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Robert Toll L’66, a major contributor to the public interest program, enjoys the company of the Toll Public Interest Scholars at the recent Benefactors Dinner. Toll’s support extends to loan forgiveness programs in return for commitments to public service, pro bono service projects, internships and fellowships, summer funding for public interest work, and scholarships. Photo by Sam Stuart ii


OF GIVING FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2010-2011 In recognition of donors who made gifts between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011

C O N T E N TS Another Banner Year Thanks to a Supportive Community. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 2010-2011 Giving at a Glance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Leadership Donors & Major Benefactors Honor Roll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Leadership Donors in Profile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Benjamin Franklin Society Donors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Institute for Law and Economics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Alumni Contributions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 2011 Class Gift Contributors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Law Firm Program. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Matching Gifts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Friends of Penn Law . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Gifts Made in Memory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Gifts Made in Honor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Friends of the Gittis Clinic. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 William Draper Lewis Legacy Circle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Lerner Fund. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Friends of Biddle Law Library. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Adjunct Faculty. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Law Alumni Society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 The Law School Board of Overseers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52


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Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in this Report. We offer our sincere apologies for any typographical errors or omissions. Please forward any corrections to the attention of: Larry Teitelbaum University of Pennsylvania Law School 3400 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6204 TELEPHONE

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The University of Pennsylvania values diversity and seeks talented students, faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds. The University of Pennsylvania does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, color, national or ethinic origin, age, disability, or status as a Vietnam Era Veteran or disabled veteran in the administration of educational policies, programs or activities; admissions policies; scholarship and loan awards; athletic or other University administered programs or employment. Questions or complaints regarding this policy should be directed to: Executive Director Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Programs 3600 Chestnut Street, Sansom Place East, Suite 228 Philadelphia, PA 19104-6106 TELEPHONE (215)

898 6993 or (215) 898 7803 (TDD)

Another Banner Year Than ks to a Supportive Com m unity


t our recent Benefactor’s Dinner, I read a letter from a grateful alumna that speaks volumes about the community we’ve built at the Law School and the support we enjoy as a result of our distinctive culture.

This member of the Class of 1997 wrote of her unexpected conversion to public interest law and how it was driven by her experience with the Public Interest Center. She recounted her recent

Michael A. Fitts Dean, University of Pennsylvania Law School

return to the Law School for the Sparer Symposium, and what she encountered impressed her. “The high quality of everything the Toll Center is doing was palpable — most importantly it shows in the eyes of every single student I met that day. The enthusiasm and support the school is lending to the Center is outstanding. However, I think it is the support of alumni, like the tangible support Mr. Toll is giving to the Law School, which has the largest impact. “So please let Mr. Toll know that other alumni are cheering him for his donation and that his vision in supporting public interest programming at Penn Law spurs us to continue to support the Law School for years to come.” This past year, Bob Toll L’66 and Jane Toll GSE’66 continued their support of the Toll Public Interest Center with additional resources for summer fellowships and internships, pro bono service projects, scholarships and the ongoing loan forgiveness program which encourages alumni

Paul G. Haaga, Jr. L’74, WG’74 Chairman Board of Overseers

commitment to public service. Their efforts have transformed our public service programs. But it takes many, many gifts to move the Law School forward. Last year more than 4,500 donors contributed to the Law School. In total, we raised nearly $15.4 million, including $3.2 million in annual giving. For the record, we have now raised $10 million or more seven years in a row. Astounding! So what is the net effect of your support? Your gifts helped us strengthen the Law School in countless and immensely meaningful areas. We put in place the infrastructure to launch a revolutionary new clinic, known as the Detkin Intellectual Property and Technology Legal Clinic, which will allow students to learn about the patent process and what it takes to bring innovations to market. We established several new scholarships, including one that supports study abroad programs between Penn Law and Chinese law schools. We created a program that will support faculty who teach appellate advocacy as well as students who compete in national moot court competitions. And we received continued support for Golkin Hall, an exquisite building that will sustain and nurture the most collegial law school community in America. It opens in January. Our progress and continued success rests on the shoulders of alumni. Without your support, we could not have made such palpable improvements — this past year or any other year. So Paul Haaga and I want to join that letter writer and thank Bob Toll and every donor, big and small, for giving to the Law School. We are in your debt. Literally. Thank you.

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 3






4 ,5 7 0

$15, 388, 494

$16, 878, 56 2




$ 7 ,7 7 8, 648

$ 4, 453, 104


$ 5 ,3 2 4, 040

$ 6, 996, 941


$ 2 ,2 8 5, 805

$ 5, 428, 516


Capital 15%

Annual Giving 21%


Cross Disciplinary 14%

General Endowment < 1%

Annual Giving 17% Capital 32%

Faculty Research 5%

Institute for Law and Economics 3%

Student Support 34%


Cross Disciplinary 4%

Faculty Research 6% Student Support 33% Professorships 7%


Institute for Law and Economics 3%

Professorships 4% General Endowment 2%


LEADE RSH I P DONORS $2,000,000 or more

$100,000 to $249,999

Anonymous (3) Peter N. Detkin EE'82, L'85 Jane Toll GSEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;66 Robert I. Toll L'66

Anonymous (4) Alan L. Beller L'76 Leslie L. Beller G'76 Richard A. Cassell GL'84 David L. Cohen L'81 Rhonda R. Cohen L'80 Richard G. Corey L'74 Samuel A. Danon C'87, L'91 Mark B. Davis L'75 Davis-Villamil Family Foundation Edward Diver L'99, G'01, GR'04 Ann S. Ellman Mark A. Ellman W'78, L'83 Mark & Anne Ellman Fund Robert L. Friedman L'67 Joseph B. Frumkin L'85 Joseph D. Gatto L'84, WG'84 Susan Gatto Joseph & Susan Gatto Foundation John J. Grogan L'93 David Craig Hertz L'88 Sharyl Marcus Hertz L'88 Leon C. Holt, Jr. L'51 June Holt Losenge M. Imasogie Osagie O. Imasogie GL'85 The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Thomas R. Kline

$1,000,000 to $1,999,999 Paul G. Haaga, Jr. L'74, WG'74 Heather Haaga Oluwagbemiga A. Oyebode GL'82

$250,000 to $999,999 Anonymous (7) John G. Berylson Jennifer Berylson Block L'05 Roxanne Conisha Bok C'81 Scott L. Bok C'81, W'81, L'84 Bok Family Foundation James A. Feldman C'72 Barbara Corwin Franklin OT'66 Earl R. Franklin L'68 Earl R. Franklin Foundation Karen Levy Paul S. Levy L'72 Paul and Karen Levy Family Foundation Alan Miles Ruben C'53, G'56, L'56 The Honorable Betty W. Ruben WG'57 Henry R. Silverman L'64 Natalie Lewis Wexler L'83

Lee Kushner Murray Kushner C'73, L'76 Howard I. Langer L'77 The Langer, Grogan, and Diver Fund for Social Justice, Inc. James W. McKenzie, Jr. WG'86, L'86 Mary Minehan McKenzie L'86 E. Scott Mead L'82 The Scott & Suling Mead Foundation Lucy J. Minehan L'91 Allen J. Model L'80 Leo Model Foundation, Inc. David B. Pudlin L'74 Helen Pomerantz Pudlin CW'71, GED'71, L'74 Bradley A. Robins L'90 Cheryl R. Saban C'82, L'85 Jennifer Schifter Richard P. Schifter L'78 Schifter Family Foundation Cary M. Schwartz W'66, L'69 Elaine Levy Schwartz CW'67 Michael J. Siegmund EAS'82, W'82 Alvin L. Snowiss C'52, L'55 Jean Y. Snowiss Shanin Specter L'84 Estate of William S. Stevens L'75 F. Davis Terry, Jr. WG'79 Tai Chang Terry L'80 Yolanda I. Villamil-Davis

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 5


MAJOR B E N E FACTORS $50,000 to $99,999 Anonymous (2) James H. Agger L'61 Charles I. Cogut L'73 Ellen Cogut Sandra Cozen Stephen A. Cozen C'61, L'64 Pamela F. Craven CW'74, L'77 William R. Craven Pamela Daley L'79 Richard D'Avino W'77, L'80 Gregg M. Galardi C'79, GR'90, L'90, G'85 General Electric Company Janis L. Goodman G'89, SW'91, SWP'05 Stephen M. Goodman W'62, L'65 Richard A. Jacoby W'61, L'64 Korean Alumni Club Bernard J. Korman W'52, L'55 Antonio Magliocco, Jr. L'77 Randy M. Mastro L'81 Gerald A. McHugh, Jr. L'79 Elizabeth Mullin Pamela J. Murphy L'79 The New York Bar Foundation Richard C. Pepperman II L'90 Derek Nicholas Pew L'93 The Honorable Wendy L. Pew Wendy and Derek Pew Foundation Randall L. Phelps Linda M. Plattus W'85 Seth P. Plattus L'86 Melissa Jo Saxe Rich R. Bruce Rich L'73 Steven F. Richman L'84, WG'84 Denise A. Rotko NU'73, GNU'76


Michael J. Rotko L'63 James J. Sandman L'76 Pasco L. Schiavo L'62 Jodi J. Schwartz W'81, L'84, WG'84 Carolyn Goffman Shapiro CW'64 Paul E. Shapiro C'64, L'67 Elizabeth M. Sheehan Robert C. Sheehan L'69 David M. Silk L'88 Carla Solomon TPG Ventures Professionals Charitable Gift Fund Paul F. Ware, Jr. L'69 Caroline Gittis Werther C'83, L'86 Daniel J. Werther Caroline Gittis Werther and Daniel Werther Family Foundation Kenneth W. Willman L'86

$25,000 to $49,999 Anonymous (2) Alan Abramson American Law Institute AT&T Kevin T. Baine L'74 Richard L. Bazelon L'68 The Honorable Harold Berger EE'48, L'51 Harold and Renee Berger Foundation Donald V. Berlanti W'60, L'63 Stanley J. Bernstein L'68 S. J .Bernstein Charitable Fund Nancy L. Blank Robert S. Blank L'65 Nancy and Robert S. Blank Foundation Jeffrey Brotman L'89


Michele V. Brotman C'86 Gilbert F. Casellas L'77 John J. Clair L'72 Walter J. Clayton III ENG'88, L'93 Gretchen Clayton Comcast Corporation CTIA Wireless Associaton Lisette Currier-Martinez L'91 David & Felice Silk Charitable Foundation Estate of Gertrude F. Dickson The Dominic Foundation Eric Jonathan Friedman L'89 Ada Garcia-Casellas Marvin S. Goldklang W'63, L'66 Walfrido J. Martinez L'91 Patricia Maria Menendez-Cambo L'89 Marilyn Mooney CW'73, L'76 Alan C. Myers L'75 Nina S. Myers CW'74, L'77 Dianne M. Nast Jeanne C. Olivier L'79 William B. Pennell L'61 Joseph F. Roda L'74 Roda Nast PC Evelyn L. Sabin Jeffrey S. Sabin Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Jeffrey A. Smith L'81 Sullivan & Cromwell LLP Time Warner Cable Glen A. Tobias W'63, L'66 Lynn Tobias Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz Foundation


In grateful recognition of major gifts made to the University of Pennsylvania Law School in Academic Year 2010-2011.

Dean Stewart Adler W'79, L'83 and S usanna Lachs CW'74, ASC'76 Dean Adler and Susanna Lachs have directed a portion of a 2007 University pledge to Penn Law School, where it will provide critical support for the Law School's new JD/MBA Program. Mr. Adler is CEO and co-founder of Lubert-Adler Partners, L.P., a private equity real estate investment company. He is also a member of the executive board of the Wharton School's Zell/Lurie Real Estate Center and a member of the Board of Overseers of Penn Design. Ms. Lachs, a former trial lawyer, is a Penn Library Overseer and a member of the boards of the Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies and Penn Hillel. She is also a member of the Trustees' Council of Penn Women.

Ballard S pahr LLP Ballard Spahr LLP has made a significant gift to establish the Arthur Makadon Appellate Advocacy Program. The gift is a tribute to the firm's former chair, Arthur Makadon L'67. The program will provide funding for faculty who teach appellate advocacy and students who compete in national moot court competitions. Makadon, who served as chair of the 500-laywer firm from July 2002 to July 2011, was instrumental in developing the firm's premier litigation practice.

Peter Detkin E Eâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;82, Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;85 Peter Detkin has made a major gift to establish the Detkin Intellectual Property and Technology Legal Clinic. The aim of the clinic is to give students practical, hands-on experience in the patent and licensing process and to build on University research to bring products to market. The Detkin clinic will be operated in collaboration with Penn's Center for Technology Transfer, and will also involve extensive crossdisciplinary collaboration between Penn Law and Penn's Schools of Engineering, Medicine, Business (Wharton), Arts and Sciences, and other Penn departments and programs involved in the patenting and licensing processes, as well as related research. Mr. Detkin, whose career combines law and technology, made the gift to give Penn students an opportunity to learn how IP is handled in the real world, preparing them to enter the workplace or to start their own companies, as he did. Mr. Detkin is an IP entrepreneur and founder and vice chairman of Intellectual Ventures, an invention investment firm. He also serves on the board of overseers for Penn's School of Engineering and Applied Science. Prior to joining Intellectual Ventures, Mr. Detkin spent eight years at Intel Corporation where he was a vice president and assistant general counsel.

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 7


Earl R. Fran klin L'68 and Barbara Corwin Fran klin OT'66 Earl R. Franklin and Barbara Corwin Franklin made a substantial gift to establish the Earl R. Franklin and Barbara Corwin Franklin Endowed Merit Scholarship Fund, which will support students who have demonstrated leadership and academic excellence. Mr. Franklin is the former senior vice president and secretary at the Eaton Corp., a global technology leader in diversified power management solutions.

John J. Gallagher L’76 and Joan Gallagher John and Joan Gallagher have made a generous gift in support of Golkin Hall. In recognition, the Law School is naming the bridge between Silverman Hall and Golkin Hall the Gallagher-Kearney Bridge, in honor of the Gallaghers and Mr. Gallagher’s classmate John B. Kearney L’76. Mr. Gallagher is the founder of the law firm Gallagher, Malloy and Georges. He specializes in international transactions with an emphasis on Eastern Europe and Asian business entities. He is also chairman of Meridican, Inc., a Washington, D.C., international strategic consulting firm. In addition, Mr. Gallagher has served as chairman of the United States Industry Coalition, a nonprofit created by Congress to facilitate the reduction of nuclear weapons, and as chairman of the United States Russian Exchange Commission, which facilities business exchanges between the two countries.

Perry Golkin W'74, WG'74, L'78 and Donna O'Hara Golkin WG'77 Perry and Donna Golkin are the lead donors for Penn Law's new Golkin Hall, a $33.5-million, 40,000-square-foot building that will feature a state-of-the-art moot courtroom, a 350-seat auditorium, seminar rooms, faculty and administrative offices, a two-story entry hall, and a rooftop garden. Golkin Hall is the final phase of a decade-long transformation of the Law School campus. Mr. Golkin is a senior executive at Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., an investment firm he joined in 1986. He has been a director of publicly traded and private companies for over 20 years. Prior to joining KKR, Mr. Golkin started his professional career with Price Waterhouse & Co., became a certified public accountant, and taught accounting at the Wharton School. Later, he was with the law firm of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett in New York, where he practiced corporate law. Mr. Golkin teaches an interdisciplinary course, Business Strategy and Corporate Law, at the Penn Law and Wharton Schools and is on the board of the Law School's Institute for Law and Economics. He also serves the University as a trustee and is an overseer of the Law School and a trustee of Penn Medicine.

Oluwagbemiga Oyebode G L’82 Oluwagbemiga (Gbenga) Oyebode has made a substantial gift to the Golkin Hall project. In recognition, the Law School will name the Garden Walkway above The Goat space in his honor. Mr. Oyebode is managing partner of Aluko and Oyebode in Lagos, Nigeria. The firm provides a full range of corporate and commercial legal services, including banking and finance, dispute resolution, telecommunication, intellectual property, energy and natural resources, project finance, real property, taxation and privatization.




Alan M iles R uben C'53, G'56, L'56 and the Honorable B etty Willis R uben WG'57 Alan Miles Ruben and Betty Willis Ruben made a major gift to establish the Alan Miles Ruben and Judge Betty Willis Ruben Endowed Scholarship. The fund will support the exchange of study abroad students between Penn Law and Chinese law schools, with preference to those from or traveling to FuDan University in China. Preference is also given to graduates of Central High School in Philadelphia. Professor Ruben is an emeritus professor of law at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cleveland State University, and an advisory professor of law at FuDan University, Shanghai, PRC.

Steven T. S hapiro C'89, L'92 and Deborah S hapiro L'92 Steven and Deborah Shapiro have made a generous gift to establish the Shapiro Endowed Scholarship Fund. Their gift also supports Annual Giving. Steven Shapiro is a founding partner and portfolio manager, as well as a member of the executive committee, at GoldenTree Asset Management, which manages leveraged loans, high yield bonds, distressed assets and equities in hedge funds and structured funds.

Robert Toll L’66 and Jane Toll G S E’66 Robert and Jane Toll have made a substantial contribution towards the Toll Public Interest Center, a multifaceted, cross-disciplinary program whose mission is to provide Law School students with meaningful opportunities to provide pro bono legal service to under-represented communities. The contribution will allow the Law School to expand its existing public interest programs including loan forgiveness, internships and fellowships, pro bono service projects, and scholarship in the field of public interest, and will also guarantee students summer funding for public interest work. Penn Law founded its public interest center in 1989 and renamed it the Toll Public Interest Center in 2006 in acknowledgement of a $10 million gift from the Tolls that enabled a significant expansion of activities. Mr. Toll is executive chairman of the board of Toll Brothers, Inc., a leading builder of luxury homes. He has been a member of the Law School’s board of overseers since 1992 and has served repeatedly as guest auctioneer for the Penn Law Equal Justice Foundation Auction. He is a former member of the Penn Board of Trustees. The Tolls are involved with several nonprofits, including Seeds of Peace, a camp that brings Arab and Israeli and Indian and Pakistani teenagers together to work on conflict resolution.

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 9


The University of Pennsylvania created the Benjamin Franklin Society in 1955 to honor alumni and friends who support the University with unrestricted gifts. Listed below is an honor roll of our most generous benefactors.


Tonny K. Ho L’80

Tonny K. Ho L’80 is the chair of the Benjamin Franklin Society. Mr. Ho is currently engaged in advisory and private investment activities. He recently retired as a partner in the Business Reorganization and Restructuring Department of Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP in New York. At Willkie Farr, Mr. Ho specialized in Chapter 11 business reorganizations, restructurings and workouts, and structured finance. He regularly represented debtors, committees, creditors, lenders, investors, and other parties in large, complex Chapter 11 cases and out-of-court workouts. He has represented companies such as Loral Space & Communications Ltd., Tru-Circle Corporation, Schwinn Cycling & Fitness Inc., Sunterra Corporation, Orion Pictures Corporation, Pandick Holding, Inc., and Sahlen & Associates, Inc. in their respective Chapter 11 cases. He also represented creditors’ committees in Chapter 11 cases involving companies such as Marvel Entertainment and Smith Corona. Mr. Ho is a recipient of the B.N.A. Award and an arbitrator on the American Arbitration Association’s Panel of Arbitrators. At Penn Law, Mr. Ho and his wife, June L. Yuson, established the Shao I. Ho Endowed Scholarship Fund, which provides financial aid to 1L students with records of high academic achievement and interest in public service.

AMBASSADORS The Benjamin Franklin Society gratefully recognizes four levels of support: AMBASSADOR

$25,000 and more FOUNDER

$10,000-$24,999 FELLOW

$5,000-$9,999 ASSOCIATE



Anonymous (6) Alan Abramson Alan L. Beller L'76 Leslie L. Beller G'76 Donald V. Berlanti W'60, L'63 Nancy L. Blank Robert S. Blank L'65 Nancy and Robert S. Blank Foundation Roxanne Conisha Bok C'81 Scott L. Bok C'81, W'81, L'84 Sandra Cozen Stephen A. Cozen C'61, L'64 Lisette Currier-Martinez L'91 Pamela Daley L'79 Richard D'Avino W'77, L'80 Mark B. Davis L'75 Davis-Villamil Family Foundation Estate of Gertrude F. Dickson The Dominic Foundation Ann S. Ellman Mark A. Ellman W'78, L'83 Joseph B. Frumkin L'85 General Electric Company Marvin S. Goldklang W'63, L'66


Leon C. Holt, Jr. L’51 David Craig Hertz L'88 Sharyl Marcus Hertz L'88 Karen Levy Paul S. Levy L'72 Paul and Karen Levy Family Foundation Antonio Magliocco, Jr. L'77 Walfrido J. Martinez L'91 Randy M. Mastro L'81 Marilyn Mooney CW'73, L'76 Elizabeth Mullin Pamela J. Murphy L'79 William B. Pennell L'61 Richard C. Pepperman II L'90 Randall L. Phelps Linda M. Plattus W'85 Seth P. Plattus L'86 David B. Pudlin L'74 Helen Pomerantz Pudlin CW'71, GED'71, L'74 Bradley A. Robins L'90 Denise A. Rotko NU'73, GNU'76 Michael J. Rotko L'63 Cheryl R. Saban C'82, L'85 Evelyn L. Sabin

Jeffrey S. Sabin James J. Sandman L'76 Carolyn Goffman Shapiro CW'64 Paul E. Shapiro C'64, L'67 Elizabeth M. Sheehan Robert C. Sheehan L'69 Michael J. Siegmund EAS'82, W'82 Jeffrey A. Smith L'81 Carla Solomon Glen A. Tobias W'63, L'66 Lynn Tobias Yolanda I. Villamil-Davis Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz Foundation Kenneth W. Willman L'86

FOUNDERS Anonymous (1) The Honorable Arlin M. Adams L'47, HON'98 Neysa Cristol Adams CW'42 Michael B. Adler W'85, L'88 Andrew Allen Charitable Foundation Paul Auerbach W'58, G'59, L'62

B E NJ A M I N F R A N K L I N S O C I E T Y David D. Aufhauser L'77 The Honorable Harold Berger EE'48, L'51 Harold and Renee Berger Foundation Richard P. Brown, Jr. L'48 Estate of Neil W. Burd W'48, L'51 John G. Chou L'84 John J. Clair L'72 Charles I. Cogut L'73 Ellen Cogut Lucy Jakstas Cox G'65, GR'75 Roger F. Cox L'66 Harold Cramer L'51 Robert F. Cusumano L'80 Jane T. Dana Donald P. de Brier L'67 Nancy M. de Brier G'69 Herman and Jerry Finkelstein Foundation Robert L. Friedman L'67 Michelle E. Goldberg L'86 Barry L. Grossman Annette Quinn Halprin C'88 Joseph R. Halprin C'87, W'87, L'91 Charles A. Heimbold, Jr. L'60 Monika Heimbold Heimbold Foundation Richard A. Jacoby W'61, L'64 Cynthia M. King David P. King L'82 Ann V. Lefco SW'74 Arthur W. Lefco L'71 Betty Ann Leith Gail A. Lione L'74 Arthur Makadon L'67 Joseph M. Manko, Jr. C'87, L'91 Darryl J. May L'81 Susan F. May Francis M. Milone L'74 Chisato Minamoto James M. Minamoto L'84 Dianne M. Nast Jeanne C. Olivier L'79 Robert P. Pinkas L'78 Mark Pollak L'71, GCP'72 Jennifer Lee Porges L'91 Alfred W. Putnam, Jr. L'78 Joseph F. Roda L'74 Roda Nast PC Scott S. Rosenblum L'74 Allison Klayman Rosenthal L'91 Bennett Rosenthal W'85, WG'86 Rotko Family Foundation Robert Rovner Gail Sanger L'68 Gail Sanger and Albert Fenster Fund Sherrie Raiken Savett CW'70,

L'73 Sherrie R. Savett Family Foundation Ann F. Schellenger Jennifer Schifter Richard P. Schifter L'78 Schifter Family Foundation Joyce Schwartz Marvin Schwartz CCC'48, L'49 Marvin and Joyce S. Schwartz Fund Elizabeth M. Scofield WG'75 Karen Minette Scott CW'73, CGS'99 Michael T. Scott L'76 Lisa M. Scottoline C'77, L'81 Joel D. Siegel W'63, L'66 Shelley Lesser Siegel CW'64 Andrew D. Soussloff C'75, G'75, L'79 Lawrence V. Stein L'76 James R. Tanenbaum L'75 Steven H. Temares L'83 Deborah Tuchman Kenneth I. Tuchman L'76, WG'76 Tuchman Family Fund Andrea E. Utecht L'75, WG'75 Alexandre De M. Wald GL'86 Matthew E. Walden L'83 Walden Family Living Trust Teresa A. Wallace L'84, GED'09 Gregory L. Weinberger L'91 Greg & Diane Weinberger Family Fund Masayuki Yoshida GL'78 Kenneth Seth Ziman L'90

FELLOWS Anonymous (3) Ace USA Dean Stewart Adler W'79, L'83 James H. Agger L'61 Donald R. Auten C'68, L'71 Kevin T. Baine L'74 Garrard Ross Beeney L'79 Michael Joel Blum C'90, L'93 David I. Bower L'79 Victor H. Boyajian L'85 John M. Brandow L'80 Jodi B. Brenner C'84 Barry E. Bressler L'71 C. Oliver Burt III L'67 John F. Cambria L'76 Charlita Cardwell L'98 Caritas Foundation Gilbert F. Casellas L'77 Samuel W. L. Chin W'73, L'76 Richard Chirls W'73, L'76 Abbi L. Cohen L'83 David L. Cohen L'81 Rhonda R. Cohen L'80

Robert Stephan Cohen Robert Stephan Cohen Family Foundation of the Jewish Communal Foundation Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Richard G. Corey L'74 Stuart Coven L'51 Cramer Family Foundation Samuel A. Danon C'87, L'91 Nicholas G. Demmo L'96 Beth J. Dickstein L'88 Rudolph J. DiMassa, Jr. L'81 Carol Friend Feder CW'73 Jack M. Feder C'71, L'74 Arlene Fickler CW'71, L'74 Thomas R. Fileti L'81 Michael A. Fitts HOM'90 Peter N. Flocos C'85, W'85, L'90 FMC Corporation Joanne S. Freed L'78 Gregg M. Galardi C'79, GR'90, L'90, G'85 Bruce D. Gallant W'77, L'81 Ada Garcia-Casellas Robert C. Gerlach L'74 Francis T. Giuliano C'63, L'66 Arthur M Goldberg & Veronica Goldberg Foundation Inc David M. Goldenberg L'91 Ellen Winchell Goldman L'86 Michael Lawrence Goldman W'83, L'86 Dale Cary Grayson L'88 Jane Siegel Greene C'91, L'95 Mark I. Greene L'93 Bernard M. Gross W'56, L'59 Kurt F. Gwynne L'92 William T. Hangley L'66 John G. Harkins, Jr. C'53, L'58 Harley-Davidson Inc J. Barton Harrison L'56 Edmund L. Harvey, Jr. L'70 Roberta B. Harvey Harvey Fund Vincent P. Hatton C'72, L'75 Henry S. Hoberman C'82, L'85 William A. Humenuk L'67 Helen Roob Jerome Marc M. Jerome L'92 John Nathan Joseph C'83, L'86 Donald C. Klawiter C'72, G'72, L'75 Daniel M. Kristol C'58, L'61 Lee Kushner Murray Kushner C'73, L'76 Susanna E. Lachs CW'74, ASC'76 Helena Lee PT'80, L'85 Arthur W. Leibold, Jr. L'56 Ralph M. Levene L'87 Edward W. Madeira, Jr. C'49, L'52

Samuel P. Mandell Foundation David H. Marion W'60, L'63 Evan Mason James W. McKenzie, Jr. WG'86, L'86 Mary Minehan McKenzie L'86 Mimi and Jim McKenzie Family Fund Cathleen E. McLaughlin C'84, L'88 Estate of Elaine M. Meltzer CW'63 Richard C. Mendelson L'78 Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Incorporated Lucy J. Minehan L'91 Monroe College, Ltd. Martez R. Moore L'98 G. Glen Morie L'67 James L. Muller L'56 Alan C. Myers L'75 Nina S. Myers CW'74, L'77 Nina S. and Alan C. Myers Philanthropic Fund Michael A. Naidoff M'66 Stephanie Weiss Naidoff L'66 Naidoff Charitable Trust Occidental Petroleum Corporation Thomas O'Connell Robert P. Parker L'84 Derek Nicholas Pew L'93 The Honorable Wendy L. Pew Frank J. Pfizenmayer L'61 John J. Poggi, Jr. L'73 Guyla W. Ponomareff L'56 The Honorable Gene E. K. Pratter L'75 Robert L. Pratter L'69 Philip Price, Jr. L'61 Sarah Dolan Price Edward A. Rial L'84 Alan Marc Rifkin C'85, L'90 Michael J. Roach C'62, L'69 Beverly Rifkin Rosoff GED'65 William A. Rosoff L'67 Jeffrey B. Rotwitt C'72, L'75, WG'75 Rum Fund Schwab Charitable Fund Herbert F. Schwartz G'64, L'64 Jodi J. Schwartz W'81, L'84, WG'84 Nan Schwartz Schwartz/Chequer Charitable Fund Adam J. Shapiro L'96 David Eric Shapiro W'90, L'99 Renee J. Sobel A. Gilchrist Sparks III L'73 Robert J. Staffaroni L'76 Richard D. Steel L'66 Donald M. Swan, Jr. W'50, L'53

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 11

B E NJ A M I N F R A N K L I N S O C I E T Y Marc L. Swartzbaugh L'61 Dominic P. Toscani L'56 United Way of Delaware Harold K. Vickery, Jr. L'66 William Alexander Voxman L'93 Mark S. Weisberg W'85, L'88 Caroline Gittis Werther C'83, L'86 Daniel J. Werther Caroline Gittis Werther and Daniel Werther Family Foundation Bruce B. Wilson L'61 John D. Wilson L'79 William F. Wynne, Jr. L'76 Jordan E. Yarett L'78 Susan Robbins Yarett PT'78

ASSOCIATES Anonymous (4) Andrew S. Amer L'86 Amer/Manning Fund Lawrence J. Arem L'75 Marcia S. Arem FEL'82 Maurice Axelrad L'57 Pearl and Maurice Axelrad Fund Matthew R. Ayres L'01 Rory A. Babich L'89 Anthony P. Baratta, Jr. L'65 Anthony P Baratta Foundation William M. Barnes L'57 George C. Barry C'81, L'81 Leona L. Barsky L'84 Lewis Becker L'61 David M. Bennett Penny A. Bennett L'90 Samuel Berk L'82 Alan D. Berkowitz L'80 Evelyn S. Berkowitz L'82 Russell Lennard Bjorkman L'01, WG'01 Joan Meyers Blackman Murray I. Blackman L'70 Fred Blume L'66 Sylvia Binder Blume CW'65 Jeffrey Blumenfeld L'73 Laura Ross Blumenfeld L'73 William H. Bohnett L'74 Daniel Mark Boockvar C'93, L'96 Laurie Mayer Boockvar C'92 Chris Branda L'51 John E. Caruso C'72, L'76 Kevin L. Cole L'83 Corning Incorporated Covington & Burling LLP Jennie Maffei Crowley L'51 J.M. & F.L. Crowley Family Foundation John F. De Podesta L'69 Lee J. Dobkin L'82 David Bryan DuBard WG'92 Jay A. Dubow W'81, L'84 Nancy Raynes Dubow C'83


Elaine Duncan L'83 Cynthia Jones Eiseman GR'79 James Eiseman, Jr. L'66 Jody P. Ellant W'82, L'87 Howard J. Reitner & Jody P. Ellant Foundation Philanthropic Fund Michael T. Everett L'74 Elizabeth Carlton Fiebach SW'96, CGS'03 H. Robert Fiebach W'61, L'64 Joseph S. Finkelstein L'76 John M. Fowler L'74 Fowler Brothers Foundation Barbara Corwin Franklin OT'66 Earl R. Franklin L'68 Todd H. Franks L'78 Steven L. Friedman L'71 Deirdre Marie Giblin L'93 Deirdre M. Giblin & David B. DuBard Charitable Foundation Bernard Glassman W'58, L'61 The Glassman Family Foundation Roger L. Goldman L'66 The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Charles A. Gordon L'69 Jared H. Gordon L'94 Oliver F. Green, Jr. L'51 Mark Gross L'90 Willard J. Hall III L'91 Jane Develin Heintz CW'61 Paul C. Heintz L'65 Tonny K. Ho L'80 Richard V. Holmes L'56 Tonny K Ho and Janet L. Yuson Charitable Fund Lester Charles Houtz GR'85, L'88 Lee M. Hymerling C'66, L'69 Jeffrey H. Ingerman L'82 Mark A. Kadzielski L'76 Geoffrey A. Kahn L'80 Susan Vaughan Kahn L'82 Robert J. Kahn Foundation Samuel and Rebecca Kardon Foundation David C. Keehn L'72 Rachel Marks Kipnes CW'72, GED'72, L'84 Wilbur L. Kipnes C'70, L'74 Constance Sheerr Kittner CW'61 David Kittner L'51 William S. Koenig L'87 Lisa S. Kornblith CW'72 Richard L. Kornblith L'77 Steven R. Kuney G'78, L'78 Richard J. Labowskie C'60 Melissa B. Lautenberg L'93 Anthony S. Leidner L'61 Marvin E. Lesser W'63, L'66 Robert Jay Levine L'75 Victor I. Lewkow L'73 A. Scott Logan L'67


The Honorable G. Craig Lord L'71 Robert A. Marchman L'83 Randall H. McFarlane L'73 J. Bradford McIlvain L'84 George J. Miller L'51 William Millis L'00 Jean Avnet Morse Stephen J. Morse John W. Nields, Jr. L'67 Gail T. Nields CW'66 Paccar, Inc. Christopher R. J. Pace L'90 Andrea Ortbals Patton L'99 Richard R. Patton WG'99 Matthew Quilter L'82 Jay S. Rand L'87 Ronald C. Redcay L'73 Carol Cusick Riley Patrick R. Riley L'72 Caro Rock Robert H. Rock Ralph Rodak L'79 Lawrence J. Rothenberg L'65 Thomas C. Rotko L'94 David Rush L'01 Eric P. Salonen L'85 Marilyn C. Sanborne L'81 Wendy R. Sanger D'98 Gary L. Sasso W'74, L'77 Richard M. Schetman L'83 Beth J. Schlegel Rand L'86 Carl W. Schneider L'56 Mary Ellen B. Schneider CW'53 Carl W. & Mary Ellen Schneider Fund John D. Schupper C'65, L'68 Sharon Schwarze GR'76 William W. Schwarze L'68 Samuel Scott Shaulson L'93 The Honorable Patty Shwartz L'86 Joel D. and Shelley Siegel Family Foundation Enrique Silva L'90 Audrey J. Silverstein C'82 Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein GL'08 Alexander B. Simkin C'03, L'06 Steven Simkin W'69, GCP'73, L'73 Zachary Simkin C'06 William Sherman Skinner L'86 Lee A. Snow L'81, WG'81 Daniel Harry Solomon L'97 Robert Bruce Stebbins L'93 David L. Steck L'61 Stein Family Fund Diane Sullivan L'87 David S. Swayze L'69 Carl S. Tannenbaum L'70 Charles R. Tribbitt L'74

Susan Schaier Tribbitt L'74 Susan & Charles Tribbitt Fund Langdon Van Norden, Jr. L'91 The Honorable E. Norman Veasey L'57 Suzanne J. Veasey ED'57 Verizon Communications Inc. Loreen Volpe Marla Weinstein Wasserman C'90, L'93 Ertem Asral Weinkopf GR'61 Friedrich J. Weinkopf GL'58 Mildred Lubich Weisberg CW'45, L'48 Morris L. Weisberg C'43, L'47 Christopher R. West L'75 George W. Westervelt, Jr. L'73 Annette S. Wheeler L'76 The Honorable Helene N. White L'78 Kenneth C. Willig GR'75, L'80 Rosette Friedman Willig GR'78 Melinda C. Witmer L'87 Bruce A. Wolfson C'74, L'77 Jennifer C. Woll L'85 June Yuson


LAW AND ECONOMICS ILE Investors 2010-2011


he Institute for Law & Economics (ILE) at the University of Pennsylvania was founded in 1980 as a collaboration of the Law School, the Wharton School, and the Department of Economics in Penn’s School of Arts and Sciences. Cross-disciplinary research, the cornerstone of ILE, seeks to influence the national policy debate by analyzing the impact of law on the global economy, spotlighting the significant role that economics plays in fashioning legal policy. In the current environment, with the interface between law and business assuming critical importance, ILE’s work has been at the forefront, both in scholarship and in pragmatic discussions of the central issues involved in corporate governance. Through its roundtables and other conferences, ILE assembles a unique mix of academics, business and government leaders, and prominent members of the legal profession and the judiciary, who analyze and help shape business policy and the laws and regulations that support it. ILE has an extraordinarily distinguished cadre of board members and sponsors who are willing to give of their time and expertise to make its programming a success. The range of organizations represented on the ILE advisory board was further broadened during the past year with the addition of five new members: George A. Casey (Shearman & Sterling LLP); Scott C. Goebel (Fidelity Management & Research Company); Kenneth A. Lefkowitz (Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP); John J. Suydam (Apollo Global Management, LLC); and Christopher Young (Credit Suisse). Funding for the Institute comes from a diverse group of corporations, law firms, foundations, and individuals. Once again this year, fundraising was greatly augmented by leadership gifts at the benefactor level: Charles I. Cogut L’73 and Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP; Robert L. Friedman L’67, senior managing director, The Blackstone Group L.P.; Paul G. Haaga, Jr. L’74, WG’74, chairman of the board, Capital Research and Management Company; Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP, via Executive Partner Eric J. Friedman L’89; and Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, via Joseph B. Frumkin L’85. In Academic Year 2010-2011, the Institute for Law and Economics raised $538,385 for its programs.

BENEFACTORS $25,000 and up

Charles I. Cogut and Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP Robert L. Friedman Paul G. Haaga, Jr. Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP Sullivan & Cromwell LLP

SPONSORS $10,000 to $24,999

Apollo Capital Management, L.P. AQR Capital Management, LLC Barclays Capital Americas Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossmann LLP Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP

Isaac D. Corré Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP Credit Suisse Dechert LLP Delaware Department of State Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP DuPont Fidelity Management & Research Company Stephen Fraidin Joel E. Friedlander Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP Goldman, Sachs & Co. Perry Golkin Grant & Eisenhofer P.A. Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP Innisfree M&A Incorporated Roy J. Katzovicz MacKenzie Partners, Inc

Merck & Co., Inc. Millennium Management Foundation Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell LLP Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP Proskauer Rose LLP Allan N. Rauch Richards, Layton & Finger, P.A. Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP Seyfarth Shaw LLP Shearman & Sterling LLP Sungard Data Systems Inc. Vanguard Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP

MEMBERS $5,000 to $9,999

James H. Agger Blank Rome LLP Harkins Cunningham LLP Leon C. Holt, Jr. Myron J. Resnick

DONORS Up to $4,999

Christopher Foulds Mary J. Grendell Edmund Kitch James A. Ounsworth John F. Schmutz Konstantin Vertsman Eric Wilensky Kenneth W. Willman

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 13

ALUMNI C O NTR I B UTI O N S The University of Pennsylvania Law School is grateful to the following alumni who made contributions during the period 2010-2011. Each class listing includes giving to both restricted and unrestricted funds.


Mark A. Ellman W’78, L’83


$100,000 and more

Mark A. Ellman W’78, L’83 is the national chair for Annual Giving. Mr. Ellman retired as vice chairman of Bank of America-Merrill Lynch in December. He was involved in capital raising and merger advisory activities for financial institutions for the corporation, which is one of the world’s leading wealth management, capital markets, and advisory companies. Mr. Ellman has 25 years of experience in the insurance and asset management sectors as an investment banker at Credit Suisse, Wasserstein Perella, Morgan Stanley, UBS and Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette. He headed the insurance practice at DLJ and Credit Suisse, and in 2004 became co-head of the Global Financial Institutions Group at Credit Suisse. Prior to his investment banking career, Mr. Ellman practiced law with Milbank Tweed Hadley & McCloy and worked as an auditor at KPMG. At Penn Law, Mr. Ellman and his wife established the Mark A. Ellman and Anne S. Ellman Loan Forgiveness Fund, which provides financial support to graduates engaged in public service.

[ 19 3 8 ]



DONOR Hanley S. Rubinsohn

[ 19 4 2 ]

[ 19 4 4 ]

Total Gift: $1,550 Average Gift: $775 Participation: 20%

Total Gift: $1,500 Average Gift: $750 Participation: 40%

$1,000 to $2,499 Elvin R. Souder*

$1,000 to $2,499 The Honorable Phyllis A. Kravitch*

DONOR A. Leo Levin

DONOR L. Stanley Mauger


Consecutive 5-year Donor NAME ◆


[ 19 3 6 ] DONOR Berthold W. Levy*◆

[ 19 3 9 ] DONOR John P. Sinclair*

[ 19 4 0 ] Total Gift: $1,100 Average Gift: $550 Participation: 33%

$1,000 to $2,499 Anonymous* DONOR The Honorable Mark Addison 14


[ 19 4 3 ] Total Gift: $1,035 Average Gift: $518 Participation: 29%

$1,000 to $2,499 Joseph Shanis DONOR Austin M. Lee

[ 19 4 6 ] Donor William H. G. Warner*

[ 19 4 7 ] Total Gift: $14,400 Average Gift: $3,600 Participation: 31%

$10,000 to $24,999 The Honorable Arlin M. Adams*

A L U M N I C O NTR I B UTI O N S $2,500 to $9,999 Morris L. Weisberg*

$1,000 to $2,499 Francis J. Carey*

DonorS James E. Carr The Honorable D. W. Van Artsdalen*

DONORS David A. Clarke The Honorable Marvin R. Halbert Irving C. Maghran, Jr. Peter M. Ward

[ 19 4 8 ] Total Gift: $15,050 Average Gift: $2,508 Participation: 17%

CLASS AGENT Richard P. Brown, Jr. $10,000 to $24,999 Richard P. Brown, Jr.* $2,500 to $9,999 Mildred Lubich Weisberg * $1,000 to $2,499 Bernard Wolfman*◆ DONORS Catherine G. Barone* John A. Shrader John F. Zeller III*◆

[ 19 4 9 F ] Total Gift: $1,300 Average Gift: $163 Participation: 31%

DONORS Francis Ballard Lewis B. Beatty* Alan H. Cassman* Peter F. Cianci Bernard A. Fischer* Gordon W. Gerber* A. C. Reeves Hicks* William T. Walsh

[ 19 4 9 J ] Total Gift: $17,450 Average Gift: $2,908 Participation: 35%

CLASS AGENT David H. Nelson $10,000 to $24,999 Marvin Schwartz

DONORS Richard S. Denny Joseph B. Farrell Edmond H. Heisler* James C. McConnon* John B. McCrory* Myron M. Moskowitz James H. Peters*

[ 19 5 0 ]

[ 19 5 2 ]

Total Gift: $11,420 Average Gift: $1,903 Participation: 15%

Total Gift: $12,001 Average Gift: $750 Participation: 36%

CLASS AGENT Thomas M. Hyndman, Jr.

CLASS AGENT Stanton L. Triester

$10,000 to $24,999 William G. O'Neill

$2,500 to $9,999 Edward W. Madeira, Jr.

DONORS Daniel H. Erickson* Thomas M. Hyndman, Jr.* Joseph L. Loughran Harold S. Rosenbluth The Honorable Henry H. Wiley*

$1,000 to $2,499 Edwin R. Lowry* William J. Lubic The Honorable John T. Miller* Kenneth Syken*

[ 19 5 1 ] Total Gift: $247,482 Average Gift: $13,025 Participation: 58%

REUNION CHAIR The Honorable Harold Berger LEADERSHIP DONORS Leon C. Holt, Jr.* MAJOR BENEFACTORS The Honorable Harold Berger* $10,000 to $24,999 Neil W. Burd*◆ Harold Cramer* $2,500 to $9,999 Chris Branda* Stuart Coven* Jennie Maffei Crowley Oliver F. Green, Jr.* David Kittner* George J. Miller $1,000 to $2,499 Joseph K. Gordon* J. Marlin Shreiner

DONORS Robert F. Blanck* John P. Chandler* George H. Conover, Jr.* B. Patrick Costello* Maxwell P. Gorson William A. Kelley, Jr.* George W. Nordham Jules Silk Stanton L. Triester* Robert E. Wachs Minturn T. Wright III

[ 19 5 3 ] Total Gift: $11,100 Average Gift: $483 Participation: 37%

CLASS AGENT Leonard Barkan $2,500 to $9,999 Donald M. Swan, Jr. $1,000 to $2,499 Mitchell Brock* Albert J. Feldman* DonorS John T. Acton* Margaret P. Allen* E. Boyd Asplundh*

E. Earl Autenreith Leonard Barkan The Honorable Edward J. Bradley Elizabeth Hill Carson* Gordon Cavanaugh John W. Cobb Louis S. Fine Joseph H. Foster Jon Grossman G. Taylor Hess* Allan W. Lugg* The Honorable Thomas N. O'Neill, Jr.* Arthur R. G. Solmssen* George A. Spohrer* Charles B. Strome, Jr.* The Honorable William W. Vogel* William A. Wyatt*

[ 19 5 4 ] Total Gift: $5,605 Average Gift: $255 Participation: 47%

$1,000 to $2,499 Roland P. Ely* DONORS Paul C. Astor* Jerome R. Balka Bruce L. Castor Aims C. Coney, Jr.* Samuel E. Dennis Carl A. Frahn William L. Glosser* The Honorable Manuel H. Greenberg Thomas P. Jones III◆ Ben F. Kaito* Richard H. Knox* S. Gerald Litvin Albert F. McGee, Jr.* Murray Milkman Morris M. Shuster Marlyn F. Smith* Barry R. Spiegel* George Scott Stewart III* William A. Whiteside, Jr.* Joan P. Wohl Edward A. Woolley*

[ 19 5 5 ] Total Gift: $157,159 Average Gift: $7,858 Participation: 36%

CLASS AGENT Robert L. Kendall, Jr. AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 15

A L U M N I C O NTR I B UTI O N S LEADERSHIP DONORS Alvin L. Snowiss* MAJOR BENEFACTOR Bernard J. Korman $1,000 to $2,499 David C. Harrison Norman M. Kranzdorf* Barton L. Post* DONORS W. Thomas Berriman* William H. Brown* James O. Courtney, Jr. Bernard S. Dempsey* Samuel Diamond* Manuel Grife* Edwin Krawitz The Honorable Charles D. Lemmond* Arthur Levy* Arthur H. Moss The Honorable Paul A. Mueller, Jr.* S. White Rhyne* The Honorable Murray M. Schwartz* Mervin M. Wilf* Norman P. Zarwin

[ 19 5 6 ] Total Gift: $452,315 Average Gift: $18,093 Participation: 39%

REUNION CHAIRS J. Barton Harrison Arthur W. Leibold, Jr. George J. Miller The Honorable Dolores K. Sloviter LEADERSHIP DONOR Alan Miles Ruben $2,500 to $9,999 J. Barton Harrison* Richard V. Holmes* Arthur W. Leibold, Jr. James L. Muller Guyla W. Ponomareff* Carl W. Schneider* The Honorable Dolores K. Sloviter* Dominic P. Toscani $1,000 to $2,499 John D. Lucey, Jr. George J. Miller Leonard S. Slavit


DONORS George L. Bernstein Donald K. Bobb Angelo A. Di Pasqua The Honorable Isaac S. Garb* Herman S. Harvey, Jr.* Seymour Kanter Alan G. Kirk II* The Honorable Robert Neustadter* The Honorable Edmund S. Pawelec Kester R. Pierson* Charles K. Plotnick Curtis R. Reitz* Barbara Kron Zimmerman

[ 19 5 7 ] Total Gift: $16,175 Average Gift: $599 Participation: 42%

CLASS AGENT Richard G. Schneider $2,500 to $9,999 Maurice Axelrad* William M. Barnes* The Honorable E. Norman Veasey* $1,000 to $2,499 George Graboys* Edward M. Medvene* Richard G. Schneider* DONORS John Bertman Isaac Clothier IV* Robert S. Cohen* Marcia Kaplan Docter Patricia H. Frankel* The Honorable Gerald P. Garson Michael Hillegass Richard Kirschner* Goncer M. Krestal William G. Malkames* Joseph S. Moloznik* Herbert Pressman* Russell R. Reno, Jr.* Stephen I. Richman* Richard M. Rosenbleeth Joseph W. Salus II* Ellen Queeney Suria* John R. Suria* Myles H. Tanenbaum Michael L. Temin* The Honorable Ronald P. Wertheim


[ 19 5 8 ] Total Gift: $21,804 Average Gift: $948 Participation: 31%

CLASS AGENT Joseph A. Damico, Jr. $10,000 to $24,999 John G. Harkins, Jr.* $2,500 to $9,999 Friedrich J. Weinkopf* $1,000 to $2,499 Fred C. Aldridge, Jr.* Philip R. Frieder Richard M. Marcks* David A. Mook Allan B. Schneirov* DONORS Bennett I. Bardfeld David Blasband James C. Brennan* The Honorable Michael V. Franciosa* John J. Grauer Michael G. Kurcias* Alan W. Margolis The Honorable James A. Mounts, Jr. Ramon R. Obod John H. Parkes James A. Perrin* Littleton W. Roberts, Jr.* Richard W. Stevens Paul J. Sude L. Gerald Tarantino* Robert H. Zimmerman

[ 19 5 9 ] Total Gift: $14,135 Average Gift: $428 Participation: 36%

CLASS AGENT Burton M. Mirsky $2,500 to $9,999 Bernard M. Gross $1,000 to $2,499 Alexander A. Di Santi* Louis M. Tarasi, Jr.* DONORS Joseph Beller Vincent W. Campbell* James J. Casby, Jr.*

Jonathan S. Cohen George C. Corson, Jr.* Murray S. Eckell* Gerald F. Flood, Jr.* John J. Francis, Jr.* James Quinn Harty Samuel H. Karsch* The Honorable Edmund H. Kase III Robert G. Kleckner, Jr. William T. Lynam III Charles E. Mather III Joseph R. McFate II* Alvin S. Moses Peter H. Pfund* G. Wayne Renneisen* Charles N. Ross Jack A. Rounick Robert H. Rubin* Marshall A. Rutter* Harry K. Schwartz* Donald A. Semisch* Boris Shapiro The Honorable Oscar F. Spicer* The Honorable Thomas A. Swope, Jr. Donald M. Tannenbaum David R. Tomb, Jr. Herbert A. Vogel*

[ 19 6 0 ] Total Gift: $23,260 Average Gift: $684 Participation: 48%

CLASS AGENT Stanley M. Shingles $10,000 to $24,999 Charles A. Heimbold, Jr.* $1,000 to $2,499 Jesse H. Choper* Mark K. Kessler* Roland Morris* DONORS Ronald D. Anton Edward I. Dobin* Frank Federman Melvin S. Feldman* John S. Halsted E. David Harrison Rodney D. Henry* John H. Higgs M. Charles Hill Edward Hoopes* John R. Jakubowski Edward Kessel Rodman Kober* Charles G. Kopp Henry W. Lavine* The Honorable William Swain Lee*

A L U M N I C O NTR I B UTI O N S Donald A. Marshall David O. Miller Samuel W. Newman* Benjamin S. Ohrenstein* Marvin L. Portney Samuel J. Reich Richard D. Rivers George F. Robinson◆ The Honorable Samuel W. Salus* Hugh A. A. Sargent* Stanley M. Shingles* Vernon Stanton, Jr. William T. Sutphin* Lowell S. Thomas

[ 19 6 1 ] Total Gift: $252.000 Average Gift: $5,727 Participation: 58%

REUNION CHAIRS James H. Agger Peter Hearn LEADERSHIP DONOR James H. Agger* MAJOR BENEFACTOR William B. Pennell $2,500 to $9,999 Lewis Becker* Bernard Glassman*◆ Peter Hearn* Daniel M. Kristol Anthony S. Leidner* Frank J. Pfizenmayer Philip Price, Jr. David L. Steck* Marc L. Swartzbaugh* Bruce B. Wilson $1,000 to $2,499 Jared H. Adams* Ann Epstein Harrison Howard M. Jaffe* Edward L. Jones, Jr. Anthony L. Joseph The Honorable Paul G. Levy* DONORS James A. Connelly II* Alan Cooper Jack Emas* Ruth Morris Force* Robert A. Freedman* Rayner M. Hamilton John B. Healy Joseph J. Horvath* James N. Horwood *Consecutive 5-year Donor ◆ Deceased

Malcolm B. Kane The Honorable Charles K. Keil Lewis S. Kunkel, Jr. Franklin L. Kury Wilfred F. Lorry* Donald M. Maclay* The Honorable Jack K. Mandel William B. Moyer◆ Richard E. Nathan Spencer G. Nauman, Jr.* David Armstrong Norcross Paul B. Pollack Arthur D. Rabelow James M. Scanlon The Honorable Harold B. Wells III* The Honorable Lawrence E. Wood

[ 19 6 2 ] Total Gift: $74,770 Average Gift: $2,199 Participation: 38%

MAJOR BENEFACTOR Pasco L. Schiavo $10,000 to $24,999 Paul Auerbach $1,000 to $2,499 C. Ronald Bleznak* Jonas Brodie Burton H. Finkelstein Harold Greenberg Martin W. Spector DONORS Richard D. Atkins John W. Beatty Martin M. Berliner The Honorable Barbara P. Berman Phillip R. Burnaman* Leonard J. Cooper Alfred W. Cortese, Jr. Nick S. Fisfis* Frederick J. Francis* John E. Gillmor* Martin G. Heckler* Paul D. Horger* Garry Hyatt* Warren J. Kauffman* The Honorable Edmond M. Kirby* The Honorable Daniel J. Lawler* Daniel J. Lyons, Jr.* Thomas R. McMullin* Francis W. Murphy* H. Christopher Nolde Philip S. Nyman The Honorable Alan J. Pogarsky* John H. Potts* Charles B. Pursel*

Louis P. Silverman Edward D. Slevin Clayton H. Thomas, Jr.*

[ 19 6 3 ] Total Gift: $788,085 Average Gift: $17,911 Participation: 44%

LEADERSHIP DONOR Anonymous* MAJOR BENEFACTORS Donald V. Berlanti* Michael J. Rotko* $10,000 to $24,999 Stephen A. Sheller $2,500 to $9,999 David H. Marion* $1,000 to $2,499 Thomas F. Cunnane* Edward M. Glickman* Judah I. Labovitz* Robert S. O'Hara, Jr.* DONORS William N. Appel* David E. Auerbach Robert P. Browning The Honorable A. Richard Caputo* Richard A. Carrick The Honorable Lawrence Cooper Henry B. Cortesi* Joanne R. Denworth Stephen R. Domesick Lowell H. Dubrow* John M. Flackett* Jay L. Goldberg* John L. Harrison, Jr.* Michael Hertzberg* Dennis E. Kapustin* Morris C. Kellett Martin N. Kroll The Honorable John J. Langenbach Steven M. Lipschutz Thomas F. J. MacAniff* Joseph L. Monte, Jr.* The Honorable William F. Morgan* Louis H. Nevins* Robert J. Partlow* Michael A. Polozie Thomas E. Quay Herbert S. Riband, Jr. Captain J. Ashley Roach* Susan Windle Rogers* Edward P. Scott, Sr.* Daniel C. Soriano, Jr.*

Albert M. Stark David C. Toomey* Michael D. Varbalow Thomas R. White III* Raoul Yochim

[ 19 6 4 ] Total Gift: $425,446 Average Gift: $8,683 Participation: 45%

LEADERSHIP DONOR Henry R. Silverman MAJOR BENEFACTORS Stephen A. Cozen* Richard A. Jacoby* $2,500 to $9,999 H. Robert Fiebach* Herbert F. Schwartz* $1,000 to $2,499 George C. Bradley The Honorable L. Anthony Gibson* Henry A. Gladstone Norman Marshall Meyers Marian Pearlman Nease* Alan Steinberg Richard D. Wood, Jr.* DONORS The Honorable Michael M. Baylson* G. William Bissell Peter K. Boyle* Earl T. Britt* Andrew B. Cantor George M. Dallas* David Dearborn* Marshall A. Deutsch* Neil K. Evans Peter A. Eveleth* The Honorable Eugene E. Fike II* Dennis M. Flannery* Michael O'Sullivan Floyd* Jerome J. Forman Oscar B. Goodman Cary R. Hardy Henry S. Hilles, Jr.*◆ James G. Hirsh* George H. Jackson III Robert J. Jones* Alan K. Kaplan* Ira B. Kirschbaum Yale I. Lazris* F. Koller Lombard*◆ Mansfield C. Neal, Jr.* David C. Patten* Paul D. Pearson* Harry J. Pinto, Jr.

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 17

A L U M N I C O NTR I B UTI O N S The Honorable William H. Platt* Roselyn B. Ramist David L. Robinson Christopher R. Rosser◆ Melvyn B. Ruskin Richard M. Shusterman Leon W. Silverman James A. Strazzella Jerome R. Verlin

[ 19 6 5 ] Total Gift: $107,403 Average Gift: $2,238 Participation: 40%

MAJOR BENEFACTORS Robert S. Blank* Stephen M. Goodman* $10,000 to $24,999 Blair L. Sadler* $2,500 to $9,999 Anthony P. Baratta, Jr.* Paul C. Heintz* Lawrence J. Rothenberg*

William J. Morehouse* Albert C. Oehrle* Rod J. Pera* Ernest D. Preate, Jr. Richard L. Prout Harry E. Reagan III Jeffrey B. Schwartz Richard F. Stern* David F. Stover Stephen C. Sussman Neil H. Tannebaum* John Taylor Williams* James A. Wimmer*

[ 19 6 6 ] Total Gift: 4,645,806 Average Gift: $65,434 Participation: 46%

REUNION CHAIRS Fred Blume William T. Hangley Robert I. Toll LEADERSHIP DONOR Robert I. Toll

$1,000 to $2,499 Paul J. Bschorr* The Honorable Benjamin Lerner Morgan L. Pape* Sheldon N. Sandler The Honorable Anita Rae Lavine Shapiro*

MAJOR BENEFACTORS Marvin S. Goldklang Glen A. Tobias*

DONORS The Honorable H. Bartle III* Theodore M. Benditt* Robert E. Benson Harold P. Block Bernard Chanin* The Honorable Lita Indzel Cohen Robert F. Dakin* Albert L. Doering III William H. Ewing Gustavo A. Gelpi Richard Gordimer* Allan B. Greenwood Thomas P. Hamilton, Jr.* Gilbert P. High Jr. James W. Jennings* James H. Johns, Jr. J. William Johnson Dennis T. Kelly The Honorable Carol A. Kipperman* Richard F. Kotz William M. Labkoff* Albert L. Lingelbach Dinah Lovitch Harry R. Marshall, Jr.*

$2,500 to $9,999 Fred Blume* James Eiseman, Jr.* Francis T. Giuliano Roger L. Goldman* William T. Hangley Marvin E. Lesser* Stephanie Weiss Naidoff Richard D. Steel* Harold K. Vickery, Jr.


$10,000 to $24,999 Roger F. Cox Joel D. Siegel*

$1,000 to $2,499 Allen D. Black* James B. Blinkoff*◆ Stephen M. Brett Henry D. Cavanna William M. Doran Edward F. Mannino Daniel Promislo Daniel R. Ross* Thomas E. Wood* DONORS John N. Ake, Jr. Gregory G. Alexander


David J. Anderson Carol R. Aronoff* Edward C. Bierma* Robert N. Bohorad* Harry O. Boreth* Terrence M. Boyle* Barlow Burke* The Honorable Charles B. Burr II Michael M. Coleman Jerry R. Dempsey* Marc N. Epstein Henry A. Gass Francis X. Gindhart Stephen J. Greenberg* Wilmot L. Harris, Jr.* Paul W. Heil* Bruce G. Hermelee* Dale P. Kensinger* Eliott Klein Gerald Kobell* Jeffrey K. Kominers* Joseph E. Lastowka, Jr.* Robert P. Lawry* Michael A. Levin* Peter S. Lewicki* Irwin S. Love* John R. Merrick* Melvin B. Miller* William A. Mogel Samuel S. Pearlman* Murray H. Pinkus* Elliot B. Platt* Thomas J. Profy III* R. Martin Reiley◆ A. Fred Ruttenberg Michael A. Sand Albert J. Schuler Edwin Silverstone Gary M. Slovin Harvey L. Steinberg* Norman J. Wachtel Albert F. Watters, Jr. Richard N. Weiner* Richard R. Wier, Jr. Victor M. Wigman Bernhardt K. Wruble*

[ 19 6 7 ] Total Gift: $369,711 Average Gift: $6,847 Participation: 42%

CLASS AGENTS Harold K. Cohen William A. Humenuk LEADERSHIP DONOR Robert L. Friedman*

MAJOR BENEFACTOR Paul E. Shapiro* $10,000 to $24,999 Donald P. de Brier Arthur Makadon* $2,500 to $9,999 C. Oliver Burt III William A. Humenuk A. Scott Logan G. Glen Morie* John W. Nields, Jr.* William A. Rosoff* $1,000 to $2,499 Melvyn L. Cantor*◆ Michael Q. Carey Carmen L. Gentile* John T. Mansfield Stephen P. Norman John C. Ulfelder Lawrence Weiner* DONORS Mark H. Chazin* Stephen P. Dicke* Daniel A. Durkin* Andrew M. Epstein* James F. Flanagan* Donald G. Gavin* John R. Gercke* Nathaniel G. Greenfield Christopher Hays Douglas A. Hedin* William C. Hewson, Sr.* Lawrence P. Kaplan William H. Kuehnle J. Kai Lassen Terry L. Leitzell* James B. Leonard* Robert A. Levin* Peter S. Levitov* Dale Penneys Levy* Nessim Levy* Edward M. Luria William A. Macan IV* David E. Menotti Nicholas J. Nastasi Walter L. Pepperman II* Antonio A. Picazo Martin D. Polevoy W. B. Ruthrauff* Harold A. Schwartz, Jr. Vinson P. Stouck* Dennis R. Suplee* A. Dennis Terrell C. M. Van Nispen tot Sevenaer Sharon Kaplan Wallis Russell W. Whitman* Warren E. Winslow, Jr.* Eric C. Woglom


[ 19 6 8 ] Total Gift: $608,079 Average Gift: $10,306 Participation: 42%

CLASS AGENT John D. Schupper LEADERSHIP DONOR Earl R. Franklin* MAJOR BENEFACTORS Richard L. Bazelon* Stanley J. Bernstein* $10,000 to $24,999 Gail Sanger* $2,500 to $9,999 Lawrence J. Fox* John D. Schupper William W. Schwarze* $1,000 to $2,499 William E. Elwood Michael A. Gaffin* Lawrence B. Hannah* Donald K. Joseph* Joy Kleiner Pollock Arthur H. Rainey* Kenneth A. Sagat* Clifford H. Swain* Jere R. Thomson* Mark G. Yudof DONORS Lawrence I. Abrams* Stanton V. Abrams Paul L. Barron Thomas A. Bell* David Bender Eric Bregman Andrea Commaker Gilbert E. Delorme* Frank X. Derwin Robert J. Dodds III Peter H. Dodson* William F. Dow III* J. Jackson Eaton Jethro M. Eisenstein* John W. Fischer* William F. Gieg Allen F. Gilliard, Jr. Peter G. Glenn Mark D. Gordon* Murray A. Greenberg* David I. Grunfeld Burton K. Haimes Howard Benjamin Hander* Arthur W. Hankin *Consecutive 5-year Donor â&#x2014;&#x2020; Deceased

Jonathan Jewett* Robert A. Jones* W. Dennis Keating* Ward T. Kelsey William O. LaMotte III Norman E. Levine* David H. Lissy* John B. Lowy Carl N. Martin II Leona Yurdin Marx* Charles Michael Newbrand John C. Quinn* Enid Rubenstein* Miles H. Shore Peter S. Thompson* Gordon W. Wilcox* David A. Williams* Richard H. Woods*

[ 19 6 9 ] Total Gift: $325,978 Average Gift: $3,075 Participation: 82%

CLASS AGENT Jeffrey M. Stopford LEADERSHIP DONOR Cary M. Schwartz* MAJOR BENEFACTORS Robert C. Sheehan* Paul F. Ware, Jr.* $2,500 to $9,999 John F. De Podesta* Charles A. Gordon* Lee M. Hymerling* Robert L. Pratter* David Richman* Michael J. Roach* David S. Swayze* $1,000 to $2,499 Carol Seabrook Boulanger* Margaret A. Burnham Brian Clemow* The Honorable Stewart Dalzell* E. Foster De Reitzes* Arthur A. Dornbusch II William D. Eggers* Albert P. Hegyi* Harvey C. Johnson* Michael J. Kline* Gerald V. Niesar* William R. Powers, Jr.* Gregory P. Pressman Max D. Stern Ross Van Denbergh* Paul R. Walker* Gregory A. Weiss*

DONORS Anonymous* J. Dinsmore Adams, Jr.* Stephen M. Adelson* Barry Z. Aframe* Richard B. Alderman* Nolan N. Atkinson, Jr.* James A. Bartholomew Loftus E. Becker, Jr.* Arthur Best* Carl S. Bisgaier* Edward D. Bloom* Kenneth H. Chase* Charles E. Clayman Neil H. Cogan Thomas D. Coy* The Honorable Janice B. Davidson* George W. Davies* Richard T. DeCou Michael A. Donadee Thomas E. Doran* Dennis J. Drabelle* David J. Ellis* Carl B. Feldbaum Harry First* James Y. Garrett Jeffrey D. Gilbert Henry Y. Goldman* Steven Gottlieb* John C. Green Marjorie E. Greenfield Marc L. Hecht* Bert H. Hoff* James E. Howard Joseph M. Juhas Steven C. Kahn* The Honorable James M. Kindler* Jeffrey W. Kobrick* Peter L. Koury* John H. Lavely, Jr. Santiago G. Leon* Clifford B. LePage, Jr.* Jeffrey A. Less* Jerry Levine* Michael L. Levy* Eric M. Lowin John F. Meigs* J. Gregg Miller* Searle E. Mitnick* Frederick B. Niebling* Gregory Pechukas Edward L. Peck* The Honorable A. R. Randolph, Jr.* Alice Graham Rhodes* Richard C. Rizzo James B. Robinson* John M. Robinson* William G. Rogerson* William A. Roos IV Susan Julia Ross* Howard J. Rubinroit* Lynn Elaine Saul*

Sandra Shapiro* Allen H. Sheptow* Richard P. Sills* Richard K. Simon* Courtney Craig Smith Lloyd B. Snyder* Susan I. Spivak Stephen J. Springer Allan H. Starr* Stephen P. Steinberg* Richard W. Stevenson* Jeffrey M. Stopford* Janet Freedman Stotland* Samuel O. Tilton* John C. Tuten, Jr.* Richard A. Weisz* James L. Winokur Stephen G. Young*

[ 19 7 0 ] Total Gift: $27,030 Average Gift: $552 Participation: 38%

CLASS AGENT Franklin L. Best $2,500 to $9,999 Murray I. Blackman* Edmund L. Harvey, Jr.* Carl S. Tannenbaum* $1,000 to $2,499 Jon L. Fleischaker Lisa Holzsager Kramer Fred H. Marcusa Matthew J. Siembieda DONORS Mark L. Austrian Walter Beh II Franklin L. Best* Ronald E. Bornstein Melvin C. Breaux Joseph C. Bright* Francis J. Burgweger, Jr.* Carroll J. Cavanagh* John D. Draghi* Anthony A. Dreyspool Thomas R. Gottshall Sheldon A. Halpern Edward John Kaier* Michael J. Kalison Alexander Kerr Robert R. Kugler* The Honorable Marlene F. Lachman* Richard M. Leisner* Ralph B. Levy* Walter P. McEvilly, Jr. John J. McLaughlin, Jr.*

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 19

A L U M N I C O NTR I B UTI O N S Jonathan W. Miller* John W. Morris Robert L. Nutt Jerome G. Oslick* John W. Reading William H. Roberts III Lanny Sagal* Stephen A. Saltzburg Gerald L. Schrader* Mary Ellen Satin Schwab Mark E. Solomons* Stephen A. Stack, Jr. David R. Straus Richard T. Tomar* Leslie A. Tomenson* Jonathan Vipond III* Edward M. Watters III Arthur G. Weinstein* Christian S. White* Robert I. Whitelaw* J. Michael Willmann*

[1971] Total Gift: $57,026 Average Gift: $1,358 Participation: 31%

REUNION CHAIRS Mitchell L. Bach Barry E. Bressler Arthur W. Lefco The Honorable G. Craig Lord $10,000 to $24,999 Arthur W. Lefco* Mark Pollak* $2,500 to $9,999 Anonymous* Donald R. Auten* Barry E. Bressler Steven L. Friedman The Honorable G. Craig Lord* $1,000 to $2,499 Jane Leslie Dalton* Davidson Taylor Gordon Hideshige Haruki Karl W. Heckman DONORS Barry M. Abelson Stewart A. Block* James L. Bross Henry S. Bryans* Mark M. Carroll Frank G. Cooper* Michael W. Freeland Kenneth V. Heland Roger E. Kohn 20

Donald A. Kress* Michael H. Leeds Alexander I. Lewis III* Cletus P. Lyman James H. Manning, Jr. Michele Marshall Mathes Leo J. Murphy, Jr. David G. Owen Francis F. Quinn Warren A. Reintzel* Drew Salaman* Thomas R. Schmuhl* Richard M. Singer* Steven A. Skalet George A. Stohner E. C. Swift Buford W. Tatum II Robert N. Weinstock Stephen P. Weiss* Arnold J. Wolf* Theodore A. Young Arthur A. Zatz*

[1972] Total Gift: $930,732 Average Gift: $13,109 Participation: 37%

CLASS AGENT Lawrence S. Rosenwald LEADERSHIP DONOR Paul S. Levy* MAJOR BENEFACTORS Anonymous John J. Clair* $2,500 to $9,999 David C. Keehn* Patrick R. Riley* $1,000 to $2,499 John W. Carroll* Louis G. Corsi* Paul S. Kimbol* Neil I. Levy* Mark J. Mathis* Martin Rosengarten Lance Henry Wilson DONORS Richard D. Bank* Marian Clae Bennett* Frank L. Bridges Ellen Sterns Brown* Marc A. Citron Bruce K. Cohen* Dennis L. Cohen Martin I. Darvick


The Honorable James S. Feight, Jr. John Parker Fenner Thomas J. Finarelli Cornelius T. Finnegan III* John T. Fitzgerald, Jr. Patricia L. Freeland John W. Freeman Douglas N. Frenkel Michael A. Fusco II* Richard A. Grande Dennis T. Guise* Jay D. Gurmankin Frank Allen Hester* The Honorable Randy J. Holland Joan B. Ingram Robert S. Katz Clarence C. Kegel, Jr. James L. Kerr* Michael F. Kraemer* D. Bruce Kratz The Honorable Peter B. Krauser Frederick J. La Valley Mark G. Lappin Richard A. Levine* Holly Maguigan Peter F. Marvin David L. Millstein* John C. Murphy, Jr. John W. Murtagh, Jr. Michael M. Mustokoff John M. Myers David M. Narrow David S. Petkun* David I. Pincus David L. Pollack Kenneth I. Rosenberg Roger N. Rosenberger Bruce C. Rosenthal Lawrence S. Rosenwald* Michael G. Scheininger* Melvin R. Shuster Richard D. Soltan* Jane E. Sommer* J. Michael Sulzbach Peter J. Tobiason* Jack C. Tranter* David F. Tufaro* Jonathan D. Varat* Don J. Vogt* Ronald P. Weiss* Donn T. Wonnell

[1973] Total Gift: $191,277 Average Gift: $2,333 Participation: 42%

MAJOR BENEFACTORS Charles I. Cogut* R. Bruce Rich*

$10,000 to $24,999 Sherrie Raiken Savett* A. Gilchrist Sparks III* $2,500 to $9,999 Jeffrey Blumenfeld* Laura Ross Blumenfeld* Victor I. Lewkow* Randall H. McFarlane* John J. Poggi, Jr.* Ronald C. Redcay* Steven Simkin* Mary E. Weber* George W. Westervelt, Jr.* $1,000 to $2,499 Paul Berkowitz Charles E. Dorkey III* David H. Johnson Sander B. Ross* Henry S. Schleiff* DONORS Kenneth E. Aaron* Lawrence Barth* Robert S. Bass* Harold Becks Shirley Kline Bennett* Laura Blank Robert P. Blank Robert T. Bowsher* Andrew A. Cadot* Richard B. Carroll* John S. Child, Jr.* Thomas R. Courage* Laurence E. Cranch Frederick R. Cummings, Jr. B. Waesche Cummings Bernard J. D'Avella, Jr. Michael J. Donahue* Thomas J. Duman* Saul S. Epstein Jonathan E. Flitter* Robert S. Forster, Jr.* Murray Gerstenhaber* Ronald M. Griffith* Terry F. Hall Joel M. Hamme* Alexander R. Hart* John B. Herron Robert Hoe VI Peter M. Iskin* Bentley P. Jenkins J. St Girard Jordan* Steven J. Kalish* Kenneth S. Kamlet Wendy M. Keats Richard W. Kessler* Michael R. Klekman* Kenneth N. Laptook Martin J. Lewin* Philip R. Lezenby, Jr.

A L U M N I C O NTR I B UTI O N S Martin E. Lybecker* John F. McCarthy III Sean A. McCarthy James C. McGuire* Raymond W. McKee Joseph E. Murphy* Raymond W. Mushal* Cole H. Oram Robert D. Owen Roslyn Goold Pollack Allen E. Rennett* Douglas H. Riblet* Charles N. Riley Stephen Schlessinger* Ira S. Shapiro* Marjorie A. Silver Ronald M. Soskin* Stephen R. Takeuchi Joel W. Todd* Thomas G. Vaughan* Neil S. Vogel Miriam G. Wallach*◆ Ray W. Warman* Kenneth R. Werner* Consuelo S. Woodhead

[ 1 9 74 ] Total Gift: $1,599,484 Average Gift: $22,528 Participation: 36%

CLASS AGENT Manuel Sanchez LEADERSHIP DONORS Richard G. Corey* Paul G. Haaga, Jr.* David B. Pudlin* Helen Pomerantz Pudlin* MAJOR BENEFACTORS Kevin T. Baine* Joseph F. Roda* $10,000 to $24,999 Paul A. Lester* Gail A. Lione* Francis M. Milone* Morton A. Pierce* Scott S. Rosenblum $2,500 to $9,999 William H. Bohnett* Michael T. Everett* Jack M. Feder Arlene Fickler John M. Fowler* Robert C. Gerlach* Wilbur L. Kipnes*

*Consecutive 5-year Donor ◆ Deceased

Charles R. Tribbitt* Susan Schaier Tribbitt*

$1,000 to $2,499 George J. Edwards H. Ronald Klasko Marilyn Z. Kutler* Ralph A. Mariani* The Honorable Frederica Massiah-Jackson* Carrie J. Menkel-Meadow Barbara F. Moore* Manuel Sanchez* Alan Singer* DONORS Marian Freint Albert* Janice R. Bellace* Marvin J. Brauth* Donald S. Bronstein Jonathan Z. Cannon* Nicholas H. Cobbs* Edward Comer Kell M. Damsgaard* Stephen P. Deitsch* Thomas A. Donovan* David W. Dykhouse* John P. Edgar James W. Ehrman Ronald R. Fieldstone Mark H. Friedman* Michael K. Furey Michael N. Gordon* Barry Gottlieb* Andrew Gowa Steven Morey Greenberg* George J. Hartnett* Kenneth D. Henderson Alberto Ibarguen W. R. Kemp* Stephen D. Kramer* Donald B. Lewis Allan I. Lund* Michael R. Malloy* Howard E. Mitchell, Jr. Michael W. Monk Jean A. Musiker* Glen A. Payne* Daniel P. Reynolds* Carl G. Roberts Lee S. Saltzman John E. Schrider Nina G. Segre Michael H. Selter* Andrew M. Smulian Mark N. Steinberger* Michael Vitiello* David B. Wolf

[1975] Total Gift: $412,684 Average Gift: $8,092 Participation: 31%

LEADERSHIP DONORS Mark B. Davis* William S. Stevens◆ MAJOR BENEFACTOR Alan C. Myers* $10,000 to $24,999 Kenneth G. Hurwitz* James R. Tanenbaum* Andrea E. Utecht* $2,500 to $9,999 Lawrence J. Arem* Vincent P. Hatton* Donald C. Klawiter* Robert Jay Levine* The Honorable Gene E. K. Pratter* Jeffrey B. Rotwitt* Christopher R. West* $1,000 to $2,499 David E. Beavers* Richard H. Dolan* John W. Gerstmayr* M. Duncan Grant* Michael D. Green Richard L. Kalin* Richard W. Moore* Steven B. Peri Lawrence White* Wendy S. White* Toni G. Wolfman*

John C. Rother David R. Schwartz Michael L. Seabolt* Kenneth R. Vogel Robert L. Wallace, Jr.* Jonathan I. Wax* Keith E. Welks Lynn Whittlesey Wilson David S. Yen

[1976] Total Gift: $834,484 Average Gift: $11,590 Participation: 40%

REUNION CHAIRS Alan L. Beller Martha W. Bush James J. Sandman LEADERSHIP DONORS Anonymous Alan L. Beller* Murray Kushner* MAJOR BENEFACTORS Marilyn Mooney* James J. Sandman* $10,000 to $24,999 Carlton B. Klapper* Daniel O'Donnell* Martin D. Pollack Michael T. Scott* Lawrence V. Stein Kenneth I. Tuchman*

DONORS Kent S. Bernard* Medford J. Brown* Arthur G. Cohen* James A. Friedman* Diane Levine Gardener Michael S. Gardener Kathleen Jakeway Heist Myles J. Horn Melvin Y. Kaneshige Regina M. Kossek* Lawrence J. Kucy* Damon C. Miller* Michele Moss Eleanor Wilansky Myers Russell E. Pommer Thomas D. Rees* Alan I. Reich* Allen G. Reiter*

$2,500 to $9,999 John F. Cambria* John E. Caruso* Samuel W. L. Chin* Richard Chirls Joseph S. Finkelstein* Nancy Bregstein Gordon Mark A. Kadzielski* Robert J. Staffaroni* Annette S. Wheeler* William F. Wynne, Jr.* $1,000 to $2,499 Ruthanne Beighley Martha W. Bush* Lawrence Finkelstein* Joseph Gabai* Lois S. Kimbol* Andrea R. Kramer* Sidney H. Kuflik Maury J. Mechanick* Mark Olson* Jeffrey I. Pasek

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 21

A L U M N I C O NTR I B UTI O N S Lee A. Rosengard* Salomon R. Sassoon Thomas J. Schlageter* John A. Terrill II Thomas E. Zemaitis*

DONORS Luis M. Artime Richard M. Bernstein Creed C. Black, Jr. William O. Blome* Kimble A. Byrd Barry Cohen The Honorable Jack Delman Edward T. Ellis* Wendella P. Fox Barbara Hoffman Frank* Eric L. Frank The Honorable Gary B. Gilman Victor M. Glasberg* Gaby E. Gross Edward I. Handelman* Barbara R. Hauser Edward W. Huntley* Bruce S. Katcher* Robert J. Katzenstein John B. Kearney* Michael H. Kline Richard E. Levine Joseph L. Lincoln Kathleen E. McMahon-Stoll* Ronald Medley Armando Montano, Jr.* Louisa Smith Mygatt* Stephen B. Mygatt* Kathleen O'Brien Thomas E. Pitts, Jr.* Bella Schnall The Honorable Jerome B. Simandle* Larry D. Sobel The Honorable Lucindo Suarez* The Honorable William C. Todd III* Joseph Urcis

[ 1 977 ] Total Gift: $376,506 Average Gift: $6,073 Participation: 38%

CLASS AGENT James G. Rickards LEADERSHIP DONOR Howard I. Langer MAJOR BENEFACTORS Gilbert F. Casellas Pamela F. Craven* Antonio Magliocco, Jr.* Nina S. Myers* 22

$10,000 to $24,999 David D. Aufhauser* Thomas J. Gallagher III* $2,500 to $9,999 Richard L. Kornblith David L. Lloyd, Jr.* Gary L. Sasso* Bruce A. Wolfson* $1,000 to $2,499 Thomas J. Allingham Richard D. Dionne E. Marianne Gabel Bruce R. Genderson James C. Ingram* Jason M. Shargel* Amy Karig Sommer* Howard Zucker* DONORS Anonymous* Howard D. Burnett* Grissele Camacho-Pagan Gary E. Cantor* Hope A. Comisky* James E. Connor* Anita L. De Frantz Anthony C. Di Gioia Bruce A. Eisenberg Samuel M. Forstein Laura A. Friedman* Mary Catherine Frye* Philip A. Gasteier Brian T. Hirai* Thomas L. Holzman* John Jamieson, Jr.* Scott Jennings* Gerald Korngold* John S. Larson Bernard Lee Richard A. Matasar* Vernon A. McInnis* Ralph K. Merzbach* Ellen Metzger* James M. Morris* Richard D. Oughton Edward Pikus Andrew R. Plump* Lisa J. Pollak Irwin A. Popowsky* The Honorable Deborah T. Poritz* Ilene Rosenberg Price* Vincent J. Quinn Michael P. Reynolds Roy G. Rifkin* Frederick R. Rohn Philip Rosenbach The Honorable Alan J. Sacks Sharon M. Schweitzer Timothy K. Shuba Mark R. Sussman


Randolph W. Tritell Alan M. Wasserman*

[1978] Total Gift: $2,826,581 Average Gift: $49,589 Participation: 31%

LEADERSHIP DONORS Anonymous* Richard P. Schifter* $10,000 to $24,999 Robert P. Pinkas Alfred W. Putnam, Jr. Masayuki Yoshida $2,500 to $9,999 Anonymous Todd H. Franks Joanne S. Freed* Steven R. Kuney* Richard C. Mendelson* The Honorable Helene N. White Jordan E. Yarett $1,000 to $2,499 Jill E. Darrow* Michel de Konkoly Thege* Thomas R. Eshelman* Norman Goldberger* Richard S. Lawch* William J. Murphy* Harriette I. Resnick* Edward A. Ryan Nancy E. Watters DONORS Anonymous David S. Antzis* Ellen Bass* Sandra A. Bloch* Jeffrey L. Braff* Robert A. Butkin John Chester* Mary Ennis Comfort Thomas J. Donovan* Susan E. Duvall* Martin S. Ettin David A. Farmelo Norajean M. Flanagan Reginald C. Govan Henry R. F. Griffin* Steven J. Harwood* Elizabeth Stein Henn* Janice Hoffman Reich David M. Hudiak* Eric C. Jeffrey Virginia B. Junewicz* Donald E. Keener* David I. Levine

Gail Bassok Mayland Gail E. McCann The Honorable David W. Morgan* Gary J. Newell D. Richard Powell, Jr.* Joan S. Powers* Elisa M. Pugliese George J. Shotzbarger* D. Timothy Tammany Michael F. Tietz Christopher M. Tretta* Jordan S. Weltman* Gregory J. Winsky*

[1979] Total Gift: $332,325 Average Gift: $5,113 Participation: 34%

CLASS AGENT Garrard Ross Beeney MAJOR BENEFACTORS Pamela Daley* Gerald A. McHugh, Jr.* Pamela J. Murphy* Jeanne C. Olivier* $10,000 to $24,999 Mary B. Coe* Andrew D. Soussloff* Terri Solomon Topaz* $2,500 to $9,999 Garrard Ross Beeney* David I. Bower* Ralph Rodak John D. Wilson $1,000 to $2,499 Steven P. Cohn* Joshua Katzen Maureen Sullivan Landers* Michael J. Ossip* Neil D. O'Toole* Peter Roorda Benjamin Slotznick* DONORS Dale E. Barnes, Jr. Donald C. Baur David I. Blumberg Leslie D. Bram George W. Braun* Jill Eiseman Bronson Isis Carbajal De Garcia Catherine C. Carr E. Diane Clark* Denise D. Colliers Thomas F. Connell* Jay H. Diamond

A L U M N I C O NTR I B UTI O N S Sarah H. Duggin Elise Wood duPont Douglas Bern Fox Joseph A. Godles Joyce E. Goldklang Richard S. Green David I. Haas* Anthony B. Haller William L. Henn* Raymond W. Hepper Edith M. Ho Leslie E. Kivitz David A. Klibaner Israel E. Kornstein* Rabbi Aaron Kriegel Vanessa J. Lawrence Lynn A. Marks Barbara S. Mishkin Jeremy D. Mishkin Sanford K. Mozes* Malcolm D. Nelson Yolanda M. Pizarro Thomas B. Roberts* Martin F. Savitzky Robert C. Schneider* Paul L. Seave* Melvin R. Shuman Michael Slotznick Lorraine C. Staples* Gary I. Teblum* M. Kelly Tillery C. M. Villoresi De Loche Kenneth J. Warren Marcia J. Wexberg The Honorable Garrett L. Wong

[1980] Total Gift: $468,369 Average Gift: $6,005 Participation: 40%

CLASS AGENT Richard D'Avino LEADERSHIP DONORS Rhonda R. Cohen* Allen J. Model* Tai Chang Terry* MAJOR BENEFACTOR Richard D'Avino* $10,000 to $24,999 Robert F. Cusumano Kenneth C. Willig* $2,500 to $9,999 Alan D. Berkowitz* John M. Brandow* Charles Goldberg* *Consecutive 5-year Donor â&#x2014;&#x2020; Deceased

Tonny K. Ho* Geoffrey A. Kahn*

$1,000 to $2,499 Syed I. Ahmed Laura Kassner Christa Michael M. Collins Loreli R. Fritz Cohn* James P. Golden* William R. Hanlon V. Lynn Hogben* Elaine Newman Moranz* Marianne Rosenberg DONORS Philip A. Bertocci* Ellen M. Briggs* Christopher W. Brown* Gunther O. Carrle David E. Chanin Eliaser Chaparro Dawn R. Chism* Joseph D. Cohen* Steven N. Cousins* Beverly A. Crosson The Honorable Barbara D. Crowell* Paula T. Dow* Laura B. Farmelo* Joy Feigenbaum* Jonathan D. Feinberg* A. Richard Feldman Mark J. Fleming Charles F. Forer Neil P. Forrest* Deborah Large Fox Elizabeth W. Fox* Sharon K. Freiman* Charles F. Gross* Donna Nelson Heller* Kathy P. Janowitz Kenneth S. Kail* Kathryn A. Kapusta Kit Kinports* Roberta R. Kwall Larry P. Laubach* Stephen P. Maidman* Mark L. Mallory The Honorable Ninfa L. Mares Randall David Marks Michael J. Mentzel Richard C. Moderow* Patrick G. Oakes* Kyung Jae Park Dalton F. Phillips Lee S. Piatt Daniel I. Prywes* David E. Raderman Judith Nichols Renzulli* John D. Rogers* Joseph L. Seiler III Karen L. Senser

Deborah M. Shaw* Joel M. Silverstein James R. Stirn* Martin I. Twersky* Martha Walfoort Jean R. Warshaw Hadassah R. Weiner* Rhonda J. Weiss The Honorable David R. Weyl* The Honorable Flora Barth Wolf Edwin Woo Edward R. Yoches

[1981] Total Gift: $318,126 Average Gift: $4,132 Participation: 40%

REUNION CHAIRS Randy M. Mastro Darryl J. May LEADERSHIP DONOR David L. Cohen* MAJOR BENEFACTORS Randy M. Mastro* Jeffrey A. Smith $10,000 to $24,999 Darryl J. May* L. Paravati Phillips Lisa M. Scottoline $2,500 to $9,999 Anonymous [2] George C. Barry* Rudolph J. DiMassa, Jr. Thomas R. Fileti* Bruce D. Gallant Marilyn C. Sanborne* Lee A. Snow* $1,000 to $2,499 David P. Hackett* Bruce J. Jacobson Amelia Welt Katzen Jay M. Levin* David E. Loder* Hugh E. McKay Nancy Gierlich Papier Steven G. Reade Andrea White Rock* Philip J. Suse Dru S. White DONORS Randi H. Abramsky Patrick H. Autry Edmund J. Beehan

John A. Borek* Amy Branaman Willa Cohen Bruckner* Robert O. Cohen Diane J. Cornell* Yvonne R. Cort Kevin R. Cunningham* Philip M. de Picciotto Joseph Donofrio Henry D. Gabriel, Jr. David Gitlin M. M. Gonzales-Phillips Peter J. Guffin Anne Hurst Hardock* Randolf Hurst Hardock* Toby Zankel Heilweil* Alan C. Herring* Marcie R. Horowitz H. Thomas Hunt Janet Berney Hunt Jeffrey L. Kwall Jeffrey D. Lobach Helen Freniere Long Kyra Goidich McGrath* Barbara A. Moore Patricia P. Morse* Dorothy Lange Moyer James C. Palmer Franca M. Palumbo* Virginia Conley Pappas* Karen F. Peltz Strauss Karen R. Pushaw* Mary Robinson-Cohen Peter C. Rosenbloom* The Honorable Juan R. Sanchez Lloyd A. Sanders Robert S. Sanoff Minna Schiller Walter H. Schumacher* Peter T. Shapiro* Robert A. Silverman Ronald M. Spritzer Scott H. Strauss Andrew E. Taslitz Anne Wooten Teeling Joseph R. Viola Nancy Hopkins Wentz* Dennis A. Williams* Patricia Uyehara Wong

[1982] Total Gift: $1,445,850 Average Gift: $24,506 Participation: 32%

CLASS AGENT Andrew J. Dubroff LEADERSHIP DONORS E. Scott Mead Oluwagbemiga A. Oyebode AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 23

A L U M N I C O NTR I B UTI O N S $10,000 to $24,999 David P. King $2,500 to $9,999 Samuel Berk* Evelyn S. Berkowitz* Lee J. Dobkin* Jeffrey H. Ingerman* Susan Vaughan Kahn* Matthew Quilter* $1,000 to $2,499 James M. Beck* Mona E. Ehlenberger Louis Epstein* Lincoln E. Frank Matthew J. Gold* Akinobu Miyoshi John A. Nelson* Andrew L. Sandler* Michael A. Saslaw Mark S. Stewart* DONORS Peter Adels K. W. Ahn Reverend R. Reed Baer Daniel C. Beckhard Nancy G. Brockway Marvin Douglas N. Candeub* K. A. Cornick Kathryn K. Deans-Schaub* Danielle Dussek Lisa Ehrich* Debra Fickler Derek J. Fromm David E. Green* Alfred R. Jarvis* Ki Sup Kim Flora H. Kimmich Hilary B. Klein Susan D. Kornberg Robert M. Kruger* Peter W. Laberee Sylvia Gottlieb Lardiere William B. Lazarus Hiram Lopez* Gary Lawrence Lozoff The Honorable Ruben A. Martino* Ann C. McGinley Stacey Meadows Ruben M. Medina-Lugo Philip Andrew Miscimarra Dale L. Moore* Evelyn Gonzalez Morgan H. Bertil Nordin Linda Susan Pacer The Honorable John H. Rich III* Andrew J. Rudolph* Alan C. Sklar Purushottam V. Telang Jeffrey A. Toder 24

Howard J. Wiener* Anthony R. Winchester

[1983] Total Gift: $547,893 Average Gift: $7,717 Participation: 33%

CLASS AGENT Marcy Engel LEADERSHIP DONORS Mark A. Ellman* Natalie Lewis Wexler* $10,000 to $24,999 Leslie Hoffman Altus* Marcy Engel* Allan N. Rauch John D. Stanley* Steven H. Temares Matthew E. Walden $2,500 to $9,999 Dean Stewart Adler* David N. Beckham Abbi L. Cohen* Kevin L. Cole Elaine Duncan* Robert A. Marchman* Richard M. Schetman $1,000 to $2,499 Syed I. Ahmed Beth Hirsch Berman* Michael Di Biase* Allen T. Y. Huie Eleanor Morris Illoway Mark J. Menting* Edward B. Rock* Patrick M. Shelley Jo-Ann M. Verrier* DONORS Lynn R. Axelroth Eileen Flynn Bailey* Ruth Cornfeld Becker* H. Jay Bellwoar* Frank D. Burt* Emilio W. Cividanes Glen R. Cornblath* Ann Laquer Estin* Diane Fenner-Zwillenberg Julie R. Fenster Leonard A. Ferber* Steven Firkser* Ethan D. Fogel Wendy B. Glazer Joan C. Harrington Robert S. Hawkins Joy A. Horwitz-Fram*


Thomas A. Isaacson* Pamela Smith Johnson Ronald E. Karam* Ralph J. Kelly Lorraine Kiessling Koc Keith W. Kriebel Susan Laiken Kruger* Susan Raridon Lambreth Belford V. Lawson III Theresa Barrett Lee* Amy Goldman London Marc J. Manderscheid* Joseph G. Maniaci* Carol E. Mattey* Bruce W. McCullough* Richard D. Milvenan Leona Mogavero John M. O'Donnell* Renwick A. Paige Thomas R. Perricone* Arthur E. Rosenberg Rohit Sabharwal Alfonso Salazar Lisa M. Salazar Paul G. Shapiro Brian J. Siegel* Kim Koch Snelling* Rohit S. Turkhud Linda A. Wells Amy E. Wilkinson*

[1984] Total Gift: $847,787 Average Gift: $11,457 Participation: 36%

CLASS AGENTS Jay A. Dubow Jodi J. Schwartz LEADERSHIP DONORS Scott L. Bok* Richard A. Cassell Joseph D. Gatto Shanin Specter* MAJOR BENEFACTORS Steven F. Richman* Jodi J. Schwartz* $10,000 to $24,999 John G. Chou James M. Minamoto Teresa A. Wallace $2,500 to $9,999 Leona L. Barsky Jay A. Dubow* Rachel Marks Kipnes* J. Bradford McIlvain*

Robert P. Parker Edward A. Rial

$1,000 to $2,499 Edward G. Biester III* Elizabeth Connolly Dell Geoffrey R. Garinther* Yong Kap Kim Ann B. Laupheimer* Stephen H. Orel Mary Gay Scanlon* Ronald P. Schiller Lucinda Starrett Sean P. Wajert DONORS David C. Allon Jeffrey S. Batoff Jane G. Beddall* Edward A. Berlin Albert G. Bixler III Jeffrey A. Bomberger* Keith B. Braun* John W. Caffry* Phyllis S. Cherebin Matthew J. Comisky Allan B. Duboff* Leonard S. Ferleger Susan S. Fiering Rochelle Friedlich Gerald S. Frim* Pasquale D. Gentile, Jr.* Sharon Gornstein Michael P. Healy* Eric E. Hoffman Antoinette D. Hubbard* Mary P. Hugues* Geralyn Gahran Humphrey Christopher D. Kearns* J. Judge Kelley* J. Philip Kirchner Jeffrey A. Korchek Ralph L. Landy Sandra L. Lannis* Tsiwen Law J. Timothy Maxwell Eugenia McGill* John L. Olsen Richard S. Perelman Rafael Perez Susan I. Permut* Jay A. Radov Elizabeth A. Renaud Alan S. Ritterband Jane Rogers Rosenberg* Gary A. Saul Carlo Scaramella Federico Spinola Jane Summers John S. Summers Richard B. Thorp* Randall M. Weiner

A L U M N I C O NTR I B UTI O N S Robert Charles Wright Mark R. Yanowitz* Mark R. Zehner

[1985] Total Gift: $2,550,410 Average Gift: $38,643 Participation: 31%

CLASS AGENT Cheryl R. Saban LEADERSHIP DONORS Peter N. Detkin* Joseph B. Frumkin* Osagie O. Imasogie* Cheryl R. Saban* $10,000 to $24,999 Mark W. Lipschutz* Rachel B. Lipschutz* James E. Odell, Jr. $2,500 to $9,999 Victor H. Boyajian* J. Raul Cosio Henry S. Hoberman* Helena Lee* Eric P. Salonen Jennifer C. Woll $1,000 to $2,499 Mary B. Conway Kevin J. Dell James A. Fanto C. Khachian Garinther* Dale Finkelstein Harburg* Stephen J. Harburg* Eric B. Miller* Richard Charles Miller Clifford D. Schlesinger Nancy B. Stone Paul D. Underberg Sharon Estreicher Underberg DONORS Carlos G. Baniqued Glenn D. Blumenfeld* Nancy A. Brown* Robert T. Burns Mary Anne Clausen Christopher M. Curran Robert V. Dell'Osa Kurt A. Denke Sharon M. Dietrich* Thomas J. Ellis* David W. Folts David M. Frees III Audrey Caplin Friedel Andrew P. Gaillard* *Consecutive 5-year Donor â&#x2014;&#x2020; Deceased

Kevin J. Garm John D. Gleason* Aileen A. Gould* John H. Grady, Jr. Ellen Canan Grady Benjamin L. Hall* Michael D. Karsch Mark R. Kramer James H. Laird Miriam M. Leder Stephen D. Lerner Mary Ellen Maatman Peter J. Mattheis Elliot M. Maza Gary A. Miller George W. Moore* Walter J. Mostek, Jr. Thomas P. Pinansky John E. Schmidt Joaquin M. Sena* Steven L. Smith Kyung H. Sohn David H. Sorokoff* Lorella P. Struzzi Peter H. Struzzi George W. Vien Eliot R. Wagner

[1986] Total Gift: $342,183 Average Gift: $4,331 Participation: 36%

REUNION CHAIRS Seth P. Plattus The Honorable Patty Shwartz Kenneth W. Willman LEADERSHIP DONORS James W. McKenzie, Jr.* Mary Minehan McKenzie* MAJOR BENEFACTORS Seth P. Plattus* Caroline Gittis Werther Kenneth W. Willman* $10,000 to $24,999 Michelle E. Goldberg Alexandre De M. Wald* $2,500 to $9,999 Andrew S. Amer Ellen Winchell Goldman* Michael Lawrence Goldman* John Nathan Joseph Beth J. Schlegel Rand The Honorable Patty Shwartz William Sherman Skinner

$1,000 to $2,499 Michael Philip Duffy* Pascal Hollander Joong-Seong Kim Ann R. Klee Marc C. Krantz Michele L. S. Krantz Anna C. Mastroianni Florence Meyer Hollander Edward J. Pelta* Lisa Goldman Pelta* David Scott Rosenberg* Wayne L. Stoner Peggy Brenner Wachs* DONORS David George Banes Karen E. Bodner* Leon Charles Boghossian* Matthew J. Brennan* Marianne E. Brown Pamela M. Brown George M. Cohen* Nina L. Cohen Michael Patrick Doss* Sharon Beth Eckstein William A. Ehrlich* Jerome L. Epstein* Mark Spencer Fawer* Kevin B. Fisher Robert Alan Friedel Susan Ginsburg Robert A. Glen* David R. Griffin Lisa Wells Harris Priscilla Norwood Harris* Stewart L. Harris* Kristie Stokes Hassett* John Henry Hepp IV Hilary Weinert Hershman Dean Jerrehian* Brian T. Kelly Scott Mitchell Leventhal Linda Weiss Levitsky* Michael Evan Lewyn Elizabeth B. Lukens Wayne A. Mack Dianne A. Meyer Katherine H. Nam* Robert S. Natalini Elizabeth B. O'Brien John Timothy O'Keefe Myron Fedir Olesnyckyj Sharon Guss Pollack Adrian K. Pope Robin Resnick John Rothchild* Melinda P. Rudolph* Mitchell E. Russell* Peter H. Schlessel* Dave Samuel Seidman Jay Sterling Silver

Blair C. Stone James H. Swain Noel Hugh Trask George A. Tsougarakis Ernest L. Wilkerson, Jr. Gregory E. Zimmerman

[19 87] Total Gift: $45,841 Average Gift: $595 Participation: 32%

CLASS AGENT Andrew S. Margolis $10,000 to $24,999 Bryan A. Merryman* $2,500 to $9,999 Jody P. Ellant Vernon L. Francis William S. Koenig Ralph M. Levene* Jay S. Rand Diane Sullivan Melinda C. Witmer $1,000 to $2,499 Gary R. Carney, Jr.* Andrew S. Margolis* Judith Ellen Reich* D. G. Peter Sarsfield* Lisa J. Sotto Susan Trachtenberg Werman* DONORS Laurie Elizabeth Adams George S. Alex Eric David Ashton Nancy B. Berenson* Jonathan K. Bernstein Kathleen B. Bertolette Susan B. Besancon Susan B. Blumenfeld* Matthew Steven Bode Linda L. Bradmiller* Joel T. Brighton William X. Candela Michele Testen Cann Michael A. Ceramella* Evan Jay Cohen Joshua D. Cohen* Brian D. Doerner Karen M. Dowd* Kevin R. Erdman* Terence D. Fernando Helena G. Francus Richard L. Gabriel* James J. Gilligan Kenneth Craig Gold

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 25

A L U M N I C O NTR I B UTI O N S Allen M. Greenberg G. A. Greenslade III* Dexter R. Hamilton Dorothy Myungsoo Hong Jeffrey N. Hurwitz Kirk D. Johnsen Ann Leopold Kaplan Wendy Karlan Kramer* Jonathan M. Landsman* Frank Lee Bethany Ellen Lorenz Donald G. Lucidi* Robert J. McCarthy* Henry E. Mendia* Jodi Aronson Mignatti Pauline K. Morgan* Joseph Muoio Emily B. Myers* Hollie Morrison Nielsen Paul Jackson Nielsen Erika W. Nijenhuis* Daniel P. O'Meara Cheryl Ann Croteau Orr* Sanford Lee Pfeffer* Roger William Pincus Paul Leon Presburger Alfredo Forrest Ramirez Bruce Edward Reinhart Gail A. Robinson Neil W. Rust Thomas G. Servodidio Neil R. Shapiro Michelle W. Shelling* Albert D. Shuldiner* Franz Tepper David K. Wanger* Annette Sanford Werner Kenneth J. Wilbur* Geraldine M. Zipser*

[1988] Total Gift: $281,945 Average Gift: $4,146 Participation: 32%

CLASS AGENT Henry Klehm LEADERSHIP DONORS David Craig Hertz* Sharyl Marcus Hertz* MAJOR BENEFACTOR David M. Silk* $10,000 to $24,999 Michael B. Adler $2,500 to $9,999 Beth J. Dickstein* 26

Dale Cary Grayson Lester Charles Houtz* Cathleen E. McLaughlin Mark S. Weisberg*

$1,000 to $2,499 Michael J. Boni Frances Kulka Browne Vincent Patrick Browne Jamie A. Cole Camille Paglia Francis Karl A. Groskaufmanis* Michael B. Landau Howard Lindenberg* Kathleen N. Massey Hope Mead Wynn* DONORS Susan M. Adams R. Bruce Balderson, Jr.* Richard Ian Beitler Lynn Stuart Berner David I. Buckman Allison Dale Burroughs* Vance G. Camisa* Olga B. Cerini* Glen J. Du Mont* Lisa Kelly Du Mont* Sheryl Cohen Fine* Stephen I. Frank David Marc Freeman Curtis L. Golkow Michele Berman Golkow Noel Mitchell Gruber* Joann Halberstadter Richard Douglas Heins* Jonathan Merowitz Jacobs Susan Michele Jaffe Mary Lee Anne H. Kiernan Janis King-Robinson David Scott Koffler Lawrence Michael Kramer* William I. Kramer* David Chaim Kurland Mathew Levy* Lianlian Lin James Hanemann Lystad* R. Phillips McCarthy* Christopher Alan Parlo Lisa Kerr Parlo Laura Saskin Perlman Brian Francis Plunkett* Lynn Rosner Rauch* Maria J. Santovenia* Joshua Sarner Carol Weiss Sherman* Pamela Smith Ann Hiestand Strong* Sandra Tomkowicz* Stella Ming Tsai Karen Knox Valihura* Marshall Walthew*


Melissa Allison Warren Dean E. Weisgold* Carol Davies Whitaker Steven G. Winters Linda Gail Worton-Jackson

[1989] Total Gift: $91,000 Average Gift: $1,468 Participation: 29%

CLASS AGENTS Grant Stearns Palmer William Paul Zimmerman MAJOR BENEFACTORS Jeffrey Brotman* Eric Jonathan Friedman* Patricia Maria Menendez-Cambo* $2,500 to $9,999 Rory A. Babich* Stephen A. Jannetta $1,000 to $2,499 Stephen James Jones Lori Kettering Knauer* Deborah P. Lindenberg* Toby Rose Serkin DONORS Pamela Beverforden Adams Michael Philip Barocas Reverend Martin R. Bartel Edward B. Berg Mari Carmen Bosch Charles Anthony Brawley Alyson T. Cooke Leslie Kyman Cooper* Elizabeth Ann Davin* Karen Heaphy Davis* Karin Engstrom Davis* Timothy Emmett Davis* Deborah W. Denno Stefan Dombrowski Penny Conly Ellison* Steven H. Gans* Stephen K. Gellman Ellen Herman Goodman Lauren R. Greenspoon* Isabel Guerra Frederick K. Hatt Robert Franklin Hoyt Daniel S. Jonas* Bernard Joseph Kelley Edward Michael Kriegsman* Susan Joy Leong Charles S. Marion P. P. Michalopoulos Henry T. A. Moniz

Reinhard J. Oertli John Vincent O'Hara* Alan J. Ominsky* Maria M. Pabon-Lopez Grant Stearns Palmer* William B. Petersen Janine Lee Pollack* Scott C. Pyfer* Mildred A. Rivera Norman Scott Rosenbaum Jane Lubowitz Rosenstadt Fernando Santiago Jennifer Leslie Sawin Mark Bryan Schoeller John Francis Schultz Harry W. Skene Frederick Thomas Smith* Michael David Smith Sean Daniel Smith Stephen Joseph Smith* Eric Ames Tilles Robert Bruce Wasserman* Janet M. Weiss William Paul Zimmerman*

[1990] Total Gift: $269,178 Average Gift: $3,589 Participation: 34%

CLASS AGENT Gregg H. Kanter LEADERSHIP DONOR Bradley A. Robins MAJOR BENEFACTORS Gregg M. Galardi Richard C. Pepperman II* $10,000 to $24,999 Kenneth Seth Ziman* $2,500 to $9,999 Penny A. Bennett* Peter N. Flocos Randi Sue Garnick* Mark Gross Christopher R. J. Pace Alan Marc Rifkin* Enrique Silva* $1,000 to $2,499 The Honorable Wee-Soo Han James F. Kurkowski* Mark T. Quinlivan DONORS Keith M. Angle Lisa G. Bakanas*

A L U M N I C O NTR I B UTI O N S James R. Banko Ned E. Barlas Seth M. Barsky* Arline L. Bayo Santiago Susan Taylor Bell Neil R. Bigioni* Stephen J. Binhak J. Bradley Boericke Paul Boni E. J. Borrack* Carolyn Older Bortner Lisa Klaiman Bostrom Andrew S. Brenner Jameson B. Carroll Lesley G. Carroll Joanne Ceballos Gene K. Cheever Kimberly Vinnick Cheiken Christine Czarnecki Ciarrocchi Ethan D. Civan* Gabriela F. Cleveland Jeanne F. D'Esposito Maria T. Douglass Andrea Karsch Druckman* Michael N. Druckman* Stuart M. Falber Wifredo A. Ferrer* Matthew C. Frank Jared S. Garelick* Matthew M. Getter Peter F. Giorgi Amy H. Goldin Cheryl Kabalkin Greenstein Nicole Herman Steven M. Hovis Marion Sokal Hubing* Alina Denis Jarjour Victoria A. L. Karlson Bonni Sheran Kingsley* Jennifer Stein Kumble Alison V. Lane Jaehyoung Lee Joseph M. Lemond Julie Jo Levenson* Mary McKenna Nathan Tokuo Natori* John F. X. O'Riordan John Edward Page* Sharon H. Pohoryles* Richard B. Pressman Paul Samuel Sachs Gwen Marta Schoenfeld Todd Laurence Silverberg* Leslie H. Smith Jacqueline A. Stefkovich Daniel Ross Tenenbaum Laurence Weilheimer Rubin D. Weiner Bruce Richard Wilde

*Consecutive 5-year Donor â&#x2014;&#x2020; Deceased

[1991] Total Gift: $228,150 Average Gift: $3,125 Participation: 33%

REUNION CHAIRS Lisette Currier-Martinez Joseph R. Halprin Edward J. Weiss LEADERSHIP DONORS Samuel A. Danon Lucy J. Minehan MAJOR BENEFACTORS Lisette Currier-Martinez Walfrido J. Martinez $10,000 to $24,999 Joseph R. Halprin Joseph M. Manko, Jr. Jennifer Lee Porges Allison Klayman Rosenthal Gregory L. Weinberger $2,500 to $9,999 David M. Goldenberg* Willard J. Hall III Langdon Van Norden, Jr. Edward J. Weiss* $1,000 to $2,499 Elzbieta Ewa Bochenek James W. Bucking Rudolph Contreras* Adam Michael Fox* Lisa F. Fox* Edward W. Hernstadt* Jeffrey H. Kirsh Marc H. Klein* Daniel R. Salsburg* Michelle M. Shanahan* Winifred Lynn Swan DONORS Stephanie S. Abrutyn* Susan Brodsky Asch Valerie M. Baruch Allison F. Bauer Sarah M. Bricknell Susan B. Chertkof Kerin Bischoff Clapp Nancy M. Clark Karon M. Coleman Andrew C. Cooper Jeffrey O. Cooper Jason Fritz Alexander C. Gavis* Ana Maria Gonzalez Wood* George Gordon Steven L. Holcomb

Duane L. Hughes Sybil M. James Robert A. Kaplan Christopher R. Kaup Mark S. Kingsley* Aaron R. Krauss* Giselle J. Leonardo Michael Lieberman* Luciano Lizzi Bradley J. Lucido Suzanne Serianni Mayes Doretta M. McGinnis Steve Mendelsohn Hae Chan Park Marcelle Gorelick Peck Patricia Proctor* Raymond Adam Quaglia Jeffrey Alan Rackow* Barry L. Refsin* Michael John Rivera Melissa A. Rogers Aileen R. Schwartz* Ian Thomas Simmons Steven W. Spector Cynthia A. Stofberg Lee Jamie Tiedrich Masahiro Ueno* James T. Watts Kelly Jo Williams Michael Randolph Wilner Amy Wein Zellerbach* Thomas H. Zellerbach* Regine Nicole Zuber*

[1992] Total Gift: $550,233 Average Gift: $7,436 Participation: 27%

CLASS AGENT Marc E. Hankin LEADERSHIP DONORS Anonymous [2] Joel E. Friedlander Michael Movsovich* Julie Ann Sandler $2,500 to $9,999 Kurt F. Gwynne* Marc M. Jerome* $1,000 to $2,499 Matthew L. Biben Carl M. Buchholz Nicole D. Galli Charles P. Goodwin Enrique J. Martin Ronald G. Spann Howard T. Spilko* Robyn L. Weiss

DONORS John W. Ashbrook Scott Eric Becker Stephanie Philips Bergman William S. Biel Mary Catherine Biondi Jocelyn M. Borowsky Joseph A. Callari Bart E. Cassidy* Nicholas M. Centrella Jill Chessen Amy E. Coates Jennifer Goldenson Cramer Jon B. Dubrow Karen Bunning Dubrow Louis Evan Feldman Lawrence M. Frankel* Debra Steiner Friedman* Lindsey A. Gauthier James P. Hughes, Jr. Hyung-Gul Kim Jonathan M. Korn* Jennifer B. Krevitt* Kevin P. Kundra Loran Beth Kundra Cheryl Lappen Stefanie Lempp Stephen J. Levy Eric J. Marandett* Edward A. Mas Michael F. Mavrides David A. McManus Mark Kimio Morita* Marica Pariante Angelides Julie Beth Pollack* Richard Dylan Procida Andrea Levitan Reeves Peter J. Rooney Paul D. Rubin Susan Lea Sack* Mario Vincent Salandra Eyal Schiff Kaethe B. Schumacher David Jay Schwartz Alex Ethan Seldin Thomas B. Shapira* Deborah Ann Shore* Eric H. Siegel Adam C. Silverstein* Cathi Cozen Snyder Bernard A. Solnik Jeffrey Alan Spector* Steven Spielvogel Jean Gallagher Stoyer* Marc Howard Supcoff* Rina C. Tucker Harris David Scott Wachen K. Grossman Wachen Lisa Washington Scott T. Weingaertner

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 27


[1993] Total Gift: $337,010 Average Gift: $5,185 Participation: 30%

CLASS AGENT Wendy Ferber LEADERSHIP DONOR John J. Grogan* MAJOR BENEFACTORS Walter J. Clayton III Derek Nicholas Pew* $10,000 to $24,999 Kris Williams Aldridge Richard B. Aldridge Michael Joel Blum* Mark I. Greene $2,500 to $9,999 Deirdre Marie Giblin* Melissa B. Lautenberg Samuel Scott Shaulson Robert Bruce Stebbins* William Alexander Voxman Marla Weinstein Wasserman $1,000 to $2,499 Seok Won Ha* Maurizio Levi-Minzi* DONORS Robert A. Arena* Lenora Ausbon-Odom Wendy Beetlestone* Ronni Silverman Bianco Richard E. Bierman* Aneta Robinson Burton Ronald E. Cahill Sheila Shary Candler* Joseph L. Y. Chan* Denley Chew* William Siemon Cummings Laura Loretta Dobson Rachel Anne Ekery Laura E. Ellis Wendy Ferber* David M. Greenberg Bruce D. Greenblatt* Joanne C. Griffin* Andrew Hamilton Tara Lee Harper* Gordon Michael Harvey Jose Ibietatorremendia Ellen A. Jawitz Scott David Johnson Yoon-Kyong M. Kim Russell G. Lindenfeldar* 28

Leisa Smith Lundy* Susan Valente Marandett* William E. Markstein* Ingrid M. Mesa* David Benjamin Metzman Patricia Marie Natale John A. Nathanson Clint Edward Odom Cynthia Lee Randall* S. G. Rotella, Jr. Eric Jonathan Rothschild Brett I. Rubinson Leanora P. Ruffin James Andrew Shifren Nancy Saravay Shifren Peter Taru Shimabukuro* Daniel A. Simon* Daniel Isaiah Small Jonathan Howard Spergel Minh N. Vu Jeffrey Paul Wallack* Marc A. Weinstein Wanda Mummah Yachnis* Samuel C. Young

[1994] Total Gift: $17,010 Average Gift: $370 Participation: 20%

$2,500 to $9,999 Jared H. Gordon* Thomas C. Rotko* $1,000 to $2,499 Thomas Robert Hiller Margaret Scott Izzo Todd A. Izzo Matthew Philip Joseph* Jennifer L. Kroman* Mark A. Schichtel DONORS Shinya Akiyama Jennifer Anne Brandt Shari H. Braverman Marguerita Brunson Sims Ari C. Burstein Young Kyun Cho Kipp Bradley Cohen* Birgitta C. Dickerson Scott L. Fast* Amy Epstein Feldman Jennifer S. Fox Frances Gauthier Adam C. Gibbons* Michael J. Gilbert Joshua D. Glatter M. Elizabeth Gordon Michael E. Grossman


Marianne Hoffman Valerie L. Kelly* Lisa Korsten Price* Kenneth M. Kulak Bradford B. Lavender Michael D. Li Puma Paul J. Lockwood Jonathan S. Nash, Jr. Jeffrey Eric Oraker Marc Adam Paul* David C. Rose Jason Wayne Rubin* Atsushi Sakurai* Megan Jacobson Shafritz Stuart M. Sklar Robert Steven Tintner* Frederick A. Walters* Erika Vanessa Wayne Christine M. Whitman Allison M. Wiener Holly Kennard Youngwood

[1995] Total Gift: $26,665 Average Gift: $437 Participation: 27%

CLASS AGENT F. Scott Donahue $10,000 to $24,999 Jane Siegel Greene $1,000 to $2,499 Scott M. Lempert Mark L. Rodio* DONORS Amanda S. Aronoff Karin Koorits Ashford Paul Sein Auh Patricia M. Baloyra William Benedict Bice Stephen S. Bodden Cheryl Anne Bolze* Magdalen Braden* Elaine M. Bucher Deborah S. Burstein David L. Cahn Sean C. Carr Justin W. Chairman Julian L. Chan Roderick W. Chin Charles F. Connolly Samantha R. Corson Daniel D. Dex Sandra N. Stape Fears Kristine Jayne Feher Monica Ferrer Meo* Karen P. Fredericks*

Brian H. Getson Daniel I. Goldberg* Rita L. Goldberg* Andrew G. Gorman* Dean E. Grabelle* Jaimy Levine Hamburg* Lisa L. Hutchinson Stefan J. Jackson Christian P. Jones Warren C. Jones Joshua Max Kamin Robert A. Kraybill* Ronald N. Lanning, Jr. Susan Lee Andrew Russell Levin Sandra Judith Libeson Weingarten David Mitchell Maryles* Matthew Chase Maxwell R. M. Meo, Jr.* Melissa Mary Moriarty* Alexei P. Mostovoi Ravi B. Motwani Edward John Normand Frank Ochsenfeld Joseph Richard Palmieri* Tara B. Primis Andrea Deanca Pruitt Edmonds Thomas William Reader Alan Robert Reifenberg Michael S. Rosenberg* Darren I. Rosenblum* Rasha M. Sabkar Luiz Augusto Sette* Russell C. Silberglied* Claire E. Wallace Eric S. Wechselblatt

[1996] Total Gift: $33,144 Average Gift: $650 Participation: 26%

REUNION CHAIRS Daniel Mark Boockvar Lisa Nass Grabelle $2,500 to $9,999 Daniel Mark Boockvar Nicholas G. Demmo* Adam J. Shapiro Scott Webster* $1,000 to $2,499 Nancy R. Andre Karin Ann Guiduli DeMasi Lisa Maureen Duggan Laura Friedrich* Peter M. Mundheim Jeremy David Rossen Seema C. Shah Philip Matthew Sivin

A L U M N I C O NTR I B UTI O N S DONORS Catherine Thea Barbieri Michael Edward Baughman Rodd William Bender Risa Beth Cherry Bridget J. Crawford Erica C. Y. Dao Matthew David Fradin Nicole R. Gage Jack Robert Garfinkle Jason Charles Gish* Rachel Amanda Giuliano Denise Rubin Glatter Amanda Goodstadt Lisa Nass Grabelle* Marie Louise Hurabiell Scott E. Kauff* Jason Edward Kearns* James Andrew Keller Marc Lewis Kesselman Soon Suk Kim Suk Bum Kim Todd Evan Lenson Rachel Gordon Lichten Nana Mah'Moud Eric James McCarthy Michael A. McCormack* Scott Kenneth Milsten Brem Mica Moldovsky Allen James Oh W. William Prochot* Sidney Adam Rosenzweig* Alix R. Rubin Ralph F. Salgado* Tanya A. Salgado* Mark Schepps Nicole Elias Seawell Jonathan Frederick Wing* Corinne E. Yourman Zadinga Naomi Zulu

[19 97] Total Gift: $16,175 Average Gift: $270 Participation: 21%

CLASS AGENT Alisa Fay Hoover $2,500 to $9,999 Daniel Harry Solomon* $1,000 to $2,499 Dana Jeffrey Ash* Kevin Michael Cofsky Adam Lawrence Perlman John Andrew Valentine DONORS Nina Ellen Abraham* *Consecutive 5-year Donor â&#x2014;&#x2020; Deceased

James Edwin Beasley Bruce W. Bellingham Lacy Diane Berrington Peter David Blumberg Jeremy Paul Blumenfeld Kevin S. Boyle* Scott Evan Brucker Tina Wen Chao Richard Edward Constable III Stephen C. Costalas Matthew Lawrence Craner Rachel Marrow Dalton* Mary Teresa Doud* Joseph Michael Drayton Robert Gary Frucht* Stephanie H. Girshovich Joanie Gleiberman Hecht John Vincent Gorman Masatoshi Goto S. Meridith Greenwood* Adam Jonathan Heft* Alisa Fay Hoover* David Wei Hsia Yasuo Imaizumi Aron Izower* Aaron Jonathan Katzel Joshua Adam Klein* Kristin Ann Klingenberg* Kelly B. Kramer Esther G. Lander Scott E. Lerner Leslie Effron Levin Patrick Charles Lord M. Kristin Malone-Hicks Juan D. Martinez* Carl Benedict McCarthy Bonnie Janet Moncada Allis Milkovich Oswell* Gregory Tyler Parks Olivier Peters* Melinda Poon John J. Quinn III* Pilar S. Ramos Douglas Matthew Risen* Todd David Rosenberg* Francois Rouffiac Rolando R. Sanchez Allison Himelfarb Satyr* Christoph F. Schaer Mindy Ellis Schwartz Mirit D. Steiger Amy Bliss Tenney Jay Michael Thompson* Hi Sun Yoon

[1998] Total Gift: $27,856 Average Gift: $593 Participation: 21%

CLASS AGENT Beatrice M. Schaffrath

Clifford H. Ruprecht Johanna M. Toth

[1999] Total Gift: $184,254 Average Gift: $3,920 Participation: 18%

$10,000 to $24,999 Roy J. Katzovicz*


$2,500 to $9,999 Charlita Cardwell Martez R. Moore


$1,000 to $2,499 Lance Breiland Heather Weiss Frattone Jason Brian Garmise Richard E. Kent Evan Michael Mallah* DONORS Jonathan Ain* Richard Todd Archibald Dennis J. Brennan* Carson Burnham Steven T. Chinowsky Joanna J. Cline Carrie Beth Corcoran Wright Lauren DeBruicker* Rebecca D. Farber Brett D. Feldman Elizabeth Seyle Fenton Stephen J. Ferenchick* Gretchen Fritz Amanda E. Goff George M. Gowen III Gayle G. Gowen Jeffrey E. Gross Adam Matthew Haberfield Michele D. Hangley Erin O'Brien Harkiewicz Brian A. Herman Everett Fraser Hutt* Nabil A. Issa George Karafotias* Aliza R. Karetnick Allan A. Kassenoff Dennis A. Kerbel Carolyn A. Koegler Miller Suling Lam Gustavo I. Lopez Robert H. Miller Mark J. Montano* Erik Oliver Jason T. Polevoy* Elitza Popova-Talty William Patrick Robison* Kyung-Shik Roh

$2,500 to $9,999 Andrea Ortbals Patton* David Eric Shapiro $1,000 to $2,499 Mala Ahuja DONORS Salman Ahmad Martin Attea Meredith Auten Noah Axler Jaime Bachrach* Yelena M. Barychev* Jean Bertrand Leonard Brown Melissa Chia* Jennifer Daniels Christopher Defrancis* Sneha Desai Derrick Clay Diggs Andrew Dillon* Jason Dougal Patrick T. Gartland Yang-Suk Han Jaimesen Heins Mark Hoffman Jennifer Jordan David Kerstein Michael Kraut Jaehyoung Lee Stephen Leitzell R. Paul Meier* Jessica Murzyn* Carlos Pelayo* Donyale Reavis Natalie G. Roisman Todd Rosen Teena-Ann V. Sankoorikal* Eric Santoro Rebecca L. Scott* John Seaman David Singer* Robin Beck Skarstad* Alison Andrus Slater* John Sweet

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 29

A L U M N I C O NTR I B UTI O N S David S. Thomas Sherri G. Trager Rodrigo Vazquez Kristin Walinski Matthew Zises*

[2000] Total Gift: $13,058 Average Gift: $278 Participation: 20%

CLASS AGENT Andrew Morton $2,500 to $9,999 William Millis $1,000 to $2,499 Jun Ren* Lakshmi Srinivasan Herman DONORS Anonymous [2] James Barabas* Eric Beveridge Lawrence E. Borger Janice G. Brunner* Barbara L. Burns Jeff A. Cahlon* Ariel P. Cannon Jason A. Cohen* Jonathan C. Cross Jeffrey K. Daman Ellen J. Deringer Robert A. Drobnak Joshua N. Englard Rochelle Ford John H. Fuson Boyden R. Gabell III Eric Michael Green* Brian N. Gurtman Chi-Wei Huang Tehmina Jaffer* Andre Edward James Jihong Joo Hyeon Kang Tricia Klemann Kapp Jae Kim Inti L. Knapp Christopher L. LaFon Daniel A. Lee* Heon-Yup Lee Jeon Oh Lee David S. Leibowitz James McMillan Titania Mooney Matthew Parker Lawrence Pearson Sheldon Philp Andrew Polland Mal Serure* 30

Stephanie Vogel Mark Wetzstein Michael Winograd* Jessica Zellner*

[2001] Total Gift: $28,348 Average Gift: $378 Participation: 29%

REUNION CHAIRS John F. Cacchione Mark E. Farrell David Rush Heath P. Tarbert $2,500 to $9,999 Matthew R. Ayres Russell Lennard Bjorkman* David Rush* $1,000 to $2,499 Timothy W. Blakely Lauren Schlenoff Kowal Stacy D. Krause* Mark Malcoun Christopher Murray Heath P. Tarbert DONORS Anonymous Rachel Ehrlich Albanese Russell S. Albanese Bradley G. Allen Brad E. Berman Katherine H. Betterly Christine A. Braun Garrett Broadrup Kenneth Brown John F. Cacchione* Robert L. Crotty Mark Davis Dana S. Douglas* Isaac Dweck Andrew Z. Edelstein Andrew S. Eitingon Diane Ferrone Jeffrey P. Fuhrman* David R. Golder Lisa B. Goldman David L. Greenspan Laura L. Grossman Todd M. Hand Lauren A. Hanrahan Erin Miller Heins D. Alicia Hickok Thea D. R. Kendler Hongki Kim Kwang IL Kim Karen Kroiz Jason A. Leckerman


Chung-Suk Lee Jong Sang Lee Randy H. Lee* Stephanie P. Listokin Jiang Liu Thomas E. Lloyd Todd C. Longsworth Matthew A. Lux Donna Mancusi Eric Marcuson* Frederick Martinez* Patricia Montes De Oca K. M. O'Sullivan-Fortin Christopher Owens John Papianou Kedric Payne Julie Peters Francis Pudner Carlos Raurell Stephen Rutenberg Risa L. Salins Eric Scherling Paul Schlichting* Laurence Seymour Michael Shapiro* Jolie M. Siegel* Rosanna V. Spadini* Thomas Sullivan Constance Taylor Stephanie G. Wechsler Sarah R. Wetzstein Benjamin Wills Robert Wollin John Mark Zeberkiewicz Jennifer Zepralka*

[2002] Total Gift: $7,565 Average Gift: $194 Participation: 16%

CLASS AGENT Brett J. Grossman $1,000 to $2,499 Albert Powers Heath P. Tarbert DONORS Valarie J. Allen Robert W. Ashbrook, Jr.* Henry N. Blanco White* Alexander S. Bokor Eric C. Chaffee* David Chang* Vanessa E. Coke Cohen Damian L. DiNicola Debra Lessin Felder Gerardo Garcia-Fiad Patrick Y. Gerry* Stacy J. Greenhouse*

Brett J. Grossman* David N. Huegin* Scott H. Kaliko Clifford Katz Kenneth M. Katz* Owen M. Kendler Aaron Seth Kesselheim* Michael E. Kraver Jannie K. M. Lau Christopher T. Leahy* Erik R. Lieberman Stacy A. Lutkus Kirsten A. Lynch Darrell L. Oliveira* Megan B. Prout Kenneth L. Racowski Michael J. Rinaldi* Ilan Rosenberg* Michelle Silverman John Stapleton* Meredith L. Steele Hayley Stein* Brian J. Westfield* Alison Wollin Haixiao Zhang

[2003] Total Gift: $9,805 Average Gift: $156 Participation: 25%

CLASS AGENT Joshua Horenstein $1,000 to $2,499 Miriam U. Chikvashvili Sydney Hatten Sarah Alexis Lewis Jason Liberi DONORS Anonymous David M. Albert Frederick W. Alcaro, Jr.* Alexis Alpert Toni Amato Juan Carlos Blanco Stephanie Lloyd Brill Christine Di Guglielmo Tara D. Elliott John Eustice David S. Goldman John Thomas Gould Sean Thomas Greecher* Anuj Gupta Wendy Wolff Herbert Jennifer Lynn Herbst* Meredith DuBarry Huston* Albert S. Iarossi Hiroaki Inuyama Kenneth Johnson

A L U M N I C O NTR I B UTI O N S Eliza A. Kaiser Peter H. Katz Yoshiko Kawaguchi Gabrielle J. Kelleher Patricia Mulvoy Kipnis Pang Lee Sue Lee Tianfu Liu Joseph Charles Lucas* Anthony Mazzarelli Thomas A. McKinney Donald Timothy Meier William Brian Monahan Jeffrey Pollack V. Paige Pratter Ralph A. Price, Jr. Sharon Rackow Herrick Jeremy L. Reiss Eduardo Rivas Grace Gordon Robinson Caroline Jean Rogus Nicola Rosenstock* Chad Rubin Matthew Ryan Miranda Salomon-Pearson Erica Schair-Cardona* Jonathan Schulman John Sindoni Diana Spagnuolo* David Stier Mary Stokes Kelly Surrick Jackie G. Taylor Dionne A. Thomas Julius Towers Andrew M. Weiner* Eric S. Wilensky* Tammy Yuen Yun Zhang*

[2004] Total Gift: $6,515 Average Gift: $163 Participation: 16%

CLASS AGENT Marianne Staniunas $1,000 to $2,499 Danielle M. Estrada* DONORS Jennifer M. Adams Evan J. Benanti William T. Benzing* Cindy Chen Joseph S. Cohn Jason E. Dymbort Manu Gayatrinath Marlene S. Gomez *Consecutive 5-year Donor â&#x2014;&#x2020; Deceased

Mary J. Grendell* Toby D. Hain Rachel N. Hannaford Richard S. Horvath Andrew C. Hyman Sonia Inamdar* Y. Bendheim Jacobson Nicholas A. Kovner* Jelani R. Lawson Brian G. Lenhard* Matthew D. Levitt Alva C. Mather Michael J. McCalley Elizabeth K. McManus* Carlos S. Montoya* Richard A. Rinkema Michael J. Robbins* Manuel M. Rodriguez Charles L. Rombeau* Kristin C. Roney John T. Rudy Christopher B. Seaman Jessica E. Songster Michael P. Spiro Marianne Staniunas M. S. Tripolitsiotis Shlomo B. Troodler* George P. Varghese Stuart A. Weiss Michelle C. Yip Toshiyuki Yoshida

[2005] Total Gift: $339,440 Average Gift: $4,919 Participation: 22%

CLASS AGENT Carlos F. Uriarte LEADERSHIP DONOR Jennifer Berylson Block* $1,000 to $2,499 Michael N. Fine Scott A. Freling Nan Li DONORS Anonymous [3] Nathaniel L. Asker Michael A. Balascio Aliza J. Balog* Robert C. Blaustein Jason M. Bobby Joseph I. Borstein Christopher C. Bridwell Andrea H. Brustein James C. Carroll Rachel M. Cherington Kathleya Chotiros

Myoung Jae Chung Nicholas F. Cohen Enrique A. Conde Luc M. Dowling* Brian R. Faerstein Erica E. Flores Matthew A. Foley Scott D. Forchheimer Julie E. Ganz Anne E. Green* Lee M. Grinberg Staci L. Gruen Jacob A. Gurwitz Sean D. Hawkins Katherine C. Hayes Chi-Wei Huang Rose E. Isard Robert W. Ivey III* Niki Kanodia* Timothy M. Kerr David S. Kravitz* Francis X. Lane* Sang Min Lee Lindsey Drake Levine Andrew R. Mariniello Anne E. Martinez Marc A. Melzer* Mindy P. Meyers Anthony L. Noble* Alicia M. Novak* Jonathan F. Olin Serena M. Peck Xiao Peng Meredith C. Rubin Benjamin D. Schireson Benjamin M. Schmidt Ethan M. Schultz April D. Seabrook Hyea-Suk Seo Daniel R. Slawe John P. Spader Heidi A. Tallentire Nakia P. Thomas Martin A. Torres Jeffrey Unger Amir J. Vonsover Joseph K. Wheatley* Andrew C. Whitney Robert E. Williams Benjamin D. Wolf David E. Yolkut

[2006] Total Gift: $14,957 Average Gift: $192 Participation: 30%

REUNION CHAIRS Maura E. Mckenna Katherine G. Minarik Craig A. Phillips

Joseph Sensenbrenner Thomas W. Williams

$2,500 to $9,999 Alexander B. Simkin $1,000 to $2,499 Evan W. Davis Curtis E. Jewell Drew A. Norman DONORS Anonymous [2] Alberto Angeloni Brian D. Burton Vanessa W. Chandis Donald D. Conklin* Natalie C. Cotton Tamar Y. Croog Raya L. Doyle Robert F. Englert John A. Fennel* Jared N. Fertman Thomas L. Flick Pietro Fontana* Lauren A. Fox Kwasi L. Gause Laura L. Gleason Kevin A. Goldman Andrew M. Good* Jennifer L. Hall* Sharmaine T. Heng Jane Lee Huang Melissa Iachan John P. Johnston* Arian June Jennifer R. Kaminsky Marc J. Khadpe* Claudia J. Kim Jonathan P. Krisbergh Mihir Kshirsagar Tomasz Kulawik Arnaud Lafarge Gabrielle F. Levin Matthew J. Lister* Erik K. Ludwig* Michael S. Macko Cindy C. Mahlberg Maxim O. Mayer-Cesiano Kathleen H. Mccann Maura E. Mckenna Leigh F. McMullan* Betina O. Miranda Harris M. Mufson* Marina L. Nelson Xudong Ni Norman P. Ostrove Raj Parekh Adam A. Perlin Lisa Pilnik Adam L. Pollock Jacob D. Press

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 31

A L U M N I C O NTR I B UTI O N S John R. Richards Jason S. Rubinstein* Emily L. Saffitz* Joanna K. Sax Petra Scamborova Seth F. Schinfeld Joseph Sensenbrenner Sara Shikhman Woo-Jin Shin Ariel P. Sloan* Edward S. Sohn John J. Song Dylan J. Steinberg* Sophia D. Tawil Lori E. Terrell Hillary Chapman* Reid K. Weisbord* Amy E. White Charys Scotton Williams Thomas W. Williams Rachel O. Wolkinson* Joseph J. Yanoshik Irina Yevmenenko

[2007] Total Gift: $8,499 Average Gift: $133 Participation: 25%

CLASS AGENT Paige E. Fleming $1,000 to $2,499 Elizabeth L. Kaufman* Mo Zhang DONORS Anonymous Charity Goodman Allen Adam P. Allogramento Victorio C. Ang Christopher L. Beals Nakima S. Benjamin Eric S. Bienenfeld Michael A. Bloom Melanie E. Breaux* Andrew V. Brisker Benjamin D. Brutlag* Vanessa S. Champion Michael C. Chin Christine Chuang Pamela G. Cogut* Gregory S. Cooper Thomas L. Devlin Paige E. Fleming Corey E. Fulton Samantha A. Hill* Sara M. Horowitz Maryam Jamshidi Margaret P. Kammerud* Lydia A. Keaney 32

Jessica L. Keefe Evangelos Kostoulas Dean V. Krishna* Jason G. Kurth Hee Jung Lee William Y. Liu Iman Lordgooei* Noam E. Magence* Francisco J. Martinez* Michael R. Mattioli Ryan P. McCarthy Elyse A. Meyers Corinne Militello Aaron S. Miller Issa K. Moe Matthew S. Olesh* Aretae L. Ortiz Justin D. Pauls Michelle E. Peters Anjali W. Phillips Jonathan M. Phillips Rodger Pichardo John C. Pitts* Max S. Polonsky Cecilia Poon Brian C. Ryckman Rebecca L. Santoro* Geoffrey D. Schwartz Alyssa N. Scullion Mark L. Silverstein Anne M. Smith Alexandra C. Tebay Johanna R. Thomas* Matthew R. Vanderzanden Keola R. Whittaker Jocelyn L. Womack C. N. Wood Jenny C. Wu

[2008] Total Gift: $11,875 Average Gift: $145 Participation: 32%

CLASS AGENT Scott D. Reich $2,500 to $9,999 Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein DONORS Anonymous Abraham S. Adler Tomas Arankowsky-Tames Nermeen S. Arastu Kyle A. Armstrong Meredith M. Armstrong Sarah Ashfaq Mira E. Baylson Rachel E. Berk Matthew S. Blank


Megan A. Bombick Michael J. Boyle Michael E. Buchman Andrew T. Budreika Kathlene M. Burke David H. Cameron Joseph J. Carapiet Gaurav Chaudhari Chao-Ming Chen Emma T. Chen Keunwoo Choi Brian M. Collins Charles T. Collins-Chase Silvia C. Diaz Benjamin R. Dryden Justin P. Duda Christopher M. Foulds Alissa D. Gafford Megan E. Gatto Gregory F. Gewirtz Seth S. Goldberg Fernando D. Gomes Christopher D. Havener Adam S. Hobson Derek S. Huoth Aaron M. Kaplan Sadaf K. Kazmi Doron P. Kenter Kevin A. Khan Jonathan F. Korman Jonathan D. Kossak Asad I. Kudiya Tomasz Kulawik Alexander Z. Labowitz Wei Li Amy L. Likoff Scott M. Litvinoff Bb U. Liu Yiyun Liu Rachel C. Loftspring Christopher T. Luise Philip P. Mariani Paul B. Maslo Nicholas U. Murphy Darth M. Newman Ami P. Patel Tashanna B. Pearson Ravi Purushotham Scott D. Reich Brielle Madej Rey Giacomo Rojas Elgueta Sionne C. Rosenfeld Brian A. Salazar Anthony D. Scicchitano Angela E. Stoner Stanley G. Stringfellow Charlene C. Sun Dustin G. Thompson Margaret Tong Avia M. Trower Jeanine V. Turell Cat-Uyen P. Vo Michael H. Weidenbaum

Charlotte H. Whitmore Daniel B. Whitmore Thomas S. Wyler Michelle Yang Vanessa Temple Yearick Donald J. Ying Nabeel A. Yousef Sunni J. Yuen

[2009] Total Gift: $11,497 Average Gift: $120 Participation: 39%

CLASS AGENT James J. Fanelly $1,000 to $2,499 Anonymous DONORS Anonymous [2] Jeremy T. Adler Nkiruka C. Amalu Bryan C. Anderson Emily Petkun Ast Laura Bagarella Jennifer K. Bealer Jane A. Bee Adam L. Bliss Yigit B. Bozkurt Catherine A. Brandon Courtney J. Bumpers David S. Caroline Lindsey D. Carson Candice Castaneda Jeremy A. Chase Daniel R. Ciarrocki Mary K. Clarke-Pearson Andrew B. Cohen Michelle I. Danso Emilio De Giorgi Christopher J. Dipompeo Dominic E. Draye Joshua B. Elmore Jeremy B. Esterkin James J. Fanelly Bryan D. Fields Eric A. Foley Joseph B. Fray Brandon J. Goodwin Lycia V. Grant Michael A. Janson Olivier Y. Kamanda Tamara M. Kraljic Jason A. Levine Charlotte A. Levy Yisu Li Jeffrey Loperfido Andrew C. Mackintosh Nicole Maltz Melissa S. Mao

A L U M N I C O NTR I B UTI O N S Matthew T. Martin Eleanor E. Mayer Victoria T. Mazgalev Evan M. Mendelson Matthew G. Meyerhofer Danielle K. Miller Livingston A. Miller Hee W. Moon Steven A. Myers Francisco J. Nader Miriam R. Nemeth Meengeu Oh Margaret C. O'Neill Michael T. Packard Jordan M. Palmore Adeline C. Park Priya D. Patel Chetan A. Patil Sarah E. Phillips Joe Pinto Megan Hall Poonolly Galia H. Porat Timothy D. Porter Amy Retsinas Christopher W. Robbins Rachel Santoro Jennifer M. Sasso William F. Schmedlin Daniel S. Schwei Genevieve E. Scott Itzhak Shukrie Jeffrey M. Silver Melissa F. Sobel Jonathan A. Sorkowitz Alison I. Stein Joshua W. Sussman Marisa Tilghman Lawrence C. Tingley Eric A. Treichel Jonathan P. Ursprung Karolien M. Vandenberghe Konstantin Vertsman Rachel S. Vigneaux Peter T. Wasdin Rachel J. Wechsler Susan Wilker Lori W. Will Aamir U. Wyne Masato Yamanaka Christopher L. Yee Mehreen Zaman Jennifer A. Ziznewski Stacey G. Zyzyck

[2010] Total Gift: $32,630 Average Gift: $181 Participation: 71%

CLASS AGENT David C. Williams *Consecutive 5-year Donor â&#x2014;&#x2020; Deceased

$1,000 to $2,499 Bud W. Jerke Hegel M. Laurent DONORS Amy C. Adams Jonathan P. Adams Adriana E. Ahumada Elena Aidova Ilene C. Albala Chad P. Albert Jacob D. Albertson David B. Amerikaner Ryan B. Anderson Jahad B. Atieh Katie L. Bailey Ian J. Bambrick Michelle I. Banker Lee M. Barnard John S. Barrett Katherine S. Barth Isabel C. Bello Daniel J. Berger Gregory S. Berry Matthew J. Boggess Fredric J. Bold Steven R. Brown, Jr. William J. Bruno Cecilia R. Byrne Jasper A. Cacananta Rufus L. Caine Alice J. Cao Clayton T. Capp Brenden M. Carbonell Michael J. Carlson Caroline Cheng Marsha J. Chien Jessica V. Chiu Anna Cho Elliot Y. Choi Keunwoo Choi William D. Coglianese David J. Cohen Kevin M. Coles Peter Cooper Catherine M. Courcy James M. Creegan Matthew R. Cushing Tiffany T. Duong Andrew C. Egan Jonathan Y. Ellis Maisha Elonai William R. Fair Natasha S. Fedder Rachel Fendell Alyse P. Fiori Rachel A. Flipse Jonathan A. Galin Isaac S. Glassman Catherine R. Goerss-Murphy David T. Goldberg Jeffrey B. Goldberg Sila Z. Goral

Justin V. Rodriguez James H. Graham Spencer W. Romney Justin W. Gross Sarah N. Rosen Robert E. Haimes Shira T. Roza Andrea Engel Haines Rajeh A. Saadeh Anthony J. Heckman Nicole R. Sadler Matthew P. Hendrickson Kristin A. Sageser James Howard Alejandro J. Salicrup Christopher R. Howland David W. Schecter I-Heng Hsu Joshua I. Schlenger Hui J. Huang Karl A. Schweitzer Steven T. Jackson Lauren N. Schwimmer Lindsay B. Janowitz Zachary P. Scott Colin D. Johnson Binni N. Shah Ryutaro Kawamura Deena Shanker Alison M. Kelly Benjamin N. Simler Lillian Kim Edward Skipton Andrew D. Kupchik Erica J. Smith Lauren Kurtz David E. Sobel Jonathan D. Lane Andrea Sollie Robert F. Larimore Klair Spiller Andrew K. Lee Nanda Srikantaiah Elizabeth R. Leonard Rachel J. Stanton Annie Z. Li Elena Steiger Wei Li Raymond W. Stockstill Ian R. Liston Jonathan R. Stott Rick Liu Alexander V. Sverdlov Kendall A. Lucas Anthony R. Swift Megan F. Luck Asra J. Syed Lucy C. Malcolm Jarrett R. Szeftel Angelise M. Marcigliano Neelima Teerdhala Anne E. Martin Candace L. Thompson Lindsay E. Martin Emily C. Torstveit Scott Mathews-Novelli Brian J. Tronic Kelsey R. McCowan Ryan A. Ulloa Elena T. McDermott Kara M. Unal William T. McEnroe Jessica L. Urban Aileen M. McGill Vladislav S. Vainberg Jason L. Meizlish Amy L. Vanheuverzwyn Guenevere E. Mesco Judith S. Vanze Livingston A. Miller Joanna L. Visser Matthew L. Miller Demetrius A. Warrick Anthony L. Minervini Ronald B. Wells Nima Mohebbi David C. Williams Samantha E. Munro Spencer J. Willig Nicole B. Neuman Daniel H. Wolf Dalisai S. Nisperos Sarah A. Wolkinson Matthew G. Obernauer Howard C. Wu Kendra B. Oyer Liyong Xing Rowook Park Yuni Yan Amit R. Patel Abby Yanoff Raina A. Patel Alexis J. Yee-Garcia Allyson M. Pete Kevin Yeh Leah B. Pinto Jennifer Ying Cristine F. Pirro Catherine H. Zack Lara E. Pomerantz Jonathan A. Zakheim Vinay Prabhakar Hasan A. Zulfiqar Stephen R. Pratt Kenji M. Price Julia H. Pudlin Frank Y. Qi Sunayna Ramdeo Dane W. Reinstedt Lauren R. Robbins AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 33

2011 3L CLASS GIFT The Class of 2011 completed its class gift campaign with 47 percent of the class donating $19,125 in gifts and pledges. The individuals listed below generously contributed to that campaign. This year’s gift will support scholarships and financial aid resources for future graduates seeking employment in public interest law. J.D. Class of 2010 Anonymous (4) Gregory Ablavsky Zareef J. Ahmed Jared Aizad Sarah D. Alba Sheerine Alemzadeh Linda A. Bartusiak Sara G. Berkeley Anne S. Bider Alison M. Bonelli James H. Borod Stephanie N. Brockman Mark Brown John P. Cadell Sarah W. Carroll Adriana C. Castellanos Candace Y. Chang Christine P. Chou Elizabeth C. Corey Ryan H. Crosner Emily T. Cuneo Seth C. Daniels Melissa S. Deutsch Bobbi-Jo B. Dobush James P. Doust Katherine E. Driscoll Alexander B. Dworkowitz Samuel L. Eads Elizabeth A. Eisenberg William R. Elder Paul Fattaruso Nicholas S. Feltham Jonathan K. Fisch Sharon Forscher Natalie Georges Dorje T. Glassman Mitchell K. Goldfarb Sherryann S. Gonzales Michael R. Gorenstein Benjamin Z. Grossberg Sarah Dawn Hammer Kyle A. Harris Daniel M. Hartzman Shannon H. Hedvat Elizabeth Hendee Margaret K. Henn Meghan Higgins Mia Howard Jessica Jacobson Clare M. Joyce Christina Kaba 34

Viktoriya Karshenboyem Laura Kaufman Yoon-jee Kim Michael Kind Abraham Kwon Daniel J. Larose Kaylan Lasky Rebekah Lee Russell P. Leino Danielle Lemberg Sarah Levin Jane Z. Li Joel Lin Kim Lippman Matthew P. Majarian Rebecca Maltzman Angela Markle Michael Martinez Corinna McCurdy Joseph S. McFarlane Matthew McFeeley Rachel McQuaid Nirav Mehta Lindsey Myers Middlecamp John Moore Jasmin Niku Scott Oberlander Frank Olander Tracie L. Palmer Clara Pang Jason Parris Douglas Penrose Spencer Pepper Rafael Perez Johnathan L. Peterson Ashley Prime Teresa Principe Iris Rabinovitch Adam Rapp Kerry L. Reynolds Ari Ringelheim Megan Rok John Rolecki Jessica Rosenbaum Avi D. Rosenblit David Rosenthal Eli S. Rubin Robert S. Ruff Jennifer L. Sabin Nikki Sachdeva Jodi Sackel


Turhan Sarwar Christopher Schmitt Jordan M. Schneider Rory Schneider Amanda Schwartz Adam Schwartzbaum Kristen E. Scoville David Shapiro Anthony Shaskus Abigail Shechtman Justin Simard Andrew Sokol Maureen St. Cyr Robert M. Staloff Emily S. Stopa Heather K. Suchorsky Minjeong Sur Jennifer L. Tam Ron Tanner Matthew Telford Bonnie Tice Sara Tilitz Neil Vakharia Robert P. Vance, Jr. Karolien M. Vandenberghe Amy Vegari Jennifer Wallace Edmund Wang Alisa Waxman Marla Weinstein Jennifer L. Wendell John Woo Zhao Yang Gary Yen

LL.M. Class of 2011 Jean-Paul Acut Fandi Aditya Maryma Ahranjani Australia Alba Bothayna Al-Romaihi Cora Ang Shatha Bakhsh Joshua Barton Pablo Bermeo Hannah Bill Caroline Borgers Andre Calumby Stephanie Chan Declan Crowe Hanno Delp

Audrey Distler Marie Dumont Juan Echiverri Irina Galabova Omer Gamlieli Grégoire Gersant Ivane Gogelia Brandon Hyungsik Bang Eirini Ioannidi Igor Ismagilov Stanislaw Janiszewski Gözde Kayacik Gabriela Klasa Masashi Konno Wesley Liao Lukas Lim Conor MacLaughlin Sekinat Malik Hideki Matsumoto Pedro Menendez San Martin Byoung-Wook Min Joao Paulo Minetto Yuta Miyagishima Nichya Praneejitt Nicolas Marchand Nicolas Wehrli Konstantinos Nikolakopoulos Brage Nordgård Mariano Oteiza Akindeji Oyebodi Kimberly Pan Smriti Parsheera Rawin Pattamasingh Na Ayuthaya Veronica Picciafuocco Ghazalah L. Rahman Eole Rapone Abid Rizvi Ilan Rosenberg Luca Rossi Ritu Rustogi Apipong Sarntikasem Charlotte Sauvanet-Wolff Sophie Staehlin Ezgi Taboglu Guillaume Toffel Andrés Winter Ersoy Zirhlioglu

Faculty and Staff Dean Michael A. Fitts Gary Clinton


The Penn Law Firm Program raised a total of $1,193,976 in fiscal year 2010-2011 (including restricted and unrestricted support) from Penn Law graduates.


verall, Firm Representatives worked tirelessly to encourage more than 50% of firm members to make a gift to the Law School. If your firm would like to become involved with the PennLaw@Work Program, please contact the Development and Alumni Relations Office at (215) 746-0341.

PROGRAM CHAIRS Kevin T. Baine L'74 Fred Blume L'66 Kipp B. Cohen L'94 James P. Hughes, Jr. L'92 David B. Pudlin L'74 Cheryl R. Saban L'85






Blank Rome LLP Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin King & Spalding Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP Williams & Connolly LLP Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor LLP

Fred Blume L'66 100% Kipp B. Cohen L'94 Mary Stokes L'03 David B. Pudlin L'74 100% Joshua Max Kamin L'95 100% Cheryl R. Saban L'85 100% Kevin T. Baine L'74 100% James P. Hughes, Jr. L'92 100%


$233,250 $1,550 $130,495 $35,450 $2,150






Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP James W. McKenzie, Jr. WG'86, L'87 86% Howrey LLP John W. Nields, Jr. L'67 67% Klehr, Harrison, Harvey, Branzburg & Ellers LLP Lawrence J. Arem L'75 67% Cozen O'Connor Scott Evan Brucker L'97 63% Ballard Spahr LLP Carl G. Roberts L'74 60% Duane Morris LLP David E. Loder L'81 57% Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP Richard Chirls W'73, L'76 55% Matthew Lawrence Craner C'94, L'97

$121,720 $3,000 $3,375 $34,800 $27,698 $18,158 $6,800

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 35





Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP Sullivan & Cromwell LLP Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP ,Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP

David B. Pudlin L'74 Cheryl R. Saban L'85 Richard C. Pepperman II L'90 James W. McKenzie, Jr. WG'86, L'87 Gregg M. Galardi C'79, GR'90, L'90, G'85


$233,250 $130,495 $124,200 $121,720 $120,335





Baker & McKenzie Bingham McCutchen LLP Dechert LLP Fox Rothschild LLP Fried Frank Harris Shriver Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP Greenberg Traurig LLP Latham & Watkins LLP Marshall Dennehey Warner Coleman Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell LLP Morrison & Foerster LLP Pepper Hamilton LLP Ropes & Gray LLP Saul Ewing LLP Shearman & Sterling LLP Venable LLP Weil Gotshal & Manges LLP White and Case LLP

David P. Hackett L'81 $1,500 Matthew C. Applebaum C'94, L'00 $1,300 Michael J. Gilbert L'94 $81,590 Elaine Newman Moranz GCP'70, L'80 $2,200 Karl A. Groskaufmanis L'88 $2,150 Gabrielle F. Levin L'06 $30,675 David M. Greenberg L'93 $6,480 Jane Summers L'84 $39,810 Manu Gayatrinath L'04 John F. Ledwith C'60, L'63 $2,488 Eric S. Wilensky L'03 $15,500 Timothy W. Blakely L'01 $13,100 Charles S. Marion C'86, W'86, L'89 $21,910 Francis X. Lane L'05 Thomas Robert Hiller L'94 $3,650 John F. Meigs L'69 $1,475 James A. Keller L'96 Jeanne C. Olivier L'79 $51,475 Gaurav Chaudhari L'08 Geoffrey R. Garinther L'84 $1,086 R. Bruce Rich L'73 $76,057 Christopher M. Curran L'85 $17,250




M AT C H I N G G I F TS Penn Law School is grateful to acknowledge the generous support of organizations whose matching gifts double or triple the philanthropic impact made by our alumni and friends. 3M Ace USA Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Alliance Bernstein LP American Express Company Anthos USA, Inc. Babson Capital Management LLC Bank of New York Mellon Barclays Capital Inc. C. R. Bard, Inc. Becton, Dickinson and Company Berwind Group BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. The Boeing Company CIGNA Corporation Colgate-Palmolive Company Computer Associates International, Inc. Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Corning Incorporated t & Burling LLP Deutsche Bank Eaton Corporation Edison International Exxon Mobil Corporation Fidelity Investments

FMC Corporation Freddie Mac Foundation General Electric Company GlaxoSmithKline The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Harley-Davidson Inc Hawaiian Electric Industries Honeywell, Inc. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Johnson & Johnson Corporation Kellogg Company Lincoln Financial Group Lord Abbett & Co Lumina Foundation for Education Macy's, Inc. McGuireWoods Merck & Co., Inc. Microsoft Corporation Morgan Stanley Morrison & Foerster LLP Nord Family Foundation Northern Trust Company Northrop Grumman Corporation Occidental Petroleum Corporation O'Melveny & Myers LLP

Paccar, Inc. Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company Pennsylvania Power and Light Company Pfizer, Inc. PNC Bank Prudential Insurance Company of America Putnam Investments, Inc. Sempra Energy Sills Cummis Epstein & Gross P.C. Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP Sullivan & Cromwell LLP SunTrust Mid-Atlantic Thompson & Knight United States Gypsum Vanguard Group Foundation Verizon Communications Inc. Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz LLP White & Case LLP Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP Xerox Corporation Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 37


It is with deep appreciation that we acknowledge the generosity of friends, faculty, staff, parents and associates who have supported the programs and mission of the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

NAME* $2,500 or more

Anonymous (17) 211th Class of Central High School 3M Abelson Legal Search Alan Abramson* Ace USA* Edith R. Ackerman Temmy Seigal Acton Christine Adair Neysa Cristol Adams CW'42* Richard J. Aigeldinger* Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.* Rosemarie Flukiger Ake Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP Alexandra Aldridge Alexander and Jane Gavis Family Fund Andrew Allen Charitable Foundation* Alliance Bernstein LP Rebecca T. Alpert Daniel P. Alva Eileen Alva American Express Company American Law Institute* Amer/Manning Fund* William H. Anderson Foundation Peter Angelo Angelides C'87, GCP'88 Anglo American Charitable Foundation Anthos USA, Inc. Judith W. Antzis R. Randolph Apgar Apollo Management L.P.* AQR Capital Mangement, LLC* Marcia S. Arem FEL'82* Arnof Family Foundation Marilyn S. Arnott Rose Astor Astor Weiss Kaplan and Mandel LLP AT&T* Rochelle Wynne Austrian CW'68 38

Pearl and Maurice Axelrad Fund* Marshall B. Babson C'68* Babson Capital Management LLC Paul J. Bailey WG'81 Stacey W. Balderson GR'91 Arleen Berg Balka CW'55 Jane C. Ballard Ballard Spahr LLP Bernadette L. Baniqued Bank of New York Mellon Anthony P. Baratta Foundation* Barclays Capital Inc. C. R. Bard, Inc. Janet A. Barlett Diane C. Bass Christian F. Bastian C'81 Frances R. Batzer GM'03 Kelly Larsen Baughman C'98, GED'99 Charles T. Beaird Foundation Jane Nelson Beatty GED'78 Peggy R. Beatty CW'46 David Becker W'77 Sarra Beckham-Chasnoff Becton, Dickinson and Company Barbara Naden Beller DH'58 Leslie L. Beller G'76* Cari Feiler Bender C'90 Marilyn H. Bender CW'67 Anne Shaw Benditt G'68 David M. Bennett* Harold and Renee Berger Foundation* Stephanie and David Bergman Fund Maureen H. Berkowitz CW'72 Caren Fisher Berlin W'81 S. J .Bernstein Charitable Fund* Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossman, LLP* Berwind Group John G. Berylson* Paul D. Bianco ENG'87, GEN'89, GR'93 Linda Pancotto Bisgaier Virginia D. Black Joan Meyers Blackman* BlackRock Financial Mangement, Inc. The Robert R. Black Trust


James B. Blaney W'83 Nancy L. Blank* Nancy and Robert S. Blank Foundation* Blank Rome LLP* C. Ronald Belznak Trust Jonathan Block HOM'98 Sherry I. Blumberg W'93 Sylvia Binder Blume CW'65* Karen Granz Blumenfeld W'94 Board of Judges The Boeing Company Roxanne Conisha Bok C'81* Bok Family Foundation* Laurie Mayer Boockvar C'92* Ronald E. Bornstein Charitable Fund Laurence M. Bortner W'88 Edwin R. Boynton Florence Brandow Brem Moldovsky LLC Julianne Dunn Brennan GFA'00 Jodi B. Brenner C'84* Bradley S. Bridge Andrea R. Broad Ann Gruenberg Brodie CW'60 Glenn B. Bronson W'75, WG'76, G'77 Cricket Brosius Michele V. Brotman C'86* Albert H. Brown GR'76 Sarah Carty Brown CW'73 Elizabeth Brown-Aigeldinger GR'07* Betsy Brubaker Kevin C. Brunner WG'99 Martha B. Bryans GED'99, GRD'00 Bryn Mawr Trust Co Karen Dougherty Buchholz G'97 Beth Eichelbaum Buckman Aldo F. Buono C'70 Philip & Sandra Burnaman Charitable Fund Carol R. Burnett WG'77 Theresa Bryant Burns NU'82 Mary Peck Burr CW'65 Scott Burris Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP*

Ellen Nagel Caffry C'82 Caroline Perlman Cahn SW'94 J. Douglas Cameron RES'77 Alpin J. and Alpine W. Cameron Memorial Fund Ruth Kim Camisa C'82 Walter L. Campbell Melvyn L. Cantor and Kathryn Gabler Philanthropic Fund Francis J. Carey Charitable Fund W. P. Carey Foundation, Inc. Caritas Foundation* Gregory C. Carlson John C. Carson M'54, INT'58 Martha Webb Chandler Hillary I. Chapman GED'85 Cristi Charpentier Lirong Cheng Howard & Jacqueline Chertkof Foundation CIGNA Corporation Marjolyn N. Clampitt Jane Penn Clark Peter T. Clark C'60 Mr. and Mrs. Craig Clauser Gretchen Clayton* Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton Gary A. Clinton* Matthew W. Close W'93 Tristan N. R. Close Stuart Cobert* Louis Coffey Mannette D. Cogan Ellen Cogut* Charles and Allen Cogut Family Foundation* Faye R. Cohen Keri S. Cohen SW'91 Rachel Cohen Robert Stephan Cohen* Robert Stephan Cohen Family Foundation of the Jewish Communal Foundation* Jorge Colapinto Debra Criden Cole C'87 Colgate-Palmolive Company Bess Madway Collier C'00 Comcast Corporation* Computer Associates International, Inc.

FRIENDS OF PENN LAW Mr. and Mrs. Andrei Constantinidi Penelope L. Constantinidi Jack Kent Cooke Foundation* Allyn Deutel Cooper CW'63 Jeffrey O. Cooper Marjay Wren Cooper HUP'59 Corning Incorporated* Isaac D. CorrĂŠ* Maria F. Cosio* Alan K. Cotler W'72, WG'74 Elise C. Cotler Covington & Burling LLP* Lucy Jakstas Cox G'65, GR'75* Sandra Cozen* Cozen O'Connor Cramer Family Foundation* Katharine G. Craner C'98 Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP* William R. Craven Credit Suisse (USA), Inc.* Madison Eggert Crowe Francis R. Crowley, Jr. C'63 J.M. & F.L. Crowley Family Foundation* C.T. Henry Revocable Living Trust CTIA Wireless Associaton* Elizabeth L. Culver D'86 Winnifred B. Cutler GR'79 Mark D. Dalton W'83 Kathleen Regan Dalzell CW'67 Katherine S. Damsgaard WG'78, CGS'06, CGS'07 Jane T. Dana* Derek Daniels G'97, GR'01 Jane Darrach David & Felice Silk Charitable Foundation* Davis-Villamil Family Foundation* Dayton Foundation Depository Nancy M. de Brier G'69* Wim De Vlieger Debevoise & Plimpton LLP Dechert LLP* Richard T. DeCou Revocable Trust Mary Ann Dennis Dennis M. Flannery Revocable Trust Joshua B. Deringer C'96 Alexis de Tocqueville Society* John A. Detre INT'93, HOM'01 Deutsche Bank Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP* Miriam Diamond Estate of Gertrude F. Dickson* Leonard S. Dome W'52 The Dominic Foundation* Maria E. Douvas Daisy W. Dowling Phyllis R. Dreyspool The Drumcliff Foundation* Duane Morris LLP

David Bryan DuBard WG'92* Nancy Raynes Dubow C'83 C. Elaine Dunbar G'84, GR'96, GR'98 The Honorable Pierre S. duPont, IV E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company* Eaton Corporation Edison International Cynthia Jones Eiseman GR'79* Elana R. Eisner C'91, M'95, RES'98, FEL'00 Howard J. Reitner & Jody P. Ellant Foundation Philanthropic Fund* Susan Ellis Ann S. Ellman* Mark & Anne Ellman Fund* Ron & Ella Ely Fund Nancy Epstein C'78 Roberta D. Epstein CW'72, GED'76, GED'97 Kimberly Siegal Esterkin C'06 Ethan and Sari Fogel Charitable Trust Jason D. Evans Exxon Mobil Corporation* Amy Falk Tamsin N. Fast C'94 Carol Friend Feder CW'73* Arlene Winokur Federman CW'61 Jay L. Federman Thomas J. Feerick The Fein/Ross Family Foundation Ellen Jonas Feldman CW'52 James A. Feldman C'72* Louise and Marvin Fenster Family Fund Andrew A. Fenton G'02, GR'04 Rachel Best Ferber C'81 Rebecca S. Ferenchick GED'98 Adelaide Ferguson* Sharon M. Fernando CGS'07 Claudia M. Ferran C'82 Constance M. Fetters Fidelity Investments Fidelity Management & Research Company* Elizabeth Carlton Fiebach SW'96, CGS'03* Herman and Jerry Finkelstein Foundation* First Judicial District of Pennsylvania Nancy McMullin Fischer GED'69 Debbie E. Fishbein Schiller M'87, INT'91 Charles L. Fishman Michael A. Fitts HOM'90* Flaster Greenburg Mann

Justin H. Flax G'08, WEV'10 FMC Corporation* Sari N. Fogel M'83 Mr. and Mrs. Alan Folkman Mary L. Folts GR'93, GED'00 Judith R. Forman CW'63, G'66 Wendy Lee Forman Fowler Brothers Foundation* Stephen Fraidin* Steven Fram Maurice Frank W'76 Barbara Corwin Franklin OT'66* Earl R. Franklin Foundation* Freddie Mac Foundation Kathleen A. Frederick Linda Colman Freeman GED'72 Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Freeman Dennis J. Friedman W'66* Craig P. Frischling C'86, W'86 C. C. Fritton CW'75 Amy Gadsden GR'05 William C. Gadsden WG'00 Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Gallun Raul B. Garcia GCP'78, GR'93 Ada Garcia-Casellas* Jessica Thrope Garmise C'96 M. Kay Gartrell Susan Gatto* Joseph & Susan Gatto Foundation* Irene Dunn Gavin FA'67 Terri N. Gelberg CW'69 General Electric Company* Paul George Richard George Deirdre M. Giblin & David B. DuBard Charitable Foundation* Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP* Patricia Schwager Gindhart CW'62 Robin H. Gitzes Sheila M. Gladstone CW'62 Gladstone Fund Henry A. Gladstone Fund The Glassman Family Foundation* GlaxoSmithKline Theresa Glennon Marcia J. Glickman Arthur M Goldberg & Veronica Goldberg Foundation Inc* Deborah Goldfarb Golden G'80 Deborah G. Goldman CW'65 Roger L. Goldman Revocable Living Trust The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.* Janet Goldwater Robert I. Goldy, Jr. W'80 Donna O'Hara Golkin WG'77 Perry and Donna Golkin Family Foundation Ernest R. Gonsalves, Jr. C'72 Janis L. Goodman G'89, SW'91, SWP'05*

Alan Goodstadt WG'93 Dale E. Gordon CW'72, G'73 Ray M. Gordon Tracy Hockfield Gordon C'88 Caryl S. Gorman Lucyna J. Gorski Grace Fund Stuart M. Grant* Suzanne B. Grant WG'89* Grant & Eisenhofer, P.A.* Joan P. Grauer Phyllis Kirschner Greenberg CW'67 Roberta Greenberg David S. Greenstein C'87, M'91 Jim Groch Mignon Groch Mignon & Jim Groch Fund Barry L. Grossman* Alexander M. Grutman WG'95 Barbara J. Guffin WG'82 Mr. and Mrs. David Gutin Heather Haaga* Laura Bell Haimm C'78, GED'78 Neil K. Haimm C'77 Marcia Oleve Halbert ED'50 Diane F. Halpern CW'69 Annette Quinn Halprin C'88* Patsy G. Handelman Milton and Miriam Handler Foundation* Janet M. Hanlon WG'81 Steven C. Hao M'96 Harkins Cunningham LLP* Harley-Davidson Inc* Alice W. Harrison Caryn Askinas Hart GED'72 Linda Fowler Hartnett CGS'75 Catherine Harvey Roberta B. Harvey* Susan V. Harvey Harvey Fund* Kevin A. Hassett GR'89 Hawaiian Electric Industries Gertrude Rowland Healy CW'60 Heather Danzig Heft C'94 Celia T. Hegyi CW'68 Edwin J. Heilweil GR'84 Monika Heimbold* Heimbold Foundation* Jane Develin Heintz CW'61 Charles T. Henry Henry C. Lea Elementary School Julie B. Hepp C'81 Algund Hermann Frank Hershkowitz Harriet E. Herzberg C'82 Jane Tyson Hewson Jeremy Heymsfeld C'62 High Swartz Roberts & Seidel Jane Hirschhorn C'96

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 39

FRIENDS OF PENN LAW Charles Hirschler Kathryn A. Hirsh-Pasek GR'81 Barbara D. Hoe Holpont Foundation June Holt* Holt Family Foundation* Honeywell, Inc. Kevin B. Hoover C'97 Tonny K Ho and Janet L. Yuson Charitable Fund* Katherine Hovde Marianne Bauer Howard GED'71 Ted Ta-Chan Huang GR'08 John Hubing Santa Cruz Hughes G'88, WG'88 Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP* Bonnie L. Humphrey GAR'84 Mary D. Hyndman ED'46 L. Stockton Illoway Losenge M. Imasogie* William T. Ingram WG'70 Innisfree M&A Incorporated* James B. Blinkoff Family Charitable Gift Fund James E. Howard, LLC Dariel I. Jamieson WG'80 Nadia Mykytiuk Jannetta C'86 Helen L. Jennings CW'66 Helen Roob Jerome* Bruce W. Johnson The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation* Johnson & Johnson Corporation L. J. Johnston-Walsh SW'89 W. J. Johnston-Walsh SW'89 Meredith Smith Jones CW'58 Jones Day Harriet B. Joseph Tina Kahn Robert J. Kahn Foundation* Kail Corgi Fund Brendan R. Kalb C'97* Lauren E. Kalb C'97* Sara Beth Kalb CW'75 Manya Lerner Kamerling CW'55 William Kamerling C'52, GM'58 Carole B. Kaminsky CW'62 Gwendolyn F. Kane-Wanger M'89 Abraham Kaplan Charitable Foundation Samuel and Rebecca Kardon Foundation* Andrea W. Karsch W'82 Carole Weinheim Karsch ED'59, GED'78 Sai Prema Katari Gupta GFA'05 Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek & Jeffrey Pasek Fund Judith Kapustin Katz GRD'75 Katzen Family Foundation Katz Ettin & Levine PA 40

Estate of Florence G. Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Kaufman Howard J. Kaufman W'66 Kellogg Company Alicia J. Kelly Barry Kelly Kenyon & Kenyon LLP Margaret Kerr Jennifer C. Kesselheim GGS'02, M'02 Garry Khasidy W'95 Cynthia M. King* Edmund W. Kitch Constance Sheerr Kittner CW'61* Joanne Klein Klapper C'76* Tamara Katman Kline CW'69 Thomas R. Kline* Kurt E. Klinger ENG'01, GEX'12 Lauren Steinfeld Knoll Michael Knoll Edwin W. Koc GR'80 Aviele Koffler Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kolb Korean Alumni Club* Lisa S. Kornblith CW'72* Alice F. Korngold CW'74, GED'77 James F. Korsh EE'60, GRE'66 Nina Brind Korsh CW'65, G'10 Andrew J. Kowal W'99 Eli Kowalski Lawrence J. Kramer C'67 Kramer Talent Management, Inc. Kranzdorf Family Foundation Seth F. Kreimer HOM'85 Anne Kringel Kaihan P. Krippendorff ENG'94, W'94 Reena Vaidya Krishna GR'10 Harvey and Barbara Kroiz Family Foundation Rita E. Kroll Charles T. Kumble WG'88 Marjorie Baskin Kurcias DH'56 Lee Kushner* Kutler-Silverman Family Charitable Fund Rosemary W. Laberee Richard J. Labowskie C'60* Susanna E. Lachs CW'74, ASC'76* Clifton P. Lambreth John Q. Landers The Langer, Grogan, and Diver Fund for Social Justice, Inc.* Eric & Sylvia Lardiere Family Trust Laredo & Smith, LLP Marion Dupont Lassen Donald Lateiner Geoffrey W. Latta WG'79 Richard & Lee Ann Lawch Family Fund


Law Office of Bernard Solnik, LLC Law Offices of Carlo Scaramella, LLC Pamela D. Laws Brooke S. Lawson GED'92 Suellen L. Lazarus WG'82 Ann C. Lebowitz Kathleen Bell Lee C'77 John G. Leech Ann V. Lefco SW'74* Kenneth A. Lefkowitz* Stacey B. Leibowitz C'93, RES'00 Susan Wagner Leisner CW'68 Betty Ann Leith* Helaine S. Leitzell C'97 Mr. and Mrs. D. A. LeMasters Rachael LeMasters CGS'03 Robb A. LeMasters W'99 Joan Stauffer Leonard CW'67 LEP Fund Caroline P. Lerner C'98 Jason Lerner GED'05 Howard Lesnick HOM'63 Lois Joy Lester CW'72* Mr. and Mrs. Donald Levick Doris F. Levin Hiliary Stamos Levin C'94 Alan H. Levine Jay E. Levine W'02, WG'07 Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Levine Barbara Binder Levy ED'55 Karen Levy* Professor Linda Brown Levy OT'69, G'80 Rebekka C. Levy W'05 Paul and Karen Levy Family Foundation* Charles Levy Foundation Lynn Maffett Lewicki CW'64 Bonnie J. Lewin G'71 Liebermann Godles Fund Robin Zlotnick Lincoln CW'73, GED'73 Lincoln Financial Group Ann Norton Lingelbach CW'62 Lipschutz Family Foundation* Marjorie Levy Lissy CW'69 Arlene Feinstein Litvin CW'55, G'75 Meg Mortimer Lloyd* Joel L. London C'79, W'79 Lizabeth D. London WG'88 Ivonne M. Lopez Lord Abbett & Co Barbara Jaffe Lorry CW'61, GED'75 Nancy Lovitch Barbara F. Lowy Ruth Lubic HUP'55, HON'85 Carol A. Lucey

Denise E. Lucido Lumina Foundation for Education Susan Weinberg Luria CW'65 Louise A. Lutz CW'75, WG'78 Lani MacAniff MacKenzie Partners, Inc.* Macy's, Inc. Josephine S. Madej WG'74 Kristin M. Madison Jennifer Mallah Samuel P. Mandell Foundation* Jane S. Marans C'79 Linda Marcks Mandy Kelsey Marion C'90, GED'91 Leonard F. Markel Trust Evan Mason* Sharon Thal Matasar CW'74, GED'74 Mathis Pfohl Foundation James E. Mattey M'83 Betty J. Mauger Susan F. May* Gregory Mayes Kenneth T. Mayland GR'79 Andy Maynard Rachel E. Mayover Mr. and Mrs. H. McCormack Kayann B. McDonnell WEV'86, GED'95, CGS'98 Judith McGuire McGuireWoods Mimi and Jim McKenzie Family Fund* Chris J. McNickle C'79 The Scott & Suling Mead Foundation* Robert G. Meadow C'71, W'71, GR'76 Estate of Elaine M. Meltzer CW'63* Merck & Co., Inc. Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation* Lisa Z. Meritz Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Incorporated* Microsoft Corporation Graham Miller GED'11 Mary F. Miller Chisato Minamoto* Wendy B. Mitchell Leo Model Foundation, Inc.* Sivya Molins Monroe College, Ltd.* Bonnie Rubenstein Montano GEN'96, GR'97 Diane Seip Mook NU'60 Sandra E. Moore Barbara F. & Richard W. Moore Fund Joel G. Moranz M'72, GM'78

FRIENDS OF PENN LAW Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP* Morgan Stanley Alexandra Morigi G'99 Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell LLP* Morrison & Foerster LLP Jean Avnet Morse* Stephen J. Morse* Wendy Movsovich* Julie Y. Moy G'87, WG'87 Mullavey, Prout, Grenley & Foe, LLP Elizabeth Mullin* Marie Calcara Murphy GED'68 Nina S. and Alan C. Myers Philanthropic Fund* Andrew D. Nadel W'83 Michael A. Naidoff M'66* Naidoff Charitable Trust* Dianne M. Nast* Susan L. Natalini Ben Nelson W'97 Jane C. Nelson Lawrence Newman* The New York Bar Foundation* Gail T. Nields CW'66* Nord Family Foundation Northern Trust Company Northrop Grumman Corporation O.B.G. Investments Occidental Petroleum Corporation* Thomas O'Connell* The Honorable Eileen J. O'Connor Dorothy Fisher Ohrenstein CW'55, SW'58 Ivy Pete Olesh C'05 O'Melveny & Myers LLP Claire Kuperberg Oram CW'71 Elizabeth Osborne FA'59 Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel L. Oubre David G & Joan R Owen Escrow Fund David D. Oyler Paccar, Inc.* Bradley Spenser Parlo Foundation Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP Richard R. Patton WG'99* Patton Boggs LLP Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP* Jennifer R. Pavane C'06 Dori Pavel LPS'10 Myna Sobelman Pearl ED'55 Richard B. Pearl A. Clifford Pearlman Cathy and Samuel Pearlman Philanthropic Fund Wendy R. Peck GCP'84

Pelta Family Advised Fund Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company Pennsylvania Power and Light Company Janet G. Perry* Peter Hearn, P.C. The Honorable Wendy L. Pew* Wendy and Derek Pew Foundation* Pfizer, Inc. Randall L. Phelps* Bennett G. Picker Rochelle S. Picker Verley Connolly Platt SW'71 Linda M. Plattus W'85* PNC Bank Pohoryles Gelb Gift Fund Amy M. Pollack GED'74* Elisa Poncz C'04 Nancy Porcellini LPS'09 Alan B. Poritz Renee C. Post GED'99 Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP* Practical Law and Life PC Sarah Dolan Price* Craig S. Primis Wendell E. Pritchett GR'97 Patricia Proctor Giving Fund Proskauer Rose LLP* Prudential Insurance Company of America Putnam Investments, Inc. Harriet Queller Tritell C'78 Lisa Getzov Radov C'83 Joan Rainer Dinanath F. Rane Nancy Rasmussen Mark A. Rauch Marvene Rogers Reagan NU'75, GNU'89 Jeffrey H. Reeves Abraham C. Reich Daniel H. Reich Mindy M. Reich Sherri E. Reich Reinvestment Fund Kay B. Renneisen George W. Rentschler Foundation* Myron J. Resnick W'53* Resnick Family Fund* Leah R. Riband Joanne Patton Rich C'82 Melissa Jo Saxe Rich* Richards, Layton & Finger, P. A.* Audrey Richman Hershel J. Richman Leonard Rieser Carol Cusick Riley* A. C. Riscili Arlene Rivera Finkelstein

Robert G. & Carrie Menkel Meadow Foundation Susan Robinson Caro Rock* Robert H. Rock* Roda Nast PC* Kevin Roddy Richard Roisman GCP'98 Rhoda Rosen CW'54, M'58 Eric L. Rosenberg M'83 Shelley Kapnek Rosenberg GED'72 Sheryl Solomon Rosenberg Frances Baylinson Rosenbluth ED'48 Bennett Rosenthal W'85, WG'86* Beverly Rifkin Rosoff GED'65* Carol F. Ross Faye Zerwekh Ross GED'66 Jennifer Rossell Robison C'95 Ross Family Foundation Jeffrey K. Rothenberg W'77, WG'77 Denise A. Rotko NU'73, GNU'76* Rotko Family Foundation* Robert Rovner* The Honorable Betty W. Ruben WG'57* Louis Rulli Rum Fund* Evelyn L. Sabin* Jeffrey S. Sabin* Georgia Robins Sadler HUP'70, NU'72, WG'73* Joan Ara Handleman Sadoff Robert L. Sadoff Bonnie M. Sanchez Diane Zubrow Sand GR'72 Wendy R. Sanger D'98* Gail Sanger and Albert Fenster Fund* Michael H. Saslow C'06 Edward Satell Satell Family Foundation Trust Esther S. Savar Sherrie R. Savett Family Foundation* Stephen B. Sayre WG'80 The Honorable Harry Carl Schaub C'50 Ann F. Schellenger* Jennifer Schifter* Schifter Family Foundation* Henry and Peggy Schleiff Family Foundation Susan Dworetsky Schlesinger C'81, D'85, GD'86 Jean Giannone Schmuhl CW'66, G'70 John F. Schmutz Schmutz Charitable Trust Mary Ellen B. Schneider CW'53*

Regina M. Schneider Carl W. & Mary Ellen Schneider Fund* Miriam Alexander Schneirov CW'59 Thomas B. Schraudenbach GLA'68 Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP* Deborah Bauml Schultz C'00, WEV'05 Robert Schwab CGS'07 Schwab Charitable Fund* Elaine Levy Schwartz CW'67* Erik W. Schwartz Joan Weinman Schwartz CW'64 Joyce Schwartz* Nan Schwartz* Schwartz/Chequer Charitable Fund* Marvin and Joyce S. Schwartz Fund* Sharon Schwarze GR'76* Elizabeth M. Scofield WG'75* Karen Minette Scott CW'73, CGS'99* Sealy Mattress Company* Francesca Seidita Stefanie Fleischer Seldin C'90 Kathleen R. Semisch Sempra Energy Julie Servodidio GNU'90 Neil J. Sevy M'81 Seyfarth Shaw* Norman S. Shaffer WG'68 Adam Brent Shafritz C'90, M'94 Durreen Shahnaz WG'95 Carole Shanis Carolyn Goffman Shapiro CW'64* Mark H. Shapiro GR'66 Mark Howard Shapiro and Anita Rae Shapiro Charitable Foundation Shearman & Sterling LLP* Elizabeth M. Sheehan* Nadya K. Shmavonian WG'86 Patricia W. Shotzbarger C'81 Laura Lea C. Shuba NU'74, GNU'76 Lorna Shuster Sidley Austin Brown & Wood, LLP Shelley Lesser Siegel CW'64* Joel D. and Shelley Siegel Family Foundation* Michael J. Siegmund EAS'82, W'82* Anne Siembieda Ira I. Silberman Bernice Frank Silk CW'58 Sills Cummis Epstein & Gross P.C.

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 41

FRIENDS OF PENN LAW Amy S. Silverman Leon W. Silverman, P.C. Barry & Judy Silverman Foundation, Inc. Audrey J. Silverstein C'82* Stefani T. Silverstein C'04, WG'08 Zachary Simkin C'06* Jane M. Simon Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP* Kenneth D. Singer GR'81 Sharon C. Singer SW'01 Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP* Erik P. Skarstad Alfred P. Sloan Foundation* Christine Slotznick Hannah Rubin Slovin CW'66 Rose A. Smiley V'84 Janene M. Smith W'87 Margaret T. Smith Jean Y. Snowiss* Howard Snyder Renee J. Sobel* Carla Solomon* Soltan & Dougherty Counselors at Law Sharon Sood Cindy Rawitt Spector DH'61 Kathryn Spergel Elsa Torp Spiegel HUP'54, NU'54 Esther Vill Springer CW'66 Karen R. Stanley* Ellen Berman Stark CW'64, GRP'76 State of Delaware* Laura B. Steel Nancy H. Steinberg CW'68 Steinberg-Lalli Charitable Foundation Ellen Steiner Stein Family Fund* Jean R. Sternlight Estate of Margot Stickley Jennifer M. Stier W'01 Alice Allen Stogner Amy C. Stokes Jane Lloyd Stopford HUP'67, NU'71, GNU'78 Seymour Stotland GCP'71 Joanna A. Stott C'07 Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young Catherine T. Struve Kay Barenkopf Sude CW'58 Sandra Sullivan Sullivan & Cromwell LLP* SunGard Data Systems, Inc.* SunTrust Mid-Atlantic Patricia H. Suplee Sima E. Sussman Kristin S. Sutton Nelthorpe Molly D. Sverdlov C'05 42

Morris A. Swartz Fern Tablin CW'73, V'80, GR'84 Ann Conlin Tanenbaum Louis N. Tannen GCP'77 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Taubman John Templeton Foundation* Laura D. Tepper F. Davis Terry, Jr. WG'79* Sally Hughes Thompson CW'66 Thompson & Knight Tides Foundation Tiffany & Bosco Time Warner Cable* Lynn Tobias* Glen and Lynn Tobias Family Foundation Jane Toll* Walter S. Tomenson, Jr. WG'70 Virginia Wood Toomey TPG Ventures Professionals Charitable Gift Fund* Andrew Isaac Trader W'91, WG'99 Carol B. Trask Susan & Charles Tribbitt Fund* Sonia Cohen Triester SW'55 Michael G. Tronic Truist Deborah Tuchman* Tuchman Family Fund* UBS InvestmentBank* John and Susan Ulfelder Fund United States Gypsum United Way of Delaware* United Way of the Captial Region University of Pennsylvania USA Foundation Limited* U of CA Berkeley Foundation Vanguard Group, Inc.* Vanguard Group Foundation Barbara S. Varbalow CW'63 Suzanne J. Veasey ED'57* Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Vekony Verizon Communications Inc.* Victor M. Glasberg & Associates Yolanda I. Villamil-Davis* John H. Vogel Loreen Volpe* Ellis G. Wachs Evelyn Lynn Wachs CW'52 Peggy and Ellis Wachs Family Foundation Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz* Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz Foundation* Walden Family Living Trust* Ernest S. Wechsler W'87 Lillian Wechsler Martin S. Wechsler Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP


Greg & Diane Weinberger Family Fund* Weiner Family Foundation Marc Weingarten W'71* Ertem Asral Weinkopf GR'61* Howard Weiss Susan Weiss* Richard Werman Robert Stuart Werner M'87 Daniel J. Werther* Caroline Gittis Werther and Daniel Werther Family Foundation* Mary H. White* White & Case LLP James Fermon Whitman M'93 Wilkerson & Associates William & Patricia Gorelick Foundation Christina S. Williams Gregory P. Williams* Peggy R. Williams Rosette Friedman Willig GR'78* Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP Barbara N. Winslow PT'64 Mr. and Mrs. David J. Winstin Jan Levitsky Woglom CW'66, G'68 Jean Kessler Wolf GFA'93 Wolfman Charitable Foundation Katherine E. Wone Robert E. Wone Memorial Trust James T. Wong C'76 Sally Ann Wood Barbara B. Woodhouse Xerox Corporation Zijian Xu Susan Robbins Yarett PT'78* Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP* June Yuson* Ruth P. Zager FEL'61 Jeremy M. Zucker WG'81



Gifts have been made in memory of the following individuals:

Alvin S. Ackerman W’54, L’57

Robert L. Kaminsky W’60, L’63

William T. Leith L’41

Edith R. Ackerman

Carole B. Kaminsky CW'62

Betty Ann Leith

Edward F. Beatty, Jr. L’56

Elizabeth S. Kelly HOM’85

Louis Rifkin

Jane Nelson Beatty GED'78

Alicia J. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Vekony

Beverly Rifkin Rosoff GED'65 William A. Rosoff L'67

Florence Brandow

Catherine Lagakos

Emily L. Saslow L’05 Anne E. Green L'05

John Byrdon

Mr. and Mrs. Andrei Constantinidi Penelope L. Constantinidi

Floyd E. Brandow, Jr. L’54

The Honorable Ralph F. Scalera L’55

The Honorable James A. Mounts, Jr. L'58

Professor Noyes E. Leech C’43, L’48 Robert Goldy, Sr. W’48, L’50 Robert I. Goldy, Jr. W'80 Roberta Greenberg

Summer D. Jackson-Healy L’08 Marjolyn N. Clampitt

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kolb John G. Leech Ramon R. Obod W'55, L'58 Leonard Rieser Amy C. Stokes James A. Strazzella L'64 Mary H. White

Audrey Richman Stephen I. Richman L'57

James P. Schellenger W’41, L’47 Edwin R. Boynton Ann F. Schellenger Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 43



Gifts have been made in honor of the following individuals:

25th Reunion

Class of 1991 20th Reunion

Linda M. Plattus W'85 Seth P. Plattus L'86 William Sherman Skinner L'86 Loreen Volpe

Susan Brodsky Asch, W'88, L'91

Class of 1993 Denley Chew WG'92, L'93 Melissa B. Lautenberg L'93

30th Reunion Darryl J. May L'81 Susan F. May

Renee Berger The Honorable Harold Berger EE'48, L'51 Harold & Renee Berger Foundation

45th Reunion Michael A. Naidoff M'66 Stephanie Weiss Naidoff L'66 Naidoff Charitable Trust

50th Reunion Ann Epstein Harrison W’58, L’61 David C. Harrison L’55 Richard G. Schneider L’57, CSG’01

Class of 1956 55th Reunion James L. Muller L'56 Guyla W. Ponomareff L'56

Class of 1968

Jennifer Berylson Block L’05 John G. Berylson Amy Smith & John G. Berylson Charitable Foundation Jennifer Berylson Block L'05 Richard & Susan Smith Family Foundation

Paul G. Haaga, Jr. L'74, WG'74 Lumina Foundation for Education Rachel E. Mayover Kayann B. McDonnell WEV'86, GED'95, CGS'98 Matthew Parker L'00, GRD'12 Nancy Porcellini LPS'09 Renee C. Post GED'99 Arlene Rivera Finkelstein Audrey J. Silverstein C'82 Martin J. Silverstein GL'08 Jo-Ann M. Verrier L'83, GED'10 Claire E. Wallace L'95, GED'01 Howard Weiss Mark G. Yudof C'65, L'68

Arthur Makadon L’67 Ballard Spahr LLP

Wedding of Ira Brind C’63, L’67 and Stacey Spector Rachael LeMasters CG'S03 Robb A. LeMasters W'99

John W. Murtagh, Jr. L’72 Janet A. Barlett

Abraham Chasnoff L’63

The Honorable Thomas N. O'Neill, Jr. L’53

Sarra Beckham-Chasnoff

Albert F. McGee, Jr. L'54

Joy Kleiner Pollock L'68

Murray S. Eckell L’59

Curtis R. Reitz C’51, L’56

Class of 1977

Howard Lesnick HOM'63

Lisa S. Kornblith CW'72 Richard L. Kornblith L'77

Dean Michael A. Fitts HOM’90

Jethro M. Eisenstein L'68 William E. Elwood L'68 Donald K. Joseph L'68 Harriet B. Joseph

Class of 1979 Michael Slotznick L'79

Class of 1985 Eric B. Miller L'85

Class of 1987 Richard Werman Susan Trachtenberg Werman L'87


Richard J. Aigeldinger Elizabeth Brown-Aigeldinger GR'07 Gary A. Clinton Heather W. Frattone W'94, L'98 Amy Gadsden GR'05 William C. Gadsden WG'00 Randi Sue Garnick C'87, 'L90 Paul George Ernest R. Gonsalves, Jr. C'72 Heather Haaga


Brian G. Tronic L’10 Graduation from Penn Law Michael G. Tronic


G ITTIS CLINIC The Law School is grateful to the following donors who generously gave $235,808 in gifts and pledges in support of the The Gittis Center for Clinical Legal Studies in the academic year 2010-2011.


he Gittis Center for Clinical Legal Studies is home to the Law School’s nationally acclaimed clinical programs that afford students the opportunity to build successful relationships with clients, work closely with professionals from other fields, engage in legal advocacy, and learn about law and lawyering under the close supervision of highly talented and experienced faculty. Below are examples of the incredible work our students have done this past year: • Four students from the Civil Practice Clinic spent their spring break in the United States Courthouse in Philadelphia closing out a federal civil rights jury trial. The Clinic was representing a capital inmate in his lawsuit against prison officials and prison health services. The jury found that the provider of prison medical care was in violation of the First and Eight Amendments. • Students in the Supreme Court Clinic briefed, and Professor Stephanos Bibas argued, a merit case before the Supreme Court of the United States. In Turner v. Rogers, the Court agreed unanimously with the Clinic that pro se custodial mothers seeking child support should not automatically be put at a disadvantage by having counsel appointed only for non-supporting fathers. • The Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic is helping the Enterprise Center Community Development Corporation in West Philadelphia turn a boarded up grocery store into the Center for Culinary Enterprises, a food-business incubator providing education and jobs. Last semester, the City of Philadelphia refused a zoning variance application for the project. One of the students persuaded the Zoning Board of Adjustment to overturn the refusal, clearing the way for construction to begin. More than 100 jobs will be created once the project is completed. • Student mediators in the Mediation Clinic reached an agreement between two parents involved in a difficult custody dispute. They also participated in groundbreaking mediation work, resolving international child custody disputes via video teleconferencing. • Six Transnational Legal Clinic students and their faculty supervisor traveled to Haiti to help grassroots organizations understand the international human rights framework at issue in Haiti’s upcoming review before the UN Human Rights Council. They met with victims of gender-based violence in the workplace, the CEO of the largest private employer in Haiti, and representatives from international organizations, and contributed to the drafting of a report submitted to the UN. • Students in the Legislative Clinic interned in Washington, D.C. One student wrote a public letter to President Obama on behalf of New York City’s congressional delegation, protesting cuts in Community Service Block Grants. Another student edited a floor speech for his Congressman. On the last day of class, students were treated to a discussion in Vice President Biden’s conference room, where they received career advice from four legislative staff veterans: Nicole Isaac L’04, deputy director of Legislative Affairs for Vice President Biden; Drew Littman L’85, chief of staff to Senator Al Franken; Alyson Cooke L’ 89, majority counsel on the Senate’s environment and public works committee; and Martin Paone, executive vice president of Prime Policy Group.

$5,000 or more Exxon Mobil Corporation Charles Goldberg L'80 Nancy Bregstein Gordon L'76

$1,000 to $4,999 Michael N. Fine L'05 Michael A. Fitts HOM'90 Reinvestment Fund Renee J. Sobel

$100 to $999 David Becker W'77 Ruth Cornfeld Becker C'80, L'83 Shari H. Braverman L'94 Bryn Mawr Trust Co Covington & Burling LLP Anita L. De Frantz L'77 Nicole R. Gage L'96

Alan Goodstadt WG'93 Amanda Goodstadt L'96 Michael E. Grossman L'94 Thomas L. Holzman L'77 Andrew C. Hyman L'04 Dean Jerrehian L'86 Curtis E. Jewell L'06 Ann Leopold Kaplan L'87 Scott E. Kauff L'96 Hilary B. Klein L'82 Suellen L. Lazarus WG'82 William B. Lazarus L'82 Michael D. Li Puma C'90, L'94 Gail Bassok Mayland CW'75, L'78 Kenneth T. Mayland GR'79 Bruce W. McCullough C'80, L'83 Leigh F. McMullan L'06 Alexandra Morigi G'99

Robert S. Natalini L'86, GR'04 Susan L. Natalini Paul D. Pearson L'64 Carlos Pelayo L'99 Jeffrey K. Rothenberg W'77, WG'77 Louis Rulli Rohit Sabharwal L'83, WG'87 Carlo Scaramella L'84 April D. Seabrook L'05 John Stapleton L'02 Robert E. Wone Memorial Trust

Up to $99 Anonymous (1) Barclays Capital Inc. Adam L. Bliss L'09 Benjamin D. Brutlag L'07 Gregory S. Cooper L'07

Diane J. Cornell L'81 Laura E. Ellis L'93 Andrew M. Epstein C'64, L'67 Jonathan D. Feinberg L'80 Amanda E. Goff L'98 Tara Lee Harper L'93 Samantha A. Hill C'04, L'07 Kellogg Company Rabbi Aaron Kriegel L'79 Christopher L. LaFon L'00 Leslie Effron Levin L'97 Michelle E. Peters L'07 The Honorable Alan J. Sacks C'74, G'74, L'77 Geoffrey D. Schwartz L'07 The Honorable Lucindo Suarez L'76 Jenny C. Wu L'07 Michelle Yang L'08

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 45


The Circle honors alumni and friends who have provided for the future of the Law School through life income gifts, charitable remainder trusts, charitable bequests and other life instruments.


he Lewis Legacy Circle was established in 1997 in memory of Dean Lewis, who served the Law School from 1896 to 1929, seeing it from the 19th century through the first third of the 20th century.

NAME* Deceased Estate of Morton Abrams W'46, L'50* The Honorable Arlin M. Adams " L'47, HON'98 & Neysa Cristol Adams CW'42 Rosemarie & John N. Ake, Jr. L'66 Estate of William B. Arnold L'29* Estate of Martin J. Aronstein L'65* Estate of Roxana Cannon Arsht L'39* Duffield Ashmead III C'48, L'58* Richard D. Atkins L'62 Marshall B. Babson C'68 Estate of Philip E. Barringer L'42* Marshall A. Bernstein C'46, L'49 Estate of James B. Blinkoff L'66* Estate of James S. Boynton L'71* Estate of Alexander Brodsky* Estate of Harry E. Brodsky* Neil W. Burd W'48, L'51 Estate of Ruth W. Burgess NAW'14* H. Donald Busch C'56, L'59 T. Sidney Cadwallader II L'39 Estate of Melvyn L. Cantor L'67* Estate of Frank Carano C'30, L'33* James E. Carr L'47 Richard B. Carroll L'73 Evan Challis Estate of Keron D. Chance L'38* John P. Chandler L'52 E. Diane Clark L'79 Estate of John R. Clark L'41* Sylvan M. Cohen C'35, L'38* Estate of A. Lynn Corcelius L'41* Harold Cramer L'51 Samuel S. Cross L'49* Clive S. Cummis L'52*


Edward I. Cutler C'34, L'37* Ann & Joseph A. Damico, Jr. L'58 Isabelle L. Davis Estate of Jane F. Davis in Memory of Guy W. Davis* David Dearborn L'64 Estate of Harry T. Devine L'36* Alexander A. Di Santi L'59 Samuel W. Diamond W'52, L'55 Estate of Gertrude F. Dickson* Conrad J. Eberstein C'65, L'68 Roland Ely L'54 Estate of Stuart F. Feldman C'58 L'61* Barton E. Ferst W'40, L'44* Bernard A. Fischer W'39, L'49 Joseph P. Flanagan, Jr. L'52 Lawrence J. Fox C'65, L'68 Bernard Frank L'38* Estate of James A. Freyer L'65* Molly & Robert Freedman L'54 Robert G. Fuller Jr. L'64 Estate of Constance B. Fuller* Howard Gittis W'55, L'58* Estate of Stuart B. Glover W'25, L'28, GL'30* Oscar B. Goodman L'64 Sylvia G. Greenwald* George C. Greer L'57 Estate of Frank H. Hahn, Jr.* Estate of Elizabeth R. Hamilton* Estate of Charlotte I. Harrison* J. Barton Harrison L'56 Lloyd A. Haynes Jr. WG'75, G'76 Charles A. Heimbold, Jr. L'60 Estate of Edward S. Heyl* Henry S. Hilles, Jr. L'64* William & Margaret Hingher Unitrust* Estate of Irving M. Hirsh W'52 L'55* Estate of John M. Huebner L'34* Howard M. Jaffe W'58, L'61 Estate of Israel I. Jamison C'28, L'31* Estate of James L. Johnson L'33* Mary Barb Johnson ED'40, L'43 William B. Johnson L'43 Estate of Carolyn F. Jones* Estate of Thomas P. Jones III L'54* Kabacoff Charitable Unitrust Lester E. Kabacoff C'34, L'37* Thomas Kalman L'42 Florence Glass Kaufman* Estate of R. Michael Kemler C'67, GL'72* Estate of Herman F. Kerner L'37* Rita & Martin N. Kroll L'63


Estate of Adele Kubert in Memory of Isaac Sion* Josephine Laub Estate of Berthold W. Levy C'33 L'36* Estate of Mollie Lischin* Estate of F. Koller Lombard L'64* Alice & Richard G. Lonsdorf, M.D. M'46 Estate of William F. Lynch II L'49* Estate of Janet Elizabeth Macht L'46* Linda & Richard M. Marcks L'58* Estate of Leonard F. Markel L'37* Estate of Benjamin Marmer C'34, L'37* Milford L. McBride Jr. L'49* Estate of Elaine M. Meltzer CW'63* Estate of Henry F. Miller L'63* Gerald D. Mindell L'68* Estate of Lillian E. Morris* Estate of Stephen J. Moses L'62* Estate of William B. Moyer L'61* Edward W. Mullinix L'49 Stephanie Weiss Naidoff L'66 David H. Nelson W'47, L'49 James E. Nevels L'78, WG'78* Estate of Julia Obermeyer* Estate of Michael A. Orlando III L'58* Estate of Ella W. Ostroff* Estate of Lewis E. Pawling* Raymond M. Pearlstine W'29, L'32 & Gladys Cohen Pearlstine CW'40* Leon J. Perelman L'36* Lawrence M. Perskie L'49* Estate of Martin Philip L'31* Harvey Porter L'58 & Anna C. Porter CGSâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;71 Samuel F. Pryor III L'53 Estate of R. Martin Reiley L'66* Audrey & Stephen I. Richman L'57 Estate of George F. Robinson L'60* Estate of Mary Clark Rockefeller* Estate of Herman Rosenstein G'37* Estate of Christopher R. Rosser L'64* Professor Alan Miles Ruben C'53 G'56 L'56 & The Honorable Betty W. Ruben WG'57 Marshall Rutter L'59 Blair L. Sadler L'65 Lanny Sagal L'70 Robert F. Saint-Aubin Estate of Herbert W. Salus, Jr. C'43 L'48*

Robert W. Sayre L'40* Estate of William B. Scatchard L'53* Estate of William A. Schnader* Estate of Louis B. Schwartz W'32, L'35* Estate of Miriam Schwartz* Estate of Mrs. Ernest Scott* Estate of Bernard G. Segal C'28, L'31, HON'69* Irving R. Segal C'35, L'38* Estate of Eleanor S. Segal CW'41* Estate of Charles S. Shapiro W'41, L'48* Bernard & The Honorable Norma Levy Shapiro L'51 Sandra Shapiro L'69* Estate of Philip A. Sheaff, Jr. L'31* Estate of E. Eugene Shelley L'48* Shirley Ruth Shils CGS'84 Morris M. Shuster W'51, L'54 Richard P. Sills C'66, L'69* Estate of Virginia Leo Sirotnak* Estate of Ruth Slobodin in Memory of Benjamin Slobodin L'29* The Honorable Dolores K. Sloviter L'56 Alvin L. Snowiss C'52, L'55 Robert W. Spicker W'37, L'40 & Elizabeth B. Spicker* Estate of Verna M. Stein* Estate of William S. Stevens L'75* Estate of Margot Stickley* Frank K. Tarbox C'47, L'50 Herbert Toff L'38* Glendora Trescher NAW'34* Estate of Paul Clothier Van Dyke C'39 L'42* Estate of Miriam G. Wallach L'73* William T. Walsh L'49 Peter M. Ward C'47, L'49 Michael Waris, Jr. W'42, L'44 & Mary L. Waris Mildred Lazowick Weinstock ED'37, GED'38 in Memory of Lewis Weinstock L'40* The Honorable Ronald P. Wertheim W'54, L'57* Estate of Edward S. Weyl C'23, L'28* Estate of The Honorable C. Norwood Wherry L'53* S. Donald Wiley L'53 Gale B. Witkin Estate of John F. Zeller III L'48*



he Law School is grateful to the following donors who generously gave to the Lerner Fund, established in memory of Alan Lerner W’62, L’65, a practice professor at Penn Law, civil rights lawyer, and devoted advocate for children’s welfare. Lerner was the founder and director of the Law School’s Interdisciplinary Child Advocacy Clinic, which brings together law, medical, and social work students to study the legal system’s response to child neglect and abuse. He also served as the faculty director of Penn’s Field Center for Children’s Policy, Practice and Research. To continue his work, the Lerner Fund provides summer stipends to Penn Law students working in child advocacy.

211th Class of Central High School Barry M. Abelson L’71 Abelson Legal Search Christine Adair Peter Adels GCP’82, L’82 Dean Stewart Adler W’79, L’83 Rebecca T. Alpert Daniel P. Alva Eileen Alva Jeremy Alva R. Randolph Apgar Marilyn S. Arnott Frances R. Batzer GM’03 The Honorable Michael M. Baylson W’61, L’64 Sylvia Beck Priscilla Becroft Mark Bernstein Allen D. Black L’66 Nancy L. Blank Robert S. Blank L’65 Nancy & Robert S Blank Foundation Jonathan Block HOM’98 Board of Judges Jeffrey L. Braff L’78 Bradley S. Bridge Andrea R. Broad Scott Burris Gregory C. Carlson Cristi Charpentier Christine Chuang G’07, L’07 Mr. and Mrs. Craig Clauser Louis Coffey Faye Riva Cohen Jorge Colapinto Bess Madway Collier C’00 Hope A. Comisky L’77 Andrea Commaker L’68 Alan K. Cotler W’72, WG’74 Elise C. Cotler C.T. Henry Revocable Living Trust Jane Darrach Deborah Diamond Miriam Diamond Samuel Diamond W’52, L’55 Albert L. Doering III ME’61, L’65

Sharon Beth Eckstein L’86 William H. Ewing L’65 Jay L. Federman Thomas J. Feerick Laurie B. Feldstein Andrew A. Fenton G’02, GR’04 Elizabeth Seyle Fenton L’98 Adelaide Ferguson Constance M. Fetters Arlene Fickler CW’71, L’74 First Judicial District of Pennsylvania Charles L. Fishman Mr. and Mrs. Alan Folkman Wendy Lee Forman Eric L. Frank L’76 Matthew C. Frank L’90 Kathleen A. Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Freeman Douglas N. Frenkel W’68, L’72 C. C. Fritton CW’75 Nancy Fuchs Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Gallun Terri N. Gelberg CW’69 Richard George Robin H. Gitzes Theresa Glennon Marcia J. Glickman Janet Goldwater Caryl S. Gorman Jim Groch Mignon Groch Mignon & Jim Groch Fund David I. Grunfeld L’68 Mr. and Mrs. David Gutin Laura Bell Haimm C’78, GED’78 Neil K. Haimm C’77 Catherine Harvey Susan V. Harvey Charles T. Henry Henry C. Lea Elementary School Algund Hermann Jeremy Heymsfeld C’62 Kathryn A. Hirsh-Pasek GR’81 Eric E. Hoffman GR’78, L’84 Katherine Hovde L. J. Johnston-Walsh SW’89

W. J. Johnston-Walsh SW’89 Sara Beth Kalb CW’75 Manya Lerner Kamerling CW’55 William Kamerling C’52, GM’58 Judith Kapustin Katz GRD’75 Howard J. Kaufman W’66 Barry Kelly Lauren Steinfeld Knoll Michael Knoll Aviele Koffler James F. Korsh EE’60, GRE’66 Nina Brind Korsh CW’65, G’10 Seth F. Kreimer HOM’85 Kenneth M. Kulak L’94 William M. Labkoff C’62, L’65 Susanna E. Lachs CW’74, ASC’76 Esther G. Lander L’97 Mr. and Mrs. D. A. LeMasters Rachael LeMasters CGS’03 Robb A. LeMasters W’99 Scott M. Lempert L’95 The Honorable Benjamin Lerner C’62, L’65 Jason Lerner GED’05 Howard Lesnick HOM’63 Alan H. Levine Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Levine Dinah Lovitch W’62, L’65 Nancy Lovitch Elizabeth B. Lukens GRP’86, L’86 Kristin M. Madison Lynn A. Marks L’79 Harry R. Marshall, Jr. L’65 Leigh F. McMullan L’06 Robert G. Meadow C’71, W’71, GR’76 Stacey Meadows C’79 L’82 Carrie J. Menkel-Meadow L’74 Robert G. & Carrie Menkel Meadow Foundation Lisa Z. Meritz Sivya Molins Sandra E. Moore John W. Morris L’70 Cindy Mullaney Eleanor Wilansky Myers CW’69, L’75 John M. Myers W’68, L’72 Michael A. Naidoff M’66 Stephanie Weiss Naidoff L’66 Naidoff Charitable Trust Donna Nevel Jeffrey I. Pasek L’76 Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek & Jeffrey Pasek Fund Myna Sobelman Pearl ED’55 Richard B. Pearl A. Clifford Pearlman Janet G. Perry Sanford Lee Pfeffer C’75, L’87 L. Paravati Phillips L’81 Bennett G. Picker

Rochelle S. Picker David L. Pollack L’72 Roslyn Goold Pollack L’73 Renee C. Post GED’99 Joan Rainer Roselyn B. Ramist L’64 Abraham C. Reich Sherri E. Reich David Richman L’69 Hershel J. Richman A. C. Riscili Alix R. Rubin L’96 Louis Rulli Joan Ara Handleman Sadoff Robert L. Sadoff Emily L. Saffitz L’06 Edward Satell Satell Family Foundation Trust Esther S. Savar Bella Schnall CW’73, L’76 Thomas B. Schraudenbach GLA’68 David R. Schwartz L’75 Genevieve E. Scott L’09 David Schwartz Dveera Segal Noreen Shanfelter Lorna Shuster Morris M. Shuster W’51, L’54 Kenneth D. Singer GR’81 Sharon Sood Ellen Steiner Jean R. Sternlight James A. Strazzella L’64 Stanley G. Stringfellow L’08 Catherine T. Struve Sima E. Sussman Stephen C. Sussman C’62, L’65 Morris A. Swartz Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Taubman Glen A. Tobias W’63, L’66 Lynn Tobias Glen and Lynn Tobias Family Foundation Priya Travassos L’00 Jo-Ann M. Verrier L’83, GED’10 Stephanie Vogel L’00 Mary E. Weber L’73 Lillian Wechsler Martin S. Wechsler Marcia J. Wexberg L’79 Lawrence White L’75 Wendy S. White L’75 Thomas W. Williams GR’06, L’06 Mr. and Mrs. David J. Winstin Jean Kessler Wolf GFA’93 Katherine E. Wone Barbara B. Woodhouse Mo Zhang GRL’07

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 47


BIDDLE LAW L I B R A RY The Law School is grateful to the following donors who generously gave $24,335 in support of the University of Pennsylvania’s Biddle Law Library in Academic Year 2010-2011.


The Honorable Harold Berger EE’48, L’51

The Honorable Harold Berger EE’48, L’51 is the chair of the Friends of Biddle Law Library. Judge Berger is a senior partner and managing principal of Berger and Montague P.C. He formerly served as judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia and is the immediate past president of the Federal Bar Association’s Eastern District Chapter. He is the author of numerous law review articles, has lectured extensively before bar associations and at universities, and has served as chair of the International Conferences on Global Interdependence held at Princeton University. Judge Berger has served as chair of the Aerospace Law Committees of the American, Federal and Inter-American Bar Associations and, in recognition of the importance and impact of his scholarly work, was elected to the International Academy of Astronautics in Paris. As his biographies in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in American Law outline, he is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Special Service Award of the Pennsylvania Conference of State Trial Judges and a Special American Bar Association Presidential Program Award. Judge Berger is a permanent member of the Judicial Conference of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit and is the recipient of the Federal Bar Association’s National Service Award for distinguished service to the Federal and State Judiciary. He has participated in many national litigation matters of complex nature including In Re: Three Mile Island litigation where he served as liaison counsel and the Exxon Valdez oil Spill litigation where he served on the case management team and as co-chair of the National Discovery Committee. Judge Berger has previously made major commitments to the Law Annual Giving Fund and the Biddle Law Library. He is a member of the Board of Overseers of the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering & Applied Sciences and has made major gifts to create the Harold and Renee Berger Auditorium and Lobby in Penn’s new Bio-Engineering building.


o, do you still have any books in there?” is usually the question a law library director hears when meeting an alum. It’s a good question, although it suggests an underlying premise that libraries are only about books. Today’s law libraries are a combination of service and resources, and the resources are both in print and digital formats. The Biddle Law librarians have been actively creating a library for the future, embracing changes in technology, replacing print with electronic resources when possible, and still acquiring an impressive collection of print materials not otherwise available. The change from print to electronic formats for many materials such as case reporters and the standard law journal has enabled us to also acquire materials not previously available. Our electronic collections of government documents have expanded greatly in the past two to three years, enabling students to search the full text of a wide range of congressional hearings and reports. We have recently been able to expand our collection of foreign law databases, including key databases for India and for Latin America. At the same time, we continue to build our collection of print resources that are not available electronically. These materials are primarily books by scholars on a wide range of topics, but also primary resources from many countries. While the library’s print collection is growing more slowly than in the past, our overall collection of resources has become incredibly enriched by a combination of databases and traditional books. Yes, the library still has books, as well as many other resources which increasingly enrich our overall collections. We are grateful that the generosity of our friends and alumni has enabled us to continue to support the diverse educational and research programs at Penn Law with both traditional resources and new technologies.




SENIOR PARTNERS Gifts of $2,500 or more

The Honorable Harold Berger EE'48, L'51 Harold and Renee Berger Foundation Kenneth W. Willman L'86

PARTNERS Gifts of $1,000 to $2,499

Joyce Schwartz Marvin Schwartz CCC'48, L'49 Marvin and Joyce S. Schwartz Fund

ASSOCIATES Gifts of $500 or $999

John M. Brandow L'80 Phillip R. Burnaman L'62 Philip & Sandra Burnaman Charitable Fund John T. Mansfield L'67 Barbara F. Moore L'74 Richard W. Moore L'75 Barbara F. & Richard W. Moore Fund Joaquin M. Sena L'85 Louis M. Tarasi, Jr. L'59

FELLOWS Gifts of $100 to $499

Bryan C. Anderson L'09 Marian Clae Bennett L'72 Robert T. Bowsher L'73 Marvin J. Brauth L'74 The Honorable A. Richard Caputo L'63 John Chester W'71, L'78, WG'78 Jamie A. Cole W'85, L'88 Karen M. Dowd L'87 Lee M. Grinberg L'05, WG'05 Dennis T. Guise L'72 Nicole Herman L'90 Michael Hillegass L'57 Dorothy Myungsoo Hong L'87 Dale P. Kensinger L'66 Richard M. Leisner L'70 Susan Wagner Leisner CW'68 Donald B. Lewis L'74 Elliot M. Maza L'85 The Honorable Thomas N. O'Neill, Jr. L'53 Morgan L. Pape L'65 John H. Potts L'62

J. Ashley Roach C'60, L'63 Jack A. Rounick L'59 Marshall A. Rutter L'59 Regina M. Schneider Robert C. Schneider L'79, WG'79 Adam C. Silverstein L'92 L. Gerald Tarantino C'55, L'58 Martin I. Twersky L'80 Thomas G. Vaughan L'73 Kenneth R. Werner L'73 George W. Westervelt, Jr. L'73 Amy E. Wilkinson L'83 Richard H. Woods L'68 Corinne E. Yourman C'92, L'96 Norman P. Zarwin C'52, L'55 Haixiao Zhang GL'02

FRIENDS Gifts of $1 to $99

Lynn R. Axelroth L'83 Bernadette L. Baniqued Carlos G. Baniqued GL'85 Sarra Beckham-Chasnoff Brem Moldovsky LLC Aldo F. Buono C'70 Gary E. Cantor L'77 Gordon Cavanaugh L'53 Peter F. Cianci L'49 Daniel R. Ciarrocki L'09 Peter Cooper L'10 Dennis M. Flannery Revocable Trust Michael Philip Duffy L'86 Andrew M. Epstein C'64, L'67 Neil K. Evans L'64 Jonathan D. Feinberg L'80 Louis S. Fine L'53 Bernard A. Fischer W'39, L'49 Dennis M. Flannery L'64 Mark H. Friedman L'74 Gordon W. Gerber L'49 Davidson Taylor Gordon GL'71 Mark D. Gordon W'65, L'68 David M. Hudiak L'78 Kathy P. Janowitz L'80 Warren J. Kauffman L'62 Valerie L. Kelly L'94 Jonathan M. Landsman L'87 Tsiwen Law L'84 A. Leo Levin L'42 Doris F. Levin Robert A. Levin L'67 Mark Malcoun L'01 David H. Marion W'60, L'63

Carl N. Martin II L'68 Howard E. Mitchell, Jr. L'74, GCP'75 Wendy B. Mitchell Brem Mica Moldovsky L'96 Elaine Newman Moranz GCP'70, L'80 Joel G. Moranz M'72, GM'78 Peter H. Pfund L'59 Adam L. Pollock L'06 Hanley S. Rubinsohn C'35, L'38 Christoph F. Schaer GL'97, WAM'10 Jean Giannone Schmuhl CW'66, G'70 Thomas R. Schmuhl L'71 Michael H. Selter L'74 The Honorable Anita Rae Lavine Shapiro L'65 Mark H. Shapiro GR'66 Brian J. Siegel L'83 Mark E. Solomons L'70 Amy Karig Sommer L'77 Richard W. Stevens W'55, L'58 The Honorable Lucindo Suarez L'76 Rachel O. Wolkinson L'06 Robert Charles Wright L'84

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 49



his year, thirteen of Penn Law’s adjunct professors generously donated their salaries to the Law School. The Law School wishes to thank them for sharing their knowledge and expertise with students as well as for making a further statement of their support for Penn Law’s mission.

George A. Casey Walter Jay Clayton III ENG’88, L’93 Robert Stephan Cohen Vernon L. Francis L’87 Joseph B. Frumkin L’85 Perry Golkin W’74 WG’74 L’78 Stephen M. Goodman W’62 L’65 Stephen A. Jannetta W’86 L’89 Stephen Kinnaird Howard I. Langer L’77 Robert J. LaRocca Abraham C. Reich Shanin Specter L’84

George A. Casey is co-head of the global mergers and acquisitions group at Shearman & Sterling LLP. He teaches Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions. Walter Jay Clayton III ENG’88, L’93 is a partner at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP and teaches Mergers & Acquisitions Through the Business Cycle. Robert Stephan Cohen is the co-founder of Cohen Lans LLP, a law firm which specializes in family law and commercial litigation. He teaches Anatomy of a Divorce. Vernon L. Francis L’87 is a partner with the litigation department and a member of the media law practice group at Dechert. He teaches Topics in Defamation. Joseph B. Frumkin L’85 is the managing partner of the mergers and acquisitions group at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP. He teaches M&A Through the Business Cycle. Perry Golkin W’74, WG’74, L’78 is a senior executive at investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. He teaches Business Strategy and Corporate Law. Stephen M. Goodman W’62, L’65 is a partner in the business and finance practice at Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP. He teaches Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship. Stephen A. Jannetta W’86, L’89 is a partner in the business transactions practice at Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP. He teaches Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship. Stephen B. Kinnaird is a partner and co-chair of the appellate practice at Paul Hastings LLP. He teaches in the Supreme Court Clinic. Howard I. Langer L’77 is a partner at Langer, Grogan & Diver PC. He teaches Antitrust Law. Robert J. LaRocca is a director and shareholder at Kohn, Swift & Graf, PC. He teaches Advanced Issues in Antitrust Law. Abraham C. Reich is the co-chair of Fox Rothschild LLP and a member of its litigation department. He teaches Professional Responsibility. Shanin Specter L’84 is a founding partner of Kline and Specter. He teaches Practice of Law.



LAW ALUMNI SOCIETY The University of Pennsylvania Law School is grateful to the following alumni who serve on the Law Alumni Society’s Board of Managers.


Rick D’Avino W’77, L’80

Rick D’Avino, W’77, L’80, was recently elected to serve a second two-year term as the president of the Law Alumni Society. Mr. D’Avino has also served as Penn Law’s national chair of Annual Giving and is a past chair of the Benjamin Franklin Society. He is currently vice president and senior tax counsel at the General Electric Company. Prior to joining GE in 1991, Mr. D’Avino was a partner at King & Spalding; deputy tax legislative counsel in the U.S. Treasury Department; and an associate at Cohen & Uretz. He also clerked for Judge Alvin B. Rubin on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Mr. D’Avino serves on the boards of directors of General Electric Capital Corporation, GE Capital Services, Inc.; Domus Kids, a nonprofit focused on disadvantaged teenagers; and Pitzer College. Members of the Law Alumni Society Board of Managers, listed below (the board was recently expanded to 75 members), advise the Law School in its outreach to the alumni of Penn Law. They are actively involved in the LAS Alumni Awards process, charter and mentor Penn Law alumni clubs and, through their four principal committees, help with various efforts of Admissions, Career Planning and Professionalism, Public Interest and Student Life.


Rick D’Avino W’77, L’80 VICE PRESIDENT





Mark Weisberg W’85, L’88

BOARD MANAGERS Leslie Altus, L’83 Leona Barsky L’84 Alessandro Barzaghi GL’03 Jennifer Bealer L’09 Wendy Beetlestone L’93 Alex Bokor L’02 Lance Breiland L’98 Cindy Chen L’04 Alyson Cooke L’89

J. Raul Cosio L’85 Sam Danon L’91 Silvia Diaz L’08 Adriano Dib GL’05 Jennifer Driscoll-Chippendale L’00 Mark Farrell L’01 Larry Finkelstein W’73, L’76 Gerry Frim L’84 Omer Gamlieli LLM’11 Gerardo Garcia-Fiad GL’02 Michael L. Goldman L’86 Kurt Gwynne L’92 Adam Haberfield L’98 Elliott Hahn C’71, L’74 Joseph Halprin L’91 Go Hashimoto L’92 Henry Hoberman C’82, L’85 Adam Hobson L’08 The Honorable Randy Holland L’72 Robert W. Ivey L’05 Karthik Jayashankar GL’08 Ann R. Klee L’86 Inti Linkletter Knapp L’00 Lori Knauer L’89 Jeff Kohn L’97, W’97 Esther Lander L’97 Gail Lione L’74 Robert Marchman L’83 Don Mares L’82

Lynn Marks, L’79 Enrique “Rick” Martin L’92 Walfrido J. “Wally” Martinez L’91 J. Bradford “Brad” McIlvain L’84 Cathryn Miller-Wilson L’93 Chris Murray L’01 Ancela Nastasi L’89 Christoph Naumann LLM’08 Marina Nelson L’06 Matthew S. Olesh L’07 Robert Parker L’84 Andrea Patton L’99 Tashanna Pearson L’08 Donyale Reavis L’99 Brielle Rey L’08 Joe Roda L’74 Mike Saslaw L’82 Sherrie Savett L’73 Mark Schichtel L’94 Andy Schiesl L’95 Ben Schireson L’05 Nicole Seawell L’96 Sara Shikhman L’06 Rick Silva L’90 Janet Stotland C’66, L’69 Clayton Thomas, Jr. L’62 Karen Knox Valihura L’88 The Honorable Flora Barth Wolf L’80

AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 51



NAME* Emeritus Status

DEAN Michael A. Fitts Bernard G. Segal Professor of Law CHAIR Paul G. Haaga, Jr. L’74, WG’74


BOARD MEMBERS The Honorable Arlin M. Adams L’47, HON’98* Kevin T. Baine L'74 Alan Beller L’76 Robert S. Blank L’65 Charles I. Cogut L’73 Stephen A. Cozen L’64 Pamela F. Craven CW’74, L’77 Pamela Daley L’79 Mark B. Davis L’75 Marcy Engel L’83 Joseph B. Frumkin L’85 Joseph D. Gatto WG’84, L’84 Perry Golkin W’74, WG’74, L’78 Charles A. Heimbold, Jr. L’60*


Osagie Imasogie GL’85 Pamela Johnson L’83 William B. Johnson L’43* David P. King, L'82 Murray Kushner C’73, L’76 Paul S. Levy L’72 Antonio Magliocco, Jr. L’77 Charles N. Martin, Jr. Friend Randy M. Mastro L’81 Patricia M. Menendez-Cambo L’89 Robert C. Sheehan L’69 Myles H. Tanenbaum W’52, L’57* Robert I. Toll l’66 EX OFFICIO BOARD MEMBER Rick D'Avino W’77, L’80



AN N UAL R E PORT OF G IVI NG 2010-2011 iii


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Penn Law Annual Report 2010-2011  

Penn Law Anuual Report of Giving for the Academic Year 2010-2011

Penn Law Annual Report 2010-2011  

Penn Law Anuual Report of Giving for the Academic Year 2010-2011