (Rolf). Derek is very excited to begin his career with PSF and he wants to thank the faculty at DeSales and his family for all their knowledge, love, and support. CHRISTOPHER ERTELT (Assistant Music Director, Chorus Line) has worked as music director and/or accompanist with theatres throughout the Philadelphia area. Credits include 30+ shows at Media Theatre, as well as work with the Arden Theatre, Walnut Street, Wilma Theater, Prince Music Theatre, McCarter Theatre, and the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival. Chris is also devoted to educational theatre, and has taught and/or MD’d shows at University of the Arts, U. Penn, Drexel, Temple, and his alma mater, Oberlin College. He is also Organist and Choir Director at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Narberth. TYLER FAUNTLEROY* (Cory, Fences) Off-Broadway: Tambo and Bones (Playwrights Horizons/Center Theatre Group), Looking for Leroy (New Federal Theatre). Regional: Tempest, The Most Spectacularly Lamentable Trial of Miz Martha Washington (Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival), Henry IV part 1 (Folger Theatre), Cinderella:

A Musical Panto (People’s Light), Romeo and Juliet (Westport Country Playhouse), Next to Normal (Syracuse Stage); TV: Succession, FBI, The Oath. Audelco Award for Best Acting Ensemble. BFA: Virginia Commonwealth University. IG: @earthwindandtyler JULIA FEELEY (Judy, & u/s Sheila, Kristine, Chorus Line) is thrilled to be joining the company of A Chorus Line! Like Judy, Julia yearns to be the next Gwen Verdon, has forgotten her number in an audition, and frequently wonders why she is SO tall. Favorite credits: Beauty and the Beast, Chicago, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Thank you to everyone at PSF, Finny, Jim, and of course my parents, whose support and love saw me through the pandemic and two foot surgeries. What we do for love. juliafeeley. com |IG: @juliafeeley MADISON FINNEY* (Sheila, Chorus Line) she/her is a New York City based performer. She graduated in 2020 from Pace University with a BFA in Musical Theatre. She was last seen “on the line” as Val in Cape Playhouse’s production of A Chorus Line, and was most recently in the limited Off-Broadway run of Science at Theatre for the New City. LARRY D. FOWLER, JR. (Sound Designer, Fences) (Mr. Cisum) is a Philadelphia based theater sound designer, radio imaging producer, and music producer whose work spans 20+ years. Theater companies Larry has designed for include Arden Theater, Wilma Theater, Azuka Theater (current Board Member), InterAct Theater, Theater Horizon, People’s Light, New Paradise Labs, Simpatico, Theater Exile, Lantern Theatre, Denver Center, Trinity Rep, Rennie Harris Puremovement (DJ-Rome And Jewels), ELeon Dance, Danse4Nia, and Khaleah London Dance. He is a 3-time Barrymore Award nominee for his work on Blood Wedding (Wilma Theater, 2017), Peter and the Starcatcher (Theater Horizon, 2018), and Hype Man (InterAct Theater, 2018). In broadcast radio, Larry has been an in-studio producer and board operator for Radio One, Inc. in Philadelphia and is currently an imaging producer, voice over talent, and content editor for He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at The University of the Arts. Samples Link: whatsthatsound1


ZOE FOX (Verges, Much Ado) she/her is so happy to be returning to PSF after being part of the Young Company last year. Zoe graduated from DeSales in 2021 with a BA in Musical Theatre. Favorite past roles include: Snout/Wall in Midsummer, Little Red in Into the Woods, Audrey/Musician in As You Like It, and #2 in The Wolves. Zoe would like to thank her mom, dad, Abby, and Alan for all of their love and support. CASEY WILLIAM GALLAGHER (Managing Director) has worked at PSF for 24 seasons. Over the years he was the assistant house manager, box office manager, company manager, assistant producer, and director of development. Since 2004, in his role as general manager and later managing director, he has served as the administrative leader of the Festival, working very closely with the box office, business, development, marketing and production departments. Casey has also been treasurer for the Shakespeare Theatre Association, director of audience services for The People’s Light & Theatre Company, a board member for Civic Theatre of Allentown, a peer panelist for the New Jersey Council on the Arts and a judge for the Greater Philadelphia Barrymore Awards for excellence in theatre. Casey is a member of the PSF Board of Directors and also serves on the board of Arts Academy Elementary Charter School. Casey thanks everyone who works to make PSF happen each year. DAVID M. GREENBERG (Sound Supervisor; Sound Designer, Every Brilliant Thing, Chorus Line) is a composer and sound designer from Fort Lauderdale, FL by way of Knoxville, TN. He received his BA in Theatre from the University of Tennessee and went on to earn his MFA in Theatre Sound Design and Technology at the Krannert Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. A member of the Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association (TSDCA), David serves as the Resident Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor for DeSales University and PSF. DAVID GRINDROD (Associate Choreographer, Chorus Line) is originally from Annapolis, Maryland, but now lives in New York City. Credits include: A Chorus Line (New York City Center, National Tour, Japan Tour, China

Premier, Weston Theater, & Gateway Playhouse); Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (National Tour); Dirty Rotten Scoundrel (Maltz Jupiter); Elf (Costal Carolina). David has choreographed at Quisisana Resort, Music Theatre Kansas City, and The Sheen Center. This fall David will be directing and choreographing A Chorus Line at Weathervane Theatre. He is thrilled to be working alongside Luis & the rest of the PSF Team! MARVIN HAMLISCH (Music, Chorus Line) (1944—2012) as composer, won virtually every major award that exists: three Oscars, four Grammys, four Emmys, a Tony, three Golden Globe awards, and the Pulitzer Prize (won by A Chorus Line). Only Hamlisch and Richard Rodgers have won a “PEGOT” (P.E.G.O.T. = Pulitzer, Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony awards). For Broadway, Hamlisch wrote the music for his groundbreaking show, A Chorus Line, as well as They’re Playing Our Song, The Goodbye Girl and Sweet Smell of Success. Additional theatrical scores include Jean Seberg (1983) and The Nutty Professor (2012). He was the composer of more than forty motion picture scores including his Oscar-winning score and song for The Way We Were and his adaptation of Scott Joplin’s music for The Sting, for which he received a third Oscar. His prolific output of scores for films include original compositions and/ or musical adaptations for Sophie’s Choice, Ordinary People, The Swimmer, Three Men and a Baby, Ice Castles, Take the Money and Run, Bananas, Save the Tiger and The Informant!, starring Matt Damon and directed by Steven Soderbergh. At the time of his passing, he had just finished his last musical score for the film, Liberace—Behind the Candelabra. Directed by Soderbergh and starring Michael Douglas and Damon, the movie was shown at the 2013 Cannes Festival and later aired on HBO to great reviews. It went on to win several Emmys including Best Actor for Douglas. Hamlisch was Musical Director and arranger of Barbra Streisand’s 1994 concert tour of the U.S. and England as well as of the television special, Barbra Streisand: The Concert (for which he received two of his Emmys). Hamlisch held the position of principal pops conductor for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Pasadena Symphony and Pops, Seattle Symphony, San Diego Symphony, The Buffalo Philharmonic and The National Symphony Orchestra in Washington, D.C. At the time of his death he was preparing to assume responsibilities as Principal Pops Conductor for The Philadelphia Orchestra. Hamlisch was a graduate of the Juilliard School of Music and Queens College, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. He believed in the power of music to bring people together.

GEORGE HAMRAH* (Stage Manager, Every Brilliant Thing) is a graduate of Allegheny College in Meadville, PA and The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center in CT. A 30-year member of Actors’ Equity Association, Mr. Hamrah has worked as a Stage Manager for theatres throughout the east coast including Trinity Rep. in Providence, RI, and The Barter Theatre in Virginia. In Florida, Orlando Theatre Project, Florida Rep., Riverside Theatre, Walt Disney World and Orlando Shakes. George has also spent time at Royal Caribbean International, Acadia Repertory Theatre in Maine and Arena Stage in Washington, DC. George makes his home in Orlando, FL with his wife, Laura Hodos and their cats where he is the Director of Production for Orlando Shakes. JAMES HARKNESS* (Zach, Chorus Line) Broadway: Ain’t Too Proud – The Life and Times of the Temptations, Aida, The Color Purple, Chicago, Guys and Dolls; Film: North, The Mend; TV: Blue Bloods, Law & Order, Le James Café; Director: The Color Purple, Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe, Handy Award Nominee, Best Director. I could not have anticipated this chapter of my journey. To play Zach is a role that a teenager from El Paso, Texas did not know was possible, therefore never thought of it. I am blessed to be here and will keep believing in the possibilities. Instagram/Twitter @jamesharkness; YouTube: James Harkness. MORGAN HARRISON* (Vicki & u/s Cassie, Judy, Kristine, Val, Chorus Line) is beyond thrilled to be at PSF with this fierce cast and crew! She was last seen on Broadway in Beetlejuice, and made her Broadway debut in Mean Girls! She’s traveled the world performing on the Flashdance National Tour and can be seen tapping on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. All the love to God, Mama, Gram, and Hell’s Kitchen Agency! Now, from the top! A 5–67-8! Proverbs 3:5-6. PAIGE HATHAWAY (Scenic Designer, Much Ado) is based in the Washington, DC area. She has designed regionally at The Muny in St. Louis, Asolo Rep in Sarasota, Arden Theatre in Philadelphia, and People’s Light in Malvern, PA, among others. In the Washington, DC area she has designed at the Kennedy Center, Arena Stage, Signature Theatre, Round House Theatre, Theater J, Imagination Stage, Stu59

dio Theatre, Woolly Mammoth, and Olney Theatre Center. Her upcoming productions include Mary Poppins at The Muny and Dance Nation at Olney. She received her BFA from the University of Oklahoma and her MFA from the University of Maryland. She is a member of USA 829. paigehathawaydesign. com | IG: @paigehathawaydesign. JIM HELSINGER (Associate Producer) is very happy to join the PSF team again this summer. PSF directing credits: The Mystery of Irma Vep, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Foreigner, Lend Me a Tenor, The Importance of Being Earnest, The Tempest, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Imaginary Invalid, Sleuth and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged). PSF acting credits: Lady Bracknell, Master Ford, Malvolio, Arnolphe, Dogberry, Bottom, and others. Other regional acting credits include title roles in Cyrano de Bergerac, Hamlet, Dracula, and Henry V. TV/Film: From the Earth to the Moon, Mortal Kombat, Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. Playwrighting includes adaptations of Dracula: The Journal of Jonathan Harker; Frankenstein, The Modern Prometheus; Robinson Crusoe; and A Christmas Carol. Regional directing credits: Prague Shakespeare Company, Flat Rock Playhouse, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, Florida Rep, Cape May Stage, Actors’ Playhouse, and Orlando Shakespeare Theater in partnership with UCF, where Jim has served as Artistic Director since 1995. He is a member of the National New Play Network, The Shakespeare Theatre Association (past president), a recipient of the Sidney Berger Award for Outstanding Talent and Dedication to the Works of William Shakespeare, and a two-time recipient of “The 50 Most Powerful People in Orlando” from Orlando Magazine. THOMAS HENKE (Bobby, u/s Zach, Chorus Line) (he/him) First time “on the line!” Previous credits: Anastasia (National Tour), Camelot (Lancelot), My Fair Lady (u/s Freddie), Chicago, The Producers, Dopesick (Hulu). Training from The Second City Chicago, Upright Citizens Brigade, BFA SUNY Buffalo. Thanks to Luis, David, Dennis, and Casey. For Barbara and Thommie. thomhenke. com | @thomhenke ANNE HERING (Director, Every Brilliant Thing) is Director of Education at Orlando Shakespeare Theater and has been a Theatre and Speech instructor at University of Central Florida, Valencia

College, Rollins College and Seminole State College. She has appeared in OST productions of The Three Musketeers, Henry IV, Part 1, God of Carnage, Pride and Prejudice, All’s Well that Ends Well, Hamlet, The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge, The Glass Menagerie, The Merry Wives of Windsor, King Lear, Into the Woods and The Winter’s Tale. Directing credits: Every Brilliant Thing, Christmas at Pemberley, The Tempest, The Great Gatsby, The Turn of the Screw and Yankee Tavern. She is a member of AEA and SAG/AFTRA. Anne has an MFA in Acting from The Ohio State University and a BS in Speech Communications from Ithaca College. PATRICK HIGGINS (Mark, Chorus Line) is currently a sophomore at Montclair State University where he’s pursuing a BFA in Musical Theatre. Some favorite credits: Baby John (Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story), Billy Elliot (Billy Elliot: The Musical, Venice Theatre, FL), and Mark Anthony (A Chorus Line, Eight O’ Clock Theatre, FL). Patrick is so excited to be back in his first theatre production in 4 years with such a talented and passionate company!

ERIC HISSOM* (Leonato, Much Ado) PSF: Twelfth Night, The Tempest, The Taming of the Shrew, Troilus and Cressida, Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Around the World in Eighty Days, and many more. Other theatre credits include work at Seattle Rep, La Jolla Playhouse, Cleveland Play House, Milwaukee Rep, Asolo Rep, Syracuse Stage, Arena Stage, Arden Theatre, Shakespeare Theatre, Folger Theatre, and many others. He did the national tour of The Thirty-Nine Steps, and has done a bit of TV and film, including the feature Out of Time. He has an MFA from Florida State’s Asolo Conservatory. MUSA HITOMI* (Connie, Chorus Line) is an Actor/ Singer/ Dancer/ Choreographer based in NYC, originally from Tokyo, Japan. She is thrilled to be a part of PSF with her favorite show A Chorus Line! National Tour: A Charlie Brown Christmas (Snoopy). Regional credits: West Side Story (Francisca), Avenue Q (Christmas Eve), CATS (Jemima), Spring Awakening (Martha), Mamma Mia, Chicago, Elf, Present Perfect, and Poupelle of ChimneyTown.

Keep Leading Life by Planning Ahead.

BILL HOBLIN (Director of Development) he/him is loving his 2nd season with PSF! Early in his career, he produced videos for Conde´ Nast magazines, worked for CNN and Lifetime and directed live television in NYC before becoming a professional fundraiser in 2004. He is an alumnus of Brooklyn College with a degree in Television and Radio Communications. Bill enjoys meeting all the generous PSF donors who share their passion for Shakespeare and professional theatre in the Lehigh Valley! ALAINA HURLEY (Young Company; Rapunzel, Pig #3, Little Red; Sexton & u/s Ursula, Much Ado; Petruchia, YC Shrew) she/her is a rising senior Acting for the Stage and Screen major at DeSales. PSF: Charlotte’s Web (The Goose) and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Ensemble). Alaina is also the President of the Improv Club at DeSales. She is so happy to be returning to the Festival and hopes you enjoy the show. AJA M. JACKSON (Lighting Designer, Fences) Off-Broadway: A Commercial Jingle for Regina Comet. Regional: Hartford Stage, Lost in Yonkers; Everyman Theatre, Behold, A Negress; American Repertory Theater, Hear

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Word; The Public Theater Under the Radar Festival, Hear Word; North Carolina Black Rep, Freedom Summer; Kitchen Theatre, Catch as Catch Can; Speakeasy Stage, Once on This Island; Lyric Stage Company of Boston, The Cake, Breath and Imagination; Actors’ Shakespeare Project, Nat Turner in Jerusalem; Moonbox Productions, Passing Strange; Boston Early Music Festival, Pimpinone and Ino. Dance: Modern Connections, Hot Water Over Raised Fists. Holdtight: What Keeps You Going? Other: Boston Conservatory Theater, The Consul, Glory Denied, Can’t Keep Quiet, and Brandeis University, We Are Proud To Present…, The Tempest. IG: @ajamjackson | CHIARA H. JOHNSON (Assistant Stage Manager, Every Brilliant Thing, Fences, River Bride) is a BIPOC stage manager from NYC. Credits include New York Theatre Workshop, Roundabout Theatre, Utah Shakespeare Festival, and Playbill’s Pride Plays series.

KENDRA L. JOHNSON (Costume Designer, Fences) made her design debut at PSF with last year’s How I Learned What I Learned. In her twenty years of designing, Kendra costumed over 100 productions, including the world premiere of The Power of Sail, The Cake, Intimate Apparel, Fences, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Dutchman. She has worked with theatres in the northeast, southeast, and midwest, including Cincinnati Shakespeare, Nebraska Repertory Theatre, Hangar Theatre in Ithaca, NY, Actor’s Express in Atlanta, and The Warehouse Theatre in Greenville, SC, and Geva Theatre in Rochester, NY. Kendra is also an associate professor in the Performing Arts Department at Clemson University, where she teaches costume design and technology and African American Theatre. IYANU JOSHUASVILLE (Young Company; Narrator, Little Red; Messenger & u/s Benedick, Much Ado; u/s Corey, Fences; Curtis/Pedant, YC Shrew) he/him is a rising junior Acting for Stage and Screen major at DeSales University. He is excited to be making his PSF debut

Michelle M. Wasno, D.M.D. General and Cosmetic Dentistry 3710 Broadway Allentown, PA 18104 610-395-0742


this summer. DeSales: Our Town (Simon Stimson), Crumbs from the Table of Joy (u/s Godfrey Crump), Chainz/Broken (Tre), and The Trojan Women (Greek Soldier). Iyanu would like to thank his lovely Mother and family for always supporting him. ELLA JOYCE* (Rose, Fences) has earned many awards and citations for her work. Credits include: Goodman Theatre, Having Our Say by Emily Mann, earning a Black Theater Alliance Nomination for Dr. Bessie Delaney; August Wilson’s King Hedley II at The Matrix earning a Los Angeles Ovation Award and an LA Drama Critics Circle Nomination for the role of Ruby; Tonya in the original production of King Hedley II at O’Reilly Pittsburgh Public Theater with Tony Todd; Risa in Two Trains Running on tour, premiering at Yale Rep; originating the role of Lily Ann Green in Lynn Nottage’s Crumbs From the Table Of Joy at Second Stage Theater, South Coast Rep, and Goodman Theatre earning a Jefferson Award and Black Theater Alliance Award. As a Beinecke Fellow at Yale Rep School of Drama, Ella performed in Bossa Nova by Kirsten Greenidge which she also originated at the Sundance Playwriting Lab in Utah. She is an original founding member

of The National Black Theatre Festival in Winston-Salem, NC, and has performed as a favorite at that Festival for years. She performed with Ruby Dee at the Bermuda Arts Festival in Ron Milner’s Checkmates. Ella is also known for her role of Eleanor in the sitcom Roc which earned her an NAACP Nomination. Other select TV/Film: Temptation, My Wife and Kids, The Jamie Foxx Show, Seinfeld, Eve, Being Mary Jane, Preacher’s Kid, Lucky Girl, Bubba Ho-Tep, Set It Off, Selma, Lord Selma, Nina, and MTV Award winning “Waterfalls” video. As a voiceover artist, she is heard on Audible Books-on-tape: Ron Milner’s Ruby McCollum Story, as the voice of Zora Neal Hurston produced by Los Angeles Theatre Works, and BET’s Storyporch children reading series. ANDREW KANE (Playwright, Little Red; Composer, S4K) has performed in 16 productions at PSF and wrote the music for all of Erin Sheffield’s Shakespeare For Kids series. Other acting credits: Arden Theatre, Festival Stage of Winston-Salem, Lantern Theater, Theatre Exile, Theatre Horizon, and People’s Light where he is a member of the resident company. His plays have been produced or developed by Montgomery Theater, Bristol Riverside, and 1812 Productions. His short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in journals housed by the Universities of Chicago, Montana, North Carolina Greensboro, Tennessee, Georgia College, Johns Hopkins, and Vassar. BA, DeSales University. MFA, Warren Wilson College. andrewjosephkane. com JAMES KIRKWOOD (Book, Chorus Line) (1924–1989) was an American playwright, author and actor. In 1976 he received the Tony Award, the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Book of a Musical, and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his work on A Chorus Line. Born in Los Angeles, Kirkwood began his career as an actor, appearing on television in Valiant Lady and Perry Mason, and on Broadway in Small Wonder and Dance Me A Song, among others. As an author, he penned the semi-autobiographical novel There Must Be a Pony, along with P.S. Your Cat Is Dead, Good Times/Bad Times, Some Kind of Hero, and Hit Me with a Rainbow. In 1970, he wrote the non-fiction American Grotesque, about the trial of Clay Shaw. His comedic play Legends! toured the United States starring Mary Martin and Carol Channing. He later wrote an account of the experience, titled Diary of a Mad Playwright: Perilous Adventures on the Road with Mary Martin and Carol Channing. Kirkwood died of AIDS-related complications in 1989. In his memory, friends and admirers established the James Kirkwood Literary Prize to honor

new generations of fiction writers for their literary achievements. STEPHANIE KLAPPER (Casting Director, A Chorus Line) and Lacey Davies (Casting Associate, A Chorus Line ) Stephanie Klapper Casting’s award-winning work is frequently seen on Broadway, Off-Broadway, regionally, on film, television, and streaming media. We are dedicated to continuing to expand and champion diversity, equity, and inclusion in the business. Connecting creative, caring people to each other to make extraordinary things happen is amongst our greatest joy. We are passionate about arts education and working with creative teams to develop new work and expand the scope of established pieces. Ms. Klapper is a member of the National Board of the Casting Society, Casting Society Cares, and New York Women in Films. EDWARD KLEBAN (Lyrics, Chorus Line) (1939-1987) was the lyricist of A Chorus Line, for which he won the 1975 Tony Award, the Pulitzer Prize and the Drama Desk and Olivier Awards. His score for the musical A Class Act, produced posthumously, was nominated for the 2001 Tony and Drama Desk Awards and won an Obie Award. A Class Act is a musical biography of Kleban, with a score comprised of his own music and lyrics. A New York revival is scheduled for February 2022. Mr. Kleban was a graduate of the High School of Music and Art and of Columbia College, where he wrote the music for the Varsity Show of 1960 with a book by Terrance McNally. Upon graduation from Columbia, Kleban was hired as a record producer by Columbia Records. Throughout the sixties he produced original cast albums while developing his own musicals in Lehman Engel’s BMI Musical Theatre Workshop. Every song that he wrote for A Chorus Line was tested in the BMI Workshop. During the 1980s, he carried on Mr. Engel’s tradition and taught songwriting in the workshop. Mr. Kleban died in December 1987 at the age of 48, after a two-year bout with a cigarette-related cancer. In his will, he created and endowed The Kleban Prize, a unique grant that is bestowed not for a writer’s previous achievements, but for the promise of creativity to come, chosen by a panel of Broadway’s most respected artists. Recipients have gone on to garner four Tony Awards, 30 Tony nominations, 10 Drama Desk Awards and four Obies. JOSIE LATORRES (Young Company; Wilhelmina, Little Red; u/s Margaret, Much Ado; u/s Helena & Belmira, River Bride; Tailor/Vincentia, YC Shrew) she/her is a recent graduate from DeSales 62

University with a BA in Musical Theatre and a minor in Business. DeSales: The Sound of Music, Alice in Wonderland, A Christmas Carol, Pride and Prejudice, The Trojan Women, As You Like It, and Working. Regional: In the Heights, Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story, and Jesus Christ Superstar (NCC Summer Theatre). Josie is very excited for her first season at PSF and would like to thank her family for their continued support and PSF for this opportunity. RICHARD LATTA (Lighting Designer, Chorus Line) is very glad to be making his debut at PSF, and to be doing this classic musical for a 3rd time. He is the current and continuing Resident Lighting Designer for Ogunquit Playhouse, having designed hundreds of plays & musicals over the years. He primarily designed Off-Broadway and corporate events from the 80’s to the 2000’s, and is a veteran of many workshops of some really interesting new shows. Thanks to Dennis and Luis for bringing me on NICOLE LAWRIE (Young Company; Georgina, Little Red; u/s Watch (both) & Sexton, Much Ado; Baptista, YC Shrew) she/her is a rising senior Acting for the Stage and Screen major at DeSales University. DeSales: Crumbs from the Table of Joy (Gerte), Spoon River Anthology, and The Lower Depths Project. She is beyond excited to be making her professional debut at PSF this summer! She’d like to thank her mom, dad, and siblings for their love and support, as well as her godfather and mentor, Christopher Patrick Mullen, for all of his guidance! Instagram: @nicole_lawrie10 RANDY LAWSON* (Production Stage Manager, Chorus Line) is thrilled to be “on the line” again, PSMing his third production of A Chorus Line. Broadway: The Phantom of the Opera (Sub Stage Manager), Sugar Babies (Broadway Revival Workshop) and Million Dollar Quartet (National Tour). Also: A Gentleman’s Guide To Love And Murder, Into The Woods, The Sound Of Music and Mamma Mia! (CSTC), Singin’ In The Rain (Ogunquit), Into The Woods (Fulton Theatre), De La Guarda (Off Broadway -2yrs), Miss Saigon (VMT), The 39 Steps (Ivoryton), The Drowsy Chaperone (Totem Pole), Gypsy (Maine State Music Theatre), Smokey Joe’s Cafe (Casa Mañana), Jesus Christ Superstar (Tennessee Rep/Founding Member), 42nd Street & Cabaret (Atlantic City), Aida (Tuacahn), Catch Me If You Can (Tent Theatre), Circle Rep, Lincoln Center Theater, Williamstown Theater Festival, Goodspeed Opera House, New York Theatre Workshop, Alabama

Shakespeare Festival, Actors Theatre of Louisville (Humana Festival), The Magic Theatre (San Francisco), and The Grand Ole Opry House. Also: Script Supervisor for live TV productions of The Drama Desk Awards, and Street Coordinator for The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (6yrs). Randy worked with Director Harold Prince on Flight of the Lawn Chair Man & 3hree. As an actor, Randy created the role of the “kiss of death” waiter in John Guare’s New York Actor, directed by Jerry Zaks. ANTHONY LAWTON* (Dogberry, Much Ado) has acted in Philadelphia for thirty years. Favorite roles: George in Of Mice and Men (Walnut Street), “man” in Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (1812 Productions), and Friar Lawrence in Romeo and Juliet (Arden Theatre). In 2005, Lawton received grants from the Independence Foundation and Philadelphia Theatre Initiative to write and develop The Foocy, which garnered five Barrymore nominations (including Best New Play). In 2017, Lawton’s musical adaptation of The Light Princess, by George MacDonald, won the Barrymore for Best Original Music, for which Lawton shared credit as lyricist. The Philadelphia City Paper named him the city’s “Best OneMan Theatre” for his solo productions of The Devil and Billy Markham, The Great Divorce and The Screwtape Letters. For more information on these shows, anthonylawtonactor. com RAFI LEVAVY* (Stage Manager, Much Ado) Rafi comes to PSF directly from the national tour of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. He has worked on 14 Off-Broadway productions, including shows at many major institutions. Regional credits include Theatre Exile, Lincoln Center Theatre, Virginia Stage Company, Actors’ Shakespeare Festival, Depot Theatre, Lyric Stage Company of Boston, Barter Theater, Paper Mill Playhouse and more. Additional experience includes Jim Henson Productions, Walt Disney Theatrical Productions and Actors Studio Drama School. A proud member of Equity, Rafi holds a degree in computer science from Brandeis University. LEVONNE LINDSAY (Costume Designer, Much Ado) is the Costume Shop Manager and Adjunct Assistant Professor at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Education: BS in Fashion Design from Philadelphia University, MFA in Costume Design from the University of Maryland, College Park. Recent work: Ragtime, Gem of the Ocean, Arden Theatre; Sweat, The Garbologists, Philadelphia Theatre; Kill, Move, Paradise, Wilma Theater. Awards/

Honors: Barrymore Award for Outstanding Costume Design (2019), Allen Lee Hughes Fellow at Arena Stage (2001-2003). MATTHEW AARON LIOTINE* (Greg, Dance Captain, & u/s for Zach, Chorus Line) is in love with A Chorus Line and usually goes by Matt. This is his 5th production of A Chorus Line and yes, he’s counting up to 100. Past credits: The National Tour of A Chorus Line, The Muny, Royal Caribbean and more. Matt is a proud graduate of LaGuardia HS and Montclair State. A million thanks to my family, my agents (CTG), and my beautiful boyfriend Julian for all the support. During the pandemic, Matt blended his love for dance with fitness and became a trainer at The Sculpt Society. Follow him @matthewaaronliotine | @thesculptsociety. LARRY LIPKIS (Music Director, On the Green) is Professor of Music at Moravian University, where he also directs the early music ensembles. Larry performs and records with the Baltimore Consort, an internationally acclaimed ensemble specializing in popular music of the Renaissance. Their program Food of Love: Songs of Shakespeare premiered at PSF in 2014, and has been heard by audiences nationwide. Larry has also written several concertos based on characters from the Commedia dell’Arte and incidental music to Shakespeare’s plays. JUSTIN LOPEZ (Patrick, u/s Paul, Chorus Line) is a senior BFA Musical Theater major from Clinton, New Jersey. He has recently been seen as Cinderella’s Prince in Into The Woods (MSU) and Tommy Albright in Brigadoon (MSU). This will be his second time participating in A Chorus Line, and he is absolutely thrilled to make his PSF debut! @justin_mlopez MARLENA LÓPEZ HILDERLEY* (Tricia, & u/s Diana, Val, Maggie, Connie, Chorus Line) is absolutely thrilled to be making her PSF debut in one of her favorite musicals of all time! Her most recent work has been as an Apostle in ACT of CT’s Jesus Christ Superstar, Elsa and Ariel with Disney Cruise Line, and Peron’s Mistress in ACT of CT’s Evita. Thanks to Austin, Cora, Mom, Dad, Madi, Mel, Granny, and Brian. Thank you so much for supporting live theatre! Love to all and enjoy the show! @marlenalopezhilderley 63

ISABELLA LUCANO (Swing, Off-Stage Cover, Chorus Line) she/her is a rising sophomore Musical Theatre major at DeSales University and is thrilled to be part of A Chorus Line! She would like to thank her family and friends for their constant love and support. She sends a big congratulations to the entire cast, crew, and creative team and hopes you enjoy the show. Spread joy! DUNCAN MACMILLIAN (Playwright, Every Brilliant Thing) plays include: People, Places And Things (2015-2017, National Theatre/ Wyndham’s Theatre, West End); 1984, adapted from George Orwell (2013-2017, Headlong/Nottingham Playhouse, West End, Broadway, international tours, coadapted/co-directed with Rob Icke); Every Brilliant Thing (2013-2017, Paines Plough/ Pentabus Theatre, Edinburgh Festival, UK and international tours, HBO); City Of Glass, adapted from Paul Auster (2017, 59 Productions, HOME, and Lyric Hammersmith); 2071, co-written with Chris Rapley (2014-2015, The Royal Court/Hamburg Schauspielhaus); The Forbidden Zone (20142016, Salzburg Festival and Schaubühne Berlin); Wunschloses Unglück, adapted from Peter Handke (2014, Burgtheater Vienna); Reise Durch Die Nacht, adapted from Friederike Mayröcker (2012-2014, Schauspiel Köln, Festival d’Avignon, Theatertreffen); Lungs (2011-2016, Paines Plough and Sheffield Theatres/Studio Theatre, Washington, DC); and Monster (2006, Royal Exchange Theatre). KATHRYN MACMILLIAN (Director, Young Company Shakespeare Project) is the director of over 50 productions in the Mid-Atlantic region and Off-Broadway. For Lantern Theater Company, where she was the Associate Artistic Director: Arcadia, Mrs. Warren’s Profession, Uncle Vanya, Doubt (named one of the Best Plays of 2015 by the Philadelphia Daily News), The Beauty Queen of Leenane (named Best Production of the Season by Philadelphia Weekly), and The Hothouse (Barrymore nominations for Outstanding Direction & Production). Other credits: Delaware Theatre Company, InterAct, Shakespeare in Clark Park, and several shows for Theatre Horizon, including the Barrymore-nominated I Am My Own Wife and The Revolutionists. In 2015, KC was named one of Billy Penn’s Who’s Next: 16 Young Philadelphians Shaping the Arts Scene.

ALEX MAGALLANES (Young Company; Stage Manager, Little Red & YC Shrew) they/them is excited to be returning to PSF! Alex first fell in love with stage management when volunteering as a Production Assistant at From Broadway with Love: A Benefit Concert for Parkland. They then dedicated themselves to making this their career, and now is pursuing a Bachelors in Fine Arts for Stage Management at University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Their most recent credit is Assistant Stage Manager for Ragtime at Piedmont Opera. In their free time, they like spending time with their cat Kiwi and watching cartoons! MILAN MAGAÑA (Diana, A Chorus Line) she/her is delighted to be making her Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival debut and be back on stage in A Chorus Line! She is a New York based actress originally from sunny San Diego, a proud alumni of the University of California, Irvine (zot zot zot), and a lover of capybaras. Past credits include Anita in West Side Story (Palos Verdes Performing Arts), Brooke Wyndham in Legally Blonde (Irvine Barclay), Anna Mae in NICKEL MINES

(ACT of CT), and Diana in A Chorus Line (Moonlight Amphitheatre). All the love to her family and friends for their support. xx @milano97

nic. PSF: Charlotte’s Web and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Katie would like to thank her parents and her dogs for all their love and support.

MICHAEL MCDONALD (Costume Designer, Chorus Line) (Costume Recreation, Theoni V. Aldredge, Designer), Broadway & West End: Hair (Tony, Drama Desk and Hewes Award nominations). Off-Broadway: Smart Blonde (59E59), The Irish Curse (Soho Rep), A Perfect Future (Cherry Lane Theatre), Jericho (59E59), Straight (Theater Row), Amahl and the Night Visitors (Lincoln Center). Regional: La Cage Aux Folles, Goodspeed; God of Carnage, [Title of Show], George Street Playhouse; Take Me Out, Repertory Theatre of St. Louis; Johnny Baseball, A.R.T; All The Way, Dirty Blonde, Spring Awakening, Hedwig, and Crowns, Zachary Scott Theatre. PSF: Oklahoma! and West Side Story.

EDDIE MARTIN MORALES* (Paul, Chorus Line) is thrilled to be making his PSF debut! A South Florida native, he was last seen in the ensemble of a co-production of In the Heights (Portland Center Stage) which performed regionally around the country. Previous credits: Disgraced, Maltz Jupiter Theatre; Into The Woods, New World School of the Arts (NWSA); Gypsy, and Sweet Charity, Broward Stage Door Theatre; Curtains, Wick Theatre. BFA, Musical Theatre, NWSA Conservatory. He would like to thank the team at PSF for allowing him the opportunity to play one of his dream roles! Lastly, he would like to thank his agents Josh and Aimee for always believing in him! You can follow all of Eddie’s current and future artistic endeavors on IG: @spaghedddiee!

KATIE MCGLONE (Young Company; Fox, Little Red; u/s Conrad, Much Ado; Lucentia, YC Shrew) she/her is a recent graduate of DeSales University and is very excited to be returning to PSF for the summer! DeSales: Alice in Wonderland, A Christmas Carol, Pride and Prejudice, and Pic-

BRANDON MORENO (Larry, & u/s Paul & Richie, Chorus Line) is a proud triple threat performer who one day aspires to be on Broadway! From a young age, Brandon has always loved

Great Local Stories W I L L A L W AY S B E I N S T Y L E

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to entertain others. Being able to move an audience with performing arts is a unique gift that Brandon believes should be shared with the world. He played Mr. Oaken in Frozen Jr., Rudulfo/Doctor in Matilda, and danced in Disney’s: Dance the Magic Parade. Brandon has trained at AMDA New York, AV Dance Studio 81, and DNA Studios. Brandon has choreographed awardwinning routines, with one of his pieces “Brandon: The Musical” earning him the title of 2020 Mr. Dance America! He thanks his family and friends for always supporting his dreams. WHITNEY MORSE (u/s Narrator, Every Brilliant Thing) credits: Beauty and The Beast (Garden Theatre), Next To Normal, The Last Five Years, Proof (BWW Award), Songs for a New World, Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune, Company, White Rabbit Red Rabbit, Tell Me On a Sunday, Now. Here. This., A Doll’s House, Elegies: A Song Cycle, and Urinetown (The Studio Theatre Tierra Del Sol), The Secret Garden, 1776, Big River and Outside Mullingar (Mad Cow Theatre), Every Brilliant Thing and Much Ado About Nothing (Orlando Shakes), The Giver (Orlando Rep), Other Desert Cities (Citadel Theatre), The Children’s Hour (Pride Films and Plays), Spike Heels (Brown Paper Box), The Turn of the Screw, Jeeves at

Sea, Unnecessary Farce and The Merchant of Venice (First Folio Theatre). MFA Acting, Columbia University. | @whitneyalicemorse GABRIELLE MOSELEY (Young Company; Red, Little Red; u/s Hero, Much Ado; u/s Rose, Fences; Tranio, YC Shrew) she/her is a rising junior Musical Theatre major at DeSales University. DeSales: Crumbs from the Table of Joy (Ernestine), Songs for a New World (Ensemble), and As You Like It (Celia). This will be her second season with PSF and she is beyond excited to begin this new journey. She would like to thank her friends and family for all their support. GABE MOSES (Claudio, Much Ado; Self, S4K) he/ him is a multi-faceted theatre maker and a DeSales University alum. Recent credits: HAIR (Cortland Repertory Theatre), The Tempest (Delaware Shakespeare), A Soft Landing (Elevate Theatre Company), and Ragtime, Crazy For You, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Julius Caesar (WillPower Tour, PSF). Gabe recently worked alongside director Steve H. Broadnax III (Broadway’s Thoughts of A Colored Man) as his assistant for Bayard

Food for the Body, Mind & Soul Live at Fellowship and you’ll enjoy fabulous dining experiences. fun times with friends and exciting activities. You’ll live a carefree lifestyle on our beautiful continuing care campus in an independent living townhome or apartment.

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Rustin Inside Ashland at People’s Light. Gabe has previously directed and choreographed his original piece, run 4 ur lyfe, centered around police brutality and being a black man in America. | IG: @ gabejmoses PATRICK MULCAHY (Producing Artistic Director, PSF) (he/him) Since assuming leadership in 2003, Mulcahy has led PSF’s surge in artistic excellence, financial stability, and national recognition. Accomplishments include first and subsequent grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, attracting a multitude of award-winning artists including winners and nominees of the Tony, Obie, Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle, Barrymore, and Emmy awards, a doubling of annual attendance, a successful campaign to double the Festival’s endowment, and the expansion of the number of Actors’ Equity contracts per season. He led the strategic planning process that led to PSF’s Vision 2030, a commitment to world-class professional theatre, and coverage in The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Washington Post. As a professional director, actor, and fight director, credits include Broadway, Off-Broadway, regional theatre, television and radio. Mr. Mulcahy has acted with many industry

luminaries including Don Cheadle, Angela Bassett, Cynthia Nixon, and Tony Shaloub at the New York Shakespeare Festival, The Roundabout Theatre, Hartford Stage, Great Lakes Theatre Festival, and the Walnut Street Theatre. He served as fight director for A Few Good Men on Broadway, and multiple Off-Broadway productions starring Marcia Gay Harden, John Mahoney, Patrick Dempsey, and John Savage. He directed Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga in The Real Thing, and, for PSF, directed The Winter’s Tale, Henry IV, Part 1, The Tempest, Antony and Cleopatra, Hamlet, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, and Shakespeare in Love. Also Head of Acting at DeSales, Patrick holds degrees in acting and directing from Syracuse University. OONA NATESAN (Costume Designer, Little Red) Growing up, my parents taught my sisters and I to make the most of the limited but sufficient resources available to us and it has taught me to be a sustainable and practical designer. My sense of self as a designer is a culmination of my experiences being in America and India. Having lived in both places, being filled with a multitude of cultural experience, I have come to realize that design can be loosely translated to being creative problem solving on many platforms. Having studied

fashion, film and theatre, that platform for me is clothing. I recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon, with a Masters in Costume Design. A caffeine dependent life form, I love to laminate and label everything. I also try to take my vitamins every day. SUZANNE O’DONNELL* (Narrator, Every Brilliant Thing) Recent PSF: Maria, Twelfth Night, Mistress Ford, Merry Wives of Windsor, Maria, Lend Me a Tenor, and Miss Prism,The Importance of Being Earnest; Florida Rep: Nora, A Doll’s House Pt 2; Orlando Shakespeare Theater: Hermione, The Winter’s Tale, Emilia, Othello, Beatrice, Much Ado About Nothing, and Kate in Taming of the Shrew; 1812 Productions: Boston Marriage; Folger Theatre: Comedy of Errors, Arcadia; Arden Theatre: Dancing at Lughnasa, Romeo and Juliet. Suzanne is a graduate of DeSales University and is proud to be returning to PSF (where she played Juliet in the very first season). MARISELA TREVIÑO ORTA (Playwright, River Bride) Her plays include Heart Shaped Nebula, Somewhere, Wolf at the Door and The River Bride, which premiered in 2016


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at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and has had subsequent productions at Arizona Theatre Company, Stages Repertory Theatre, and American Players Theatre. Her work has been presented by A.C.T. Young Conservatory, the Bay Area Playwrights Festival, Brava Theater, Camino Real Productions, Halcyon Theater, Kitchen Dog Theater, Marin Theatre, Milagro, Nashville Children’s Theatre, New Jersey Rep, Shotgun Players, Su Teatro, and Those Women Productions. Recently her Audiblecommissioned audio play Nightfall launched on their platform. Marisela is an alum of the Playwrights Foundation Resident Playwright Initiative (2008-2011), Goodman Theatre Playwrights Unit (2018-2019), and Playwrights’ Center Core Writer program (2018-2021). Currently she is a member of the Latino Theatre Company’s Circle of Imaginistas who are under commission to create new work. She is the recipient of the 2006 Chicano/Latino Literary Award in Drama, 2009 PEN Center USA Literary Award in Drama, 2013 National Latino Playwriting Award, and 2019 Alliance Kendeda National Graduate Playwriting Award Finalist. Marisela has an MFA in Poetry from the University of San Francisco and an MFA in Playwriting from the Iowa Playwrights Workshop.

ANDY PETERSON (Music Director/Conductor, Chorus Line) is an award-winning international composer, musical director, orchestrator and pianist originally hailing from Australia. Broadway: Tootsie (Associate Music Director/Conductor), My One and Only (Rehearsal Pianist). Off Broadway: The Grateful Dead’s musical Red Roses, Green Gold (MD/Arranger/Orchestrations), Atomic (MD/Arranger/Orchestrations). Composer: The World to Come (Audio series 2021 Webby Honoree), Razorhurst (New Jersey, Sydney), Stalker: the Musical (New York, Chicago, Sydney). Install Musical Director for new shows at Universal Studios Beijing (2021) and Celebrity Beyond (2022). MATT PFEIFFER (Director, Little Red, Much Ado, S4K) he/him is a Philly-born actor and director. He has worked with PSF for 22 seasons. Other credits: Arden Theatre, People’s Light, Bristol Riverside, InterAct, Walnut Street, 1812 Productions, Lantern Theatre, Delaware Theatre, Gulfshore Playhouse, Orlando Shakespeare Theater, UArts, and Villanova University. Matt is a twelve-time Barrymore

nominee and winner, for his direction of The Whale and The Invisible Hand both with Theatre Exile. He’s also a recipient of the F. Otto Haas Award and a proud DeSales University grad. Matt’s work this summer is dedicated in loving memory of Marnie. Love to Zack and Coda.

RYAN QUINN (Director, Fences) is an actor, director, teacher, husband to Katie, and Dad to Zoë. In 2021, he directed The Mountaintop at Arc Stages, Dad’s Season Tickets at Milwaukee Rep, and The Tempest at The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival (where he also directed Macbeth, The Two Noble Kinsman and two productions of Romeo and Juliet for the tour/conservatory company). Ryan is a co-founder and the artistic director of Esperance Theater Company, directing Twelfth Night, Youth and Ambition, and Breitwisch Farm. Additional directing: Everybody, Lost Girl, So Thrive My Soul at Milwaukee Rep (PTI Program), God of Carnage and Stick Fly at AADA, and Comedy of Errors at LIU Post. As an actor, Ryan most recently appeared Off-Broadway as John Proctor in Bedlam’s critically acclaimed production of The Crucible. Also, with Bedlam; DeadDogPark at 59E59 Theaters, Sense and Sensibility at A.R.T. and Portland Center Stage, Bedlam: The Series, and Hedda Gabler later in 2022. Additional Off-Broadway: Whorl Inside a Loop at Second Stage, Vanity Fair at The Pearl, The Killer, Antony and Cleopatra, King Lear, and Hamlet at Theatre for a New Audience. MFA: Yale School of Drama. For dad, who taught me how to tell stories.

BARON E. PUGH (Scenic Designer, Fences) PSF: How I Learned What I Learned. Lyric Stage Company of Boston: The Light, Breath and Imagination, The Wiz. The Huntington Theatre: The Bluest Eye (associate designer). Trinity Rep: Tiny Beautiful Things, Radio Golf. TheatreSquared: The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, School Girls. Umbrella Theater: The Colored Museum, The Old Man and the Old Moon. SpeakEasy Stage Company: Passover, Choir Boy, School Girls. Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey: The Comedy of Errors, Snug. Baron received his MFA in Scenic Design from Boston University and is a proud member of United Scenic Artists Local 829. For upcoming productions, please visit @bpscenic on Instagram for behind the scenes content.

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KAYCE RHYLEE-CHERISE RAWLS (u/s Raynell, Fences) is extremely excited to be joining PSF. Kayce resides in Bethlehem with her family while attending elementary school in the Bethlehem Area School District. She is currently in her school play Annie, Jr. playing the role of one of the orphans, July. Kayce plays trumpet in the school band and loves acting, singing, and math. She would like to thank her parents for supporting her and believing that she can. She is also grateful to director Ryan Quinn for this valuable experience.

Mechanics, and a member of the HotHouse–the Wilma Theater’s resident acting company. She loves buck a shuck oysters and Vino Verde.

DENNIS RAZZE (Associate Artistic Director; Director, Chorus Line) was one of the founding members of PSF back in 1992. Since then he has directed over twenty productions for PSF including Ragtime, Les Misérables, Evita, Sweeney Todd, South Pacific, West Side Story, Oklahoma!, Fiddler on the Roof, 1776, Cyrano de Bergerac, My Fair Lady, Man of La Mancha, Amadeus, Twelfth Night, The Taming of the Shrew and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Mr. Razze has been a faculty member at DeSales for the last thirty-eight years and served as chair of the theatre department from 2003 to 2020. Besides directing, Mr. Razze has worked as an actor and a composer having composed the scores for many PSF and Act One productions. However, perhaps his biggest claim to fame is that he appeared as the Rabbi in the music video of The Clash’s hit song “Rock the Casbah.”

JYNELLY ROSARIO* (Assistant Stage Manager, Much Ado) Tours: Oklahoma! (Broadway National Tour). Off Broadway: Killing Time, Posting Letters to the Moon, Square Go (59E59 Theaters). Regional: Mala (The Old Globe), Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, I Hate Hamlet (Maltz Jupiter Theatre), In The Heights (Puerto Rico), Anything Goes: In Concert (New London Barn Playhouse), Hand To God (Florida Studio Theatre), Passionata (Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse). | IG: @jynellyrosario

CATHERINE RITTER (Associate Box Office Manager) joined the team in 2021 as the Associate Box Office Manager. She is an alumna of the DeSales Theatre program (Class of 2020) and is a former PSF actress (Ragtime, 2018.) She is thrilled to be back, utilizing her passion for the arts once again in her budding administrative career in the theatre she has called home for nearly 6 years now. BRETT ASHLEY ROBINSON* (Beatrice, Much Ado) is a 2021 PEW Fellow, a Barrymore Award winning devisor, theatre- maker and educator based in Philadelphia. As an actor and devisor, she has worked at, The Public, Ars Nova ANT Fest, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Wilma Theater, Lightning Rod Special, Pig Iron Theatre, Arden Theatre, InterAct, The Flea Theater, Theatre Horizon, and Geva Theatre Center. She has taught acting at DeSales University and the University of the Arts, is a company member of Applied

ANELISE RODRIGUEZ (Education Director, Prologues) is a DeSales University theatre alumna with a teaching certification in English (7-12). Anelise joined the PSF staff in 2019 and coordinates the annual Shakespeare Competition for high school students, accessible performances, and the WillPower Tour.

JOSHUA ROSE (Director of Production) is thrilled to be able to work with PSF to bring our 31st season back indoors. He has previously worked with CMT San Jose, TheatreWorks, San Jose Rep, The Fifth Avenue, A Contemporary Theatre, Seattle Children’s Theater, and The Fulton. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Duluth. Josh would like to thank Tiffanie and Gavin for all their love, support, and understanding. ANDREW RUGGIERI (Mike, Chorus Line) is a Philadelphia native with a BFA in Vocal Performance from University of the Arts. Andrew is thrilled to be making his PSF debut with A Chorus Line. National Tour: Chicago, A Chorus Line (Mike). Regional: Ghost (Sam), Miss Saigon (Chris), The Boy from Oz (Peter Allen), An American in Paris (Jerry Mulligan), Gypsy (Tulsa). He would especially like to thank the production team, cast and crew of A Chorus Line for this amazing opportunity. Love and thanks to Mom, Dad and family for their constant love and support. @ andrewnataleruggieri


KJ SANCHEZ (Director, River Bride) is the founder and CEO of American Records, dedicated to making theatre that chronicles our time, theatre that serves as a bridge between people. She is also an Associate Professor at UT Austin and head of the MFA Playwriting/Directing programs. Her productions – as a director/ playwright - include (select list) The Guthrie Theater, Hartford Stage, Huntington Theatre, The Alley, Berkeley Rep, Baltimore Center Stage, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Playmakers Rep, Asolo Rep, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Two River Theater, Frontera Rep, Round House, Studio Theatre in D.C., Cornerstone Theater Company and Off-Broadway at Urban Stages, HERE Arts Center and the Gene Frankel Theatre. KJ is a Fox Fellow, Douglass Wallop Fellow, and a recipient of the 2014 Rella Lossy Playwright Award. NICK SCHRIER (Frank, & u/s Larry, Don, Bobby, Mark, Chorus Line) is making his PSF debut. Favorite regional credits: Baby John in West Side Story (Palos Verdes Performing Arts), Mark in A Chorus Line (Moonlight Stage Amphitheater), Chip in 25th Annual…Spelling Bee (JPAC Chicago), Moby Dick (Chicago Opera Theater), An Enemy of the People (Goodman Theatre), A Christmas Carol (Metropolis PAC). Nick has danced with Mordine and Company, Cocodaco Dance Project, and WITHIN with Visceral Dance Chicago. Proudly representing Muskegon, Michigan and Oberlin College. FR. GERARD SCHUBERT O.S.F.S. (Founder) (1929 to 2015) was the founding chairperson of DeSales’ Theater and Speech Department in 1969 and founder and Artistic Director of Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival in 1991. Fr. Schubert was instrumental in creating a vibrant Performing Arts arm of the liberal arts curriculum at DeSales University. With his guidance, the department developed majors in dance and TV/film and grew to more than 300 majors in theatre, TV/film, and dance. In PSF, he created a nationally recognized theater festival of high professional standards, attracting renowned artists from around the country. The Festival has grown to incorporate a season of seven plays and an audience base of 40,000 each summer. The Festival takes an annual tour of Shakespeare to middle and high schools throughout Pennsylvania. He increased the exposure of Shakespeare and other classics throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

KYLE SCHUMAKER (Box Office Manager) is thrilled for his 3rd season as the Box Office Manager at PSF. He is a 2017 graduate of the DeSales University Musical Theatre program, and former PSF actor (Fiddler on the Roof, West Side Story). Before PSF, Kyle worked as the Assistant Box Office Manager at American Music Theatre. Cheers to a wonderful season! Peace and blessings. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (Playwright, Much Ado) (1564-1616) Our knowledge of William Shakespeare’s life is pieced together with information from limited primary sources: his own works, various legal and church documents, and references to him, his plays, and his genius in third party letters. Here’s what we do know: William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-UponAvon on or about April 23, 1564. Records from Holy Trinity Church tell us he was baptized there on April 26, 1564. His father was John Shakespeare, a glove-maker, and his mother was Mary Arden, a landowning heiress. William was the third of eight children, three of whom died in childhood. His father was fairly successful and was an alderman and a high-bailiff (mayor) of Stratford. It is assumed that he went to the free grammar school in Stratford, which was considered an excellent school. It seems certain that Shakespeare never went on to university. The next documented event is Shakespeare’s marriage to Anne Hathaway on November 28, 1582. They had three children: a daughter, Susanna, and twins, Hamnet and Judith. Hamnet died at age 11. We lose track of Shakespeare for the next seven years. There are rumors that he was fond of poaching and had to flee Stratford after an incident with one of the gentry there. He began to make a name for himself in London by 1592, possibly earlier, as both an actor and a playwright. Unfortunately, the plague forced the closing of the theaters in 1592. By 1594 the plague had abated, and Shakespeare was acting, writing, and performing the duties of a managing partner for the Lord Chamberlain’s Men. This was a popular company, enjoyed by the commoners as well as royalty. It was around this time that Shakespeare and company made plans for the Globe Theatre. The Globe was to be across the river from London, and was built around 1599. In total, Shakespeare wrote 37 plays that have survived (or 38 or 39, depending on the point of view of the particular scholar) and numerous sonnets and poems. April 23, 1616, is the day that marks Shakespeare’s death (the same as his birthday) though we are uncertain of that date’s precision. We do know he was buried in Stratford, with services at the Holy Trinity Church on April 25, 1616. In

his infamous will, he left his properties to his daughter Susanna, and to his wife his “second best bed.” ERIN SHEFFIELD (Choreographer, Much Ado; Playwright, S4K) 20th PSF season. PSF credits: Pride and Prejudice (director), Education Director (20062011); and she has taught at DeSales and directed for Act 1 productions. Member of Actors’ Equity Association. Favorite roles: Viola, Twelfth Night at PSF; and Anne of Green Gables (Barrymore nomination) People’s Light in Malvern, where she is the General Manager. MFA: Case Western Reserve University/Cleveland Play House. Proud graduate of DeSales University. Thanks, Casey and Patrick! TINA LOUISE SLAK (Director of Marketing & Public Relations) is a DeSales theatre graduate celebrating her 9th season with PSF. She was directed by Dennis Razze in 1992, ’93, and ’94 in Act 1’s West Side Story (Maria), Into the Woods (the Witch), and Anything Goes (Reno Sweeney). Truly coming full circle, her daughters Alena and Gabriella have each performed on the Labuda stage, one cast by Dennis and the other directed by Patrick Mulcahy. A former voice-over talent for many years, Tina shifted to a business career in real estate sales, property management, and marketing—bringing more than seventeen years of marketing experience to promote the Festival’s mission, brand, and programs to the widest possible audience. Tina is currently training with Lehigh Valley Health Network to become a hospice volunteer at the in-patient unit in Allentown, PA. LINDSAY SMILING* (Don Pedro, Much Ado) is thrilled to return to PSF where he appeared in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Troilus and Cressida, and Twelfth Night. He is a member of the Wilma Theater’s HotHouse Company, an Adjunct Professor at Temple University, and a founding member of the Black Theatre Alliance of Philadelphia. As an actor/director/educator, he has collaborated with a multitude of theaters across the country including: Baltimore Center Stage, Santa Cruz Shakespeare, Philadelphia Theatre Company, Delaware Shakespeare, New Light Theatre, Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, Lantern Theater, Arden Theatre, Syracuse Stage, People’s Light, Pittsburgh Public, Two River Theater, Victory Gardens, Dorset Theatre Festival, Human Race Theatre, Walnut Street, Illinois Shakespeare 69

Festival, Arkansas Shakespeare, Mixed Blood Theatre, and Bristol Riverside. He earned his MFA in acting from Temple University. ASHANI SMITH* (Assistant Stage Manager, Chorus Line) is from Charlotte, NC and a 2021 graduate of Western Carolina University. She is so excited to be returning to PSF after working as the ASM on A Midsummer Night’s Dream last summer! Recent stage management credits: Sub ASM on the 1st National Tour of Pretty Woman, Aesop’s Fables (Children’s Theatre of Charlotte), development workshop of Metropolis (New Light Theatre Project), and Jelly’s Last Jam (2019 National Black Theatre Festival). Ashani is also proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated! All the love to mom, dad & Zi, and her amazing friends & family who continue to uplift her! LILIANNA SOLUM* (Lois, & u/s Cassie, Shelia, Maggie, Bebe, Chorus Line) is thrilled to be making her PSF debut! Originally from Sarasota, FL, she received her BFA in Musical Theatre from Florida State University and now lives in NYC. Recent credits: Carousel (Riverside Theatre), Adelaide in Guys and Dolls, Dream Laurey in Oklahoma! (Wagon Wheel), and Velma in Chicago (FSU). Endless thanks to the entire cast and crew of A Chorus Line, HKA, and her friends and family for their unconditional love and support! KAREN SPANO (Business Manager) is incredibly excited to be able to experience a normal season of PSF once again! She holds a BS in Accounting/Business Administration from West Chester University. She is an avid skier and, in the winter, is often found at Blue Mountain Resort in Palmerton, PA where she is a PSIA Level II Ski Instructor. Karen loves spending time with her children: daughter Georgia and son-in-law Paulie who live in Philadelphia and daughter Antonia and son Niko, who reside with Karen and her husband Michael in Bethlehem. She is an advocate for the importance of organ & tissue donation awareness, an issue that is very close to her heart. TOMMY STACHERSKI (Swing, Off-Stage Cover, A Chorus Line) he/him is a musical theater major going into his sophomore year. He is very excited to be making his PSF debut. Previous

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credits: u/s Mr. Bingley in Pride and Prejudice, Si Crowell in Our Town, and u/s Friedrich in The Sound of Music. SHEILA TAPIA* (Señora Costa, River Bride) OffBroadway: CQ/CX (Atlantic Theater Co.), La Ruta (The Working Theater), ReEntry (Urban Stages), Elliot, A Soldiers Fugue (Culture Project/P73), Welcome To Arroyos (Lark/NYC Hip Hop Festival/NYTW). Regional: Speed The Plow (Shakerbridge Theater), ReEntry (Baltimore Center Stage), Private Lives, ReEntry (Two River Theater), How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents (Round House Theater). Film: Side Effects alongside Jude Law & Catherine Zeta Jones, Tick, Tick . . .Boom!. TV: Madam Secretary, Blindspot, New Amsterdam, Mrs. Fletcher, Mysteries of Laura, Royal Pains, Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU. Education: BA, University of Florida; MFA: Ohio University. Member AEA. STEVE TENEYCK (Lighting Designer, Much Ado) is pleased to return to PSF having designed here for many of the last 16 seasons. Some favorite PSF past productions: West Side Story, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Evita, Rag-

time, Julius Cesar and Twelfth Night. Designs have been seen at Dallas Theater Center, Gulfshore Playhouse, Syracuse Stage, Big Art Group, Kitchen Theatre Company, Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, Hangar Theatre, Madison Opera, Syracuse Opera, Anchorage Opera, Minnesota Opera, Florida Grand Opera. Steve is a member of United Scenic Artists Local 829 and teaches design at Ithaca College in New York. CLINT MADDOX THOMPSON (Al, & u/s Mike, Chorus Line) is thrilled to be a part of this production of A Chorus Line, a show that is very close to him. Clint recently concluded a run as Handsome Nick in the regional premiere of A Bronx Tale at Axelrod Performing Arts, directed by Broadway Veteran Richard H. Blake. Other past credits: National Tour of The Wizard of Oz, Kinky Boots (Slow Burn Theatre), Mamma Mia! (Virginia Musical Theatre), Elf: The Musical (Gateway Playhouse), and Young Frankenstein (Short North Stage). Clint has also curated a following on social media as a model and entertainer while highlighting his southern roots. Follow his journey @clintmthompson. Thanks to the Penn Shakes Team, Friends, Mentors, and most of all his family. 70


Fences) is proud to return to PSF and be part of August Wilson’s Fences. He made his PSF debut last summer in Wilson’s How I Learned What I Learned. Other recent theater: TheaterWorks production of Dominique Morriseau’s Sunset Baby, Ghost in the House, the one man play about the late great boxer Jack Johnson, the world premiere of The Black Odyssey at Denver Center for the Performing Arts, the workshop of The Royale for the LATC at the Kirk Douglas Theater. He has also done a number of workshop seminars across the country. Tony is proud to have been in the productions of Fences, at the Geva Theatre Center; Captains Tiger, at the La Jolla Playhouse, Manhattan Theater Club, and The Kennedy Center (for which he received a Helen Hayes nomination); Zooman & the Sign at Second Stage; Home and Playboy of the West Indies, at Crossroads; Les Blancs at the Arena Stage, Huntington, and Seattle Rep. Tony originated the role of King Hedley II, at Pittsburgh Public, Huntington and Seattle Rep. Tony trained at Eugene O’Neill Theater Center and Trinity Rep Conservatory. Tony recently starred in the hit series The Flash as the sinister character ‘Zoom’, in the HBO series Room 104, and in the Freeform series Dead

of Summer. Film/TV: Platoon, Lean On Me, Night of the Living Dead, The Crow, Candyman, Frankenstein, Sushi Girl, Transformers Prime, Final Destination 1,3,4,5, Le Secret, Star Trek the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager, The Rock, Bird, The Man From Earth, Changing the Game, Hatchet 1&2, Chuck, Hawaii 5-0, Criminal Minds, Law & Order, Homicide, NYPD Blue, X-Files, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Black Fox, 24, True Women, to name a few. Upcoming films: Drive Me to Vegas or Mars, From Jennifer, West of Hell among others. Presently Tony is finishing his screenplay Providence and preparing his one-man theater project Conversations with: Bayard Rustin, Woody Strode, and Lester Young. Tony is proud of his daughter Ariana and dedicates this performance to her, and continued world peace. @tonytodd54 CHRISTIAN TUFFY (Young Company; Pig #2, Little Red; u/s Don John & Balthazar, Much Ado; Grumio, YC Shrew) he/him is a rising junior Musical Theatre major at DeSales University. This is Christian’s first summer working with PSF and he is honored to have this opportunity. DeSales: As You Like It (Musician), Spoon River Anthology (Musician/Vocalist), Pride and Prejudice (Mr. Darcy), and A Christmas Carol (Fred). Christian would like to thank his family and friends for all their love and support. Enjoy the show! MARY TUOMANEN* (Ursula, Much Ado) they/she was last seen as Puck in PSF’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Recent credits: Fairview at Wilma Theater, and directing Rose: You Are Who You Eat for the Guggenheim Museum’s Works & Process and CulturalDC. As a playwright, they are the winner of the Philadelphia Award for their play Peaceable Kingdom and the 2017 F. Otto Haas Emerging Artist Award. They are an associate artist with the Bearded Ladies Cabaret, a founding member of Applied Mechanics, and an amateur punk drummer with their band, The Bandits. ALLIE VAZQUEZ (Belmira, River Bride) she/her is a creative multi-hyphenate actor that has had the pleasure to work with talented individuals in various film, television, and theatre productions such as 20th Century, Hulu, The Civilians, and Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival. She’s most recently been seen as “Ana” in Only Murders in the Building, and as “Anaya” in Lover’s Leap, an official selection of the Maryland Film Festival premiering June 17th. In her spare time, she likes to explore

her interests in modeling, video editing, the art form of drag, and writing music and screenplays. Her identity as a proud Boricua and member of the LGBTQ+ community pushes and inspires her to participate in and/or create projects authentically and with integrity.

Folles, and Mame (Reagle Music Theatre). Paul is a graduate of Pittsburgh CAPA and The Boston Conservatory. Some favorite school credits: The Cradle Will Rock, Little Women, Carousel, and Mercury Fur. Paul would also love to thank Alex, Fido, and his family for their endless support!

LUIS VILLABON (Choreographer, Associate Director, Chorus Line) was mentored by Tony Award winner and A Chorus Line (ACL) original Broadway cast member, Baayork Lee. Luis’ ACL restaging credits include: Self Family Arts Center, SC; Austin Music Theatre, TX; Northern Stage, VT; Ogunquit Playhouse, ME; the 2007 Italian National Tour; the 2009 South Korean National Production in Seoul; the 2011 Japanese Production in Tokyo, Rider University, NJ (2013), the 2016 National Production of Chile in Santiago and he served as Associate Director for Antonio Banderas’ 2019-2022 Spanish language production of ACL in Spain. Assistant Director/Choreographer to Ms. Lee: A New Brain (NYC); Jesus Christ Superstar (European Tour). Assistant Choreographer to Paula Abdul: Reefer Madness (NYC); Master of Disguise, starring Dana Carvey (SONY Pictures). As an actor, Luis has appeared in A Chorus Line as Butch once; Paul twelve times; Mike once; and Zach twice, totaling over 1,750 performances. Luis is a member of AEA, SAG-AFTRA and is a graduate of the William Esper Studio in NYC. Special thanks to the entire cast, creative team, and crew, Michael Bennett, Brad and Caroline Worth-Tyrrell, Dennis, Patrick, Andy, Farrel, and Timmy.

SHAUN-AVERY WILLIAMS* (Richie, Chorus Line) is a performer originally from Fort Worth, Texas but raised in NC. He obtained his BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Theatre Credits include: Dreamgirls (Theatre Raleigh), Memphis (Gateway), The Music Man (ATC), High Button Shoes (Encores!), Peter Pan (PCLO), Kinky Boots (PTC), and Cabaret (ATC). Excited to be making his debut at PSF and in A Chorus Line! Shout out to Clear Talent :) Also, Hi Mom!! Instagram: @shaunaverywilliams

EMMA VIELBIG (Maggie, Chorus Line) is beyond thrilled to join PSF’s cast of ACL! Past credits: A Christmas Carol the Musical (WPPAC), Big River (Rubicon Theatre Company), Wigmore and Green’s Bachelor Girls (NYC workshop), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Uprising Theatre Company), Into the Woods and Much Ado About Nothing (Syracuse University). TV/Film: Calls from the Inside (ID). Huge thanks to my agents, Mom and Dad as always, and the incredible cast, crew and team of ACL. Checkout her parody writing on IG: @emmmma_nicole PAUL WATT-MORSE (Don, Chorus Line) is thrilled to be making his PSF debut! A Pittsburgh native, Paul is excited to return to the keystone state after moving to NYC post-grad. Regional credits: The Music Man, Really Rosie (Weston Playhouse), A Chorus Line, La Cage Aux 71

AUGUST WILSON (Playwright, Fences) (1945—2005) authored Gem of the Ocean, Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, The Piano Lesson, Seven Guitars, Fences, Two Trains Running, Jitney, King Hedley II and Radio Golf. These works explore the heritage and experience of the descendants of Africans in North America, decade by decade, over the course of the twentieth century, forming the compilation entitled The American Century Cycle. His plays have been produced on Broadway, at regional theaters across the country and all over the world. In 2003, Mr. Wilson made his professional stage debut in his one-man show, How I Learned What I Learned, currently touring and featuring Eugene Lee reprising Mr. Wilson’s role. Mr. Wilson’s works garnered many awards including: the Pulitzer Prize for Fences (1987) and for The Piano Lesson (1990); a Tony Award for Fences; Great Britain’s Olivier Award for Jitney; and seven New York Drama Critics Circle Awards for Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Fences, Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, The Piano Lesson, Two Trains Running, Seven Guitars and Jitney. Additionally, the cast recording of Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom received a 1985 Grammy Award, and Mr. Wilson received a 1995 Emmy Award nomination for his screenplay adaptation of The Piano Lesson. Mr. Wilson’s early works included the one-act plays The Janitor, Recycle, The Coldest Day of the Year, Malcolm X, The Homecoming and the musical satire Black Bart and the Sacred Hills. Mr. Wilson received many fellowships and awards, including the Rockefeller and Guggenheim Fellowships in Playwriting, the Whiting Writers Award and the 2003 Heinz Award. He was awarded a 1999 National Humanities Medal by President Bill Clinton and received numerous honorary degrees

from colleges and universities, as well as the only high school diploma ever issued by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. He was an alumnus of New Dramatists, a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a 1995 inductee into the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and on October 16, 2005, Broadway renamed the theater located at 245 West 52nd Street –“The August Wilson Theatre.” Additionally, Mr. Wilson was posthumously inducted into the Theater Hall of Fame in 2007. Today, his plays continue to be produced and his place in the American Theatre continues to grow. New York Public Radio recorded all ten plays in the The American Century Cycle at the Greene Space, casting many of the actors that worked on the original productions. PBS aired a documentary on Mr. Wilson, entitled The Ground On Which I Stand, as part of the American Masters series. Mr. Wilson was born and raised in the Hill District of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and lived in Seattle, Washington at the time of his death. He is immediately survived by his two daughters, Sakina Ansari and Azula Carmen Wilson, and his wife, costume designer Constanza Romero, who is the executor of his estate. ACTORS’ EQUITY ASSOCIATION (AEA) was founded in 1913 as the first of the American actor unions. Equity’s mission is to advance, promote and foster the art of live theatre as an essential component of our society. Today, Equity represents more than 40,000 actors, singers, dancers and stage managers working in hundreds of theatres across the United States. Equity members are dedicated to working in the theatre as a profession, upholding the highest artistic standards.

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